~ Best of Bashar ~

... Rearranging Your Physical Structure From Within ...

Bashar: You can begin with the understanding of the following issue - and even some of your own medical practitioners are now beginning to realize the following idea - every single thought you have, literally, physically, re-organizes the neurological pathways in your physical brain. Every moment of time you do not have the same brain - literally physically.

There are neurological pathways right now in your brain that were not there a minute ago; and some that were there a minute ago - are no longer there. And I do not just mean that some of them are closing and opening and they were there to begin with. New paths are actually created; old paths are actually dissolved, absorbed back into the mass of the physiological brain. Some of your scientists are beginning to realize this now - that with every thought you have - you already literally change the physical structure of your brain.

Now your physical brain is responsible for, shall we say, monitoring the physiological structure of your body. The only thing that would create there to be a seeming block between your understanding that your thoughts alter physical reality would be if you have been taught to buy into a definition that says somehow the alteration of your physical structure is more difficult than simply having a new thought and allowing your physical body to take that form. This is what many of you have been taught, that physical reality is fixed and that your thoughts are simply ethereal ideas that do not really have a great effect upon physical material.

But you are beginning to realize just the opposite. In fact, you are beginning to realize that physical material absolutely has no structure without the definitions of your thoughts. So one thing that may be able to begin to assist you is to really, as you say, get a handle on the idea that you are changing physically every moment anyway - literally physically, every single moment. Once you can allow that to inspire you, perhaps you can then redirect the idea of that physical change exactly where you want it to be.

But do understand this, it isn't always just a matter of having the thought and, quote/unquote, just letting your body change. Many times if you simply have the imagination, have the picture of the way you desire your body to be, you can see it in the way you want it to be. Because, you are so immersed in physical reality, and the habitual rituals that have gone with it, many times what it will take to truly initiate, ignite that vision to allow your body to change more easily, and will act in ways that are representative of the change.

Allow a physical action to lock into your body habit, your body pattern, with the idea that you are in fact more truly the vision you desire to be than the physical reality vision you have been that you no longer prefer. So many times opportunities will come into your life that will give you a chance to act as if, to act in the direction of the change; to exhibit a trait that is representative of the change you say you prefer.

To the best of your ability, when those opportunities happen, act in that direction as if you were already changed. And that is what starts retraining, reprogramming your body consciousness to begin to take its cues from a mind that thinks of itself as whole, rather than a mind that has been trained in habitual rituals to think of itself as somehow unstructured, or unaligned. You are retraining yourself in that way.

So use that imagination to really see the you, you prefer to be. Allow circumstances to be attracted into your physical life by that particular beacon you will set up in your imagination; and whatever the opportunities are that come with excitement that your imagination has drawn, act on them physically to the best of your ability.

And you will step by step retrain your body to align to a new idea, a new definition, a new template of yourself - the template you really prefer to be. So have a clear vision of what you really want; know that that is you; it is you! And then allow yourself to blend into it by starting to act like the you, you see in your mind's eye.

Question: If there are things that I know are stopping that, should I just avoid them?

Bashar: No-no, no-no-no! If you believe there are things that stop you from doing that, then dive into them. Find out what beliefs you would have to contain in order to attract those things that would seem to stop you; for there are no real blocks. What you call in your society "blocks" are actually packets of information about yourself that you need to discover, that you need to explore and open up. And then in discovering those things, to integrate that knowledge and that idea within you; to absorb it, to become more than you are now in a sense.

So if you feel that there is something stopping you, then examine the fear, examine the so-called block. Find out what kind of definitions you would have to contain in order to attract into your life the ideas that would seem to stop you. That's what they're there to show you - they are mirrors, mirrors of ideas you believe yourself to be most strongly. Understand?

Allow yourself to feel that sensation as often as you can. In other words, get excited about the idea of the changes you say you prefer to make. Feel it in your physical being, in your physical body. Feel that rush of energy, let it spread throughout your entire body by what you call on your planet the goose bump effect. Let it spread through your entire body.

Become inspired - become excited. When you allow that energy to spread, you are literally - literally! - changing the cellular structure of your body throughout - from within. You are elevating your energy, accelerating your energy upward. That's what that sensation is; you are taking yourself to another level, you're operating on higher energy.

So when you see things you desire, let yourself get inspired, let yourself get excited. Feel that in your solar plexus, the chakra of intention. Feel it. Feel the conviction; let it spread. And then know that when you feel that energy, when you feel that sensation, you are not at the same energy level you used to be. You have completely changed yourself; you are a completely different person operating on a completely different level, who now has more access to more energy to create more change. Understand?

Bashar: By the way, these ideas are not simply philosophical issues. We are talking physics, we are talking mechanics, we are talking about the allowance of physiological change, as you understand it.

... The Eight Senses and Interconnectedness ...

Bashar: Many of you now, in what you call your New Age awareness, have bandied about the notion that you may have more than five senses. You refer to the ideas that you call telepathy, psychic functioning, ESP and all these ideas, as a mysterious sixth sense - mysterious perhaps to some, and not so mysterious perhaps to others.

In fact you actually have eight senses, one of which is transcendental, seven of which are physiological, so to speak. You are more familiar with your first five senses because they are more immediately based in the electro-chemical manifestations of physical reality. These of course are what you normally call your sight and your sound and your taste and your smell and your touch.

The other two physiological senses can colloquially be called orientation, and vibratory sensitivity - or discernment, if you wish. The idea of orientation is that which is relative to what you call space/time - the definition of physical reality to begin with. It is hinged in what you call your sinus cavities and it is based upon the substance that exists in your sinus cavities called magnetite.

This is what the animal consciousness upon your planet utilizes to navigate. What you may call a homing instinct, or what many of you understand as a natural ability to simply know what direction you are facing and in which direction you must go to get where you want to go. Your space/time orientation is a true physical sense, and it is one that most of you do not necessarily think about - in league, on the same level of categories, with the other five.

The seventh sense is what you usually refer to as the sixth sense, which is vibrational discernment. This is the seventh level because in a sense it is more refined, more highly accelerated than the actual sixth sense of physical space/time orientation. The seventh sense of vibrational discernment is what interconnects all of you on a mental electromagnetic level, where you are tele-pathically in touch at every given moment, whether you are aware of it or not, with every other being, not only on your own planet but on every other planet in every other dimension of experience that is connected to electromagnetic phenomena at all.

It is encased in the very cellular structure of your body. And the points of orientation, the points of manifestation, the points of ignition for the physical reality, electro-chemically speaking, of the seventh sense of physic reality, is to some degree contained in the glandular systems of your body. Specifically the idea you would call the pineal gland and various centers of activity in the brain. Especially in the center of the hemispheres what you would call technically the corpus callosum, in the very center.

These ideas, these membranes, are very sensitive to electromagnetic vibration, and you pick up upon waves and frequencies of electromagnetic thought patterns that are radiated by every living being in physical reality. You are part of a network, part of a web in that sense, and any string that is plucked anywhere throughout the universe in that electromagnetic field to some degree is accessible to you.

Those vibrations radiate out in various ways. And they not only radiate out in physical senses at what you would call the speed of light, but they also transcend in another type of wavelength into the eight sense - the transcendental sense of knowingness itself. Which simply stated means every single different thing within creation is actually a manifestation of the same ONE thing. The All That Is, manifesting itself in all the ways that it possibly can, simultaneously.

So in a sense, as a physical being, you are concocted out of seven particular dimensions of sensory experience; with the eighth, the octave itself, the encapsulating one, being the one of your innate knowingness. The one that is also representative of your origin point so to speak as a non-physical being before you ever manifested into the differentiated spectrum of physical reality. In other words, you already are in touch with every single line of communication, every single ability you need to be in touch with, to do anything you want as a fully self-contained and self-empowered being.

Now this in no way, shape or form means that you must act like an isolated person. That you have to cut yourself off in that sense, acting selfishly, and saying, "All right, that means it's all for me" and forget everyone else. The idea is to understand that there is a paradox in this notion. When you know you are a fully realized being, then you know you are connected to the whole, and you know that you are a representation of the whole - one version of the whole idea of existence, expressing itself as the individual you are, in this focus. As well, of course, as all the other individuals you are, in every other life or dimension of experience in which you exist.

All these lives, all these experiences, exist simultaneously and you have access to all of them, when and where you need to. And the idea simply is that once you realize you are a part of the whole, that you are the whole itself, then you can understand quite logically shall we say, that the support of the whole is what will support you as well, most easily and most effortlessly. If you think of yourself as isolated and truly cut off from the whole that is what creates resistance in your lives and difficulties in your lives, and makes the things that you desire to have in your lives take a long time.

When you allow yourself to know that you can flow as your version of the whole, that the whole of creation flows through you, then you can radiate that love, radiate that connective feeling outward, and be of assistance, be supportive, be loving to all the reflections of yourself around you. Which is what all other individuals are, in reality - reflections of you. Reflecting and echoing back to you all the different ideas that you need to look at to become who you want to be. And in supporting all those reflections, in supporting the total idea, you then are effortlessly and automatically supported in return; rather than having to work at it, as you say, struggle at it, strive for it, from an individualized point of view.

Now, the idea of knowing you are the whole in no way, shape or form - paradox again - removes the individuality that you are. It actually strengthens it because the stronger an individual you are, the stronger version of the whole, you are. And therefore the more easy it is for you to support any other version of the whole - because you understand that all versions are equal to you and just as valid, because they are after all reflections of the same one whole reality which you are also a reflection of.

... Bashar on healing dis-ease ...

Immerse yourself in yourselves; in your love, in your desire, in your excitement, in your heart of hearts - it is the only place you actually exist. Be there. Stay there! Otherwise you make it very difficult for us to find you. (AUD laughter) More and more and more as you now, shall we say, consolidate, crystallize, that energy, more and more you synchronize with our vibration. And the more and more and more you deny that self, the less and less and less... (now, at this time of acceleration, we are synchronized).... but the more and more and more difficult it will be to communicate with you, if we are not synchronized.

Once again it is not that you should make it the primary purpose that we should communicate with you, for you to do these things; the primary purpose is because you want to do them, for yourselves. Because you deserve to do them for yourselves! Because you deserve to know what it feels like to have 100% conviction!! Because you deserve to know what it feels like to play, all the time! Because you deserve to know what it feels like to create 100% ecstasy and trust, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Beyond an atom of a doubt. Beyond a superstring of a doubt - whatever you wish to call any idea you have of a primary particle. Beyond that primary particle of a doubt! (AUD laughter)

You can always assess, without doubting. You can always observe, without judging. You can always create challenge, without struggling. Always. Choose the definitions you prefer! Live your life that way. We thank you once again, for the opportunity to exchange in this way with you. And in return for your gift, once again, I ask you now in what way may I be of service to you? Sharing!

... Rewiring Brain Circuitry and Blue Light Technique ...

B: Do you understand that some individuals in your reality have created the idea of concussion to assist in the releasing of their psychic potential -- to assist in the releasing of the idea of the channeling vibration. Do you understand that the majority of all individuals who are strongly psychic, or are channeling today, have at one time or another in their lives experienced either a concussion or a strong electric shock?

The idea simply seems at this timing in your reality to be a habit to unlock, completely unlock you from the habitual rituals and belief patterns that you were brought up with. In a sense literally scrambling your circuits. Understand that the idea of channeling in a controlled fashion is very similar to the experience of short- circuiting that many of you call epilepsy. The idea of the seizures in a sense are miniature concussions, and the idea of channeling in a sense is a controlled seizure of a sort, wherein it regards the electrical activity of your brain.

Concussions many times are simply another way that many of you have - - yes, a drastic way I will admit -- of releasing certain patterns of electrical conductivity within your brain to make it more conducive for you to channel the amount of energy in the way you wish to channel -- that you wish to channel in your life. So like many others it simply has been your way to take it upon yourself to believe that you needed to shock yourself out of those old belief systems very quickly, very rapidly, rather than taking years and years and years and years of your time to process yourself further. Now you are wide open.

Your circuits are now interchangeable, very loose, very malleable, interconnectable into different reality patterns. Do you understand -- all of you, literally, physiologically -- that every thought you have actually changes the neuronic pathways of your brain, literally? So realize now what you have done is opened yourself up for very rapid change. You are now very loosely connected, not strongly connected to any one particular reality, so that you can plug in, like what you might call colloquially a switchboard to many realities. So that you can funnel and integrate and channel that energy through you.

Now, you do not have to keep beating yourself up to do this. You can allow yourself to realize that you are integrated sufficiently, and that all the necessary electrical conductivity is inherent within you. There is another way to allow this to occur. All of you can use this technique for various reasons. It can be very strong for the idea of also centering you out of disease as well, as aligning the entire electromagnetic crystalline structure of your body and your brain. It is called the BLT, if you wish, the blue light technique.

The idea simply is to allow yourself to close your eyes and imagine yourself on a perfect beach. Whatever that may be, whenever that may be, it does not matter. Trust your imagination. And as you are floating, drifting, lying there -- dark/light, cool/warm, it doesn't matter, in a relaxed and meditative state -- if you imagine yourself surrounded by a crystalline sphere of transparent blue-white energy, extending at least one to three feet above your head, one to three feet below your feet, going all the way around you so that your body is floating in the middle of it.

Even if you are lying on the ground, allow the sphere to go through the ground. Then you can imagine that not only is it a hollow sphere, it is filled with blue effervescent electric liquid light, and that you are actually breathing this light -- in and out, in and out, slowly, comfortably. And as you breathe this light in and out like a thick, electric liquid, you begin to feel the liquid actually penetrating the pores of your body, the cells of your body, the molecules, the atomic structure of your body.

You are now literally breathing this fluid in and out with your whole body -- not just your mouth, not just your nose -- your whole body. And as you begin to do this more and more, in your imagination allow your physical body to begin to dissolve, to become the blue liquid. Allow yourself to become one homogenous blue liquid light sphere. And as you imagine this, picture it to be a completely homogenous sphere where no one part stands out more than any other part. And the whole sphere is breathing, beating with one pulse, one breath, one heart.

It is your consciousness itself, made out of electromagnetic light. Electromagnetic fundamental energy the primal vibration of creation. You are completely harmoniously synchronized with it at this point in this exercise. Then focus your consciousness inward to the very center of the sphere and see a tiny crystalline seed sparkling, shining, forming at the center of the sphere. Out of the liquid this seed is formed, this crystal is formed. And it grows and multiples, two, four, eight -- more and more crystals growing and growing and growing and growing into the shape of your body, your idealized body state.

And know as you see this body grow that it is now made of the homogenous liquid, the homogenous energy. It is valid; it is re-growing; it is transparent. It is pure; it is crystalline. Allow the body to reform. And know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not the old body, literally. It is a new representation, a new body to represent the persona you prefer to be, made out of the vibration you prefer to be and nothing else.

It is a laser-like, mono-chromatic, single crystalline form vibration, on one frequency -- the frequency of the reality you prefer. Then take three breaths with that new body. Lock it in. Let the energy sphere dissolve, but know that it is always around you; always is your body within it. Out of this sphere you will now create the rest of your seemingly external experiential reality -- but you will always remember the following thing consciousness is not in your body; your body is in your consciousness.

It is your idea of yourself. Then simply continue to breathe and open your eyes from your meditation. Know that you are different, that your world is not the same world it used to be, literally. Because you create your universal reality, literally; and now it is more representative of who you desire to be. And every time you do this exercise, bit by bit -- whether you choose to be fast or slow about it does not matter -- bit by bit, or in a twinkling of an eye, you will be representative and completely made of the same substance as the reality around you. You are one thing. One thing.

And you can allow yourself to know whatever you need to know, when you need to know it, to be who you desire to be. You can use that technique for centering. It can be used to alleviate almost any form of disease. You can in that sense use it even to sustain yourself from time to time. You may find you will need less sleep, perhaps even less food because of it. But it is up to you. Let your imagination be your guide, and let yourself know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a difference has been made.

One more time. Pay attention let your imagination alter it in any way, shape or form you feel represents the vibration that you are. It will be correct. Take it for granted that it is working, even if your analytical mind keeps jumping in and saying, "No, no, no. That's not what he said. No, no, no. You're not getting it right." There is no right and wrong with regards to this idea. Do it in the way that is representative of who you are.