What They're Not Telling You About Death

By Carissa Conti
c. 2003

What They're Not Telling You About Death.  
The Rules of the Game When Visiting 3rd Density

Over the past year or so, I have begun to realize some eye opening things 
regarding matters of death. In looking back over a lifetime of events that 
have happened to me and others I know, it started to dawn on me that things 
aren't what they seem to be, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to 
the subject of ceasing to exist in 3rd density. 

How many people ever get to fully wake up and realize Hey, wait a 
minute - what if reality isn't what they're telling us it is??  Not many. 
Because in the world we live in, most of us aren't given a chance to even 
get to that point. The fact is, what the Powers That Be choose to tell us 
about life and reality, and the way things actually are, are two totally 
different things. They suppress many things from us, matters concerning 
health, medicine, technology, physics, biology, history, human origins and 

The truth about who's really running the show on this planet. The truth 
about aliens. The truth about the upcoming earth changes, cometary impacts, 
and the Wave. If you can name it, then chances are, they've suppressed 
something about it. Lightness is truth and knowledge, and darkness is the 
suppression of truth and knowledge, and what you don't know, can hurt. 

So, what was one of the big realizations that I had? Something I noticed 
which wasn't adding up to what they're telling us? It was the realization 
that when it comes to death, as long as we are fully souled, then 
ultimately, we can't die until we give the okay. We have the final decision 
about whether or not we choose to go. Not somebody else. Not bigger forces 
beyond our control. It is us, and only us. And why is this? 

Because as a fully souled human, you have incarnated into this world with an 
agenda, with goals you want to accomplish. Most likely, those goals will tie 
into other souls' lives, and their agendas, and so you will be helping and 
influencing each other along the way. And at that point it becomes a 
situation of multiple souls' free wills and agendas all hinged together, 
which means somebody can't just swoop in and kill you, one piece of the 
complicated, interwoven puzzle, just because they feel like it. 

There are rules. There are other souls at stake, so if someone were to try 
and prematurely halt that, then intervention would occur on behalf of those 
in jeopardy. And I'm not referring to natural death, due to old age for 
instance, but rather, dying prematurely at the hands of someone else, or 
circumstances beyond your control, which implies victimization and the 
violation of free will. From here on out this is the type of death that I 
will be referring to in this article. 

Being in control over your death and destiny is not an idea that's promoted 
in mainstream society, by any means. It's something that we have to figure 
out for ourselves, if we even get to that point at all. And most people 
don't. The veil of sleep is so securely snug around many that they never 
manage to wake up to the bigger truths. This is because we live in a fear 
based, knowledge suppressing society designed to get us to relinquish our 
free will and keep us from accomplishing anything of real significance, not 
a society that promotes learning about the truth and becoming a successful, 
productive human. 

Once you realize that maybe we are actually the ones who have the final say 
in when we decide to go, then the wheels begin to spin and you may soon 
realize that maybe, just maybe, we have more control than we thought over the 
things that happen to us when we're alive - we may not be as powerless and 
fragile as we think... we might even have more abilities and powers that we're 
not aware of which we're not tapping into, and as a species, we might be more 
dangerous than some Powers That Be would like us to believe. Which is 
exactly the reason for this veil of sleep that is blanketing most of the 
population. To keep us unaware of who we really are and what we may be 
capable of. 

So, with that in mind, this article will examine who we really are, the idea 
of premature death, and what the rules of the game are while we are here 
borrowing physical bodies in 3rd density. 

The Rules of the Game... 

As long as you are fully souled and aligned with positive, then you will 
have protection from higher realms when you are here, either from your 
higher self, or the teammates who are working alongside your higher self.

1 (Fully souled meaning, as opposed to Organic Portals, and others among us 
who aren't souled in the same manner as the rest of us). OP's and members of 
the ominous category called Other, serve many purposes learning lessons, 
sabotage, energy drains, distraction, keeping us in line with the program, 
keeping us asleep, etc. (see Organic Portals For Dummies on this website 
for further information). 

But not least of all is posing as background characters who perpetuate the 
illusion that everything is normal and that we are all the same. They do 
this merely by existing often times, being that passive, normal character 
in the background who represents everything that society says we should be, 
and doing all the things society says we should be doing. A living and dying 
example of reality for us to see and take mental notes on. So in other 
words, propagating false ideas about life and death. 

Those who are not fully souled, such as OP's and Others, don't have the 
luxury of protection that a fully souled human does. They don't possess a 
link to a higher self because they either belong to a hive mind group soul, 
or, they don't have a soul at all. OP's and soulless types are at the mercy 
of whatever comes their way, tossed about recklessly on the waves of life, 
with no real say in what becomes of them.

The biggest problem however comes about when fully souled humans see the 
things that happen to everybody else, whether it be other souled people, 
OP's, or background characters, and then mistakenly believe that the things 
that happen to them can and will happen to us, and that the rules must be 
the same for everybody. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just 
because another fully souled person chooses to die a horrific death doesn't 
mean you have to. Just because an OP, or Other met with an untimely ending 
doesn't mean you might, too. 

Everybody's circumstances are completely unique to them, and only them. The 
rules are not the same for everybody. However, the Powers That Be would like 
you to think that they are, because it's advantageous for them if we live in 
fear and don't know that we have more power over ourselves than we realize. 

Believing in the idea of reincarnation and the eternal soul means believing 
that we script our lives. We determine who we're going to be born to, what 
we'll look like, what our personal agenda is going to be, what our talents, 
strengths, weaknesses and faults will be, what we'd like to accomplish, the 
challenges and obstacles we'd like to face, the people we'll be working with 
or crossing paths with, and what our lives will be like in general. 

If we plan out everything else regarding our time here on this plane, then 
it means that the same goes for our deaths as well. You can't have one part 
of it without the other; we wouldn't go to such great lengths to prepare for 
our lives and then turn around and leave the death part up to random, 
haphazard chance, with no say in the matter. 

So if this is the case, then, who exactly ARE all those people that we read 
about, hear about and see every day who are getting killed in what seems at 
first glance to be random, uncontrolled circumstances? 

Real, fully souled people who decided it was time to go. Maybe we can't 
understand why anybody would choose to die at the hands of a mugging/rape, a 
random crime, a plane crash, a twisted auto wreck, but the fact is, we 
aren't them. We can never know what karma they felt they had to fulfill. 
What's right for them may not be right for us, and vice versa. 

OP's, background characters, and other soulless types who belong to a hive 
mind group soul or have no soul at all. As noted previously, one of their 
purposes is to perpetuate false ideas about both life, and death. We see, 
hear and read about the things that happen to them, and naturally assume 
that it can and will happen to us, because nobody has told us any different. 
This again goes back to the concept of suppressed knowledge. If you aren't 
able to figure the truth out on your own, well, the Powers That Be certainly 
aren't going to tell you. 

So in actuality, their deaths are not as random and haphazard as it may 
seem. As long as you are fully souled, it never is. 

Noted psychic and author Sylvia Browne mentions an interesting point in her 
book Life on the Other Side. In chapter 19, entitled The Return Trip, she 
delves into the idea of exit points. According to Browne, before 
incarnating here, we all factor in five exits points in our lives, whether 
it be critical illness, accidents, near hits, and other mishaps along the 
way. These exit points are our free will opportunity to jump ship should we 
decide we no longer want to continue with physical existence, with the fifth 
exit point always being the final one. 

The exit points can be clustered together, or scattered about, depending on 
how you choose to do it. However, you don't have to utilize the first four 
when they come up. Which means, for those times when you narrowly escaped a 
nasty accident, or listened to an intuitive voice in your head that steered 
you in a different direction and ended up saving your life, etc., it just 
might be your subconscious recollection of an upcoming exit point that you 
have chosen not to utilize. 

With that in mind, that can also explain why some fully souled people seem 
to be die in scary ways. That may just have been one of their exit points, 
and the only convenient way in which they could duck out at that point. 

It's an interesting possibility, and if it's true, then we should look at 
what the concept's Bigger Picture is saying we're in charge of when we'd 
like to go. We factor in our exit points. Not somebody else. And we have the 
final say in whether to utilize them. Not somebody else. It is us, and us 
alone, who determines when we'd like to step aside.  


Despite the fact that we seem to have the ultimate final say in when we go 
doesn't mean that there won't be sabotage attempts by others to speed up 
the process, and edge us out the door a little early. If you are fully 
souled, and not negatively oriented, there most likely will be attempts at 
interference from negatively oriented entities, beings, or Powers That Be in 
the form of situations designed for destruction. 

The bigger your agenda, the more people you may cross paths with, and the 
larger your influence, the more likely you may be a target. And this is 
where your higher self and teammates come in, (amongst other times) for 
assistance. It's a tug of war, basically. One side attempting sabotage, the 
other, stepping in and helping to avert it, in the form of that intuitive 
voice, a person who comes into your life at just the right time, or 
sometimes flat out direct intervention that reverses a no-nodone by the 
negative side that wasn't supposed to happen - or rather, wasn't allowed to 

This protection is even more amplified when others' lives and agendas hinge 
on yours, as mentioned before. So in attempting to take you out, the 
negative side would also be messing with the freewill of however many other 
people are connected to you. 

It has been said that these are very critical times we exist in. We're 
facing the approach of the Wave, or the Great Shift in Consciousness, an 
incoming comet cluster with an approximate 3,600 year cycle, the effects of 
Planet X, or rather, our sun's binary red dwarf companion, and the 
resulting earth changes. Because of this, it's possible that most, if not 
all, of the souls that have ever incarnated on this planet could be here at 
the same time, as well as souls from different areas of the universe who 
want to participate or observe. 

It's like the big reunion, a chance to get together one last time and 
participate in the final blowout. What this also means is that there are 
souls here right now from higher densities, who have existed as beings other 
than human, with far more abilities and powers and a greater insight into 
the true nature of reality, mixed up with souls and life energies who have 
never been beyond 1st, 2nd or 3rd density. Gives a whole new meaning to the 
term Melting Pot, doesn't it? Higher density souls aren't unique to just 
these times however; they have figured prominently throughout human history 
as souls who have actively steered humanity on a different course. 

If a soul is from a density beyond 3rd and is in essence, coming back, on 
a mission so to speak, then that soul has a stronger soul energy, (more 
presence, power, magnetism, a brighter spark) the potential for a stronger 
connection to higher realms, increased protection due to that connection, 
and on a side note, stronger intuitive/extrasensory abilities, versus a soul 
who has never been beyond 3rd. 

This isn't because they are any more worthy, but merely because of the fact 
that they are coming in from that higher plane, from a place with greater 
freedoms, abilities and knowledge. Higher density incarnates are able bring 
with them some of their former abilities and awareness, which creates 
potential for a stronger connection to their higher self as well as that 
side perk of extrasensory and weird stuffabilities. 

And on the flip side, those individuals with a weak soul energy, a bland 
vibe, and minimal spark, are probably souls that have never been beyond 3rd 
density, (if they were even fully souled at all) and therefore, have less of 
a toolbox to work with. Just as we see examples of the wide variety of 
humans all around us with different races, physical make up, personalities 
and intellectual capacity, so there are different examples of souls. Not 
everybody is on the same level, and playing with the same equipment, and 
going by the same rules, so don't be fooled just because they occupy a human 
body, like you. 

When it comes to that tug of war between a higher density incarnate and 
something negative, the positive oriented soul will always have the final 
say. This is because 4th density is the highest that a negative entity can 
originate from, since 4th is the cap off point for where an individualized, 
free will violating STS being can exist; while positive STO souls can 
originate from 5th, and even 6th density, which are primarily STO zones.
Whoever's from the higher density has more power, bottom line. 

So, the negatives can try as they might to sabotage you and get rid of you 
before you have planned to go, but your higher self can always override it, 
like an exasperated parent rolling its eyes. Again though, this protection 
also depends on whether or not your higher self is able to get through the 
line. If you are asleep and unaware of such things as the higher self, or 
of negative sabotage, and have your back turned to such matters in general, 
then the signal from your higher self has a harder time trying to get through. 

But being less powerful doesn't keep the negatives from trying as they might 
to sabotage. One of the biggest faults that negatively oriented beings seem 
to possess is that of wishful thinking and over estimating themselves, no 
matter how many times they are defeated. They won't give up, because they 
can't resist, and will always succumb to that wishful thinking. And many 
times they are actually successful in their attempts, depending on how much 
awareness the target has, whether the target is positively or negatively 
oriented, and how strong their connection is to protection, and so this is 
their reason for continually trying. 

Now, when it comes to fully souled children who are finding themselves 
facing the prospect of a premature death either by accident or at the 
intentional hands of something negative, and, it's not their designated time 
to go, and they don't have the ability to defend themselves, then there will 
be direct intervention on the part of higher forces looking out for them, in 
the form of their higher self, or, the teammates, mentioned earlier. When 
it comes to children who are defenseless, things can get a little wacky, and 
the rescue intervention is more apt to defy the laws of reality as we think 
we know them. 

This is because of the fact that they are so defenseless, so intervention 
has to be more flagrant. Just read any of those Chicken Soup books, they're 
riddled with stories of guardian angels and mysterious strangersand crazy 
illogical reality bending moments of intervention to protect the defenseless 
child who was facing a premature death. Or, start talking to people you 
know, and listening to what people have to say about this. You'd be 
surprised at how many people have a story about this type of thing. I know 
that I personally have been on the receiving end of this as a child, as well 
as others I know, so I can attest to what lengths the higher up team mates 
will go to intervene and undo a no-no. 


So what about those who are here working either directly or indirectly 
towards a negative agenda, for the STS forces that be? When you knowingly 
choose to strive towards negative, you temporarily cut yourself off from 
your higher positive self and anything good it has to offer, including 
protection, and thus give yourself, and your free will, over to those 
negative STS forces. They love any opportunity to take on a convert. Again 
it's like your higher self is trying to get through the line, but 
continually meeting with a busy signal, or a bad connection. 

You always have to keep in mind that the negative side works the exact 
opposite of the positive, in every way. Positive is about respecting free 
will, promoting truth and knowledge, and assisting any way it can as long as 
you ask, even going to great measures to reverse and un-do those 
no-no moments. Negative is about lies and deceit, trickery and games, 
manipulation, violating free will at every chance, suppressing truth and 
knowledge, and taking as much as they can possibly take, while giving 
nothing in return, until tossing you aside, chewed up and spit out and 
ripped limb from limb, figuratively speaking. 

When you align yourself with that, you align yourself with what that has to 
offer - which is nothing. They may trick you into thinking they're doing 
something for you, and offer up tempting prospects to lure you in, but it's 
all an illusion, just lies and deceit. And as soon as you have served their 
agenda, and have been used up as their pawn, they toss you aside, with no 
regards for you or what you may have done for them. There is no loyalty. 
They will not be there to assist you and bail you out of life threatening 
situations. Positive forces will however, as long as you ask. 

If you've given yourself up to the negative, you've essentially signed a 
contract and agreed to it. You willingly threw away your free will, and 
temporarily shut the door on anything positive and good. This can take the 
form of the dramatic, in instances such as people involved in dark occult 
practices that invoke demons, and involve rituals and sacrifice, to the 
every day examples of those who psychopathically pursue an STS existence, at 
everybody else's expense, hurting people and promoting destruction. 

Does this mean real people who align themselves with negative can't ever 
hope to reform, and it's a hopeless situation, doomed for eternity? Not at 
all. We have free will, and can choose to switch sides and bat for the other 
team any time we want. In fact, it's in my belief that there isn't a soul 
out there who hasn't led at least one, if not several, negatively oriented, 
self-serving existences involving the hurting, exploitation or even death of 
other individuals.

In order to evolve you have to go through the spectrum of existence, and 
this includes the negative as well as the positive. You can't learn and grow 
until you try everything on for size, make mistakes, learn from them, and 
figure out which side you prefer. 

On a slightly downer note though relating to this topic, depending on who 
you were and what exactly you were doing in the negative existence(s), you 
are going to meet with at least some sort of protest from the negative side 
when you try to convert to something positive. That's just sort of a given. 

It seems from what I'm learning that they don't give up easily on someone 
who used to serve or promote them, and will follow souls around relentless 
from life to life trying to get them back, because the potential is there, 
and there's an Achilles' Heel happening. 

Again, this ties into the negatives' lack of respect for free will and free 
will choices. They don't, and won't, accept rejection, and it pretty much 
takes an all out battle of wills to permanently sever the ties. But it 
doesn't mean it's hopeless, by any means. Just means there's a little 
necessary backpedaling before finally moving forward. 

The Threat 

Humans, with all of our abilities and potential, are a threat to anything 
that's negative and armed with an agenda. When it comes to those negatively 
oriented beings from other densities, they are actually a little fearful and 
envious of us, despite seeming so superior at first glance. We have a 
broader range then they do, in terms of the emotions we can experience, our 
mental abilities, physical abilities, extrasensory powers, ability to create 
our own realities, the potential for limitless evolution, and our spiritual 
connection to higher realms. 

They, on the other hand, are very narrow, with strengths limited to only a 
few areas, leaving them unbalanced. Some, such as the reported reptilians, 
have brute strength, a razor sharp mind, technological prowess and 
multi-dimensional capabilities, but lack emotions and a spiritual base, and 
are addicted to an STS existence, and so therefore are limited in how far 
they can evolve. Others, such as the Grays, are biological machines - all 
multi-dimensional existence and mind power, and nothing more, just to name a 
few examples. 

Humans have what these, and other beings want, which is the potential for 
all of the above. We need to remember this and keep this in mind when we're 
trying to figure out why the Powers That Be have gone to such great lengths 
to keep us asleep and unaware. If we didn't have some amazing potential, 
they wouldn't have to try so hard. As a herd of cattle that is being farmed 
by the upper management, we have to be kept docile, and in line, otherwise 
the farming will be difficult, if not impossible. 

A lifetime of strategies are implemented to keep us within the confines of 
the herd, and to relinquish our free will and power, (see Open Your Eyes 
We Are Bred To Be Sheep - on this website). Government, police, teachers, 
school, religion, parents, peers, the media, culture and society all tie 
together in a complicated tapestry to accomplish this. The end result (they 
hope) is a person who is beaten down into conforming with the system placed 
before them, unquestioning and obedient. 

And even if they are questioning, they will be so overwhelmed by trivial 
day-to-day matters and with just trying to survive that they won't be able 
to do anything about the things happening around them. The system helps to 
skew our priorities, and insures that we remain focused on what's 
unimportant, while ignoring what is. 

Most of us have been to a zoo at some point in our lives. We've all seen 
enormous, powerful creatures such as lions who have managed to be 
tranquilized, abducted, and transported to a zoo setting where they will 
remain the rest of their lives in captivity, at the mercy of their zoo 
keepers, continually managed and maintained, conditioned and controlled, 
by their masters. Aside from those random incidents of captive lions biting 
off zoo employees' entire arms, for the most part these lions are kept under 
control by the humans, all for amusement, entertainment and profit making. 

In the wild, without the benefit of cages, whips, tranquilizers and other 
control mechanisms, that 900 pound carnivorous creature of pure muscle and 
jaw power would and could rip any human to shreds. In the wild, on the 
lion's territory, it's not even a fair fight. We've all seen pictures or 
watched footage on the Nature Channel of lions taking down zebras and other 
creatures of the savannas. It's scary and awe-inspiring. But here we are, 
fooling ourselves into thinking we're the masters of this creature, because 
we have weapons to overpower them. We have the mind power to create the 
weapons; they have pure strength and physical domination. Without our 
weapons and tricks, we don't stand a chance. 

This analogy is the same for what's currently happening with aliens and 
their human cattle. Just as there are creatures we've managed to dominate 
due to our mental prowess, so there are creatures above us who are doing the 
same to us. We have aliens who continually tranquilize, abduct and dominate 
us, poke and prod us and use us as an ongoing biological experiment - or 
even food - while simultaneously controlling and managing us, the herd, via 
the means outlined earlier. They've taken us, a creature with enormous 
abilities and potential, and either forced or tricked us into relinquishing 
that power. 

We've submitted, become institutionalized, and don't even realize it. It's 
the same situation as those zoo creatures, lion included, who eventually 
give up on the idea of escape, or taking out the zookeeper. They eventually 
just get into that beat down, submissive frame of mind and accept their 
situation. In the zoo, the mighty lion has a steady food supply and shelter, 
no threat from natural enemies, and a regulated climate controlled 
environment, so things aren't that bad... it's very easy to become complacent. 
There's nothing worth complaining about. Life is pretty damn easy, in 
fact... on the surface. 

But in reality there's a whole lot they're missing out on. Like a natural 
life in their natural surroundings, where they get to roam free in ample 
space, their freewill unencumbered, finding a mate of choice, and having a 
family. But because they are given a comfortable enough existence in the 
zoo, so they soon forget. Our lives are the same. We've forgotten who we 
originally were and what we could be capable of, because there are a lot of 
perksto this modern day society, which keep us entertained and diverted as 
well as perpetuating an illusion of safety and security - and which 
therefore breeds complacency. 

When we have all these materialistic things surrounding us, and a world of 
entertainment at our disposal, it falsely makes us believe we are free and 
everything is just fine, when in fact, it's anything but. 

Fear is also a big tool that's used to keep us in line and under control. 
Fear of getting in trouble, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of risk 
and potential failure, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of being 
attacked, fear of health problems, fear of death... and on and on... what if 
what if what if?? The Powers That Be have created a world to paralyze us in 
fear, round the clock, 24/7. It's all fear, all the time!

And that's exactly how they want it. We hear about nasty car accidents, 
plane crashes, trains derailing, fires, car jackings, muggings, bombings, 
explosions, natural disasters, kidnappings, hostages, rapes, serial killers, 
riots, gang wars, political wars, nuclear war, drug overdoses, random acts 
of violence, random acts of terrorism, all of which keeps us in a state of 
fear, apprehension, worry or stress, and, not only that, creates the 
illusion that we are these tiny, fragile, helpless powerless creatures that 
could die randomly, at any time, at any place, with no control or say in it 
whatsoever.  But what if this is not the case? 

The Truth 

What if, just what if, you aren't as tiny fragile and helpless as they'd 
like you to think you are? What if you can't die until you say it's okay? 
What if you accidentally found yourself in an unsavory situation that could 
have would have should have resulted in your death... but you are here for a 
reason, and aren't done doing what you came here to do? Now what? Well, what 
happens now is that intuitive voice kicks in and gets you out of the 
situation before anything can happen. Or someone enters into your life at 
that key moment to steer things in a different direction. 

Or even more extreme, something funny happened on the way to your death and 
time just sort of got altered, because well, you know, you weren't supposed 
to die, so your higher self and higher teammates kind of intervened and 
tweaked with a few things, and set things back on track. It wasn't your time 
to go, and not only that, you are connected to too many other teammates, 
like a mountain climbing team, (some of which haven't even been born yet!) 
and you are all clipped and hooked and belted together. If one were to go 
down, they all will go down, and it just can't be allowed. 

It may sound extreme and impossible, but the fact is, it's reality. Many of 
us have been on the receiving end of one or sometimes more of these 
near-death, near-hit close calls, and/or know others who have as well. I 
personally know that I should be dead right now. And so should a few people 
who have been close to me over the years. But we aren't. We have experienced 
those intuitive voices that get us out of a situation, mysterious strangers 
conveniently inserted into the mix in the nick of time, or a flat out 
reversal of a major no-no that wasn't supposed to happen, defying all the 
laws of reality as we know it, (or, what they tell us it is, anyway). 

And none of this is anything that people are allowed to talk about in mixed 
company, out in the realworld, where everything is normal. In the 
real world, there isn't room for this type of stuff, you're not allowed to 
speak too loudly about it, because they fear that you may put two and two 
together and realize that reality isn't what they're telling us it is. They 
ensure that we don't talk about it by calling those who do crazy and insane. 

They also go to great lengths to submerge us in a world that actively 
promotes the anti-spiritual, sticking to hard core science as the basis of 
proof for everything. If it can't be sensed with the five senses, then it 
simply doesn't exist, is the status quo for the science-oriented world we 
live in. 

Atheistic, closed minded puppets of science are placed before us in key 
positions throughout society spewing their robotic pre-programmed 
sounding views, over and over again, shooting down anything paranormalor 
spiritual, trying their hardest to hammer it home in our brains; OP's are 
maintained via their hive minds to promote the same agendas, and all of it 
serves to frustrate the people who are convinced they know better, but who 
can't seem to get much support. 

And to make matters worse, sometimes when you look closer at many of the 
people who do seem to possess spiritual cores and spiritual beliefs, 
you'll find that in actuality, what they are really spouting is just the 
twisted up version of such, corrupted by mainstream religion, promoted by 
the Powers That Be, and designed to lead us astray, and keep us in the dark 
and misinformed.  


The phenomenon of protection and intervention would also explain why many 
victims of alien or military abductions are not killed, while many others 
supposedly are. It's not that these aliens and military personnel aren't 
capable of killing their target - it's that they're not allowed to. These 
subjects come back banged and bruised up, with any number of physically 
debilitating symptoms, but yet, the fact is, they were returned, while 
others were not so lucky. 

In a session with the Cassiopaeans, (www.cassiopaea.org) held on September 
14, 2002, the idea of higher protection during an abduction came up, 
confirming this theory. Several of the people attending this particular 
session had been the target of ongoing abductions, from different sources, 
and one in particular mentioned a corn-flower blue mark that had recently 
appeared on her underarm. She was curious as to what the mark was, and the 
answer ended up being more interesting then anybody expected. (note 
Q means question; a letter in parenthesis is the first initial of the 
person asking the question; A means answer, as given by the Cassiopaeans). 

Q (V) Okay, what was the cornflower blue dot on my arm? 
A It was an energy surge burn. EM in nature.
Q (V) Did this emanate from a source within me or from without me?
A Both. 
Q (V) Dare I ask, STS, STO?
A Realm curtain EM burst. 
Q (V) It's like 4th density bleed through?
A You got it. 
Q (V) You used the word burn. It looked like where a shot had been given, 
comment please?
A Ask Laura about that. She had one.
  (further discussion ensued, which has been omitted here, about the spot 
  Laura once had on her belly, which was similar in nature, until conversation 
  returned to V's spot, and her question about the actual blue color of the 
Q (V) Now I remember you talking about orgone being a blue color. Is there 
any relationship to orgone?
A No. Blue color is a physiological response the same way a blister is 
physical response to heat. 
Q (V) Okay, if that is the physical aspect of it, what is the say, metaphysical 
aspect of it?
A EM energy surge. 
Q (V) Is what Laura is saying true, is this EM energy surge a defense mechanism? 
A Most often. 
Q (V) Defense mechanism against what? 
A Intrusion. Q (V) Well it's cool we got that going on. Did it work?
A Did it?
Q (V) That's what I'm asking you guys... Oh well, I'm still here. 
A Okay, it worked. 
Q (C) So every time one of those spots appears it's a sign that intrusion 
had been trying to happen and it was successfully warded off?
A Depends on the spot and the individual. But generally, yes, if the same 

Three of the people involved in this session had discovered similar marks on 
themselves at different times in their lives. And it was confirmed that 
those markings were in fact, the result of protection intervention. And all 
three were obviously still alive and kicking, despite having either been 
taken against their will in the form of abduction, or, intruded upon in some 
major violation of their freewill.

I highly doubt that if someone has the ability to abduct you and bruise and 
bang you up that they wouldn't also have the ability to just kill you 
outright. I'm sure they'd love to keep you and do whatever they will with 
you, whether it's dissecting you, experimenting on you, etc. But the fact 
is, they aren't allowed to do it. And if they were to try, then hence, that 
EM energy surge burn, representing protection, a big Back Off from higher 
sources who have the final say. There was something looking out for those 
particular three people attending that session.

For whatever reason, they have determined that being abducted was something 
they needed to go through, it allows some sort of learning lesson, BUT, 
that's as far as the higher self will allow it to go. And if anybody tries 
anything beyond that, then they are going to get shut down. There is 
obviously a line that the abductors can't cross with some people. 

Holes in the Theory? 

While pondering this theory, and noticing that everything seemed to be 
pointing in this direction, I began to try and come up with holes 
something, anything that would prove this theory wrong. Ghosts, for 
instance, were the first thing that came to mind. Ghosts can be the result 
of several things. They can be the energy imprint on the fabric of space 
time, hence, the reason many ghosts are repeaters, and can always be seen 
doing the same thing, sometimes at the same time, almost like a movie being 
replayed over and over. 

They aren't actually an energy trapped in a loop, but rather an imprint on 
our holographic space time fabric. A reality memory, so to speak. Then 
there are the other type of ghosts the real ghosts, energies who don't know 
they are dead, have unresolved issues, (usually anger or despondency, but, 
not always) or, who were confused and lost at the time of death and so 
didn't go where they were supposed to go. 

Now, if we have the ultimate final say in when we die, then wouldn't that 
contradict with the idea of ghosts, who are energies that most often didn't 
know they were supposed to be dead and so, missed the boat?  Wouldn't this 
disprove the theory, because shouldn't they have known it was their time to 

Not necessarily. Amnesia is a pretty powerful thing. We all experience 
amnesia when incarnating here, forgetting who we are, where we come from, 
and how things are much better on other realms. Whatever we do remember is 
just a fraction of the entire picture. We have to forget nearly everything 
though, pretending to start overwith a blank slate, otherwise it would be 
absolutely intolerable to exist here, under these circumstances. So with 
that in mind, it suddenly makes sense that these beings basically forgot it 
was their time to go; forgetting their upcoming exit point, perhaps? 

If many of us can't even remember who we are and where we come from, then of 
course we might even forget where we're going. Some of us forgot to check 
our number, and so when it was called, we weren't prepared, even though we 
are the ones who scripted it out in the first place before incarnating here. 

Another thing I kept going back to was the idea of those individuals who are 
killed in horrific ways, either in the form of murder, accidents, or natural 
disasters. Basically, the kind of death most people would hope to avoid at 
all costs. My first knee-jerk thought was, Nobody would ever knowingly 
choose to die that way! So there I had it, my proof that since nobody would 
actually want to die that way, well, it obviously means that nobody would 
therefore script that into their existence. 

Well, that was flawed, I soon realized. Again, it goes back to the idea of 
karma. Not karma imposed on us from an outside judgmental god-being on a 
cloud with a long beard and a staff, shooting lightening bolts and frown 
faces at us, but rather, our own personal, self determined karma, in the 
form of learning lessons that we script before incarnating here. 

We are the ones who punish ourselves for past wrongdoings, and set up 
challenges to learn from, and that means sometimes scripting unsavory or 
seemingly inconvenient deaths for ourselves because we feel it's what we 
need to go through, for whatever reason. Like I mentioned earlier, we can 
never fully know or understand what karma another felt they needed to fulfill. 

Last but not least, I thought of that ominous category called Other, (see 
footnote). What are we to make of those individuals who have been 
re-animated? How could they allow something like that to happen to them? The 
idea of re-animation defies the laws of what a soul is, or what it means to 
be souled. 

Well, when it comes to the re-animateds, they either had a highly weakened 
soul which hadn't aligned with higher, positive protection, (the higher self 
probably receiving that busy signalor bad connection) or, they didn't 
possess a soul to begin with. The victims of re-animation most likely are 
OP's, because anybody with a soul is going to have that potential for 
protection, and this protection goes for souls who have never been beyond 
3rd density, as well. 

In Conclusion...

We have to keep in mind those analogies about lion in the zoo, or the cow 
being farmed by upper management, because it's no different for humans. Most 
people out there don't seem to realize that we have negative forces in 
charge of us right now, corralling us around, keeping us fearful and 
complacent, so the end result is that we never rise up and realize our 
potential. This article is intended as food for thought, to get people to 
start comprehending their potential, and start looking back over their lives 
and begin putting two and two together. 

We need to stop denying the instances where we may have narrowly averted 
death or a serious accident, sometimes in really farfetched, almost 
unbelievable ways that defy the laws of reality or probability, and then 
start pondering what it really means when those things happen. And then take 
that meaning and start applying it to our lives while we are still alive. 

The higher self is you, in the future!  It's you as you exist in further 
evolved, higher densities such as 4th, 5th, or even 6th. Being that all time 
as we know it is happening simultaneously, that means that every form of you 
that has ever existed or has yet to exist is happening at the same time. 

This further evolved future-you is able to connect to the you in the now and 
knows how things are going to go, because it's already been there, and has 
the ability to see across multiple timelines and multiple realities, in a 
way that we can't at this time in this limited density. 

Try not to think of your higher self as something separate from you, however, 
because it's not. You are one and the same. All time, past present and 
future, is interconnected and interactive. This can be a difficult concept 
to grasp for many since we come from a society where the idea of linear, 
sequential, disconnected time has been hammered into our heads since 
childhood. Keep in mind that they've presented that particular version of 
time for a reason.

Others, besides Organic Portals, can be re-animated people, projected 
images from holographic technology, or beings from other realms who come in 
and out of 3rd density and temporarily take on physical form while they are 
here. With the exception of the Men In Black, or, those beings that take 
on temporary physical form, there really isn't too much information out 
there concerning these matters because again, it's suppressed. 

They need to maintain an image that life is normal and everything is exactly 
how they're telling us it is. However, some of the few sources I've managed 
to come across which make mention of holographic technology, or projected 
images using implants and mind control, are MILABS Military Mind Control 
and Alien Abductions, by Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer, Mass 
Control Engineering Human Consciousness, by Jim Keith, and Bringers of 
the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak. The channeled work of Anna Hayes also gets 
into holographic images and faked reality, from what I hear. 

And the only source I've seen which gets into re-animated people - real 
people who have either died or been killed and then were re-animated, and 
put back out into the world to co-exist among us, serving an agenda of some 
sorts - is the Cassiopaea.org site, where it's mentioned in some of their 
transcripts. According to the C's, there were approximately two million 
re-animated people running around in the world as of 1996, and they are 
increasing exponentially as the years go by. 


There are seven densities, or, dimensions, for existence. Some may be 
confused or curious regarding the hierarchy and make up of the densities, 
and who's who, and where and why. So, here's the "org chart" of the 7 

1st Density Minerals, plants, etc. 

2nd Density Most animals, other than human 

3rd Density Humans, and other highly evolved, intelligent and sentient 
beings capable of both STS and STO behavior. 

(Densities 1 - 3 co-exist together on the same realm) 

4th - Variable reality - Ability to exist as both physical and non-physical, 
with greater abilities and awareness. Both STS and STO coexist in this 
realm, whether it's human form, lizard, or other. There is still a battle 
between STS and STO at this point. But eating, sex, and life in general is 
different from the way we experience it here in 3rd. "Sex" isn't primal and 
for procreation, but rather a different form which is about souls mingling; 
consumption of physical food is not necessary, which means expelling waste 
products is obsolete, as is the necessity for "maintaining the physical 
body". Again though, one can have a physical body, but it's a mental 
projection more or less, which is the best way to put it. It's there because 
you choose for it to be there. 

5th - Where souls go when they "die". 5th is a neutral "time out", 
contemplative zone where STO and STS take a break from each other. This is 
where one goes to review the events of their life, recuperate when needed 
for those lives that were especially taxing, and plan for their next 

6th - Existence as energy, unified thought form, with the ability to take on 
a physical appearance for those occasions when visiting lower densities. Is 
primarily an STO realm, however, STS still exists in this density as thought 
form, for the sake of "balance." It does not have the ability to abduct 
individuals or violate free will as 1 - 4th density STS does. 

7th - Union with the creator source, or, "The One."