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To the Government of the United States,

The information contained in this posting has two purposes. The first is to
supply information which is needed immediately to the government of the
United States and to international anti terrorist governmental
organizations. Information that we have collected indicate that a highly
destructive terrorist attack against the United States is imminent. We
include all of the information that is available to us at the current time
in the links below. We discuss other information (unrelated to the
terrorist attack) also below that relates to technology transfer. The U.S.
government in particular will find this information to be crucially
important to one of its projects.

The second purpose for this posting directly involves The Farsight
Institute. The United States is at risk of losing an extraordinary national
resource that cannot be easily replaced. Because of this risk, it has
become necessary to issue this letter, which constitutes a formal and
official request to the government of the United States for protection for
The Farsight Institute, its principal officers, its professional remote
viewers, and its employees. Please let us explain. Before we do so, let me
add that we are completely aware that the general public has no way to
verify the information is discussed in this note, and that this request and
the facts that are contained herein will likely be publically doubted and
ridiculed. But it is completely within the capability of the persons to
whom this letter is actually being addressed to verify each and every point
made here using normal governmental intelligence resources. Should it be
necessary, we can supply information to an appropriate official
representative of the government to document and/or augment all of the
claims presented here.

It has come to our attention that a new group in the government of the
United States has recently begun to closely monitor our activities. This
group answers to a person who (in turn) directly answers to the president
of the United States. It is to this group that we are making our request
for protection and to whom this post is directed.

The Farsight Institute, as well as the professional lives of the principal
players at the Institute, have been under constant attack from a well
orchestrated campaign against us since January of this year. The
preparations for these coordinated attacks were initiated in the latter
part of 1995. Those who are executing this concerted opposition against us
are members of a small group in a larger U.S. governmental intelligence
agency. We can supply you with more information about this agency, but we
think either you already know this information or you can find this out by
yourselves. This group lacks significant supervisorial oversight, and they
are engaged in blatantly illegal activity against us. They have been
assigned the task of disbanding us through whatever means is necessary.
Their initial strategies involved clever operations to discredit us, but
they have recently activated much more serious plans. Again, we can supply
a great deal more information about this agency and its activities to
someone in an official capacity should it be necessary or desired.

From the inception of our organization, we have been in direct contact with
an outside group that has offered us both guidance and protection. (From
herein, we will refer to this group as our "Friends.") We believe you
already know who this group is. What you may not know is that this group
may not be able to protect us further should the government of the United
States make an overt decision at the highest levels to disband us. Further
protection could be seen as excessive interference in the affairs of our
society, and the group may be prohibited from doing this by their own
internal rules of interaction. Thus, the intent from the beginning of our
interaction with this group was to demonstrate the usefulness of our
activities to the government of the United States so that our own
government would then both sanction our activities and assist in our
protection. The time has finally arrived for our government to make a
decision as to whether or not it wants us to exist as a national resource.

Last week on Friday (4 April 1997) we activated our new technology transfer
protocols. We remote viewed an extraterrestrial artifact that is in the
possession of the United States government. The fact that this object was
in your possession was told to us by our Friends. They informed us only
that it was rectangular in shape, its approximate size, that it was ET
technology, and that the government did not know the purpose or operation
of this object. Using our new technology transfer protocols (which, we
admit, were partially given to us by our Friends), we targeted this object
and discerned its purpose, how it works, etc. We are not reporting all of
our findings here because it has come to our attention that such devices
are common to all ships operated by our Friends, and that other governments
also have such devices, or know about them. We want to limit our initial
dissemination of our findings to the U.S. government for now. This will
require a visit to our facilities in Atlanta by an official governmental
representative to review our data. We expect and hope that these findings
will be useful to you. We are capable of offering you greater detail should
you want or require it. Also, our technology transfer protocols, while
already quite extensive, will be expanded dramatically shortly to enable us
to tackle a wide range of very difficult problems. Our Friends want you to
know that they are willing to work with you using the means of
consciousness. They want to help you, but they want you to meet them
half-way, by allowing us to develop the technologies of consciousness that
allow for an intimate interaction between themselves and humans. We have
not been informed of any limit to the help which they are willing to offer
as long as we receive it using means with which they are comfortable.

I mention all of this to you so that you can understand the urgency of our
request for protection. Again, we activated our new technology transfer
protocols on 4 April 1997. In three days, 7 April 1997, we were visited at
our facilities by a group of intelligence operatives from a foreign country
who attempted to obtain information regarding these protocols. As it
happens, these operatives were from a country that has friendly relations
with the United States. But let this be the warning. If a friendly nation
could find out about our activities in just a few days, will it be long
before our next visitors arrive from a nation which we may perceive as
harboring terrorist activities? Bluntly, we at The Farsight Institute
cannot protect ourselves against a concerted effort to infiltrate us and to
steal our technology without direct help from the government of the United
States. We need protection not only from the U.S. governmental agency that
has been tasked with destroying us, but we also need protection from
foreign interests that may be dangerously motivated.

To further demonstrate our usefulness to you, we offer you the information
linked below relating to a planned terrorist attack on what appears to be
the city of New York. This terrorist attack involves a tactical nuclear
weapon that was apparently stolen from the arsenal of the former Soviet
Union. We include a sufficient amount of information with this posting for
either the U.S. government or an international anti-terrorist organization
(Interpol?) to stop the event, and, hopefully, to arrest the terrorists. We
have not been told to postpone posting this information by our Friends.
Thus, we can only assume that the planned attack is very imminent. If you
do nothing else with the information posted here, please take this
information about the terrorist attack very seriously. Our default timeline
includes this attack. You must act to prevent the attack in order for it
not to happen. Our information suggests that you must act quickly. Should
you need more information, we would be willing to supply whatever we can.

What should you do now? First, please carefully read all of the links
below. Act first on the terrorist threat. Then, as soon as you are able,
and only if you want to do so, please come to our facilities in Atlanta.
You will find us waiting for you. We will show you our technology transfer
data, tell you of our plans, of our security needs, of how we expect to be
able to help you in the future with problems that make your current needs
seem insignificant. We will also want to tell you about ourselves, about we
are advancing the development of remote viewing very rapidly, as I explain
further below. Moreover, you will find that we are team players.

Rather than trying to destroy us, consider protecting us. We offer you a
resource that we believe would be very difficult for you to replicate.
Moreover, we are certain that our Friends began working with us only after
failing to work successfully with the existent institutions of our country
and planet. They needed a new institution, a big one, one that they could
help create from scratch, with eager humans who had ideals similar to their
own. We believe they needed The Farsight Institute just as much as you will
need us in the future should you allow us to grow to our full potential. We
know you can destroy us if you really want to make a truly concerted effort
to do so. But we believe that all of humanity would lose if you do this.
Nonetheless, we recognize that it is your free will, your choice as humans,
to decide whether or not you wish to interact with the universe that
surrounds us using these scientific means of consciousness. But please
consider our request to work with us, to let us grow, to protect us as a
planetary resource, and even to assist us in our attempts to help you.

To be sure, by helping us, you will be helping our Friends. We know them
more intimately than many humans know their own family members. We
understand why they want to interact with us using trained skills of
consciousness. We know them, and yes, we love them as beings who share this
universe with us. They want to be useful to humans. They want to help us
help ourselves. We need only meet them half-way. We need to learn how to
communicate with them in ways that are compatible with their existence.
Believe us when we say this, we know that the future that humanity faces is
more laced with danger than nearly anyone on this planet could possibly
imagine. Our Friends know that their future is tied to ours, and that our
survival is crucial to their future evolution. We need humans who can
perceive the universe as our Friends perceive the universe. We need The
Farsight Institute and all that it represents because we humans will need
to have a means of discerning that which is real in the times that are soon
to be upon us. We need to be able to KNOW our universe, all of it, near and
far. Our Friends will not, or perhaps cannot, do this for us. But they are
willing to help us do this. If you allow us, and them, to help, we can
succeed in giving this planet an informational resource that is more
valuable than physical sight itself.

Finally, we want to tell you something special about ourselves. We are
rapidly expanding the capabilities and the rigor of our remote viewing
protocols. We are achieving a standardization of trained remote viewing
capabilities that has never before been achieved by humans. We have a long
term plan for the enhancement of our technologies. In truth, as impressive
as our results are at the current time, they are a distant shadow relative
to they we will achieve in the near future. We have instituted a
performance based professionalization program that is linked to all of our
development plans. Our viewers now advance in our ranks based on how they
perform as viewers and monitors. We give them goals, and we help them
achieve these goals using rigorous methods and standards. Nearly all of our
new standards and procedures are completely new to the remote viewing
field. In addition, we have already developed entirely new protocols for
the use of remote viewing in medicine and with technology transfer. We can
even now solve one of our government's own technological problems relating
to ET technology, and we can similarly address other problems at will.
Moreover, as new problems arise, we are geared up to develop new
enhancements in our procedures and to integrate that which we learn into
the development of our new science in order to address these problems.

Our goal is to establish a large institute in remote viewing here in
Atlanta. We will need a campus, facilities, and funding for research and
teaching. We are willing to develop our technology transfer protocols along
any highly specialized lines as a means of benefitting our planetary
governments and societies. We have tremendous technological needs, and the
events that you know are soon to happen with regard to ET/human
interactions will make it necessary for humans to understand the
technologies that are associated with these phenomena. If we do not do
this, humans will view these phenomena as magical, and with great fear. It
is even possible that the masses may not be easily controlled should events
cause panic with many. The antidote to this is knowledge that is controlled
by humans. The planet needs to know that humans can understand that which
is happening; all that is happening, from the technology involved to the
motivations of the groups behind the events. Our Friends want us to have
this capability. Indeed, they appear desperate for us to grow quickly in
this regard. They want you to want us to succeed, and they want your help
in making this happen. Apparently, it is easier for them to assist with the
development of a new institution from scratch, including a fully expanded
research and development program, than it is to transform an existing
institution. We are now ready to make this a reality. Our next class in
Advanced Training will be taking place this month. At that time we will
double our already large group of professionals who can be the core of this
institution. We are working with all of our professionals continually,
always enhancing their growth, never allowing a plateau of capability to
become established. As we grow, we demand performance-based results. This
is a new science, and we treat it as such. Due to the seriousness of our
efforts, we already have the capability to address many of society's
important problems, if only you will work with us, and allow others to know
that what we do is real.

We offer the information that is linked below without any strings attached.
You may use it for whatever purpose. We hope you will view it as a small
gift reflecting a much greater prize that is possible should you desire to
pursue it. God's speed to you, and all of us. God be with you in your


Dr. Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

President The Farsight Institute

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