Eternal river flowing
      I dance a play with you
      Upon your surface floating
      Remains my Self, so true.

            Let not the currents pull me
                  Below your surface smile
                  For underneath your cover
                  Lie turmoil, pain and trial.

                        Yet - - - if you must go down
                              Into the murky bottom depths
                              Then try you to remember
                              How to retrace your steps.

            Down, down and further down
                  Ignorance reigns supreme
                  Let not the dark illusions
                  Have you forget - - - it's but a dream.

      Call out  "Oh my Heartís Beloved"
            When trapped you feel to be
            Will send your Self - - - To Thee.

When again you find the Self
                    Into The arms you go
                    Enraptured in The Union
                                     TRUTH - - - you will know.

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