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From: ChristStar, Extraterrestrial Earth Mission in Kihei, Hawaii

In living the life of a Christed Entity, it will be useful to look at the nature of judgments. People on this planet feel quite justified in judging people or things according to standards that they believe to be right or correct. Many have never questioned whence these rules of behavior emerge. Some of these rules were taught by the parents, some are societal, and others come from religious indoctrination. Many have never questioned whether or not these rules or standards of measurement are really true.

Judgments are mainly sourced in fear-based survival realities. When you stand in judgment of someone or something, essentially you are setting yourself up as an authority and taking on a position of superiority. The one being judged is automatically less than you are because you have decreed that their behavior is unacceptable. This is known as pride.

When you look closely at what is being judged, you'll find that more is revealed about the reality you are standing in, than anything real about what is being judged. All judgments are sourced in fear and survival realities. Within any survival reality, there are rules. When someone lives outside of your version of reality, you will feel justified in judging them. What you're saying is that there is no permission in your version of reality for these thoughts or actions. And it also reveals an element of attachment to being right. Essentially, it is self-limiting, by standing in a very small reality.

We are not in a position to judge anything. Consider the possibility that we do not know enough about what is going on to make an intelligent judgment. It's not our job to do, anyway.

There are no behavioral rules imposed on anyone by Spirit. All beings who surrender to Divine Law, operate by following and applying Divine Principles. They do not set themselves up as judge and jury to enforce what they think is correct. They leave judgment in the hands of God; the All That Is. This is the rightful place for all judgments.

There once lived an entity (a little over two thousand years ago), who was a great teacher who basically said the same thing. Many people still don't practice, much less believe this teaching.

God; the All That Is, has allowed all realities. God has allowed total permission in this universe for everything to exist. That doesn't mean that all realities on this planet are true realities. It does mean that all realities have permission to exist, with the option of evolving into more and more Divine realities.

We can best serve this world by extending forgiveness to all people and all things, rather than judgment. By allowing the wellsprings of compassion to flow from our beingness, we become Redeemers of the world; instruments of Grace. When we see everything through the eyes of Divinity, we evoke the true nature of all things, which is Divine. This planet needs Redeemers, not judges. All of the harsh and untrue judgments that are so prevalent, have kept us in a very small and fearful reality-base.

Do you know why you are here? Can you and I take our place, and together, walk this earth as Redeemers - extending love, forgiveness, compassion, and Grace? Together, we will look out upon the world and see only God, which is all there is to see.

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