Lies Space and Light - - - the abode and Face of God
Leaving the realm of Matter, which was yesterday
Souls journey Homeward
An unrecalled, well-beaten path

Twilight zone between Time and Infinity
A dark tunnel, birth canal of returning Souls
Speeding towards liberation
Through the gate narrow

Pulsating atoms, specks of everlasting Life
Home is Awareness, filled with ended desires
Home is the Stillness of Now - - - containing All
Husks shed, lie ragged, earth returns to earth

Let bone pickers squabble
Left behind, warm bodies weep
While their Souls watch dispassionately
Time draws ever to an end for all.

~ Poem Selection Table ~
01)  Time Traveler
02)  Through the eye of the needle
03)  Shadow Land
04)  Mother
05)  Beyond Tomorrow
        06)  Divine Beloved
07)  River of Life
08)  Call of the Silence
09)  Finite Twilight
10)  Dear Heart