... The Great Experiment ...
By Bob Dratch

~ Freedom is my right to choose not to be bombarded by outside Influences ~

There have been many people writing to me saying that I should participate in helping them to develop tools, technologies, better meditations, cause the world needs to be changed (well that is what they tell me).  Yes there are changes that I would like to see and many of us would like to see these changes, but we need to look VERY carefully at how we go about doing such.  How we approach offering healing, love and light is very important.  Done without permission to another it is wrong.

Karma - "The term non-attachment" (VAIRAGYA) best describes the spiritual condition of acting without lust of result. It is very difficult for the ordinary human being to decide on something and then to do it purely for its own sake. Yet it is precisely this attitude which is required from a YOGIN or a YOGINI."   In this respect, there is a Cosmic Law that says:

Whatever you identify yourself with controls you.
You control whatever you dis-identify yourself with.

Well, here is the update on the actions committed by people who beamed. Here are some FACTS people. So I'm wrong, eh?

Reports are coming in that people are having sleep cycles disrupted, that there are more deaths occurring of "healers" (healer herbalist Hanna Kroeger just died), and even Slim Spurling's dad died from being "beamed" (most likely by a "tool" placed UNDER his bed) (really stable isn't it folks!!) Sensitives have reported "spiritual invasions" of their personal spaces. And it goes on and on...Beamers who use their HEARTS to send energy out are finding that they have developed heart problems, enlarged hearts, and they simply DIE from the beaming actions - - really smart, but maybe that is the REASON behind the plan of the beamers, suppose? (hahahahh ! )

Even more headlines punctuating my statements about what happens when a "Global Beaming" by meditators/lightworkers happens - "India explodes Nuclear Weapons", "Over 70% of polled people say we are on the brink of Global Nuclear War", "Violence erupts in Indonesia...", "Tibet shoots prisoners", "Pakistan threatens to retaliate"..."Violence in Israel..."

Nuclear Arms again in INDIA no less!

India's action (the home of meditation, short of Tibet) is merely a reflection due to the actions of those that started, and continued to use "beaming" or sending "love" during the "Great Experiment" action performed last month. I have a graphical representation of the "Physics" that occurred on my webpage, http://members.aol.com/BDelphin/notice1.htm

And now they want to do it AGAIN, with more beaming TOOLS in the loop - uh, huh... great intelligent people here, huh?  Sounds like they really get off on rape... wonder why, wonder why???

All the the classical meditators KNOW that to prevent Karma, one does not SEND anything from oneself to affect a change, because the wave that comes in contact with "reality" becomes phase inverted, the "opposite effect" from the intended is received, and of course, the receipient RETALIATES consciously or unconsciously because of the energy polarity inversion.

This is so obvious by now inventory review of all the negative actions occurring across the planet, the greatest damage occurring in the areas that have the most "love" expressed through meditation.

So, I think the planet is now in serious trouble, folks. The way to affect change is to be the "love" inside, and be that so strongly that the spiritual flow comes INTO the beingness of the meditator, and continues to flow INWARDS and inwards. If it is radiated (beamed or sent) out from ANYTHING it immediately gets phase inverted, violates spiritual law and dharma insues, making a nasty karma scar.

I believe internal meditation for instance is fine until folks "beam the energy" out of their bodies or spirit. On the website page is shown the physics of how energy is phase inverted when it is "beamed" after coming in contact with an object. That is where the problem occurs - innocents are "blasted" with that beaming and the splashback is negative.

I cite a quote by Alice Bailey (author of many books on meditations, magic and spiritual evolution) "True Service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in the right place and staying there; it is produced by the inevitable INFLOW (not beaming or sending) of spiritual force and NOT by strenuous physical plane activity (doing a "something" for instance)..." (this is in reference to the action of the Master desiring to affect a resultant activity in the disciple - the Master INFLOWS, the universe responds by sending the energy out not by a push but by a pull)

Link a planet up by telling innocent people to SEND LOVE (or ANY SENDING ACTION), or any other way where the resultant action is to "create an effect" in others by having others who are aware and those who are NOT AWARE of what is going on receive the "beaming (sending) action, is to open us globally up for a fall. AND we are seeing that globally. God help the innocents that were subjected to this violation of spiritual law!

Folks, I don't know if this negative can be stopped, I am very disappointed that these people who purport to us that they have a RIGHT to do this to the planet would do such and claim they do no wrong. The negative effect is not stopping, or diminishing, it is growing, and it is not the LIGHT that is growing, but as Dan Winter noted the DOR (deadly orgonne - another way for expressing a wave of death).

I hope all who participated in this wake up. I love you and I have always loved you, that is why I warned you before the action was done. And I was chastised by many of you for waving the flag saying "Don't do this people!"

This below was my original warning - primary differences is that it has the "pictures" updated from that original post

The so called "Great Experiment Email"...
This is the email that has been circulating.  Is is ethical or right to influence another by invading their personal space using group "mind control" tactics?  Is it all right to invade another's space when one feels one wants to "give love" to that other person, or group (isn't that called rape?)  Click here if you want to look at some opinions on this and look at the ethics behind such... (So far all we seem to be feeling from this "Great Experiment" are sleepy "drunk-like" feelings - have there been any fatal crashes from people loosing alertness while driving or operating machinery - did these "facilitators" of this "Experiment" ever think that could happen? ) Go search the wireservices - you can look for an upswing in accidents for today or any other day "they" choose to beam something into someone's private space - nice experiment isn't it?  Our good friends intend more... they tell me with a smug "holier than thou" attitude. 

Here are some pictures of the PHYSICS of any beaming action, a person's nervous system does generate electromagnetic waves folks.  All the parties behind this know this fact, what they don't dare tell you is depicted in the pictures. You can do this test for yourself - any 3 year old can do this.  Maybe you can see what I have been saying now that it is in a picture!

Jump Rope example of Sending a positive out

The above illustrates beaming - in other words SENDing, another word for beaming.   The door represents the consciousness that one is trying to reach with the beaming.   This below is the actual physics you can try for yourself.  Do it for LOVE!

What happens when a positive goes out - negative comes back

When you "beam" (the use of intent to program one's nervous system so as to send out from the body electromagnetic waves) you setup a cyclic flow, there has to be a negative, and the beamer is hit first (as the electromagnetic waves return to the sender as they bounce off the intended target), and then all the other innocents are "splashed" with the resultant field.  That is the action by all those that use SENDING instead of just "internally being perfection".  If you are personally healed inside, you need not go beaming anyone to fix them.  Heal yourself and BE that, live that.  Then you switch into a higher reality, not by violating free will, but by raising yourself above needing to CONTROL others.

If you setup your nervous system to simply BE instead of the going through the "action of sending", you create a nervous system "template" that allows all patterns of love, light and radiance (if that is your intent) to naturally come into existence, as then you are showing the "universe" you are a model example.  Sending incurs the electromagnetic inversion.  Consider it people, the truely classical meditators say BE, the ones that haven't the foggiest about how energy works in space say SEND IT OUT - your choice folks!  If you are happy with your personal meditation, by all means, PRAY to the ALL GOD and BE what you are, but if you send that action out to God, be prepared for the negative response.

Here is a question, and a person's observation (highlighted in blue) and my response... (the details in the original email dealt with wanting me to get involved with that person to make more potent beaming systems - to change and alter people)

<< I stopped by your website to check out what you wrote... I was really surprised of what you did, because it is just about the same of what I do in a certain way - with coils...>> Are these coils that you refer to the Spurling tools?  If so they are simple pieces of twisted wire - nothing inordinately significant except for one thing, -  my holoforms used to be plated on such were the actual generators of the 4th dimensional patterns making these things "functional" - the "coils" in my humble opinion, are pretty shapes - any form which is radiating the holoforms would be just as effective for creating a "feel-able" effect. These "tools" couple into background electromagnetic radio-waves due to antenna theory.  This  makes them a prime candidate to re-broadcast radio waves and microwaves and impart a bioactive effect onto those waves - that is simple physics.   My most recent holoforms are designed to stop any bioactive re-broadcasting characteristic possible with the old patterns.  AND that is why spurling et al stopped plating my holoforms on the products he makes, except STILL people are told on various websites that my holoforms are there... (uh huh, what does that say?)  I don't recommend or advocate any coil, ring, or harmonizer thingy.

Holoform plated nuts and bolts, spoons, cups and even plated coins (money) can be made radiate the holoforms to do generally the same thing bioactively without any ability to use "radiowaves" to extend the range of such bioactivity. And people will feel something most likely from the holo-plated items...

My point being there is no "charisma" associated with holoform plating of these other simple items!  How could dogma be spread and people influenced with "simple things" without "glitter" doing miracles? Where's the "flash" in simple things?  I wonder how Jesus would have responded to people using magical amulets to transform themselves and their environment?  Well, watch as now DEVA spirits are becoming the so called functionaries of the magic coils... and the scam goes on and on and on...  I find it disgusting.  But people are there to listen to the sideshow and pay their "workshop fee".  Sad, very sad.

Another quote from an email, <<Like I said, this energy will come from the " heart of the sun ". >> (Referring to another technique that will be imparted into consciousness shortly by...? to institute more planet wide control over free people) Yes, I KNOW what this is EXACTLY. And I know the WHO that is behind such. I have discussed such with "those that be" many years ago, around 1990 about this. Alice Bailey (a white magician) was familiar with this technique - such is not unknown to those who have studied white magic and black for that matter. Pick up Treatise on White Magic for more on this technique.

I have written a general EMAIL to those around the planet who want to embark on projects that "influence mankind" - many say that they do that out of love, or out of a desire for a "better world", or with expectations of a second "coming" or of an age of "enlightened ment" - please read my words, hear and carefully consider what you propose from the perspective of WHO is doing WHAT to WHOM - I hope these words are carefully analyzed as to their content and just what significance they mean. To transform or amplify such is well within the scope of present technology - well within - it can be done with simple minds or mind amplifiers - it can be done, the question IS - should such? - here is my statement:

I wish to respond...

Don't get me wrong, I feel world peace and the idea of transformation into more spiritual realms where we have compassion for our fellow mankind and all life is a good thing, but I think things should really be put into the proper light and perspective... Hear me on this one. One needs to understand the concept of free will and non-invasion of one's personal space. We are here on this planet to explore our own individual paths - not those rammed down our energy spaces (or bodies) by well meaning "good intentioned beings".

A dolphin for instance will be drummed out of the pod by the rest of the pod members if the dolphin abuses its "gift" of its sonar by "beaming" anything into another without their permission. That could be love, or hate - anything that is beamed into another's space is a violation of free will and is the greatest "sin" that a dolphin could commit. Please keep that in mind when you ask me or others to violate the free will of any other living form. It is not right whether one believes it is for their own good or the good of others.

I appreciate your sending that email to me on the peace meditation. I do have concerns that it's not OK for people to use their WILLS to change another, or to use their wills to be amplified or broadcast using "tools" no matter what "good" is purported. Oh yes, the technology to totally control mankind is here, right NOW! The technology to manipulate group consciousness through influencing world belief systems is also here - It is fully known how to do that!

I do believe it is OK to PRAY to ASK for WORLD PEACE - but NOT OK to FORCE "HEALING" where people may or may not want it (even if it is for their own good). To delude people is wrong.

Extracted from the "Letter" being emailed all around: << Focused meditations and events have influence upon the earth's energy field. Dr. Nelson has measured these effects during the GaiaMind Meditation and during Princess Diana's funeral. His studies show that the greatest effects occur when groups synchronize their focus. During "The Great Experiment," we will meditate upon specific affirmations in unison to achieve the power of a singular group focus. >> Is this "will" supposed to be for someone's benefit - who is having "the will of another" be used to influence?

This circulated letter, the "Great Experiment" is really a suggestion to create a violation of free will, the "will of the group" over the individual. How many more of these "great experiments" are going to be done to mankind for "their own good?"

Can you see my point here and do you understand that this type of technique is truly is no better than that used in Hitler's rise to power using "group energy" in the 20's and 30's - absolutely no difference. Whether or not one uses "group consciousness", a physical machine or a "GURU" to focus our intentions through, the issues are never-the-less just the same - it is rape. It is a violation of the highest aspects of free will, life and freedom in general. 

How many people have bought into this type of thing cause it "sounds" like the right thing to do?  How many people think it is right to beam someone with anything.   Why would they do that?  Who told them it was the right thing to do - when you can answer those questions you will see who is wanting to be in the position of "influence" - that is the power that these ones want, the power to influence how others' think, react, speak- why do they need to do that?   Answer that question - look inside deeply and feeling from their viewpoints, why do they do such, why do they believe such is right?

There is a real danger here because of people's good hearts being easily influenced and the desires of someone to USE group energy or any other "energy" to alter things including free will and individuals. Is this going to be the trend for 2000 and beyond, are we to be mind slaves cause people let themselves get hooked cause they thought it was OK cause they beamed "love" - they beamed never-the-less (another word for beam is "send"), and then it will become a measure of fine lines of interpretation, like who should be loved, and who shouldn't - those in the clique will be loved, those on the outside, the "free thinkers", the individuals, the "dolphins" will be drummed out.  Seen this done lately anywhere?  One really needs to understand and have some compassion for these poor souls - (I bet they have been bit by the "Guru Virus"!)

To set a standard that it is supposed to be OK to invade another's free will is spiritually the worst thing we could do to affect world peace - just pray and ask God to help, be oneself, of the highest and be a radiant being of love and light, but don't try to "beam that love and light" into another life or any thing without that life asking you personally for that experience.

If you understand this, maybe you would want to pass around the above two paragraphs the same way that this was passed to me, telling me, to pass the "Great Experiment" around so that I would willingly become part of a "group way" to control an individual, or a spirit of life. To try to get me to participate in such an enslavement is against my highest ideals - I know the outcomes - just look at World War Two - do you really want to experience Armageddon?  Use your common sense folks.

Highest of love to you - and blessings, Love, BOB

I give my permission to quote this article: ("The Great Experiment - Really?")   in its entirety provided that nothing is quoted out of context, the copyright remains intact, and that the website address http://members.aol.com/BDelphin is put on the page and that my name is acknowledged as originating this article.  

Please feel free to circulate such.  Thank you - yes, maybe we can make a difference!  But do it RIGHT people!!

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