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The Real Powers behind The Scenes

The Dulce Book

Revelations From The Leading Edge

The following information is reproduced, with permission, from Val 
Valerian's massive work MATRIX II [The Abduction and Manipulation of 
Humans Using Advanced Technology]. This and other highly interesting 
research reports are available from the LEADING EDGE RESEARCH GROUP; 
P.O. Box 7530., Yelm, Washington State C.F. 98597 C.F. The following 
information is not given in any particular chronology or order, but 
more in a random collection of notes and research generally involving 
the connections between Aerial, Conspiracy and Subsurface phenomena:

In July 1947, the radar at the Four Corners area in the southwestern 
United States affected and took down an alien disk. It was entirely by 
accident (as a result of the electromagnetic beams -- upon which the 
radar system was based -- interfering with the EM systems of the 
craft. - Branton). The disk landed near Roswell, New Mexico. It was to 
be the first of two disks that would crash in that area. On board, 
scientists and military personnel found several dead aliens beings. An 
immediate analysis of their species could not be determined, but the 
aliens [referred to as the EBAN] had both reptilian and insect-like 
qualities. Also on board were found the remains of several military 
personnel. As far as we knew, this was the first major indication that 
human beings were being taken by an alien species...

In December 1988, former Navy intelligence officer William Cooper 
interviewed a man who said, "I don't know everything, but it's way out 
of our of control. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid of what's going 
to happen. Giant underground shelters are being built under Groom Lake 
and in other places."

In reference to the claim by some that these aliens are 'harvesting' 
humans on planet earth for their genetic, bioplasmic and secretional 
properties, Valerian states:

"There is no doubt that the government policy of secrecy makes the 
'harvests' easier for the Grays. Governments, by definition, are 
supposed to protect the public welfare. Obviously, something went very 
wrong here, and it appears that THE NAZI SS INTELLIGENCE-BASED CIA HAD 

(Note: The CIA was reputedly established by Bavarian Illuminati 
representative Allen Dulles in collaboration with Bavarian Thule 
Society representative Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen. The CIA/NSA, 
working on behalf of the corporate socialists in America who according 
to Antony Sutton and other economists financed the Bolshevik and Nazi 
revolutions, in turn infiltrated the Industrial-Military system and in 
turn the largely unelected/appointed EXECUTIVE branch of the U.S. 
government via their coup d'etat of the Executive branch which 
occurred simultaneously with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 
Since Kennedy's death, most if not all of the U.S. Presidents have 
been members of global financial organizations like the Council on 
Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bildebergers... 
all of which do NOT honor American's Declaration of Independence but 
instead advocate a "New World Order" to be implemented with the 
assistance of a United Nations military force. - Branton)

"These malevolent aliens have allied themselves with the secret world 
government whose thirst for power and system survival is probably only 
unequaled by the malevolent aliens themselves... The malevolent aliens 
have given advanced technology to the 'government', manipulated, lied 
to, deceived, and generally used our secret government for their selfish 
and inhumane alien ends."

The continuing situation with regard to M.P., a twenty year old woman 
in Las Vegas, has brought many interesting factors to the fore. Her 
first abduction occurred when she was five years old in December 1975. 
She has experienced over 400 abductions since that time, an average of 
two a month. Around 1987, she found that she was able to retain more 
and more memory of the activities. She is also an excellent artist 
with a photographic memory. There is sufficient evidence that she has 
been on various craft and she has also been taken to underground 
facilities in the mountains in Arizona and under the desert near 
Paradox, Nevada...

The Nevada facility is located near the Paradox area. She was also 
brought to this facility in 1987. The facility is not as large as the 
one in Arizona. Reichian programming devices were used on her in 
attempts at programming.

The facility is generally described as one oriented toward genetic 
work. Large cylinders containing amber, pink, and light-blue fluids 
were noted. These cylinders appear to be similar to those detailed in 
Matrix II. All cylinders contained humanoid forms. The cylinders 
containing light-blue fluid contained forms that looked human. The 
others contained hybrid/genetic variant humanoids. The last time she 
was brought to this facility was on January 22, 1991, where they 
attempted to get her to agree to not revealing data, as the Sirians 
were aware of her detailed interaction with us. She refused.

The Sirians said something to the extent that she was "affecting the 
balance in the Confederation". If that is so, then we're certainly ALL 
for it (Note: These are probably humanoids from Sirius-B, who have 
formerly collaborated with the Reptiloids/Grays of Draconis-Orion. 
Although many Sirians continue to collaborate with the Orionite forces 
who have commandeered their 'collective', other Sirians seem to have 
been experiencing a major conversion to the Andromedan-Pleiadian 
Federation's non-interventionist policies, now that many of their 
former treaties with the Reptiloids/Greys are falling apart because of 
betrayals on the reptilian side. A huge armada from Sirius-B is 
supposed to arrive in the Sol system around 2004 to engage the 
Orion-Draconian forces -- which have since taken full control of many 
of the Sirians' former joint-operational bases throughout this system. 
As with the 'Nazi' element on earth, there are apparently agents from 
Sirius-B who still wish to maintain collaboration with the 
Reptiloids... if not for the fact that they are operating under near 
total mind-control, then for the fact that they see a joint effort 
between the elite power-cults of Sirius, Bavaria and Orion as the only 
means to carry out their totalitarian plans for planet earth on behalf 
of their supposed astral "ascended master" leaders, especially in the 
face of Federation opposition. This may be what was meant in regards 
to the "balance in the Confederation". - Branton). Upon her return she 
discovered that she had some pain on the right side of her abdomen.

At this facility, she saw Sirians, Grays, and in another part of the 
facility she saw what appeared to be U.S. Military members. There were 
other beings there that she described as "light beings" ('light' does 
not always make 'right' - Branton). Her description of them was that 
they had a humanoid form but there were no details in the form -- it 
just emitted a light:

In view of the current state of knowledge, it is thought that these 
were beings of a least 5th density. The beings hovered around and 
monitored the Sirians and Grays all during her stay at the facility. 
The human military at the facility wore black uniforms...

* The United States [Executive branch, not the Congressional branch of 
government] made one or more agreements with a species described as 
the tall Grays, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational 
plans in trade for technology. Agreements made in 1934, [1954], 1964, 
and 1972...

* The Grey clones are...performing biological work which necessitates 
the termination of various species on the surface of the Earth, which 
is not governed or protected under the treaty made with the US 
'government'. Underground installations are the only 'sovereign' areas 
under the treaty...

* Researchers will recall that the disk that crashed in 1947 at 
Roswell, New Mexico had several reptilian species on board, as well as 
the body parts and clothing of several Army-Air Force officers...

* Species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination 
survival-based social order, where their 'religion' is science, their 
social structure is geared to obedience and duty, their military 
concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination 
through covert mind-control programs... Their basic 'game' appears to 
be to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of 
various targeted civilizations. They accomplish this by taking out the 
leaders and replacing them with entities they can control... The 
function of the 'elite' humans, as far as the Grays are concerned, are 
to decimate portions of the human population so that the remainder can 
be easily controlled. Hitler is a prime example...

One by-product of their social memory complex is that any kind of 
decision takes a while to make, since none of the [Gray] clones seem 
to have the innate ability to act independently of the other cloned 
species. This social structure has no room for 'surprises', and the 
"best laid plans of mice and man" can be totally wrecked if it comes 
into contact with anything outside its operational context. The tall 
Grays seem to be less prone to the frailties of the system than do the 
smaller Grays...


The Earth is somewhat unique in that it has a broad spectrum of beings 
of several density levels and race-types. It is inhabited inside, 
outside, and in the atmosphere in thousands of hidden little pockets 
and time-stream projections.

The process of conquering a planet involves [the] location of beings 
that vibrate in resonance with their vibrational frequency. These 
located beings are then told that they are the Elite or Chosen Ones 
who will conquer and lead the human race and rule the world for their 
Grey masters. Often the located beings are physically taken aboard 
craft and given physical examinations, provided with implants, given 
accelerated data through inculcation methods that will help them serve 
the Greys.

The function of an Elite is to decimate portions of its own race in an 
effort to reduce populations to manageable limits so the remainder can 
be easily controlled. The Nazi-Jew scenario is a good example of the 
Grey modus operandi. They also controlled the Imperial Japanese Empire 
and are generally responsible for most aggression between human 
groupings on the planet (The Greys use "divide and conquer" tactics... 
although it should be mentioned that since W.W.II and the cessation of 
the alliance with Bavaria, the Japanese have been interacting more and 
more with the Koldasians, a relatively benevolent humanoid race that 
reportedly inhabits the alternate "antimatter universe", and who 
apparently maintain close ties with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation. - Branton).

Humans have generally been deceived into playing victim-games of 
negativity, self-limitation, self-denigration and destruction. The 
games that the Grays are trying to enforce are games of coversion and 
secrets, as well as hidden standards.

All activities are conducted on a "playing field" which is limited by 
the attention span and the scope of awareness of the Players.

[Include] colonization of unprotected civilizations which are 
unaligned with any other group in space. They use planets for supply 
depots, slave sources, and biological materials. The exercise of 
domination and the enslavement of planetary populations is expressed 
as Service-to-Self [as opposed to Service-to-Others]. It creates power 
for their group, but inherent in this process is a rapid dissipation 
of power in that civilization, due to the limitations imposed by the 
games of limitation and negativity enforced on the popularity.

According to what research has revealed, there are certain methods and 
plans that have underscored the literal invasion of Earth by various 
Orion based species. Typical scenarios might be:

* The target planet is time-tabled for invasion.

* The base station is moved within range (disguised as asteroids, 
planetoids, or comets but recognized as alien craft by minor course 
alterations that can and have been detected, for instance in regards 
to the asteroid Geographos, Phobos, Hale-Bopp, etc. - Branton)...

* Leaders are approached with population control programs or solutions 
to survival-related problems. Leaders are convinced that they 
represent "an Elite" group that has been chosen "by God" to rule the 
populace for the good of God's empire (in many cases however, the 
elite do not believe in any 'god' other than themselves. - Branton). 
Look at any theocratic [or religiocratic] country on Earth and you can 
see this...

In accordance with "service to self" philosophy, goals are sought that 
will achieve more power for the 'elite' or ruling class; it is 
important that more and more slaves be made, so that the psychic 
energy can be drawn off to feed the madness of the "power elite". 
Domination and nullification is the basis of the game of struggle and 
conquest. It is a stable datum to negative Orion-based groups that 
empires can only be built and maintained on the backs of broken 
"game-pieces", and oiled by the blood, sweat, and tears of "worthless 
entities too decayed to be useful for any other tasks" and too 
rebellious to trust in more cooperative ventures...

The larger Grays apparently have some vestigial reproductive 
capability, and some of the hybrid species that have been cross-bred 
with the [taller] reptilian species have full reproductive capability. 
The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, 
compared to 1300 cc for the average human. Due to the cloning process, 
the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Grays 
have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and 
consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish.

The Greys consume nourishment through a process of absorption through 
their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, 
involved spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed 
with hydrogen peroxide [which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates 
bacteria] onto their skin. Waste products are then excreted back 
through the skin. Many abductees have noted that the Greys have a 
distinct series of odors...

The larger Greys have a more pronounced nose... According to some 
government sources, these extraterrestrial biological entities called 
themselves the EBAN. It is with the larger Grays that elements of the 
government made a series of diplomatic agreements in the 1950's, 60's 
and 70's (Note: Other sources say that the agreements made between the 
Scottish Rite faction of 'government' date back at least to 1933-34 
and possibly earlier in regards to the native subterran reptilian 
species. The large Grays are apparently cross-breeds between the tall 
"lizard-like" saurian bi-peds and the smaller "gray-type" saurian 
bi-peds. Although the 'treaty' was initiated with the "tall grays", 
the very fact that a reptilian hierarchy exists -- small greys working 
for taller reptiloids -- explains why the shorter grays have also been 
seen working with 'government' officials. - Branton)

Innumerable witnesses have confirmed the presence of underground 
facilities that the grays use for breeding. These facilities, of which 
Dulce is the most famous, provide for genetic work of all 
descriptions. Humans are brought to these facilities on a continuing 
basis in order to provide a genetic pool from which to extract DNA and 
RNA mixtures that will contribute toward the efforts of the Grey 
species to strengthen their genetic structure...

In some cases, humans are killed and tossed into the vats [the slurry 
mixture mentioned above]. In two cases, dead humans have been seen 
floating in vats right next to the body parts of cattle. Human 
mutilations appear to be less obvious than cattle mutilations, 
although both still continue to this day (According to Don Ecker, the 
Justice Dept. is making a concerted effort to keep the "human 
mutilations" out of the media. - Branton).

Researcher Jefferson Souza [Vegan - Ummo contactee] arrived at a UFO 
Conference in May of 1990 bearing information that included data about 
which corporations were producing helicopters with gravity assist, as 
well as information about their use in cattle mutilations. Four men 
appearing like classical MIB, took the documents, and threw him back 
on a plane to New York. It may well be that CIA/Delta/NRO involvement 
in the mutilations might be more significant than supposed.

(One report has stated that in the forests SE of Los Alamos, NM, 
witnesses have observed nightly caravans of cattle-trucks entering a 
particular mountainous area known for its unusual and 'alien' 
Amer-Indian pictographs'. These caravans reportedly arrive following 
or preceding overflights of dozens of UFO's. When the cattle caravans 
left the area they were reportedly empty... Is the government trying 
to 'appease' the huge 'nest' of Grays that reportedly operate below 
the Los Alamos region? This sounds hauntingly familiar to the ancient 
legend of St. George, who delivered the inhabitants of Silene, Libya 
from a fierce dragon who was in the habit of terrorizing the city. The 
King of Silene ordered the residents to offer their sheep and cattle 
to the beast in order to appease it. 

After all the livestock were depleted the king ordered the inhabitants 
to draw lots, and he or she on whom the lot fell would be that day's 
sacrifice to appease the monster. One day the King's own daughter drew 
the lot, and with great anguish he allowed the guards to take her to 
the post outside the city. When the dragon approached to take his prey 
a white horse with a silver-clad knight quickly approached. He 
branished a sword and a longspear, as well as a shield with a red 
cross emblazoned on a white background. The Christian knight made 
quick work of the beast before the 'worm' knew what had hit him, and 
delivered the city from this reptilian scourge. Whether the story is 
true or allegory, the message is clear! Eventually the time comes when 
one must cease from trying to appease the enemy, and by the grace of 
God Almighty go forth and destroy it! - Branton)

Now the question remains as to why the government would be carrying 
out or participating in this large scale [cattle mutilation] program. 
Whose interests are being served?

...the Greys are involved in the stockpiling of humans [including 
children] for use as a food source for the Reptilian species [and as a 
lesser food source for themselves?].

Pictures in the Dulce labs portraying wombs with little fetuses and 
the clear tubs with little aliens in them are believed to portray the 
cloned worker class of beings that are pictured on the cover of 'Communion'.

The tall Greys are the dominant species and are basically "test tube" 
species. The clones are synthetically produced with biological 
materials [much of which owe their source to lifeforms on earth]...

The brain [of the Greys] has been described as having many more lobes 
than the human brain. There have been previous references to 
crystalline networks that have been found in the brains of some of the 
alien autopsies. It is believed that the network has a functional 
relationship to telepathic communication and acts as a function in 
what is essentially a HIVE mind.

Each of the Grey clones has an individuality, but it is much LESS 
pronounced than in the human, where tendencies toward expanded 
'awareness' and shared consciousness are minimized through cultural 
conditioning, programming, and basic cranial differences in structure.


[Alien Life Form]: Term used by the government to describe the Greys 
in terms of being a malevolent life form. The deal with the Greys is 
that their field around their body is different to ours to the point 
where merging of the fields ends up creating physical symptoms [the 
"body terror" mentioned by people like Whitley Strieber]. The field 
around them is in direct opposition to ours. It is an ANTI-LIFE field, 
as these specific species are on a devolutionary spiral. They are akin 
to soldiers of fortune, and 'offer' their advanced technology in trade 
for things they require. They are experts at manipulation of both the 
human body [through manipulation of the fields] and the human mind. 
They require blood and other biological fluids to survive. They abduct 
humans and animals in order to acquire these fluids. 
They implant small devices near the brain which potentially gives them 
total control and monitoring capability. These devices are very 
difficult to detect. The analysis of the devices by technical staff 
has produced a description that involves use of crystalline technology 
combined with molecular circuitry and these ride on the resonant 
emissions of the brain and the various fields of the human. 
Information is entrained on the brain waves. It appears that all 
attempts to remove the implants [1972] have resulted in the death of 
the human... (This is usually due in part to the fact that the 
implants are attached to major nerve centers, and once attached the 
nerve tissues grow in and around the implant essentially making the 
implant a PART of the nervous system. When relatively unsophisticated 
medical procedures are used in an attempt to remove the implants, 
major nerve centers are damaged as a result, causing severe injury or 
even death. - Branton)

Various descriptions of the ALF's relate the following 
characteristics: Between 3 to 3 1/2 feet in height, erect standing 
biped, small thin build, head larger than humans, absence of auditory 
lobes [external], absence of body hair, large tear-shaped eyes 
[slanted approximately 35 degrees] which are opaque black with 
vertical slit pupils, arms resembling praying mantis [normal attitude] 
which reach to the knees, long hands with small palm, claw-like 
fingers [various number of digits -- often two short digits and two 
long, but some species have three or four fingers], tough gray skin 
which is reptilian in texture, small feet with four small claw-like 
toes, organs that are similar to human organs but have obviously 
developed according to a different [mutational] process; a 
non-functioning digestive system; two separate brains; movement is 
deliberate, slow and precise; alien subsistence requires that they 
must have human blood and other biological substances to survive 
(other indications suggest that originally they did not 'require' 
human blood, but once having used human blood for this purpose they 
have since acquired a racial 'addiction' to this 'vital' substance. 
This goes far beyond just mere physical hunger, since the 
Grays/Reptiloids tend to feed off the human life-energies resident 
within human blood plasma, in what may be considered a vampirial type 
of hunger for human vital fluids. - Branton). In extreme circumstances 
they can subsist on other [cattle] animal fluids. Food is converted to 
energy by chlorophyll by a photosynthetic process [this supports 
results gained from autopsies at 29 Palms underground base where it 
was seen that their 'blood' was greenish and the tissue was black]. 
Waste products are secreted through the skin. The two separate brains 
are separated by mid-cranial lateral bone [anterior and posterior brain]. 
There is no apparent connection between the two. Some autopsies have 
revealed a crystalline network which is thought to have a function in 
telepathic [and other] functions which help to maintain the 
group-consciousness between members of the same species. Functions of 
group consciousness in this species does have a disadvantage in that 
decisions in this species come rather slowly as the matter at hand 
filters through the group awareness to those who must make a decision.


This initial report is concerned with two groups of aliens: Greys and 
Reptilians. There are several different kinds of both Greys and 
Reptilians, but for now I will simply refer to them as single groups. 
Both groups live on this planet or beneath its surface and in space. 
They have been here for a long time.

The Greys are also 'working' for Reptilians, relative to the abductee 
as an individual and to the human race as a whole. They have been used 
by the Reptilians as the middlemen, doing the work and exposing 
themselves to us on behalf of and instead of the Reptilians (although 
reptilian-based, the 'saurian' Grays are less visibly so, which is why 
they have been chosen to interface with abductees. - Branton). The 
Greys are consistently referred to as a mercenary force...

Some Reptilians... eat [humans] like we eat chicken. In the United 
States, there are rumors of great, underground food-storage rooms full 
of preserved human bodies. Sometimes the rumor has it that the bodies 
are those of children. I asked the Greys why, if this was true, would 
it be children? I was told that it is not only children but also 
adults that Reptilians eat. Children are preferred because they are 
generally unpoisoned by substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol 
and other things adults are saturated with, as a group...

The Reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings. 
[They think that we are as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever 
portrayed them to be, and that we, the human race, are "as valuable as 
weeds."] However, they do seem to consider some of us valuable 
property. One gets the feeling they will continue to USE us as they 
see fit, or, if we ever become a real problem as a group, they would 
sooner wipe us out than deal with it. They do not fear us, considering 
themselves far superior to us by all comparisons. 
They supposedly consider the surface of this planet to be a poisonous, 
inhospitable environment and 'allow' us to live here (as lifestock? - 
Branton), since they live below the surface and in space. [We and our 
surface environment function as a physical buffer or living shield 
around their home underground.]... (Note: Some sources claim that many 
of the Greys and Reptiloids are moving en-mass to massive underground 
centers below major human cities for the sole purpose of having a 
"human shield" in order to protect themselves from earth-penetrating 
weapons which their Andromedan, Pleiadean or other enemies might 
otherwise use to destroy them. This would also provide them with a 
ready source of human 'biological' material for whatever purpose they 
'require'. - Branton)

Socially and culturally, Greys and humans are VERY different. [They] 
fear us because they know we are potentially powerful beings. However, 
they insist that they 'own' us: They say they created us (LIE! - 
Branton) and therefore have the right to do what they will with us. 
Beyond this original 'right' to interfere with us, they say they have 
additionally earned the right through their control. Because they can 
control us on an individual and cultural basis both physically and 
mentally, they say they "own us".

These attitudes are PROPAGANDA. Their control over us in any capacity 
is ultimately very frail due to its very nature (depends on us NOT 
KNOWING that we are being controlled. - Branton). Their control is 
based on intimidation and advanced technology. As we become more 
aware, we are harder to control, harder to lie to, harder to confuse. 
Our technology would definitely be competitive to their theirs if we 
had access to it. Much of the technology we would need to effectively 
overcome this situation exists now (within the alien-manipulated 
military-industrial establishment which is part of the 'secret' or 
'corporate' government technocracy - Branton). It just isn't made 
available to the PUBLIC, for economic reasons, as well as "national security."

The preceding statements about the Greys are based on conversations 
with them and long observation of them. Impressions about the 
Reptilians are more general. I have not engaged in conversations with 
the [taller] Reptilians, though they have sometimes spoken to me. Most 
of my experience with them does not include direct communication 
between me and them. Almost all of my consciously recalled memories of 
Reptilians also include Greys, who usually do the communicating 
between us. Often the Reptilians seem to be present during abductions 
as observers only, standing off to the side of the action, just watching.

The Greys were ultimately behind the [Bavarian Gnostic] THULE Group in 
Germany during the war, and no doubt were ultimately behind German 
policy of internment and termination of the Jews during the war. Think 
of the emotion that was generated in the concentration camps! (Note: 
Reptiloids and Grays 'feed' off of negative emotions like fear via a 
type of osmosis. Joint-Operational underground bases maintained by the 
Reptiloids/Greys reportedly exist beneath Germany as they do beneath 
the U.S.. - Branton)


The Real Powers Behind The Scenes pt.2


Most "UFO buffs" think that their efforts will lead to some sensible 
attention by the 'Authorities' to the broad problem that UFOs 
present... the problem of 'are they Invaders?', 'what do they want 
here on earth?', and all those other nagging questions. They come to 
Earth for things surface people don't even know about.

Earth is on the ancient space trade routes. They come to bases [Cavern 
City Complexes] and they mine, manufacture, and do some genetic 
manipulations to form various subservient cross breeds.

THE REPTILIANS: For the most part, we are dealing with another species 
that is humanoid in shape, but Reptilian in heritage. Their leader 
elite are the 'Draco'. They even have special 'wings', which are flaps 
of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the 
body. They are also known as the "Dragon Race" and their symbology 
usually includes the Winged Serpent. There are elements of their 
species which do not have wings -- the "soldier class" of the species 
and 'scientists'.

They are all "cold blooded" and have to have a balanced environment to 
maintain body temperature. The "soldier class" of the species can bury 
themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to 
ambush their enemy. If need be they can survive on one very large meal 
ever few weeks or even once a year [when hibernating or in suspended 

As a species, they are well suited for space travel due to their 
ability to hibernate. These reptoids have scales which protect them 
from moisture loss. They have no sweat glands.

The scales [scutes] are much larger on their backs, making the skin 
waterproof. The scales elsewhere on the body are more flexible. They 
have three fingers with an opposing thumb. The eyes are catlike and 
large. They have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle. 
They are mostly meateaters.

The mouth is more like a slit [lipless], but they have teeth which are 
differentiated into incisors, canines, and molars. They average from 6 
to 7 feet in height.

The Reptilian [amphibian] humanoids have been interacting with Earth 
for ages. Many contactees and abductees repeatedly describe an 
insignia of a Flying Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion 
or a helmet. The Serpent Race lives under the ground.

THE GREYS: The Reptilian species directs the efforts of the worker 
class, which are about 4 feet tall. These are currently referred to as 
Greys or EBE's, and are the largest category likely to be encountered 
by surface humans...

These beings [the Greys] operate very efficiently in the dark. Their 
eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to 
control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Grey is above 
that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an 
unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs. Some 
have been bred to have them. (Note: Most reptiloids that have been 
encountered have been described as having no exterior sex organs, 
however on a few occasions reptiloids HAVE been described as having 
external sex organs. In nearly EVERY case that I have heard of where 
'these' reptiloids were encountered, the abductee was a female human 
who was forcibly 'raped' by the reptilian within an underground base 
or even within their own homes during the abduction-encounter - Branton)

There are accounts in the legends of Babylon, India, Egypt, South 
America, Central America and elsewhere that reveal the influence of 
this other species on our own.

One variety of Reptilian crossbreed is particularly negative and 
dangerous. This variety, who work with the Draco... do not 'eat' in 
the same way humans do. These hive-like beings use synthetically 
produced substances, mixed with blood. Thus slurry is sometimes mixed 
with Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria and viruses. 
They may also be feeding off the "life essence energy" of the 
substances. They also seem to 'feed' off nuclear energy, and have 
manipulated humans into developing sources of nuclear power that emit 
radiation. Nuclear methods involved use of neutrons to create 
radiation. Methods that use positrons emit no radiation.

The 'Greys' [the short, "Big Heads"] are mercenaries. They interface 
with humans in "Secret Societies" and within the Military/Governmental 
Complex. An interconnected 'WEB' manipulates the surface Earth cultures.

COMMAND PROGRESSION: DRACO [Winged Reptilian] -->DRACO [Non-Winged -- 
white, brown, green skinned, etc.] --> Greys --> Humans [collaborators].

UNDERGROUND BASES AND WAY STATIONS: The caverns beneath Calvert, Texas 
are being used for some type of operations. Farmers and ranchers in 
the area have reported hearing peculiar noises coming from deep 
beneath their feet.

"Individuals living 5 or 6 miles outside Calvert have been repeatedly 
driven out of their homes by the sound of generators."

In April 1973, students camping in the San Gabriel Mountains on the 
western edge of the Mojave desert "felt uneasy" and then saw a giant 
man-like creature. Researchers from the UFO Research Institute were 
called in. They discovered the sound of geared machinery and what 
might be compared to a hydroelectric plant coming from "beneath the 
forest floor". Sounds of operating machinery have been recorded coming 
from mines in the area after midnight.

THE YAKIMA INDIAN RESERVATION: Southeast of Tacoma, Washington is the 
Yakima Indian Reservation. Of special interest is one particular 
section 40 miles wide and 70 miles long, bordered on the west by the 
Cascade Mountain Range. It is an area of canyons and heavily forested 
regions. The valley is essentially closed to the public and special 
permits are required to enter. Forestry personnel have heard [Dorthea 
Sturm] unusual sounds for years coming from underground. One area of 
intense activity is known as Toppenish Ridge. From deep within the 
dark, restricted canyons, 'glows' have been seen. This area is not 
accessible by foot or vehicle. Low-flying silver cigar-shaped craft 
have been seen to disappear into the deep canyon known as the Middle 
Fork of Toppenish Creek.


In general, there are three kinds of Greys: The Reticulans, who are 
about 4.5 feet tall; those from Bellatrix [in the Orion system] that 
are about 3.5 feet tall; and another species of Orion (Rigelian? - 
Branton) Greys that range in height from 6 to 9 feet tall...

The planetoid that is entering our solar system at this time [it will 
be here in the coming years] has been written up in several major 
newspapers, and it has been determined that it is being intelligently 
guided and that it emanates a large variety of frequencies within the 
electromagnetic spectrum [which indicates that it is occupied and has 
a technical culture]...

Through analysis of many cases, it would appear that the tall Greys 
have one base near the Aleutian Islands. The taller Greys seem to have 
overall influence over the Reticulans and also over the Bellatrix (in 
Orion, where reptilian-insectoid genetic hybrid 'mercenaries' reside 
according to some sources - Branton) species. The influence over 
humans seems to center around implantation of human political figures 
and those in control of planetary power groups...

You will recall that 'mutilations' generally result in all of the 
blood being withdrawn from the body. This has been the case whether 
the subject is an 'animal' or a human. The blood and other fluids are 
then generally transferred to holding containers, or vats, [along 
with] other body parts. There are many many reports of humans in 
various situations and scenarios having come in contact with aliens, 
or have been in caves or caverns with aliens, and having seen 
canisters or vats in which animal [or human] parts were floating, and 
in which a purple-red fluid was present as a substance in which to 
suspend all the [organic] materials.

There was one case where a woman and her two children were abducted by 
the entities from BELLATRIX -- the entities referred to as 'SM's' 
("Snake Men"? - Branton) in THE CASE FOR THE UFO, by M. K. Jessup and 
annotated by Carlos Allende and 'friends' -- and she would not 
cooperate with them when they had her on board their ship. Their reply 
to this lack of cooperation was very direct -- they killed both of her 
children. She managed to run down a hallway and went into a room where 
she saw a vat full of red liquid and body parts of humans and animals. 
She saw another vat of the same type in which the liquid was being 
agitated, and as she looked into the vat she could see Greys bobbing 
up and down, almost swimming, absorbing the nutrients through their 
skin. There is also the use of H2O2 [water molecules with an extra 
oxygen atom added] in the vats in order to aid in preserving the fluid 
from rapid degeneration. These entities have been abducting humans for 
many centuries -- these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have 
been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct 
humans to take them back to their home planet to raise there in a kind 
of human husbandry [or livestock] scenario...

(Note: It would be my position that in times of warfare between 
humanoid and reptiloid forces, human forces should first offer the 
enemy a chance to surrender unconditionally by setting a reasonable 
time-table for doing so. If they refuse once the time-limit has been 
reached, then full-scale eradication of the reptilian life forms would 
be justified IF they pose a continued threat to human life and are not 
able to be taken alive, especially in light of the above revelations 
as well as the overall revelations throughout this volume. Exceptions 
could be made if human lives are at stake -- for instance if the lives 
of human and hybrid slaves who serve at the very bottom of the 
'hierarchy' are at stake -- and surprise attacks in these cases could 
be carried out, with care taken not to harm any humanoid captives in 
the process. HUMAN lives must come first, with reptilian lives being 

I do not advocate the complete extermination of the reptilian races, 
although I do advocate their complete subjugation as I believe they 
have proven that they cannot be trusted to roam 'wild' throughout the 
universe interfering in the affairs of countless worlds. Revenge by 
various human cultures throughout the galaxy against reptilian enemies 
might satisfy them for a short period of time, but revenge will not 
restore what these 'parasites' have stolen from them. All-out 
extermination of the 'serpent' races would be a waste of good 'muscle' 
that, in my opinion, could otherwise be channeled towards SERVING the 
human races who have been abused by the Greys and Reptiloids. Let the 
conquered reptilian species' that SURVIVE the various battles and are 
taken prisoners become the unconditional servants of those human races 
-- throughout the galaxy or galaxies -- whom they have devastated in 
the past.

Let them PAY BACK what they have destroyed with their own reptilian 
'sweat'. As they have done to us, so let it be done to them seven 
fold! As for a joint Terran-Federation assault against reptilian 
collectivist strongholds WHEN the time arrives when such a possibility 
is realized, the first 'target' should be the underground systems of 
planet EARTH. Once these are fully 'cleaned out' along with LUNA and 
MARS, then RIGEL and BELLATRIX ORION should be targeted, followed by 
CAPPELLA, and whatever other strongholds might become known in the 
course of time. - Branton)

There are indications that the ritual of the Eucharist is a reflection 
of earlier rituals where aliens were eating off the bodies of humans 
or feeding off their energies. The phrase "food of the gods" takes on 
new meaning when these factors are understood. The true "nectar of the 
gods" which the aliens involved seem to prize most is a substance that 
is taken from freshly killed humans. This substance is generated at 
the moment of death by the strong surge of adrenaline. This surge of 
adrenaline through the body accumulates at the base of the brain [the 
brain stem] and some aliens thrive on this substance as though it were 
some kind of ultimate drug for their particular species. This 
substance is most potent in HUMAN CHILDREN...

In the Draco system there are other types of entities which have 
visited the Earth in the past. These entities were described by John 
Keel in his book THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, released in the 1970's. The 
Draco are about 8 feet tall and have winged appendages coming out of 
their shoulders, dark scaly skin, and have glowing red eyes. They have 
the ability to fly and usually operate at night. These entities, as 
well as the elite of the other Reptilian species [that also have 
winged appendages] were the source for some of the legends of the past 
relating to gargoyles and Valkyries. It is also apparent that some of 
the qualities ascribed to vampires have also been taken from these 

(Interjection: These 'elite' reptilians have gone by many names: 
Gargoyles, Mothmen, Birdmen, Winged Draco, Winged Serpents, Ciakars, 
etc. One such creature that was described by a female abductee -- who 
was taken to a multi-leveled underground system below camp Hero at 
Montauk Point, Long Island -- was described as follows. I will provide 
only the description of the creature itself, an alien that she 
encountered inside the base which is said to be maintained by European 
and American 'Nazis' working under the Bavarian Thule Society. However 
I will not release any personal details about this woman in honor of 
her wishes to keep the overall details of the abduction confidential:

".. What I see is a creature about 6-7 ft tall...his ears are large 
and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to 
glow. He has pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and he 
has a TAIL! He's coming towards me...I have never been so scared in my 
life. He comes to the foot of the table. He pulls off my shorts and 
bathing suit bottom...he pushes my legs open and pulls me down towards 
him. His face is so close to mine...I want to scream, but it's only in 
my head. I hear a raspy sound coming from him. He puts something 
inside me and I feel like I'm being ripped apart. He likes to see how 
terrified I am... it gives him a lot of pleasure. It hurts so much...I 
have to get away in my head to someplace safe... I go."

More details of the alien:

"Frame: very tall...closer to 7' than 6'... well-proportioned...except 
shoulders were very broad in comparison to waist...well-muscled torso 
and legs...I see some kind of appendage that reminds me of 'wings' 
protruding from behind the shoulders...there is what seems to be a 
'tail' extending from the back...the diameter of the tail would 
approximate 3"-5"...I do not see his feet...and cannot recall a 
penis...I have a feeling that my mind is not allowing me to see this 
because of the trauma associated with it.

"Skin/Textures: the color of the skin is a 
gray-green...dark...somewhat 'oily' but with the feeling of 
'scales'....the odor he emits is putrid...he is not wearing any 
clothing, but there is something on his chest that reminds me of 
'armor' but it seems to be a natural protection and not a material 

"Face and Head: the size of the head is in proportion to the 
body...there is no hair...there is a large ridge or flap of skin on 
the forehead just above the eyes, extending across the brow...the eyes 
are yellow-gold and 'glow'...slightly almond-shaped with the pupils 
vertical slits...the nose and mouth protrude slightly giving the 
appearance of "snout-like"...the teeth are pointy...the ears are 
over-sized in proportion to the head and the tips extend above the 
head and come to a point." - Branton)


[There are some] 22 sub-species of Grays... [In most cases] their 
digestive tract is useless. Nourishment is ingested by smearing a 
soupy mixture of biologicals on the epidermis. Food sources [include] 
Bovine cattle [and human] parts surgically removed by light technology 
[laser] and distilled into a high protein broth. These type of Greys 
have been referred to as being the "Orion Crusaders" or the 
'Markabians'. Sources: Rigel, Ursa Major, Draconis, Reticulum. 
Draconians are Reptilian in nature; the elite have winged appendages 
on their backs...

The mass consciousness of the government agencies cooperating with the 
Rigelians have failed to realize that it is not to the aliens' 
advantage to give either the Soviets or the U.S. an advantage in the 
"arms race". These aliens have given the U.S. technology that is 
flawed. Much of the technology can only be operated by the Greys.

They control governments by picking up likely subjects and implanting 
them, manipulating their careers and elevating them within the 
societal structure to positions of power and/or a position as a leader 
of public opinion. When a human candidate becomes controlled by reason 
of inculcation therapy, they often knock the individual "out of his 
head" and store the human's consciousness/individuality [or 
soul/chakra matrix], while an artificially created intelligence is 
placed in the head of the candidate's body [via electronic 
intelligence implants] to carry forth covert operations against the 
human population.

Humans implanted as controls are indoctrinated into the belief that 
they are superior to other humans (leading to schisms within the 
'body' of humanity, resulting in warfare as in the case of the racist 
Germanic atrocities in world wars I and II, eugenic population 
reduction policies, etc. - Branton). The aliens then give the humans 
technology OR help them to obtain weapons for use against each other 
(the old divide and conquer strategy, as in the case with the Nazi 
forces whose elite leaders maintained a treaty with the Ashtarian 
"Komogul-II" or "Gizeh" empire, a joint humanoid-reptiloid collective 
operating from beneath the deserts of Egypt. - Branton). All key 
personnel [in the NSA, etc.] are implanted and controlled by the alien 

If the 'elite' are successful, they are used as "priests and 
caretakers" of the SLAVE planet. If they fail [Hitler] then they are 
betrayed and thrown to the wolves...

The first stage of their One World plan is to use biological warfare 
[ENGINEERED PLAGUES, etc.] to rid the planet of undesirables. (Note: 
It is interesting how plagues have often historically accompanied the 
appearances of 'comets', as will be seen further on in this section. - 
Branton). The biological warfare is out of control. Decimation of 
population places the remaining population ultimately under their control...

They blanket couples for sexual thrills and are drawn to aberrants and 
sexual deviates (feeding off of their negative orgasmic sexual energy, 
as -- according to legends -- do the vampirial incubus and succubi 
'demons' that have been recorded throughout history. - Branton)...

The Markabs use sex, pain, drugs and fear as obsessive elements with 
which to aberrate humans...

By coming to a thorough understanding of a hostile entities' ability 
to wear many faces, it unmasks and loses its ability to adversely influence...


...The Procyonians have the ability to travel within timeframes and 
density levels, as well as in-between. Rigelian entities lack this 
capability. They depend on beam craft for interstellar travel. 
Procyonians 'astrally' travel from location to location [perception to 
perception] as a natural function... Humanity as a mass consciousness 
can create any destiny it chooses to create for itself...


Typically, individuals are taken and subjected to testing, examination 
and manipulation. Biological monitoring and control implants are 
inserted and the individual is then released. There have also been 
cases where humans were mutilated [in the same way cattle are 
mutilated] while still alive -- parts of their bodies literally sliced 
away -- in order to secure biological materials for nourishment or 
genetic projects under alien [Grey] control...


Abduction is not necessarily an experience that one undergoes alone. 
In fact, one study shows that in 24% of the cases reviewed there were 
multiple witnesses to the abduction. There was one case in Connecticut 
where seven people from three different cars were involved in an 
abduction event.

Another case involves 221 United States Army troops at Fort Ord in 
1961. In this case, soldiers were out on exercise when one or more 
craft descended and abducted them, implanted them and left them dazed 
on the ground. Some of the troops looked up and saw the disks flying 
away and vomited, which indicates a programmed response inserted by 
the aliens. (Note: This is not the ONLY case of "mass abduction and 
implantation" of military personnel. Several such events have been 
reported or hinted at. Often these mass-abductions take place near 
military facilities where existing "joint-operational" underground 
facilities exist.

In some cases personnel have described the sudden paralyzation of 
several servicemen or women, and suppressed memories of Greys 
levitating personnel THROUGH ceilings via some type of dimensional 
phase-shifting equivalent to Philadelphia Experiment technology, and 
basically the 'traditional' abduction procedure except on a much 
larger scale. No doubt this is how the aliens maintain collective mind 
control of sensitive levels of the military so as to keep these 
military-industrial personnel under their 'spell', especially if there 
is a potential 'threat' that the interplanetary technology that the 
military-industrialists are developing is in danger of being leaked to 
the public domain. - Branton)

As the troops were coming out of the daze, approximately 600 fresh 
troops from Fort Ord descended on them and sequestered them and their 
families for a period of time. This operation involved pre-knowledge 
on the part of the United States Army -- they already had a plan in 
hand to use soldiers to sequester other soldiers in case of mass 
abduction. To come up with 600 men immediately after a mass abduction 
suggests that things were extremely organized to start with -- 
remember, this is 1961...

We also have multiple cases of Grey abductees [those abducted by 
Greys] being contacted by Blonds after long experience with the Greys. 
They were then protected in some way from influence by the Greys, 
apparently saved from the Greys by the Blonds, often by implant 


In October of 1989, we heard reports that the aliens are training the 
abductees on weapons and in aircraft, in order to have those abductees 
actually fight an enemy of the Greys (while in a 'programmed' altered 
state of conscious, possibly via an induced alternate personality 
which is connected to the alien collective or hive via psionic 
implants - Branton) -- possibly the Blonds, sometime in the near 
future. We do have abductee testimony that indicates such training but 
not for those reasons. Most of our sources say the abductees will be 
taken away before the fighting because they are too valuable to be 
wasted in that manner. One would not think they would need us to fight 
for them...

(Note: It has been reported that on most planets that they have 
conquered, the Reptiloids/Greys have depended on the cooperation of 
powerful and self-serving individuals working within the 
governmental-intelligence complexes of those cultures, in order to 
gain access to the eco-political establishment so that mass 
mind-control agendas could be implemented. It would seem that an 
all-out overt invasion like the ancient 'Draconian' attack against the 
Lyran worlds would be carried out as a last resort.

Obviously the Greys/Reptiloids have opted for covert warfare so as to 
limit casualties on their side and also to minimize the destruction of 
the 'spoil' -- or, the potential mind-slaves and the resources of the 
targeted culture. A radioactively 'toasted' city or planet is not very 
useful to meet the 'needs' of the Orionite empire, but they have 
resorted at times to such destructive methods when all other options 
have failed. What they attempt to do is create SLAVE PLANETS which can 
feed the ever-expanding appetites of the Draconian-Orionite 
'collective'. It is said that many of the human colonial worlds within 
this immediate sector of the galaxy -- 21 or so star systems-- have 
already fallen to the Orionites through a process of infiltration and 

Their assimilation of planet 'earth' is ESSENTIAL so that the 
warrior-instinct and metagened Terrans do not get out of control and 
pose a threat to their continued exploitation of these peripheral 
systems. They have targeted and infiltrated the United States of 
America because this is where the individualist movement has its 
strongest base in this sector of the galaxy [as exemplified in the 
BILL OF RIGHTS, etc.]. The individualist or independence revolution is 
the deadly foe of the forces of COLLECTIVISM on, within and beyond 
planet earth. - Branton)

FROM "THE GOVERNMENT FACTOR", by abductee Cynthia Crowell:

...Abductees are under government [NRO/NSA/CIA, etc.] surveillance 
because of alien contact. This government mind-set demands that we 
suddenly have no rights or values beyond our obvious value of keeping 
track of what the various alien groups are doing.

Further, the situation seems to be one in which parts of the United 
States population are seen by certain factions within the government 
as a threat to "national security". This may be behind the spiteful 
attitude with which people are being treated, especially by military 
based factions of the government. Assuming the government had made a 
deal that they regretted in a later administration, they would be 
faced with millions of people that have had contact with other beings. 
The agent-handler program was intended to track and monitor a 
percentage of the people having alien contact in the hope of being 
able to predict possible use of humans against covert factions in the 
government and to defend the concept of "national security".

(Note: As is often the case with human nature, many intelligence 
agencies who have had 'dealings' with the collectivist Reptiloids and 
Greys in the past, having since broken-off such interaction, tend to 
more readily point the finger at the "abductees" rather then at those 
mind-controlled elements within their own agencies who may have been 
"assimilated" and implanted as a result of their past interaction with 
the alien collectivists. And the "abductees" often tend to point the 
finger at the "government" and fail to see the "enemy within", or the 
subconscious programming or even alternate identities that have been 
psychotically induced within THEMSELVES during abduction experiences.

It obvious that the alien collectivists as part of a 
divide-and-conquer agenda are manipulating the emotions of 
intelligence agents AND abductees in order to set them against each 
other, while the aliens sit back and laugh -- IF they have such a 
capability -- and continue onward with their 'assimilation' of our 
cultures. However it is counter-productive to try and fight alien 
collectivism by imposing collectivist control upon abductees. As one 
ancient and long-forgotten Chinese wise-man once said: "Beware when 
fighting a dragon that you do not become one.!" - Branton)

It would not surprise me to learn that the government is aware of the 
group-mind aspect of the abduction experience. If so, they would know 
that the more abductees they can counter-control, the more influence 
they can exert over people who have contact with other beings. If they 
are not fully aware of and acting on this aspect, then it may mean 
that we are not only expendable but have already been lost to the 
conflict as far as the "secret government" is concerned...

I can understand the concept of the government running into an alien 
technology and making a deal to buy time in order to try and deal with 
a perceived threat; at what point did they become 'monsters' who run 
drugs and guns to finance their actions, abuse children and suppress 
technical developments that would help us overcome a lot of grief?

We 'abductees' are the human sacrifice of our times. This would 
probably be acceptable to the vast majority of us if we could believe 
that it was for the good of the whole... Our blood has bought you 
nothing [like medical, technological and other scientific 
advancements] and it has not saved you or your children from the 
aliens. It has served only to line the pockets of the select few in 
the central power group, be they government, financial, religious 
and/or alien leaders...

I have been told that we all occupy several different 'bodies' all 
stacked together like nesting boxes -- the physical body surrounded by 
the etheric 'body' surrounded by the astral 'body' surrounded by the 
mental 'body', etc.

We also actually have an extra 'body', the emotional 'body', that the 
aliens don't have. This part of us constantly puts out a kind of 
energy they can not generate or simulate. This emotional energy [which 
you are aware of as love, hate, (passion), etc., -- it is really all 
the same kind of energy at different angles and intensities] is, to 
them, like a potent, much sought-after drug. They can take it out of 
us and bottle it, so to speak, and use it recreationally, 
scientifically and as a trade item, like money. We constantly generate 
this energy, storing it within one of our many 'bodies', always 
keeping a supply "on us." I've been told that it is stored in our 
etheric body, as a substance, between the small ridges of the etheric 
field. This energy is also contained within our experiences and 
memories of experience...

During the process of "soul-shearing", it feels more like something is 
being taken from within as opposed to from outside the physical body. 
I know this because we are left conscious for the process'; 
consciousness intensifies the product. Also during this 'harvesting', 
Greys will look directly into our eyes, as if they are drinking 
something or basking in light. This may be why their eyes strike us as 
so ugly. They're not really ugly, just big, but when we see them, we 
subconsciously associate them with the horrible feelings of the 
harvesting. Abductees will say about Grey eyes, "They seem to look 
into my soul." I have always considered that description to be 
basically backwards. The sight or the memory of the sight of Grey eyes 
brings on a feeling that they are "sucking my soul out of me" 
[absorbing it into themselves], not looking into my soul. It feels 
like you are disappearing from existence...

With the process of "soul-shearing" or one like it, they can literally 
take a person [let's say Billy] out of his body and put him in another 
person's [let's say Bob's] body. The essence of Billy's conscious 
awareness and identity, motivations, values, etc., can be put into 
Bob's body. Bob's essence can be put into storage [something like 
freezing] while Billy occupies his body. They can separate it further: 
Billy's essence can be spliced into Bob's body and conscious 
programming and memory. In other words, Billy could be taken out of 
his life and body and put into Bob's life and body, and never really 
even know the difference, except for strange dreams and feelings he 
could not associate with resident Bob's memory and programming. I have 
been threatened with this and would not be surprised to find out it 
has already happened. I suspect this is done on a regular basis. They 
do it partly to keep us confused. it is a super-blocking or 
double-blocking process as far as memory. Beyond experience/memory 
removal, it is a massive experience/memory replacement...


To Whom It May Concern;

I am an abductee. I am a contactee. I am a UFO researcher. All of 
these and more. I have had missing time several times...

I have conscious memories of contacts made at about age 4 or 5. One 
was an underground base with vats, no less.

The vats had cattle body parts in them. The 'people' doing the 
abductions are two kinds. One is blond with long hair. The other is 
small, grey and delicate. The entities drawn during the Travis Walton 
case are identical. These 'people' have done a lot of weird things.

Once while in college I got a strange letter about me being 'mateable' 
material, and a drawing of a SERPENT symbol. The aliens have a serpent 
symbol. I did not know about Travis Walton when my experience happened 
in 1970.

I had loads of sightings. I guess I must have lived near a base of 
some kind. The usual balls of light, saucer shapes, and ovals information...

I have a girlfriend who is researching UFOs. She joined the Air Force 
in 1980. I got into the Navy but was discharged due to my asthma. She 
called me and told me some information that got us both investigated 
by the FBI. They were tough on her. She nearly committed suicide. They 
threatened me with espionage laws. They pumped me for all the data I 
know on UFOs...


Over the last ten years research into alien abductions of human beings 
has produced evidence that abductees are being trained on alien 
equipment. Types of training include: Flight Instruction, Weapons 
Training, Computers, and location of other abductees.

There are several scenarios or apparent purposes for this type of 
training [which is blocked from conscious memory]. These scenarios 
hypothetically might be:

1. To operate alien equipment FOR the ruling forces of the planet in 
defense of the planet from other alien invaders.

2. To operate alien equipment FOR aliens in defense against ruling 
forces of the planet.

(Note: An alternate theory that should be mentioned would be: 3. To 
operate alien equipment FOR a joint collaboration between aliens and 
the ruling forces of the planet, in defense against their enemies, 
whoever or wherever they may be. - Branton)