It is the yearning hunger, of the reaching out to you
                  To cry in anguished longing
                                                    You - - - only you, Mother!

... How short our stay together ...

At thoughts of our parting, the swelling ache begins

How, how can I leave!

Yet I must - - - it is so.

Will you miss just one of your children?

You have nurtured, held me, given wonders to behold
        How green your emerald tresses
                  How softly blue your billowed eyes
                           Have I not felt their tears
                                              Falling softly upon my being?

With cooling breath, you kiss my nakedness
        As I stand in smallness, gazing upwards
                Following your steepled, purple splendor
                          Your breasts of fullness
                                      That flow with milk in the thawing.

Behold - - - The curves of your belly
        The shadowed valleys and crevices of your folds
                Stretching and narrowing beyond myself.

Your gentle swaying vestal girth
Cups spraying seas - - - your bounded fluidness.

Into your flowered lap, I bury my child face.

Your scented loins, moist, pores wide-open
... wait ...
To receive or give the bounties of love.

Oh Mother!
Warm tears fall in sorrow
        Soon - - - I will leave the surface of your smile
        My shell returning into your womb will melt away
                                            Into the dark of your embrace.

And all, ALL that I AM, will hold your being tightly
As I soar away - - - away to another......

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