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So here it is!...The Crop Circle Connector's Frequently Asked Questions 
Page, dedicated to answering many of our readers questions which we have 
received from over six years of running the site. 

The Email can exceed 600 in one month from people who have either a passing 
interest in the phenomenon to individuals who are dedicated researchers or 
"Croppies" as we call them in the Crop Circle World.

This page will hopefully answer many of your burning questions which you 
have always wanted to ask us, but unfortunately the question "What creates 
the Crop Circles" will sadly not be answered within this page, but $64,000 
would be nice! :-)

New questions will be included throughout the Autumn and Winter months, so 
keep on entering this page to read the latest additions, as it will be 
updated quite frequently. 

Let's start at the very beginning with the simplest questions, and then 
move on to the more complicated, which will take a little more time to answer.



"How long has the phenomenon been with us?"

Well, the crop circles were first recognised by the media in 1980, when the 
first real Newspaper report was published on a grouping of Circles that 
appeared below Westbury White Horse in Wiltshire. However, there have been 
photographs of a Quintuplet in 1978, and of course the famous "UFO Nests" in 
Australia in the late sixties, although we will never know if this was the 
real phenomenon. Many Farmers have mentioned that circles have been on their 
land for generations, but hardly any little photographic evidence for this 
has come to light. It's possible that the Crop Circles have been around a 
lot longer than the twenty years we know of, but we feel more evidence is 



"Why is the county of Wiltshire the most populated area for them!?

It has always been a strong theory of ours, and from many other researchers 
within the Crop Circle Community, that the Crop Circles are in some way 
linked to Ancient Sites. The county of Wiltshire has an amazing amount of 
Sacred Sites dotted across its landscape, none more so than the Avebury area 
itself. A number of people within the community believe that the phenomenon 
is attracted to the Ley Lines around these sites, which ancient man was very 
much aware of, and so built their sites in accordance to them. This may not 
seem very scientific, but many dowsers have found these natural lines 
crossing within formations. We believe the county of Wiltshire is very 
significant for their appearance, and I'm sure will continue to be.



"How are they formed? How are they bent down to form the design?" 

The simplest of all the designs is, of course the single circle form. A 
characteristic of a crop circle is a circular depression within a field of 
crop (Oil Seed Rape, Barley, Wheat, Oats) where the plants themselves are 
flattened at the very base, (or frequently bent at the lowest node junction) 
in a spiraled pattern. The spiral can be varied in its construction, but 
generally the plant is bent over at 90 degrees to the standing crop around 
it. In very young crop at the start of the season, a crop circle can appear 
to be "brushed", but this is due to the crop recovering because of its 
immaturity. From the evidence inside many formations we have visited, the 
force involved in creating them is extremely rapid, but at the same time 
impressively accurate!



"Is there any scientific evidence to prove that a genuine phenomenon exists?"

In the early days, the scientific community was uninterested in the 
phenomenon, however a Biophysicist Dr. William Levengood, was already 
carrying out research on affected plants within formations in 1989. It 
wasn't until 1992 when Nancy Talbott, and John Burke, two interested 
Americans,  injected financial support into Levengood's work. It is now 
called BLT (Burke, Levengood & Talbott) Research Team. They have carried out 
some fascinating test on the plants, and have found some amazing results.



"What do you think about the theory that it's just some natural wind forces 
causing the circles to appear?" 

In 1989, George Terence Meaden, a Meteorologist based on Bradford Upon Avon, 
published a book entitled "The Circles Effect  and Its Mysteries". As many 
people are now aware, his theory of the Plasma-Vortex phenomenon became 
world famous for the theory on what is actually creating these designs,. 
Indeed ,many of the shapes in the late eighties were quintuplets and ringed 
circles, so they could  possibly be explained by this Electro-magnetic 
vortex. In 1990/91, his theory started to become increasingly difficult to 
explain, as 1990 was the year when the "Pictograms" started to appear. It's 
my belief that these shapes are not caused a natural wind Vortex, but 
Meaden's work is still respected, and may point towards something deeper 
using a type of vortex to create these amazing shapes?



"How did you become interested in the Crop Circles?"


It all started back in 1989. A work colleague walked into the office one 
lunch time, and was quite overwhelmed by what he had just bought from the 
bookstore. It was the book "Circles Effect and its Mysteries" by Terence 
Meaden. It was astonishing to think that these designs were appearing, not 
only without our knowledge at that time, but also on our very own doorstep. 
We promised ourselves that we would venture out the next year to find them, 
and we haven't looked back since!



"Do you think they're actually caused by UFO's?" 

No, not in the structured craft sense! UFO's can cover anomalous lights 
which are seen in the vicinity of crop circles, or on the night of their 
creation. I don't personally believe that alien structured craft  are 
producing the designs. I feel it's more earth bound than many people 
realise. It's more tied up with Earth Energy, and consciousness itself, than 
any alien agenda.  However, I do believe aliens  exist, but it's a different 
phenomenon that is creating these designs. 



"Do you believe that they have some religious significance?"

Not in a Christian Orthodox sense, or any other main religion. In some way, 
the crop circles can give you a whole new perspective on reality, and why we 
are here. You can feel at times closer to a universal creator, or GOD if you 
like, but my personal opinion is that the phenomenon is breaking down the 
old beliefs, and bringing in new concepts, which gives you a better 
understanding of reality in general. I wouldn't say it was a new religion, 
its just showing us something that has always been there. Whether you tap 
into it is down to the individual.



"Have you ever actually witnessed one of these crop circles being made?"

Both Mark and myself have never actually witnessed a crop circle being made. 
I suppose its every "Croppies" dream  to actually witness either a pictogram 
forming, or just a plain crop circle forming. It was a very strange feeling 
watching the Olivers Castle video back in 1996, as it gave you an impression 
of what it might be like to experience a creation of a crop circle! Alas, it 
was proved to be a fake, but it kept everybody on the edge of their seats 
for quite a few weeks!



"Do you believe that most are hoaxes?" 

We have been asked this same question many times, and we always stated, that 
when a formation is claimed to be a hoax, there is very little evidence to 
actually prove one hundred percent that it was. Some crop circles can look 
very irregular and messy in their construction, which can point towards 
human involvement. Many of the formations are so complex in design that it 
would seem impossible to make in the middle of the night. Of course you 
can't rule it out entirely, as we mustn't underestimate ourselves, because 
there have been man made formations down through the years. We do believe 
that some are hoaxed every year, but there is definitely a real phenomenon 
interacting with these man-made designs!



"I was wondering if you could recommend to me a couple of recently published 
books on Crop Circles?"

The most recent book that has been published, is by Andy Thomas entitled 
"Vital Signs" which is a publication that takes you through the highlights 
of Crop Circling from the late eighties to the present day. It is an 
excellent book for the dedicated "Croppies" of the world, or for someone who 
is new to the phenomenon. It has a comprehensive selection of photographs of 
the most impressive formations to appear, with first class accounts of the 
strange occurrences surrounding the phenomenon. Highly recommended. Andy 
Thomas has also written "Fields of Mystery" from 1995 and "Quest for 
Contact" published in 1997. 

I can also recommend "Cosmic Connection" from 1995 by Michael Hesemann.   
This book has some fantastic aerial photography within this publication of 

Michael Glickman's small A5 size books are very good for studying the 
geometry of the formations, published by 'Wooden Books'.

All of these books can be found on the Crop Circle Connector.



"Do you know something we don't know, has the government tried to cover up 
the real source of the phenomenon?" 

In 1990, the Government held a meeting with cabinet ministers, and no doubt 
the Military, to discuss the phenomenon, and what implications it held 
regarding the public, and defence matters. Their answer was that their was 
no answer! The phenomenon remained a mystery, which was quite a result, and 
demonstrated the type of  impact the year of 1990 had at government levels. 
It was shortly after this meeting that the Hoaxing campaign started to hit 
the crop circle world. Operation Blackbird at Bratton near Westbury was the 
first casualty, by individuals who created a crop circle formation in front 
of the infrared cameras on top of Bratton Camp. It's purpose was to ridicule 
the whole phenomenon and the researchers who organised it. However another 
formation appeared just days later, but too far for the Cameras to monitor.

I believe that there was a major campaign to squash the public's interest in 
the phenomenon, and this carried over into 1991 with the Doug and Dave 
fiasco. The Military have shown  interest in the phenomenon, and strange 
manoeuvres around the Avebury area are currently taking place, as if they 
are chasing or monitoring something airborne. What this anomaly could be, is 
anyone's guess? Perhaps it could be linked to the crop circles?



"Do you know if the  existence of a map (of England) with all crop circles 
findings marked out"?

We have not come across any such map, which shows all of the crop circles 
marked out. This would be quite some undertaking, but could be produced as 
technology progresses. Most of the information is within many of the 
publications and magazines written on the subject. Just the Avebury area 
alone would be quite some task, but its a nice idea.



"Are they figments of our curiosity and obsessiveness, or are they some sort 
of language that we should be paying attention to?"

Many people have become quite obsessed with the phenomenon, and indeed I 
have walked down this road, but as the years go by, you learn to control 
your feelings. But they still have a very deep emotional response, which is 
their power. They are not a language which you can piece together, but they 
speak to you on a subconscious level. In the early years back in 1990-91, I 
met many people who said that they recognised the designs, but couldn't   
remember where from? Perhaps we have a deep connection with them, and 
hopefully they are unlocking this knowledge. But I do believe it's part of a 
personal development, but it is not a religion.



"Are there any major agreements about the meaning of the crop circles?"

Nearly everyone within the crop circle world agrees that their message is 
quite important, that they are a gateway if you like to the more elemental 
side of life, and that they show you another side to reality, one which has 
changed many people's lives including my own. Their connection to Ancient 
Sites also holds a key to what is creating these designs, they are indeed 
"Temporary Temples" within the landscape. Earth energy I believe is partly 



"I was wondering if you have any information as to the number of crop 
circles, are they on the increase?"

In the late eighties the number of circles was dramatically less, than the 
amount we see today. Of course the designs were not as elaborate as the 
nineties formations, as the quintuplets were as complex as you could expect, 
probably the largest formations in 1988 appeared at Silbury Hill. In 1989, 
the Quintuplets reappeared near Silbury and indeed, this year experienced a 
dramatic increase in events around the country. One would have surmise that 
the phenomenon was on a climb, but it was 1990, that broke all records, and 
exceeded everyone expectations!

The year of 1990 was quite exceptional, it was the first year I became 
involved (Stuart) and will always be fondly remembered. The amount of 
formations appearing in this year was breathtaking, and know body could 
possibly deny, that the phenomenon had stepped up a gear from 1989. A 
massive shift had taken place, with totally unique designs appearing, not 
just in Wiltshire/Hampshire, but around the country and the world! I still 
believe, that the Crop Circle Phenomenon was an indication of how peoples 
consciousness had changed between 1988-1990. Political world events were 
also evidence of this shift. 

Its my personal belief that the phenomenon is part of the process for world 
change, its not a matter of numbers anymore, but the personal experience of 
identifying the shapes themselves. 



"Does anyone live near them to be able to hear them being created, or even 
see them?"

Many people live very close to fields were Crop Circle appear. An example 
would be Alton Barnes, as their houses are surrounded by fields which the 
formations appearing in year after year. Quite a number of the village 
itself are skeptical of the phenomenon, however there are some residence who 
believe something is occurring in their area. The very first unusual 
occurrence, was on the very night the famous East Field formation appeared 
in 1990. A number of Dogs within the village were
extremely restless that night, which resulted in an airborne object that 
flew over the village in the early hours of the night. Apparently, there 
were no night maneuvers taking place, and the object itself was far to low 
for anything military. 

A number of people drive passed East Field on their way to work in the early 
hours of the morning. One such person still claims today, that the1996 
Double Helix formation was not there when he drove passed at 5am in the 
morning, but was first discovered a couple of hours later! This would 
indicate a daylight event, especially within the month of June. A month 
later a similar story was told at the Stonehenge formation, this time by a 
pilot of a light aircraft.

I am convinced that many other people have seen strange events in and around 
the Crop Circle countryside, but are scared to come forward! This is totally 
understandable, perhaps their frightened of being ridiculed.



"What are the straight lines which span across the whole field in double 
lines. There appear to be many of them?"

A very simple answer to this! These lines are what we call "Tramlines" They 
are made intentionally by the Farmer to spray the crops throughout the 
summer, and to cut the fields at Harvest time. Many Americans ask us this 
question, because most of their fields do not have "Tramlines" as they are 
normally sprayed by light aircraft. In fact, we are very interested in the 
fields within America and Canada, as their organic farming produces fields 
that are literally miles in length, resulting any human involvement in the 
circlemaking process extremely difficult. Please visit the International 
Crop Circle pages, especially the formations from Canada.



"I have heard of recent developments in crop circle investigations that 
leads to conclusive evidence that crop circles are caused by propulsion 
devices....would you have any information on this"?

Well, this theory was considered as a serious concept within the 1995 book 
"The Gift" by Doug Ruby. His feelings were that the designs themselves were 
a 2D representation of a propulsion system. The designs were made in to 
models and then spun at very high speeds, producing energy fields. According 
to Doug, the design were a Gift from other beings, to give us a new 
understanding to space travel. Interesting, but we   have not heard of Doug 
since the launch of his book. If your out there Doug, please get in touch! 

The formations themselves are not actually created by a propulsion system. 
They are far to intricate, and would show a much more random and irregular 
aspect to their designs. Can't really take this as a serious theory, and no 
conclusive evidence has been discovered to prove this.



"Greetings, I came across your name in the Crop Circle Connector web site 
and was wondering if you could put me in touch with any local tour guides or 
organisations in Britain that specialise in tours of Crop Circles"?

This question gives us a great opportunity to announce our new project 
before the 1999 season starts. The Crop Circle Connector is planning on 
compiling a "Travelogue" concentrating on the Avebury area in particular. A 
brief history of this part of Wiltshire will be included, with a run down of 
the Camp Sites, Hotels, Pubs, and Guest Houses in the surrounding area. This 
will give our many foreign readers a chance to choose were to stay while 
experiencing the phenomenon. We are very interested in helping the local 
businesses, and yourselves, as we receive many requests about accommodation 
in the general Avebury area. 



"Would you please report the stem/stalk observations with the photo's? Are 
the nodes blown open? Are the stalks broken or simply bent...etc? If we 
could read these observations, it may help each one of us determine for 
ourselves which crop circles may be real or faked." 

In answer to the first part of this question In many cases we unfortunately 
don't have any photo's on the stalks within each formation. It's a detail 
which needs to be covered within the phenomenon, and it would be very 
interesting to observe each event as it happens. The Crop Circle Connector's 
policy is to get the information out to the people as soon as we can. In 
many cases, we have to sacrifice this side of the research, but we do 
include text with regard to ground observations, when its available.

The 1998 formations did in certain cases, have the typical Blown Nodes, 
especially in the Avebury area. This type of effect on the plants cannot be 
explained easily, but we still have to be careful before jumping to 
conclusions. The BLT team in America (Burke, Levengood, Talbott Team) have 
carried out some ground breaking analysis on the plants themselves with some 
startling results. Without their dedication, we would not be discussing a 
scientific side to the Crop Circles.

Their latest results will be forthcoming very soon.



"Don't you think aliens have better things to do than fly umpteen light 
years to Earth and mash some wheat into circle based patterns in the middle 
of the night?  You pseudo-scientific jerks are pathetic."

Yes, would you believe we even receive emails from sad people, like this 
person! Luckily they are few and far between.



"I recently found the "crop circle" web-page; I find it to be a remarkable 
blend of beauty & intrigue. I have no idea what these amazing things are. 
Perhaps we will find out in our lifetime. In the meanwhile, I appreciate 
being able to browse through the ever changing circles that you constantly 
are upgrading. Thank you!"

Question 22 is always overshadowed by people who complement our work! Its 
very much appreciated, and remarks like the above keep us going year after 
year! Once again, we say thank you for all of your support!



"Did either of you guys see some television special earlier this year where 
they showed how 2 people with a couple of boards and some rope could make 
crop circles. They did a time-lapse video shoot and it took these two guys 
about 4 fours to make a most impressive crop circle, all videotaped. What do 
you think?"

This particular program has not been shown in this country yet, but we have 
already seen a copy taped on American television. Its a very quick 
demonstration on how this tea of individuals set about creating a large 
design within the dead of night! The time laps photography basically showed 
how they set-out the pattern but working from different points within the 
formation. It was soon pointed out, that the floor construction had the 
appearance of being extremely messy. The individuals stated later, that they 
wanted the film company to show the lay of the crop, but there wasn't enough 
time to fit it into the program...HMM! 

Overall, it did indicate that a dedicated team, could produce a large design 
in a couple of hours, but it still left quite a number of open questions, 
especially from people who have been researching the finer details of the 
Crop Circles. Also, it doesn't prove that the phenomenon is completely 
man-made, only that we could possibly create a good copy?



"Have crop circles occurred in snow covered fields? Absence of entry/exit 
tracks here would certainly lend credibility as to their authenticity."

Snow Circles are extremely rare! In the Himalayas in 1975, a grouping of 
four circles were photographed below a mountain range, but Ice Rings have 
been discovered in northern Sweden, and also 3-4 inches deep Salt Bed Rings 
in America. These events are few and far between, but nevertheless can not 
be ignored as a possible link?



This is from an interested party only. I don't claim to know anything about 
anything but what I read, but might these Crop Circles be a message to 
another intelligence besides human? Why do we assume they are meant for us? 
Are we that egotistical? Maybe we are not the only sentient beings on planet 
earth! Just a thought!

Many people are aware now, there have been numerous theories on the source 
of the phenomenon. Quite a number of people still believe that we are 
dealing with Extra terrestrials who are creating these designs within the 
fields, with understandable reasons. There have been a number of UFO's 
witnessed within the vicinity of the formations, since the late eighties. 
These events have caused a reaction from the UFO community to brand the 
phenomenon the work of Aliens, but what actually are these UFO's ?

In most cases these objects are very extremely small, but can appear in 
different forms. Some people have witnessed metallic objects that appear to 
reflex the sun rays, whereas others have seen Balls of Light that emit their 
own light, but in every case the witness describes them as being self aware. 

Are they communicating with ourselves? My own personal opinion is that they 
are without a doubt a message of some kind, and that we are learning more 
about ourselves and our environment through them. For me personally they are 
teaching us a lesson in consciousness itself, and how to interact with the 
Earth, and the human mind. Their location near to ancient sites is also a 
major clue to their teaching, as ancient man once held a profound wisdom of 
their environment through geometry and positioning. 

The crop circles are showing us a new science, which we have sadly lost, but 
ancient cultures practised.



"Fascinating! Just fantastic! This is so interesting. I have just one 
question: why do our newspaper articles--front pages all over our 
planet--not burst with this? What is the filtration which keeps politics and 
weather and local events there instead? I would like to know why the New 
York National News doesn't spill over with this? Interesting. This is so 
very important that it is very curious. I would say there is a collaborated 
effort to delay our knowledge of these events. I believe them--of 
course!--but how can we all cut through this secrecy of the press so as we 
might all more constructively collaborate on our collective course of 
action? That is what I'd like to know!" 

In 1990 the crop circle phenomenon became front page news within the English 
national press. A hysteria was built up around the phenomenon, and indeed 
the work of Aliens was considered seriously within certain papers. It was 
regarded as a genuine phenomenon, and many people in England became 
fascinated by the mysterious shapes that were appearing overnight. 

The year of 1990 out the phenomenon firmly on a map (excuse the pun) as the 
previous years were relatively quiet in comparison. The press were quite 
content to publish many formations as they appeared. The next year was 
equally as popular, but by the end of the summer of 91, alarm bells I'm sure 
started to ring for "The powers that be" Back in the summer of 1990, 
Operation Blackbird was infiltrated by what was regarded as a military stunt 
to debunk the phenomenon, but at the end of the season of 1991 major steps 
were brought into to squash public opinion, hopefully for good!

We have all heard of Doug and Dave, and the fiasco that followed in 
September 1991, when they claimed to the world that they were responsible 
for the phenomenon. Many people believed their claims, mostly from casual 
followers of the crop circles. Indeed even myself had doubts on whether we 
were dealing with a genuine phenomenon, such was the power of their claims. 
But cracks started to appear, and Colin Andrews proved on live TV, they were 
basically lairs, and couldn't be trusted. 

I still feel today that these two gentlemen in their retirement years were 
part of a major operation to seriously damage the phenomenon. Their claims 
to hoaxing would never stand up in court, and indeed today they have 
precious little evidence for their work. However I do believe they have 
created a few, but never the amount they originally told the world. Let's not 
forget that many events would appear over one night, right across the

In 1996 the English press started to write some very balanced articles on 
the phenomenon, which were extremely positive in nature, but it's still 
regarded as a sensitive subject to publish widely. But the phenomenon is 
still suffering from the events in the early nineties, as many people just 
see them as the work of drunken lads from the Pub. However I do believe 
opinion will shift in time, but it's up to ourselves to promote the 
phenomenon, and the effects from them. 

Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike  
From - - http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/faq98.html