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 CONTENTS: New Year Message  by Chandara Message of Changes by Chandara
 Weekly Global Planetary Meditations & Alignments WHALE SLAUGHTER..CALL
 FOR HELP. WORLD-WIDE MEDITATION: Activation of the Planetary Soul!
 JAN.30 YOU ARE COSMIC ARCHITECTS :Message from Archangel Michael by
 Ronna Herman MERGING  SPIRIT WITH MATTER: Message from Archangel Michael
 by Ronna Herman Jan. Stargate Essences & Crystals UPCOMING EVENTS WESAC
 NYC Quest For Mastery & Stargate opening with Ronna Herman & Chandara


 New Year Message by Chandara

 Greetings and Welcome! During the last month since the Stargate, much
 realignment of personal and planetary energies has been taking place. We
 have watched the ELM chat lists as people have discussed in detail the
 things in their lives which are shifting and perhaps no longer working
 for them. This time of discernment is one where the energies are shaking
 down and realigning. As your personal vibrational patterns are
 accelerating, you may find that the things in your life which made you
 comfortable are no longer serving you. This may include friends,
 relationships, jobs, locations of homes...and many other things. These
 things are realigning you for the LEAP which you have taken in conscious
 awareness by participating in this last Stargate, and preparing you for
 the NEW gates of 1998 and 1999. The way in which you choose to
 participate in these shifts is entirely up to you. You may feel that you
 are being pushed to the edge, to change. That is your choice. The time
 of TRUST and FAITH and Belief in yourself and in the Source of One, that
 you are doing exactly what you should be doing at this time. For in
 truth, everything is perfect. All that is happening is happening for  a
 reason, although it many not seem that way some times. We are being
 prepared to take our places in the New Millennia. We are being asked to
 take the leap of FAITH that what we know in our hearts to be true, we
 are willing and able to commit to in the physical world. That we are
 able to walk our talk, with Truth, Trust, Integrity, Honor, Commitment
 and Unconditional Love. We are being asked to release the old patterns
 of judgement, criticism, hatred, and deceipt to BALANCE our light into
 the light of Acceptance, Harmony, Peace, Light and Love.  WE are being
 asked to take our place as a component of the Group Consciousness in
 Unity and Harmony. We are being asked to STAND TALL, Hold our Light,
 Align, Center, and Balance. We are being asked to RELEASE the NEGATIVITY
 and thoughts which hold us back from our true manifest magnificense.  We
 are being asked to Walk in our Truth, Be who we ARE, and Stand in the
 Light of Love.

 Yes, These are times of great changes. WE are being asked to re-claim
 our personal power. To let go of EGO, judegment, jealousy, contempt and
 anger. We are being asked to release our FEARS, for they are
 manifestations of the thoughts of possible probabilites of the future,
 they are what we may expect may happen, and what what we think of and
 what we intend, is what we ask to manifest in our daily lives.  We are
 being asked to live in CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of our thoughts, our actions,
 our intensions...our feelings, our emotions, our honor, our integrity,
 our humility. WE are being asked on a daily basis in every moment to
 recognise the Power of the One in all things, and to realize that we ARE
 all One consciousness, completely and totally aware of all things. We
 are asked to participate in those things which we came here to do. To
 raise the planetary vibrations of the Earth and of all life forms
 contained on this planet and in this Universe. We are asked to bring
 forth the New Creation of Mankind, the new Golden Age of Reality, and to
 be One with ourselves, and with All. For now and into the New Millenium.

 As this new year has come forth, may you all bring forth your internal
 power of remembrance, your Truth, Integrity, Light, Unconditional Love
 and Personal Power for the Good of All and Harm of None with ease and
 grace in harmony and balance and live your life as the Light that you
 are in Perfection. And so it is.

 I AM Chandara Adonai.


 Messages of Changes By Chandara

 During the month of December and continuing into January, the Internet
 has been filled with messags of predictions of Earth Changes. One can
 hardly turn on the news or weather channel, or look outside and not see
 that there are obvious Earth changes happening.  The scientists call
 much of this El NINO. The prophets recite predictions of long ago. And
 everywhere people are polarizing thoughts and judging the events that
 are occurring.

 All events are harbingers of lessons. The lessons which are at this time
 presenting themselves are of discernment and trust. And in this
 discernment the Truth of what to believe and what not to believe will
 come to each and every one who seeks this. In areas of weather pattern
 unrest, individuals will decide each unto themselves if they should
 prepare for some potential shift of the planetary patterns. At this
 time, the probabilities are very good that these shifts will continue
 for some time yet. They will continue until the humanity recognises that
 it has the power to change the reality of what is occurring. These
 changes will continue to lessen as more and more people return to their
 spiritual paths, and recognise their personal truth, let go of their
 fears, and begin to live in the light and love which this planet was
 meant to be.

 The following was a response which was given to a "prediction" of
 changes... Each of you must decide for yourselves whether the
 predictions ring true for you or not. You must decide if you will live
 in FEAR or in TRUST. You must decide if you BELIEVE you can make a
 difference, or not. MY choice is that together we make an incredible
 difference. And in that difference, we combine our power of thought and
 intention to bring balance, peace and harmony to ourselves and our
 planet. And I believe we can make a difference in healing our world. The
 choice, in the FREE WILL Planet, is entirely YOURS.

 "These "predictions" are great opportunites for the combined
 consciousness to take appropriate action, and with permission, ask for
 harmony and balance to these events. WE have the current power to CHANGE
 the picture, by realigning the earth's energy structures, clearing the
 old paradigm of reality, and bringing the new higher vibrations into
 play. The old paradigms and predictions cannot sustain at the higher
 vibration levels, and are not recognised into the current reality.

 We have the ability to effect these changes, if the group consciousness
 so chooses and asks for this to manifest. Those who no longer a purpose
 for the learning the lessons of consciousness in the way in which has
 listed below, are invited to join me and the Earth Link Mission
 volunteers in realigning the higher energies, and then allowing Source
 to determine what the outcome will be.

 Earth Link Mission will be calling for several global meditations
 between now and March, to provide an opportunity for the global
 consciousness to come together with common intention and clarity, to
 provide the consciousness level which is necessary for this type of
 work.  I invite you all to join us, and allow Spirit to pave the way for
 the release of these old paradigms and beliefs. "


 Weekly Global Planetary Meditations & Alignments

 Beginning February 2, 1998, a weekly meditation for healing, the Earth
 and other topics will be conducted on-site at the Earth Link Mission
 Center in Essex, MA. From 7-9 PM.  Those Earth Link Mission members who
 wish to join us etherically are welcome to join us. The main alignment
 and healing will be at 8 PM each Monday evening. Chandara will lead the
 second Monday of each month. Other times, guest facilitators will assist

 Personal & Planetary Ascension Workshops The Earth Link Mission Center
 presents a complete diverse workshop schedule surrounding personal and
 planetary ascension. Chandara will present new information on the
 Crystalline Light Body, Earth Energetics, Manifesting Magnificence and
 others both at the Center and Globally. An informational web page is
 coming in February. For a complete calendar listing please e-mail to


 WHALE SLAUGHTER..CALL FOR HELP. Earth Link Mission received this on Wed
 Jan 21,1998. We would ask you to participate if you are drawn to do so.
 Thank You all, Chandara

 Dear Friends, I am hoping that you will be so kind as to let your
 mailing list know about a real crisis facing whales. The only thing
 stopping the US government from allowing a native American Indian tribe
 to go whaling off the coast of Washington state is a lawsuit, initiated
 by an Australian grass roots group and filed late last year.

 With massive media cover-ups going on, people around the world are not
 being told that the Californian gray whale, an animal which can be so
 friendly it will come up to a rowing boat, allowing people to touch it,
 is about to be slaughtered.   The tribe, the Makah have not whaled for
 70 years and most of their elders are opposed to any attempt to harm the

 Australians for Animals, the Byron Bay grass roots group who mounted the
 lawsuit has set up a web page with comprehensive information on the
 issue. The address is: Please circulate
 this information to anyone, groups, lists who may be interested. With
 grateful thanks, Sue Arnold, Australians for Animals NSW Inc. PO Box
 673, Byron Bay NSw 2481 Australia. Ph: 61 66 843769 Fax: 61 66 843768

 WORLD-WIDE MEDITATION: Activation of the Planetary Soul! January 30,
 1998 at 8pm Greenwich Mean Time (or 3pm EST - New York, 12pm PCT -

 We are writing to you with exciting news about a unique opportunity to
 make a real difference for our world.  There will be an unprecedented
 event on January 30, 1998.  It is a World Wide Meditation: Preparation
 of the Planetary Soul! It will be held across the planet at 8pm
 Greenwich Mean Time.  That means 3pm for New York and 12 pm for
 California.  You can figure the appropriate time for your location based
 on that information.

 According to ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, we are in a time of unprecedented change
 and opportunity on our planet.  It is a time that has been prophecied
 for thousands of years.  It is a time of planetary and personal
 Ascension. What does that mean?  It means that the consciousness and
 resonance of the planet is raising unlike anything in the history of our
 planet.  How will that affect all of us?  It will raise our awareness to
 a level of soul awareness, transcending the fear and separation of the
 ego.  This event will happen one way or another, whether we are
 conscious of it or not.  And we will all be affected.  It is an
 unprecedented opportunity to heal and balance our lives, letting go of
 living our lives out of avoidance of our feelings, letting go of simply
 surviving our lives.  We are opening to the greatness of who we really
 are - remembering our divinity.  We are moving into Unity and Oneness.

 This process began on January 23, 1997.  This was the first initiation,
 The Birth.  It was marked in the heavens with a six-pointed star formed
 by six planets, for the first time in over 2000 years.  It marked the
 birth of the Christ/Buddhic Consciousness on our planet.  It was the
 official beginning of the Aquarian Age.  It began a process that will
 enhance and change life as we know it.

 Rather than going into all of the details in this letter, we will just
 give a few brief comments.  More detailed information is available at
 our web site.  But for now let us say that we are now moving into the
 fourth planetary initiation, The Renunciation. It is a time to prepare
 the soul body for receiving the energies of Spirit directly.  The
 energies will be pouring into the second chakra (energy center) of the
 planet in Egypt -the Great Pyramid.  These energies will begin a process
 of clearing out all of the chakras of the blocked energies held there.
 They will then be balanced, preparing the body to receive these powerful
 energies - opening us to our divine awareness. Details about all of
 these events are available at our web site:

 We thank you in advance for your help in making a real difference for
 the planet and each one of us.  Gabriel says that "those who participate
 are being of true service to your planet and to her future."  If any of
 you are interested in joining us on this journey, there are a few spaces
 left. However the deadline is rapidly approaching, so act quickly if you
 are being led in this direction.  So let's join together, get the word
 out there immediately and build a  resonance of anticipation as we move
 towards this unique opportunity. Blessings to you all,

 Ron Baker and Robert Baker     Email: Web


 Messages from Archangel Michael

 December 19, 1997 Channeled by Ronna Herman

 YOU ARE COSMIC ARCHITECTS Roman Beloved masters, let us begin anew as you
 move into the final phase of this century which could be called the
 bridge to the New Age, the era of enlightenment. Not only has the
 countdown for the end of this century begun, but the countdown for
 humanities' coming of age, for assuming responsibility as co-creative
 partners in this journey along the cosmic highway to the stars.  A
 journey which will take you back home to a glorious reunion with your
 true family. Because of the gift of will, the divine plan for the
 evolution of the Earth and humanity has always been subject to change
 and reevaluation. It has been allowed to take its own course down
 through the many ages, but that time is quickly coming to a close. The
 concept of non-intervention has run its course as far as the Earth and
 humanity are concerned. In the past, humankind seemed to be a pawn in a
 great game of chance, controlled by outside forces. The greater
 hierarchy is now taking an active role, has laid down new rules, and new
 protective barriers have been placed around your solar system and
 particularly, your earth. You are being given a golden opportunity,
 beloveds. An opportunity to take control, to be the divine architects
 and directors of the Earth's restructuring and refurbishing. With the
 help of the co-creative council from the higher realms, you have been
 given access to unlimited resources, and the expertise of master
 builders is available for the asking. We ask you to step out boldly, to
 take control of your own destiny. To unite with your brothers and
 sisters, your soul family, in bringing to fruition the wondrous gifts
 that are being offered you: the beautification and healing of your
 Earth, and the reclaiming of your birthright.

 Let us review some of the concepts that have been given to you over the
 past year, so they will be fresh in your mind. The Earth and humanity
 are in the midst of a great transformation process. You are retracing
 the path on which you descended, as you took on dense physical form. In
 order to do this, you must release the negative energy patterns within
 your physical structure to make way for the lighter, higher frequencies.
 The initiation and ascension process is a gradual progression of
 accessing the new information: gaining new spiritual insight, and then
 allowing the wisdom and truth of that knowledge to replace old, outmoded
 concepts and beliefs. This, in turn changes your frequency patterns,
 which then gradually changes your world, or picture of reality.

 As you already know, this is called building the Light Body, which
 results in your multiple bodies being infused with balancing energies in
 order to bring you to the maximum level of health, vitality and fitness.
 It also helps you to tap into latent creative abilities and knowledge
 stored within your brain structure. We have told you that you have light
 packets, keys and codes within your brain that can only be accessed by
 attuning to the higher frequencies. This is happening on a grand scale
 at this time, as more of the mass population begins to feel the nudging
 of Spirit. The veil of forgetfulness is dissolving so that as you bring
 your emotional and mental bodies into harmony, you also gain the ability
 to tap into your higher mind and reunite with the many facets of
 yourself. We have asked you to go through the process of breaking all
 agreements, past, present and future which no longer serve you. This
 involves forgiving everyone and anyone, past, present and future in
 which you have had a karmic interaction, or in which there were dramas
 and lessons to be learned. Gracefully forgiving and forgetting, in other
 words, wiping the slate clean as if the event never happened, is very
 important for only then is the energy completely transmuted within your
 auric field.

 It does not matter if the other party involved forgives you or not, or
 is even aware that you have forgiven them. However, if you are still in
 a close relationship, they will certainly be aware something has changed
 between you, because they will sense a difference as you radiate love,
 and nonjudgement, rather than anger or resentment. We have also stressed
 the importance of tapping into the wisdom of your body and elemental
 body. As you become attuned to the signals your physical body transmits,
 it will result in you gaining an awareness of what needs to be changed,
 or added, in order to maintain or regain health. You will practice
 preventive health maintenance rather than wait until your body moves
 into great distress. No longer placing the responsibility for your good
 health in the hands of a doctor or health practitioner, you go to them
 for the wisdom and knowledge they can provide. Using their services when
 needed, but with the awareness that you are the caretaker and ultimate
 healer of your precious physical vessel. Remember to breathe deeply and
 practice the sacred breath, each and every day until it becomes natural,
 dear ones. Deep, rhythmic breathing, or bringing in the golden or white
 prana of life is one greatest gifts you can give yourself. The golden
 prana is the energy from the Sun or the fire element, while white prana
 is derived from the element of air.

 There is also prana which is derived from the Earth, or the earth
 element, and yes, even prana from the element of water. These are the
 vital energies necessary for you to exist and function efficiently in
 the physical body. That is why it is sometimes called the sacred breath,
 for it helps transmute and release negative energies within the body. It
 will also balance and enhance the chakra system, and cleanse and expand
 the auric field. Concentrate on your breathing techniques until it is
 natural for you to breathe from the abdomen instead of breathing
 shallowly from the chest or diaphragm. If you will consciously practice
 deep rhythmic breathing, it will help you to move easily into an altered
 or meditative state; it also relieves stress and clears the mind as it
 energizes the body. Deep breathing, with or without affirmations, is on
 of the best ways to balance and harmonize your energy fields. It is the
 magic elixir of life. Your lives have changed dramatically over the past
 few years, no one is excluded. Those of you who have stepped on the path
 of discipleship have experienced many changes and released many things
 which no longer serve you: possessions, relationships, beliefs, and
 habits. It has not been easy, but as you take on a more expanded view,,
 you begin to see the pattern and perfection of what is occurring. It is
 becoming easier to allow changes to take place, for you realize that if
 you maintain the focus of love, and constantly attune with your Higher
 Self, all is in divine order and the outcome will be for your highest

 You have learned and are, hopefully, practicing the universal laws of
 manifestation and are aware that words and thoughts have energy.
 Thoughts, feelings, words and action are the components needed to
 manifest what you desire in the physical world. Therefore, as  you
 become more proficient in using and accessing the universal cosmic
 substance from whence all things are formed, be careful to monitor your
 thoughts, control your emotions and be deliberate in your words and
 actions. Many of you have been told, are dreaming, or getting the idea
 that you are healers, and many of you deny that this is possible.
 Believe us, beloved bearers of Light, it is true. There are many ways to
 heal and you do not have to have an educational degree, a certificate,
 permission or credentials of any kind to spread or transmit healing
 energy. It is as simple as allowing the pure crystalline Light substance
 of the Creator to flow through you and out your heart center to others.
 It will expand, magnify and enhance your auric field so that others are
 blessed as you move among them. Ask for, and then feel the diamond
 crystalline pyramids of energy become active in the palms of your hands.
 They may pulse or become warm, but even if you feel no sensation at all,
 know that if you desire to use this powerful energy to help humanity, it
 will magnify and grow. By a kind word, a smile, a gentle touch, or by
 sharing and passing on your wisdom and knowledge, you will be doing a
 great service.

 Also, you will find that the way will be opened for you to expand your
 sphere of influence, and more opportunities will be presented to you as
 you gain confidence and experience. As you overcome the obstacles and
 perfect the gifts offered you, you will find your path will become clear
 and you will know, without a doubt, that you are being helped, guided
 and supported. Within the next few years, channeling as you now know it
 will become an ordinary part of everyday life. It will no longer be
 unusual, freakish, or a gift for only the few, for everyone who has
 attained a fourth-dimensional frequency level will be able to tap into
 and communicate with their higher self, their guides, angelic helpers,
 and yes, even the Ascended Masters. Allow me to clarify, at this time,
 some confusing information or misconcepts regarding the Ascended Masters
 and angelic beings. Know that there are more human beings than ever
 before in physical embodiments who are aspects of, or who carry the
 energies of the Cosmic Beings of the higher realms. Some carry a greater
 or lesser degree of the energy of a particular Being, but that is all
 they are, an aspect, or a facet of that great Being. With the exception
 of the great Avatars, and you all know who they are, no one in the
 physical expression of the third/fourth dimensions could contain or
 carry the vastness or entirety of an archangel, or any other cosmic

 Also, the Ascended Masters are overlighting and infusing the auric
 fields of many of their beloved followers but, except for very short
 appearances when deemed necessary, they will not incarnate again in the
 physical body on Planet Earth. When the Earth has moved into amore
 refined frequency, there will come a time when we will, once again, be
 visible to you, as we were in the past. Just as we are reconnecting via
 feelings, energy impulses and channeled messages, we will become even
 more real to you as you develop clear seeing --- or the ability to see
 multi-dimensionally. This is already happening more often than you
 realize. You are seeing an expanded light-spectrum of colors, there are
 great signs in the sky via light patterns, cloud formations, and
 unexplainable sightings. Some of you see more clearly than others, just
 as some of you hear more sharply. These are gifts that you brought with
 you when you came into the physical. They have atrophied, or been
 forgotten, and it is now time to reclaim them. Believing is the first
 step, or faith in your own abilities and the possibility that what we
 say is true. I ask you to prove it for yourselves, one level at a time,
 and watch as new vistas and new abilities open before you.

 Even as we say these gifts are yours to claim, do not get caught up in
 the glamour of psychic manifestation. Psychic gifts are not necessarily
 a sign of higher spirituality, especially if used to control, influence
 or dominate others. Originally, these abilities were a natural part of
 your physical makeup, and will be again in the future. But during these
 times of transition, your physical structure and your mission will
 determine which abilities you will develop and how quickly they will be
 made available to you. These gifts have been grossly misused in the past
 and that will not be allowed to happen again. In the past, it took many
 years, even lifetimes, for an initiate to develop even the basic psychic
 abilities. And so, be patient, dear ones, you are being given more help
 and greater opportunities than ever before, you are making great strides
 and wondrous gifts await you. I wish to speak now of your young people.
 Those who have incarnated in the physical over the last twenty-five
 years or so are wise and advanced beings. Many are the forerunners of
 the next race of humanity which will populate the Earth as it moves into
 harmony and peace. They are more attuned to Spirit and have abilities
 available to them that you are striving to reclaim. It may not seem that
 this is so when you see what is happening around the world; the
 senseless violence, the anger and frustration, the addictions and
 excesses in which these young ones are caught up and trapped. Understand
 that it is not easy for them to live and function in the negativity that
 they have been exposed to from birth and which surrounds them. They
 cannot understand, and so they try to drown their pain and sensitive
 natures in physical sensations of various sorts. They lash out
 insenseless violence when the pain becomes unbearable. Their senses are
 not deadened and dulled like those of the older generations. Their
 mental and emotional natures cannot tolerate the violence and the hate
 and fear they are exposed to on a daily basis. Do not blame the young
 ones, they are only magnifying what is presented to them by the adults
 around them. If they are to learn respect, they must be respected; to
 learn unconditional love and to value life, they must be taught that
 they are worthy, loved and that life is a wondrous gift. If they are to
 be taught responsibility, others around them must be accountable and
 responsible for their thoughts, actions and deeds. They are magnifying
 and dramatically playing out the attitudes, concepts and beliefs of
 their parents, teachers and role-models. They are powerful, wonderful
 souls, but will continue to be self-destructive, or harm others until
 they are awakened to their divine nature and allowed to connect with
 their soul/higher self. Then, you will see, they will transform before
 your eyes, and assume leadership roles as they take over and complete
 the tasks that you began.

 Beloved warriors of Light, we consider you our partners in this
 magnificent cosmic event. You are the actors and directors, we only
 supply the resources, you might say. But the drama is quickly moving to
 the next stage, where we will combine our forces even more dramatically.
 You, with full knowledge, that you are our emissaries and beloved
 representatives, and that we are your loving protectors and mentors. We
 honor and love you most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael.

 Channeled by Ronna Herman *STAR * Quest * 6005 Clear Creek Dr., Reno NV
 89502. Phone/Fax: (702) 856-3654 * My Dear and Precious Friends: How
 truly blessed and privileged we are to be, what I call, major players in
 this time of awakening. I feel your love and presence radiate across the
 miles to me, and your sweet notes and letters mean more than I can ever
 tell you (although I do not always have time to answer each one). It has
 been a year of challenges (which get easier) a busy, hectic schedule
 (which I love).

 Daily, I ask our beloved Lord Michael to give me good health and the
 strength to continue the pace as long as I am needed. The time is now,
 my friends, for us to become more visible. It is amazing how the general
 populace is beginning to awaken and ask questions -- I find it so,
 everywhere I go. So, step out there, I dare you, and I believe you will
 be amazed at how much you have to share; how open and receptive people
 are. Take the simple truths that Lord Michael has given us over the
 years and pass them on in whatever way is appropriate -- it is as simple
 as that. My heart is so full of love and gratitude -- give yourself a

 (Continued In Part 2 of Newsletter...)

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 1998 23:11:14 -0600 To: From: Earth Link
 Mission  Subject: EARTH LINK MISSION 1/98

 (Continued From Part 1 of Newsletter)


 MERGING  SPIRIT WITH MATTER Beloved masters, I bring you greetings and
 glad tidings from the higher realms to assist you in these stressful
 times of transition and change. Make no mistake, we are very aware of
 what each of you is experiencing and the uncertainty you feel as your
 reality shifts and changes.  Many of you are wondering why there is no
 new forthcoming information, why everything I transmit, as well as other
 Beings of Light, seems to be a review of what has already been given.
 The reason is this, you are not ready, beloveds. It is imperative that
 you make use of and integrate what has been given until it becomes a
 natural part of your reality.  There is much knowledge and new awareness
 floating in the ethers, but you must grasp it and claim it as your own
 before you can move to the next level.  You must live it and personify

 You, as well as humanity-at-large, and the Earth are on the verge of
 making a leap into the next level of evolution, or initiation. You have
 integrated and incorporated much energy of a higher frequency and
 knowledge into your mental, emotional and etheric bodies, and for many
 of you the status quo no longer exists.  We have told you that your year
 1998 will be a bridge to the New Age and this is true.  But for the time
 being you are in what might be termed a holding pattern; a null zone of
 Spirit, or a time for inward focus and assimilation rather than outward
 momentum and radical change.  Each of you is at a different stage along
 the path, and so if you look around you will see others to emulate, or
 those who can give you insight as to what is taking place.  The
 expansion of consciousness is different for each soul, as each has their
 own divine blueprint and mission, or integral part of the master plan to
 accomplish. You may feel joyous and in the flow and all seems to be in
 order today, and yet your perception changes radically tomorrow for your
 consciousness is ever expanding into higher awareness.

 Just as you, individually, move forward to the next level when your
 spirit self makes the determination that you are ready, so it is on a
 mass level. You are in the midst of an intense merger of Light with the
 darkness on Earth, and of Spirit with matter.  Please do not put a
 negative label on the term darkness, for it does not mean evil, it only
 means those portions of the Earth and the souls that are existing
 without the Light and love of Spirit.  Darkness cannot survive in the
 Light and humanity cannot survive or move forward without accepting the
 gift of love that is being offered. Perfection is not the issue or even
 the goal at this time, beloved ones. You have the mistaken idea that
 duality and polarity on the material plane are something evil, or to be
 denied and overcome.  It is not polarity or duality that is holding you
 back, it is imbalance.  You accepted the assignment and where given the
 opportunity to experience duality. Polarity, or opposite forces, is a
 part of that process.  You came into bodily form balanced and harmonious
 in your masculine and feminine natures and in the mental and emotional
 bodies. It was a beautiful melding of Spirit with matter,  which is the
 state you are seeking to recapture and reclaim.

 We tell you over and over again, that you are here on Earth to enjoy
 being in the physical form and to enjoy the abundance and wonder of
 Creation. But it is to be in balance and harmony in all facets of
 expression.  That is why the ascension process is called the narrow
 path, or the middle path. You cannot ignore any of the components, or
 any facet of physical expression.  You ignore or abuse your body and it
 begins to break down and atrophy.  If you ignore your mind,  you remain
 ignorant, or begin to stagnate and lose interest in life.  If  you
 ignore your emotional needs, you begin to feel unloved and lonely.
 Connecting with your Higher Self and Spirit allows you to tap into the
 divine flow of primal cosmic life substance.  This is the energy you
 used to build your first Spirit/ physical form and it is the energy
 which will help you transform and reclaim that harmony of Self.  Many of
 you are feeling an irresistible urge to step out into the public arena,
 to begin to flex your spiritual muscles, and yet feel you are being held
 back.  Your Higher Self knows the proper and appropriate time for you to
 take that giant step out into the unknown.  It may be that you have not
 laid enough ground work, or gained the level of knowledge or expertise
 that you will need to be effective or successful.  Possibly ( and this
 is often the case), the path is being prepared by your guides, teachers
 and angelic helpers.  They will smooth the way or, "prepare a place for
 you." After you establish your vision and make your commitment and claim
 victory, it is important that you allow Spirit to take over and bring
 your dreams to fruition at the proper and appropriate time.  Waiting is
 not easy in the physical, and especially if the ego is in control.  Ego
 thrives on drama, whether positive or negative. You are all feeling the
 uncertainty that comes with a dimensional shift. You are learning to
 exist in shifting energy patterns, in time-compression, or a feeling
 that time is speeding up and out of control.  Ask for and take advantage
 of time-expansion.  This will give you a sense of slowing down and
 moving gently and gracefully through your days and nights. Staying in
 the "event of the now" will assist you in that endeavor, for you will be
 focused on the moment.  Your mind will not be racing forward or spending
 needless time going over the past. Your energy will be used to create
 your desires of the moment and you will be much more effective.

 Maintain an inner focus of serenity and self-control, rather than an
 outward focus of being controlled by events and the emotions of others.
 In the past, we have suggested that you relinquish all the material
 possessions which are hindering your spiritual growth, which possess you
 by way of time spent,  maintenance or expense. Now, it is time to
 relinquish the needless activities in your life that are keeping you
 from coming into harmony with Spirit. What you call television is one of
 the greatest robbers of time ever invented.  It is habit-forming  and
 insidious as a tool of mind control.  It takes away, or dulls your
 senses so that you have no desire or cannot hear that small inner voice
 of Spirit that is attempting to make contact.  The word "RECREATION" -
 examine it closely - re-creation of what?  How do you spend your leisure
 time? In needless games that numb the mind and senses, and rob the body
 of physical activity. Or in reading material that reinforces your
 negative, fear-based picture of reality, or in activities which bring
 you only frustration instead of satisfaction?

 It is time to take a spiritual inventory of how you are spending the
 gift of life on Earth.  You have an allotted time on Earth (determined
 by your Higher Self), and a specific mission to accomplish.  You were
 blessed and privileged  to be allowed to incarnate on Earth during this
 most important time.  Each soul who abdicates their mission adds to the
 burden of those Light workers who are bravely anchoring the Light.
 Those who are blazing forward on the path, smoothing the way for others
 to follow. Oh, you will not fail, my friends, you will eventually listen
 and come into harmony with Spirit, that is your ultimate destination.
 But, when, and after how much suffering?  That is your choice under the
 laws of free will.  It is said that "time waits for no one," and we add,
 the evolution of humankind and the Earth will wait for no one.  Are you
 being left behind?

 It is important that you understand that all is sifting and changing
 rapidly, at every level of creation.  You are being asked to stay fluid
 and flexible, even to hold off in making major changes until you receive
 strong signals both within and without as to what is appropriate.  In
 other words, you may get an internal nudging or message and it may feel
 appropriate within your heart center.  But during this time of
 acceleration, before you take action, I suggest that you ask for
 physical validation as to the appropriateness of the action you are
 contemplating. Clear signals will be given, but even these, at times,
 will be subject to change.  We know this is confusing and frustrating
 for you, but please be aware that you are taking leaps in years and
 decades, rather than minutes and days.

 This all has to do with the shifting dimensional changes and the
 fluidity of time.  Even from our vantage point, a particular action or
 event time-line may seem appropriate, only to be nullified by
 unanticipated events. From our prospective, we view and gauge events by
 the probable future that has the greatest potential or carries the
 strongest energy force field,  but now, changes are occurring too
 rapidly for this to be accurate.  That is why it is impossible to
 predict the future, and why we tell you to place no credence on those
 who make predictions.  We are partners in this great adventure, and we
 are all forging ahead into uncharted territory.  We are at a co-creative
 expansion level never before attempted or attained, my brave ones, and
 you are right in the middle of it.  It can be an exciting, exhilarating
 time of great joy and wondrous accomplishment if you will just "stay
 tuned" to your inner guidance and focused on the moment.  Allow your
 reality to shift and grow, to expand and change direction when needed,
 thereby taking advantage of every opportunity that Spirit brings your

 We also ask you to become more attuned and aware of the cycles of the
 seasons, the Equinoxes, Solstices  and the phases of the Moon. We have
 asked you to meditate and radiate energy down through and around the
 Earth during the time of the Full Moon.  We now ask you to join together
 at these powerful times, to unify in a common purpose, that of  lifting
 the consciousness of the Earth and humanity.  These times are chosen to
 increase the influx of cosmic energy upon the Earth and all its
 inhabitants.  As more of you allow yourselves to become the receptors
 and transformers for this refined energy with pure love and unselfish
 intent, the dynamic power of this energy will grow exponentially.
 Envision thousands, no millions, from every country, race, creed and
 color coming together at these designated times with a common purpose in
 mind and heart: Healing the Earth and reclaiming the divine birthright
 for all who reside on her.

 Become aware of the power of numbers, as well.  With the invention of
 your digital clocks, it is now possible for your guides and teachers to
 use this as a method of validating or signaling you that they are with
 you, or to let you know that you are moving in harmony with Spirit. Also
 watch what you call your car license plates, as this will also amaze and
 amuse you as a certain series of numbers is brought into your awareness
 in a way that is beyond coincidence.  I have nudged this messenger to
 make this information available to you.  We will use any means available
 to let you know that we are with you, helping you to move forward in the
 right direction.

 It is critical, there is an urgency and of the utmost importance during
 this phase that is being initiated, that the knowledge you all take for
 granted is circulated to the masses, from the lowest to the highest.  It
 is time for the next phase of awakening to begin and on a grand scale.
 Not the long, slow awakening process that most of you have experienced
 over the last twenty or twenty-five years.  It must, and will be, a
 dynamic, jolting, attention-getting sensation, designed to jar humanity
 out of its lethargy.  To make as many as possible stop and reevaluate
 their old parameters, old ways of thinking and being, and know that
 something is afoot.  Something unprecedented is happening and it is time
 to listen, learn and take action.  Your loving, soothing, comforting
 presence and wisdom will be needed and sought as never before.

 More facets of your project Starseed Earth Mission group will be made
 known to you.  More parts of the puzzle will begin to fall into place as
 you begin to build a dynamic, powerful, energetic work force with all
 the knowledge and experience needed to fulfill the Earth's and your
 divine destiny.  You have sent out the call on the waves of loving
 vibrational energy and you are about to be reconnected with those parts
 of yourself that you feared were lost to you forever.  This is just the
 beginning of the "Welcome Home" process, dear ones, there is much more
 to come. Know that we are as close to you as your heartbeat, and as real
 as the air you breathe.  We salute you for your courage and commend you
 for your steadfastness.  I, Lord Michael, surround you in love and
 protection, always.

 Channeled by Ronna Herman *STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, Nv.
 89502 Phone/Fax: 702 856-3654 * Email: or: Subscriptions to Archangel Michael's monthly messages:
 $24 per year, U.S., $28 Canada, or $36 Overseas, U.S. Funds only.

 My schedule for 1998 is as follows: Los Angeles, Ca. Feb. 15th * Call:
 Selancia * 310-450-9389

 San Francisco Bay Area * March 21st Center of Attention * Call: Barbara
 Bane * 916-922-5494

 Toronto, Canada *April 11th * Call: Diane Matthews * 905 294-2466 Miami
 * May tentatively * (My facilitator had to withdraw) * This is one of
 those times that I have had to stay flexible.  If Spirit wants me to
 hold this event, I must have a facilitator within the next two weeks.

 Boston, June 20-21 - 2 Day Intensive * Chandara & Ronna * Earth Link
 Mission * Call: 978-768-9900

 Nevada City, Ca. July 20 * New Frontiers & July 25th 1 Day intensive *
 Katherine Stovall 530-266-3406

 Chicago/Evanston, Il. Aug. 1st or 2nd * Call: Linda Parks * 847-328-4556
 September - Open October/Nov.  Tentatively * Three weeks in Australia.
 Details to be arranged.

 To receive a flyer, further information or to sign up, please contact
 the above facilitators, not Ronna.

 Hello, Dear Friends: Archangel Michael told me last November to stay
 flexible and expect changes in '98, especially the first six months.
 And it is certainly happening in my life.  The seminar I planned to do
 in London in June just wouldn't come together and I got the clear
 message that the time was not right.  And then, Mary Ann Gibbs (who was
 in Maui with us) and was planning to facilitate the Miami event, adopted
 a three year old girl whose mother had been murdered and so had to
 change her plans. Facilitating a seminar takes a lot of time and work
 and so we both agreed that it would be too much for her at this time.
 So now, the Miami event, "Return to Atlantis", is on hold.

 I feel it is important to help clear and activate that part of our
 country, but if the time is not right it will have to wait until I get a
 clear "go ahead."  I am learning to "go with the flow" and know that a
 clear path will be opened.  I am sharing this with you so you will know
 that , in some way, we are all in this together.  So if it seems as if
 you are on hold, or your life is a roller coaster (taking a sharp turn
 every once in a while), welcome to the crowd.  It's exciting, sometimes
 frustrating, but I know it is all perfect and we'll see the picture more
 clearly down the road.

 Love, Light, Blessings and hugs to you all until we meet again, RONNA

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 and bring together with humanity all of the Divine Beings, Masters and
 Angels from al over the Universe. Participate in a Sacred Gathering of
 all Races, Religions in Unity Consciousness. Christ will stand with
 Buddha, Muhammed and Moses along with the Masters and Initiates.

 WE ARE RETURNING TO SHAMBALLAH. These multidimensional events of Light,
 Sound and Magnetics will resound throughout the Heavens and Earth. We
 will participate in Meditations, Toning and Channels: receive the latest
 information and guidance from the Ascended Realms. Sacred sounds will
 fine tune your soul to the highest vibrational energies. Come and honor
 the Festival of the Unity Consciousness and Goodwill.

 Join Lee Carroll  - Kryon, Jan Tober ( toning), Chandara (Galactic
 Council & Twelfth High Council Ancient of Days), David Miler
 (Arcturians, Sananda, Metatron), Hannah Beaconsfield (whales & Dolphins)
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 of the First Ray of Divine Power. We will clear and energize our bodies
 for accepting this great gift from Archangel Michael.

 With Chandara and the Galactic Councils, we will reactivate and link the
 Atlantean Vortex encompasing the energies of the Tibet Stargate, and
 connecting the Crystalline grids and Core of the Earth with the First
 Divine Ray of Power thus integrating the energies of the Sixth Dimension
 into the physical.  This personal and planetary leap of ascension
 energies will make this special weekend a fast-track acceleration for
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