Peace be upon Thee - - - Time Traveler
          Endless are the shores of your seeking
          Painful are the tears of your weeping
          Short are the joys of your findings
          Heavy the weight of your bindings.

How many lovers, how many friends
          How many mothers, how many brothers
          Have you been.

How many sisters, how many fathers
          How many children, how many foes
          Have you been.

How many cultures, how many mores
          How many virgins, how many whores
          How many warriors, how many peacemakers
          How many users and how many takers
          Have you been.

How many names, how many faces
          How many boundaries and far-away places
          How many home sites, how many camps
          How many householders and how many tramps
          Have you been.

How many roads, how many turns
          How many moments, for which you yearned
          How much laughter, how many tears
          How much joy, how many fears
          Have traveled with you
          Through these eons of years.

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02)  Through the eye of the needle
03)  Shadow Land
04)  Mother
05)  Beyond Tomorrow
        06)  Divine Beloved
07)  River of Life
08)  Call of the Silence
09)  Finite Twilight
10)  Dear Heart