The Global ET Connections

Lectures by Alex Collier
There are seven Lectures by Alex Collier and I found them most interesting. I have had these lectures for many years - but I never had the time to put them on my pages. Please have fun and enjoy reading this. If all this is new to you - put your seatbelt on. These Lectures most likely came from: TruFax.Org
How much of what you are going to read is really true? Well, let's say that if only ten percent is true - it is still a lot to ponder about. On the other hand - all of it could be true except the dates mentioned. Meanwhile, the world and mankind are changing fast...
Lecture 01
133 Kb.
Lecture 02
42 Kb.
Lecture 03
100 Kb.
Lecture 04
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Lecture 05
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Lecture 06
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Lecture 07
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