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                           ~ David Icke ~

               The man, his philosophy, and his Work

David Icke (pronounced 'Ike' - long i), author of ten of the most sought 
after books, tours the globe addressing increasingly larger audiences.

Many have dubbed Icke as the: most controversial speaker in the world!

                         David Icke's Journey

Many who are new to this website and my work have asked me how I got into 
all this. So I am going to briefly tell the story here, or as briefly as I 
can, because so much has happened. 

I was born in Leicester, England, at around 6.15 pm on April 29th, 1952. I 
was brought up in what they call in Britain a "working class" family on a 
big council housing estate and money was short, very short, throughout my 
childhood. I wanted to be a professional soccer player for as long as I 
could remember and I achieved that by leaving school to play for Coventry 
City and Hereford United in the English league. 

Just six months after my soccer career began, however, my left knee swelled 
up for no apparent reason and after months of tests they told me I had 
rheumatoid arthritis. I decided to play on because that was all I had ever 
wanted to do and I continued for the next five years, progressing in my 
career, but also watching the arthritis progress into my ankles, left knee, 
elbow, etc. In the final year of my career, at the age of 20, I was in agony 
every morning at training until my joints were warmed up and loosened a 
little. But I was enjoying a successful period and I wanted to carry on.

It activated still more a fierce determination I have always had not to 
capitulate to adversity and to overcome whatever life may choose to put 
before me. Or, in truth, what my own journey chooses.

Towards the end of that soccer season, the pain disappeared for around a 
month and I thought I was going to be OK, but then one morning I woke to 
find that every one of my joints was agony, like a knife being stabbed into 
them and my career was over. It took some days to even be able to hobble, 
never mind walk again. I was just turned 21 and I was led to believe that I 
would end up a cripple. It hasn't happened. It won't happen. It is not in my 
reality at all.

I decided I wanted to be a television presenter with the BBC and began to 
start on that goal by looking for work as a journalist. This was not easy 
because school had bored me rigid and I left to play soccer before taking 
any exams. (Thank-you, God) I would do my learning on my terms, in my time, 
and the "educational" system barely touched me. I rejected it all with a 
sort of inner knowing that it was not relevant to me. 

I managed to get a job on a small weekly paper in Leicester, not least 
because I was the only applicant and from then on I advanced quickly through 
newspapers, local radio, regional television, to become a national sports 
and news anchor man and reporter. Soon after I achieved this, in 1982, I 
moved to an island off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight, 
a place I had been attracted to since I was a small child. 

It was here that I began to campaign on environmental issues and this led me 
to becoming a national spokesman for the British Green Party, a post I held 
at the time of the Greens greatest, indeed only, success at national 
elections in the UK, the election for members of the European Parliament in 
1989. But I saw that while the Green Party talked about being different, it 
was, like all the Green parties I have come across, just the old politics 
under a new name. I lost interest and left as my life went through the most 
unbelievable upheavals. 

From the mid-1980's onwards, I had also lost interest in television. I was 
doing it to earn money to spend on what I really wanted to do - 
environmental campaigning - and not because I actually desired to do it. I 
found television to be an empty, soul-less world, in which insecurity and 
fear abounded. And after the events of March, 1990, my time in television 
was soon to be over.

I wrote a book in 1989 called It Doesn't Have To Be Like This, setting out 
the vision and agenda of the Greens because I felt they were talking to each 
other and not to the public as a whole. As I was writing the book, and in my 
work for the BBC, I began to feel a presence around me, like there was 
always someone in the room when there was not. It got to the point where I 
sat on the side of the bed in a hotel room in London in early 1990 and said 
to whoever or whatever: "If you are there will you please contact me because 
you are driving me up the wall". Soon afterwards, events began to move 

In March, 1990, I was playing soccer with my son Gareth on the sea front at 
Ryde on the Isle of Wight and I said to him we would go and have some lunch 
at the railway station cafe' a short walk away. The cafe' was full and we 
turned to walk away when someone recognised me and began to ask me questions 
about soccer. When the conversation was over, I couldn't see Gareth, but I 
knew he would be in the newspaper shop nearby looking at books he liked. So 
it was. I stood at the entrance to the shop and said we were going now to 
find another cafe', but as I turned to leave, my feet were stuck to the 
ground as if two magnets were pulling them to the floor. I don't hear voices 
or anything, I just follow my intuition, but in this early period of 
awakening I did hear three voices very clearly. This was the first. It said: 
"Go and look at the books on the far side." What the hell was this all 
about?, I thought.

I knew this shop very well and the books in that section were of no interest 
to me. But given the voice and what was happening to my feet, I went over to 
see what would happen. The first book I saw was one by a psychic lady and I 
was immediately intrigued because of this presence I had felt around me. I 
wondered if she would be able to tell me what was going on. She was also a 
hands on healer and so I wrote to her and made an appointment for healing, 
not telling her about the presence or anything else. To her, I just wanted 
to try her healing on my arthritis. I only saw her four times and in the 
first two visits nothing happened of note, except that I talked with her 
about other dimensions and the wider vision of life. 

Then, on the third visit, I was lying on the couch while the healing was 
done when I felt like a spider's web on my face. I had remembered reading in 
her book that this can happen when "spirits" are trying to make contact. I 
said nothing to her, but within fifteen seconds, no more, she pushed her 
head back and said: "This is powerful, I'll have to close my eyes for this 
one!" She said she was seeing a figure who wanted her to pass on messages to 
me. The same happened a week later and this is what the "figure" asked her 
to tell me on those occasions: He is a healer who is here to heal the earth 
and he will be world famous. 

He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect 
him. He is still a child spiritually, but he will be given the spiritual 
riches. Sometimes he will say things and wonder where they came from. They 
will be our words. Knowledge will be put into his mind, and at other times 
he will be led to knowledge. 

He was chosen as youngster for his courage. He has been tested and has 
passed all the tests. He was led into football to learn discipline, but when 
that was learned it was time to move on. He also had to learn how to cope 
with disappointment, experience all the emotions, and how to get up and get 
on with it. The spiritual way is tough and no-one makes it easy. We know he 
wanted us to contact him, but the time wasn't right. He was led here to be 
contacted, not to be cured. But one day he will be completely cured. He will 
always have what he needs, but no more. 

Don't try to do it all alone. Go hand in hand with others, so you can pick 
each other up as you fall. One man cannot change the world, but one man can 
communicate the message that will change the world. He will write five books 
in three years. Politics is not for him. He is too spiritual. Politics is 
anti-spiritual and will make him very unhappy.

He will leave politics. He doesn't have to do anything. It will happen 
gradually over a year. (Exactly as happened) In 20 years there will be a 
different kind of flying machine, very different from the aircraft of today. 
Time will have no meaning. Where you want to be, you will be. 

There will be great earthquakes. These will come as a warning to the human 
race. They will occur in places that have never experienced them. Taking oil 
from the seabed is destabilising the inner earth. The centre of the earth 
will move and the poles will change. The sea spirits will rise and stop men 
taking oil. The sea will reclaim the land and humans will see that they 
cannot do these terrible things. They cannot abuse the elements. They have 
to be treated with respect.

All this was told to me on March 29th 1990 and on the second visit about a 
week later. At the time, I was a BBC television presenter and national 
spokesman for the Green Party and had no idea what this was all about. Yet 
ten years later, most of it has happened or is happening. Even down to the 
five books in three years, which I wrote to the month. I told some of the 
Green Party leadership about these experiences, but their reaction was just 
as closed-minded, ignorant, and uninformed as you would find in the system 
the Greens were claiming to challenge. "I think David is going crazy." Yea, 
right. Welcome to the new politics!

I wrote of these early months of awakening in a book called Truth Vibrations 
(Gateway Books) and then came the most astonishing event of all in an 
endless stream of fantastic experiences I was having and continue to have. I 
felt this enormous urge to go to Peru in late 1990, early 1991, and I headed 
there in February 1991 purely on the strength of this intuition. A series of 
stunning things happened to me there and it culminated with the following 

My Peruvian guide had booked us into a hotel called the Sillustani in Puno, 
not far from Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. 
Sillustani is an ancient Inca site about an hour's drive from Puno and there 
were pictures of this around the hotel for obvious reasons. I said that I 
wanted to go there and I had to hire a tourist mini-bus for myself because 
it was out of season and there were no scheduled trips. There was just me, 
the guide, and the driver. Sillustani is a mound next to lagoon with the 
Inca ruins on the top. It is in an uninhabited area and it was very quiet 
when I was there, just a couple of children with a lama waiting to sell 
photographs to tourists.

After I had walked around the ruins for an hour or so in the piercing 
Peruvian Sun, I went back to the tourist bus to go back to Puno. I thought 
the trip was over, but it had hardly begun. About three minutes drive down 
the road I was looking out of the window and I saw a mound to my right. As I 
looked at the mound, a voice in my head began to say: "Come to me, come to 
me, come to me." Very strange to say the least, but I asked the driver to 
stop because I wanted to go and look at the mound.

Although I could not see it from the road, I found there was a circle of 
standing stones at the top of the mound and they had clearly been there a 
very long time. I stood in the centre looking back across to Sillustani with 
the mountains way off in the distance. There was not a cloud in the sky and 
the Sun was extremely hot, burning my face. Suddenly, I felt my feet pulled 
to the ground again like a magnet, the same as in the newspaper shop, but 
this time far more powerful. My arms then shot up above my head, with no 
decision by me for them to do so. Put your arms above your head, slightly 
outwards at about 45 degrees and see how they start to ache within a minute. 
My arms were like that for well over an hour and I felt nothing until it was 
over and then they were agony. 

A flow of powerful energy began to go into the top of my head like a drill 
and I could feel the flow going the other way up from the ground through my 
feet. It was then I heard the third voice in my head, something that has 
never happened since. It said very clearly: "It will be over when you feel 
the rain." 

What? What rain? There was not a cloud to be seen anywhere, just a glowing 
Sun in a clear blue sky!!

I stood there as the energy increased and increased to the point where my 
body was shaking as if plugged into a power station. After a while, I saw a 
light grey mist over the distant mountains and as I watched it got darker 
and darker. It had begun to rain far away. Very quickly this storm emerged 
from those mountains, filling the sky with clouds, and covering the Sun. 
Eventually it was over me and I was seeing faces in the billowing clouds.The 
storm was moving so fast, it was almost like time-lapse photography. Then it 
began to rain and as I felt the water on my face, the surge of energy 
suddenly stopped as if someone had flicked a switch. I staggered forward, my 
legs like jelly, my shoulder and arm muscles now very painful. 

Energy was pouring from my hands with fantastic power and I went down to the 
bus to grab a crystal in an effort to diffuse some of it. My feet continued 
to burn and vibrate for some 24 hours. I could hardly sleep that night 
because of it. 

My life was to change dramatically, in fact as dramatically as you could 
imagine, in the weeks that followed. I felt like a dam had burst within me 
and my consciousness was thrashing around trying to rebalance itself under 
the new circumstances. That took some two months to happen and in that time 
of enormous confusion, Truth Vibrations was launched and I went on national 
TV in the UK to be ridiculed beyond belief. For two years and more I could 
not walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at by most of the 
people. Comedians only had to mention my name and they got an immediate

But nightmare as this was, it set me free of the prison that most people 
live in - the fear of what other people think. Only by breaking free from 
that could I now be going around the world talking about shape-shifting 
reptilians occupying the positions of global power. If you need people to 
respect you as your sense of security, there is no way you would do that - 
one key reason why it has so rarely been communicated before. That ridicule 
was a major part of my journey and it set me free of so much.

From that time, I have followed the flow of life. Exactly what I was told 
would happen through the psychic lady in 1991, I have been led to knowledge, 
more and more all the time, which has revealed a picture of how the world 
has been controlled by a tiny few for thousands of years. And how the 
suppression of the spiritual knowledge, the understanding of who we are and 
the nature of life itself, has been the foundation of how this has been 
done. I have also learned of the Great Awakening, the Great Transformation, 
that is upon us. 

The trickle of information became a river and now it is a tidal wave. Yet, 
we have hardly begun and the rest of the story promises to be even more 
amazing than even what has already happened in these last ten incredible 

David Icke

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