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Hi Gerardus, I trust you are doing well! 

I love your site and it is very helpful in articulating what I already 
know. However, a question arises from the "Life is a Miracle!" page. 
You state "...the IS records its information on the spinning 
ingredients of matter and its aspects called atoms, cells, molecules 
or particles thereof." 

However, if consciousness is all there is and matter does not truly 
exist and only appears to exist through consciousness observing itself 
and the IS is not conscious...how does it record information on 
material that it (IS) should not be able to observe, except through 
it's creation, which could not exist unless the IS created it by 
recording it's information on the spinning ingredients of matter...? 

Welcome to my headache. 


Gerardus here:

Excellent headache I NOW have!  
All caused by a very intelligent question from a most logical mind. 
Thinking double time!  Let's see if I can out-logic this one. Not sure!!

You know that what we look at in the so called 'out there' is not 
matter, but cosmic energy!  This cosmic energy we translate into 
matter when we look at it with our human awareness system.  My point 
here is, that the energy we look at (the cosmic matrix / The IS) exist 
and has characteristics that are capable of receiving information 
(recordings) because it is the very IS (Infinite Subconsciousness) itself.

How these recordings are done I cannot say for sure. Not enough smarts 
here! (Could it be something 'like' sound waves super-imposing 
themselves upon radio waves?  Like amplitude modulation or FM 
modulations upon radio waves or frequencies of electrical signals. All 
is vibrations/frequencies impressed or super-imposing themselves upon 
other vibrations or frequencies.)

I assume that all this is definitely possible for anything is possible 
for the IS!  Like: our soul remembers stuff.  To conclude - the very 
IS is changed by the recordings on the cosmic energies that we 
translate into matter. Now, I will leave it like this for now for Life 
itself is a miracle when we look at it from a human point of view...

In the mean time I am glad that you came up with this question and I 
hope that my headache does not multiply itself to become an awful 
sore-spot in my nugget!

Another thought here: 
You and I use the word "spinning".
"Spinning" could be a scientific misleading delusion.
Things vibrate but "spinning" could be nonsense...

I was doing fine but now I am 
not quite sure anymore - 
How are you doing?

Yeah, my site is a lifetime of Love doing stuff.
I just became 83 and I feel fine when full of wine!

Those darn smart guys almost got me I figure...

Smiling here! - Gee


At 06:16 PM 10/01/2011, you wrote:

Mike here:
Laughing here, as I was pleased by the fact that it was not an easy 
one for you as well. Makes me feel just a tiny little bit better about 
where my insane monkey brain is at this (human) moment. Tiny, tiny bit.  ;) 

Hi Mike...

The feeling better bit is because of ego!  If and when you know who or 
what you are - ego is an assumed entity!  It does not actually exist. 
It only thinks it does. It keeps itself alive by asking all kinds of 
questions that are legit from the ego's point of view.  Since there is 
none - the whole thing collapses...

A thought did occur to me that may help explain how this could work: 
If the Creation has never not existed, then that would mean the atoms, 
molecules, particles, etc. would have always been there for the 
Creator's use as a recording device. 

How did the creator appear and/or who says it exist?  Besides and/or 
apart from what the masses think and therefore create it becomes real 
in their mind. 
The mind is like a virtual blank slate full of nonsense that is 
accepted are real. The so called creator is what we are in the first 
place, but we are so deluded that we think that there is something 
'higher' than ourselves. It's like this: some people tells us there 
are terrorists and pretty soon they appear and everybody is fighting 
them. Meanwhile, all things were started or created by those who said 
there are terrorists. Now substitute terrorist for creator and what 
have you got?  BS of the first order...

Now, as far as understanding how the Creation could have always 
existed without the Creator creating it first, hmmmm....my monkey 
brain is still stuck within it's physical limitations on this one. But 
it doesn't matter, si?


Creation "appears" to exist as soon as we are looking at stuff - we 
create it right on the spot - when we are looking at it!  The Creator 
we are dreams because it is entertaining! We Are this Creator!  We 
have been brainwashed however - into believing that we are not. The 
idea that we are and always have been was just toooo incomprehensible 
to understand... 

Another thought: do you believe there is an Infinite Consciousness as well? 

You are it! 
But not as a human mind busy thinking silly thoughts. You as the 
'infinite one' are playing games with the little one you think you 
are. The little one does not exist!!

I mean, outside of all the individual aspects of consciousness 
operating as a whole. Or to put it another way, does the Creator ever 
wake up and experience self-awareness as a whole?


Yeah, it does when YOU wake up!!  "Self-awareness as a whole."  ?  The 
whole is what we are playing as aspects of our whole self - confusing 
all but You and Me. That is when you grok what I say here.  Otherwise 
it is just me...

I sometimes wonder if this is the game - all of us individual aspects 
evolve, grow more aware, eventually every "one" finds their way back 
to the Creator, the Creator wakes up and says "hooray!" - and then 
immediately does it all over again. Forever.  


Yeah - good points!  The clue is to be here now and enjoy the game(s). 
 Knowing that everybody is confused and is trying to discover or find 
what they are in the first place.  We all are The One in All being All...


Or am I just playing games with my own brain right now? Or vice-versa.

Yeah, you do!
If the little one does not exist - where does this brain come in?


Your mind, this not existing ego entity is playing tricks on you still.
It does on me too - but guys like you make me see more straight...




Good show - Whatchu whatchu

I am you but differently in order to play the game of hide and seek.
There is nothing else to do for infinite Beings.

Good night Buddha - I am going to play Chess now...