David Oakford - A Date With Destiny...

I laid down to use the stability of the earth in an effort to maintain 
a hold on reality. I knew I had to do that in order to be able to come 
back down. The next thing I knew I was riding in my friend's car. I 
thought we went up north, crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and came back 
again. We rode past my childhood home and I saw my parents sitting on 
the porch.
  I felt drawn to the trees. I could see and feel their strength. I 
saw their roots going deep into the ground. I mean I actually saw the 
tree roots physically reaching below the ground. I told my friends 
about the car ride after the experience and they told me that the only 
place I went was to the chair they carried me to after I passed out on 
the porch.
  I did wake up in the chair my friends say they put me in a bit 
later. When I woke up I could feel the organs in my body working, each 
one separately as well as all together. I could not see my friends 
anywhere. I could see in all the rooms of the house at the same time. 

The stereo was playing the Doors "Absolutely Live" album, except the 
volume was way too loud for me. Since I did not see any of my friends 
around I got up and tried to turn the music down, but could not. No 
matter what I did the music kept playing. I knew the stereo too. I had 
a real problem with the noise. It was tearing at me and I could not 
figure out why nor could I adjust the volume.
  I called out to my friends and nobody came. I tried to unplug the 
stereo but that did not work either. Every time I tried to touch the 
cord to unplug it I could not grasp it. It just kept on playing "LA Woman" 
and the sound rattled my very being.
  I ran all over the house calling for my friends, yelling repeatedly 
that the music was too loud but I was not heard. I pleaded for the 
music to be turned down. I tried to go outside but I could not feel 
the doorknob. I could see the daylight outside but could not go 
outside. I ended up hiding in the bathroom in an unsuccessful attempt 
to escape the noise. I looked in the mirror and could not see myself. 
That frightened me greatly.
  I went back into the family room and saw my body sitting in the 
chair. It looked like I was sleeping. I wondered how I could be 
looking at myself. I got a bit scared then because I could see me from 
outside of me, from all different angles except from the inside angle 
I was used to seeing myself.
  I was alone. I was confused and very scared. I tried to get back 
into my body but could not. I could not touch the ground either. I was 
floating. I rose up into a spot above my body and kind of just hung 
there. I could no longer move. I called out for help and nobody came. 
I tried to go out the door but like the stereo I could not touch the 
doorknob. I was scared and alone and did not know what to do. I did 
not understand what was happening to me.
  I asked God to help me. I did believe in God then, but I was kind of 
angry at him because of the crappy life I was experiencing. I reasoned 
that if God were really the omnipotent and omniscient being I was 
taught he was he would not have let me experience the pain I had 
experienced throughout my life. I thought that if there was a time I 
needed God, it was now!  I was not disappointed with the result of my 
plea for help.
  I looked over by the door to the outside and saw a beautiful being 
standing there. His feet did not touch the floor. His feet just 
blended into thin air. He looked both female and male and was young. I 
could not tell his/her sex. His hair was curly and he was about my 
height. He had this glow about him too. The glow was green close to 
him, then blue, then pure white in the upper areas. He said "I am here 
to help you" but when he spoke his mouth did not move. I did not 
actually hear him speak with my ears. I felt what he was saying.
  When I saw this being and he spoke to me, I was no longer afraid. I 
actually felt peace and comfort like I had never felt before. I felt 
the peace I was searching for throughout my entire life. The feeling 
was very familiar to me, like I had felt it before but not in this life.
  This wonderful being called me by a name I do not remember. I told 
him he must have the wrong guy and that the name he used for me was 
not my name. He laughed and said that I was a great "master" and that 
I had just forgotten who I was. I did not believe him, because I did 
not really know for sure what a "master" was then and if I were this 
great master I would not have had all the problems I had. I felt that 
I was an evil being because that is what I was told in my life several 
times by many.
  He told me his name, but I do not remember it. He told me that he 
had been with me always and told me that he knew that I had a very 
hard life and that he would help me understand why if I really wanted 
to. He told me that he would help me remember who I am. He said that 
he would understand if I did not believe him and offered to prove to 
me that he knew everything about me.
  He told me things that I did when I as a child that proved to me 
that he was always with me. He told me about things I had only thought 
about. He told me that I could go anywhere I wanted to go and that he 
would show me how to do it if I wanted him to. He said that if I 
needed to come back and see my body I could. My body would be fine 
because I was still connected to it somehow.
  When we spoke to each other we did so telepathically. The expression 
on his face was a happy one all the time.
  I told him that I would like to see the pyramids in Egypt as well as 
the southwest United States. He told me that all I had to do was trust 
him, think about where I wanted to go, and we would go. I thought 
about the pyramids and we were there in an instant. I do not know why 
I chose the pyramids, the thought just popped into me so I went with 
that. While we were there he told me some things about the pyramids 
and Egypt that I do not remember now. I really wish I could remember 
what he explained while we were there because I do know it was highly 
significant and had to do with humanity's future.
  When we finished in Egypt, we went to the southwest United States 
but flew there slowly so I could see sights along the way. I wanted to 
see this planet with the eyes I had then. I saw the countries of the 
Far East and the Pacific Ocean. Night was falling in the southwest US 
and I could see what the being told me was energy emanating from 
almost everything I could see, especially the plant and animal life. 
The energy was strongest in the areas of the land and sea that had the 
least amount of humans.
  The energy was the lowest in areas where there were man-made 
structures, the cities of the world. The energy I saw came from the 
human beings that lived in the cities. It was explained to me that 
humans are the basic producers of energy in cities because of their 
relatively low vibration level the energy is lower in general. I could 
see the higher sources of energy in the cities though. I was shown 
people who had higher energy levels and some of them actually talked 
to the being I was with. I saw dark souls during the time the being 
and I spent on Gaia. 
  The dark souls were earthbound spirits who refuse to go to the 
light. They prey on the energies of humans still in human form and try 
to use those souls to prevent the evolution of spirit. I was told I 
was protected from these dark ones as long as I chose to focus on the 
love in me. The dark ones did not even try to affect us, in fact they 
gave us nasty looks and went away. I was told I would know these dark 
ones when I see them and I was told to tell them to go to the light. 
The light is a porthole to the place all souls go if they choose.
  I could see energy around the humans too, all different levels and 
colors. The being explained the human energy to me. He said that the 
energy coming from humans is what spirits use to evaluate the 
spiritual condition of particular humans. He said the lighter and more 
brilliant the color the more advanced the spirit is. He said that 
seeing the "aura" around a spirit is useful in determining how much a 
particular spirit needs to work on his development. He said the higher 
beings know where to go and what to do to help an earthbound soul so 
they may advance themselves if they so choose. He told me that all 
souls have this energy, this is why I could see it on every human I 
saw. He said that I was of the same energy type as he but my vibration 
is lower when I am in human form and that in time my energy would 
raise to match his intensity provided I chose to take the initiative 
to consciously evolve my soul.
  He told me that there is much to this planet that spirits can see 
which humans do not see with their eyes because their vibrations are 
so low. He showed me life in the trees that I could see as a spirit 
but could not see in my human form.
  He explained that beings of higher vibration do live on earth but 
they are not human, they are part of earth itself. He explained these 
beings were the caretakers of physical life on the planet. He said 
that these beings take care of what we call nature. There are beings 
that take care of the plant life, the mineral life and the waterborne 
life. These lower echelon beings work together to ensure that all 
aspects of nature is protected and remains healthy. When the planet 
was evolving, these ethereal beings were the ones that kept the 
balance of nature.
  He explained to me that the planet that we call earth really has a 
proper name. He told me the earth is really called "Gaia." He said 
Gaia has its own energy and that Gaia is really a true living being. I 
asked if this energy could be seen and he said that we have to be away 
from Gaia to appreciate and see it. He said humans are the ones who 
can manipulate Gaia's energy through their choices. He said if humans 
choose to live in harmony with the energy on Gaia, it is good for 
Gaia. He said if humans abuse Gaia, they hurt Gaia by altering its 
energy structure. I was given an example of how humans have deforested 
the planet and reduced the energy available faster than it could be 
replenished. He said Gaia was very strong but has been weakened 
considerably since humans have chosen to use the resources in a manner 
inconsistent with the laws of the universe.
  I asked him if we could go into space and see Gaia's energy and he 
said yes. He said there were no limits on where we could go. I 
concentrated my thought, trusted, and we then went into what is known 
as space.
  Away from this planet I could see Gaia all at once. It was so 
beautiful. I could see the aura around Gaia. The aura affected me 
greatly. I felt a deep love for this beautiful place. I could hear 
Gaia move and was told the sound was the energy flowing in and out of 
Gaia. My special being told me that Gaia is the most unique planet 
because it is designed for humans to live on forever. It was created 
for a spirit to play, learn, and grow. He said the balance of nature 
on Gaia allows a spirit to be in human form when a spirit lives in 
harmony with nature.
  Nature exists to compensate for the decreased vibration and was 
created for spirits to adapt enough to adjust and be in the physical 
human body while still having access to energy that will help them 
advance. He explained that humans were designed by God to live 
eternally on Gaia and are not supposed to "die." He said that "dying" 
is a human created earth term that means little in the world of 
spirit. The reason that humans supposedly die is that they have fallen 
away from the balance of nature and allow themselves to be affected by 
what they create that violate the natural laws of the universe. 

He said that humans have fallen away from living in balance with nature. 
He said they must relearn about the harmonic balance if they want to 
survive as a race and live on Gaia forever. He said it was still 
possible for humans to learn about this harmony and that it is the 
next overall goal of humans on Gaia. I was told that humans would 
eventually realize they must restore the harmony but great damage will 
be inflicted before humans will fully realize what they have been 
doing to Gaia and work to reverse what they have done.
  Traveling Through the Realms
  We traveled past all of the planets in our solar system. Near each 
planet I could hear the energy just like on Gaia. I saw the auras 
around each one of them too. I saw spirits on all of them as well. My 
friend told me that all planets are places for spirits to live, learn 
and thus evolve. I saw great cities on each and every one of those 
planets. It was explained that other life in the universe is not 
readily seen because the beings were all of higher vibration and most 
spirits in human form have yet to attain the higher vibration required 
to see them.
  The being told me that each planet has a theme for learning and that 
any of them can be chosen by a soul when we are between physical 
lives. He said we practice on the other planets to be ready to live on 
Gaia. He said Gaia is the ultimate experience for a soul. It is 
ultimate because our souls evolve faster here than anywhere else. It 
was said that the lessons we need to learn are difficult to learn 
without having a physical form.
  He explained how we pick a physical life on Gaia. He explained to me 
that I picked the parents I was born to so that I could learn what I 
needed to learn to grow enough to come back and do spirit work on Gaia 
after I attain a certain level of growth. He said that I was being 
told all of these things so that I could help souls come together and 
return Gaia to harmony.
  He explained some things to me about God that I do not remember. 
They had to do with the universe and the size and structure of it. I 
do remember he said that God is not to be seen for he is everywhere. 
He told me that God loves Gaia deeply, much as a man loves his wife.
  He talked about Jesus too. He told me Jesus was a master God sent to 
earth to teach humans how to act toward each other and find their way 
back to the path of harmony with each other as well as with Gaia.
  I was told that Jesus is the being that is entrusted by God to 
ensure that souls evolve. He said that Jesus is of the highest in 
vibration than any other soul. He said that God holds Jesus in the 
highest of favor because he was the best example of what humans need 
to do. I then got to see Jesus. I saw his light. Jesus' light was the 
purest I have ever seen. There was no need for words. There were only 
love feelings that I cannot even begin to describe.
  I was told that loving one another is what souls need to do in order 
for peace and harmony to be the standard on Gaia. I was told that 
there is a hierarchy in the universe that is dedicated to preserving 
the harmony of the universe. I was told that humans are an integral 
part of this harmony and that the free will we have is a part of souls 
that allows humans to provide service to the universe.
  After he explained those things to me I was able to see our whole 
solar system all at once in full color. The planets were all in a line 
and I could see all of them from Pluto to the sun. I felt very blessed 
and very important. I was given this great gift and I did not really 
understand why. 
  There I floated, a being that went out his way to inflict pain on 
other souls, yet I was never asked about what I had done. In fact I 
was given the honor of being given answers to questions most people 
wonder about all of their lives.
  I thanked this loving being for explaining and showing me what he 
did. He told me that there was more for him to show me if I was ready 
to experience it. I told him I was ready. I did not know why I was 
chosen but I was not about to question why. It just seemed small to 
me then.
  We started to head back toward Gaia. We went to a place in the 
shadow of Gaia. It was a great city in the clouds. The city had these 
beautiful white buildings as far as I could see. I saw spirits living 
there all of which had vibration but no real physical body. These 
inhabitants went to and from the buildings - going to work and play 
too. I saw a place where spirits went to get what I thought was water. 
There were no vehicles there. Spirits seemed to get around the same 
way my being and I got around, by flying.
  The city had no boundaries that I could see. This was a place full 
of life of all kinds. There was nature there, many pure plants, trees, 
and water just like on Gaia but more pure. Nature there was absolutely 
perfect. It was untainted by human manipulation. This place was just 
like Gaia only without the problems and negativity. I felt that this 
was what is called heaven in earth terms.
  I saw spirits going to and from the Gaia and the city. I could tell 
the development of the spirits going to and from by the energy they 
emanated. I could see that animals came to and from earth just like 
humans do. I could see many spirits leave Gaia with guides and could 
see spirits returning to Gaia without guides. The being told me that 
some of the spirits passing were the ones that were doing the work 
with humans on Gaia. I could make out the type of spirits that were 
doing the work and the spirits that were coming to the great city to 
become replenished to eventually go back to Gaia to experience and 
further evolve. I could feel the emotions of the ones coming back for 
replenishment. I could feel that some of them were sad, beaten and 
scared, much like I felt before my being came to me.
  My being took me into one of the larger buildings. Inside I saw many 
spirits working. They were doing things similar to jobs on earth. When 
we walked by the spirits, they looked at me. I think they were 
checking me out because of the being I was with. 
  We went upstairs and I saw spirits that knew me. They greeted me and 
asked me how I was doing. They gave me advice of which I do not 
remember. I thought I was going to be given a job there, but the being 
knew I thought that and told me that there was something I needed to 
do first.
  I was ecstatic. I was in heaven despite everything I had done during 
my life on Gaia. I was experiencing what most people only dream about. 
The love I felt there was the same love I felt when I saw Jesus. I had 
been searching on Gaia for what was really the same place I was in 
then. I was searching on Gaia for the feeling I was feeling that very 
moment. I had found what I spent my whole life searching for. I was 
truly happy. I was home and I knew it. I was ready to stay and do 
whatever work I was given to do.
  My being took me to another building that was special. It was bigger 
than the rest and had the greenest foliage I had ever seen growing on 
it, decorating it like a shrine. We went inside a set of double doors 
that glowed with life. The inside was decorated with a wood paneling 
that the being told me was "living" wood from the trees that grew at 
this wonderful place. He led me to some big double doors and told me 
to wait on this bench while he went inside.
  A bit later he came out of the room. He told me to go into the room 
and said he would wait for me and to not worry. He cautioned me to 
ensure that I was truthful with the beings in the room. He said they 
were not judges, rather they were the ones who evaluated a soul's 
development based on a soul's history. He told me to remember who I 
was and to refrain from fear. I knew I had to leave this being sooner 
or later but I was glad that he would wait for me. I was a little 
scared to leave him, but I felt that I was protected and knew that I 
would be protected here.
  His Life Review
  I went in and saw a group of several spirits seated at a table. The 
table was made of the glowing wood and was perfect in every way. The 
spirits around this table had the highest vibration I had seen so far 
with the exception of Jesus.
  I looked at these beings and recognized them. I do not know where I 
recognized them from, but they all had a familiarity about them. They 
just looked at me.
  All of a sudden, I saw my parents on earth before I was born. I saw 
how they came to be together and watched them have my brother and 
sister before me. I saw their positive and negative sides and 
evaluated them according to what I knew I needed to do on Gaia. The 
beings asked me how and why I picked these particular parents and 
asked me to tell them. 
  They said I knew how and why I picked them and asked me to tell them 
why. I do not know where it came from but I did tell them how and why 
and they agreed with me. I picked them to help them on their path as 
well as to achieve my learning.
  I saw my soul go to my mother and go inside of her. I saw myself 
being born from an observer standpoint as well as having the actual 
experience. I proceeded to see my entire life from the observer point 
of view and from the points of view of those my actions affected. I 
felt the feelings they felt that directly resulted from things I had 
done to them. I saw both the positive and the negative things I had 
done as they had truly happened, nothing was left out or presented 
  I experienced the harshness of being born again. I experienced 
leaving heaven and the transit to Gaia. I saw myself as a helpless 
infant who needed his mother for everything. I experienced my father's 
love as well as his anger. I experienced my mothers love, her fear and 
her anger as well. I saw all of the good and bad from my childhood 
years and re-experienced what I had done then. I felt all of my 
emotions and the emotions of the souls I had hurt as well as loved. 
From all of this I learned that it matters deeply what choices I make 
on Gaia.
  I learned just how powerful we humans are and how we can affect each 
other in positive and negative ways. It was amazing to see how my 
innocent actions had such a powerful effect on souls that I had no 
idea I was affecting. The experience was one that I will never forget. 
I experienced the whole spectrum of feelings of my life in a 
relatively short period of time as we humans see it. Where I was, time 
did not really exist.
  I could see how I became what I had become on Gaia and why I became 
that way. Everything I did in my life affected the evolution of the 
souls around me. I saw the reasons for all of my actions and 
understood why I did what I had done. There was a place for all of my 
positive and negative actions. There was no action that was 
necessarily wrong, but there were actions I took that did not enhance 
positive growth. I was both a victim and a beneficiary of my actions. 
  This was not a fun experience to go through. I could see how 
wonderful it could be if one chose to act to affect other souls 
positively most of the time.
  Afterward, the beings in the room asked me questions about what I 
saw and how I felt about my life up to then. I knew that I had to 
provide an honest assessment - I could not lie. I hesitated when they 
asked me whether I affected others more positively than negatively. I 
thought about lying.
  These beings knew what I was thinking and I had to tell them that I 
felt that I could have done a better job on Gaia. I knew what I had 
come to Gaia to accomplish and was well on my way to doing that but I 
knew I was not finished yet. They agreed and told me that I still had 
many things to do and that I may want to go back and do them. I was 
told it was understood how difficult it would be for me but it was 
necessary for the universe for me to finish. 
  They said that it may be wise to go back and live my life how I had 
originally planned it. They said I had set lofty goals for my life on 
Gaia and the events in my life were achieving the goals I had set. 
They said that I originally came to Gaia to learn and share with 
others using the gifts that I have accumulated over several lifetimes. 
They said that I am needed on Gaia to help souls bring themselves and 
Gaia back to harmony. 
  They said that I have great potential to affect other souls, to help 
them grow and that Gaia is the best place to do that. I was told that 
the events I had experienced thus far were preparing me to make a 
large contribution to the universe and that my experiences were not to 
be considered personal attacks in any way. I did not want to accept 
that, I wanted to stay, I told them that. 
  I told them I was tired and wanted to stay because life on Gaia is 
hard and unforgiving. I felt that going back would be dangerous for 
the universe because I was not advanced enough in my spiritual 
evolution. They said that was precisely why it would be in my best 
interest to go back to Gaia. They said I was more advanced than I give 
myself credit for. 
  They said that it was possible for me to stay but I would need to 
finish my work on Gaia sooner or later. The type of work I was 
destined for can only be done on Gaia. I could stay if chose to but I 
would only be prolonging the completion of what I needed to do for 
this universe. They explained the fastest way to finish my work would 
be to go back to Gaia as soon as possible.
  I was stunned to say the least. I resorted to bargaining but it was 
no use. I still did not like living on Gaia and did not really want to 
go back. These beings understood me but remained firm. I had a 
decision to make that was really the hardest decision I would ever make.
  I did come back to Gaia and am now living the life that I was (later 
in the experience) told I would live. Believe it or not, I ended up 
shelving this experience away, classifying it as a really vivid 
"trip".  It was not until I evolved more that I realized the gift I 
was given.  I share this experience now because I feel it can, if so 
chosen, spur thought and foster choices that affect the planet in a 
positive way.
  If I learned anything from this experience it was that every choice 
I make is duly recorded, noted and will return later, when I leave 
here again. My goal is to save people the pain that I felt in my 
review and hasten the evolution of humans on Gaia, helping Gaia as 
well as the universe. Again, I wish you all of the love I feel in my 
heart and I give this love to you.
  (David Oakford now talks of his return to Earth) 
  I am one who had a near-death experience and was given a choice to 
return to this planet in a physical sense again. I chose to return out 
of love for this planet, a love so great that I would give up the slot 
I have "back home".  I did this also in order to help to heal the 
place through the sharing of what I was shown of the in-between and 
through the choices I make, (hopefully loving and kind ones).
  Without the free will to return I would not be here in the physical 
doing what I am doing. The physical pain, war, poverty, pestilence, 
horror, rape, murder, abandonment etc, etc, etc. that is here on this 
planet is the result of humans coming here and making their free 
choices in order to learn and evolve. Unfortunately learning does tend 
to create a mess at times and the physical pain etc. ect. is a part of 
that mess. It makes sense to me that the same free choice concept is 
instrumental in cleaning up the mess.
  I liken it to camping and choosing to clean up or not clean up the 
mess one makes. If you choose to clean up your mess, this helps the 
planet to stay as is because one does not contribute to the mess. If 
one does not clean up it adds to the mess. If one cleans up their own 
mess and then some it contributes to healing the planet.
  In my near-death experience I was also shown that there are many 
souls in "heaven" who are more than willing to come to this place 
regardless of the state it is in. I was shown that if I did not choose 
to return I would be in the schools that exist in heaven, working 
toward the growth I need to accomplish regardless of the form I am in. 
That was an attractive choice to be sure except that I had a problem 
with how long it would take me to grow enough to do what my soul 
wishes to do. (I have a burning desire to experience other places in 
other universes and to do that I need to grow more.) The prerequisite 
for that is ensuring that my soul has the IQ for it.
  It is my understanding that a soul can choose to remain in heaven 
and operate on the level he/she (whatever) is on to infinity, but I 
seek more because I know without doubt that there is more.  At any 
rate, the idea remains that for this place to start feeling and 
looking like heaven is to create the love felt there here. I would 
like to see that on this planet and I know it can be done. If I need 
to, I will come back here all over again to make it happen.