Archangel Ariel Transmission
Through Isaac George

"Preparing for the Solar Maximum Cycle"
March 10th, 2000

Isaac George email:

Greetings one and all, Ariel here!  How be you?

One of the things that is certainly occurring at this time that is exacerbating, making things more intense, making things more emphatic regarding the mental realm, is certainly what you would call the Solar Maximum Cycle. What we are going to address here are a couple of things which relate to what is happening, not only on the physical level, the biological level, but what is occurring in your Mental body, your Emotional fields, your Etheric fields, and what is even having some impact on the lower astral bodies and/or Light Body.

The Emotional body is directly connected through this feeling center and so there is always the potential of feeling a low-level anxiety whenever there is a heightened solar radiation cycle. And when there is an astrological phenomena such as what you are experiencing now with the planet Mercury, which is a "signature" tone for the Mental body. It represents in the Macrocosm, what the Mental body represents within the Earth structure, within your humanness and in your physicalness.

We would begin by bringing your attention to the fact that you have noticed erratic energies, a period of time that you are all going through in which there seems to be sort of a feeling that your are "slogging" through things. Like you have not been able to move as swiftly or as quickly, or as intensely as you would like to. There are certainly reasons behind this in regard to the Solar Cycles.

What you have is a "compression" effect; the compression effect is being felt in the etheric realms, in the astral realms, but it is also being felt very much on the physical level. What you have here, in terms of what you call science, or what you would call physical sciences, is that every time there is a magnification of the proton wave or the plasma wave that is generated from a Coronal Mass Ejection, it travels the distance to your planet in about 48 to 72 hours. When it impacts, or broadsides the magnetosphere of this world, this planetary system, it distorts the field.

If you can visualize in your own minds what looks like the field that is emitted from a magnet. There is an outpouring of energy at your north magnetic pole and at your south magnetic pole. And out of this streams energy, in a fashion known as a "torus," or as a unified field. It flows out and surrounds the planet for many hundreds of miles out into space, and then gradually it moves back in and coalesces at the southern magnetic pole, and then it forms the center of the magnetic sphere. This is sort of a core, or sheath that the energy runs up through. So what happens, is when the plasma wave comes in contact with this field, even hundreds of miles, thousands of miles into space, it makes a dent, or impression.or "squeezes" it.

It's sort of like what happens when you push on a balloon. When you push on the balloon, the other parts of the balloon sort of expand away from the point where it is being pressed against. When you’re moving pressure within the balloon itself, the rest of the balloon changes it’s shape. It is no longer a consistent field, a unified field. What happens to the electrons, protons and the nuclei within this field is that they become distorted, their patterns are disrupted and interrupted. What you eventually experience then, within the field, is a disorganized pattern of atomics and subatomics. It takes awhile for the proton and electron flow to realign into their original pattern.

In this disturbed portion of the field, if there are no other things of consideration (that would be life forms, that would be any kind of intelligences, and kind of sentient life) then it is just the disturbance of a field. So, for example, when there is a solar wave or solar wind that disturbs the field of a far distant system, that is just a star, just a protonic field, or what you call nebulae, the energy consciousness of this field is disturbed, but there is no biological life, there is no "dense" life that is having to experience it in any other way. That is much less impactful on an inhabited planet such as Earth.

Now, when you get into a situation where a planet has sentient life on it, when it is holding consciousness of various types, various realms, for indeed within the Earth plane you do not have just what would be called Three Dimensional life, you have Two Dimensional life, you have One Dimensional life, and you have now the impinging and overlapping of Fourth and Fifth Dimensional frequencies. So, within these fields you do have impact every time there is a plasma wave that encounters the physical sphere of the Earth’s magnetic field, and it is compressed and thrown out of it’s original alignment, all life that is within the magnetic envelope and sphere of this world is affected!

First of all, it is noticed sometimes in your electronics environment as disturbances within those devices which rely on crystal radio wave forms to transmit electrical impulses through the atmosphere in order to communicate such as radio, high-band radio waves, short wave band, etc. The other things that are affected are microwave transmissions of various kinds, cellular phone transmissions, and things that rely on the ionosphere to "bounce" their signals off. The satellite environment is the next thing that is affected. It is affected directly by the impact of the plasma wave itself, which if it is unprotected will actually destroy circuitry within the satellite itself.

But secondarily, it is impacted through the bending of the electro magnetic wave form, so what happens is that communications are disrupted between the surface and the satellite itself. And so it cannot give a clear transmission, data is missing, broadband transmissions are disturbed and so there is distortion on the other end, the receiving end. So, the situation you have here, is that on the physical sciences level there is, first, an impact in the communications environment with regard to transmissions.

The second thing that happens is that you have an impact within the astral or emotional fields. There are beings on your planet, people you know, even yourself, as you would pay attention to it, that would feel the initial x-ray emanations that occur at the time that the coronal mass ejections actually take place. And that feeling or sensitivity (if one is sensitive enough) can be felt seconds after the eruption, after the initial out rushing of energy has occurred from the disturbance.

Now, the actual magnetic or plasma wave takes again 48 to 72 hours to coalesce and project itself across the space time continuum and reach your planetary system. One of the things that happens once it hits is that some people will react emotionally at that point in time. They will react with perhaps grieving or they will feel a tension or anxiety. So when you are feeling or sensing these things and you are aware of the cycle that is being reported by your various satellites that are observing the solar activity then you can gage your level of sensitivity of what you are feeling. Such as a feeling of low grade anxiety or a feeling of sadness, sorrow or agitation or perhaps it is noticed as a feeling of not being yourself.

These are things to pay attention to. And then you can look back and see what the activity has been, what has been reported. And see if you are sensitive and acting as an antennae for such activity. Now, there is no permanent effect or serious concerns that you need to have about these kind of emotions. What is happening on the mass-consciousness level by the releasing of this energy, is a purging. So what is happening on the macrocosmic level, some of you are feeling on the microcosmic level. You are feeling a connection to the mass-consciousness and transmuting what they are not feeling at a conscious level.

This is similar to what we have addressed before regarding the Kumara function. There are many Kumaras now that have been elected to this transmutational work. Not because they originally came here to do this but because they have signed on during their sleep and dream time to do such work and transmute for the mass-consciousness and for the planetary memory patterns. And such as it is, it will be felt in the astral and emotional fields.

The other thing that occurs when this happens is that there is a connection, a bleed-through because of the misalignments between the lower four bodies. You may feel or experience this as a physical challenge.There has been a great increase in the number of broken skeletal components within biological species known as human in the last seven to eight weeks. There has been a marked increase, your emergency rooms have been filling up with broken toes, elbows, collar bones and sprains as well, in larger percentages and quantities than have been seen within the same time period in previous cycles, even eleven years ago during the last solar maximum.

This is because when the magnetosphere is compressed, it is squished, so to speak, and this impaction can cause people to loose the ability to stay focused within the physical realm and thus cause problems with equilibrium. So, when the solar wave fronts hit the magnetosphere it causes people to feel out of balance, even if they are not consciously aware of it. And it may cause them to fall down easily, or trip or bump into things or cause freak accidents. The other way this is being transmuted and experienced in the physical body is in various forms of sinus congestion, upper chest and respiratory ailments.

There is also a great deal of clearing and imbalance in the lower intestinal tract, and the organs of purification, primarily gall bladder, liver and kidneys. There are also problems in the colon and the lymphatic system. You may see unusual reactions such as swollen glands in the neck, under the arms, and around the thyroid. Also there may be odd swellings around the knees or the groin area. So, these are things to pay attention to in terms of what is happening as a manifestation on the physical level from some the solar effects.

The other thing that is happening on the physical level and is very noticeable by those who are sensitive, is pressure. Pressure behind the eyes or in the chest, the solar plexis, the base of the spine or the gluteus maximus. There may be complaints of sore spots, aches and pains, etc. These are the result of the body reacting to these wave fronts as they impact and compress the magnetosphere. This has an effect on all the subatomics and atomics of all the physical species on the planet. It is not just humans who are feeling this. The animal kingdom is aware and feeling this impact as well. They are feeling sluggish and tired. This is also something that is being experienced by humans. It is not just your weather, even though your weather is severely impacted by all of this. It is a weather changer. So you are experiencing more and more erratic and bizarre weather .

These patterns will only intensify. So these places that are having 77 degree weather, in the Midwest where it normally is in the 30’s and 40’s, are wondering what is going on. Spring has been "busting out" anywhere from 60 to 90 days ahead of schedule, depending on the region of the country you are in. In Europe they are not having Spring, they are having late winter in some parts, and they are having accelerated Spring in other parts, although it is very wet. Also in the Southern Hemisphere you are seeing grand high winds accompanied by incredible fires and all kinds of other upsets. The currents in the oceans have also been magnified and changeable in the past few weeks due to the "excessive" solar activity that has been going on. It is only excessive in terms of your scientist’s view. It is normal from our perspective. One of the things we would have you be aware of is that there are various types of emissions that come with these different eruptions. You have x-ray, which is the lowest class, you will feel the energy from that but it will pass very quickly and it will not actually impact your magnetosphere.

The next thing you will feel would be from the coronal mass ejections or CME’s. The last is the M-class and X-class. The M-class is very severe but not as severe as X-class. X-class is the equivalent of a five on your tornado scale or a ten on your Richter-scale in terms of earthquake activity. So when you hear anything from NASA or NOAA regarding X-class predictions or the potential for an X-class emission, hang onto your hats and fasten your seat belts, for that will be the most severe time of activity within your magnetosphere. Now one of the wonderful things on the physical level that you can enjoy from this is that you can see the magnetic charging that is occurring within your atmosphere whenever there is one of these M-class or X-class events. You will see more and more of the incredible sunsets, the incredible skies and the incredible effects of aurora borealis even into these lower latitudes.

So these are one of the wondrous things that you can participate with. And when you have the opportunity to expose your body, to expose your consciousness, to the Light of these, please do so. For it will help you greatly to acclimate what has been transmitted. We have discussed the emotional, we have discussed the physical, we have discussed some of the planetary species changes as well as the things happening with the weather; what we suggest that you be aware of concerning weather is that you will see things out of kilter. You will see tropical hurricane-type storms happening in the spring rather than the fall. Tornado season could be especially tough through April and May. If you know someone in the Midwest, or you are planning to travel, there we would recommend caution and checking in on what is happening with the solar winds and the solar activity, going into April especially. April is going to be very intense from about the 9th and 10th of the month right through to the end of the month. Things will taper off a little bit around the second week in May but they will kick up again in early June through the rest of the summer before things quiet down. One of the things that we bring to your attention next, is the mental effect of all of this. What is going on for May is a feeling of sort of slogging through things and having to do things over again and a possible struggle with things. Sometimes there will be a very high energy with an ambition to get things done. And sometimes there will be absolutely no interest and absolute boredom or disgust. What is happening on the mental plane on the macro-cosmic level for the entire planet is the removal of patternings that relate to separation consciousness.

Not to enemy patterning, not to lack, not to limitation, but actually to the core level belief that somehow, you and everyone, every being that walks this planet is an island unto themselves. That is the pattern that is addressed here, and it is a difficult one to dislodge. But yet the solar storms are performing their function to do this; to create a morphogenic field, to create a resonant field, in which this patterning of separation can be released or relieved to some degree in order to allow and to invite in the expanded view or the higher frequencies and resonances of what we call Christ Consciousness.

This is the preparation that is bringing everything up to a focal point from May 3rd through the 5th, through the Grand Alignment. In retrospect, this mental patterning is very, very useful at this time. If you feel disturbed, tired or bored, if you feel in any way like you are losing hope or losing faith, it is the old separation consciousness dislodging; letting go of the old belief that you are unconnected not only from yourself but from everything outside of you. This is the pattern that is being addressed by these energies at this time. It is also, as we mentioned, the last trimester before this birthing process, and as any mother would know, the birthing process is not attendant with out some discomfort, without some kind of aches of pains and a feeling of pregnancy, a feeling of moving energy, of moving the great thing growing within, to move it out and make it manifest. So, the mental field first has to be cleared of all distortions, it has to be re-patterned to its original patterning in order to receive the highest creative impulses to begin the birthing process. This is the labor that is beginning, the little pangs of birthing the new you, the little discomforts and kicking that are happening to you to be rebirthed again in the spring. To be birthed anew.

Now how do you deal with these occurrences? There are different things that can be done to deal with the mental, emotional and physical discomforts. The first thing we will begin with is the physical. One of the things that helps the physical body with any kind of solar storm cycle is magnets and grounding devices. Various types of grounding tools, either using crystals or mental grounding visualizations and techniques. As far as magnetics, there are certain things (magnets) that you have created that will assist the body to stay in it’s magnetic resonance. Your field is being bent at the same time in the same way that the planet’s magnetosphere is being bent. So when you have that feeling of being wobbly a little off center or out of your body it is the effect of one of these wave fronts. You can use the body magnets that are available to tape onto the body or worn as a bracelet or copper worn as a bracelet or necklace will also help to realign and balance your personal magnet field.

We would recommend highly to carry any items with you, on your person, that help you to ground, be it tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, etc. Any grounding stones that are in harmony with you that work well with you, that would help you to stay centered and grounded are highly recommended. Another technique that will assist, is to stand in your bare feet on grass or soil or dirt for as few as two minutes a day. This will greatly assist you. Especially if you can visualize yourself anchoring your Earth chakra (the Earth Star that is located about six or seven inches below your feet) to the core of the Earth. And anchoring it consciously. Not anchoring your stuff, your Lightbody and everything else down there because that will not assist Mother Earth in her transmutational process but to anchor your physical body.

Mother Earth will benefit from feeling the connection with you as well. Anything that you can do to facilitate this in your daily activities would be helpful to you to assist in dealing with these impactions of energy. At night when you are sleeping if at all possible orient your bed north to south so that your head is to the north and your feet are to the south. If this is not possible in your current environment then we would suggest that you orient from north to southwest or from east to west. But it is not recommended to have your feet to the north and head to the south. This could be very disruptive to your magnetics. It is best at this time to go with the flow rather than going counter to the flow. This means being in alignment with what is currently the state of the magnetic field of the planet even though its magnetics are dropping.

That drop is also what is causing people to feel this disorientation and causing falls and thus broken bones. We would like to address this additional point regarding the broken bones. The bones are shattering and there is a good reason for this. The bones hold more data than your skin or organs of your body. The bones hold complete astral memories of your Akashic records. So, the bones are where all of the old patterns are stored, therefore whenever you have the breaking of a bone it is usually in response to a pattern that is not being dealt with or is not being owned. So, this is actually another benefit. Some people are not dealing with this too well, so they are unconsciously manifesting their unconsciousness through the experience of breaking their bones.

Back to the sleeping orientation, if you do not sleep in this way (north to south) at least spend some time meditating each day lying down with your head to the north. 15 to 20 minutes will be most helpful. Bathing, salt baths are also very helpful, not only for clearing and protecting your energy but they are also very grounding. It is very helpful for your bodies, it soothes them and nurtures them. We would recommend also at this time to expose yourself as much as possible to available sunlight when it is available. This will help you to attune to the plasma waves. It will help you to bring yourself in balance with what is happening in terms of the emanations of the solar disc. For the emotional level, there are certain stones that would assist you greatly at this time to match resonance and assist you with the magnetics and all that is going on at this time. Primarily citrine will help manifest a resonance with the solar activity and the solar energies, amethyst will be very calming, also chrysoprase to soothe and assist the heart center and for the higher activities the amethyst will do well but watermelon tourmaline will also be highly assistive and calming especially for the first and second chakras. These stones will help you to calm and harmonize the emotional body.

Another thing that would be helpful to the emotional body is doing a cleanse of some kind. Not only because it is spring and time for a cleanse but whenever there is a great amount of magnification coming into the planet such as there is now, there is an impetus to let go of density. So when you are feeling a contraction as many of you are feeling at this time, it is always a good harbinger that it is time to expand yourself. The best way to expand is to drop density, and the density can be dropped very easily by lightening up your diet, which will assist the emotional body. It is a tendency, usually, when one runs a lot of energy to beef up on carbos, to go to starch. We would recommend going the opposite way. We recommend fruits, light dairy, not heavy, such as light yogurts, light cheeses if you are not vegan. Also, you would do well to eat more greens, more raw foods like seeds and nuts. Just do this temporarily. Save the cheeseburgers and french fries for later and moderate. Go back to baked potatoes instead, but minimal, maybe three or four times every two weeks.

Just keep in mind that when you take in sweets, when you take in high stimulus foods (things you burn faster) such as simple carbohydrates, rather that complex carbohydrates and fruit sugars, you are actually throwing your system off. At least for this temporary period of time, at least for the next couple of months, it would not be too good to over-indulge sugars or over-carb. From an energy standpoint you are being stimulated enough. Backing off on the caffeine and going to herbal tea would be good, especially comfrey. Comfrey is a very excellent tea at this time for the emotional body, and it will also aid the physical body and calm things down a little bit. It would also be good to have licorice - licorice root would be excellent. One of the things that would be helpful for the Mental Body is maintaining clarity by reducing the exposure to your mass media. This will assist you to cut through the "fog". Be very cautious of how much stimulation you give yourself artificially, whether it be through the Media, TV, and things of that nature. Cut down a little bit on the excess stimulus you are getting, whether its from books or handling generator crystals, or playing around with different toys of that kind. Because over-stimulation will only create more confusion.

It will only create more of the feeling of low-grade anxiety, or the free-floating, not knowing what your next step is rather that staying in the Now and staying focused. We recommend shortening your meditation times just a bit. Spend less time in the ethers, and a little bit more time here, so you can match the physical body resonance, the emotional body resonance, the mental body resonance. One of the most important things about the mental body at this time is recognizing the fact, as we have mentioned, that you are losing continuity regarding your separation consciousness.

It is a very important thing at this time to mentally connect with other beings through the heart. In other words, be able to express. Even if its gobbledy-gook, even if it comes out like dyslexia (which is especially prevalent during a Mercury retrograde), that you express what is going on in your mind at any particular given point in time with your partners, with your working partners, your friends, with the people that are in your lives. Being able to express in each instant what you’ve got to say, you’ve got to get it out. When you do that, take note of your emotional response to it.

So expression at this time is valuable. It's also sometimes difficult to do when there is this much energy impacting you and when you have this energy of the Mercury retrograde going on because there is a tendency to want to turn inside, withdraw. We recommend to you the opportunity that is presented by this energy to not withdraw, to not go into separation. For that is the tendency with this releasement, is to isolate yourself even further. Take the time, call up a friend. Take the time to unburden yourselves, each day, just for a few minutes with somebody.

Create a "buddy" system so that you can have someone you can pray with, someone you can talk with, someone you can actually share with about what is going on. Even if its crazy thoughts, crazy stuff. Anything that comes to your mind. You want to have some way to voice it, some way to express it. If you have no one to connect with in that moment, then sit and write it down. No matter how crazy it sounds, no matter how obtuse or depressing it may sound, or even how joyful it sounds, just write it down. Just get it out of your system or speak it to a friend. Then you will find your emotional body will be less tense, less anxiety-ridden. You will actually free up that energy.

If you find a way to connect with one other person, that is one way to transmute the energy of separation consciousness that is being released on a massive scale beyond what you can even recognize. For this is not impacting just six billion plus souls with physical bodies on this planet. It is impacting many who wander in the lower astral planes, and all the different lower hells and heavens and so forth that are in the Fourth Dimension, that are overlapping and intersecting with you at this time. So take the time to express, to talk, to commune one with the other. And as two or more are gathered in the Name of the One, then the burden will be lighter, and the joys that are shared will be easier and more fun! The sorrows that are shared will disappear. They will float away, they will not be the big deal it seems to be, because it's inside of you! That is very important "therapy" for the mental body during these times.

Last thing we would like to express is what is happening on the spiritual plane, the spiritual bodies, the ego bodies. There are ego bodies inside spiritual bodies. Make no mistake. You think the ego is the domain of the mental body in the 3rd Dimension alone. The ego exists through all planes, just as you exist through all planes. It is multi-dimensional! There is a Divine Ego as there is a human ego. So what is happening in the spiritual ego stages is that there is a realignment occurring. This is part of the Ascension process. This is part of becoming God in physicality that you are all participating in.

Even those that are currently unconscious and asleep and unawares of the process, they are experiencing it as well, just not as exquisitely, or as excitingly, or as accelerated as you feel it. Part of the reason for this is that you have made a conscious choices. You also have been triggered awake. Every being who is on the so-called "spiritual path" or "ascension awakening" at this time was encoded to awaken at a specific times, in the timeline continuum on this planet. It was not an accident. None of you designed this to be an "accident." There is no accident possible within the Divine Plan. Everything has been planned and foreordained by YOU! You set your own alarm clock, and then you told us to give you the wake up call!

This, then is the time, the next three months. The next 90 days! All of this is "prep" work for graduation to the next level. There's no end to "it." This particular cycle you are in is a grand opportunity to move up into a new octave of expression, manifestation and self-realization that you have not currently experienced in this cycle, in this lifetime.

You have set the alarm clock, you have received the wake up call, you are proceeding to get dressed and brushing your teeth, and combing the cobwebs out of your hair and out of your mind, and you are moving along the path to get to work. Now getting to work does not mean drudgery, in this case. It means becoming your dream, experiencing your dream.