Messages From Michael Teachings

The Five Levels of Human Souls and the Characteristics of these Levels

( From the Messages From Michael Book by Chesea Quinn Yarbro )

A Brief Intro to the Michael Teachings
( From the Michael Teaching Pages )

The Michael entity is a collective of 1050 souls who have completed their incarnations on earth, and evolved to a higher plane of existence. As with many other spiritual teachers, Michael's knowledge is conveyed to the earth plane through the use of a human channel. These channeled teachings were first published in a book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, entitled, "Messages from Michael," and it paved the way for many publications to come. A fundamental aspect of Michael's wisdom is that the meaning of existence is in a nutshell -- life. There is nothing else. The experiences we gather from living day after day, lifetime after lifetime, constitute the essential components necessary to grow spiritually. There are no secret rituals, special meditations, or any other esoteric practices required. Life itself is the only lesson plan needed in order to move forward...

From this continual dance, we eventual learn the following tenet: we are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. Unlike familiar information provided by Seth, or Lazaris, which largely focus on the principles of conscious creation, the Michael teachings bring a unique perspective to our physical plane explorations. Michael provides a revealing set of tools that help chart our spiritual progress as we journey from first incarnation to last. Diligent application of this system teaches us to validate our overall development in the reincarnational cycle, show where we are on the path, what lessons we will encounter, why we are here, and what is yet to come. It also helps us understand the unique qualities we bring to the world, and why people and societies are the way they are...

Because these teachings are not based upon dogmatic principles, or a requirement to adopt rigid belief systems, the merits of the material can be self-validated, and that which doesn't resonate summarily tossed aside. The core of the teachings involves learning to develop self-acceptance and tolerance for others, and this is fostered through the use of a set of tools which Michael calls, Overleaves. The Overleaves describe the various attributes of our personality, showing us how we perceive and interact with, our world. By learning about these personality traits, we can better understand the inherent behavior patterns of ourselves, and the people around us...

It is important to understand that it is not the intention of the Michael teachings to compartmentalize, pass judgement, or in the words of the occasional detractor, "place people in boxes." The teachings simply reveal the unconscious tendencies, or default settings that help color each personality with a unique stamp...

According to the Michael Teachings, before each of us begins our incarnational sojourn on the planet, we choose one of seven Roles which will serve as the blueprint of who we are, and how we interact with others.

These Roles reside in the following categories:
Priests and Servers are roles that dedicate themselves to the service and spiritual evolution of the soul, and to the physical needs of the people on the planet.

Sages and Artisans are devoted to expression; the artisan through creation, and the sage via communication.

Warriors and Kings are the great mobilizers in society, and they express their nature by "taking action."

Scholars are the assimilators of knowledge. They are profoundly curious and they document all experience.

Although our role remains the same during an entire cycle of incarnations, in order to gather a variety of experiences we choose a set of personality attributes (called "overleaves") for each new lifetime. These attributes fall into the categories of Goal (the significant issues that motivate us), Mode (our means of expression), Attitude (our life perspective), and Center (how we react).

Soul Age
Finally, as we continue through our thread of lifetimes, copiously gathering experiences, learning lessons, and fulfilling agreements, an evolutionary process transpires and this course of development is called Soul Age. There are five soul ages that we progress through during our cycle on the physical plane. Infant souls deal with issues of survival; Baby souls have a need for structure and tend to live according to beliefs based on dogma, such as religion; Young souls are success oriented and set personal achievement at all costs; Mature souls are relationship fixated and tend to gravitate towards emotional drama, and Old souls try to seek the larger perspective of life, and have less interest in playing the material game. The final goal in the teachings is to learn unconditional love for all of humanity.

Characteristics of the Five Soul Levels
( You are a spiritual being on a human path )

Humanity on planet Earth is divided into five different Soul Levels. There are different functions and responsibilities within these five levels. The schematic below indicates these levels and we all begin our first incarnation at the Baby Soul Level. Slowly we move up to the next level when we are ready. The progress people make in their lifetimes is an individual effort and most people are not even aware that there are different levels. Most people only notice that there are people who are wiser or less wise than they are. They contribute this to luck, but sooner or later we learn that there is no luck involved. The planets do not circle the sun by means of luck...

There are actually seven different Soul Levels but the two top levels are non-physical. The sixth and seventh level of the Human Soul are the Transcendental and the Infinite Soul stages of the Human Soul and they are not subjected to physical incarnations. Sometimes however these Souls do manifest for specific reasons...

1 - The Infant or Firstborn Soul - 1

It's motto is:  Let's not do it!
The infant Soul does not know the difference between right and wrong, but it can be taught the laws of common sense and decency. It perceives the world around it as "me" and not "me". There are no racial memories. Infant Souls rarely seek higher education unless it is forced to do so. They are bewildered and hostile in strange situations. The infant Soul adopts the Religion of its parents without modifications. Its interests are cursory and its understanding poor. It performs the sex act with all the frenzy of a wild animal, completely dependent upon some innate estrus in both sexes lost to higher cycles. It is powerless to change this...

2 - The Baby Soul Level - 2

It's motto is:  Do it right or not at all!
The Baby Soul perceived itself and the world as "Me" and many other "Me's". The Baby Soul is normally agreeable until an opposing viewpoint is expressed. Then, inwardly the Baby Soul becomes bewildered and baffled by the difference. Outwardly, it will express anger, hostility, negative emotional energies and belligerence. The Baby Soul believes in the forces of evil. it sees it own sexuality with a vague uneasiness, and if the culture fosters such, will think of it as somehow shameful. Baby Souls are prone to use the courts excessively when their sense of justice has been outrageously insulted...

3 - The Young Soul Level - 3

It's motto is:  Do it my way!
Young Souls are eager to take on tasks and often set themselves impossible goals. They are the architects of civilization. It perceives itself as "Me" and it perceives you as "You". But it perceives "You' as different from "Me" and experiences the need to change you - brings you around to its point of view. If the young Soul's opinion of sex is rather low, it will do its best to convince others that sex it evil and should be eschewed. Young Souls often own status pets, such as Ocelots and Lhasa Apsos. The young Soul seeks to return as soon as possible. Being out of body is unpleasant for them. Young Souls ride the Rodeo...

4 - The Mature Soul Level - 4

It's motto is:  Do it any place but here!
This is the most difficult cycle of them all, for the Mature Soul perceives others like themselves. In other words, while I am experiencing you, you are experiencing me, and at the same time, you are aware of my experience, and upon this deeper awareness, you and I will base any future social intercourse. Most Mature Souls seek an almost unknown quality in their lives; in other words, they know they are seeking but are generally unclear what it is they seek. For this reason they usually do not enjoy life unless they are surrounded by Souls in bliss. This is a difficult cycle, since often Infant Souls are given to Mature Soul for growth...

5 - The Old Soul Level - 5

It's motto is:  Do what you want to do and I'll do what I want!
The old Soul perceives others as a part of something greater that includes itself. With this understanding comes the realization that there are no problems except those created by false personality as a defense. At a deeper level the Old Soul realizes the futility and temporary nature of material achievements and therefore lacks the drive to achieve them. The drive present is for Spiritual Evolution. The Old Soul is casual about sex in the earlier levels because erotic love loses its charm. They feel at home with living things and many of them are gardeners. All OLd Souls come at last to philosophy and the arts. Some do not know what they are looking for but they experience the emptiness...

!  Additional Notes  !

Neither the Transcendental Soul, nor the Infinite Soul, pursues physical union. Quite often, however, the High Causal Body or the Mental Body displaces an older Soul, and at the same time of the manifestation, the sexual activity ceases. The Transcendental Soul seldom seeks any sort of education, although it will go along cheerfully unless the education interferes too greatly with its purpose. The Infinite Soul has direct access to all knowledge and has no need for education of any type. These Souls and not challenged by Maya. There is a lot more to read about the Soul Levels, including the Infinite and Transcendental Souls in the following books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Start with "Messages From Michael". If you would like to know more I suggest that you buy these books. There is also a Yahoo List and a website for the MichaelTeachings. One thing more to mention: the Message From Michael Entities mentioned that what they say is useful, but not true. This I agree with, because if the Soul is Infinite in Scope and Wisdom - there are no restrictions on the characteristics of their evolvement. All in all - I have read most of the Michael Books many years ago and I found their teachings superb and unconditional...

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