Why A New Age, Anyway?
                                Jack Clarke

           My wife Ellen found the following among our old stuff.
            Yes, I remembered it and kept it...  and here it is!

                      If you ever see this Jack Clarke
                            - Congratulations -
                             An excellent work.

    Because this millennium is giving way to an unnamed new era.

    Because old methods aren't working as well as they have in the

    Because it is through change from the old to the new that we grow.

    Because we have discovered that, in spite of obstacles, we can

    Because humans are striving again to be free, particularly from our
    self-imposed limitations.

    Because through the ages it is mankind's destiny to continue

    Because a better way to treat our planet and those living on it
    must be found.

    Because lack and strife are no longer acceptable ways of living.

    Because harmony makes more sense than conflict.

    Because the need to be right doesn't have to dominate our lives, as
    it has over the centuries.

    Because fear has too long diminished the love within us.

    Because there is an easier way to live and have joy in the present.

    Because the season has come to make forgiveness universal.

    Because it is a time to learn from the masters, not worship them.

    Because we have powers within us that can no longer be suppressed.

    Because our intuition knows what is best, and we have begun to

    Because we are learning to sense for ourselves those other
    realities that mystics describe and scientists are beginning to verify.

    Because religion, metaphysics and science are blending together.

    Because the evidence of our citizenship in the cosmos is mounting.

    Because values are shifting away from material goals.

    Because self-esteem is finally replacing our need for addictions.

    Because belief in ourselves leads to a belief in a higher power.

    Because our gift of spirituality can no longer be denied.

    Because people know more and more that we are on a journey back
    home to the source, known to many as God.

    Because we are entering an era when spirituality has a more
    personal meaning to each individual.

    Because higher consciousness feels so much better.

    Because we can now actively participate in our own healing.

    Because no matter what an age is called, our dreams will ultimately
    be fulfilled.

    Because it is time to believe in miracles again.

    Because we are who we are.

                        Who are New Agers, anyway?

    People who have the courage to take charge of their own lives.

    People wise enough to allow others to live their own lives.

    People who don't wait for someone else to tell them what is right
    for themselves.

    People that know they must be content with themselves before they
    can be content with others.

    People who treat intuition as a reliable source when making

    People that attain high moral standards from their own personal
    experiences, not the dictates of others.

    People who maintain the body, develop the mind, and nourish the
    spirit to create a whole and balanced person.

    People sailing their own boats with the universal wind at their

    People who climb their own peaks with little effort rather than
    scaling laboriously their own or others' mountains.

    People asking for help when they feel, and then decide, they need

    People who change their behavior to create new ways of acting in
    and reacting to the world.

    People visualizing what they desire, knowing it will come to them
    in some form at the proper time.

    People who see the good in all things, even when they and others
    don't always achieve the ideals stated here.

    People that exercise their own free will to create their own

    People who know that freedom comes from within, regardless of their
    life circumstances.

    People who radiate peaceful serenity in the midst of turmoil.

    People guided by a power higher than, yet part of, themselves.

    People who recognize that the unknown is a part of God yet to be

    People seeking the perfection of God while forgiving their own and
    others' imperfections.

    Anyone that views existence as a wondrous experience from moment
    to moment, especially during times of trial and loss.

    Anyone who realizes that life brings changes that need not be

    Anyone learning life's lessons rather than enduring life's pain.

    Anyone who routinely experiences a oneness with all that is.

    Anyone that loves without limits or prerequisites.

    Anyone who seeks the truth from any source.

                       When is the New Age, anyway?

    When the light of abundance replaces the shadow of lack.

    When the song of the universe sounds within you.

    When the wonder of life replaces preoccupation with problems.

    When hierarchies recognize that true power rests within each

    When you are no longer ashamed of who you are.

    When self-worth replaces the need to please others.

    When you really believe you deserve the best.

    When adversity becomes your stimulant for growth.

    When you lovingly accept yourself as you are now, though you may
    choose to change some of your attitudes.

    When the acceptance of others, exactly as they are, becomes

    When it becomes unnecessary to judge or blame anyone.

    When self-righteousness disappears from your presence.

    When the past and the future no longer rule your life.

    When there is no such emotion as guilt.

    When honesty takes the place of manipulation.

    When your feelings serve you rather than haunt you.

    When you let go of your need to win.

    When hypocrisy no longer suits you.

    When us us easy to focus on the good in yourself and in others.

    When you know that good can and will replace the darkness of evil.

    When your desire to be happy supercedes your need to be right.

    When the lure of revenge diminishes to a mere remembrance.

    When you decide to seek wisdom from all sources.

    When serenity becomes your normal way of living.

    When you acknowledge reality, regardless of who or what created it.

    When you can treat today as a day in heaven.

    When you see the world as a place to learn rather than just to

    When the fear of death no longer dominates your being.

    When peace replaces aggression in your heart.

    When you finally realize that you are a vital part of all that is.

    When you learn to accept the help that God always offers.

    When loneliness becomes a time to be closer to God.

    When you allow the true inner voice to influence your decisions.

    When you wake up embracing the new day.

    When all life matters to you.

    When you choose to begin it.

                         What is New Age, anyway?

    It's people taking conscious responsibility for their own lives,
    not blaming others for their problems.

    It's people who deliberately decide to learn and grow.

    It's people that don't have to be right, except for themselves.

    It's people seeing problems as lessons, perhaps in a long series of
    lives and lessons.

    It's people who believe we are what we think we are, and can change
    ourselves by changing our thinking.

    It's people that feel they can change the world by changing
    themselves, not trying to change others.

    It's people who search for strength from the universe by going
    inside themselves.

    It's people that recognize love doesn't have to have conditions

    It's people loving and knowing themselves in order to better know
    and love others.

    It's people who see others as not better than nor less than, but
    rather different than, themselves, yet part of the same whole.

    It's people that choose their own path rather than follow dogma.

    It's people honoring your right to your own path, not theirs.

    It's people who realize that now is all we have, since yesterday is
    just a thought and so is tomorrow.

    It's people interested in owning themselves rather than things.

    It's people who see joy in life rather than pain, having
    experienced enough pain already.

    It's people curious about extra sensory perception and all it

    It's people in all walks of life, from business persons to flower
    essence healers, psychologists to UFO investigators.

    New Age is not a new religion with a hierarchy of priests and
    rituals, seeking converts, though some new agers choose some ritual.

    New Age is not often gloom and doomers, though many are concerned
    about ecology, the economy and other forces that affect our world.

    New Age is not a movement based on guilt, anger, fear or hurt; it
    is a journey toward the love that is God.

    New Age is not allegiance to one master; it is learning from many
    masters in the quest for the oneness of God.

    New Age could not become a cult because of what is said above.

    New Age is not just humans doing, it is humans being.

    Jack Clarke  (Where are you Jack?)