Feb 26/98

Greetings from Amaterasu!

I am Love
You are Love
We are Love together!

Today begins a very important phase for Mother Earth!  Today during the
solar eclipse a whole new paradigm begins.  The universe has been waiting
for this day with bated breath.

Whenever there is an eclipse of this nature major consciousness changes take
place for this is one of the ways the Universe uses to move her Beingness as
a whole into the next stage of life.

Movement happens as a matter of course for the Universe is built upon the
Creative Principle.  However, there are cosmic moments when the leap of
consciousness comes from a moment of
cosmic Grace as that which moves throughout Creation Itself flows through,
takes over and gives rise to a completely new program as it shifts life and
consciousness into a whole new tack of Beingness itself.  It is so new and
different that few even realize what has happened for eons of time because
there are no reference points from which to compare.

Today, the solar winds of change blow through the cosmos set up from Mother
Earth and a change of such magnitude is set in motion that we will never be
the same nor will we ever return to the paradigm of life as we have known

For most they will know something has happened but they will not be able to
get their minds around it.  The changes and movement that has already
started within their Beingness, as they are driven to shift their dualistic
patterns of negative/positive, will keep them so busy growing into new
patterns of behavior and understanding that they will not stop to realize
when and how the changes happened.

For others the rush of awareness and love they feel as they move towards
more of an understanding of who they are and how they fit into the complete
picture of life as it moves towards the "ONENESS" will be exhilarating and
all they have ever wanted for it has been their destiny since time began.
They are now reaching and tasting fulfillment in their Beingness!!  Yet,
there are others for whom this will be a confusing time.  In this category
fall most of the humans for whom this time is one long awaited yet for whom
it will be full of confusion.  Not confusing because they do not want to
flow with the energies but confusing because their visualization processes
and their understanding of life in the past did not give them the process or
the clear picture and symbols for which they will experience happening now
and they will not recognize the experiences of today and onward as what they
learned about or studied.

Today I want to give you some guidelines or this momentous time so that you
will find the road you will be travelling and your journey will be one
filled with joy, anticipation, compassion, love, truth and harmony.

First of all sit in your mode of meditation.  Do what you do to get into
that peaceful place within yourself where you have your sanctuary, where you
know you are safe and loved.  This absolutely key from this moment onward in
your life here.  You must find this place within your Beingness for this is
the only place from which you can relate to life from this time forward.  In
this state of Beingness all the swirling and movemental patterns of change
around you can be watched with detachment and love as you see life reimaging
and repatterning itself.  From this vantage you will experience no fear but
only amazement and wonder at the way in which the Universe has chosen to
unfold our fulfillment as a total unit of ONENESS into a completely
conscious Being with each cell (person) knowing where he/she fits in the
complete scheme of things.

This is the second key to this process - love.  When you sit in the peace
detached watching and allowing the Universe to take you through the process,
you do not have to be afraid.  This is the time of releasing the emotion
called "fear" from this planet.  It has been out of control and has caused
much concern and consternation for all of those who have been teaching and
showing us the way through to "HOME".  This has been one of the greatest
deterrents to your growth.  For every time you took a giant leap forward
this emotion single handedly pulled three quarters of you back into the old
paradigm and ways of being because your mindsets and patterning could not
handle the leap.  You made it but gradually following the lead of a few who
stood as the "road signs" along the way.  Today you are about to take the
leap as a whole in such a way that all go and none has to fall back.

Your experience as a whole will be such that you know you have moved but you
are not sure what has happened for now the sign posts will be as though they
are in a different language and you have to start all over again.  This is
where your state of being in observation mode will come into play.  Here you
need to stand in a space of peace knowing all will be different, knowing you
will not know what is happening or what to do.  Stand in the peace of the
moment knowing you are loved, knowing all is flowing as it should, knowing
that the flow is happening as required.  Let the swirl happen! Watch the
commotion with a sense of detachment and compassionate waiting.  This is the
time where your gifts of helping others can come into play.  This is the
time for laughter at the absurdity of the situations you find yourselves
in -- for the old modes of behavior will not work anymore.  If you are not
afraid you will bee the beautiful juxtapositions of life and laugh heartily,
releasing all tension and be able to move ahead again with pure freedom of
movement.  This is the time for pure creativity, as you enable others that
are in confusion, by suggesting ways for them to move their experiences into
moments of understanding and clarity as to what is happening to them.

For many of you reading this today, you have been on this journey for months
now and you are already doing and experiencing the phenomena I am speaking
about. . . .for you it will only continue - - only more so.

Now, think of it as a move.  All of you have moved from one house to
another, at some point in your lifetime.  In the process of packing and
throwing out what is no longer needed and at some point in the packing it
becomes the actual day of the move.  At this point in time -- the actual
move -- some people are ready and have been for days waiting for the movers
to come.  Others get that last box packed just in the nick of time.  Some
are packing only one room ahead of the movers -- yet for others the movers
come in and send the owners away doing the packing themselves because they
are trained and know how to do it best.  This is like today.  It is moving
day!!  Whatever has not been done -- it is past time now. The movers are
here and you have to let them do the work for they know what they are doing
and you just have to let go and let them do their work for it all to move
most smoothly.

Or . . .you just upgraded your computer and put in all new programs.  Your
hard drive has just had new ram put in and now you have to learn all the new
computer language because you don't know how to operate these new programs
yet.  "Yet" is the operative word here.  You want to know -- anticipate
knowing - you are eager to learn and you have been waiting for this
experience.  You chose to shift your computer and now want to learn and use
this new computer as quickly as possible.

This what life is like now  This is the day!  All has been changed for you.
You asked for this.  Do not be afraid.  Simply let go and allow the Universe
to shift you into the new modes so that when you open your heart and allow
in the new energies you have the where-with-all to understand and move into
the new modes of operating with openness, love, understanding and peace.
Believe it!  You have all been prepared for this day!  You all DO know what
to do and how to do it, if you come from an open heart and gratitude.

I repeat again -- this is what each of you has been wanting and begging
for -- a life that fulfills you, meets your needs where love and joy abound,
where there is understanding and community that lives out the "ONENESS".
This now taking place.  Remember, open your heart, for in this experience
the head must five way to the heart.  Sit in observation mode watching the
Universe supply the experience you need to shift you into the coming
patterns that will enable you to live the life you have been creating with
joy and peace.  Stay in joy, and patience.  Persevere in openness.  Hold
onto the "Knowing" that all is unfolding as it needs to.  You do not have to
know the why's and wherefore's, you only need to participate with integrity
and curiosity.  This is your destiny.  It is now coming to fruition.

This your time of Being.  This is who you are for now all that you have
learned will be used to it's fullest.

Today is the first cosmic moment of the new millennium.

Enjoy and know that I am with you!  Simply go inside and call.  You will
find me there supporting you always for I am you as well!

Teach only love - ACIM
If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive. - Mother Teresa