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         A Brief Account of the True Nature of the "UFO Entities".

One of the more curious features of the followers of the various religions 
is that, being so dogmatically certain that in their own particular little 
faith they already possess the whole Truth about all things in Heaven and 
Earth, it almost never occurs to any of them to look elsewhere and find out 
what the followers of other religions may know or may have discovered.

This is certainly a pity, for study of all the great world-religions - and 
notably Islam - would yield valuable clues as to the true nature of the 
so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and would rapidly eliminate much of the fatuous 
"Space-Age Mythology" that has been spawned in such profusion over the last 
three decades.

Islam knows, in fact, of the existence of THREE entirely separate and 
distinct species of intelligent beings in the Universe, and indeed can 
furnish surprisingly precise details regarding their natures and roles and 

Angels, Men and Jinn
The first category is of course that of the Angels or Messengers (Greek: 
Angelos; Hebrew: Malach; Arabic: Malak). These are high beings created of 
The third category are Men, with bodies created according to the Qur'an, of 
clay, or, in other words, this being poetic language, they have physical 
bodies assembled from the mineral and chemical elements of our periodic 
table - the "Planetary Body", as Gurdjieff used to call it.

The second category, however, and the one with which we are here concerned, 
is the category of those beings (created before man was) who are referred to 
collectively in Arabic as Al-Jinn. Although there is some dispute about it 
among Arab grammarians, most of their lex- icologists seem to hold that the 
word derives - as Arabic words almost invariably do - from a verb-root, 
namely Janna, "to hide or to conceal" - indeed a very fitting derivation for 
the name of these creatures.

Whereas the bodies of Angels are of light and the bodies of men are of the 
gross elements of the Earth, the bodies of Al-Jinn consist of what is 
variously translated as "essential fire", or "essential flame", or 
"smokeless fire", or "smokeless flame", and it is specifically stated in the 
Qur'an (Surah XV, 26 and 27) that they were created before mankind was. 
(Some scholars have speculated that these might be the "pre-Adamic men" 
whose existence is hinted at here and there in the "Holy Bible.")

                 Gordon Creighton's Essay about the Jinn 

The Source of the Jinns.
Wherever it is that the Jinns are thought of as being normally located, it 
seems highly likely that the source of many of them, at any rate, is not 
very distant from us, and some Muslim scholars who have become aware of the 
current Western research into the so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and have 
reflected awhile upon it have concluded - and I think correctly - that maybe 
the best way we can start to visualize these matters is by thinking of the 
Jinns as being very close indeed to us and yet at the same time somehow very 
far from us.

In other words, on some other dimension, or in some other space/time 
framework, right here, or maybe in a world of anti-matter right here, or 
occupying as it were some other universe that is here, behind Alice's 
mirror: "A mirror-universe on the other side of the space-time continuum", 
as it has been neatly put by some investigators.

The Qur'an, however, is not clear on this, and admittedly it looks as though 
it is very possible that some of the Jinns could be fully physical and what 
we call extraterrestrials, while other species of them are of an altogether 
and finer sort of matter, corresponding to what various UFO investigators 
have tried to indicate by such terms as "ultraterrestrial" or 

In thinking about these ideas, we might bear in mind the theory of the 
Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky regarding the possible existence of 
other, more subtle, levels of matter on which the elements of the Periodic 
Table of our own chemical world are repeated - and, if I understand him 
aright, repeated more than once, on more than one level. The early writings 
of Dr. Meade Layne in the USA about the "dense etheric world" from which he 
maintained that the UFO entities and their craft originated should also be 
borne in mind. (His book, The Coming of the Guardians, was published in 
1958, and may prove one day to have been very important indeed.) Certain of 
the benevolent Jinns may well be our "Guardians".

That there is some close affinity, or some link of destiny between Jinns and 
Mankind seems certain, for although the vast majority of the Jinns are 
Devils, Shaytans, nevertheless we are assured in the Qur'an that some among 
their many species are "goodies" and are capable of salvation. For it is 
specifically stated that Muhammad was sent as a Messenger to both Mankind 
and the Jinns, so that, in the Final Days, some of the Jinns will enter into 
Paradise, while the rest of them will be cast down into Hell.

Their revelation to Iblis, the Top Devil (= "Satan") is in general somewhat 
obscure. In the Qur'an Iblis is certainly described as a Jinn, but elsewhere 
in the Qur'an he is also described as an Angel. (Surely the explanation is 
that Iblis is that same high being, originally of Angelic status, who 
rebelled against God and is named in the Christian texts as "Lucifer?")
Had we the space, much more might be said about the Jinns and their doings, 
but only a brief account of their main characteristics can here be given. 

Their principal features, as listed below, are as I have gathered them from 
all the Muslim written and traditional sources that I have been able to 
consult over the past 15 years. The reader can see for himself the parallels 
with the reported features of UFO entities and can draw his own conclusions. 
I hope I do not have to labour the point, space being precious.


The Chief Characteristic of the Jinns
1. In the normal state they are not visible to ordinary human sight.

2. They are, however, capable of materializing and appearing in the physical 
   world. And they can alternately make themselves visible or invisible at will.

3. They can change shape, and appear in any sort of guise, large or small. 
   (See for example, Ahmad Jamaludin's excellent report, A Wave of Small 
   Humanoids in Malaysia, in FSR Vol. 28, No. 5). Ahmad Jamaludin is a Muslim, 
   and he knows, of course, what it is that we are talking about.

4. They are able also to appear in the guise of animals. (Yetis? Pumas? 
   Loch Ness Monsters?)

5. They are inveterate liars and deceivers, and delight in bamboozling and 
   misleading mankind with all manner of nonsense. (See the average 
   Spiritualist seance for examples of their activities, and also the usual 
   "communications" from UFO entities in close-encounter cases.)

6. They are addicted to the abduction or kidnapping of humans. 
   (The Scotsman Robert Kirk, who wrote THE Secret Commonwealth in 1691, 
   evidently "knew more than was good for his health", and was killed by them.)

7. They delight in tempting humans into sexual intercourse and liaisons with 
   them, and Arabic literature abounds with accounts of this kind of contact by 
   mankind with both the "goodies" and the "baddies" among the Jinns. There are 
   also even a considerable number of accounts of encounters between the 
   "goodies" and famous Muslim saints. For example, the book Manaquib Al-Arifin 
   has a number of very significant references to contacts between such higher 
   beings, and Jalal Al-Din Rumi, Islam's greatest mystical poet, who lived 
   from 1207 to 1273.

(I often wonder which category of Jinnus it was that was en-countered in 
Brazil by the farmer A.V.B. See my third article on "A.V.B.", Postscript to 
the Most Amazing Case of All, in FSR Vol. 11, No. 4, August 1965.)


Stories of sexual commerce between Jinns and mankind have been of perennial 
interest to Arab readers, and it is important at this point to mention that 
in Chinese literature (and in China the Han population are not Muslims - 
only certain of the smaller minority peoples of the North-West and Far West 
are) there is also a considerable tradition of this sort which awaits 
examination by Ufologists.
The great Arabic literary catalogue known as the Fihrist, compiled in the 
year 373 of the Muslim Calendar (= C.E. 995) by Muhammad bin Ishaq bin Abi 
Ya'qub al-Nadim al-Warraq al-Baghdadi, lists no less than sixteen works 
dealing with this theme. (Compare also the European occultists' records of 
sexual contact between men and female Sylphs, as well as the copious 
mediaeval Christian records relating to Incubi and Succubae.)

Most Westerners will discount all this talk about the Jinns with the usual 
argument that the Arabs "are barbarians anyway". Let me therefore point out 
that, in C.E.995, when the Fihrist was written, the brilliant civilization 
of the Arabs was incomparably higher than anything elsewhere in the world 
except for China and that Christian and Western Renaissance owes its origins 
as much to our contact with Islam (the Crusades) as to the early percolation 
of Greek learning to the West.

As a matter of fact quite a lot of the philosophy and the literature of the 
Greeks reached us first, not in Greek at all, but in the Arabic translations 
secured from Cordoba and Toledo in Spain in the 10th and 11th centuries, 
when the Muslims still held most of Spain. It is only in the last few 
centuries, and particularly since the Industrial Revolution and the growth 
of modern materialistic Science, that the West has forged ahead. But in 1200 
C.E. Muslim Science was in the lead, particularly in such fields as 
Medicine, Mathematics, and Astronomy, and it would be grossly impudent to 
assume that our current "superiority" over them has anything permanent about 

8. THE JINNS are wont to snatch up humans and teleport or transport them, 
   setting them down again - if indeed they ever do set them down again - miles 
   away from where they were picked up, and all this is the "twinkling of an 
   eye". (See my first article on Teleportations, about the Spanish soldier 
   who, on October 25, 1593, was suddenly taken from Manila in the Philippine 
   Islands across the Pacific to Mexico City. In FSR Vol. 11, No. 2, 1965).

9. The Arabian tradition asserts that, throughout all known history, there 
   have been a few particular human beings who, through some strange favour, 
   have "been in league with the Jinns" or "had a compact with the Jinns" - to 
   such a degree that the JINNS have endowed them with what we regard as 
   "preternatural powers" - ie., Psychic Powers. These humans have consequently 
   become known as wonder-workers, soothsayers, and Magicians. (Either "white 
   magicians" or "black magicians", depending of course upon what sort of Jinns 
   they were in league with.)

Here again, compare the European tradition about individuals who have 
discovered how to collaborate with the Kingdom of the Sylphs or the Fairies. 
For example, there is the case of the "working partnership", not more than 
seventy years ago, between a Sylph and a highly successful Parisian dealer 
in rare old books. The Sylph made its contribution by acting as the "scout" 
and finding out where and in whose possession the rare books were. All the 
dealer had to do then was to approach the owners and offer to buy!

10. Along with all these displays of prowess by the Jinns there goes, 
   finally, a tremendous telepathic power and the ability (to use an age-old 
   term) to "cast a glamour" over their human victims. Our UFO records are 
   already full of evidence of this.


How much of what we see happening today, at the highest levels of 
international politics, as well as in ordinary human affairs, can be 
attributed to this subtle control and interference in our lives by insidious 
and unseen forces! Indeed, this is one of the prime reasons for the parlous 
state in which man finds himself. Some recent reports from UFO investigators 
hint at alien plans to provoke war here and drive the Gadarene Swine 
(mankind) over into the abyss.

The present-day Christians, who generally seem to have very little sense of 
curiosity, are apparently quite happy to pass their days in total ignorance 
of all this. But a careful study of the New Testament (and only in the 
original Greek!) will show clearly that nothing of what is said above was 
unknown either to the Teacher and Healer Jeshu of Nazareth or to his 
principal followers - particularly Paul. (Incidentally, Christians may like 
to know that in Islam the full name and title of Jeshu of Nazareth is Issa, 
Son OF Mary, Word of God.)

Long before the rise of Christianity or Islam there were of course other 
great Teachers (Messengers) who preceived clearly the situation in which 
mankind finds itself. One of these was Zarathustra (Zoroaster) in the old 
Iranian civilization of the Achaemenidae - about 600 or 700 years B.C.E. The 
great religious text left by Zarathustra is the Avesta, which tells us much 
about the Demonic Forces, referred to under the blanket term of Ahriman, the 
Enemy of Light. Mankind, in this teaching, is seen as a special creation of 
Ormazd, the Supreme Spirit, who is locked in permanent conflict with Ahriman.

The Soul of Man is the object of the War, and Man himself is the Battlefield 
Dr. Rudolph Steiner

In our days, there has probably been no teacher who saw and understood all 
this more clearly that the great Austrian Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), 
founder of the Anthroposophical Society.

"Clairvoyant" from childhood, Steiner [claims he] saw into the other worlds 
and planes and saw deeply into the human heart, and no books or teachings 
are so relevant as his are to the crisis of mankind that is now upon us. His 
lectures throughout 1917, for example, show clearly that he foresaw, in 
their totality, the political, social, and military results and the 
police-state tyranny which would inevitably follow from the Russian 
Revolution, just as the "Lady" of the Apparitions at Fatima in the same year 
also did.

Steiner foresaw what would result in the world as a whole from a 
materialistic science run mad: the development of "test-tube" man, 
"biological engineering" and other horrors; the deliberate creation and 
development of living monsters; and the soul-less, God-less, dehumanized, 
computerized, insect-like chromium and plastic slave world of "1984" that 
may now be at hand.

According to Steiner, a tremendous and crucial round in the battle was 
fought out in the last thirty years of the 19th century, and on the Inner 
Planes, between the Forces of Ahriman (the term he took over from 
Zarathustra) and the Forces of Light. These latter are conventionally known 
to Western (Christian) tradition as the Cohorts of Michael. Steiner said 
that the fight ended in a complete victory for the Light, but that, as a 
result of it, a great many of the powerful demonic beings had been actually 
cast down upon the planet Earth, with the consequence that their presence 
and their influence now impinge more than ever upon the propects and the 
destiny of mankind.


Steiner taught that the coming years will see incredible upheavals, in the 
course of which this great battle will be carried forward, to its 
conclusion, inside every human heart.. See Rudolf Steiner: Der Sturtz der 
Geister der Finsternis: (The Overthrow of the Spirits of Darkness), Series 
of Lectures, 1917. (Available only in German.)

The objective of the Forces of Darkness is to take over the stream of human 
evolution, to merge with it, and to divert mankind from the evolutionary 
development "planned" for it. The end result of this would be new creatures 
in which those qualities that represent the highest that we know would have 
been eliminated.

Smart-alecky modern man of the Pop Age, the "Trousered Ape" as he has been 
called, has of course no use for all this sort of "rubbish", and immense 
numbers of our species have discarded all belief in the existence of demons, 
along with any belief in the Great Power that rules the Universe.
There is a delightful passage in C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, where the 
Senior Devil, talking to one of his underlings, makes a profoundly important 
remark: "Of course, our greatest trump-card is the fact that everybody knows 
we don't exist." (Or words to that effect.)

Similarly, the vast majority of mankind know that Jinns and UFOs and UFO 
entities don't exist. And what a nice advantage that is for the entities!
But what if Homosapien (so-called, self-dubbed) were in for some big shocks 
in the near future? What then?

With the recent advance of Science, man has rapidly become aware of the 
vastness of the Cosmos and of the probability that there exist out there 
innumerable other physical worlds inhabited by intelligent beings, some of 
which, for all we know, may be (as we dearly hope) identical with men, with 
our tastes and our values, our hopes and our fears.

It is natural that some among us, surveying the impasse into which we have 
got ourselves, might well be tempted to look up to the stars in the hope 
that someone wiser than we are might arrive one day from there and give us 
all the easy answers.

If there be any truth in the ancient story that the inhabitants of Magonia, 
unlike men, do not possess the possibility of developing immortal souls, and 
therefore are anxious to acquire such by mating with us and mingling their 
life-stream with ours, what moment could be more propitious to them for 
achieving their purpose than now?

Can't you just hear the message of their Captain?
"We are from Tau Ceti, and we come to bring you Salvation and show you the 
way out of your problems. We will get you off the hook!"

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