You are the LIGHT that nourishes
                                            YOU are ALL.

                        When WE ARE
                                            I live as never before.

          Unaware, in an instant, YOU appear
                                        Waking me from my dream.

Those moments, living within YOU, are ALL.

                                          When YOU leave
                                          I am reclaimed by dreaming.

I wander far
          Searching and longing
                 But it is YOU alone, who opens THE DOOR.

                 Awed;  I stand within YOU
                                          Such JOY, such PEACE.

I am blessed among all men
          That YOU deem me worthy of YOUR PRESENCE.

~ Poem Selection Table ~
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02)  Through the eye of the needle
03)  Shadow Land
04)  Mother
05)  Beyond Tomorrow
        06)  Divine Beloved
07)  River of Life
08)  Call of the Silence
09)  Finite Twilight
10)  Dear Heart