Beloved, I had left THE HOME
          To seek the boundaries of matter
          To feel the fleshly world
          To behold shadow shapes reflected by the mind.

The HOME LIGHT was dimmed by veiled illusions
          The senses in ascendance, fed by opium delights.

TIMELESS ONE, this child - - - it hungers
          Lost among these alien shores
          Having wandered far from HOME
          The inner flame recalls the fire
          And yearns to be reclaimed
          To dwell again, among ALL that is.

Feel the arm's embrace
          That reach to guide you back
          When your earthly eyes are blinded
          Thoughts transformed to stillness
          You'll find an empty chamber - - - fear not!

The VOID becomes ALL.

Bones and flesh are left behind
                                        Having melted fluidly
                                        While passing through The Portal.

                                        Pilgrim - - - Rejoice!

The heat that radiates
          Is but the welcome breath of THE ETERNAL HOME.

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