Submitted By: Don Allen
                  Re: Star Warriors

    For anyone else who reads these papers, they are not my opinion,
    they are the opinion of Robert Morningsky, a Hopi/Apache dancer
    who came to Australia for the Warana Festival, Brisbane,
    Queensland.  He is a born activist for his people and other
    natural inhabitants in their native lands.  Some of the things
    he said impressed me, others left me cold. I cannot offer a
    complete character analyses as I do not know him personally.


    On December 21, 1991, a fragmented video tape would trigger a
    series of events that would permit these papers to come to life.
    On the video tape were bits and pieces of information that
    confirmed what some American Indians have known for some
    time ... that Alien Life Forms exist and walk amongst us.

    Due to the release of information on that tape, it is now
    possible to reveal further information that could not be spoken
    of before this time.  An ages old code of silence could slowly
    and cautiously be unveiled.

    In the late forties and early fifties, a movement began on the
    pueblo Indian Reservations of the Southwest. It was the intent
    of the Elders involved to raise an isolated group of young
    Warriors in the "Old Ways".  The teachings began but would soon
    receive an unexpected presence...the "Star Warrior". (Please
    read the chronology included).

    Hand in hand with the "medicine warrior" ways, the "Star
    Warrior" ways would become the foundation of education of the
    young warriors. Hand in hand with the Elders, the Star Brother
    taught the Secrets of the Universe.  Raised in the way of the
    Katcina, the children knew that the Spirit of things always
    looks different. The appearance of the Star Brother was not
    frightening, he only looked a little unlike us..and..he played
    with us as a child would.

    Knowledge must be earned. Wisdom must be learned...the "Way of
    the Warrior" would confirm that which was discovered and would
    give suggestion for direction, but Passion for knowledge MUST be
    exhibited..and so, the code was born - "confirm but do NOT
    originate. Suggest and direct but leave discovery to the seeker
    of knowledge".

    These full-blooded Indian boys and girls spent their lives
    learning through discovery...and one by one they went out into
    the "outside" world.  The author of these papers was one of
    those youngsters. The material in these papers does not violate
    the code, it only confirms information which has been uncovered
    by others. It is hoped, however, that these papers may give
    researchers an idea or suggestion for a different perspective
    which may help to uncover further information on the "Grand

    The information in these papers should not be accepted in and of
    themselves. You must seek out confirmation for yourself. The
    credibility of these papers does not depend on its author, but
    rather on what you discover from your study and investigation of
    the material presented.

    SATISFIED WITH THE TRUTHS PRESENTED. The material is presented
    in bold, forthright form.

    If you seek elaboration "keys" are available upon request.
    Hopi Indian Legend of Creation tells of three different
    beginnings. One story says that we have arisen from an
    underground paradise through an opening called Sipapu. The
    second story tells of the despondency from our birthplace near a
    Blue Star. And the third story relates of a migration from a
    faraway place across a great body of water. All three are true.
    What matters is not which came first, but that they are all
    true. (Focus not on the leaf, rather look at the whole tree).

    The story of Sipapu reveals that we emerged in a somewhat
    undeveloped physical state, much like the prehistoric man. Our
    bodies were still forming and pliable, but our features were a
    bit brutish. Man, called Koyemsi or Mudhead had two small round
    lumps for ears, two protruding knobs for eyes and one large lump
    for a mouth. The head was smooth and round as a ball. As man
    developed, his physical body and features became more refined
    until he looks as he does now.

    THIS IS THE HOPI VERSION OF EVOLUTION - This story of creation
    says that the underground paradise was wondrous with beautiful
    clear skies and plentiful food sources. It was because of the
    existence of those called Two Hearts, the bad ones, that refuge
    was sought in the upper world by the Hopi, the peaceful ones.

    The underworld was not destroyed but was only sealed up to
    prevent the Two Hearts from rising upon to the surface world.

    (Suggested research Hollow Earth Theorists may want to look at
    this legend more closely. At least one government agency is said
    to continue monitoring the Hopi Indian, to see when and if a
    return into the ground begins). (Key 1)

    The second story of creation tells of the descent of the Hopi
    from the Blue Star of a constellation called the Seven Sisters.
    One version tells of our travel to earth on the back of Enki,
    the eagle. Grandfather, the Great Spirit allowed the first man
    to select his home from the many stars of the universe. Enki
    told first man of his home earth, and brought him to visit.

    First man's exploration of the earth convinced him that this was
    where he wanted his children to be born and to grow. First Man
    returned to the heavens to tell Grandfather of his decision.

    Grandfather was pleased and granted to first man the right to
    call earth his home. First man soon returned to the green place
    or Sakwap with his family shortly afterwards.  (Many of the hero
    stories throughout time and through many different cultures
    refer to a valiant group of seven). Warriors descended from the
    stars often use the sign of the Seven Sisters on their shields
    and medallions). (Key 2)

    The story of the migration from a great land across the big
    waters speaks of the departure from a paradise far away. This
    story parallels many other creation legends, but differs only in
    that no disaster or chaos seems to have caused the journey. The
    purpose of the journey was to begin a new home and a new life.
    Some interpretations have the Hopi leaving their home in order
    to spread the Teachings of the Old Ones. (Suggested research -
    The Symbol of the Migrations). (Key 3)

    SORCERER VS MEDICINE MAN - (Key 4) - In the Southwest, as in all
    areas of North America, there exist men and women who practice
    the use of power to achieve their goals. Sometimes called the
    medicine man or woman, sorcerer or shaman, these individuals
    have often been the subjects of books and even movies. Their
    practice is often referred to as magic. Nothing is further from
    the truth. Magic is the un natural use of the Powers of Nature.

    They who turn to the practice of disharmony are more properly
    called witches, warlocks and sorcerers. (It is this disharmony
    that eventually undoes these practitioners and seals their
    doom). Medicine men and women work with the force of Nature.
    (Move against the river, it weakens and ultimately destroys -
    move with the river, and the power of the river enters your soul
    and reveals its knowledge).

    One series of popular books (Carlos Casteneda Series) refers to
    Don Juan.  One of the Sorcerers of the Southwestern Desert. His
    apprentice was known as Carlos. Through the series of books,
    Carlos is guided by Don Juan and Don Genaro on a path to
    Sorcery. The methods used by Don Juan are well known to the
    Medicine Men and Women of the Southwest and most of what is
    described in the first two books is a valid teaching technique
    of teaching by Distraction. However, due to the blinders Carlos
    refuses to move from his eyes, the two books seem to be rather
    confusing. This is not because of Don Juan. Don Juan's attempts
    to make him see in another way, are totally rejected by Carlos
    and the result is a mixed up re-telling of events. Do not accept
    the final book's premise that Carlos has achieved the status of
    Sorcerer or knowing one - that is not the outcome. Those who
    refuse to remove the blinders and expand their awareness, will
    forever be trapped in a prison-world of their own making, and
    will never see the dangers around them.

    (They who do not wish to see CANNOT; Those who do not wish to
    hear CANNOT; Those who do not wish to feel CANNOT. (Suggestion -
    re-read the Don Juan comments carefully).

    MEDICINE MAN/WOMAN - At this point it would be well to mention
    that Medicine men/Woman are not necessarily healers. In fact,
    your medicine is your passion. Your medicine always makes you
    feel high while dancing, then dancing is your medicine. If you
    feel high while cooking, then cooking is your medicine. Your
    medicine will always help to cure that which ails you.  Your
    medicine will always give you the power to rise up and continue.

    (This medicine is of the spirit) Your medicine is also that
    which you do.  Your conduct in the Land of Living Things, what
    you do is your signature in life and it is your medicine. How
    your treat others and how you react to the world is your
    medicine. You medicine can help the ailments of others or it
    could, in fact poison them.  What you do effects other at all
    times. (If your medicine is harmful to others, you, as a
    medicine man or medicine woman have failed in your task.) What
    you DO in the land of the living things is your medicine. (This
    medicine is of the body). (It is the true medicine man/woman
    that makes the medicine of the spirit one with the medicine of
    the body.)

    TRUTH AND WISDOM - (key 6) Truth and wisdom must always be
    sought out.  Neither shall come easily. If at first, the teacher
    ignores you .. Ask again! All masters of Wisdom will succumb to
    the Passionate student. To demand a right to knowledge is to say
    you provide this for me. To ask for knowledge is to show respect
    for wisdom and to pursue knowledge is to show passion for truth.
    (In life, there are no RIGHTS, only privileges).

    Unlike power, truth seeks to come out. It does not hide, it is
    hidden by those wishing it to remain concealed. Truth and power
    are tools to be used. Not ends in themselves. (Power can cover
    or uncover truth;...truth can only uncover power; Power can lead
    to truth...Truth always leads to power.  Wisdom is knowing how
    to use both).

    PASSION (Key 7) - In order to pursue your Passion, first you
    must recognize your passion. The following guidelines should
    help you to identify your passion:

    1. Your PASSION always makes you feel on fire.
    2. Your PASSION always makes time disappear (five hours always
    seems like five minutes.
    3. Your PASSION occupies most of your waking thoughts.
    4. Your PASSION forces you into action, you cannot sit.
    5. Your PASSION is something you will always find time for.

    AWARENESS - (Key 8) - There are three parts to Awareness

    1. The Inner Spirit or the PASSION;
    2. The Outer Being or the BODY;
    3. The Outer Spirit or the SPIRITUAL. (Master the inner self
    first, the physical self secondly, then and only then, can the
    spiritual be conquered).

    How can we master the more complex out of body experience if we
    cannot stop overeating? How can we stop overeating if we do not
    have Passion or discipline to accomplish it? All spiritual
    teachings require mastery of the spirit. Development, or growth,
    is always outward, not inward. Mastery of the Inner Spirit or
    passion is first; Mastery of the body or Physical is next;
    Mastery of the Spiritual is the final step. Those who turn the
    order around will find their development moving inward and
    falling in on itself. (Passion is the secret to all things.
    Master this and all things shall be revealed to you).

    STAR WARRIORS - (Key 9) - To follow the path of the STAR
    WARRIOR, you must first eliminate two concepts from your mind
    and spirit - Can't and Impossible. How long would you stay
    married to a spouse who constantly told you that you could not
    do something? You can't go there; You can't do that; You can't
    say that! - Not very long. So why then permit yourself to deny
    yourself? Remember, if you believe yourself inferior, you are!
    If you say to yourself, I cannot - you are right. If you say to
    yourself, I can - you are also right.

    To become who you wish to become, first establish who that
    person is and how they would act. Then, practice and rehearse
    everything that person would think and do. (To become a deer,
    one must act, think, live and be as the deer - only then can the
    passion of the deer be yours). In other words, create yourself.
    Write a script for your own movie. The hero is you. In the
    script, write all those things you wish for yourself, all those
    things you would like to do or feel. Then rehearse your script.
    Practice becoming the hero or heroine of your movie.  Rehearse
    over and over again until you know the behaviour instinctively.
    Slowly, you will begin to know how the hero acts and thinks.
    Slowly, you will become the hero of your movie and your life.
    The only way to become a runner is to begin running - The only
    way to become a lover is to begin loving - The only way to
    become passionate is to practice passion - Practice being that
    which you wish to be...and soon you shall become it.


    1.  I am a child of the Dancing Star born of chaos.
    2.  I am fire.
    3.  I see the fire in all things.
    4.  I am but a visitor in the land of living things.
    5.  I walk the path of silence.
    6.  I am not seen or heard. I am only felt.
    7.  I take only that which I can return.
    8.  I cannot possess. I can only share.
    9.  I am my grandfather in all ways.
    10. I am the answer.

    challenge shall we find our greatest strengths and our
    weaknesses. Only in challenge shall our passions be made strong.
    The goal of life is outward development. NOT inner peace. Peace
    that brings no challenge means stagnation. Confidence in self
    wrought through challenge is TRUE peace.

    Fire is passion. Passion is that inner force that distinguishes
    us from all others. Passion is that which makes the Bear become
    the Bear...never will you see the Bear trying to fly as the
    Eagle, for it is his passion to be the bear. Passion is the gift
    that allows us to be what we wish. To do anything without
    passion, is to go through the motions. To be Passionless is to
    lose the fight of life. Those who have no fire are easy to
    conquer and manipulate.

    The study of Physics and other sciences tells us that all things
    are comprised of atoms which in turn are comprised of electrons,
    protons and neutrons...all are particles of energy or
    electricity. This energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. From
    these very same particles came the release of a basis of our
    existence, within our own bodies.  Herein, science has revealed
    the existence of a force unlike any on this planet, the force
    which directs each one of us in our path. This is our passion,
    this is our gift.

    3. I SEE THE FIRE IN ALL THINGS - All things possess fire. All
    this have spirit. The only difference between man and animal is
    that they wear different skins. The only difference between man
    and all things is the skin, or outer covering. In the Hopi
    world, the spirit of a thing is called katcina. It is the
    katcina that is the fire or passion. Those who can see and hear
    can learn from those katcinas around us. If you can communicate
    with another human being, you can communicate with the trees,
    the wind and all things of the earth.

    wear is but a temporary robe. That part of us which is most
    important is the inner spirit, or the passion. Yet, we must
    never forget that we are guests in this land and we must conduct
    ourselves as such. We respect all that is here. That which we
    may receive in this place must be left here .. things cannot be
    taken with us, but all of our riches that we have accumulated in
    memories and knowledge shall go with us forever.

    5. I WALK THE PATH OF SILENCE - In the Song of the morning sky,
    there is a line that says live as though you cannot speak. It
    means that what you do is more important than what you say. If
    you cannot speak, you must communicate your love and friendship
    through your actions. You must demonstrate that which you feel.
    Let your actions be your measure. Only in silence can you learn.
    He who talks does not hear - only in silence can you defeat your
    enemy, he who makes no noise is invisible.

    6. I AM NOT SEE OR HEARD, I AM ONLY FELT - The warrior must make
    himself felt. If he lives his life and the world has not felt
    him, he has failed.  If he lives his life and grandfather has
    not felt him, he has failed. His passion must be experienced by
    others, not witnessed. He who uses his fire warms the world, he
    who shouts of his fire fills the world with noise.

    takes a tree for use as a canoe, he must return and plant a seed
    to replace it. If a warrior takes an ear of corn, he must return
    and plant another. If a warrior takes a life, he must replace
    it. (In days of old, if a man took the life of another, he
    returned and took care of the victims wife and family. It was
    the civilized European immigrants who taught the Indian to take
    life without concern for repayment or maintaining the balance of

    8. I CANNOT POSSESS, I CAN ONLY SHARE - Which of the fleas owns
    the dog?  Which of the leaves owns the tree? If there can be
    such a thing as ownership, does not the grass have first claim
    to the land? Or cannot the trees make the same claims? The
    secret of possession is this, when you make a claim of
    possession.. that which is claimed to be the possession is not
    the possessed, that distinction lies with the owner.

    9. I AM MY GRANDFATHER IN ALL WAYS - Grandfather is the name
    given to the Great Spirit. Grandfather is the name given to the
    Universe. Grandfather is father of the man to whom I was born.
    The universe is Grandfather. In all the universe all things are
    possible. In the universe, to believe in Grandfather is to
    believe in all things. I am the great spirit, I am grandfather,
    I am the universe... in me all things are possible.

    10. I AM THE ANSWER - The Warrior is an answer to a problem. He
    is not the only answer, but one of many possible solutions. The
    Warrior is the first one into battle, the first one to
    sacrifice, the first one to step between his loved ones and
    danger. The warrior is a living example of passion.

    POWER - Key 11 - True power never allows itself to be confronted
    directly and never permits itself to be seen. That which appears
    to be the power is the distraction. When confronted by that
    which seems powerful, look to either side and even behind you,
    for there in those places you shall find the real power.

    Distractions are not always visual. Each one of the senses can
    be distracted..sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. If
    confronted with an unusual sensation, check all senses for their
    input. Look quickly around you for sudden movement, listen for
    quiet voices, feel for presences. This is not paranoia, this is
    a search for revelation.

    Yet, the most powerful weapons for distractions are found within
    the human spirit itself...the mind and the heart. If either is
    persuaded that the power does not exist, then the concealment is
    accomplished.. the power is hidden.

    POWER CENTERS - Key 12 - There are, on the face of the Earth,
    natural centers of power. These centers of power will allow
    anyone with the ability to focus one's passion to increase their
    power by one hundred fold. The power centers are free and open,
    and cannot be hidden or destroyed by the forces of Sorcery and
    Magic. They seek to keep you from them, but these centers are
    easily located. You shall always find your abilities and
    awareness heightened when immersed in one. WHEN THE EARTH AND
    - the study of harmonics by Bruce Cathie can lead to the
    location of power centers).

THE BIRD PEOPLE - Key 13 - Descended of the skies Enki and his
    children have been the benefactors of mankind throughout time.
    Enki's gift to man is the feather..for it is the feather that
    allows one to fly, it is the feather that allows one to soar.

    (Seek the path of the children of the feather, therein lies the
    secret of the Star Warrior and Ascendancy).

    Mankind has been guided and watched over by these Children of
    the feather.  Throughout history, their tracks are found. Study
    of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies will reveal many
    Birdmen in places of influence. The symbols of nations and
    peoples have often included the Bird of influence.  Man has
    within his soul the yearning for the heavens. The gift of Dreams
    was the gift of the Children of the Feather.

    (I have dreamed it..my spirit achieved this...now, my body will
    follow).  And how are the angels dressed? Long flowing hair,
    long flowing robes and wings... feathers that give them flight.
    (I am of the sky, by the earth..and for all things, I belong).
    (Suggestion, who are the Children of the Feather?)

    THE LIZARD PEOPLE - key 14 - The Reptile is cold-blooded, the
    warmth of passion is not found within. The seek warmth outside
    themselves, and survive by stealing the warmth of the fire of
    other things. This is the way of the Reptile.

    The Children of the Reptile have also left their tracks on
    Mankind's history. Where there has been deceit and lies, here
    there has been fear and turmoil...therein, the Children of the
    Reptile have resided. Seeking to emerge into the World of the
    Sun, they feed upon the Fire of others..Never forget this! Keep
    your fire under your control. (The fire of man burns hotter than
    a thousand suns. Yield not its flame, and the universe shall
    feel your warmth).

    Seek the Path of the Reptile and you shall find one of the
    greatest deceits of all time. It was the serpent that aspired to
    Godhood. It was the Serpent that wanted Man's adulation and it
    was the serpent that wanted man's soul (passion).

    Those who seek your passion..your spirit...or your soul...are
    the Children of the Reptile.

    PROPHECY AND REVELATIONS - key 15 - In the Hopi world, the
    interpreters of revelations are the members of the singers
    society. To them falls the task of revealing and interpreting
    the signs of the stones given to them from the Old Ones. From
    these stones, the future can be read by those who know.

    Hopi prophecy reveals the return of Bahana, a teacher of
    righteousness that will restore the Hopi (the good people) to
    their rightful place, in a world of peace and harmony. Bahana is
    sometimes thought of as the White brother but is more accurately
    characterized as the pure one.

    Bahana will use the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones and will utilize
    the Power of the Star warrior. Bahana will call upon the Spirit
    of All Things in the world, called Katcinas, to give him the
    strength to Right all things in the world.

    There are many prophecies throughout the Indian America, we
    shall mention but two - (The day the lances will come - the
    eagle and the serpent will contend - The children of the feather
    shall ascend, children of the reptile shall return to the depths
    - only the fire will keep the stars in their heavens). The
    following revelation was delivered in 1928. It is up to you to
    decipher its multiple meanings... today's red man is white,
    tomorrows white man is green.

    KATCINA - key 16 - The fire in all things, the Spirit or the
    soul, is called Katcina in the Hopi world. In the Land of Living
    Things, the Katcina takes three forms... The Spirit or fire
    itself, the dancer who imitates and becomes the fire, and the
    wooden carving, often called spirit carving. (Those interested
    in American Artworks should be advised that only the Hopi and
    the Sister tribe the Zuni, have Katcinas. There is no such thing
    as a Navajo Katcina or an Apache Katcina.

    Each of the Katcinas has a special strength or talent, one
    special passion or way of life to teach. The Kwahu Katcina,
    Spirit of the Eagle, is the bringer of Dreams, and gives mankind
    the ability to soar and achieve. Hon is the Bear Katcina and the
    bringer of courage and strength. (The presence of a Katcina
    carving in the home brings the presence of the spirit in the

    For the reader who has been following the progression of the
    Star Warrior teachings to this point, the author would like to
    now present a summation of events that will help to put the old
    ways into a perspective never before possible. And that is how
    the ways or teachings of the American Indian can apply to the
    world of today..and tomorrow.

    The follow events are all true...it is left to the reader to
    verify them (An in depth chronology is offered as a key).

    STAR DATES - A CHRONOLOGY - key 17 - The history of mankind is
    full of recorded contacts with extra-terrestrials since the
    beginning of time.  Virtually every science, religion and
    expression of life relates the story of man's visitations by the
    Sky People. Writers and researchers spend lifetimes gathering
    and sifting through information and constantly publish their
    findings. Recent studies reveal 4 out of 5 individuals believe
    in Aliens.

    We now address this issue..and..the Star Warrior. In 1933,
    Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany. It is revealed by those
    who knew him that he was obsessed with the Spear of Destiny and
    the Old Ones, who helped guide him on the path to World
    Conquest. The Spear was reputedly the one that pierced the side
    of Christ while on the Cross and guaranteed Black power to those
    who held it. The Old Ones granted Hitler boons in exchange for a
    price to be extracted from his future.

    Because of Hitler's Quest, four relevant events occurred. The
    first was the beginning of a global bio-genetic experiment to
    breed the perfect super-human; the second was the newly
    developed science of flying saucer technology; the third was the
    experimentation of Time Travel; and the fourth was the
    development of the Atomic Bomb. All of these events can easily
    be verified by the reader.

    In 1935, Pope John made the following statement in one of his
    addresses: The signs are increasing. The lights in the sky will
    appear red, blue, green rapidly. someone is coming from very far
    and wants to meet the people of the Earth. Meetings have already
    taken place. But those who have really seen have been silent.

    In 1941, the United States entered the war. New evidence on
    Pearl Harbour reveals that the powers that be knew of the
    impending attack but felt it must be suffered in order to get
    the American people completely behind the effort.

    In 1945, President Roosevelt died, and Truman assumed the Office
    of the president. Seventeen days later, Hitler commits suicide
    in his now famous bunker. Three months later the first Atomic
    Bomb is detonated in the Northwestern areas of New Mexico; one
    month after that Hiroshima is the first victim of the Atomic
    Bomb, and exactly one week later the Japanese surrender.

    Through World War II, UFOs are sighted all over the glove. Some
    are the result of Hitler's scientists, some are from space.

    Upon the wars end in 1945. President Truman was confronted with
    a new problem...crashed discs and alien bodies. In the next five
    years, the wreckage of 16 discs were recorded, 14 of them in the
    Arizona/New Mexico area. This posed the government two immediate
    concerns, one that they were in the same relative area where
    Atomic testing was taking place, and secondly that human body
    parts were found in storage inside the crafts.

    In 1948, a live alien was captured. EBE was a member of an alien
    race whose bodily functions were plane-like. EBE was questioned
    but initially refused to cooperate. In time, his revelations
    became a guide book for scientists and in fact, it is reported
    that he assisted Dr von Neumann in conquering Time Travel. In
    1952 EBE became ill and died. (The plant-like alien race will
    hereafter be referred to as the greens. This is symbolic only
    and should not be taken in any literal sense).

    In December of 1948, President Truman issued directives to the
    CIA that virtually gave them the right to create a secret
    government to study and control the Alien problem. In addition,
    Project Blue Book was created to debunk any sightings and not
    permit real evidence from reaching the public eye.

    Prior to EBE's death, Project Sigma was created to send out
    distress signals to EBE's race in the hopes of saving him. Also
    created was a group later to be known as the Bilderbergers. It
    was this group that would carry out, in secrecy, the global
    plans for dealing with the Aliens. In that same fateful year,
    NSA is created as the agency in America that would handle the
    Alien problem. (All of these plans made by Trueman were done in
    his last two months in office).

    New President Dwight David Eisenhower assumes office only to be
    suddenly confronted by a new Warfront..the Alien question. Ten
    more crashes occur, half in New Mexico/Arizona area. But more
    startling events were yet to come.

    Later that year, alien space ships took up residency in a high
    orbit around the Earth's equator. In late 1953. Close Encounters
    of the Third Kind really happened in California.

    In 1954, President Eisenhower met with this group of Aliens.
    Negotiations for a Treaty were entered into and, in fact, the
    resultant Treaty was signed. First ambassador to the Earth from
    Space is reported to be named Krill.

    During these negotiations, a second group landed in Florida.
    This group attempted to persuade the Humans not to negotiate and
    ally themselves with the orbin <* race of Aliens. This new group
    offered to help with our spiritual development but refused to
    exchange any technology. Our salvation they insisted, was in
    disarming. (This group of aliens shall hereafter be referred to
    as the Blues...again this is a symbolic reference only).

    Because of the offer from the orbiting group; because of the
    suspicions of the Secret Government; because of the enormous
    gains to be made by the Treaty..this offer was rejected by the
    American government.  Upon discovery of their interference, the
    Alien forces that orbited the equator immediately retaliated
    against the Blues.

    Most of the Blues disappeared into the skies, but several found
    refuge and took up residence on the lands of the Southwestern
    Tribes of the American Indian. Many Elders saw their prophecies
    being fulfilled by these Star Warriors and gladly took them in.
    The ways of the Star Warriors were virtually the same as the
    Ways of the Medicine Warrior.

    In the meantime, the Treaty is developed. (The reader is advised
    that this is not the first contact by the Greys. Nor the first
    time an on-going completely visible presence is established).
    This alien race, referred to as the greys, is recognized in all
    their efforts through their symbol, the equilateral Triangle.

    (Suggestion-investigate any trilateral or delta groups)

    The treaty calls for non-interference by both parties in the
    affairs of the other. The greys will be permitted to engage in
    abductions for the purposes of experimentation if no harm comes
    to the victims. In exchange the secret government is to receive
    technology assisting i the development of Time Travel and flying
    saucers. Both sides agree that neither side will sign treaties
    with any other Aliens or humans.

    Two bases for mutual use are to be constructed at the outset.
    The humans select Nevada desert for one base, the aliens select
    the four corners area of Arizona and New Mexico. The selection
    of the four corners are forces the blues in hiding to leave the
    area. Several Elders leave with them to provide assistance and
    to continue the exchange of Wisdom. Those left behind have only
    pieces of the puzzle.

    Unknown to the humans of the time, the greys already had
    connection with the children of the reptile. Underground bases
    would permit easier contact and give the children of the reptile
    direct monitoring of all activities.  (Perhaps it would be well
    to let the reader know that at least two alliances, out of the
    sight of humans, were now in existence..one between the greys
    and the children of the reptile and another between the blues
    and the children of the feather.

    In January of 1955, months later, a member of the secret
    government, secretary of State John Foster Dulles, displays the
    arrogance fostered by the grey treaty."The US defense is now to
    depend primarily upon a great capacity to retaliate instantly by
    means and places of our choosing". This policy is known as
    massive retaliation and alarms America's allies.

    As the year progresses, mutilated animals and humans are being
    found. The agency in charge suspects the greys of violating the
    treaty. It is discovered that the greys have been dealing with
    the Soviet Union. A battle in the skies is reported to have
    occurred. The Air Force fails miserably.

    A presidential study group asserts that the public should not be
    told or panic and mass hysteria would reign. And that means
    that the Congress cannot be told. The group finds out that
    bio-genetic experimentation must be done by the greys because
    they are dying out and need a perfect super-human body to

    The study group also discovers that the greys have admitted to
    manipulation of mankind through secret societies, witchcraft,
    magic, the occult and religion.

    The study group reportedly confronted the greys and pressed the
    question.  The report says the greys freely admitted to
    religious manipulation but warned against the departure of man
    from the church. If man refused to place himself at the feet of
    Christ, even they, with the power, could not prevent the
    holocaust found in Revelations from occurring. World war III was
    a certainty. To prove their point, a hologram of the Crucifixion
    was shown to the group. It was recorded by the study group, and
    the film exists today.

    In July 1957 a symposium held at the international geophysical
    Year Gather reveals probably self-destruction of the earth due
    to over-heating and over-population.

    A follow-up study group called the Jason Society, then suggests
    three alternatives. One, blasting a hole through the atmosphere
    to allow the heat and pollution to escape, over-population (it
    is rejected immediately). Secondly, to begin building
    underground cities for refuge of a select few survivors. (All
    others are expendable). And thirdly, to establish bases on other
    planets utilizing the technology of aliens and that of our own

    Both plans are adopted. (Alternative 2 and Alternative 3). As a
    delaying action, birth control, sterilization and new deadly
    diseases are part of both plans (AIDS is one result).

    Using space ships constructed and tested for years, the
    colonization of the moon and other planets begins in earnest.

    In order to finance these and other projects, the Secret
    Government, in 1959, pursues drug smuggling as a major fund
    raising project. An ambitious young member of the Council on
    Foreign Relations is approached to use his offshore company,
    Zapata Oil, to smuggle in drugs. With the help of the CIA, the
    project becomes very successful. The president of Zapata Oil is
    none other than George Bush.

    In 1960, John F Kennedy is elected to office by less than
    100,000 votes.  The following year the public sees the first man
    into space. Yuri Gugarin.  The public does not know that moon
    colonization has already begun. On the 22 of May, 1960 a space
    probe lands on Mars and confirms the possibility of

    President John Kennedy discovers the black projects, drug
    smuggling and the existence of aliens. Kennedy issues an
    ultimatum to MJ-12, the Secret government Agency in charge, to
    cease and desist or he will reveal what he has discovered to the
    public. On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy is assassinated in
    Dallas, Texas, on the orders of the Secret Government. It should
    be noted that the vested interests of, not one group, but rather
    numerous groups involved with the Secret Government, were at
    stake. 1963 sees the deaths of Pope John XXIII and John Kennedy.
    Also removed from power were Prime Minister MacMillan of
    England, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and the USSR's
    Premier Kruschev.

    Lyndon Baines Johnson, assumes office and within months begins
    his great Society plans to take care of everyone in the United
    States. He immediately escalates the War in Vietnam, CIA
    involvement continues at fever pitch.

    The Great blackout of New York City occurs. Reports of
    spaceships just prior to the power outage are confirmed. The
    areas affected are Southeastern Canada and Northeastern N.Y.

    On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren land the Eagle
    on the Moon in front of millions of television viewers.

    Numerous ham operators and other radio monitoring sites hear
    Armstrong describe Alien crafts as they watch him. "My god,
    they're real!" he is heard to exclaim. Maurice Chatelain, former
    Chief of NASA Communications systems claims all Apollo and
    Gemini flights were followed by extra-terrestrial space
    vehicles. He is unable to say where they are from.  Later in
    that year, the Phoenix Project targets mind control. Indigenous
    people are taken off the streets for testing. One estimate says
    250,000 were taken against their will. Brain damage, extreme
    mutilations or death are the results.

    In 1972, Richard Nixon visits China in February. In June, the
    Watergate burglars are caught, but in November, Nixon wins his
    re-election back to the White House. In 1973, in June, the
    Watergate hearings begin and Nixon is implicated. The secret
    government asks Nixon to resign to avoid disclosure of any of
    the secret projects. Nixon refuses. In 1974, the fabricated gas
    oil shortage is in effect, and the impeachment hearings of
    Richard Milhouse Nixon begin. On the 4th of August, the secret
    government issues orders to all of the US military Commands to
    ignore any White House order. On the 9th August, Nixon resigns.
    In 1979, Project Phoenix, with the assistance of the greys was
    successful in producing a Mind amplifier.

    Under drug influence, psychics, those with mental capabilities
    above the norm were hooked up to these machines and were able to
    create physical forms. The tests were successful!

    the author that the above chronology has begun to intrigue the
    reader at its least.

    Please note that much of the information disseminated through
    accepted Chronologies and Encyclopedias is based on that which
    was given out by the Powers that be to begin with. Several of
    the official entries were created to placate and deceive you.
    (The reader will be pleased to find several top secret document
    sources listed in the key on this section. Other sources listed
    at the end of these papers also include many of the same

    The information contained in these pages of summation is only
    designed to stir curiosity and hopefully inspire some to
    research and investigate further. There are many, many clues and
    great amounts of information provided in the summary. Read and
    re-read them again. Apply all previous keys to the material, one
    at a time. The results are revealing.

    certainly the greys are a formidable power. Mankind has several
    advantages going for it.  There is, to begin with a universal
    federation that watches closely the behaviour of all the races
    of the universe. No one race can interfere with another without
    the willingness and consent of the other race, such interference
    would result in severe and serious retaliation. If enough of
    Mankind rejects the ways of the greys, they would be forced to
    withdraw or suffer heavy consequences.

    (key 21) Another advantage that mankind has is his access to the
    Power Centers previously discussed. One of the newest of the
    discoveries of the earth is the existence of energy belts that
    gird the planet. It has been discovered that UFO activities
    follow these belts and that, in fact, the testing of Atomic
    Bombs and sites of great power, like Stonehenge and the Sphinx,
    are also on these belts. At the intersection of these belts,
    there are great sources of free energy for anyone to use. As in
    the mind amplification experiments mentioned above, these power
    centers can be used by one well-disciplined Medicine Man/Woman
    to produce incredible results. Since all power centers or
    intersections of the Harmonics Belts cannot be controlled, this
    free power can be harnessed by Mankind. (This is the meaning of
    living in harmony with the Universe as the Ancient Ones

    (key 12) - The final advantage we will discuss (this does not
    imply that there are no other secrets which can be utilized
    against the greys) is the fire within man that we have referred
    to as passion. The secret to all things is passion. With
    passion, all things are possible. The amplification experiments
    of the Phoenix Project have been explained as having amplified
    Brain Waves, in fact, they amplified the passion of the subject.
    It was that inner will of the subject that was intensified.

    That inner spirit within all of us, that driving force is
    manifested in electrical energy. Master that force and you
    cannot be controlled, the Universe is yours. Master the inner
    Spirit and you shall Master the Physical.

    The weakness of the greys is that they are passionless. They
    feed upon our passion that we willingly give up. When consumed
    with fear and insecurity, lack of confidence in ourselves, we
    give up our passion to the feeding frenzy of those devouring

    You have been given a task, that task is to be you. Only you
    have received the passion that drives you, only you can utilize
    or sacrifice this gift of passion. Passion is the secret to all
    things - passion is the universe - passion is all things -
    passion is grandfather - but most importantly, passion is you.

    (key-7) PHYSICAL SECRETS OF THE GREYS - key 22 - In the presence
    of a grey the sensations of the average person are disturbed.
    Generally, one will find themselves in a state of extreme
    unpleasantness or will experience the creeps. Often, there is a
    sense of intimidation or fear. Instinctively, the human spirit
    will react to a grey presence.

    This does not mean that everyone who gives you these feelings is
    a grey, it is only a clue to the possibility of their presence.
    Generally greys have a very difficult time maintaining eye
    contact. They have a difficult time focusing on things that are
    near to them, so that even if eye contact is made, they seem to
    be looking right through you. Again, this is only a clue to the
    possibility of their presence and should not be construed to
    mean all those who have this difficulty are greys. The greys
    continue to master the physical traits of humans but have still
    not quite been able to fool a truly passionate individual.

    of the reptile must not be forgotten in the equation of earthy
    events. Their alliance with the greys poses a formidable force.
    It will do researchers and all who study the greys well to
    remember that the true power behind them are the children of the
    reptile. (The chameleon becomes that which he wishes you to

    Review the earlier information and the Star warrior path, for
    now, remember the Secret to all things is Passion and all shall
    be revealed to you. (The topic of the children of the reptile
    shall be left for the second set of Star Warrior Papers).

    WARFARE- key 240 - The wars of the White Man are begun for two
    reasons, defence of one's people and attack for gain. The
    defense of one's peoples is understandable that need not be
    addressed. The attack for gain is that which we will address.

    The white man attacks so as to add to his material world, or to
    use his own words, for a profit. If there is no profit, war is
    too costly and will not be pursued. The military-industrial
    complex is the back-bone of modern white man's world.

    Certainly, the history of the American Indian and the white man
    shows this mentality at its peak. The taking of our lands was
    solely for the purpose of profit for the new country's powerful
    elite. New lands meant new chances to generate wealth.

    World War II saw deliberate manipulation by the powers that be
    to force United States involvement. As a result, the United
    States became the most powerful and technologically rich country
    in the world. The most recent war, the Vietnam conflict, will
    ultimately prove to be nothing more than an elaborate cover for
    drug smuggling and dope peddling. What man's wars are born of
    greed - not of noble intent.

    REPORTED WORLD GOVERNMENT PLANS - Preparations of the public for
    announcement of aliens by utilizing movies, tv programs,
    magazines and even children's cartoons to depict aliens as
    humankind benefactors.  (Aliens are O.K!) - (key 25).

    The creation of a criminal class by the development of public
    welfare systems that create a dependency on big brother and his
    money. By later terminating these programs, dependent people
    will have to turn to criminal activities.

    key 26 - The destruction of lower classes through drugs.  The
    creation of fear in the public of terrorism and crime in the
    streets which will push gun control.

    Drug and hypnosis induced individuals will kill at random, thus
    terrifying the public and causing them to ask for Government
    intervention. (A government program named Orion was created for
    this very purpose.

    Utilizing drugs, subjects became unwilling and unknowing
    assassins. A recent study of the random-killing murderers
    disclosed that almost every one of the killers had been treated
    with the drug Prozac.

    key 27 - The abduction of humans by the aliens and the secret
    government continues for both experimentation and implantations.
    It has been reported that one in forty humans has been
    implanted. On a given command, they will respond as programmed

    key 28 - THE FATIMA PROPHECY/RELIGION - key 29 - Reading of
    William Cooper's book reveals an admission by the greys that
    they had, in fact, manipulated man through the occult and
    related practices, but also, through man's own religions.

    The following assertion may be most difficult for the reader to
    consider, The Fatima prophecy and related sightings, the
    crucifixion and the burning bush are all deceptions designed to
    make man willingly yield his planet and his passion to the greys
    and the children of the reptile.

    When scared or confused, the passion of man becomes weak and
    vulnerable.  The energy released, the passion surrendered by
    losing control is gobbled up by the passionless. To see the
    answer outside yourself, gives control of your passion to
    whomever or whatever responds. Any religion or discipline that
    immediately separates god and man succeeds in turning your
    outward, away from your passion. To be god-fearing is to be
    afraid and sacrifice passion. Redemption by ingesting the body
    and blood even if it is symbolic in its cannibalism, suggests
    salvation is external. A Christ-head to whom you must sacrifice
    self can only be the devourer of your passion. There are no
    words, no chants, no rituals, no charms, not one simple exercise
    that can give the secret of ascendancy.

    The one path succeeds, it is the path that begins within. The
    teachings of the children of the reptile are intended to make
    you surrender your passion. Be wary! it is not the way. The
    secret to all things is passion, your passion.

    NEW AGE - the following observations are the sole perspective of
    this author and do not necessarily reflect the whole of Native
    American Indians. However, most Indians will agree.

    PSYCHICS - Psychics are those who are in tune with the
    spiritual- while there is value in contact with the spiritual,
    let us never forget the paramount importance of the inner self
    and the physical self. Question, if psychics can speak to the
    dearly departed, why can't they speak to those who are about to
    be born? In the medicine world, we know that the vision required
    is both the same in both cases. The author personally suspects
    those who cannot see in both directions.

    CHANNELING - The practice of channeling is seldom done by the
    medicine world. Though the practice has its merits, those who
    act as the channels are truly subject to the integrity of the
    one who is channeled. In fact, many channelers have had to
    recant their allegiance when they discovered they were
    deliberately misguided. This does not mean the channeler was an
    accomplice to the perpetration of deceitful manipulation of the
    spirit, but in fact, the channeler was a willing vehicle.

    The medicine world prefers the warrior or medicine person make
    contact with his or her inner passion and truths. It is known to
    all that with each of us is the knowledge of the universe, the
    wisdom of the ancient ones, just waiting for us to seek it (look
    first within, trust that passion and all things will be
    revealed.) This is not a condemnation of channeling, but rather
    a preference for turning inwards for answers instead of

    SPIRIT GUIDES - This is an age old discipline of the medicine
    world. It differs from channeling in that we listen to our
    guides but do not let them speak through us. We trust our guides
    but are still responsible for our own decisions and actions. If
    there is a revelation from our guide, it is for us to find the
    way to speak of it. We become responsible for transmitting the
    message, if we fail, we believe our guide will find another who
    is more worthy that us. Spirit guides cannot wrongly manipulate
    us if we stay true to our passions. If we are deceived, we are
    not true and strong. We are responsible.

    CRYSTALS - All things have a spirit, in the Hopi World, we call
    this spirit katcina. As all humans cannot be trusted, so all
    crystals cannot be trusted. Some crystals will work for one
    individual while they drain and harm another. Treat each crystal
    as you would another human being, establish your own
    relationship, judge for yourself.

    STAR WARRIOR SUMMATION - These few pages are for those who have
    been gracious and kind enough to request some information on the
    Way of the Star Warrior. It is only the first step on a path of
    revelation and discovery. If the path seems good to you, then
    continue. If at any point, you have any misgivings, then seek
    another path, or at the very least, stop, take a deep breath and
    reassess your position.

    The information in these papers, must not be accepted blindly,
    you must go out and confirm them yourself. Do some
    investigations and research, study everything and make the
    decision for yourself. You are responsible for what you do with
    this knowledge. If you choose to reject the existence of greys
    and blues, there is still the terror of the one world secret
    government to consider. If you choose to reject the existence of
    a secret government, then the information in these papers and
    other of its kind should make no difference to your existence.
    they are harmless.

    (One last suggestion, just because you cannot see or hear it,
    does not mean it doesn't exist).

    If the information in these papers whets your thirst for more on
    the Star Warrior, then pursue it.

    If you remember nothing else, remember this, the secret to all
    things is passion. That is the secret power of the Star Warrior.

    Suggested Reading; Bill Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse; Timothy
    Good - Above Top Secret; Bruce Cathie - Harmonics; Frank Waters
    - Book of the Hopi; Hyemeyohsts Storm - Seven Arrows; Duncan
    Roads - Nexus Magazine; Vine Deloria - God is Red; The Holy
    Bible, The Dulce Papers; The Pleiades Papers; The Gemstone
    Papers; The Opal Papers;

    By: Don Allen
    Re: Robert Morningsky

    These are the notes that I took at the meeting held February
    8th, 1992 at Maleny, Queensland.

    This is my version of my notes of the meeting with Robert
    Morningsky, a full blooded Apache/Hopi Indian. Who was raised by
    his two grandparents after his father was killed and his mother
    left the reservation.

    From the age of 1-5 years, he had no contact with the white man
    at all. He was taught with a group of other young people by his
    grandfathers and by a group of people they called the Star
    Warriors - aliens he code-names Blues.

    These people taught him to run 6 miles with a full mouth of
    water and not choke or spill a drop, then they would return and
    have to spit the water out at the feet of the Warriors. They had
    to stand with their backs to their elders who would shoot an
    arrow and they, the students, would have to turn and catch it
    midflight. He said the students didn't realize that they weren't
    supposed to be able to do these things.

    The policy of the Star Warrior is that knowledge is not given,
    it is earned.  The way to learn is to be led to discovery. There
    is an old Hopi prophecy:  today's red man is white, tomorrows
    white man is green.

    The first alien contact started about 1947 - 1948 and they had
    either already, or were going to spend 50 years with the elders
    of the Hopi Indian reservation. A description of the Star
    Warriors is of clear, translucent skin, large almond shaped eyes
    and small of stature.

    The main issue of their teaching was PURSUE YOUR PASSION, follow
    your own way, do your own thing, don't be pressured into being
    anything but what and who you are. A medicine man is not
    necessarily a healer, they are people who do their own thing
    with a passion. ie one that will make you practice your own
    medicine, two, feel better - medicine people make both things
    one and the same.

    A warrior is a living example of passion. What is passion, it is
    an inner feeling, a love activity. It is that which makes time
    flow quickly, that one will move heaven and earth to do, that
    one will make time for.  Passion is the unity of union of love
    between man and woman, which has more power and energy than
    anything one earth and if harnessed can be unbeatable. Harmony
    occurs when ones own heart beat moves in time with another, ie
    the drum music of the dance, the heartbeat of chosen one, the
    heartbeat of a nation, the heartbeat of the universe and the
    earth. Think about your passion, if it makes you feel good, and
    shivery, it is your passion. It is your passion that makes all
    things possible.

    The Hopi tradition is that it is man's job to make all things
    possible for the womenfolk. They must attract, but the women
    must chose. The reason for long hair is enhancement of beauty
    and the "Indian love handle" - he mentioned that the caveman
    used to pull their women around by their hair, he says it was
    wrong, the Indian women catch their men by their hair! - Men
    must see the world through the eyes of women.

    1.  Passion - The fire, the individuality, the you. It is
    internal, we are told to be what you are supposed to be, don't
    be anything else. We have a life force and energy that if
    harnessed could cause more damage than an atomic explosion. But
    we need to practice harmony and frequency. We find our own
    frequency and can raise it to match another and harmonize, match
    it don't contend with it or anything else, or you will be
    destroyed. The first sensation we receive, is our mother's
    heartbeat. We all need to be one harmonious heartbeat.

    2.  Body - your job is to master your own body, if you don't
    master your body, nothing will work for you.

    3. Spiritual - anything else is spiritual, the trees, air, water
    etc. To attain oneself, you have to move outwards, not grow
    inwards or else you will become like the black stars and

    Shape shifting - is possible by becoming that shape - my feeling
    is that in making self believe so much that a super imposed
    image forms in your mind and the mind of those around you - by
    increasing your own frequency you can become anything ie a
    microwave than excite water, so that it changes and becomes hot.
    When our energy rise, so does our body temperature. We have the
    ability to raise our own and other peoples frequencies.

    In 1943 the government conducted a series of experiments called
    the Philadelphia experiment, to teleport articles. It partly
    succeeded and partly went wrong.

    On January 8/9th, there was a terrific light storm that was not
    so much a storm as an immense light show. (During this storm I,
    Sande, was sitting of the front porch, connected to the storm,
    Robert, my guide, very clearly spoke to me and told me not to
    feed the storm).  Robert Morningsky video-taped the storm and on
    part of the film, the form of a ship appeared.

    December 19/20. Nexus magazine reported that a ship from the
    Philadelphia Experiment materialized into one of the bays in
    Australian Waters and then disappeared. picture (Courier Mail,

    If you are not in tune with your passion you cannot create your
    own reality. Your passion is your responsibility. Who cares what
    others feel and think.  Your answers and salvation are within.

    1930-1940 World War II -

    1. Madman Hitler tried to create the perfect man, and
       conducted bio-genetic experiments

    2. Work on flying saucers research, development what is
       known as Foo Fighters - (14.2.1944).

    3. The US developed an atomic weapon and tested it in
       Northern New Mexico.

    4. Others tried to develop Time Travel. Out in the universe
       alien nations viewed us and were dismayed. Can you
       imagine the SS Eldridge going through into another

    Whilst testing a new protection device called radar
    uncontrollable bursts of energy, several flying saucers were
    forcibly landed. The area of landing was the Arizona area. The
    Amerindians respected the aliens found.

    1948 - Several discs crashed, so a military force called blue
    force was formed, to remove all evidence of UFOs. A live alien
    was captured and he was called EBE, Extraterrestrial Biological
    Entity. It was found that he was not able to eliminate waste
    through the normal way, it was eliminate through the pores of
    his skin. He took sick, and a famous botanist Jaro Menoza was
    called in, but in 1952, EBE died. A project called Sigma was
    instigated to call EBEs brothers to come and find him but to no

    The satellite dishes were placed on Indian lands, and the
    workers, believing that the Indian race was non consequential,
    so gave them quite a bit of information, believing that they
    would not understand it.

    1947 - In the locker of one of the landed UFOs were found human

    1953 - December, contact was made with Aliens. Astronomers found
    a bunch of space ships going around the earth. Contact was made
    outside one of the Indian reservations.

    1954 - Eisenhower met with the greys and was offered certain
    secrets in return for the use of people for research and
    experimentation. They informed the president that they were a
    dying race and needed help to get their bodies stronger and
    healthier. An agency MJ-12 was brought into effect, to monitor
    this program of experiments and implantations.  Negotiations
    were completed and treaty was signed in California.

    In Florida another body of Aliens arrived, called by Robert
    Morningsky, as the Blues. They offered other advice, not to deal
    with the greys, it would only lead to disaster, but to follow
    your own path. They would teach with peace and harmony if men
    would disarm and listen. The military said no deal! So they
    left, but a few decided to remain and stayed in Northern Mexico
    and Arizona and made a treaty with the Hopi Indians. These
    Aliens are known by the Hopi as Star Warriors.

    The greys left an ambassador called Krill and adopted an
    equilateral triangle as their insignia. The military force name
    as the Blue Force became the Delta Force and was formed to study
    the greys. Two bases were built and called several names, the
    Earth base - Hanger 18, Dreamland or area 51.

    The greys went underground under the reservations in the four
    corner area of Mexico, Utah, Arizona and California. It was for
    the purpose of monitoring the Blues.  The Blues had to flee the
    reservation and go into hiding, a few of the Elders went with

    The Hopi legend is that there were two races, the children of
    the feather who came from the skies, and the children of the
    reptile who came from under the earth. The children of the
    reptile chased the Hopi Indians out of the earth, these evil
    under-grounders were also called two hearts. The government has
    signed a treaty with the children of the serpent. The Hopi have
    signed a treaty with the children of the feather.

    The greys want a perfect body, for a long time, there have been
    cattle mutilations. Always missing, were the organs of
    elimination.  The grey's bodies are always cold, and they feed
    on our energies, our fears, our out of control energies. (Sort
    of psychic vampires???) When you are fearful and out of control,
    the greys use and feed on that energy.  What we need to do is
    know that it is o.k. to feel fear, but to flow with it, then
    control it by redirecting it into a positive event.

    Control your passion - life force - you decide what you want,
    get an attitude! Don't be afraid to say no! The government wants
    your money for their pet projects and the greys want your
    life force, your energy. Ask yourself these things.

        1. Do the government make laws for themselves or for people.
        2. Do they allow us to do our own thing.
        3. Are we under their control on government subsidies etc.

    The greys decided to stay on earth and needed acceptance, so
    they hired an advertising agency to come up with some good ideas
    - hence - My favourite Martian, ALF, Star Trek, Star wars, Alien
    Nation and ET.  The new programme the Mutant Ninja Turtles and
    the Dinosaurs??

    Look and be aware of the symbol of the triangle - TriStar
    Pictures???  Don't rely on the government for your support, help
    yourself where you can. See the movie JFK.

    1959, The Jason Society decided to do something about global

    1. Blow a hole in the ozone layer, to let the heat out.
    2. Develop underground for the elite societies.
    3. Develop other planets into colonies.

    The last two were adopted, but the first has since be done.
    Several things have been happening to engender fear and to give
    more control to the government.

    1. Release of dangerous Psychotics and early release of killers
       and menaces to society.
    2. Wars and upheavals.
    3. Drug induced societies and drug dependent societies.
    4. Mainland China.

    Katcina Hopi - great spirit fire.  Any living thing that is
    stressed is food for the children of the lizard.

    Robert saw for the first time pictures of crop circles, and
    recognized them as Hopi symbols. He professed that if he could
    see them in their correct order, he would be able to 'read
    them'. He feels that Mother earth is calling out Help me!

    Question time:
    Q Why would governments hide the fact that aliens exist.
    A If we knew, we would quit doing what the government wants
    us to do.

    Q Do the greys know they are aliens?
    A The Greys have interbred - the more they interbreed, the more
    chance there is that they will lose their memories of who they
    really are, they become half human and half alien and can be
    quite mixed up emotionally.  They must be 5th and 6th generation
    greys by now, and who don't know they are greys. (Where do you
    think we get all our information from - disgruntled greys!!)

    Q How can we tell the children of the greys.

    A They make you feel creepy and have reptilian looking eyes and
    features.  Greys have large eyes and have difficulty focusing.
    They are arrogant.  They will be a strong body odour they tend
    to drain one of energy. They need to wear sunglasses - CIA????

    The Blues - Short, big eyes, wouldn't describe too much, because
    they are preparing for something big. You will feel them, and
    you will know them!!  It is possible that a 6th generation grey
    could end up marrying a 6th generation blue.

    Our misuse of our energy can aid a grey to shape shift and thus
    not be recognized.

    (At the meeting, I was with another person, and while the
    intermission was on, we were quietly talking, when the person
    appeared from nowhere, and introduced himself to me, using my
    name. (my name had not been mentioned, neither did I know this
    man. I did not have a name tag on) It was an extremely hot day,
    and when I shook his hand, it was freezing cold and dry. He
    shook hands with my partner also. We watched him move back
    through the hall and disappear into a small of people. We
    watched the front door, and he did not exit through there. But
    when we looked for him later, he was nowhere to be found. I have
    no idea what it all meant, I only know that it was a strange
    experience. Neither my partner nor I could remember the man's
    name, although he has said it twice. No one else had contact
    with the man, or remembered seeing anyone. My partner was a very
    logical person, not given to fanciful visions etc.)