Another View of the End Of Time

Another View of the End Of Time ?
  2012 - The Moment of Transformation - The End of Time

The word is spreading about 2012, and is likely to keep spreading in 
the years to come. In several prophetic traditions that are already 
well known, and in others that are coming to light, the years 2011 and 
2012 appear again and again as the End of Time, when sweeping changes 
are expected to transform all of human consciousness, lifting and 
accelerating it into new and "higher"states of spiritual awareness 
and action.

On a planet that has yet to catch up with what Einstein and Planck 
wrote about 100 years ago, and with the main premise of quantum theory 
-- that the universe is composed not of solid "realities" of matter, 
but of frequencies of energy -- and that continues to doubt the 
infinite creative power of the individual mind, much less of many 
minds united in the "100th Monkey" paradigm, it's inevitable that most 
of the early air and scare about 2012 emphasizes the cataclysmic Earth 
changes that some expect to see, and the profound dislocation of human 
life in all areas: physical, social, political, economic, cultural. 

For those who are more interested in the symptoms than in the root 
thought, these fearful interpretations of the End of Time as "the end 
of the world" (imagine here the appropriate sound effects of screams, 
thunder, flames and the trump of doom) naturally evoke the imagery of 
the last days from Revelations and other sources: natural disasters, 
war, plague and every other horribly painful thing that fear propagandists 
can cook up, and their audience can imagine.

The actuality is different. The End of Time does not mean The Horrific 
Destruction of Everything We Love. It means a change in the nature of 
time itself, or more likely a change in the way we perceive time as no 
longer a kind of fluid medium that we live in, like water, or that we 
move along like a racetrack with birth at the starting block and death 
at the finish line. 

Rather, the change is likely to be a more 
proactive relationship with time as one of the art forms that 
conscious beings create, and that we therefore have the power to 
change. In other words, time will no longer be something we suffer 
passively. It will be something that we create and use to our 
advantage, for the purposes of our individual and collective soul evolution.

Thus some of those who've theorized about this -- and we'll get to a 
few examples soon -- speculate that in 2012 we evolve or "ascend" into 
the 5th Dimension, bypassing the 4th dimension of time, so that we are 
no longer at the effect of time, but can use it as a kind of artist's medium.

A few specific examples:

The End of Time in 2012 is an idea has been deeply linked with 
shamanic medicine, and with the calendrics of the Maya, ever since the 
late Terence McKenna and his brother Dennis did their original 
researches in the Amazon basin on 1971. While there has been debate 
about the calculations of Jose Arguelles -- pioneer of today's Mayan 
calendar studies in The Mayan Factor -- there is little doubt that 
some of the Mayan calendar systems, especially the "long count" that 
began in 3114 BC, do point to some moment of transformation coming in 
or around 2012.

The People to Read:
  The leading researcher in the field is John Major Jenkins, whose 
seminal works of scholarship in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1994) and 
Galactic Alignment (2004) prove that the Maya, and the astronomers of 
the Vedic and Egyptian traditions, all understood the key piece of 
knowledge: the precession of the equinoxes backward through the zodaic 
in a cycle of more than 25,000 solar years that Plato called the Great 
Year, and that the Maya also considered a circle of spiritual 
evolution toward higher consciousness. 

Jenkins demonstrates how the 
crucial Mayan "long count" of 5,126 years from 3,114 BC through 2012 
culminates in a moment of extreme cosmic power and significance, when 
the winter solstice sun on Dec. 21, 2012 aligns precisely with the 
point where the ecliptic -- the path of the Sun through the zodiac -- 
crosses line of the galactic center, positioned late in the sign of 
Sagittarius, just before the cusp of Capricorn.
  Another candidate for the moment of awakening has been proposed by 
the Swedish scholar Carl Johan Calleman, who calculates the ending of 
the long count on October 28, 2011 because this is the date of a rare 
synchrony: a 260-day tzolkin cycle and a new 360-day tun both begin on 
the same day. In Calleman's view, the period of almost 13 years from 
January 1999 through October 2011 are a 13-tun Galactic Creation Cycle 
in which seven "Days" of progress toward spiritual consciousness 
alternate with six "Nights" of regression away from spirit, until this 
cycle oscillates toward the moment of awakening. Calleman's new book 

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness was 
published in April, 2004. The Mythic Preludes in last two Universal 
Festival Calendars for December have focused on Calleman's ideas. See 
especially UFC December 2003.
  Terence McKenna first presented his Time Wave Zero paradigm in 1975. 
This design maps out all of human history, of each person and of whole 
societies and countries whose lives may span millennia, in a recurring 
fractal pattern that moves up and down between freedom and 
restriction, happiness and suffering, and the other positive/negative, 
good/bad features of polarity consciousness as we've experienced it so 
far the third density (read "third dimension") where we think we live. 

As human history has moved from ancient to modern times and to the 
present moment, the fractal pattern has occurred at shorter and 
shorter intervals; and it will keep accelerating in the years to come. 
If anything, the roller coaster ride will rocket along faster, plunge 
deeper and zoom higher than anything we've known or even imagined. 
According to Time Wave Zero, the fractal pattern runs out, and the 
carnival ride ends, in December 2012. Polarity consciousness is no 
more. We experience time, and
 everything else, as unity, not as a series of conflicts and oppositions.
  In recent years, new studies of the controversial Time Wave Zero 
design have refined it to a greater degree of accuracy. For more on 
this, see the 2012 Links page of the Dire Gnosis 2012 website, which, 
apart from the unfortunate fear nuance in its title, does list a 
wealth of valuable material . Dire Gnosis lists over 100 sites with 
everything from scientific analysis and prophecy studies to channeled 
material and works of fiction on issues related to 2012.

As we approach 2012, and as 2012 and the Coming of Aquarius is 
published, these pages on Hermes 3 will carry more information on 
global meditations and ceremonies, and activities that aim at aligning 
and activating the Aquarian Hive Mind.

More to come on all this when time, whatever that proves to be, permits.

[As of October 12, 2004]