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How ETs affects our Lives
ETs are intricately involved with much of our lives on an unconscious level. Many have been assigned to most humans, and their purpose is to find ways to harvest as much of our life force energy as possible, for purposes of their own races' survival. It is possible for them to do this connection through our own parallel negative thoughtforms, which is what provides the linkage for them to access our field.

While this may seem like a fear based concept - that they are accessing and taking our chi energy, it is not really any more negative than our human race using the plant and animal kingdom for our own food source and livelihood. The ETs are based in the 4th and 5th dimension, and this is why they can work with us through our unconscious. This information is not meant to create or add to anyone's fear level, but rather to provide added information and understanding that will allow more of these unconscious realities to come into conscious awareness.

The result of this is that we now have conscious choice about their (ETs) involvement in our lives. In other words, we get to do something about it whereas on the unconscious level we don't have a choice -- we're stuck with what we don't know about because we don't know about it!

The ETs, the Greys, Andromedans, Reptilians, Lyrians, Orians, Illuminatis work with us and connect to us through our negative patterning and thoughtforms on the astral plane. Many of humanity's collective consciousness has been set up or programmed by them in order to harvest our energies. For example, human emotions are one of our race's more powerful resource and yet it is the most repressed and under utilized. Why do you think that is so? Because, repressing emotions allows them to siphon off all that energy almost effortlessly.

If you don't want to have anything to do with your emotions, the ETs will be glad to take this energy and send it to their home planet to be used. Another area of total abuse is in the area of sexuality. This is the specialty of the Greys and the Black Asirians. With all of humanity's sexually deviant behaviors, this area is a gold mine of chi. Men have been programmed to value orgasmic release of their life force. This provides fertile grounds for further mining of our energies.

This means that planet Earth and Lady Gaia (Earth's spiritual body) has been robbed of much of her energy that she needs for her own ascension and growth. It is important for each of us and for Lady Gaia to begin to reclaim our individual energies, our power, and our sovereignty, and to say no to being used by ETs for their own purposes. Thus the gift of the ETs presence is the increased self-awareness, releasing, sovereignty and choices about our lives, and also making a contribution to the ETs learning and growing. Through my experience with Hermie (read below), I can attest to this.

How Can We Release Them?
ETs can be released from our energy fields. In order for them to be released, they must first be brought into conscious awareness. Accomplishing this is very much like bringing our "dark" or "shadow" side into our awareness - it can be a bit of a shock to our self image at first, because we like to think of ourselves in good terms. It is possible to "kick" the ETs out of our fields just by our strong "no", but unless you change the thoughtforms and personality patterns that they are connecting to you through, they most likely will come back the minute you start running your pattern in a vulnerable moment. So, it is necessary to release all the patterns that they are hooking into along with breaking of all contracts and agreements with them, and releasing them from your field. Because most people have blind spots to their own patterns and vulnerabilities, it is a good idea to get a skilled and gifted healer to administer this release. For more information, please read all the other ET articles.

The ET Clearing Session.
In my own experience starting with Hermie, and then working with other colleagues, friends, and clients, a natural process of clearing the ETs organically emerged. It is a gentle yet unilaterally transforming process of clearing out the ETs along with the dark sides of one's personality. Along with this we ask for all of the thoughtforms, implants, obstructions, wiring, symbols, curses, robots, cords, karma, energetics, and electric energies placed in our field by their initiation be removed.

In order to illicit the ETs full cooperation, it is necessary to create a sacred, safe space for them to be unconditionally safe and accepted to show their true nature. This means we agree not to judge, condemn, make wrong, punish, shame or ridicule them in any way, shape or form. Often, we call upon the Ancient Ones and Native Ancestors and other guides to create safe space through ceremony. We have found that when this space is created, the ETs are more than willing to step forward and show their true nature.

They freely answer questions regarding how they have worked through us, what kind of patterns they attach to and create, who their superiors are and how they get their assignments, how things are at their home planet, how long they have been assigned to us, how much they have changed since they have been on planet Earth and anything else we want to know.

They ETs most often recognize that they are now ready to be released, and when given a choice, more and more are choosing to go back to All-That-Is. They are quickly adapting to the idea that this survival mode of theirs is just part of their genetic packaging, and the real truth is that their existence can never be destroyed, only their form aspect altered.

Once dealt with on a conscious level in safe space, the ETs are incredibly responsive and quick to transform. They have been great teachers to me about the power of unconditional acceptance and the true experience of transformation. We release the ETs with great gratitude, love and ceremony. Often they want to come clean with their regrets, apologies before departure. Once released, then the second part of the session is releasing the patterns and thoughtforms that you have been playing out which the ETs attach to. We review all your major patterns in duality. We look at both sides of the spectrum, both victim and perpetrator, masculine and feminine, positive and negative. We must have learned the lessons of both sides to be free and in balance.

We open up all the cells, DNA and atomic structures of the body in each of the chakras, and release the patterns of both extremes, and replace the old beliefs and thoughtforms with new ones that are more suited to who you are today. We allow all the emotions, the stories, the karmic remembrances to be re-remembered and activated within the cell structure. Once we open up our cells, the healing and transformation happens on its own, and the DNA is restructured. Integrated into the session, we work with your mental, emotional and physical bodies to create safe space for them to cooperate in this healing process.

Throughout this web site, you will notice that the transformational process is always the same. Gratitude, create safe space of unconditional acceptance, and allow one's true nature to come forward. Once truth is allow to be, then healing is the natural result. Nowhere is this more poignantly demonstrated than through the ET release process. They appear to be powerful teachers to us, and we thank them for this.

Our Genetic Connections We can make some generalizations about our genetic ties to the ET races, but these are only to give you a feels for the races and are by no means indisputable. Greys were cross-bred with the Mayans and other natives to create the white race. Andromedans are the trackers and the "Sherlock Holmes" type, mostly genetically connected to the white race. Reptilians are noted for their infiltration into the yellow, or oriental race. The Dracos of the reptilian race did a lot of work with the Tibetans.

Black Asirians are their genetic ties to the African races. The Illuminati, who are reptilian in nature infiltrated the blue bloods and super wealthy, for they have set out to control government and business. Orians are generally the warlocks (there are many unknown subspecies), so you find them anywhere you find war and warrior like energy. There is much information out there on this subject matter, I trust you will find additional information and data in books and on the web.

Electric and Magnetic Energies and ETs.
The ETs brought in electric energy to our creation, universe and planet when they first came in. The electric energy possibly came in as barbs, or v-shaped energy, and out of this came many versions such as the lightening, the triangles and squares, and the merkeba. Electric energy is not actually native to our planet. The natural energy field here on Earth is magnetic in nature. The combination of the two is electro-magnetic energy.

The ETs connect to us and access our fields through electric energy. They also feed us electric energy, and teach us how to use electricity for various purposes, such as technology, healing, and other new inventions. When we have more electric energy than we can handle, dis-ease develops in our bodies, for it is energy that is unnatural to our cellular structure. Those who have more ET genetics such as the genetically engineered half-breeds can handle it better than the rest of us. There are many who are actually attracted to lightening, for example, and are even empowered by it, as an example.

When we release the ETs from our fields, the electric energies are released as well, unless there are barbs, implants and other such energetics or thoughtforms that have not yet been removed which the electricity can attach to. This is what makes it possible for such a dramatic life and energetic shifts after an ET release process. Life-long depressions and victim patterns can disappear in short order. These are the results that validate the premises we are discussing, in addition to one's own sense of remembrance and knowing.

We are not saying that electric energy is bad and magnetic energy is good. All three energies are in the process of evolving, and may even eventually come to meet in the same place. The energy of the merkeba is transforming to a more circular state, which is magnetic in nature like the Flower of Life.

We are only stating that the original human species from Lemurian times was magnetic in nature, and that the electric energy is more natural to the extraterrestrials. We all will evolve on our unique life-form path, and what we all have in common is that we are all part of the same Whole of That Which is All, and we are all gathering our own unique experience to take back to this Source.