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Rev. Dr. Evin O'Ryan

“Exploring the Frontiers of Miraculous Probability”
Issue #40; Spring 1998

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In this issue:

* Spiritul Illusions

* "It's OK"

* The Looking Glass

* Cosmic Bubbles

* Introduction to Future Alchemy


Spiritual Illusions

Everyone has a version of "how it is." As you grow, you explore many
different versions, hoping one day that you'll find The Version.
Classically, this process of discovery is "The Quest." You can travel
through many stages as you search.

In Stage One, you *know* something isn't right - probably you. This
uncertain feeling drives you to find an answer. Eventually, you stumble
onto something that you believe is IT. It may take the form of a
metaphysical, religious, or philosophical system, or perhaps some
charismatic leader. Finding It marks the beginning of Stage Two.

After a while, though, you discover flaws in the system. It's not
everything that you thought it would be. You move on. Maybe next time,
you'll find the REAL Answer. Eventually, you fall upon another candidate.
Like before, however, you unhappily uncover flaws in this system. You
repeat this search-and-find pattern, until you finally give up. At this
point, you enter Stage Three.

In this stage, you realize that no one knows; you're on your own. You now
begin to construct a personalized picture of reality. It contains many
elements that you've assimilated during your travels. If this structure
was visible, it would resemble a bird's nest. Over time, you refine and
perfect your picture, until finally, you *really* know How It Is. You now
have most (if not all) of the answers. Uh-oh. Phase Four is knocking on
your door.

Officially, you've become a True Believer in *your* picture of reality -
you have the rules figured out in your head. You're like a king (or
queen), enthroned at the center of your creation. At this prominent
position, however, you become a prisoner, trapped and alone inside a dark,
stone castle.

Once you know everything, you're as good as dead - conceptually speaking.
You can't grow. Additionally, knowing How It Is, is tainted with conceit.
You understand; the uninformed don't. You can correct and direct them. For
example, someone may experience something, and they will interpret it
through their reality filters. Because you *know*, however, you can put
their experience into a more valuable context, something that will benefit
them. You will show them the Light, and chalk up guru points for your

As a king, you have the privilege - no, the duty - to keep Seekers in
line. ("In line" means "within the bounds of your picture of reality.")
You give sloppy thinkers (or worse - heretics!) the "slap of the Buddha."
And who is more qualified to act on the Buddha's behalf? . . . You do
this, of course, for their own good.

In fairness, sometimes you help others by sharing insights and advice.
They may be grateful. Yet, this position of consciousness is a subtle ego
trap that makes you suffer by keeping you separate.

(Some True Believers don't create their own philosophy. They use
traditionally wrapped belief systems. If they have a question, they can
read The Book or consult the leader. This way is simpler, because
[usually] a God-inspired Source provides all the answers. Many decent and
loving people live within this framework. So do fanatics.)

Knot Knowing

In the world of metaphysics, anyone can say almost anything, and no one
can prove them wrong. Take God for instance. Aken-Aten was a mystical
Egyptian Pharaoh and the "first individual in history." He was the first
to propose the idea of One Big God. Moses, having lived in the Egyptian
Royal Court, borrowed this revolutionary concept. He presented it to his
people and, as the coup de grace, claimed that the One Big God was
exclusively their God! They deposed the competition by declaring that
other gods we re evil and impotent impostors.

The writings of that small, nomadic tribe became known as "The Bible" -
the Word of God, no less. It caught on and became a best seller. Since
then (with few exceptions), theists agree that only One Big God exists.
Even the Wiccans and Hindus, who colorfully believe in many sub-deities,
believe in the One Big God.

Looking deeper, however, how can we possibly know this? Atheists will tell
you that zero Gods exist. This split represents the familiar
believer/disbeliever polarity. Neither side, however, knows. Each
believes. Each can pump arguments into your head about why they are right,
the other wrong. Like most polarized arguments, they are heavy, gray, and
without humor. Yet, these debates are a necessary part of one's
development. True Believers are True Disbelievers on the other side of the

We have a third possibility. More than One Big God might exist. I'm not
referring to the revered Immortals of Mount Olympus or the animal totems
of Stone Age tribes. Instead, imagine seven or so individual One-Big-God
Creators, ecstatically *being* together (the "All-That-Ises"), doing
everything. Why not? What proof *of any kind* does anyone have to the
contrary? (I'm not suggesting that this idea is true. Rather, this reality
is *as conceivable* as the One-Big-God theory.)

What happens is this. We can be sure of some facts - at least
existentially. For instance, the world is round (as opposed to flat). We
can fly or cruise around the globe together and nod, "Yes, this is a
fact." However, beyond that existential nod, *every thing is a GUESS*.
Guessing includes speculating about the purpose of life. Some say that
we're here to learn. Others believe that the purpose is to wake up or to
make money. Still, others think that life is meaningless. We are voting
citizens of Best Gue ssland.

Being *certain* about metaphysical issues puts you in a tenuous
psychological position. How can you know the unknowable? You've had gut
feelings, insights, or "knowings" that some metaphysical axiom is true.
Yet with time, what you once saw as a bright (or at least interesting)
Truth fades to an inconsequential idea that you barely remember. Certainty
is a box with familiar walls.

We live in a house built with ideas. The foundation is material reality.
If you choose to believe that a sub-foundation exists, that's fine. For
the mystically inclined, this belief is a necessity. However, the nature
of the sub-realm is subjective. Acting as an authority on this realm is a
sign of spiritual egotism or, at least, delusion.

Do It Anyway

Part of our nature is to wonder aloud. Philosophers, intellectuals,
theologians, and the clever, all enjoy engaging in the mental realm. They
are mercurial engineers skilled at constructing elaborate mental
structures, supported by tightly knit interior logic. (Some structures,
though, are plagued by severe design flaws.) Not unlike lawyers, when they
debate, often the point is to win - another form of vanity. (I'm not
implying that these skirmishes are valueless.) Regardless, a degree of
metaphysical certainty is desirable to some. Within limits, it lends
stability. Balance is the key.

Another part of our nature is to believe that our guesses are facts, or
even the coveted Truth. Because of this, The Second Miraculodynamic
Principle is useful: "Happiness and kindness are more important than

Unfortunately, you can't convince yourself that your truth is not true.
While in the grip of True Believerism, *you must believe*. You can,
however, accept your condition, and find balance. This Key of Balance
opens the door to Stage Five. Acceptance brings peace and, in peace, you
become more humble. Humility is not weakness. Rather, it reflects an inner
satisfaction of not having to prove yourself. You understand that, like
other intangibles, the *self* can't be proven.



It's OK to see

It's OK to hear

It's OK to feel

It's OK to smell

It's OK to taste

It's OK to take

It's OK to give

You don't  have to exaggerate your pain

You don't  have to exaggerate your happiness

Life is a gift.

Don't miss it.


The Looking Glass
by Monsieur Seymore Planettes

In 1994, one of the walk-ins at Starbuilders brought through a *technology
of consciousness* that he called "The Looking Glass." You activate this
technology by using a simple verbal sequence or "code." When you "do the
code," you "walk through the looking glass" into a parallel world. This
sounds like the idea behind the TV program "Sliders," and I don't expect
you to believe it. But here's the story anyway.

Katrina and I were the first to use this tool. At first, we were skeptical
- who wouldn't be. Nonetheless, we flipped the switch. We landed in a
parallel earth that, not surprisingly, looked a lot like the one we just
"left." Frankly, it looked exactly the same. There was, however, one
difference. It *felt* completely different; the psychological texture had
radically changed. We soon jumped again, and over time, were jumping often
from world to world. Each time the energy was different. In one world, the
keyword was sensual. In another, we felt primitive. Still others were so
negative that we couldn't wait to leave.

We tried to explain these feelings within a purely psychological context.
Yet, that model wasn't big enough. The changes we experienced were much
too comprehensive for it to be our imagination. (Unless, of course, we
were delusional, which from a third-dimensional perspective, we were.)

What puzzled us was why everything looked the same. The obvious reason was
that we didn't go anywhere; we were playing hallucination duets on our
brain bongos. However, pretend that we *did* jump. Plato said that when
you're born, all pre-birth memories are erased. In our case, we were
"born" into the bodies of fully grown people. Their memories were already
in place, and we inherited them. Leaping, though, didn't purge
*everything*. How else could we have known that something was different,
unless we had another frame of reference to compare it to?

We can stretch this logic into even more unusual shapes. What if we didn't
shift from one *human* body into another? Instead, we had jumped from,
say, a porpoise body. Stretched further, what if we had just left an
extraterrestrial or eighth dimensional body?

Walk-ins and channeled entities travel like that: they project their
consciousness into the bodies of others. From this perspective, then, we
were *consciously walking into another body*. Everything looked the same
because, to the new brains that we were using (they were new to us),
everything *was* the same. Our presence, however, added a new texture to
the body's experience.

Later, we learned about the non-personal benefits of shifting. Whenever we
shifted, we would cut an energetic pathway between the worlds. These
pathways allow energy and information to flow more readily from one world
to the other. The results are enriching for both worlds. Creating many
pathways produces a multidimensional web-like effect between the
dimensions. (Dimensions, here, means the various frequencies at which some
worlds vibrate. Now, science uses the electromagnetic spectrum to measure
frequency. However, it's possible that another scale exists. Maybe it
intersects or runs parallel to the electromagnetic spectrum. We just don't
have the instruments to detect it yet.)

What about personal benefits? We went through a series of shifts.
Eventually, we arrived at a world where we were living a miraculous life,
and we stayed there. We discovered that living a miraculous life *is only
the beginning*. It acts as a base. From there, you can explore the Mystery
more deeply.

Because of our experiences with this technology, we saw how the
indiscriminate use of it could be psychologically hazardous. We imagined
people becoming lost in nether-earths, bouncing from world to world,
desperate to escape, to return home (a la Sliders ). To counter this, we
thought that we should ask $1,000 for the technology. This would
discourage the mildly curious. Three years later, we recorded it on tape
and asked $95. We did our best to include sufficient warnings.

Besides having been walk ins, the experiences that the Looking Glass
provided have been the most dramatic. It also brought up an intriguing
question: Who is the "I" that travels? Are souls playing musical chairs
with people's bodies? Probably not.

Say that the true "I" is the Ocean of Existence (God). Unfortunately, our
ego - the body consciousness - can't embody the wholeness of this
ultimately expanded identity. It exists within the timespace matrix.
Perhaps, though, "I" am a projection of higher-dimensional beings, whose
awareness rides above the ego (the Watcher?).

Isn't this projecting of consciousness the same as walk-ins? Are many of
us (maybe all?), in a diffuse sense, walk-ins? If so, then you can use
this technology to consciously trigger the walk-in process.

Well, that's about it. We haven't used the technology lately, because
we've reached a "miraculous life plateau." Besides, shifting is tough on
the psyche. It's hard work.

If you don't believe this story, I understand. I like facts and proof;
however, I can't prove any of it. I can, though, tell you this: If what we
experienced was true, then this world we're in now is superior (at least
to our tastes) to many alternatives that are out there. We're grateful to
be here.



Ecstatic Creator
Cosmic Ocean
blows Bubbles
within itself
(Forms; You and I)
that live
until they
back into
The Cosmic Ocean.


Future Alchemy:
Introduction to IROOT:NOTology
"The World's Most Fun (and Challenging) 'ology' "

Pulsing like a white-hot star at the heart of IROOT:NOTology is the Prime
Directive: *Live a Miraculous Life!* The Directive is beautiful, because
it calls forth the highest potential of every human *without weighing them
down with details*.

You can start living a miraculous life NOW. Over time, you'll evolve
deeper into this lifestyle; living a miraculous life is more of a process
than a goal.

Here's a kaleidoscopic window into IROOT:NOTology, presented in kiddychism
form. As you'll see, IROOT:NOTics allegedly offers colorful internal
riches that reflect externally and is far reaching in its evolutionary

Caution: Alchemy at work. Wear appropriate attire. This is not for

Q: What is IROOT:NOTics?

A: The International Royal Order Of The: Nomads Of Truth has many facets.
First, it presents a practical alchemy of the future dedicated to the
evolution of the species. Second, it helps you live a miraculous life *by
freeing you from paradoxical disharmonics*. This is possible because it
links you to a higher dimensional grid that, in turn, is part of a
specific evolutionary Vector. Third, when taken as a complete (yet
work-in-progress) disbelief system, IROOT:NOTology works like a Nez "cone"
(mystical riddle).

"My heart beats in natural rhythm, marking time. Yet, time is an invention
of the mind. What is this feeling of illusion?" Sab deLob, Nez Master

Q: Is IROOT:NOTology the only "ology" dedicated to the evolution of

A: No, many forces are at work. Like building a house, you need
carpenters, electricians, masons, and more. On earth today, there are
exactly 144,000 IROOT:NOTians (approximately). Some are awake, some are
asleep. Some are "phasing" in and out.

Q: What is the purpose of IROOT:NOT?

A: IROOT:NOT has two purposes. One is personal, one is transpersonal. The
transpersonal purpose is to participate in humanity's evolution. You
support its leap from Homo sapien to Homo miraculus.

The personal purpose is useful in its mutability. You say (fill in the
blanks): "I came from _________. While I'm here, I will ___________. When
I die, I will ____________." For example: "I came from the future. While
I'm here, I will live a miraculous life! When I die, I will rejoin my
'Group Magi.'"

(A Group Magi is a probable future-earth life form. At present, we have no
models that accurately describe those beings. At best, it's an
ultra-intimate, supra-physical union of widely diverse consciousnesses.
This collective is aligned in purpose[s], and represents entities from
different "time zones," locales, and dimensions.)  You can fill in the
blanks with anything. Change it whenever appropriate.

Q: I can say *anything*?

A: IROOT:NOTians try to stay in their integrity.

Q: What about the Truth?

A: The Truth is a living entity. Your mind can never capture it. Once you
speak, you leave Its domain. You move into the denser realm of fact or
guess. Once there, someone can always contradict what you say. If their
logic is intact, they can present another equally valid perspective in
which your truth is false.

Most systems claim to posses the Absolute Truth, something that you must
accept. ("God said so.") What they offer, however, is a peppering of facts
served over a large portion of guesses.

Q: At times, IROOT:NOTology sounds like a high, spiritual philosophy. At
others, it sounds off the wall. What is it?

A: IROOT:NOTology is about surfing the wave. If an IROOT:NOTian falls, she
immediately replaces herself.

Q: Why do you present the "Introduction to IROOT:NOT" *after* several

A: IROOT:NOT reflects both the linear and non-linear aspects of the
universe. When you present something in writing, it's easy to be linear -
logical. Usually you're stuck with that. IROOT:NOT, however, presents
itself non-linearly. This satisfies the non-linear cravings of sensitives.

Q: What is the "Friendly Borg Principle"?

A: IROOT:NOTians can use the Friendly Borg Principle. You can assimilate
any idea from any other "ology" and use it in YOUR scheme of How It Is.
Assimilate without guilt. Once assimilated, that idea serves you in a
higher way within your structure. You can even assimilate the "loose ends"
of your life. Holy holistic - a macro-Gestalt! (Caution: On present-day
Earth, copyright, trade mark, and patent laws are still in effect.)

Most belief systems have become standardized. If you know what someone
believes in, then you know (within limits) their expectations and
limitations. Even those with an "unlimited" belief system have limits:
They don't believe in limits. Using the Friendly Borg Principle, you can
build a unique position of consciousness. From there, you can hover
enigmatically above traditional limitations.

Q: Can non-IROOT:NOTians use the Friendly Borg Principle?

A: If a True Believer assimilates new and dangerous ideas into her belief
system, the Guardians of the System may *un-assimilate* HER.
(Excommunication is an example.)

Additionally, you can violate the Principle. You do this whenever you take
an IROOT:NOT idea and translate it into the paradigm of most other systems.

Q: What happens when you violate the Principle?

A: When you violate the Principle, you will think that you understand, but
you will not. You will understand something else. For instance, you could
take the IROOT:NOT idea of "metascience" (trans-temporal alchemy) and
think, "Oh, yeah, 'metaphysics'." However, when you translate like this,
you move into a different conceptual framework. The "metaphysical
landscape" is much different from the "metascience landscape."

Q: Is the Friendly Borg Principle just a fancy way to say "copying"?

A: No, copying requires little imagination.

Q: Are IROOT:NOTians perfect?

A: IROOT:NOTians aren't perfect, just forgiven. However, God has never
condemned *anyone*, anyway. There's nothing to forgive. IROOT:NOTians
are never "messed up," either. They "experience weirdness," which at
some level is another form of normal.

Q: Do IROOT:NOTians suffer?

A: You bet! Be suspect of any "ology" that promises freedom from
suffering. (If their claim was a fact, everyone would be doing it.) At
best, you can shift your position of consciousness and not identify with
your suffering. IROOT:NOTians are okay even when they're feeling miserable.

Also, you can drop many of your non-miraculous behavioral patterns and
suffer less.

Q: What is original sin?

A: Original sin is something you invent. If you copy, it isn't original.

Q: What is sin?

A: Since you can't hurt God, sin is when you hurt yourself. For
IROOT:NOTians, sin is not living a miraculous life.

Q: What is the penalty for sin?

A: The penalty for sin is living a non-miraculous life.

Q: IROOT:NOTics doesn't come across as serious. How can anyone concerned
about spiritual growth practice it?

A: IROOT:NOTics isn't serious; it's light and sincere with a sense of
humor. *If you can't play at this level, then you can't stay in the game*.
The serious attitude that lurks beneath most religious dogma stems from
the fear of a vengeful God or a stingy universe. (Holy Books usually have
black covers.) In these systems, the Rules are etched in stone. If you
disobey them, God usually dishes out an outrageous, eternal punishment.

For many IROOT:NOTians, however, God is innately ecstatic and
unconditionally loving. "IT" has a spontaneous sense of humor. The Rules
are lightly finger painted across your Center Brain in wavy, pastel lines
of suggestion.

In many ways, a theist's religious attitude matches her vision of how God
is. For example, serious religious types believe in a serious God.

Q: IROOT:NOT is from the future. Is this "message from the future" for

A: As real as it gets. However, concerning beliefs, "for real" is always
speculative (including the beliefs of IROOT:NOTology). Let's have a look
at some poplar beliefs. Officially, you should take each of the stories
below literally - not figuratively. Determine for yourself how "for real"
each is.

(We're not being cynical - we honor all views. Love and goodness exist in
people exploring all paths. Mostly, we're presenting what is public
knowledge. Maybe some stories are true.)

* Christianity: The ancients thought that Heaven existed beyond the "solid
dome" of the sky. Christ ascended into Heaven in His physical body. To get
there, He rose skyward and went through a door in the sky dome.

Also, God created the world at 9:00 P.M. on October 23 in 4004 B.C.

* Hinduism: A little blue boy (who enjoys stealing butter) controls the
universe. When He's ready to end the universe, He sucks His toe. Praying
to basil bushes wins His favor.

* Islam: God, speaking through a holy man, can declare a "holy war."

* Judaism: Their leader talked to a mysterious burning bush that claimed
to be God. The bush gave him a set of moral and religious codes - etched
in stone. God said that this nomadic tribe was His "Chosen People."

* Buddhism: Life bites. It's better not to be born. ("Life is suffering.
Balance your karma so you don't reincarnate.")

* Ba'Hai: The world would be a better place if everyone believed what we

* Catholicism: Every week, believers eat the body and drink the blood of
their Savior.

* New Age: Channeled Brand Name masters tell you How It Is. Channeled
aliens sell nutritional supplements. Some frequently predict mass UFO
landings. Thinking happy thoughts can solve the world's problems.

* Unification: Their leader, a South Korean businessperson and arms
manufacturer, is Jesus Christ. His wife is the Holy Spirit. Communism is
the anti-Christ.

* $cientology: For $25,000, you can "get clear" of those nasty aliens and
their bubbles that have imprisoned your soul.

* Vegans: Killing animals for food is wrong. Killing grains and vegetables
for food is right.

* Science: Science is based on the *belief* that you can know everything
by using the scientific method. They don't believe in anything.

* Astrology: A planet that's over a billion miles away can disrupt your
love life. This can happen because the planet forms a bad aspect to a
planet in your birth chart.

In addition, you've got people drinking poison and kissing venomous
snakes. Others flagellate themselves with medieval instruments of torture.
Some throw sea shells on the ground to predict the future. Many insult,
hurt, or kill disbelievers *to gain favor with THEIR God*.

That's a brief summary. Use your Fifth Eye to discern others. Most
believers accept these stories as fact, because *they believe in them*.
They equate these profiles of reality with the Truth.

Q: How can IROOT:NOTians claim to be from the future?

A: It's easy! All Doctors of IROOT:NOTics know the answer, and the answer
is . . . a question.

First, do you believe in channeling? How about walk-ins? Channeling and
being walked into are similar phenomena. They happen when *an other-
dimensional entity projects its consciousness into your body*. Do you
agree with this?

Second, do you believe that consciousness can travel beyond its timespace
position? If so, then you can conclude that *an entity in the future can
project its consciousness back in time*.

Some IROOT:NOTians have done this. You project your consciousness from the
future into your current body, walking into yourself. This kind of
"walk-in" experience differs from others, because the projecting
consciousness is not someone else; it's you - your future self.

By being from the future, you have access (by way of the ur-Tide) to
what's going to happen. IROOT:NOTology calls this "Memory Activation." You
don't have to believe any of this; like all of IROOT:NOTology, it's a
probability offering.

Sometimes science receives information from the future, as well.
"Superstring Theory" is an example of this phenomenon.

"String Theory is twenty-first century physics that fell accidentally into
the twentieth century. . . . No one invented Superstring Theory on
purpose. . . . By rights, twentieth century physicists shouldn't have had
the privilege of studying this theory. By rights, Superstring Theory
shouldn't have been invented until our knowledge of some of the ideas . .
. prerequisite for Superstring Theory had developed to the point that it
was possible for us to have the right concept of what it was all about."

Edward Witten, physicist
Interview, "Superstrings."

Once you dip your Toe in the ur-Tide, you begin to function as a temporal
vortex. You will know things that, by rights, you shouldn't know.

Q: How can I tell if I'm from the future?

A: Look at your hand for a moment, and then ask yourself these questions.
Does the human body look like a primitive life form? Does today's medical
system seem barbaric? How about the justice, economic, religious, and
political systems? Are interpersonal relationships missing something?

If you've answered Yes to these questions, then it's possible that you're
from the future. (At least you fit the profile.) How else could you have
this perspective? "Past lives" can't explain why you see the body as

You're no stranger; you're from a different "time zone."

Q: Are all IROOT:NOTians from the future?

A: IROOT:NOTians are from wherever they want. Some are futuristic, some
are "et's," others are plain ol' humans. Some are old souls, ascended (or
descended) masters, and some haven't decided yet.

Conversely, many people today are from the past. They've never left the
50's, 60's, 70's, or from wherever they feel comfortable. They continue to
behave in the headset of that time zone.

Q: All of this sounds new. What about the saying, "There's nothing new
under the sun?"

A: Long ago, a young man watched the sun rise and the sun set every day.
He noted how the seasons rotated and repeated. He saw the women, every
Monday, take dirty laundry down to the river to wash. This went on, year
after year. The word "cycles" circled his brain. One day, the man now gray
and wise, said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Upon hearing these words, thinkers throughout the land scratched their
beards. The less civilized scratched their butts. All, however, nodded in
agreement that the words were indeed wise. The saying became famous and
joined the ranks of other gems such as, "As above, so below" and "Just do

Times have changed. Refrigerators are new. Spacecraft landing on other
planets is new. Expansive cosmologies hatch frequently. Since the
Renaissance, "new" happens often, reflecting advancements in human
understanding. Although some prefer the simpler times (and perhaps rightly
so), we are on an evolutionary escalator. We cannot turn back. We can
embody our highest potential now more than ever in history: Live a
miraculous life!

Q: Do all Paths lead to God?

A: If God exists, they sure do. That's why IROOT:NOTology says that
EVERYONE is Pre-Saved. However, not all paths focus on living a miraculous
life. Some focus on gaining good karma or reducing bad karma. Some focus
on saving themselves and others. Other groups elevate suffering, believing
that it makes you strong. (Maybe it does.)

Eulogy: "He suffered all of his life and became strong. Then he died."
(Existentially, all paths end like that.)

The process works like this. Say you want to be a carpenter. First, you
become an apprentice. You study and practice until you become proficient.
Eventually, you become a master carpenter. That's the path, and that's
where it leads.

If you choose to "learn lessons," eventually you'll master that. You might
end up teaching. However, learning and teaching won't make you a master at
living a miraculous life. You'll be a master student/teacher.

Q: What if God doesn't exist?

A: Then it's in your best interest to live a miraculous life anyway.

Q: How are paradoxes binding?

A: Just as a planet has magnetic poles, paradoxes have them, too.
IROOT:NOTology calls this binding force *the Polarized Psychomagnetic
Field of Disharmonic Attraction*. In layman's terms, it's the "P-Zone."
P-Zones are fractalesque in nature and exist on the P-Zone Plane (which
intersects the Mental Plane). Your "buttons" reside there, as in, "He
really knows how to push my buttons."

Viewed through the Fifth Eye (and converted into a comprehensible 3-D
image), the P-Zone is egg shaped. Bands of P-Zone energy flow from the
North and South poles of the egg. The more intense the issue (paradox),
the more tightly knit the bands are. When you entangle yourself in these
high-tension wires, you become tense.

Q: Why are most "ologies" bound by paradox while IROOT:NOTology is not?

A: Because IROOT:NOTology isn't an "ology." It's a state of dynamic
consciousness that has sprouted "ology"-like appendages.

Q: How does IROOT:NOTics "sear" paradoxes?

A: Your Toe (Transpsychic Oracle Extraordinaire) is what sears paradoxes.
HOW it sears them, however, is problematic. The answer is buried deep
within the esoteric vaults of IROOT:NOT lore. Even the great Nez Masters,
with their catlike ability to pierce darkness, have trouble navigating
these vaults. They must squint to gain even a shadowed glimpse of an
obscure analogy about how the Toe does the deed.

The *result* of searing, however, is clear: you can now surf the paradox.


A: They represent the Path, the Perspective, and the Center of the
IROOT:NOTian, respectively. Here is a brief description of each.

THE FIFTH WAY is like this:

Science can prove that light is a wave: It's a fact. I believe.

Science can prove that light is a particle: It's a fact. I believe.

Both facts are mutually exclusive; therefore, both are false. It's a fact.
I believe.

I then move to the Fifth Way.

Auguste Comte was a "father" of the social sciences. He believed that
society and individuals pass through three stages of social evolution. The
first is "Theological Thought" - God's Will moves everything. Second is
"Metaphysical Thought" - abstract laws of nature are discovered. Third is
"Positive Thought" - the scientific method.

The Fifth Way assimilates and homogenizes all three of these stages. This
homogenized mixture is the wax on IROOT:NOTian's surf boards. Over time,
however, the wax ages and "ferments" and becomes a new, improved
substance. (Not available in stores.) When your body absorbs the substance
through its etheric skin, you transform. YOU BECOME THE FIFTH WAY.

THE FIFTH EYE sets directly above the P-Zone Plane. It represents the
Awareness that allows you to live a miraculous life. It transcends the
mass hallucination.

Fear is a major obstacle for using the Fifth Eye. Winston Churchill said,
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." The Fifth Eye sees this from a
slightly different angle: "Fear not even fear." Even like this, though,
you'll still experience fear. Fear can be useful at times. You're just not
afraid of it, tough though it can be.

Often, fear has its roots in the unknown. IROOT:NOTians, being Void Divers
anyway, define fear as *just another experience*. Just because you're
clueless doesn't mean that you have to be afraid.

Another source of fear is your assumptions. Often, you guess wrong. The
situation doesn't turn out as badly as you thought it would. Other times,
you guess right. You move through these situations, calm and aware.

Most people see with their human eyes only. They use a variety of
Psycho-Seeking Filters when checking out the world. These filters narrow
and define the possibilities of relationship. For example, the Sexual
Filter scans for possible sexual mates. It filters out those of
undesirable age, appearance, social status, body type, gender, and more.
The Sales Filter scans for customers. You can use Filters like the
Security, Victim, and Acceptance, plus many others.

"When a person uses the Pickpocket Filter and sees a saint, all he sees
are pockets."

THE CENTER BRAIN processes the Vision of the Fifth Eye. MORPHs (Master Of
Root:notian Paradoxical Harmonics) are those whose Center Brain is at one
with their Toe. They experience their unique perspective of life from the
center of the eternally blooming Cosmic Lotus.

The new species of humanity - Homo miraculus - will embody each of these
three aspects, 100%.

Q: You say that IROOT:NOT is "the World's Most Fun [and challenging]
'ology.'" How is it challenging?

A: As your consciousness spirals upwards, you face the challenge of
surfing new waves of paradox. This process is eternal, so the challenge
will always be there. Once you've mastered Surfing the Earth Plane, life
becomes VERY interesting.

Q: As you spiral upwards, what happens if you move to a position of power?
Isn't power a trap?

A: Power is a trap only when you believe it is more real than your

Q: Does IROOT:NOTics really work?

A: IROOT:NOTics works for IROOT:NOTians. For others, its usefulness will

Q: Why do you call IROOT:NOT "quasi-esoteric?"

A: When you gain esoteric information, you think that you know something
secret, and now you're "special." Well, maybe you do, and maybe you are.
But why become conceited? You can become so smart that you lose touch.
"Quasi-esoteric" information keeps your ego in check. It keeps you from
becoming arrogant. Here are examples of IROOT:NOT quasi-esotericism.

(1) The name IROOT:NOT is symbolic. It means that you don't have roots in
any particular belief system - including IROOT:NOTology. (I-ROOT-NOT - get
it?) True Believers need their roots lodged in a solid belief system,
because they're insecure without one. Yet, "solid belief system" is an
oxymoron. IROOT:NOTians, however, are Void Divers. Like the surrendered
Fool, they leap - sometimes reluctantly - from one probability to the
next. They explore, then leap again. (Actually, their Toe lovingly nudges
them off the cliff.) Stable change fulfills them.

(2) A secret: Void Divers *fall upwards*.

(3) For IROOT:NOTians, the universe is unknowable and ever changing, yet
somewhat knowable and somewhat unchanging.

(4) Here's a secret method that enables you to peek over the veils of the
quasi-esoteric universe. Everyone wants to believe in something. Perhaps
it's a human need. In many ways, you can find comfort in deceiving
yourself. Rationalizing comes easily. One day, as you take more notice,
you'll redefine what's in your head. What was once "reality" becomes

True esoteric knowledge is like this: You can yell it in the streets, but
few will hear (including those who know everything).

Q: How can you be happy when your belief system isn't rooted in anything?

A: First, IROOT:NOTians have a tendency to be happy *without any reason to
be so*.

Second, IROOT:NOTology is a disbelief system rooted in something. That
"something," however, is indefinable. (So why bother?) Some post-ancient
cultures knew about this mysterious "something." One example is the
Hagglerites who inhabited the Greater Dyzcount Valley region. They wrote:

". . . And the [demi-gods] called the Un-nameable [IT(s)] 'M.O.V.U.S.
Q.U.O.F.E.' on the Third Day. On the Tenth Day, [the Oracle] wagged her
tongue, sending the [Holy Name] to the Four Corners. The meaning, though,
became more clear with each receding echo [of the Name] as it [bounced]
off the Four Walls. After the wind had [taken apart] the sound and only
silence remained, the prophets then understood ITs most true meaning
within the stillness of the Void [as it] caressed their ears. Yet, their
smiles were not of [ultimate] understanding, but of content, knowing that
the [Secret] was . . ."

(Unfortunately, moths ate the remainder of this scroll in the late 12th

Q: What are the Miraculodynamic Principles?

A: The Miraculodynamic Principles are useful.

The First Miraculodynamic Axiom: "There is nowhere to go and nothing to
do, but we go there and do it anyway."

The Second Miraculodynamic Axiom: "Happiness and kindness are more
important than beliefs."

The Third Miraculodynamic Axiom: "When you die, you stop hallucinating and
remember that you are the One - or you don't."

The Fourth Miraculodynamic Axiom: "Life is a gift. Enjoy and be kind as
much as you can in every moment."

Q: Is IROOT:NOTology consistent?

A: IROOT:NOTology is consistent in its inconsistencies, in its dedication
to humanity's evolution, and in its focus on living a miraculous life.
Traditional consistency exists in properly prepared gravies, but not in
living a miraculous life (except when it does). The more you demand
consistency, the more you empower that P-Zone. It's a trap designed to
squash your enjoyment!

Beat and defeat redundancy! Live a miraculous life!

Q: Can you say the same about inconsistency?

A: No, you won't find inconsistencies in properly prepared gravies.

Q: Is there an order to IROOT:NOT?

A: Yes, in the name: "The International Royal ORDER. . . ." However,
unlike True Believerism, the order is very loose. You move fluidly into
higher patterns, becoming more efficient at living a miraculous life. The
Nez Master, Jofreklan, comments:

"The morning sun transforms the dew.
I move quietly within myself.
Who once was is not."

Q: People say that they change after they receive their IROOT:NOT
Membership Card. How is this possible, just by having a card?

A: Once you receive your Card, it's a matter of putting it on your

Q: Is there any proof of that?

A: The proof is in the putting.

Q: What about IROOT:NOT Courses and Titles?

A: Titles open windows of transpsychic opportunity and enhance fruition.
For instance, having the Title of "Nez Master" puts you in line - aims you
in the direction - of the Nez Master within. Like a magnifying glass, it
focuses on and enlarges an area of consciousness. Having the Title itself,
however, doesn't make you a total Nez Master. For example, in karate, you
start as a "white belt." You work through, say, seven more belts, until
you've earned a "black belt." To become a "black belt" Nez Master, you
must work through 777 "belts." However, you can only make it to the 776th
belt in this life. You receive the 777th belt when you leave your body.

Courses nudge you through luminous doors. For instance, the "Doctor of
IROOT:NOTics" Course instructs you how to use information from the future.
You can save time and resources by seeing the result of a project *without
having to go through the process*.

Incredibly, you can *have the experience without having to do it*! As a
bonus, you can write the title "D.I." after your name.

Q: How about IROOT:NOT gifts and accessories, like "Fear Removal Powder"?

A: Alchemy is like that. To the uninitiated, all offerings look similar.
Actually, some paths are (apparently) dead ends. Others are littered with
dead herrings (that rise and sing after you've walked by them). Some hold

Q: Is IROOT:NOT for everyone?

A: No, it's not for beginners (unless you're ready). You must have roots
before you can I-ROOT-NOT. Additionally, "newbies" are usually very
serious in their search for the Truth. IROOT:NOTics can appear too
lightweight for them.

It's not for True Believers either, except those IROOT:NOTians still
exploring the internal structure of certain P-Zones. True Believers need
the tension of P-Zones to feel as if they're doing something important.
IROOT:NOTians prefer to Surf the Earth Plane.

Q: How do IROOT:NOTians relate to non-IROOT:NOTians?

A: However they please. . . . Also, their Center Brain remembers "the One

Q: What is the One Universal?

A: The One Universal is when you look at someone and think, "She is alive.
One day, she will die."

Q: What happens after you die?

A: It doesn't matter.

Q: Is everything a miracle?

A: Creation is the only miracle. Everything else is either science,
trans-temporal alchemy (metascience), or imagination.

Q: How can you live a miraculous life?

A: One way is to love, serve, nurture, and be grateful for everything
in your life. Love your job, love your partner, love your family, and love
your home. When you love something, you bring out its best.

Forgive your enemies. Enjoy the textures of your life. Appreciate little
events. Love your pillow, bed, tooth brush, food, memories, dreams, hair,
creed, country, gender, race, species, planet, God, astrological sign,
shortcomings - everything. If you don't love it, *replace it*. You don't
need to replace irreplaceable items, like your astrological sign. In these
cases, it's *your perspective that needs adjusting*.

Don't downplay or deny your senses - those delicate lenses that let you
experience life. Don't morally stamp the "flesh" with derogatory labels
like "lower," or "sinful." Sensual experience makes up most of your life!
You can't think, imagine, dream, or believe in almost *anything* that
doesn't correlate to an image or texture that the senses have recorded.
(The Toe is a notable exception.) This includes abstracts and invisibles,
such as mathematics, astral phenomena, and Visions of God. Appreciate your

Here's another technique for moving deeper into a miraculous life. Use it
every day. Ask, "How does this experience contribute to living a
miraculous life?" If it contributes, then accent the experience. If not,
then ignore it.

Also, delight in your consciousness.

Experiment with the Miraculodynamic Axioms.

"If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as

William Shakespeare

Q: What if I experience something that doesn't contribute to living a
miraculous life, but ignoring it doesn't contribute, either?

A: Consult your Toe.

Q: What is my Toe?

A: Your Toe is your personal, unknowable aspect.

Q: How do I ask my Toe something?

A: You say, "Toe, I want to ask you something." Then, you ask.

Q: What happens if I follow my Toe?

A: You are in the hands of your Toe.

Q: Why should I love my shortcomings?

A: Many fight their shortcomings. They fight themselves. They fight anyone
who they imagine embodies the enemy P-Zone. "Holistic" means whole. Next
time, watch yourself putting on your (psychological) fighting gear. Love
is awareness. Your awareness is a prism of Light. Light transforms
whatever it touches.

Q: All of this is pretty radical.

A: IROOT:NOTics *is* radical. Living a miraculous life *is* radical.
Creation *is* radical. And the Two Universal says that *you are one with

Q: You've mentioned the One Universal and Two Universal. How many
Universals are there?

A: There is only ONE. The "One," "Two," "Three," etc., Universals are


A: THE ONE UNIVERSAL is anything.

Q: What if my friends think I'm weird for being an IROOT:NOTian?

A: First, IROOT:NOT isn't about what other people think. If they don't
support your desire to live a miraculous life, then maybe it's time to
find new friends! Besides, look at THEIR beliefs. They're at least as
weird as yours. The only difference is that their hallucination is more
popular than yours. (If theirs was less popular, they'd probably leave you
alone.) If they understood that everyone is hallucinating, they'd be more
accepting and compassionate, or at least more tolerant.

Sometimes, humans enjoy keeping each other down. When someone tries to
insult you because of your belief, you can say, "You don't approve of my
lifestyle? Thanks for your opinion. In my mind, though, I'm doing
something positive."

Second, on a more grand scale, you want to help humanity evolve. In this
project, it's not about your friends. It's not even about you. It's about
the Big Whatever.

BE POSITIVELY PROUD TO BE AN IROOT:NOTian! Say it loud! This automatically
puts you in the direction of living a miraculous life.

As a bonus, Card carrying members can treat themselves (and others) to
this: Over time, you become a *living transmitter of Miraculous Life

Please note, however, that you can't control this energy. You can't
consciously send (or sell) it to others or deny it to them. This safeguard
prevents misuse and misdirection by the ego, good intentioned though it
might be. (You can assimilate personal power techniques from other
"ologies" if that interests you.)

Q: What is "Miraculous Life Energy"?

A: Miraculous Life Energy is composed of "ziggle beams." Like light,
Z-Beams have the properties of both wave and particle. It differs from
light because it has the added ingredient of Void Rays. (Void Rays
negatively charged anti-unti particles that originate from beyond our
universe. Their attractive effect is the same as a perfect vacuum.)
Z-Beams are as elusive (though more real) than the mythical "gravity
waves" of 20th century science.

Miraculous Life Energy is saturated with Intent. It flows from a specific
evolutionary Vector. When you radiate Miraculous Life Energy, the heavy
protective walls that keep you from feeling alive begin to fall away. You
don't need to lug those shields around anymore. Less burden is good!

With Miraculous Life Energy steadily streaming through your systems, you
can expect surprises. Use your link with Intent to shape the form of these
surprises. Here's a template that works: "Send me __________ surprises."
Fill in the blank with whatever adjectives you desire, like "joyous,"
"exciting," "evolutionarily elevating," "financially rewarding," or any
combination. (The Course "Illusion Management" teaches *Mayketso*, a
method to invoke and use Intent easily and effectively. Intent gives shape
and direction to Truth.)

Miraculous Life Energy also supports a new way to age. Instead of becoming
older on each birthday, become lighter. Make it so.

Only now is this welcomed energy welling up as a possibility in the human
imagination, but it's still not available in stores.

Q: Why does IROOT:NOTology offer these benefits?

A: All "ologies" offer benefits. Many systems promise salvation, some
offer freedom, others entice with enlightenment. Ask, "What do I want from
an 'ology'?"

Q: How can a "closet IROOT:NOTian" become an Activated Card carrying

A: It's easy! Send your request and $1 to the address below. (Be sure to
include $15 s&h.) Do it now, or do it later. (But if the world ends, it's
too late.) When your Card arrives, place it on your forehead.

Also, you can order a FREE bound copy of "The Complete Transcriptions of
IROOT:NOTology" (a work-in-progress). Please include $5 s&h with your

IROOT:NOT classes are held weekly in Hollywood, Florida. Call for times
and directions.

Q: What if I don't believe in all of this?

A: Then you might be an IROOT:NOTian.

A Miraculous Life to All!

As Light, We Are One!

Evin, D.I., MORPH
The Unsavior

We do our best; Spirit does the rest!

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Everything is as it should be.

Question Everything - Seek Balance - Stay Open

"I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,

and to

respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place. . . ."

*The Girl Scout Law*

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

Live a Miraculous Life!

The Beginning???

Be Aware-ness

Eat IROOT:NOTics; be cured.

The End