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A series of forewarnings regarding the shadow of coming events.  
First published in 1999


Impelled by the gravity of our present time and desiring to help mankind to 
the very best of our ability, we wish to reveal some urgent and very 
pressing facts that we would beseech all true hearts to seriously consider 
sharing with as many intelligent and open-minded people as possible.

We are here concerned with completely bypassing the veils of appearances 
which, in this, our illusioned existence, serve to hide the reality of 
things from our eyes. The following disclosures are intended as a serious 
warning and a helping guide for everyone who, upon recognising the signs of 
the times, in repentance and inner spiritual maturity, wishes to take 
account of their responsibility toward Christ* and suffering humanity.

* There are two Divine Plans the Divine Plan of Evolution and the Divine 
Plan of Salvation. The latter Plan assists all life within the fallen, 
undivine world. This Redemption Plan is lovingly furthered by the voluntary 
members of a great Body of Liberated Souls who have been called the 

The full weight of the motives that induce us to present these revelations 
lies in the absolute necessity of voicing an urgent admonition with regard 
to the now imminent and inevitable onslaught to which mankind's blind course 
of life has led, and of unprecedented events in the near future that are 
inseparably connected herewith and pose an acute challenge and opportunity, 
as well as a danger of utmost importance for the whole of humanity.

By this appeal, it is our prayer that many may be saved from the fatal grip 
of the unfolding great delusion perpetrated by the hierarchy of the 
reflection sphere*, and that more individuals may see the light in good time 
and so make a timely embarkation upon the Path of Liberation. May the 
harvest be greater than before. . .

* There are two spheres or fields within the fallen, dualistic universe. 
1) The material sphere is the region in which we live as physical beings. 
2) The reflection sphere is the region in which, among other things, the 
   process between physical death and reincarnation ensues. Therefore, the 
   reflection sphere is the temporary abode of the 'dead'.

Forewarning 1

For a growing number amongst humanity, something of the New Christine 
Kingdom is today becoming a reality. A very small percentage of the human 
population have already been led to the borders of the Promised Land; the 
preparatory wandering through the desert of so many lifetimes is almost a 
thing of the past, and some are now awakening the proper consciousness for 
their imminent entry into the Ark of Christ, which is today preparing for 
its long-prophesied and sacred voyage into the New World.

It has become an urgent necessity, therefore, to inform as many receptive 
people as possible about a number of correlative phenomena that are arising 
in the world today. If we are not informed about these matters and do not 
have a clear insight into what is behind very many unfolding and forthcoming 
events, we shall doubtlessly be misled. With the best of intentions, we 
shall turn into ways leading away from the True Path, and become entirely 
lost for the harvest.

In order to be able to correctly understand the psychological background of 
the coming events, it should be borne in mind that all entities in the 
dualistic world, by virtue of their state of birth, are bent on 
self-maintenance and self-protection. Apart from this pattern being in 
complete accordance with the fallen universe, it is also a natural 'duty', a 
natural impulse or instinct that makes it absolutely impossible for fallen 
souls to act otherwise. 

Whoever identifies with the I-state, whoever is bound to the I-state of birth 
according to fallen existence will, of necessity and from this very I-centred 
disposition, consider as an enemy, or at least as a danger, anyone who wants 
to dissolve this fallen state or to be liberated from it.

Since mankind is born according to the laws of the fallen world and is 
essentially one with the dualistic universe, it is clear that when 
Gnostically-inclined persons are turning themelves in the direction of the 
divine Kingdom, they undermine the foundations of duality to which they are 
tied, thus disorganising and weakening it. Hence, no sooner has the sincere 
aspirant entered upon the True Path of Return than the aeons*, with all 
their powers and their satellites, become one's sworn adversaries, with 
complete disregard for all sentimental considerations and civilised practices!

* The aeons are semi-intelligent, monstrous formations of unholy powers 
which, in the course of time, were called into existence by the ignorance 
and fear of mankind. They are irresistible powers of self-maintenance urging 
humanity to continue upon its self-created, wayward paths, thus securing 
mankind's binding in duality to the ever-turning wheel of birth and death.

He, therefore, who is turning towards the Salvation that is hidden in the 
Light of Christ and who is conforming his way of living thereto, is 
immediately confronted on all sides with enmity on Earth. This enmity, then, 
is a natural reaction, a natural self-protection, viewed from the angle of 
this dying world order. This is why the way of anyone who starts to 
earnestly walk the Path will be found extensively blocked and strewn with 
all kinds of obstacles. He immediately becomes a stranger on Earth whose 
very existence is begrudged him, and who meets with opposition day and 
night, exactly as we find it described in the historical accounts of many 
other great world Servants.

When a man becomes truly spiritual, the fallen world rejects him, as he must 
reject the world. True servants of Christ have always been opposed and 
fought due to their very threatening state of being and their mission. 
However, in understanding the psychological driving forces behind those who 
resisted Divinity, and being solely motivated by an intense love for the 
soul of mankind, they did not retaliate, but responded with detached 
compassion and absolute abstinence from any form of violence, subtly in 
thought, or otherwise.

Their only weapon - if this term may be used at all - was the fact that they 
were entirely focussed upon the current of Grace, on the electromagnetic 
lines of activity, directives and forces emanating from the divine Kingdom. 
This gave them complete safety, while by their non-reaction, they avoided 
any conflict that would otherwise have involved them.

Today, in these "end times", the servants of Christ are again struggling 
with their voluntary work of Salvation. Throughout history and during the 
growth of every Gnostic order, there were periods of such a nature; periods 
when, with success seemingly at hand, the greatest difficulties arose from 
outside just before the very moment of attainment; times when serious 
obstacles and delusions threatened to prevent victory. Humanity still 
possesses the records of some of these events in the form of legends and 
tales that contain a hidden meaning.

The exigencies with which the past successive Gnostic groups were faced 
were, in each instance, quite different, being always determined by the 
ever-varying radiations and tensions of the planetary and zodiacal 
influences of the particular sidereal year. (A sidereal year is a period 
of 25,000 to 26,000 years).

As is always the case, the successive Christine Fellowships on Earth, during 
the specific periods of their development, had to suffer intensely cruel 
persecutions by hostile aggressors, and this has been the repeating 
situation with various groups of servants of Christ during the past three 
thousand years, including the Cathars, Manicheans and classical 
Rosicrucians. All such persecutions were inseparably connected with the 
cosmic and atmospheric trends of their times.

In other words, it can be stated that the principle which is at the root of 
any truly Gnostic experience on any planet ruled by ignorance is invariably 
the same. While the succession of events and the surrounding circumstances 
differ in each period, nothing can develop that has not already occurred in 
the centuries past. The ceaseless revolvements of the sidereal years make 
this an absolute certainty.

Perhaps you are beginning to appreciate why, at this special time of the 
no-fail global mission of world transfiguration as directed by the Logoic* 
Redemption Plan, the new Gnostic Fellowship on Earth is working subjectively 
and not in large, overt groups. Any large organisations or groups who are 
advertising themselves successfully in the public arena today will certainly 
NOT belong to the New Link in the Gnostic Chain.

* The Logos is the prime creative and directing Intelligence of a solar 
system, galaxy or universe.

There is, however, quite a different aspect of the matter that is directly 
related to the forthcoming world events and which we shall now discuss.

The dualistic universe, as a system, a cosmic field within the divine Mind, 
is self-evidently part of a vaster field, a greater Cosmos, upon which it is 
necessarily dependent. Inasmuch as it forms a separate whole, cut off as it 
were from the rest of the Omniverse - because in essence it is diametrically 
opposed to the Divine Plan of Evolution - the dualistic field, being a 
segregated cosmos, periodically undergoes correction by the Logos of the 
system and is cleansed of all disharmony and negativity perpetrated within 
its sphere, and, each time anew, this necessarily threatens to make the 
dualistic field a temporarily unfit dwelling place for all life.

It is the most tragic fate of all the archons*, aeons, their forces and 
satellites that, due to their natural state, they will revolt against the 
Logos, opposing Him in His corrective processes. This is because every 
dualistically-born creature tends both to maintain and protect itself. When 
corrected in any manner or for any reason while following its natural 
course, the fallen entity will make a stand against the Corrector and will 
tend to resist any process that threatens self and its familiar world.

* Archon is a Gnostic term given to an entity in the reflection sphere who 
perpetrates evil. The archons are incorporeal beings who are bent upon world 
domination and control. They have victimised humanity from the hidden side 
of life for long ages. Their collective evil constitutes the plan of the 
'antichrist' since they willfully oppose the Divine Plan of Salvation, which 
is implemented by the Christ-Hierarchy. The Archons are rulers of the aeons; 
the hierarchic group who dominate time and space. The archons and aeons 
constitute great metaphysical powers which are fed by fallen mankind and 
which abuse all of fallen nature including mankind, driving them to an 
unholy activity for selfish benefit.

At the cost of appalling human anguish, these entities have acquired freedom 
from the wheel of birth and death; a freedom which they, in their boundless 
self-maintaining need, can only retain by unrestrictedly increasing and 
maintaining the suffering of the world. In their collectivity, they are 
sometimes also designated as the dualistic hierarchy, or 'the prince of this 
world'. The vast majority of psychics, mediums (channellers) and 'spiritual' 
people in the world today receive impressions and 'guidance' from the 
dualistic hierarchy and not, as most prefer to believe, from the Fellowship 
of Christ, the holy Planetary Hierarchy.

So, the Logos calls us by means of the all-pervading Light Power of Christ; 
and, if we respond to the Call by going the Path, we immediately encounter 
alienation and animosity in the fallen world as we seem to acquire many 
enemies. Our lot will then be similar to that of all servants of Truth. As 
stated, the Logos, in the revolution of the sidereal years, will 
periodically interfere with the whole tide of dualistic events, in order to 
cleanse and purify, always prompted by the Eternal Love that upholds the 
All, and consequently also duality. But immediately, all that is created in 
duality will oppose the Logos. This it is bound to do because it cannot do 
otherwise on account of its dependence upon the laws of fallen nature. It is 
thus that all life-under-the-law should be understood.

This is the fate of the Evil One who has been depicted throughout the 
centuries by so many thinkers, poets and seers

I greet Thee, Thou Light, pervading my domain. I greet Thee, Thou who walks 
the ways which I combat with bitter hatred. I know, Thine is the victory, O 
Lord, and yet I revolt against Thee! Such is my fate until I die, until the 
very last hour, I shall resist Thee, O Lord.

*  *  *

Now, we are all aware that humanity is living in an era in which not only 
are the servants of the new Life-Field about to escape the grip of the 
fallen world and, consequently, shall be confronted with human resistance 
according to the laws of duality, but in which the Earth has also entered a 
period of world-correction by the Logos, as a consequence of which all the 
aeons of fallen nature, their forces and vassals will also join in the 
combat against the course of events. This is why our present sphere of 
living is so full of complications and tensions. It is because a well-nigh 
overwhelming resistance is developing against the atmospheric cosmic revolt, 
the Logoic Redemption, as well as against a widespread Gnostic movement that 
is presently unfolding, mostly 'underground'.

The foundations of this dualistic world are shaking. At the same time, an 
intense opposition against the ways of the Logos is manifesting itself. Now, 
since we, being a Gnostic group, are one of the parties to these great 
happenings, it is clear that we shall have to ponder most seriously upon all 
that is going to happen if we want, first of all, to be able to hold our own 
in the midst of the oncoming tempest, and secondly, to serve the Great Cause 
as best we can.

In entering upon such reflections, we should not by any means start from the 
premise that this struggle, this resistance, will take shape in one of the 
ways familiar to us, or will in any aspect be like the usual human armed 
conflict (although such symptoms usually accompany the greater battle). 
Rather, at least during the earlier stages, the weapons used by the forces 
of darkness are always the weapons of imitation, the weapons of fakery, 
treachery and theatrical effect.

These weapons are already today being used with tremendous ingenuity, with 
the most thoroughly scientific knowledge, applied in a perfectly practical 
manner. They are so astoundingly all-embracing and effective that, as 
humanity is confronted with them, it finds itself completely unable to 
recognise the deception and so is essentially defenceless. Such is the 
intelligence and meticulous orchestration behind the long-prophesied play of 
the great delusion that mankind cannot but believe in it, put its entire 
faith in it; and thus nearly 6 billion deceived individuals will follow 
after that which is falsely and surreptitiously revealed to them.

It is for this reason that all Holy Scripts contain warnings against the 
appearing of the antichrist; as, for instance, in Matthew 24, where it reads

False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs 
and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect. 
Behold, I have told you beforehand.

Of what nature these signs and wonders will be we ought to thoroughly 
investigate and understand, for the time has now come when they are 
presenting themselves to the whole world, forcing themselves upon us and 
consequently, just as prophesied in the scriptures, thus far, the majority 
of spiritually-disposed human beings are being led far astray from the True 

Forewarning 2

All that is revealed in fallen nature, all that is created - of both organic 
and inorganic nature - starts from one Idea, one Plan, one chain-reaction 
system, and belongs to one Body. Therefore, there is complete cohesion 
between all creatures and creations; everything has its own place in the 
great Whole with which it has a bond.

Viewed superficially, such a fusion of creature and creation in the 
dualistic field appears as a manifestation of great beauty the creature 
closely tied to this nature, wrapped in a garb perfectly adapted to this 
nature and which can be explained from out of this nature. Upon closer 
examination and investigation, however, we find that this beauty is mere 
semblance, and that in reality this bond is bondage. For the nature of the 
spirit that animates the fallen world of duality and is identical with it - 
the spirit that lends life to all creations and creatures within the 
undivine world - is separative; it thrives in a world of opposites and 

Everything in dualistic nature impels itself towards individualisation in 
order to reach its objectives. Every individual who is born into the fallen 
world, therefore, must adapt himself to laws governing time and space; laws 
of isolation, sorrow, struggle for life, and laws of death. These laws - 
which are expressions of the fallen spirit of duality - constitute the great 
and baneful nemesis of humanity, and on Earth have led to unspeakable woe in 
which the masses come to conform to all the theories and practices of 
natural self-maintenance, while only a small percentage of humanity is 
desperately seeking integration, union with God, order, rest, balance and 
harmony within the dualistic world.

Of course, such horizontal seeking is without success because it is 
impossible to reach integration in a field of existence that is 
inappropriate for it. Therefore, any efforts made in this direction will 
invariably fail, since there results no integration, but at most a 
crystallisation, a delayed effect of the natural processes of atrophy that 
are inherent in the fallen emergency order* of birth and death.

* This dense world was established by the Elohim long ago as an emergency 
order, a quarantined field of existence, so that fallen mankind might be 
saved from ultimate dissolution. Humanity was thus given an opportunity to 
redeem itself in the emergency order, but alas, it completely lost the plot 
eons ago. This is why the human race witnesses a Christine intervention at 
the end of world cycles, such as the one we are right now living in.

True Integration is a complete existential disappearance from this entire 
fallen world-order, by confluence with another Life-Spirit and by the 
genesis of another existence adapted to the divine Spirit. This is the sole 
purpose and goal of all life in all the kingdoms of fallen nature.

The end-of-cycle 'Coming Again of Christ', the return of the 
Avatar-Consciousness, endeavours to gather in all those who seek true 
Integration and who are ready for it, and impels them onward to the great 
process of Rebirth. Therefore, we who wish to walk this Path have already 
started by taking leave, in principle, of the great delusion of this world; 
to go, in practice, the Way leading to transmutation and renewal; of daily 
decreasing according to the old nature and daily growing according to the 
new Nature, in perfect accord with the Johannine and Christ-centred laws.

However, we have seen that the dualistic-field, the natural state out of 
which we are born, cannot agree to this process of rebirth taking place. It 
will strive in opposition and try to hold us back for reasons of 
self-maintenance. This is why, when we want to leave this world of suffering 
and death, all duality will fight against us by means of its creatures and 
its creations, from the very moment it becomes apparent that it can no 
longer retain us through its electromagnetic forces.

However, during the revolving course of the cosmic cycles, there arise 
periods when the great redeeming process of Rebirth can proceed more easily 
and rapidly. Such periods immediately follow those during which the 
dualistic field is purged of all disharmony and evil. In past cycles on 
Earth, however, this evil has always reappeared again to gather for its 
assault upon the true Life; this is so because this world, this field of 
life, harbours a fallen or undivine human nature. Each time, the purpose of 
such purification is to open anew the door to Liberation for the microcosms* 
captive in the fallen world.

* A microcosm is a miniature cosmos, comprising the personality vehicles 
(the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies) and the auric being. See 
The Pure Gnosis for further information.

The Destiny of Ages is set; the Victory of Cycles is assured; the Divine 
Plan of World Redemption cannot fail, yet still the archons, aeons, their 
forces and vassals will oppose the inevitable right up to the end, and, in 
the earlier stages, this opposition takes place by means of imitation.

Imitation may be looked upon as a crass fraud; but, in reality, it is a very 
logical reaction. When man comes to theoretically recognise the liberating 
and integrating nature of the Christ-centred life, while personally he 
experiences nothing of Divinity, nothing but hardship, sorrow and distress, 
is it any surprise that he would start to imitate the Christ-centred life, 
as the church has done, for example?

The entire fallen religious life of our time is nothing more than such an 
imitation - a most comprehensible though very naive imitation - an imitation 
of the Imitatio Christi. Yet, however understandable and pardonable this may 
be, it is nevertheless the greatest treason that man may commit true 
infidelity, hypocrisy and profanity; for imitating is far from following, 
while only the following of Christ leads to the liberating, integrated life.

Imitation, with which we are presently already confronted everywhere in the 
world - be it still in the preparatory stages of its manifestation - is at 
the very best a well-intentioned semblance; not a semblance of help in the 
pursuance of the Real, but a semblance (and this is the disastrous part of 
it) intended to imitate Reality, to let semblance pass for Reality! This can 
be seen in perhaps its most ostentatious and equally absurd form throughout 
the so-called New Age movement.

*  *  *

To secure a certain measure of success for the great imitation, there must 
be available

1. data; 2. the means; 3. a fair amount of intelligence; 4. a fair chance of 
accomplishment; 5. a general situation that offers the opportunity.

On the basis of the above five points, let us now explore the whole set-up 
of a scene, a gigantic play for whose gala performance all measures are 
today in the process of being taken. It is a play whose performance has 
already commenced, of course, with the deliberate intention of imitating 
reality by means of semblance, but there is a great deal more yet to be seen 
and believed by the gullible masses. We shall start with the fifth point 
above and show to what a great extent the general situation of the world and 
humanity promotes this great masquerade of appearances.

We all know from experience how greatly the present world situation is out 
of joint; we know of the threatening conditions present everywhere and the 
general search for possible solutions. Furthermore, we are aware of the 
ever-increasing nervous tension of billions of people worldwide, and of the 
Aquarius radiations, becoming more powerful and pervasive daily, which 
catalyse all of this the radiations of dematerialization, the radiations of 
the inevitable Logoic Redemption.

This is the general world situation that offers the opportunity for the play 
of the great delusion to succeed in fooling the vast majority of people. So 
it can be said with certainty that conditions were at no time more 
favourable than they are right now for the success of an imitation - the 
imitation of Christ - which is no less than the biblically-prophesied 
appearance of the antichrist.

It can be assumed also that the certainty of success is present, the more so 
because billions of human beings have been thoroughly prepared over the 
millennia by the fallen religious groups for spectacular and grossly 
material events of a religious nature. Practically all of humanity 
originally had an imitation-religious education, and so has the images of 
false religious representations and notions fixed in the blood. So, when a 
worldwide play, in keeping with these images, is staged in a clever way and 
in grand style, there is absolute certainty of success as far as the 
ignorant masses are concerned.

The question may be asked as to whether the means are there to animate and 
keep up such a play. The answer is affirmative. Presently these means can 
actually be derived from discoveries and applications of modern physics, 
etheric science, and which can very easily be combined with certain 
magical-occult practices, which we shall discuss later.

Another question could be is there also sufficient data, the aid with which 
the various phases of the great play may be made so acceptable to everyone 
that, according to Matthew 24, even the very elect would be deceived?

Replying to this latter question, we aver that all data for the staging and 
the success of this play are indicated in the Sacred Languages of diverse 
scriptures, provided only that the prophecies be interpreted according to 
the literal text. Up to now, relatively few human beings have risen above 
such a way of interpretation, while the majority of the 'saved', the 
self-professed 'elect of God' encourage the great imitation in their na´ve 
and self-seeking attitudes and furor.

Examples of various aspects of the great play so far are numerous 
appearances of the Virgin Mary (as in Fatima much earlier this century), the 
mysterious crucifixes that are being observed appearing in glass windows, 
various Christian stigmatists all over the world doing their thing, various 
Maitreya- or Christ-appearance hoaxes complete with miracles (which any good 
black magician can perform), a popular Indian 'Avatar' the actual physical 
manifestation of the 'Second Coming' (as millions of blind devotees are 
convinced), multifarious other false gurus and masters too numerous to 
mention, the evacuation/ascension plan promised and promoted by 
extraterrestrials in spaceships as a part of the proliferating antics of 
various ET-species and UFO activities in their interference with the Earth 
and humanity, the crop-circle frenzy, the sensational and thus very popular 
merkabah-breathing techniques and sacred geometry of various New Age 
teachers that are leading many thousands of sincere aspirants astray, the 
abundant DNA-healing and light-body activation methods, Reiki, countless 
other personal healing modalities and a seductive assortment of other ideas 
and plans that are all inspired from the reflection sphere; the list is 

Meanwhile, the true Servers of the Divine Plan of Salvation, who see through 
the whole play from its very incipience and who refuse to be a party to it, 
will continue to be abused, persecuted and outcast, while the multitude will 
jubilate at their seeming downfall.

*  *  *

In the next forewarning we shall expound upon the manner in which the great 
play is being performed, who the perpetrators are, where they live, how they 
live, and who will be their collaborators.

Meanwhile, may we keep our focus true and so advance, with the greatest 
possible speed, upon the True Path of the Avatars, that we may be safely 
within the Ark of Christ when the great tempest begins to rage on all levels 
including the physical plane, and that we may thus form a Rock amongst the 
surf of the great deception, for the sake of the many thousands who, in 
their disenchantment, will presently be seeking help and reorientation.

Forewarning 3

The framework of the great play can be broken down into numerous sections. 
Besides a religious section, there is also an economic, a scientific, a 
social, a political and a military section; and there are many other aspects 
and projects, all radiating from one great plan for world control. By 
totally new means, directed initially from the reflection sphere and carried 
out through the world's shadow governments (the Illuminati, etc.), this 
great idea aims at the constitution of a theocratic and political 
world-state encompassing and enslaving all countries, all peoples and all 
races; a state of 'peace', exceeding by far the boldest expectations of 
communists, socialists and all other idealists. A perfect Heaven on Earth is 
the professed motive. Now this is a very attractive plan indeed, for who 
would not approve of the execution of such a scheme? Who could there 
possibly be who would not want a little peace on Earth?

The difficulty in carrying out such a global plan is that, in a world-order 
like ours, every practical-idealistic movement has its partisans and 
militants on one hand and its adversaries and detractors on the other. There 
is not one single point upon which there is uniformity of opinion. The very 
fact that so many wish to institute a kingdom of peace, but in different 
ways, gives rise to bitter controversy. Exacerbated individualism, the 
absolute sense of separation, the stone-hard I-centredness of so many have 
hitherto caused even the very best intentions to end in failure.

Even as we realise this, many others have seen and are seeing this also, and 
they have repeatedly discussed it amongst themselves. Even as we, they have 
sought a solution, and today there are more individuals, groups and 
organisations seeking solutions to world problems than ever before.

Now, there are two possible solutions one is theoretical but impractical 
(and so not a solution at all), while the other is the real Solution.

The one that all unenlightened individuals will necessarily accept is the 
institution of an all-embracing, theocratic and political world-fascism. The 
other solution, which is the one we have in view and which we may approach, 
is to totally leave this world through transfiguration and to be integrated 
into another World Order.

Now, it is clear that mankind, however divided, is obliged to take one of 
these two ways, to pursue one of these theoretically feasible solutions. 
Every human being has to choose between the two modes of existence that will 
presently be the only ones prevailing, namely, theocratic fascism or the way 
of transfiguration. Both schemes are presently in the course of execution on 

We shall not discuss here the Path of Transfiguration, the Path of Return, 
for ample information concerning the Lighted Way is given in our other 
writings. The purpose of these forewarnings is to give information, as 
clearly as possible, about the aspects, the characteristics and the 
developments surrounding that other plan, the plan of the antichrist. 
Firstly, in order that we shall be fully enabled to determine our own 
attitude and standpoint in respect to that plan, there has to be a general 
clarification of insight concerning all this; only then may we maintain an 
informed and intelligent objectivity. Secondly, this information is 
presented due to the dangers that will threaten the servants of Christ while 
the great play is in progress.

We may now ask What retards the execution of the plan for world unification? 
The answer is, as has already been said, the general dissension amongst 

What then, apart from the I-centredness of humanity, keeps this dissension 
so strongly alive? Here the answer is the dissension between the various 
groups of the reflection sphere.

You may be aware, from our literature, of how the different groups in the 
land on yonder side of death - the reflection sphere - develop, and how they 
maintain themselves. The dualistic order is a nature of death, consisting of 
two main spheres the material sphere, which is the domain of existence of 
man born of matter, and the reflection sphere, which is the realm of the 
'dead'. In the undivine, dualistic nature order - which is characterised by 
its ceaseless variability of all things - all microcosms, in a circulatory 
process of rising, glimmering and fading (what humanity calls living and 
dying), are in turn being animated and emptied. This means that again and 
again they are supplied with a new personality which, after its course 
through the material sphere is completed, vanishes again. Hence, the 
material sphere is the field of life of the personality, whereas the 
reflection sphere is the field where the microcosms are emptied.

In the course of this uninterrupted rotation through the two spheres of this 
nature of death, a sum of experiences, a memory, a total result of all 
manifestations of various personalities is registered in every microcosm, 
until finally it will be possible to obtain in a microcosm a personality 
that, by virtue of experience and microcosmic maturity, is able to make the 
resolution and produce the strength to depart from this nature of death to 
the regions of another cosmic Order. This does not mean a departure to the 
reflection sphere as a consequence of corporeal death, but a victory over 
death and a negation of the reflection sphere as well as the dense material 

Now, we know that in the process of unfoldment of the plan underlying the 
nature of death, contingencies and irregularities occur. This entire 
creation, knowing that it is subject to death in this order of time and 
space, tries to escape this death, not in the only possible way, but in 
thousands of different and ineffective ways.

There is an immense fear of death, simply because human beings do not know 
true Life. Hence, there is a general urge to prolong fallen life in every 
possible manner. Facing the facts, it may be said that every urge for the 
fulfilment of life in the fallen world proceeds from this immeasurable fear 
of death!

Eternity calls mortal man to new Life, but, knowing that he is subject to 
the temporal, he proceeds to fight against the Call of Christ, due to this 
fear of ego-death. This battle has produced some very unnatural results. One 
of these is the delaying of the dissolution of the personality in the 
reflection sphere, the dissolution in the 'beyond' of the remains of the 
personality. This means a tying down to the Earth to some degree.

How is such a delay brought about? How is it maintained? Simply by means of 
robbing and wrongly using dualistic ethers; that is to say, by assimilating 
the ether-radiations and ether-forces of others.

Every idealistic group of a time-spatial, dualistic nature - no matter what 
aim motivates it, be it of a religious or any other tendency, primitive or 
cultured - attracts and produces ethers. These are dualistic substances 
that, over and above personal needs, are attracted by the group and gather 
around it to form a sphere entirely of its own.

Any person belonging to the group attaches himself fundamentally to this 
sphere and is fed by it in a super-personal manner; so much so that, when a 
member of the group dies and, consequently, his microcosm abandons the 
material body and is ready for further dissolution of the personality, this 
dissolution can be retarded or even completely halted by the fact that 
numerous etheric substances, emanating from the group-sphere in question, 
feed the remains of the personality destined for dissolution. This can be 
done in such a measure that no further dissolution of the personality can 
take place. Thus a reflection-sphere life of a very unnatural type is created.

Now, those who, out of fear of ego-death, resign themselves to this state 
and who are in touch, after their physical demise, with all those who stayed 
behind in the material sphere, will do their utmost to inspire the group to 
which they had belonged, to stimulate and incite it to continue the work 
pursued by the group. For the keeping alive of the group-sphere by those who 
still have their total personalities at their disposal means continuance of 
existence for the living-dead, maintaining themselves in the reflection sphere.

Thus, in the course of time, the reflection-sphere groups have 
unintentionally developed from mundane striving, the consequences of which 
have become far-reaching. These consequences were difficult to check for 
most entities in the reflection sphere and, once having been caught therein, 
the easiest thing to do was to resign themselves to the path of least 
resistance. Therefore, it is a fact that the two spheres of existence 
maintain one other, as it were, by means of an undivine symbiosis. The 
reflection-sphere entities derive etheric food for the maintenance of their 
partial personalities, while the groups in the material world receive 
psychic stimulation, information from the astral plane and various unholy 

When one knows all this, further investigation reveals how extraordinarily 
intricate and complex our two-sphere culture has become, and how, impelled 
by the struggle for self-maintenance, it has been possible to set up and 
divide the reflection sphere as a general life-field, with vibratory 
quarters to satisfy each and every different group.

Over time, many entities became hampered in their natural course by these 
retarding consequences and, not knowing that their microcosm was thus 
caught, they have contributed, by this very situation, toward the Earthly 
multiplication of incarnations "born into sin", so that in the material 
sphere a flock of creatures have been bred who are influenced and 
surreptitiously trained to continually supply the group caught in the 
reflection sphere with sufficient etheric food.

Thus, an inextricable chaos has developed, a confusion of a most complicated 
nature, and there is but one cause of this chaos that has existed ever since 
the primeval ages and up to the present time. The cause is the desire, the 
error of trying to find Life where it cannot be found, where it may never be 

The entire fallen universe, with its two spheres, has become top-heavy with 
unholy, though often well-intentioned life, whereby nobody, from the top 
down, feels safe. Yet so many, yes hundreds of millions of people, consider 
themselves so very good, so very humane, so deeply religious or so 
thoroughly spiritual.

This is why all true Gnostic groups had to promise not to use their 
knowledge for prolonging life, either here below or in the reflection 
sphere. For whosoever attempts such a thing, whosoever becomes involved 
therein, will be caught in the great web of death and nailed to the 
ever-revolving wheel of illusion.

Once we have been able to comprehend this entire outline of the fallen 
reality, it will become clear that all this must inevitably build up to a 
world crisis. The entire dualistic life feels itself threatened, because the 
numerous side effects of fundamentally unholy living result in obfuscation 
and pollution of the total dualistic field. As a consequence, the quality of 
etheric food becomes no longer sufficient to feed unnatural life in the 
reflection sphere, and various dangers arise with interdimensional 

In regard to this, may we encourage all sincere seekers to deepen their 
insight as much as possible, in order that they may thoroughly realise why 
the dualistic hierarchy* is engaged in the execution of their scheme for 
developing a worldwide theocratic, political, economic and military fascism.

* The dualistic hierarchy is the organisation embodying all the active 
groups in the reflection sphere, at least the largest and most prominent of 
them; something in the nature of a Reflection-Sphere International!

As in the classic story of Jesus, the disciple Judas wanted to force upon 
Jesus the leadership of a national uprising and secure his guidance in 
instituting a theocratic Earthly state; this also is the very objective of 
the dualistic hierarchy. They want to force a great inflow of etheric food 
and to make this possible by applying all means at their disposal. They wish 
to make use of this in order to insure an adequate balance between the 
consumption and the supply of dualistic ethers, and to ensure this source of 
etheric food for themselves into the future, they wish to firmly establish 
an Earthly messianic kingdom.

Forewarning 4

We shall now discuss more fully the manner in which the dualistic hierarchy 
intends to face the great world crisis with which it is confronted.

As we have said, the hierarchy of the reflection sphere is in considerable 
distress today, and this is because its requirements for etheric food exceed 
the production of dualistic ethers on the fallen Earth.

All entities living in the material sphere and, consequently, making use of 
a material body, generate ethers, which means that they transform the ethers 
which they themselves receive from the subtle regions surrounding us. This 
transformation or transmutation of light-power takes place through:

    the blood, 
    the internal secretions, 
    the nerve fluid, the serpent fire, 
    the consciousness fluid.

The ethers thus transformed by human beings, both individually and in 
groups, constitutes the bread of life for all those who dwell in the 
reflection sphere. The residents of the reflection sphere are themselves not 
able to transmute intercosmic ethers for their own use, for the reason that 
they lack the necessary personality organism. They no longer have the use of 
the indispensable material body, since their densest vehicle consists of 
only a part of the etheric body. Therefore, if they wish to maintain the 
remains of their personality, they have to do this by absorbing etheric food 
that is either put at their disposal voluntarily or is simply stolen by them.

All religious, idealistic and occult groups in the material sphere furnish 
their counterparts in the reflection sphere, either voluntarily or 
involuntarily, with practically all the etheric food that they produce 
through their activities. Collectively, those who live in the material 
life-field thus maintain a gigantic parasitical group in the reflection 

Many so-called gurus who are able to wield the ethers of large groups of 
people are encouraging and facilitating this all over the world today. 
For example, NASA has been recording the production of great quantities 
of etheric substance that is being evoked, harvested and sent "off-planet" 
from a large and well-known ashram in India.

Now, we may recognise in the past century, as a result of all kinds of 
terrible events that hit mankind so hard, a general decline of the religious 
and idealistic inclinations of the masses, and a widespread slackening of 
related activities. To a considerable extent, the mass of humanity, at least 
in the West, has become 'realistic' and quite a-religious. By this we mean 
that, although humanity holds a theoretical faith as a sort of religious 
decorum, this faith no longer has any concrete influence over them, nor does 
it lend any force to the life of the multitude, in the sense of its original 
purpose. The religious and idealistic tendencies have been almost entirely 
diverted in a political, social and economical direction.

The churches are emptying, and the etheric operations from the reflection 
sphere, as applied to church-goers, do not give nearly such a rich yield as 
before. Religious idealism becomes more and more extinct, and practical 
idealism manifests itself in the form of contributions to various 
organisations. Moreover, these organisations, out of political 
considerations, are more than ever being taken over by the governments who 
know that poverty and need breed revolution and revolutionary factions. This 
is why, at present, the general humanistic practices (e.g., the Red Cross, 
the Salvation Army, etc,) are usually not based on philanthropy, but 
prompted by purely matter-of-fact, realistic considerations.

In the recent past and as a result of all this, humanity brought about, 
either through individual activity or that of groups, a very great change in 
the transmutation processes of etheric substance. Aside from the sham 
so-called New Age movement, which has today become very successful as far as 
the dualistic hierarchy is concerned, the present transmutation processes of 
the masses generate excessive chemical-ether* and life-ether, and a great 
amount of reflecting-ether of a very dubious quality, but very little pure 
light-ether is produced. 

* There are four ethers that are produced by humanity the two lower ethers 
are chemical-ether and life-ether; the two higher ethers are reflecting-ether 
and light-ether.

The light-ether, that formerly was abundantly unleashed by religious, 
humanistic, and idealistic waves and mass movements, is now generally only 
attracted for the immediate maintenance of the body. Only the two lower 
ethers - the chemical-ether and the life-ether - that take care of the 
formation of creatures and things and their maintenance, are produced in 
sufficient quantity.

In view of this situation, we can now affirm with certainty that the 
dwellers of the reflection sphere have no use for the two lower ethers, 
except those entities belonging to the very lowest gradations of Earth-bound 
wraiths. These entities have never yet had to complain of lack of food or 
the possibility to obtain it.

However, the light-ether and the pure reflecting-ether - the higher ethers - 
are the ones that constitute the bread par excellence for the dead who 
desire to maintain themselves on yonder side, because the remains of their 
microcosms, at the moment of passing, are composed of these same ethers. 
Therefore, it is clear that, when humanity in the material sphere no longer 
supplies sufficient etheric food composed of the two higher ethers, the 
entire dualistic hierarchy and its vassals are brought to very great 
distress, compelling them to exert themselves to the utmost to reactivate 
the production of etheric substance, which is indispensable for maintaining 
themselves in the reflection sphere.

Now, the great play that is presently being performed and which shall 
escalate during the immediate future, finds its ground in this particular 
deadly struggle for life. What is the objective of the dualistic hierarchy? 
What is it compelled to do for the sake of continued existence?

As said, the multitudes living on yonder side of death must restore the 
balance between their requirements for light-ether and the production of 
light-ether by humanity living in the material sphere. To this end they need 
the ethers of the intercosmic regions and also of humanity in the flesh. The 
latter must start drawing upon those intercosmic sources and transmuting 
that which they assimilate, in order that the final product of these 
transmutation processes can be robbed by the dualistic hierarchy.

Now, what becomes obvious?

First of all, that a large-scale new propaganda has been launched since the 
sixties, and which has today become generally known as the New Age movement. 
This movement advocates en mass peace-meditations and prayers, invocations 
to the angels, masters, etc., and various other techniques of evoking Heaven 
on Earth. It is not difficult to see how such activities are merely modern 
imitations of the older religious methods of producing light-ethers of a 
sufficient concentration and quality to feed the denizens of the reflection 

Yet so few are aware of this in the world today, and so very few want to 
know, since most adherents of the New Age movement have become entirely 
spellbound by the synergetic glamour that is magically issued forth from the 
reflection sphere and which provides psychic stimulation and comfortable 
delusion for so many. These unsuspecting victims of invisible vampirism 
proceed upon their false ways with blind conviction under the erroneous 
notion that they are serving the Masters of the Christ-Hierarchy. However, 
such counterfeit spirituality only serves to feed the plan of the 
antichrist, to create more karmic bindings and to further the great play, 
simultaneously leading the masses farther and farther away from any chance 
of attaining Liberation from the universe of death.

Esoterically-speaking, there really is little difference between today's 
exciting New Age group-activity and yesterday's religious revivals, church 
evangelism or even the antics performed by various black-magic 
practitioners, like voodoo adherents, for example! The end result is the 
same the production of etheric food for the reflection sphere, the 
invocation of undivine incorporeal spirits and often, especially at this 
time on Earth, occult possession.

Now today, the situation is such that the dualistic hierarchy has not yet 
reached the point of complete starvation. If it had there would have been 
left neither time nor strength with which to carry out its program. For the 
hierarchy of the reflection sphere, the following motto also applies 
'Forewarned is forearmed', and the antichrist has been plotting and 
preparing for the final battle of Armageddon for centuries.

However, the present situation of humanity is more serious than we might 
imagine. For, between the growing distress of this moment in our world 
history and the complete realisation of the definitive end there lies a 
period that will be characterised by dreadful events, by violent 
convulsions. The groups in the reflection sphere still command great power 
over the Earth and humanity, and have their settlements in the material 
sphere filled with numberless entities possessing physical bodies. 
Therefore, the 'ministry of propaganda' has the power and the ability to 
execute all the phases of its program - the great play - which consists of 
various stages that are being carried out successively.

Now, please keep in mind the fact that the great purpose of the entire 
program - we wish to repeat this once again - is to compel fallen humanity 
to produce at least the minimal amount of etheric food needed by the 
dualistic hierarchy; and to that end humanity must produce light-ether and 
reflecting-ether of a high quality.

These two ethers would become amply available if the whole of mankind would 
go into religious and idealistic mass raptures, and if all thoughts and 
philosophic conceptions could be attuned thereto, then the dualistic 
hierarchy would enjoy a great banquet! To this end, the 
scientifically-trained and highly intellectually-inclined part of mankind 
would need to be equally carried away, as well as that far smaller fraction 
of humanity that may be called philosophically or spiritually disposed. 
Therefore, an effort is being made to bring all the various groups of 
mankind under the spell of the great play, so that there will be no group 
left to possibly thwart it.

To this end the dualistic hierarchy is employing every means at its disposal 
political, military, economic, scientific, psychic, philosophical, 
religious, New Age, etc. In this way, the program and its execution will 
appear perfectly reasonable and will satisfactorily pass the closest 
scrutiny. From top to bottom, from left to right, the general run of people 
will come to believe in the great play, and they will serve it in blind 

The great play has already begun with point one of the program namely mass 
propaganda, that is, propaganda in a language and form with which mankind is 
familiar of old, but now in a broader framework, according to the well-known 
American formula gospel meetings in stadia and huge edifices, the larger the 
better, with application of the very easy mass-hypnosis, under the 
leadership of specially trained preachers and New Age prophets.

Suppose that ten thousand people can be rounded up for such a meeting (this 
is happening today, both locally and by way of world networking via 
communication systems such as Internet). It is then but a small play of 
astral magic to put under psychic control at least fifty per cent of those 
attending, to enchant them and work them up into a psychic agitation, into 
an imitation spiritual delirium, into a glamoured excitement in the name of 
world peace, etc. In this state of distraction, accompanied with the 
mumbling of prayers, the sound of mantras, the singing of hymns, the putting 
of signatures to solemn, emotional declarations and petitions for justice, 
and so on and so forth, a magical possession is taken of these people, in 
consequence of which it can be said with certainty 'We have these people in 
our grip'. Then point one of the program will have been a success with 
regard to them.

Soon they will form the nucleus for the successful execution of point two of 
the program, a nucleus that will then stir up the other half of the invitees 
who had remained unmoved till then. This second phase of the great play 
involves the means that the shadow governments are already using in the 
world today war and rumour of war, the fight against terrorism, the United 
Nations world army posing as an international peace-keeping force, economic 
manipulation to effect world-shortages and panic, a cashless society and one 
world bank, a world government, and the list goes on.

All this explains why there will eventually be so much animosity towards 
those who are united in Christ; the group who, as the sole exception, will 
not believe in the great play, and even emphatically warn against it and 
endeavour to show humanity another way, opposed to all phenomenal 

It is therefore so very necessary that all those who are united in the 
Gnosis be absolutely prepared and standing on safe ground before the great 
fury is let loose against them, because there is and there will be no danger 
from which the properly prepared servants of Christ cannot protect 
themselves completely and effectively. Union is harmony and strength.

Therefore, we should all use our time to the best advantage and in the 
living present, in order to lift ourselves up to the Body of Transmutation, 
the Body of the Comforter, the Ark of Christ, in such a way as to form an 
impregnable stronghold for all those who will take refuge with us when the 
days of the great deception are in full expression.

Forewarning 5

We may now understand that if self-willed mankind tries to maintain itself, 
seeking after a continued life and, when this proves to be impossible, 
clings to the astral realm beyond the veil, enormous tensions accumulate; 
tensions caused by the infringement of the most elementary laws of nature; 
tensions that impel the whole world toward crisis.

When an entire planetary race attempts to realise Life in an emergency 
order, either on this or on the other side of the veil, then the destiny of 
that race will hasten toward a conclusion; then life, as it is known in the 
fallen world, is eventually demolished by the irresistible workings of 
fundamental cosmic-radiation laws that affect both spheres of dualistic 

On the one hand, the real meaning of the reappearance of Christ is the 
receiving of Grace upon the True Path; on the other hand - when in a certain 
period a large group of people are truly standing upon the Lighted Way - it 
means the development of a formidable calamity status for the rest of 
mankind. A crisis ensues, an enormous explosion of the tensions which the 
Holy Language calls "The Judgement" the Judgement of God.

Under the irresistible unfoldment of this threatening calamity and due to 
the lack of light-ether connected with it, the reflection-sphere hierarchy 
is staging the great play of which we are duly forewarning everybody who we 
are able to reach and who is willing to listen. But, at the same time, the 
ultimate disaster is inevitable; it must ensue as a discharge of the 
existing and still increasing unnatural tensions of the world.

We shall now explain what this disaster and its consequences will be, for it 
is necessary that we should be fully informed, in order that we may be able 
to behave, as knowing people, in the correct manner with regard to the great 
Aim of our life and shall not go astray by wrong understanding, which is so 
often the cause of inappropriate and absolutely fatal reactions.

For those who do not find and walk the True Path of Return (which is 
presently the vast majority of human beings upon Earth), a catastrophe 
arises, a crisis phase, in which various explosions will develop as 
discharges of accumulated tensions, both within the world - the macrocosm - 
and in the personality - the microcosm. Before these discharges take place, 
however, a degree of balance is maintained because, as the Holy Language 
says, "God's people are still to be found upon Earth."

By "God's people" is meant the group of those - both in the physical world 
and within the invisible spheres - who are walking the Path of the Avatars. 
This group attracts various divine powers and radiations that descend into 
fallen nature, thus creating and maintaining a certain equilibrium, so that 
the discharges of the sundry magnetic storms cannot as yet take place.

However, as soon as a critical mass of Gnostically-minded individuals 
becomes conscious of that Path, sees the various aspects of that Path 
clearly before them, and also becomes conscious of their own state and the 
possibilities of being able to leave this fallen Earth of blood and tears, 
by means of a Living Body, then another situation arises. Then the cosmic 
radiation-relationships change. The group of God's people will then be 
isolated from the ordinary course of the Earth by way of a process they will 
travel in the Ark of Christ toward the new Life-Field, the world of living 
Souls, called by Jesus the "Kingdom of Heaven," and they will be safely 
removed from the dualistic Earth. As a consequence, the powers of the 
ordinary dualistic nature are no longer kept in check and they begin to run 
their natural course.

This now imminent outcome is accurately prophesied in John's Book of 
Revelation as "The Rapture [or being lifted up] before the Tribulations", 
and is quite easily made clear by a simple example. Imagine that a number of 
persons are about to commit a great evil. These persons, who are so intent 
upon criminal enterprises, may be withheld from such deeds and kept in hand 
by a strong line of conduct and by control. The tensions, however, will 
continue to increase, because thoughts and desires directed upon selfish 
deeds do not remain still; ultimately they cannot be kept in check. As a 
consequence the tensions accumulate. Then, when the restraining authority is 
withdrawn and sets itself to other tasks and the misguided masses are left 
to their own devices, one knows what will happen the tensions break loose, 
as does all hell!

Now, there exist certain laws that provide regularity to the mechanism of 
the Omniverse, and these are the radiation laws to which we referred 
earlier. Throughout the entire dualistic universe the radiation laws 
regulate the living conditions of all entities and the great respirational 
processes of the stars and planets, of the planetary and zodiacal systems. 
One might speak of a gigantic clockwork that indicates the course of things 
in the order of time and space, and from which nothing and no one may escape.

Everyone must submit himself to these cyclic radiation laws that govern the 
entire Creation. Therefore, it is evident that the possibilities whereby a 
Gnostic group may follow and reach its aim, also answer to such laws, and it 
should be understood that when a Gnostic body submits itself exactly 
according to the indications of the radiation laws, then this group will be 
able to travel its way and reach the aim of the Path, without any hindrance, 
without any obstacle. Obeisance to universal law guarantees success.

A group of Gnostics does not just come to the fore at a given moment in 
world history. No, the Gnostic groups also come and go according to natural 
laws, according to radiation laws that regulate all life, just as all other 
developments come and go according to these same laws. Thus it is possible 
that people who have studied those laws and who understand their workings 
and who have also investigated the course of these laws in the order of 
space and time, can point - with their fingers upon the intercosmic 
clockwork, as it were - toward happenings that will inevitably come around 

When they do so, however, this is no prophecy, no astrology, but a 
conviction based upon knowledge of the universal governing laws; a sober and 
pragmatic consideration of the irrevocable natural and lawful course of 
events. Neither are there any mysterious whispering voices, spiritualistic 
controls or anything of that sort; no mysterious hocus-pocus, but only a 
sound knowledge of the cyclic radiation laws that govern the Cosmos.

When the ancient prophets spoke about God's wrath, the coming Logoic 
intervention or the future punishments and 'Judgement', they alluded to the 
forces of which we have spoken and which are inevitably activated at the end 
of world cycles. They knew that if tensions are accumulated, then an 
eruption is bound to come at a certain time, and one can very often 
establish the moment of such a crisis beforehand.

Now we may ask - is there any use, then, in prophesying at all? If the course 
of things in the Cosmos is indispensable, why should we find it necessary to 
warn each other beforehand? Well, for the man of the masses, for man as a 
herd-animal, prophesy has indeed no utility, but it has very real value for 
the earnest spiritual seeker who might find the Path of Liberation and so be 
guided by the prognostications of the seers.

For the seeker it is really of importance that a warning should reach him at 
the right time. If you still exist in the seeking stage and hungrily feel 
for the One Way of Liberation without being able to see this clearly before 
you; if all sorts of doubts press upon you, in consequence of which you 
remain still in indecision, then, in this condition, a warning is quite 
definitely in order 'Take your place now upon the Path and submit yourself 
to the urge of the Logos!'

One may only escape from the inevitable fate of duality by going the Way of 
the true Destiny of mankind. Since an integral part of the True Path is 
contemporarily-relevant selfless service, it is also a question of love for 
Christ and mankind; all true candidates for the Final Liberation will 
naturally be impelled to go out and spread the warning when it has been 
received and understood by them.

*  *  *

All radiations and rays of the cosmic laws, in their intervention with the 
entire fallen universe and with every mortal person, describe orbits, 
circles, spirals, ingoing and outgoing radiations. We do not allude here to 
astrological influences; we have not directed our attention in the least 
toward the radiations of planets and of zodiacal signs that come to us, the 
influences upon mankind of which are comparatively subtle. No, here we mean 
intercosmic currents; intercosmic currents that have their source, not in 
the dualistic universe, but in the spheres that lie beyond the fallen realm. 
In the entire dualistic universe immense cosmic currents and radiations are 
continually active, and cosmic currents and radiations describe orbits, run 

So, we have ingoing and outgoing radiations; radiations that require a 
certain period of time to complete their cyclic journey; radiations that 
continually return, be it on a higher or on a lower plane. On a higher 
plane, whenever the level of mankind gives occasion thereto; on a lower 
plane, whenever mankind walks a degenerative way. All these intercosmic 
currents and radiations teach and influence every living creature, be it 
angels, be it man, be it beast, be it plant or be it mineral. Our manner of 
reaction upon these intercosmic radiations is very diverse, however, and so 
it is the case that one and the same ray may awaken one group unto Life, yet 
is simultaneously extremely destructive and fatal for another group. 
Therefore, it is clear that in an order of time and space such as ours, all 
things come and all things go, only to appear once again in the future.

An analysis of the natural course of events, an analysis, for example, of 
occurrences in the year 2000 AD, is completely the same as a similar course 
of hundreds or thousands of years ago. Just imagine that at this moment 
certain mighty intercosmic currents stir us all, have seized us all. If we 
now take into account that intercosmic radiations describe an orbit, then it 
is clear that these same radiations have already stirred mankind previously 
and will do so again in the future.

Now, imagine that we had also existed ten thousand years ago, for instance. 
Then we should be able to establish and determine with great certainty the 
facts that are repeating themselves in the present, by reason of the 
experiences of that former time. Therefore, a prophecy in connection with 
mankind of thousands of years ago may be more or less alike to a prophecy of 
the present, if mankind has reached the same point upon a certain 
electromagnetic orbit as at that time; whereby, of course, we must take into 
account the social, technical and political differences.

Thus it may be understood how it is possible that the Great Pyramid of Giza, 
for example, describes a complete section of the future history of mankind. 
In such a way the chronology of the Pyramid of Giza can point out the fate 
of mankind during a portion of an entire sidereal year.

The Giza Pyramid contains a chronology that embraces approximately 6,300 
years. It speaks thereby of two consummations of fate, namely the fate of 
mankind in a liberating sense, and the fate of mankind in a decaying and 
destructive sense, because, as previously mentioned, the same intercosmic 
radiations will give rise to different reactions, both positive as well as 

We are here posing a question regarding the immediate fate of mankind on 
Earth; the fate of the conversion or the fate of the aversion. If we react 
positively to the intercosmic radiations - indeed, if we are able to react 
thus - then they will lead us into the New Life of which all the true 
prophets, seers and Avatars have spoken; if not, then in one way or another 
we shall be eliminated from the New Earth. So it is and so it should always 
be with every true end-of-a-world-cycle prophecy. Every analysis of the 
activity of the intercosmic radiations is always twofold. For this reason we 
may find the following facts expressed in scripture in various ways 
"Whenever the Son of God appears and the light breaks open and the blessed 
are raised up unto Him, then the Judgement immediately follows; the masses 
who have not chosen to selflessly serve the Divine Plan are cut off". Here 
is alluded to the fate of those who have definitely refused to react 
positively to the intercosmic radiations.

Early in the 21st century the epoch of the Great Pyramid ends. However, it 
will not then become a thing of the past, a monument that reminds one of 
former times, but then it immediately begins anew from the bottom up, 
because there are intercosmic currents and radiations that have an orbit of 
6,300 years.

We should all, therefore, take into account the consequences of this. We 
should say to each other quite soberly 'Let us study the radiation laws of 
this moment, let us investigate their nature and let us take into account 
the consequences thereof, both as individuals and as a group. We must, above 
all, learn to understand in what way we may react positively to these 
radiations.' This is so self-evident that even a child might understand it 
because it is for all of us, without exception, an elementary condition of 

*  *  *

Let us now give a summary of the facts that we have established thus far. We 
find ourselves in the dualistic emergency order, that is to say in our 
present-day field of existence, in order to learn and to understand God's 
Call and to answer it positively.

So, what is God's Call?

It is not one or another holy book, wherein is recounted God's activities on 
Earth or about what God wants from mankind! Neither is God's Call the voice 
that sounds to us by means of a Gnostic order, or by means of one or another 
ecclesiastic body. No, God's Call is a radiative plenitude, an intervention 
of divine Light via the medium of the Christ-Hierarchy. That is why in the 
Holy Language it is stated that God is Light.

The Gnosis is a radiative intervention, and that radiative intervention - 
that Light - is a reality with direct relevance to every human being on 
Earth today. We are born here into this emergency order to understand the 
purpose of the fallen world and to attain victory, or in other words in 
order to walk the Path of soul-redemption. If we do not do this, if we go 
the way of dualistic phenomena, then we will be grounded amidst the disaster 
of the closing phase of this cycle for Earth. In every new period of 
existence or world cycle we receive a chance to answer God's Call 
positively. If we refrain from doing this, then we will be liquidated, then 
our microcosm - every unrepentant personality - will be forcefully purified 
and emptied through the astral Fire. Our Earth-field will also be purged, 
recycled and reorganised, in order to prepare it for a new Day of 

The radiation laws work for us and with us all, yet they know no pardon. 
With respect to these activities there is no compromise. We have the choice 
between positive reaction and subsequent Liberation and Glory, or death. If 
we do not respond, then God's Mercy shall give our microcosm another 
opportunity, so that at some other time in some other place a personality 
may appear in the microcosm who will respond positively. Until this happens, 
God's Call will continue to sound in the emergency order.

Forewarning 6

We have taken into account various abnormal situations in duality, since the 
emergency order does not remain pure as it was intended at the start. To the 
contrary, at a given moment an emergency order may be filled with impurity, 
as is the case upon Earth today. We have discussed in some detail one of 
these impurities, which is of a very misleading and surreptitious character 
namely, the abnormality of that part of mankind which exists beyond the veil 
and which tries to maintain itself at the cost of the part living on this 
side and which, out of self-maintenance, is continually bound to take 
advantage of every situation, even the most dramatic ones.

In this forewarning we shall presently turn to the situation of the imminent 
inevitability, the situation of the closing phase, the situation of the 
liquidation of our present-day social life. We have previously said that the 
chronology of the Great Pyramid clearly points to very early in the second 
millennium AD as the end of a world cycle. If this is correct, then it 
becomes quite clear that there remains very little time left in which to 
gather in the harvest in full measure, before an alteration of the entire 
social and geologic situation of the Earth will necessitate a long period of 
waiting for a new Call for all those microcosms who fail to transfigure.

Let us remember that our existence in this fallen world, in this emergency 
order, is only justified when we walk the True Path that leads back to the 
divine Kingdom. Nothing is left to human experiments; on the contrary, the 
Logos perpetually emanates radiations that make us walk a long, long way of 
experience in the school of hard knocks if necessary and which, ultimately, 
bring us into contact with various higher powers and possibilities.

In the case of a positive reaction, that is to say, if we surrender 
ourselves unconditionally to those higher powers, then a new birth develops 
in our microcosm, a transfiguration, the emergence of a new Man, who is 
eternal and who is able to return to the "House of the Father".

If we react negatively and do not walk the Path that is shown us, then the 
said radiation powers will empty our microcosm of this non-responsive, 
resisting personality by death, and they will repeat this as long as is 
necessary. We have nothing to hold on to, because our own little world is 
ever fated to be eliminated and recycled.

Our emergency order, being a dualistic one, will pass, and we cannot prevent 
it. Everything arises and everything fades away, only in order to rise up 
again. Never can this emergency order, this dualistic nature, be made 
permanent, for it is fundamentally apt to change. Personality follows 
personality, each time in a new aspect of the world and, thus, there is no 
end to the fresh opportunities that the microcosm receives for a return to 
the Promised Land. This process continues life after life and death after 
death, until, at the end of a Cosmic Day - a major world cycle or sidereal 
year - a radiation law releases a universal Force that wipes out every kind 
of fallen, unintegrated life on Earth.

A Cosmic Night is now setting in during which the face of the Earth will be 
entirely changed. Thereupon, as has been the case cyclically for ages upon 
Earth, a new Day of Manifestation dawns and, under altered conditions, the 
process is started once more in order that the remainder of humanity may now 
react in the correct manner. Messengers of the Gnosis descend anew, to once 
again show mankind the only Path of Liberation.

Now, there are various kinds of cosmic nights and, therefore, also various 
kinds of days of manifestation. They can be distinguished in minor and major 
days of manifestation; minor developments relative only to the Earth and 
major ones bringing on a number of phenomena and transformations, e.g., in 
the whole of the solar system. The zodiacal system is subjected to similar 
periods of a still larger extent, and those reigning the totality of the 
Milky Way galaxy even exceed the aforementioned periods.

When we speak of esoteric sidereal years, we mean approximately 25,200 
years. We distinguish in every such sidereal year twelve periods of about 
2,100 years each, and the Gnosis divides those 2,100 years again in three 
periods of 700 years. Every such term of 700 years brings an important 
change in mankind's existence. A period of 2,100 years ends in a change of 
greater significance and sometimes even in the turmoil of destruction 
comprising every aspect of social life, all mankind and also the Earth or 
part of the Earth. Continents may disappear and new continents rise up, and 
in this way various geological changes are periodically taking effect.

The beginning of what we indicate as the Christian era practically 
corresponds with the start of such a period of 2,100 years, and as we are 
now living in the year 2000, it is evident that we have entered the closing 
phase in which we discover the lines of situations and possibilities which 
prove that destruction and renewal is on the approach.

According to the chronology of the Great Pyramid - to be precise since the 
20th of August 1953 - humanity entered the period of destruction of this 
2,100-year cycle in which we now live. Since 1953 the rise into liberation 
has to take effect, or destruction must follow. We know that this rise has 
started and that the process of destruction also shows in the world.

Now, the chronology of the Great Pyramid speaks of radiations with a 
circular course of about 6,300 years, divided into three periods of 2,100 
years. After three such periods of 2,100 years - that is, after 6,300 years 
- the developing disaster will be more radical than after an interim period 
of 2,100 years; and because the end of such an epoch of 6,300 years is 
drawing near, we need not ask what fate is to be expected for the world and 
for humanity.

But on the other hand, the powerful radiation crisis that we are facing in 
these days is also of special importance for the Gnosis; it will affect us 
in a particular sense if our attitude toward this new development is 
spiritually positive! The Gnostic victory of the future years will, 
therefore, be greater and more glorious than ever before in the past 6,300 
years; in fact, it will be more significant than any previous Judgement Day 
in the last sidereal year, for we are now at the end of a major world cycle. 
(See A Call to Awakening and Servers of the Divine Plan).

Let us now imagine that we had lived all through a sidereal year of 25,200 
years; that we were not 30, 40, 50 or 60 years of age, but that we spent 
25,200 years in this existence. We would have lived with humanity through 
many changes, through major and minor cosmic nights and days of 
manifestation. We would have experienced and suffered right through 36 minor 
changes, 12 moderate changes of 2,100 years, and 4 major changes of 6,300 
years each. A considerable amount of knowledge would therefore be ours with 
regard to the workings and the consequences (positive and negative) of the 
radiation laws prevailing in the universe; the radiation powers relating to 
the world and mankind.

Nothing about the course of those radiations and the results thereof would 
be hidden to us. We would know a good deal about the powers active in the 
universe; at any rate our knowledge of them would suffice and enable us to 
analyse the next epoch of 2,100 years with ease. When we would have lived 
through all the twists and turns of time, urged by the radiation powers of 
the Logos, it would - after a long, long time - be very easy for us to 
determine when the new courses would start; we would know in advance what we 
were to expect. Having gathered so much experience we would then be able to 
construct, for instance, a monument like the Pyramid of Giza without a shade 
of speculation, forecasting or fortune-telling.

The builders of the Pyramid on the Nile were such people with an 
Eternity-consciousness, and that monument is an analysis in stone of what 
was to happen in the period of 6,300 years following its construction. A 
complete chronology has been laid down in it by the usage of various kinds 
of stone, by the scheme of construction and by the variation in the heights 
and widths of its corridors and halls. The Great Pyramid is, indeed, a 
prediction of everything that was to occur in the next epoch of 6,300 years, 
complete with dates, and all this definitely without any speculation, for 
the builders constructed it for that purpose on a strictly scientific basis, 
and they were guided by millions of years of investigation!

When we had lived so long and had gathered so much knowledge and experience 
in our being, then we would probably be able, if not to build a monument, 
then perhaps to write a kind of story about everything that is going to 
happen in the approaching period. As a means of expression, we could clothe 
this analysis of time in some kind of garment; of a myth for example, or 
some other romantic form that we could then present to humanity or to a part 
of humanity. This would be a rather lofty story, of course. It would 
nevertheless be a record of happenings in many, many former periods and, 
therefore, also of events in many times to come. The recorded facts would be 
fictitious, but yet true, for the story would be a positive analysis of the 
science of radiation, the consequences and the results of which had been 
verified in the course of millions of years. In full and justified faith 
everybody could accept this analysis, for the future would inevitably 
provide the proof of the story's veracity.

This is the way in which every Holy Language was shaped and scripture 
written. Besides the Pyramid of Giza, the analysis in stone of the universal 
science of radiation, humanity possesses the Holy Language, which gives the 
same messages and information.

Every age had its holy tales and will have them for all races and peoples as 
long as duality exists; stories which, indeed, are analyses of past and 
future contingencies, based on knowledge of the radiations; and these 
stories will always prove to be alike, from whatever races, peoples or 
periods they descend.

The central figure may be indicated as Moses, Krishna, Jesus the Christ, 
Buddha or anyone else of the Very Select, but in truth it is always the same 
analysis of the universal science of radiation. The tales of all races and 
peoples and periods will always be fundamentally alike, because they are 
given to humanity by liberated, absolutely redeemed Entities who voluntarily 
assist the non-liberated part of mankind. As members of the August Body of 
Christ, they willingly serve the Divine Plan of Salvation. Naturally, these 
Entities have full knowledge of the universal science of radiation, and from 
this knowledge they preach to the non-redeemed people when a new period is 
about to begin, telling them how it will and must be, how they must react in 
order to be redeemed; to realise Deliverance.

Whoever forgets the information and advice of the Select can always reach 
for the tale, for the storied analysis of the science of radiation contained 
therein. Undoubtedly you will now see the enormous value of the Bible for 
all of us. This is why the enlightened Rosicrucians said of the Bible 
"Blessed is he who possesses it, blessed is he who reads it, blessed is he 
who understands it, but blessed above all is he who comprehends it and obeys!"

It will also be clear enough why many people and races say of some Holy Tale 
'This is the history of our race, of our people, of our religious 
development, of our church'. This is true to a certain extent, because 
whatever part of the Holy Language we take, it always comprises the history 
of the whole of mankind, its rise and its fall. Yet when we say such a thing 
as 'This is the history of our race', this will give rise to a number of 
serious errors, and problems will be created when people take the Holy 
Language as strictly nationalistic.

The Jewish people are an example of such an illusion when they pretend 'We 
are the people of God'. Similarly, the Christian churches, whose members 
proclaim after the example of their priesthoods 'We are the select, for we 
believe in Jesus'. Think here also of the fanatic Muslims, of the 
narrow-minded Hindus, and the adherents of various other religious and New 
Age sects. All this is proof that the masses have lost the knowledge and 
understanding of what the Holy Language actually reveals.

And because they have forgotten, they are now unable to walk the True Path, 
however genuine their endeavours may be, unless there is an intervention 
from outside and they utterly change their conduct and mind. Besides, many 
analyses of the universal science of radiation - cloaked in stories and thus 
presented to us - have been mutilated by dint of the efforts of the abnormal 
inhabitants of the reflection sphere. The same is true with regard to the 
Pyramid of Giza whose original form has also been badly damaged.

The abnormal beings in the reflection sphere have, during past ages, 
repeatedly and successfully misled the countless seekers of Truth in every 
manner one could think of, and they use these story-like analyses for their 
own purposes "The devil quotes scriptures for his own designs." How greatly 
the Holy Language is misused at every thinkable occasion to confuse the 
masses, or is applied in order to sustain and promote perfidious dualistic 
aims! Is it any wonder that with so much ignorance and blindness in the 
world today, yet another great cataclysm is presently in store for this 
world? Yet, before the time of Tribulation the Chosen Ones will know The 

Forewarning 7

Let us now turn our mind to the Holy Language that affects us Western people 
most the Bible. In this book we find mainly several analyses, in the shape 
of stories, of the universal science of radiation, such as we dealt with in 
the previous forewarning. For one part these analyses relate to events of 
the past; for another part they concern the future.

Now, the Jewish people claim the Old Testament to be 'The history of our 
nation. It is a record of the generation and the development of our nation. 
All this, from Abraham up to the present moment, is our national history. 
Besides,' the Jews pretend, 'the Old Testament points to the great and 
glorious future, a future of international significance for us, the Jewish 
nation. We are God's people! In time we shall govern the whole world under 
the guidance of our Messiah!' The Jews, whether consciously or 
subconsciously, live entirely out of this imperialistic dream of a one-world 
theocracy under the guidance of God, that is to say of the Jewish God, the 
God of the Covenant.

But not only the Jews think in this way. For instance, also the Muslims 
cherish their own unity-idea. As they see it, we are moving toward a grand 
world-sovereignty, an Islamic theocracy under the guidance of Mohammed, the 
prophet. Moreover, we know that in our Western countries, too, there is such 
a striving among the Roman Catholics, whose real aims and purposes are today 
generally apprehended by the thinking public.

There is not so much difference of opinion between the Jews and a great part 
of Christianity. The latter accept the Jewish idea for a good deal, though 
slightly adapted, and even advertise it. For, the Christians say 'Ah well, 
we do not expect the Messiah because He appeared already. Did not Christ 
appear two thousand years ago? And Christ will return; He will restore the 
ancient People of the Covenant, the Jewish nation, and then this ancient 
people will accept and confess our Christ. Thus, God will found His 
theocracy with us and the Jews together. For, in the New Testament, Jews and 
Christians are joined unto one people.'

Everybody who does not accept this, who will not believe it, is an outsider, 
a pagan, an infidel. Both the Jews in their expectation of the Messiah and 
these Christians in their expectation of a second coming of Christ are 
attentively watching the Land of Canaan. There, on the eastern border of the 
Mediterranean they believe that something wondrous is about to happen.

The Jews tell us 'The Israel of the future has begun its course', and the 
Christians, in expectation of the second coming of Christ, declare 'No such 
thing has happened yet, for it is still to come. After the great battle of 
Armageddon, God will take the lead of His people.'

Perhaps you may be acquainted with similar movements in various countries, 
busy with their peculiar scheme of propaganda under the pretext 'The end of 
the world has come; be prepared!' We think especially of the Watch Tower the 
Jehovah's Witnesses, of diverse and grandiose evangelistic movements here 
and abroad which parallel that of Billy Graham. Furthermore, and right 
up-to-date, there exist the multifarious New Age groups, each with a 
different version of how things will be.

Now, all these groups are pointing, with greater or lesser success, at 
occurrences in the world that seem to be related with what has been told in 
the biblical books, and recalling to mind what we now understand, this will 
be of no surprise anymore. Cloaked in stories, the Bible contains 
radiation-analyses of mankind's wanderings which, after having been 
completed, will always start again. Therefore, we may always find 
corresponding indications in the Holy Language of the peoples concerning 
important contingencies in the developments on Earth.

Let us now delve a little further into this subject by first enquiring into 
the origin of the Jewish people. The Universal Doctrine holds that the 
Jewish people belong to the ancient Semitic root race, which is one of the 
races that survived Atlantis. This ancient Semitic root race was divided 
into twelve tribes and these twelve tribes again were divided into two 
kingdoms the Kingdom of Israel comprising ten tribes of the ancient Semitic 
root race, and the Kingdom of Judah consisting of two tribes of the same 
root race.

In the course of thousands of years both these Kingdoms - the Kingdom of 
Israel and the Kingdom of Judah - suffered heavy disasters, often also 
deportations, many of which have been described in the Old Testament. At a 
given moment in history, the Kingdom of Israel had disappeared, had been 
completely dispersed. Its population had been deported and nobody knew 
whither they had gone. Before their total disappearance they had also been 
periodically deported, but each time they managed to return to their own 
country. At a given moment, however, they were gone and nothing was heard 
about them anymore.

Only the two tribes of the Kingdom of Judah originally returned to their old 
country. But at about the start of this era the Kingdom of Judah was 
conquered by the Roman Empire, and the Judeans, the ancient people of the 
Kingdom of Judah, were dispersed all over the world. Nowadays their 
descendants are called Jews. Best of all, the Judeans have preserved the 
Semitic race characteristics of old. Nevertheless, those ten tribes of 
Israel who disappeared, as it is said, do also belong to that ancient 
Semitic root race! Their calling is exactly the same as that of the Judeans, 
of the people who belonged to the two tribes of the Kingdom of Judah.

Following investigation, it seems most probable that these ten lost tribes 
were deported in a northwestern direction. On a study of the map of the 
Mediterranean countries, taking into account that the Kingdom of Israel was 
situated in the regions of the present Asia Minor, we may discover that the 
ten lost tribes must have been deported, via the Syrian regions, to the 
north-west in the direction of Western Europe and that they have spread from 
there. From this we may conclude that we and many other peoples of Western 
Europe, America, Australia, etc. are the descendants of those ten lost tribes.

Various countries have been named after the old tribes, for instance 
DAN-mark (now Denmark), which contains the name of the tribe DAN. There are 
more such examples, but this one seems sufficient for our purpose. Most 
likely the Dutch, Flemings, Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, English, 
etc., are, generally, descendants from the lost ten tribes of Israel. The 
present Israel, therefore, is merely the expression of an inborn urge among 
the Semitic root race for a return to the land where their cradle stood. It 
will be useful to dwell a bit longer upon this subject which, as we shall 
soon recognise, cannot be separated from the shadow of coming world events.

It is a fact that every people cherishes a more or less strong nationalistic 
idea concerning the uniqueness and often supremacy of its own race. A race 
comes to the fore, it separates into a number of peoples, those peoples 
attain glory, power, economic expansion, etc., until the culminating point 
is reached. Decay then sets in and the line of development bends downward. 
As soon as this downward tendency becomes evident among the people 
concerned, a strong desire develops for a return to the glory of old, a wish 
to restore that glory. Poets compose songs and verses, highly inspired or 
not, as the case may be. Literature is enriched with heaps of treatises 
honouring the glory, the strength, the might and the beauty of the past. 
Education follows the example. National history is stamped into the 
children's heads, to serve as a kind of monument of the former glory of the 
race and of the people. Religion, of course, does not go without its say, 
also. At any possible commemoration the people are gathered in the churches 
to pray together upon the glory of past times.

In this way nationalism is created, nourished, maintained and often 
strengthened. In time, the greater part of the peoples produce a strong 
nationalistic idea. The cry for a return to the past is like a war-song 
that, at a given moment, seems to affect millions of people. It sets the 
masses on the move. There are peoples with a rather strong racial instinct, 
for example the Slavic race, the Germanic race, the Anglo-Saxon race and 
many other races throughout the world. This racial instinct, keeping the 
races together in the race-idea but separate from all other races in the 
world, may quite correctly be called a race-god. Let us now investigate the 
occult reality and nature of a race-god.

It is an elementary esoteric fact that when, over time, many people fix 
their minds upon one idea, a mighty astral image of that idea develops. The 
astral world possesses specific possibilities of reflection. So when the 
minds of many of us are continually fixed upon one and the same idea, then 
we shall discover that at a given moment a huge astral image has been 
generated which is becoming clear and well-defined, and with which we are 
connected and in communication because we created it ourselves. It is thus 
that a race-spirit, a race-idea, a racial thought-form or a race-image is 
created and continuously fed. At first it is an image 'with dead eyes', but 
the moment comes when this image gains life and begins to hunger for more of 
the peculiar type of energy that spawned it.

This is when it starts actually dominating us, when certain powers radiate 
from it and when it is even capable of attracting all kinds of undivine 
forces and of pouring these down onto the people. This is the way in which a 
race-god comes into being. It may be seen as a kind of gigantic elemental 
being - called an aeon by the ancient Gnostics - which ultimately develops 
an intelligence and agenda all its own, and can be (and is) utilised by the 
archons entities in the reflection sphere who, with selfish and malefic 
intent, control and manipulate the mass-consciousness of humanity on Earth 
by way of the aeons.

A mighty example of such a thing are the Jews, though there are many other 
examples. During thousands of years the Jewish race-god has been nourished 
among the Jews; has been cultivated in every possible manner, including by 
means of the dark magic of fallen religion. Therefore, however scattered the 
Jews may be today all over the world, the characteristics and instincts of 
the race remain intact. Those who are more discerning may observe something 
of the consciousness of the Jewish aeon peering through the eyes of many 
Jewish people; it is a very real kind of collective occult possession. From 
out of the hereafter, from out of the astral field of the dualistic nature, 
the unintelligent Jewish psychology is sustained and piloted by the 
race-god. On death a Jew is met and made a captive in the hereafter, no 
matter in which country he lived, and from that focus in the hereafter he, 
as a microcosm, is again sent into incarnation with a Jewish family.

The same procedure is true of the numerous churches in the world. There is 
not a shade of doubt that, when a Muslim dies, his microcosm - after having 
been emptied - will harbour another little Muslim on revivification; a 
personality born of Islamic parents. Such is the striving of many a group in 
the reflection sphere (see The Pure Gnosis).

The same is happening in our Western countries. When a man has not entirely 
and fundamentally freed himself from fallen religion and the hierarchies of 
the magic churches during his life in the material sphere, he will 
definitely be made a captive again in the hereafter. At the hour of his 
death he may envision a mighty cathedral of a phantasmic colouring and 
architecture, with enchanting marble steps crowded by the ascending 
faithful. Mighty organ music bursts from the opened doors, and the dying 
man, marveling at the spectacle, enters the cathedral in deep yearning. Then 
he has, once again, been caught!

We are trying here to give an idea of how difficult it is to escape from the 
grip of such a powerful, cultivated race-god or group-spirit once one has 
attached oneself to it. There are many kinds of aeons, including the 
religious type, the nationalistic, political, economic, technological, 
educational, etc. There are as many different aeons affecting and infecting 
this world - greater or smaller, powerful or less powerful - as there are 
human-interest groups.

So perhaps we may now recognise how the various forms of nationalism are 
inseparably related to their peculiar kind of aeon, and such a strong 
nationalistic tendency has today spread through practically every country, 
especially among those races and peoples who have lived under a foreign yoke 
during the past; for them this tendency is stronger than ever before. We 
need only think of the United States of America, claiming world domination; 
of the Arabian countries and the African peoples who are marching toward 
freedom and who are shaking off the yoke; of the Asiatic peoples such as the 
Chinese, the Indo-Chinese and the Indonesians.

In all these countries the masses are on the move, and because of this, 
internal and external tensions and conflicts are breaking out. Today, the 
race-gods - great man-made elemental monstrosities - are girding their 
loins, not with Truth, but for all-out war in the reflection sphere, and 
their nefarious influences can already be seen in the multitude of human 
beings through whom they work to maintain separation, perpetuate human 
ether-production and so feed the dualistic hierarchy. We may rightly say, 
therefore, that more than ever before, the whole world and all its peoples 
are captured in a nationalistic intoxication; they are advancing. The Third 
World War has started and is growing more and more fierce.

It is inevitable that every nation and every race will come into conflict 
with other nations and races in view of their interconnected karma expressed 
through their nationalistic rights, duties or wishes, whether justified, 
hysterical, dreamed or forced.

There are the Jews with their idea of genetic supremacy and their religion, 
and there is also the European illusion of supremacy of the white race. 
Louder and louder resounds the slogan 'Europe, unite!'. A European 
nationalism (and aeon) is now rising up. Soon, Europe will be in deadly 
danger for, in the East and in the South, blind hatred has been cultivated 
during ages, and it is on the verge of being discharged. Great danger 
threatens the Occident, and it is about to perish. Only look around you; 
mind the signs and listen; then you, too, will know that the world is on fire.

Finally only a battlefield is needed; a field where the rage, the 
concentrated tensions of ages, may be let loose. The Holy Language calls 
this battlefield Armageddon.

So now we may ask what is the essential cause of all this? Let us consider 
this question carefully in the light of everything that we have discussed so 
far. What is the essential cause? Is it man's wickedness? Absolutely not. 
Human hatred? No. The cause is only ignorance and the corresponding 
victimisation from the reflection sphere! Only deception. Only lack of true 
education! There is no question of human maliciousness. Mankind on Earth is 
a slave-race, born into slavery to the archons and aeons; the vast majority 
of human beings today - in their ignorance of the real situation on Earth - 
are but pawns in Lucifer's chess-game.

In every human being, born into this emergency order in a fallen microcosm, 
one great overriding urge stirs within; a primordial urge to attain the aim 
of one's terrestrial existence. But what happens when we do not know what 
the true aim is? When we have not been in the least informed concerning that 
aim? When the religions and sciences have deceived us because the priests 
and scholars have themselves forgotten? What shall we do when nevertheless 
that ancient, essential and ultimate urge is chasing us on through all our 
thinking, feeling and willing, but which is thwarted on every side? Then we 
shall do the most ridiculous things! Such has been the perpetual and 
repetitive history of the human race on Earth for long ages and, once again, 
it is all about to end so that a new Day of Manifestation may begin.

Essentially, the nationalistic idea in the minds of so many nations and 
races is but a distortion of the primordial urge after spiritual redemption 
that exists in every human being. But what are we to attain by virtue of our 
status in a fallen, undivine world? Why are we here in this darkened world 
of separation and unholiness in the first place? To return to the original 
divine Kingdom! To return, as a transfigured Soul-Man, to the lost Kingdom 
of God. Such is our only Calling, our sole Purpose and the one Goal of every 
unenlightened human being.

But when we do not know this, then abnormal and deleterious tensions will 
build up and discharge in every manner we can think of. For that we need not 
be wicked or mischievous! Real criminals, really bad people are scarce in 
this world, and even those people whom we might term 'evil' we may pity and 
consider to be ill, seriously ill as a result of many lifetimes of blind 
striving, disappointment, hurting and dying.

With whatever people out of every nation or race one speaks, they will all 
talk about their right; about the right to live as a free nation. Who could 
deny this right? Why should any country be enslaved by another country? Has 
not every nation a right to be free? Is not it a justified demand that one 
should be and live in accordance with one's own status? These people of the 
various races and nations are bearing witness out of their history and, mind 
this also out of their religion! The whole of their priesthood is in the 
service of their race-god! And here is the abnormality, for a race-god or a 
race-spirit is but a concentration of ignorance-born unnatural forces in the 
reflection sphere; and what goes around must come around!

Forewarning 8

In the development of the radiation courses, our present period of 6,300 
years is nearing completion and is running towards its close.

A strong yearning after attainment is therefore prevailing in every soul on 
the planet. So, when individuals experience this yearning, not knowing what 
to do with it and yet being driven, being pressed by that inner urge to obey 
the soul and Christ, then what will happen is that which must happen, and 
what, in fact, is happening the world will be set on fire.

The bill covering this period is now presented, and we must ask ourselves 
the all-important question: What will happen next? We shall shortly deal with 
this question in detail.

Before we do so, however, we wish to stress the fact that neither this 
question nor the answer should oppress or trouble us in the least. We have 
no intention whatever to arouse fear. We are discussing these matters as 
servants of the Divine Plan, as spiritually-minded people, addressing 
everyone who, in the approaching hour of darkness, is seeking for the Light 
that never fades. In case you also belong to this group of aspirants and 
servants, then do take an objective stand toward all this, whatever may 
happen. Do not make yourself a party in the coming battle. We are citizens 
of various nations, probably all subject to some kind of national commotion. 
But we repeat do not stand up for either party in the battle of Armageddon!

This does not mean that it is not permitted to have love for one's country. 
But it is quite a different thing to love our country, the region where we 
live and work, or to feed the evil of nationalism and separation that we 
described in the previous forewarning. Once again take no sides! Be not 
drawn in and so do not perish in any intoxication. On the contrary, envelope 
all men, all mankind in your unconditional love, reinforced by true 
Knowledge and so right understanding.

Should these forewarnings move you in some way, should you see the reality 
of the shadow of coming events in your innermost being, then do decide right 
away - in this critical hour of extreme importance for everyone - to 
earnestly answer the incisive Call of Christ for fulfilment of the only true 
destination of all fallen life, by making an enthusiastic and uncompromising 
effort to go the Path of Liberation in selfless spiritual service to the 
agonising soul of mankind.

When you do so, when you attempt to live the truly spiritual life, then 
nothing untoward can happen to you. Your protection and guidance will be 
complete. Then the words of the Psalmist are applicable to you "Even though 
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for 
thou art with me," and, "Not a hair is to perish from the head of you 
without the will of your Father in Heaven."

*  *  *

Now, the battle of Armageddon is an encounter, a conflict between 
dualistically-deluded mankind and the hosts of the reflection sphere on the 
one hand and the divine Powers of the universal radiations on the other. It 
is not merely a human battle within duality, such as world war I or II, for 
example. It is surprising in a way that mankind has not completely tired 
itself out with fighting over the millennia, considering the great pain and 
loss of life that it has repeatedly experienced, yet today man has invented 
such terrible means of destruction that he fears them himself. The entire 
world trembles at the thought of atomic warfare, for humanity knows that the 
use of atomic weapons will mean the destruction of the whole world.

But bear in mind that whether man uses his weapons of mass-destruction or 
not, he has meanwhile dislocated Nature's household to such an extent, and 
the crisis is presently so full of tensions that Nature itself is beginning 
to react, just as the human body also rebels when it is subjected to 
prolonged harmful treatment, and the powers of Mother Nature are far greater 
than any man-made weapons, nuclear or otherwise. It is completely 
understandable that the imminent moment of world crisis coincides with the 
end of this cycle, in view of the inevitable influence of all the natural 
laws concerned.

So the events of the "end times" spring from the conflict between the 
intercosmic radiation laws and fallen life in the emergency order. Yet, 
those who, in wisdom, do not subscribe to the illusion of duality; those who 
are able to lift themselves up above both the dense material world and the 
reflection sphere by living the Life and treading the Way, will not take 
part at all in the battle of Armageddon.

However, Wisdom comes only after Knowledge, and today the vast majority of 
'knowledge' being peddled in the world under the guise of spirituality is of 
the horizontal, dualistic kind; it is concerned with the fallen 'I', the 
personality, and so has no redeeming power whatsoever; it leads neither to 
Wisdom nor to Liberation. To the contrary, it is misleading and a great 
distraction to the straight and narrow Path.

Therefore, it is evident that even though the Compassion and Love of Christ 
is omnipresent and ever ready to lift up the children of God, ancient 
microcosmic habits (of fear and selfishness) die hard, and come the 
planetary deadline the masses of this world will not have the time nor the 
relaxed disposition to learn and integrate into their lives the liberating, 
timely principles and lessons of the Universal Doctrine. Only the immediate 
future can reveal exactly how events will unfold for humanity, but we know 
that the cosmic and atmospheric revolution has begun; the Logoic Redemption 
Plan is underway, and Armageddon - the final conflict between the forces of 
duality and Divinity - has become a reality in this world!

Such a situation is, of course, eminently suitable for the abnormal entities 
of the reflection sphere to enact the great play. Indeed, they are obliged 
to enact this play on account of their natural urge for self-maintenance, 
for the Logoic cosmic revolt also affects the reflection sphere.

*  *  *

According to the Book of Revelation, three foul spirits appear upon the 
stage of the great play, and they issue forth from the mouth of the dragon, 
from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, and 
they are like frogs. They perform signs that go out to the kings of the 
Earth, to the whole world, to assemble them for battle.

A foul spirit is one who has not yet been purified, an entity who has not 
understood the purpose of the radiations, who ignores the radiation laws in 
the positive sense and knows only how to react negatively. A foul spirit is, 
therefore, an entity who does not open his heart to Christ. So, naturally 
the foul spirits issue forth from the mouth of the dragon and the beast on 
the one hand, and from the mouth of the false prophet on the other.

Translated into simple language this means on the one hand they are 
completely bent on matter, on duality, being entirely of the earth-earthy, 
and at the same time they confess a false religiosity, the religiosity or 
spirituality of fallen nature, the religiosity that adapts itself 
unreservedly to the horizontal line. With the grip that all common 
religiosity and imitation spirituality has upon so many today, even the 
so-called pious minority are wholly subdued by the stagers of the great play.

So who are the three fouls spirits, or groups, or tendencies? 
1) They are firstly the State in general, the System; 
2) Secondly the Church in general (which includes all imitation spirituality); 
3) Thirdly the world and humanity in its general aspects. 

The State serves the masses and the masses serve duality. So the State and the 
masses are of one nature, for the State is a representative of the masses. 
Is it not so that every nation gets the government that it deserves?

And why are the foul spirits of the fallen world-order like frogs? Well, 
they have plenty of jaw! They make a lot of noise in the dark night and they 
croak incessantly! So the frogs of the State, the Church and the world in 
general, together with all the pseudo-spiritual efforts of the world, all 
the religious croaking, will presently - when the catastrophes break out in 
their full magnitude - drive men to their churches or New Age gatherings 
again; and the production of light-ether for the abnormal reflection-sphere 
entities will be greatly stimulated. Indeed, this is already happening, 
especially amidst the New Age movement.

But the relationships of the combat between the forces of fallen nature and 
man are most unequal, so unequal that all the pseudo-religious croaking will 
act like a boomerang. We know that those who do not react positively to the 
radiation laws of the Logos will perish from their negative effects, both in 
the material sphere and in the reflection sphere, and in their great terror 
and self-maintaining desire, the reflection-sphere inhabitants will 
eventually break through into the material sphere and bite the hand that 
feeds! Again, this is already happening in the world today, for evil always 
turns against itself at times of crisis.

In these times the hordes of the reflection sphere will continue to take 
command of the Church, the State and the world with progressively greater 
fury. It will all be to no avail, however. This period will come to an end 
and every microcosm that has not found the true Light will be forced to 
accept the consequences.

Let us now analyse the relation that the children of God bear to the two 
groups of people discussed above. The men of the masses and the abnormal 
entities of the reflection sphere go the road of Judgement, but what happens 
to the children of God?

All who are of the Gnosis, all who are truly seeking the Gnosis should be 
found upon the one True Path. All who are seriously seeking the Way to Life 
should now be walking the True Path without compromise! This means that we 
are all, without a single exception, standing with our backs to the wall; 
that we are all aware of being confronted with the decisive choice self or 
Christ! For this reason Revelations 16 says "Lo, I am coming like a thief in 
the night. Blessed is he who is awake, keeping his garments that he may not 
go naked and be seen exposed."

Who can say exactly how much time the harvesters still have for their 
liberating and saving work? We only know so far that we shall have time 
until early in the 21st century for the first stage of that work, for the 
waiting period is nearly ended. The chronology of the Great Pyramid clearly 
indicates the first decade of this century as the present cycle's inevitable 
end. Therefore, all who can still understand, all who still have ears to 
hear must utilise the time that is left intelligently, in spite of the 
growing tensions and right through all the croaking and big-jawing of the 

For, what is at stake? That we may not be found "naked"! That is to say, 
that at the least we should possess a newborn soul-state (the new attitude 
to life), and in the shortest possible time a new Soul-Body, the golden 
Wedding Garment for the Mystical Marriage. Then we shall not be naked. This 
demand is scientifically sound. Only when we possess the transfigured 
Soul-Body will our dualistic nakedness not be seen. It is in our personal 
interests, then, that an end must be made to our own quacking and croaking 
and make-believe. The choice confronting every one of us today is: Are we 
joining the unconscious ranks of the negatively-reacting people, or are we 
looking to the hills from whence comes our salvation the Final Liberation?

If we long to react positively to the Call of Christ, then we must possess 
the Wedding Garment, a Light Vesture. Our virtuous talk of God, the New Age 
or our profound knowledge of holy literature will not help us or anyone 
else; all that is of no use if we do not at the same time possess the 
Wedding Garment. If we remain impure, and therefore naked, that is to say 
without the new Light Vesture, then all the spiritual croaking of eternity 
will not help us.

So what is the definition of true spiritual success? It is a matter of the 
pure, liberating deed. Esoterically-speaking, it is a matter of safeguarding 
our microcosm from the natural violence of the intercosmic radiation powers, 
and this is only possible by possessing the living Soul-State. For the man 
who possesses a Soul, an immortal Soul, in the Gnostic meaning of the word, 
the natural intervention in Armageddon does not have a punishing effect but 
a liberating one; the powers and the workings of the radiations then lift 
the candidate concerned out of the bound course of fallen nature and into 
the original divine Kingdom. This is the pre-Tribulation "Rapture".

The 144,000 chosen ones bearing the mark of the Lamb on their foreheads; all 
those who are true to the Life and the Spirit, who have successfully 
accomplished completion (144,000=9=the number of completion) and who have, 
therefore, lighted the lamps of their inner vision that shines in the head 
sanctuary behind the forehead these elect of God shall experience, once 
again, the positive alternative that was similarly available in the final 
days of Atlantis, the times of Noah.

The Noachites, a Gnostic order, were engaged in building their Ark according 
to God's indications. Noah's Ark was not a nautical vessel! The Noachites 
were building a group radiatory field entirely adjusted to the true World of 
the living Soul-State; they were consciously pursuing the true Destiny of 
man. The uninitiated and the ignorant asked the Noachites 'Whatever are you 
doing?', as they shrugged their shoulders and laughed at them. But when the 
days of the prophesied end arrived, the events - inevitable by the laws of 
nature - came to pass, just as they shall again come to pass in our lifetime.

The Soul-Man, the man who possesses a living Soul-State, or who is seriously 
engaged in realising this new Soul-State, has access to other radiation 
powers, is seized by another series of radiation laws, with all their 
favourable and positive consequences. These principles of Redemption and 
their glorious consequences have been discussed copiously during the last 
ten years or so by ourselves, and we have duly detailed their reality with 
great emphasis in all our writings. Yet, to date, just as in the time of 
Noah and the sinking of Atlantis, so very few have heard us.

We pray that you will now fully realise the exceptional significance of the 
period that humanity has entered; a period in which every day and even one 
single choice may be decisive for us at the Harvest Time. For as we have 
stated in a Call to Awakening.

If we do not awaken to the requirements that demand our attention and 
warranted discriminating activity today, then more severe measures will be 
appropriated for us by natural law. If we fail to demonstrate a timely and 
pertinent response to the intensifying hints in our lives, then let us not 
cry with surprise when eventually sledgehammers begin to fall!

Just one seriously inappropriate choice in these times of acceleration and 
crisis may initiate karmic ramifications that could permanently close the 
door of opportunity by rendering irreparable damage to a person's 
psycho-emotional constitution, and so utterly prevent their successful 
harvest. In addition, one day of selfishness may create the need for a great 
many more days of karmic redemption during the ever-decreasing time leading 
up to Judgement Day.

*  *  *

In the midst of the conflagration of the nations, the servants of Christ are 
called to gather the harvest from the fields of the Earth. Although another 
great catastrophe is approaching for mankind in general, for the men of the 
masses, a vitally important period, a period of harvest-gathering is now 
underway in this world; and this is why the Call of Christ is resounding, 
the Call of all the Gnostic Fellowships who preceded us on the Path of Service

"Get ready all of you who, in the falling shades of night, verily desire to 
perceive the liberating outcome for suffering humanity.

"Prepare to extend a helping hand to your fellow men in distress, while 
proceeding on the True Path yourself.

"Get ready, today, to join the company of those who are going out to 
continue the classic Work of Harvesting; the Ancient Work of the Avatars of 
Love, the Eternally Born."

Hundreds of years ago when the fellowship of the Cathars, in indissoluble 
unity with the Christ-Hierarchy, performed this glorious work, there were a 
great number of Parfaits who acted as harvesters. It is said that there were 
as many as 3,000 in Europe! Now, today, many more thousands of harvesters 
will be required to bring to a good end the Holy Work with which we have 
been charged.

The fact that you are reading this and understanding it together with the 
fact that you have been brought into physical-plane contact with a genuine 
Earthly outpost for the Christine Hierarchy is a testimony that you have 
been charged.

The Destiny of Ages is nigh, but the time for action is NOW.

We are, therefore, addressing these forewarnings to all people who can read 
the signs and inwardly understand the Call of Christ; to invite them to this 
glorious Work of Salvation.

May you now prepare yourself for this Holy Work in the quickest possible 
time, and may the coming few short years find you working diligently in 
God's vineyard!

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