Excerpt from the Book
"A Soul's Journey In Time"
Brigitte Arora - Copyright 2006


~ Excerpt 2 ~

Cosmic Consciousness is the consciousness of the Higher Self. It is the inheritance of Self-Realization. Cosmic Consciousness is the descent of the DIVINE REALTITY into the awareness of the lower self - the consciousness of this present humanity. The physical body is the vehicle for Its descent and also the vehicle for Man’s evolutionary ascent.

Cosmic Consciousness is the Home, the Reality, of the New Man - the Self-Realized Man. Through Self-Realization occurs the leap into a new species - Cosmic Man.

The process which initiates this transmutation was begun through the awakening of Kundalini. Kundalini will continue the transformation further, but now the Self-Realized Man will actively participate. He must now surrender his old world through the dying of his lower self. Only then will the New Consciousness come to fruition, mature and stabilize and eventually become his permanent state. This New man, who is a Higher Order of Being, will eventually supersede the world of the present order - which is the consciousness of the lower self.

The old world of matter continues to exist but through the “eyes” of the Cosmic Conscious Man. The old world has been transcended and made new. Therefore - “In this World but not of it.” The values of the lower self-conscious man, having been seen in the Light-of-Truth, no longer hold any meaning for the Realized Man. His vision is now a striving for the spiritual values of a Living Reality and brotherhood with all of atomic life. The Self-Realized Man is in attunement with Nature. He himself is Nature. Yet, he is also outside and above nature. He breathes and has his Beingness in an Ocean of Oneness, where he and all of Life breathe in Unified Harmony.

The New Man is in a state of flux, in a state of osmosis. He is as a new born child who must now learn how to walk with a new step, how to breathe a new atmosphere. He will now oscillate between two worlds and be aware of three separate “I”s - having their lives within his Being:  a) the ego self   b) the lower self and   c) the Higher Self.

Spontaneous outbreaks of Cosmic Consciousness will occur which will overwhelm and carry the lower self into subservience to its Higher Self. In one instant and without warning - until one begins to recognize its subtle descent - the old world will become clothed in Its vibrant aura and recede into the back ground of awareness.

The Cosmic Aura is more Satisfying than anything the old world has to offer. All pales into insignificance in comparison. In this realm, the mental, the emotional and physical senses are no longer separate but have merged and blended into a Unified Whole. Then, that Unified Wholeness of your Being also merges and blends with the “outer” world. In actuality there is no longer an outer or inner. Objectivity and subjectivity and all opposites have met and merged. Duality no longer exists.

The nearest description of this state of existence would be to describe it in physical terms: It is an orgasmic, fluidic Sensing of Awareness of which your entire Being is composed. You are nothing but That and That is embodied within a static, subtle Blissfulness - akin to when one is enfolded within the tender, loving embrace of one’s beloved. It is All very, very, very subtle.

The physical body is light and airy - unobtrusive - gliding in porous openness, outside of gravity. It, too, is participating and partaking of the New Consciousness due to its having been readied by Kundalini’s restructuring. The Kundalini power has attuned it to a higher vibrational level, to a much finer and sensitive pitch. Without this attunement the physical body would not be able to enter into the realm of Cosmic Consciousness. This attunement continues to be refined and strengthened with each subsequent entry, thereby being able to sustain and remain for longer periods. These stays do extract a toll from the lower self. Afterwards, one feels a slight fatigue and lethargy as if one’s energy supply has been overextended. This depletion was generally felt for only a few hours.

Cosmic Consciousness does not at once become a permanent state. As any new function, it becomes stable and permanent only after trial and error and usage. There are different degrees of Cosmic Consciousness which one must gradually grow into - learning how to attain and sustain a balanced state as one merges from one level to another. It is easy to lose one’s emotional and mental equilibrium. The physical body also must have time for the higher phases of molecular restructuring or the nervous system will become damaged or even burned out.

There is a high possibility of losing touch with one’s old reality before the transmutation has stabilized. One can find oneself stranded in the middle of nowhere; unable to return to the old and unable to move forward into the New. Within this “nowhere” lies the potential for madness. Therefore, it is critical that one remains grounded and centered within the old world while one is entering into the New World - a difficult, razor-sharp balancing act. This can only be done with a living guide or committing to a leap of Faith and completely surrendering to your Higher Self. There is no other way!

A reversal of consciousness has now begun to take place. Cosmic Consciousness will now begin to impose Itself more and more to the forefront of awareness - but only if the lower self continues to desire to grow and has surrendered its will to the guidance of the Higher Self. This reversal must occur slowly, so that the lower self will not lose touch with the reality of its physical world; the world in which it still has its Being and in which it must still continue to function. The lower self must now learn to balance and adjust to the fusion of both consciousnesses. It must discover how not to be overwhelmed and carried off by the descent of the New Consciousness. It must learn not to become addicted to Its siren call of orgasmic Bliss.

Many have succumbed to this Bliss, thinking it to be the end of their search for spiritual growth and Liberation. In reality Cosmic Consciousness is only a “graduation from the realm of the lower consciousness and the old humanity” and the “beginning of a yet further journey in Mankind’s evolution.” Those who have chosen to remain and partake only of the static state of Blissfulness become useless, both to themselves and to society. The state of Blissfulness is full of orgasmic sensation, but it is a static state without movement or possibility of further growth.

The beginning of maturity for Cosmic Man comes only when He is able to retain His awareness in the old world while his awareness is imbued with the transformative force of the Higher Self. This, he will only achieve through voluntary suffering and voluntary death and the surrender of his lower self to the higher Self - with sincerity of purpose. One must be at one’s physical, mental and emotional peak in order to do battle with the negative forces which will come forward to hinder progress and cause one to slip back into the old consciousness – time and time again; a consciousness which now feels very heavy, very solid and painfully jarring. This is very stressful for the nervous system. It now vibrates at a higher frequency level, making it more sensitive to all emanations of the old world.

One can no longer remain balanced and healthy unless one is within the awareness of the New Consciousness. When one loses that connection one’s healthy center of gravity disappears. One must acquire the strength of will to pull one’s awareness out of the “pit of darkness” and back into the focus of the New Consciousness. It is very difficult. One can slip back so easily through so many hypnotic distractions. But the painful unpleasantness of the old consciousness propels one to clamber out of the “pit” as soon as one wakes to the realization that one has fallen in! Through practice and perseverance it becomes easier and the slips become less frequent.

At the beginning of The Awakening, Cosmic Consciousness spontaneously and automatically descended, showing the New Man his rightful heritage. It now becomes His responsibility for further growth to take place. He must learn how to induce Cosmic Consciousness at His will. He must take the initiative for discovering the way ‘there’ and the method by which he can bring Cosmic Consciousness down into matter instead of being overcome by It and transported out of the reality of matter. For it is only in matter - in this domain of duality – that the transmutation of the lower self can continue. It is only here that change and growth are possible.

Growth will occur in leaps and bounds, with some long pauses in-between. Resting periods are necessary as changes need to be absorbed, understood and attunements need to take place. There will be periods of joyful reunions and periods of “dark nights of the soul.” One’s personal dramas and tragedies are still painful and sad as the lower self still feels and suffers - even more so than before - as the senses have become more acute and “tender.” Yet, the duration of suffering is shortened.

One has now acquired the ability to recover one’s objectivity quicker and also the understanding to accept “what is.” One must be careful, however, not to fall into apathy but to find that fine line which exists between apathy and acceptance. The lower self has seen and now knows that everything is always just as it needs to be; that all events, all relationships, have a purpose for being as they are - where they are - and when they are. All experiences are lessons which need to be learned.

The lower man has been impregnated with the DIVINE TASTE and has now an unquenchable thirst to reunite with his Beloved, his Eternal Self - just as the lover longs and pines for his absent beloved. It may be that months or years or perhaps a whole lifetime will pass before Cosmic Consciousness appears again – to teach, encourage, to impart new strength and to attune the Being for further sojourns in the realm of Cosmic Consciousness. Every Being must progress at his own evolutionary speed.

No matter how long between the episodes of Cosmic Consciousness, the after-glow of Its Radiant Glory will never leave any one. Their matter-bound Being will forever be shrouded by their remembrance of the Light-of-Everlasting-Love, calling out - - - come Beloved - - - come!