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? What is the real story behind all this ?

The situation is far more complex than one may perceive at first glance.
Please see below for my take on the situation.

War itself is merely one of many dramas played out on the world stage, designed to confuse the minds of those who do not understand the machinations of the powerful elite. And it still works all-too-well, because each generation that passes is fooled by the smoke screen, for the most part. The perpetrators of these grand dramas are always the same; it is the NWO/GPCS/Illuminati and their servants who are behind it all. They are well practiced in the art of grand deception and the tools necessary to bring it about. The *real* goal of this deception is also always the same; the acquisition and maintenance of money, power and control. That is the name of the game, and until the masses of this world truly recognize this fact, once and for all time, it will continue unabated in an ebb and flow sequence.

On today's Drama Menu, we have the alleged possession of "weapons of mass destruction" on the part of Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This is the excuse offered for the ever-present beating of the war drums of this hour. This is nonsense, of course. Saddam Hussein has been the leader of Iraq for nearly three full decades. He has been in possession of weapons of mass destruction for nearly all of that time. Much of this was handed to him on a proverbial silver platter by the power brokers in Europe and the United States in the 1980's.

This included not only the raw materiel, but also the expertise and training of scientists in foreign laboratories. Although this operation was largely a secret back then, the ostensible reasoning was that Iraq was in conflict with neighboring Iran (which was supposedly the greater of two evils, hence the aid to Iraq and Saddam). Since Iran's newly formed Islamic Fundamentalist government was seen as a threat to global socioeconomic stability, helping Iraq to defeat the Ayatollah was a necessary evil. Iran's militant Islamic army featured waves upon waves of suicide troops who were threatening to penetrate the battle lines by their sheer will and insane bravery.

The only effective antidote for this was to poison them, as the Iraqi soldiers did not share the same zeal as their Iranian counterparts, and thus could be overrun. If Iran's Islamic Revolution were to spill over into Iraq, all Hell would break loose, in theory. You could have a 'domino effect' throughout the Middle East, and then it would be "bye-bye Middle Eastern Oil; bye-bye Western, industrialized economies; bye-bye global power structure, as we have always known it."

In the meantime, Saddam Hussein, the murderous, megalomaniac dictator that he is, has had other plans for his chemical and biological weapons stockpile since the Iran-Iraq war ended in a standoff in 1987-88. He would like to hurl them against Israel perhaps, or maybe other Arab neighbors with whom he has enmity. Or at least, that is how the story goes. But another funny thing. Iraq just happens to lie upon 10% of the world's known oil reserves. And there is money/power/control underneath them thar deserts.

And so now you have the *real* rationale for starting a war to impose forced 'regime change' in the land that occupies the once mighty territory of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian empires. It is about oil, hence it is about money, power and control, once again. And all of the various manipulations of the economy that will surely follow, all designed to keep the same mysterious cabal that has maintained control over this world for tens of centuries firmly locked in its position, even today.

This, despite the fact that more and more souls are waking up to the true realities under which we all live today. This is what war has really always been all about. This was true in Vietnam. Hard to believe that less than forty years ago, some young American males actually believed they were "fighting for their country" in swampy jungles 13,000 kilometers away from home. Today I hear the same mantra being expressed by some of the young and brainwashed youth boarding planes for the Persian Gulf region.

Of course, World War II was really a war, wasn't it? I mean, this was really a dangerous circumstance that really DID threaten us, didn't it? Well, um, no. Sorry folks. WWII was planned and executed in board rooms in the US and Europe long before the first shot was fired. After all, an economic depression was gripping much of the planet at that time, don't forget. And there has never been a better way to extract an industrialized society from deep financial malaise than a military conflict. The bigger, the better. Hitler only rose to power because he was allowed to do so by those who commanded far more power and influence than did he.

This was because it was very convenient to have an Adolph Hitler in power at that time, strategically located between the "communist" East and the capitalist West. The same is true of Saddam Hussein today. And in his case, don't forget that the military generals of the Allied Coalition were shocked when then president George Herbert Walker Bush refused to let them march right into Baghdad and take over in February, 1991! Why?? Because Saddam and his minions needed to be preserved for a future date, when their crass insanity would be more useful as a player on the NWO/GPCS/Illuminati directed world stage. And so it goes...

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