~ Abraham Speaks ~
... The Four Laws Of Manifesting ...

This is the most powerful law. That which is likened unto itself is drawn. Birds of a feather flock together. Negative spirals keep going. Good starts keep going, so do bad starts. It's both obvious and subtle. Everything is influenced by it. Think of something that pleases you, you attract other pleasing thoughts. And the same is true in the other direction. You get to choose what "thought bubbles" you blow. All your thoughts are attractive in nature.

That which I give thought to I attract, that which I give thought to with positive emotion I attract more quickly. Once I hold my intent, then I get it. Intention = Thought held with emotion You believe & feel your desire manifested, then receive it. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. Deliberate thought is a powerful attractive magnet, especially when you add feeling to it. Those who speak most for prosperity have it. Words do not teach.

Life experience is what brings you knowing. ie If you will become interested in "controlling your thoughts." takes great attention and discipline. If you don't want negative experiences, then deliberately stop having negative thoughts. This takes focus and desire to be free from suffering. You cannot monitor a negative thought and have one at the same time.

Remember, you are much more than your physical body. There is also an inner being or soul inside. A broader, wiser and older part of you that communicates with you without exception. Maybe through clear vivid thought, or audible words at time but always through EMOTIONS. These are feelings that take you beyond the bodymind and cannot be missed. One can miss their life purpose without taking time to feel these wise feelings.

Positive Deliberate Thinking = You are thinking or acting something that is consistent with what you're wanting.

Negative Deliberate Thinking = You're thinking is not clearly "creating" what you desire. You are not making thinking a conscious part of the creating process.

I am a divine Being. I naturally allow others to be the divine Being they are. I enjoy the differences, similarities and sameness that I find in everyone. I relish that no two of us are the same. Allowing helps me find peace & joy while others are doing the exact opposite of what you'd do or you want. Fear is clinging. Fearful thoughts lead to not allowing the other's different action/behavior.

Not allowing spreads an energy that will adversely affect you and result in inner conflict. Fear of allowing is the greatest resistance to life. It is the attitude of weakness rather than strength. It's a lack of feeling Allowing that one creates problems in their Universe.

Look at the difference between allowing vs. tolerating. Tolerating life happens because you have a negative emotion attached a thought about someone. Allowers do not feel negative emotions. Absence of negative emotion is freedom. Negative emotions are what bind you. An Allower doesn't give attention or listen to or look for that which he does not want to experience. The Allower understands that we are all the creator of our own experience.

This law leads to Total Freedom. Nobody has the power to harm you, but you. You are 100% responsible for all the gentleness you experience. You can have freedom from any negative experience you don't want. What others do and say need not affect you. Access a feeling of self-love, self-appreciation and self-preservation this is powerful. As you're wanting to preserve yourself you cannot allow someone to threaten that.

Be something different than the fear based crowd. Uplift by the clarity of your thought. What uplifts your heart will uplift others. If you intend to be of assistance, don't have your eye on the trouble but on the assisting. Look and focus on the solution not the problem. Be an inspirational being with your thoughts, words and actions. Be uplifting by being a living example of inspiration. Negative emotions of sorrow, sympathy or pity will add to the person's condition. Be an allower and uplifter. They can have something better. An Allower finds joy in all experiences, and can only participate where there is joy. Focus on what you want = positive emotions. Focusing on what you have is like meditating on gratitude.


It is our absolute knowing that your body is responding only to the thought you are offering. So if you are wanting wellness you must stop defending yourself against illness and give your attention to wellness.

If you want a slender, strong body you have to acknowledge those parts of your body that are well and as you want them to be, in order to attract other things that you are wanting to be. (snip) Your natural state is wellness.

Your natural state is absolute well-being. And there is no reason to have otherwise other than you have been giving thought to illness.

Friends, you do not have to fight anymore against your illness; you just have to relax into wellness.

In every moment that you think about something other than illness, you are stopping the illness from going forward.

In every moment that you are thinking about the illness, you are adding a little more fuel to the fire, so to speak. (snip)

Give your attention to something, anything, other than the illness.

Abraham-Hicks, Tape AB-16, Health, Weight and Mind