The Veil of Tears

Adapted from
"And the Truth Shall Set You Free"

David Icke

Ages ago, when Earth's primates had not yet evolved into bipedal self-conscious creatures, celestial co-creators came to this planet and seeded a variety of new humanoid races (as well as a miscellany of vegetable and animal life) as a great divine experiment. This benign evolutionary intervention from the stars unfolded over an extended period of time and at different points all around the planet under the auspices of very evolved representatives of diverse worlds situated at various locations in the Universe. Thus it may be seen that the Adam and Eve myth in the Old Testament is but a very simplified allegorical endeavour to explain a process of considerable complexity in which many different alien civilisations were involved, and who still today maintain an active interest and karmic investment in a multitude of life-forms upon Earth, including mankind.

However, the ignorance and selfishness of mankind over the ages has also invited to Earth numerous alien groups of a decidedly belligerent and tyrannical nature. These warlords also created certain races of human-beings, and later subsequently "hijacked" the whole planet. They were able to do this by using their advanced technology, yet while they were far superior technologically, they were low on love and wisdom. This is, as always, a telling and profoundly unbalanced combination.

We live in a free will Universe where, within certain limits, we are allowed to experience and to learn from the consequences of our actions. So taking over a planet does not automatically "bring in the Father", as it were, to immediately wrest control from the hijackers. To the contrary, such a situation is permitted by cosmic law and is used as a period of experience from which all life-forms involved will learn and evolve. Evil is a very good teacher!

We live in a time-space reality - or "world" - called the Third Dimension, and it is from some of our "neighbours" in the Fourth Dimension that the interference on Planet Earth has come. Whenever I speak of the Prison Warders I am referring to manipulation from the Fourth Dimension via either thought-control or direct intervention.

Both the hijacking extraterrestrials and those with humanity's spiritual interests at heart were regular visitors to this planet thousands of years ago. They are the "gods" of the ancient texts and legends which have formed the foundations of most of the major religions which still exist today. If an extraterrestrial landed on the planet in ancient times in an astonishing anti-gravity spacecraft, or you saw a psychic vision of a being operating from another frequency or plane, you would almost certainly think that he or she was a god! And, indeed, the ancients did believe so. This is where the "gods" - and particularly the angry, judgemental, fire and brimstone gods - originated: negative extraterrestrials.

The "fear of God" was born, and this fear and resistance to change (disobeying the gods) is still a part of mankind's collective psyche. Over time, these various god-myths became fused together to form "composite gods" based upon themes from many of the earlier civilisations. So it is with Judaism, the Christian Bible, Islam and most of the others. Their version of God relates to the type of extraterrestrials from which their religion originated or the way many different extraterrestrial-related stories became fused into a composite God over the centuries.

If we look at the origin of the major religions, the stories are remarkably similar to those we hear today from people claiming to have met, or been abducted by, extraterrestrials. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in the 7th century, said that he had been visited by the Angel Gabriel, who was "in the likeness of a man, standing in the sky above the horizon". This figure told him that he was to be a prophet, and he was given messages which formed the Islamic holy book, the Koran. These messages were dictated on many different occasions in the years that followed while Mohammed was in a communicative trance. He also wrote of going on a "celestial journey". Many people in the modern world who claim to have experienced extraterrestrial contact have said the same as Mohammed. Saul of Tarsus, better known as St. Paul, was responsible for changing the image of Jesus into the saviour-god-messiah from which the Christian religion was spawned. This happened after he had a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus. He also talked about being "taken up" into heaven, or a number of different heavens (dimensions). Speaking of himself, he wrote:

I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether he was in the body or out of the body, I do not know - God knows. And I know that this man was caught up in Paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell. - Corinthians 12:2-4.

Again, this is parallelled by many of today's accounts of extraterrestrial abductees who have spoken of being taken into other realities by ET', sometimes in their physical body, sometimes out of it (on the astral planes). St. Paul and the biblical prophet, Enoch, speak of seeing many heavens when they were "taken up"; this corresponds with the stories in the Vedas, the ancient holy books of India which were written in the original Sanskrit language. These describe seven higher planes (lokas) and seven lower planes which surround and interpenetrate the Earth. Some people still talk of being in the "Seventh Heaven" when something wonderful happens to them. One of these planes is our Third Dimension, and just above us vibrationally is the level from which mankind has been manipulated.

In the Book of Enoch, the "Watchers" sound remarkably like ET'. The Dead Sea Scrolls say that the father of Noah was a Watcher, and Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon from 651-604 BC, records being visited by a Watcher and a holy one who came down from heaven. The "Dakas" of Mahayana Buddhism were "sky-travelling beings" and Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, was said to have left Tibet in a "celestial chariot". Something similar was claimed of the prophet Elijah when he left Israel, and for the Central American god, Quetzalcoatl.

Descriptions of flying discs, flying boats and celestial chariots abound on all continents and in all cultures. Still today we relate "heaven" to the sky, because that is where the "gods" of ancient times came from in their spacecraft. The Aborigines of Australia speak of three ancestral beings called the Djanggawul, who were connected with the planet Venus, as was Quetzalcoatl and the Polynesian deity, Kahuna. Add to all these the many examples quoted in numerous books, linking ETs with the creation and supervision of the Earth-races, and only a padlocked mind could dismiss at least the probability that extraterrestrials are at the heart of human history and the events that have shaped that history.

Modern UFO investigators tracked down the alleged author of a report known as The Memorandum . This report stated that the language of certain ETs captured by the American military was similar to Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Indian holy texts, the Vedas, which contain many references to what appear to be spacecraft and flying machines known as "Vimanas" and to "extraterrestrial "gods", e.g., the blue-skinned Avatar , Rama, who is still worshipped today by devout Hindus.

It is evident that at least many of the "miracles" recorded throughout religious legend have an extraterrestrial (Fourth Dimensional) origin. The sight witnessed by 70,000 Catholics at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 sounds like many of the stories described in both the ancient texts and the modern world. The Fatima "miracle" followed a series of meetings between three children and a strange being which, they said, sometimes manifested as the Virgin Mary. The being promised to produce a miracle to open the eyes of humanity, and those tens of thousands of people who turned up to witness it did, indeed, see a fantastic sight. But what was it? UFO researcher, Jacque Vallee, believed he knew when he wrote in his 1976 book, The Invisible College:

Not only was a flying disc or globe consistently involved, but its motion, its falling-leaf-trajectory, its light-effects, the thunderclaps, the buzzing sounds, the strange fragrance, the fall of "angel hair" that dissolved on the ground, the heat-wave associated with the close approach of the disc - all of these are constant parameters of UFO sightings everywhere; and so are the paralysis, the amnesia, the conversions and healings.

The children passed a sealed message from their strange communicator to the Pope, with instructions that it was only to be opened and made public in 1960. The Pope did open it in 1960, but we are still waiting for all of it to be made public. One thing is for sure: if it had confirmed the basis of the Roman Catholic religion, it would have hit the air-waves within minutes!

It is evident to the discerning researcher that the Old Testament "God" known as Yhwh (Yahweh) is also based on an extraterrestrial, or more likely, a series of them. Interestingly, while the Jewish religion is perceived as a monotheistic faith, the original Hebrew texts do not support this. While the English translation refers to a God, the Hebrew speaks of Elohim , the plural meaning "gods". Similarly, while we read the word "Lord" in English, the Hebrew refers to Adonai , the plural "Lords". Jehovah, who is often interchanged with Yahweh, would seem to have a different origin. Another extraterrestrial, no doubt.

If when reading the Old Testament and other ancient texts every reference to "God" or "the gods" is replaced with "extraterrestrial", the whole thing begins to make sense and becomes so obvious. It is important to remember that in evolutionary terms, the time span between the period when these accounts were written and the present is nothing, hardly the blink of an eye. Modern UFO phenomena as reported by thousands of people - which include amazing holographic images, beings and craft which appear and disappear (switch dimensions), and a host of other visions and tricks that put Walt Disney in the shade - were also being performed by ETs in the periods during which the major religions originated. These Fourth Dimensional manipulators created or corrupted the religions to control the human mind as they sought to control this planet, and as they are today controlling it.

The potential for manipulating humanity with such technology is simply limitless. What better way to dominate people, close down their minds and divide and rule, than to create or distort a series of superstitious religions based upon extraterrestrial special effects, thus producing various dogmas to control the masses? Look at the pain, misery and inter-generational ignorance that has been visited upon this planet by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many of the others. If you want to shut down someone's consciousness so that they stop thinking for themselves and disconnect their minds from their infinite potential, sell them a dogmatic religion or some other form of rigid dogma (preferably fear-motivated). They are then like putty in your hands.

The takeover of Planet Earth was achieved by what might be accurately called the Luciferic Consciousness . This is an overall term which concisely describes the force which attempts to work through all life-forms - human and extraterrestrial - in order to control the planet. It is an extremely negative (selfish) energy operating predominantly from the Fourth Dimension. The Luciferic Consciousness takes two main forms. Different cultures give these forms different symbolic names. One seeks to imprison us in the material world by persuading us to reject all idea of the spiritual realms and the eternal nature of life. The other works on religiously-minded people to persuade them to ignore the realities of the physical world and to float around in a spiritual daze. Either way it means that the people involved can be controlled while their potential to bring positive change to the world is seriously curtailed.

The complete takeover of the Earth by extraterrestrial expressions of the Luciferic Consciousness was accomplished by creating a vibratory prison . We are multidimensional beings, naturally able to experience many frequencies and dimensions at the same time. However, when the imprisoning vibration - an imposed blocking, "frequency net" - was thrown around this planet long ago, it prevented us from accessing the higher levels of our consciousness and potential - the higher dimensions. It caused us to cease to be "whole" or "holy"; we became disconnected from "the Father". Considering the advanced metaphysical knowledge which is available to a Fourth Dimensional consciousness, such a feat is not as incredible as it sounds.

Blocking frequencies are already used here on Earth, never mind by more technologically advanced civilisations. The Soviet Union in past created an information prison by sending out blocking frequencies to stop certain foreign radio stations from being received by the population. This prevented information which challenged the official line from reaching the people. It created a vibratory prison, an information prison. Extend that concept to the planet as a whole and you have the very picture that I am presenting. The only difference is one of scale.

In his book, The Montauk Project , the electrical engineer, Preston Nichols, tells the story of how he discovered a blocking frequency which jammed the minds of psychics with whom he was working as part of his research into telepathy. The basis of telepathy, as Nichols confirmed, is so simple. When we think, we create and transmit a thought-wave which is similar to a radio or television-wave. A radio or television-set decodes such waves, and, in a far more sophisticated way, the human mind may decode thought-waves. Hence telepathy. Nichols found that the minds of his psychics were blocked at the same time each day. Using tracking equipment, he traced the jamming signal to a now notorious centre of mind-control and time-travel research called Montauk, on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. Even on Earth, blocking frequencies are a reality.

We will use the term blocking and jamming frequencies for simplicity, but our vibratory imprisonment could well have taken the form of closing down the portals and gateways (Earth-vortexes) which link the physical-plane with other space-time dimensions. Some of these gateways are still to be found, however, at certain sacred places used by the ancients, like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, Ayers Rock in Australia, and the former lands of Babylon and Mesopotamia, now Iraq. The Bermuda triangle is another, which would explain the many strange disappearances of ships and aircraft, as the gateway opens. It may even be that these gateways were largely closed down for positive reasons, to prevent more negative ETs from entering this space-time reality. Jamming frequency, closing the dimensional gateways, probably both - the precise cause of the prison does not matter so much. All we need to understand is that an extraterrestrial force from the Fourth Dimension created an information prison by blocking off the higher levels of reality. The veil came down; a veil of tears. We were, in effect, put into spiritual and mental quarantine where we remain today.

Such a jamming vibration thrown around our planet means that mankind's potential is limited to the levels of consciousness which are within the imprisoning frequency. Any consciousness and knowledge held on higher frequencies outside this vibratory prison has been denied to us. Having consequently become detached from the higher levels of our own being, in the words of the ancient books, we are "fallen" or "lost souls", disconnected from "the Father".

When the blocking, imprisoning frequency was thrown around this planet, we lost touch with our higher consciousness and, crucially, with our eternal memory. We forgot who we were and where we came from. Or, at least, the overwhelming majority did. Those who succeeded in raising their vibratory rate of consciousness on Earth could regain contact with their higher mind, their greater self, and these individuals were sometimes said to have become "enlightened", although the blocking frequency often made such enlightenment a less than perfect connection, even for these accomplished individuals.

Progressively more people are today successfully penetrating the vibratory prison, however, and they are therefore reconnecting with their greater self outside of the frequency net. This accomplishment is being facilitated as the blocking frequency is being dispersed in line with Divine Order, which is, in turn, responsible for the spiritual and psychic awakenings now evidenced all around the world. Yet only very few have been able to do this until recently, while the majority of human-beings have witnessed their vibratory rate fall and remain in check under the influence of events, religions, wars and general programming/conditioning which has encouraged, if not coerced, the race to close down its mind, thereby reducing the vibratory rate of consciousness of the masses. This has produced a vibratory gap - for some a chasm - between their lower levels of self inside the blocking frequency and their infinite potential (their greater self) which lies outside that frequency.

Within the prison is this physical level and some non-physical levels to which we return between physical incarnations. The rest of Creation has been denied to most people. The human-race has for ages been living out its existence inside a kind of metaphysical box with the lid held down. We sit in the dark, believing that our potential, and Creation in general, is limited to what is within that box, within that vibratory prison. Infinity in potential is so, so close on the other side of the box-lid, but we have not been allowed to see outside, and we have not realised that there is an outside. Over the ages since the vibratory net was cast around the Earth, we have been a people working to a fraction of our full and infinite potential. Life on Earth was changed dramatically by our extraterrestrial jailors, and this also affected the animal kingdom. The law of the jungle and the cruelty that we see within nature is not the way cosmic law intended it to be, nor the way it was before the veil came down. The good news is, however, that this period of disconnection is now entering its prophesied end time; the Garden of Eden is about to be restored on Earth.

In the period after the blocking frequency was created, the Fourth Dimensional extraterrestrials of the Luciferic mind-set genetically rewired human DNA, the inherited coding of the physical body. Over a period of time, this new DNA was passed on through the generations to everyone. The DNA determines the nature of the physical being and contains inherited memory of all the generations. If the DNA had been left alone, we would, while still living in a vibratory prison, at least know what happened to us and the nature of the problem. By scrambling the DNA, however, this knowledge, too, was lost to us. Human DNA before that time had twelve spirals known as helixes, but after the genetic tinkering this was reduced to two. Our potential and our inherited information source was therefore reduced very significantly. Even now there are parts of the DNA which have been identified that researchers have been unable to link to any apparent function. This has been termed "junk DNA", but it is almost certain that this disconnection of the other ten spirals of DNA has led to only a fraction of our brain's potential being actually used, as is widely acknowledged by neurologists today. Some more good news to celebrate - we are in the time when a process is unfolding which will reunite those DNA spirals within us and positively change the human-race forever.

These genetic events are described symbolically in the tale of Adam and Eve and the term 'the Fall of Man' . Many references may also be found in the ancient texts and legends to 'gods' coming from the skies to control humanity and impregnate women. In the Bible, Genesis 6:4 says that, "The sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them". The term 'sons of God' (which is common in almost all ancient religions) referred to the extraterrestrials. We hear of how God or the gods created humanity "in their own image".

The offspring of these extraterrestrial/human liaisons looked very different from the rest of the people. As Genesis 6:4 puts it: "In those days, and even later, there were giants on the Earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and

famous men of long ago". The reason this-world-is-all-there-is science has been unable to find the missing link in human genetic evolution is because it does not exist. The sudden changes in the human form were due to extraterrestrial intervention. This is possibly an origin of the Virgin Mother legends which are also found throughout the world. In what is now China, there was a "sky god" called Di who was said to have miraculously impregnated a virgin, who then gave birth to Zu, the first of the new genetic line. All over the ancient world, we find that the royal families were supposed to have originated with the sky gods - extraterrestrials. Records left by the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia say that their pyramidal towers known as ziggurats were built for intercourse between an Earthly priestess and a god from the sky.

On a tomb found in Rome and dated between the 1st and 4th Centuries AD the inscription read: "I am a son of the Earth and the stars of the sky, but I am of the celestial race. May the knowledge be passed on". The birth of Jesus, as described in the gnostic gospels also has similarities to modern day ET experiences. The Protoevangelion of James is the oldest of the gnostic gospels which were removed from Christian orthodoxy at the notorious Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. The gnostic text describes the birth of Jesus and how people and animals froze in mid-gesture in a powerful, though temporary paralysis, while Joseph and the midwife were unaffected. This is very much a theme of ET contactee/abductee experiences. The text goes on:

And the midwife went away with him, and they stood in the place of the cave. And behold - a luminous cloud overshadowed the cave. And the midwife said: "My soul has been magnified this day because mine eyes have seen strange things - because salvation has been brought forth to Israel". And immediately the cloud disappeared out of the cave, and a great light shone in the cave, so that the eyes could not bear it. And in a little while that light gradually decreased until the infant appeared and went and took the breast of his mother, Mary.

Associations with "gods" and "clouds" are endless in the ancient legends and texts, and what about the "star" that was supposed to have hovered over the birth-place of Jesus? Could that have been an interdimensional spacecraft? In the biblical Revelations we hear of the New Jerusalem descending from the sky (Rev 22:10) and Christ returning "with the clouds" (Rev 1:7). Was Jesus a member of a positive extraterrestrial race who became incarnate to help humanity get out of prison?

The native American tribe, the Iroquois, have a legend of a maiden marrying the chief of the sky people. The geologist, Christian O"Brien, reports that Hebrew and Sumerian texts refer to a race of beings known as the "Shining Ones", a term he connects with the Hebrew word "Elohim". It is no coincidence that the Devas from the Sanskrit and the Angels of Christianity are also "Shining Ones". The Incas of Peru refer to "Shining Ones" too. O"Brien says that it was the beings known as Elohim who created modern humanity from early human forms through genetic manipulation. He adds that some of them, the "Watchers" in the Book of Enoch mated with humans and he indicates that the alleged founders of the Semitic race, Shemjaza and Yahweh, were among the extraterrestrial "Watchers" and "Shining Ones".

An Israeli scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, used the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian writings to support his belief that modern humans were created by extraterrestrials called the Nephilim. UFO abductees today have also spoken of communications with extraterrestrials who described how they created the bodies of the present human race and manipulated our DNA; there are many references by abductees to having sexual intercourse with extraterrestrials while on the spacecraft. Not all of these stories will be true, nor all the theories and details accurate, but if you take note of the common themes, a picture starts to form. A number of different extraterrestrial civilisations seeded the different races on Earth and this explains the obsession that some have with racial purity. Most will not relate this to an extraterrestrial origin, but at a deep, subconscious level, this is what is motivating them.

The Earth is far older than science has imagined, and a whole stream of extraterrestrial civilisations has settled and developed here which are not mentioned in the history books. Most of them before "the Fall" were far more highly evolved, both technologically and spiritually, than humanity is today. Life is not always about progressing, however; if something happens to disconnect us from our true potential, we can also go backwards. It depends upon the knowledge and potential which is available to us.

In the epochs known as Lemuria and Atlantis, men lived in what we would call a science fiction world, in which amazing things were possible, as was also true in civilisations even before those. Mankind began to go backwards when the jamming frequency was installed, and the levels of consciousness which contained the knowledge enjoyed before recorded human history were denied to us. The prison door slammed shut, but today it is being opened again.

So, human civilisation did not begin on Planet Earth. It was spawned upon this planet from other areas of the galaxy, and perhaps even beyond. Some researchers aver that the first humans on Earth came from the star-system called Vega, 26 light years from here, and whose sun is three times the size of ours. It is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra and the fifth brightest in our sky. Modern humanity originated genetically from other star systems, and its progenitors took the opportunity to populate and experience this magnificent new planet. Genetic manipulation - both positive and negative - has continued ever since to advance or control the species, depending on the mind-set of the extraterrestrial "parents".

Another theme which connects channelled information from many sources purporting to be extraterrestrial civilisations and the symbolic stories in the ancient texts and legends across thousands of years is that of war in the heavens, a war between extraterrestrial civilisations for control of this galaxy. This relates to the struggle between two streams of consciousness on the Fourth Dimension for the control of this one. It has been a long and bitter battle with humanity and the Earth as the pawns and chess-board. The Indian Vedas contain stories that describe a high-tech battle on Earth and in the skies. All hell broke loose in parts of this galaxy long ago, as extraterrestrials battled for power with their highly advanced toys. Films like Star Wars and other science-fiction stories are possibly the result of the writers accessing their deep memories or even having direct knowledge of what happened.

Some of the places which crop up most often in channelled information relating to these conflicts are the systems of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades. Interesting, then, that these were at the fore of ancient beliefs and worship on Earth over thousands of years, across scores of cultures. The pyramids at Giza and the giant spider drawn in ancient times on the planes of Nazca, Peru, are exactly aligned with Orion.

The aim of the negative extraterrestrials in relation to the Earth was to turn humans into little more than a slave race. This has been a theme all along and remains so today, although in another form. Instead of controlling us physically by occupation of the planet, over the past few thousand years they have sought to do so by working through our consciousness from other dimensions. There came a period after ancient Babylon and Egypt when, for some reason, they no longer came here in the same way. Maybe they were forced out by other extraterrestrials who were trying to help us. Maybe it was vibratory changes that took place. Either way, they began to work mostly through the human mind from the Fourth Dimension, and this replaced the physical occupation of the past. They do still come here, however, and in increasing numbers in more recent times.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.Tolkien has themes of war between the human-like hobbits and the little grey orcs which many believe resemble what has actually happened on Earth, even down to the descriptions of subterranean laboratories which mirror the claims of that which is occurring today in the underground bases and genetic laboratories in America and other countries.

All such themes, channelled or otherwise, are connected, and that connection is the Luciferic Consciousness. It is a collective consciousness (dubbed the Antichrist by Christianity), the total of all minds - human and extraterrestrial - thinking within an extreme negative frequency range. While it is not possible for one person or group to destabilise a planetary system with their thoughts alone, it is certainly possible for a multidimensional collective consciousness to do so.

As everything is created by thought, and all matter is subordinate to thought, all physical events are the result of a thought or thoughts of some kind affecting matter. All of the events which caused mayhem in this galaxy took place within the confines of the vibratory prison, created by the Luciferic Consciousness. This consciousness can work through any life form - human or extraterrestrial - which is operating within its vibratory range. The Luciferic Consciousness is an extremely negative thought-pattern, or range of thought-patterns. Anyone whose attitudes are within that range can be captured by it and turned into a vehicle for its will. When the Luciferic Consciousness locks into an individual's consciousness, it, in effect, becomes their "mission control", their guide and master. If, however, our intent remains loving and positive, it cannot affect us directly because our energy fields (auras) will be vibrating within a range much higher than the Luciferic band. There is no resonance established. The "Luciferic broadcast" is not received by a consciousness "tuned" to a different frequency, just as a radio receiver only picks up stations within a defined bandwidth at any given time.

There were efforts made during Atlantean times to break the vibratory stronghold, the blocking vibration on Earth. The volunteers for this cause were mostly from the more positive consciousness stream on the Fourth Dimension. There was an influx of beings into our planetary prison, the box, who attempted to change the Earth vibration and to break the controlling frequency. It was, for a time, partially successful, but Atlantis ultimately became a very negative place under influence from the Luciferic stream, and it suffered a violent end. Today, those same Children of Light plus "emergency recruits" are in incarnation and are about to succeed where Atlantis failed, allowing humanity to return to wholeness and oneness, to reconnect with its full potential and to reverse the Fall of Man.

An important point to make about the vibratory hijack is the nature of "food" and nourishment. On this physical level our bodies need physical food to sustain them. But on other frequencies of reality, in the non-physical realms of consciousness, the food is subtle energy. The more energy of like vibration which can be created, the bigger the meal. The energy that the Prison Warder/Luciferic Consciousness absorbs and from which it derives its power is negative energy. The more of that which can be created, the more powerful it can potentially become, and the more unbalanced, too, of course. Emotions like fear, guilt and anger can, if not balanced by positive emotions, produce vast supplies of negative energy. A war becomes a banquet. We are generating energy all the time and the psychically sensitive can feel or see it. If humanity can be manipulated to be full of fear, guilt and anger etc., the vibratory box in which we live becomes a production line for negative energy. For the Prison Warders, lunch is served!

It is interesting that today's stories about negative extraterrestrials presently at large upon Earth speak of them living off negative human emotions and seeking to stimulate events and circumstances in which more extreme negative energy will be created. This is a key reason why the Luciferic Consciousness has worked through human minds to stimulate the horrors of history and today. These events are not the result of an evil human nature. They are manufactured by manipulating human nature and its sense of reality. Also, the animal and human sacrifices to the "gods" which abound throughout history and in cultures all over the world were performed to serve the negative extraterrestrials" need for such energy and perhaps for some portions of the physical body also. The Aztecs in Central America, who sacrificed untold numbers of people to the "gods", are but one example of this. Fortunately, most extraterrestrials are not of this extreme negative mind-set, and a host of positive ET civilisations are at work today on various wavelengths around this planet in order to assist the spiritual transformation to freedom which has now begun. They are here to help us.

Our consciousness is a series of interconnecting magnetic energy-fields, and the greater our understanding and openness of mind, the quicker those energy-fields vibrate. After the prison door was closed, those trapped inside were encouraged and manipulated to close their minds, and this still continues today, of course. All the positive extraterrestrials can do upon a free will planet is to give us the opportunity to open our minds and raise ourselves vibrationally to reconnect with our infinite selves. This is what they are seeking to do with phenomena like the crop patterns.

It is quite simple really. The positive Fourth Dimensional (and higher) extraterrestrials are trying to open our minds and hearts, and the negative ones are seeking to keep them closed. Our minds cannot be opened by extraterrestrials just landing on the White House lawn. That would not open the collective human mind; it would blow it! Look at the mass panic caused in 1938, when Orson Wells presented his radio show, War of the Worlds , which purported to be a live broadcast about a landing by extraterrestrials. The mind is like a muscle; the more you use it, the better it works and the bigger it becomes. So we are given hints and signposts by the positive extraterrestrials which stretch our consciousness to understand and trigger the memories we hold at a deeper level. The negative ET', in contrast, wish to keep from us any information which would stimulate us spiritually.

A few people throughout history have been able to significantly open their minds and expand their consciousness to the point where they have raised their vibratory rate beyond that of the prison vibration and so have reunited fully with the rest of themselves and Creation. This process has been called "enlightenment", "transfiguration" or "liberation" in the past, and is known as "ascension" today - getting out of jail. It announces itself in the words attributed to Jesus and similar historical luminaries: "I and my Father are one". We see many of these people in the history books. They were able to raise their consciousness while in physical embodiment, to connect with frequencies outside the prison and so understand the nature of the predicament humanity is in. They were often ridiculed, condemned and persecuted because they were speaking from a knowledge accessed from levels outside the blocking vibration, while most of the people of whom they were attempting to help could conceive only of the world they knew and saw all around them. They could remember no other.

The Luciferic Consciousness knows well that each individual creates their own reality. Our physical reality is a creation of the thoughts we hold onto, past and present. These create an energy-pattern within us which is then cast around us in the form of a magnetic cape or aura. This attracts to us a reality in terms of people, places and events which exactly reflects our own self-created pattern, how we see ourselves. The key to this reality is thought . If you can manipulate someone's thoughts and view of themselves, you are creating that person's reality and, as a result, their experience. More than that, people will generally pass onto their children many of their own views and beliefs, thus manipulating - often with the best intentions - how the children view themselves, their potential and the world. This affects the children's sense of self, and creates their corresponding reality. In short, once you can manipulate the thoughts of one generation, it gets easier to impose your will on future generations because you now have the programmed parents and leaders unconsciously working on your behalf. The foundation of the global manipulation today is the manipulation of the individual human mind and its view of self and the world. The global conspiracy (with the Prison Warder consciousness at the apex of the pyramid) is an age old conspiracy to manipulate the human race's sense of self and, in doing so, the creation of its reality.

Today, the stranglehold of the controlling negative forces upon Earth is extremely advanced and is choking the very life from our planet. The effects of this are evident everywhere in the form of fear, separation, war, disease and multifarious kinds of disharmony on all levels. Indeed, our world is now near-saturated with evil (ignorance), and it is such an ominous condition which has necessitated the greatest influx of Divine Emissaries to our planet ever in Earth's history. It is a sad fact that if humanity were left to its own devices it would presently annihilate itself together with the whole planet. However, this cannot be allowed to happen, for as a vital organ in the Solar Body and also as a nexus of indispensable knowledge and information, our planet is far too important to many other forms of life throughout the galaxy. Consequently, the grip of the Luciferic Consciousness upon Earth is now weakening and is about to end completely as the imposition of the vibratory prison is at last being lifted, while the Prison Warders who have held mankind captive for so many ages are soon to be expelled once and for all. Humanity's final liberation - or Deliverance - is nigh, and today every single man and woman is being invited to help in the One Great Divine Work on Earth which shall bring about the consummation of the long-prophesied Destiny of Ages.

If you are one of those rare people who really cares about the truth, humanity and the planet, then please share this information with anyone whom you deem may benefit from its expositions.

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