... On Spiritual Teachings ...

Excerpt from The Infallible Method
A Meeting with John Sherman.
Carlsbad, CA   June 14, 2003
- - - - - - -

I am a spiritual teacher with absolutely nothing to teach. I say that not because I have something against spiritual teachings. All spiritual teachings, without exception, are beautiful. They are the spontaneous outpouring of your own heart, broken open. All of them, without exception, are true from the point of view from which they are uttered; and none of them, no matter how magnificent, no matter how gracious, no matter how huge, beautiful and vast they may be, are of any use to us.

This is not a matter of theory, this is a matter of the history of human beings and spiritual teachings. Certainly, it is a matter of my own experience, and the experience of the people with whom I have been meeting for the past four years.

Spiritual teachings have been of no use to anyone of us, no matter how they resonate with us no matter how deeply they seem to strike a chord, a resonance of something true.

In our sense of an individual identity, we take these gifts, these movements of grace, these spontaneous outbursts, and we use them as clubs with which we beat ourselves; we use them as platforms on which we can stand, and from which we can judge whether this state that is present now conforms with the state of enlightenment or realization that we imagine these teachers to have been talking about.

So far as I can tell in my experience of speaking with people about these matters, no one has found anything useful in any spiritual teaching beyond enjoyment; and I have concluded that that is their only usefulness spiritual teachings are for enjoyment only.

What I have learned in this meeting with Gangaji, more than anything else, is that the truth of who you are cannot be given to you, and it cannot be taken away from you. It has been described in many different ways in the spiritual teachings emptiness, vastness, fullness, enlightenment, realization, Self, god, unconditional love, limitlessness. I suggest that we throw all those words away, because the essence of what I have to speak with you about has nothing to do with any idea whatsoever; it has nothing to do with any concept you can use to judge whether the actuality of your state is true or false, whether it is "enlightened" or "ignorant", "realized" or "confused".

I often speak about Ramana (Maharshi), because, in my experience, Ramana stands alone as one who has no teaching to offer. The only suggestion that Ramana has ever offered to anyone is to "find out for yourself". Find out for yourself, right now, in this moment, the actuality of your identity. Find out for yourself, without any further postponement, without any further excuses, without any further clinging to or trying to get rid of anything find out who you are, once and for all. Find out for yourself what is the reality that underlies all of these outbursts of joy, these announcements of "Reality", these hymns and sutras and shastras of realization...

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Gerardus here:
I agree with the above and that's why I put it on my Pages. I wanted to make sure that you became aware of what John Sherman says. In the last ten years, I have written a lot of articles with explanation of Life in general. They were my thoughts in words. All my articles followed one steady rule - my explanations were only words and they clogged-up my mind with Mind-Speak. Mind-Speak never gets any further than more Mind-Speak. It is an endless game of words and semantics. I came to the conclusion that I had to drop all this Mind-Speak.  You must come to your own conclusions...

All Teachings are Stories and all Stories are Teachings.
All explanations come from the mind.
They do not touch the One We Are.
... Silence will tell us What Is ...

And yes, Kalinda, what I am trying to tell you is beyond words.
Which means, that as long as I keep talking to you...
I continually keep missing the point!

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