Getting Out of Time Time
Memory, and Biological Rites of Passage.

Most of your time orientation, your aging, is really your focus on it. In a lot of your countries that don't have time clocks like you do, to those people, five minutes could be like ten days in your reckoning. They don't have day planners. If they are going to a place, they get there when they do.

The way you all use time is actually a different function of your brains, your biology, your mechanism. It is your way of trying to cram as much as you can into the smallest amount of time-oriented space. You may think that time would exist with or without your watches and clocks, but what is there is not time; it is a space.

"But," you may say, "I have my memories. I can remember certain events in my life that happened a long time ago." This you now, however, was never a young child. This you, here this moment, has no past - if you are living in the present moment. This you now, was never a five-year-old child, nor was that five-year-old ever the present you.

Memory and time are two different things. Time doesn't exist - not in the fashion that you all create. You create pseudo memories so you can say, "Here is who I am, here is what I was." You create memory implants. You do this because you don't know who you are. And you don't know who you are because you do this.

Time doesn't exist. A space filled with present moments does. Technically, none of you have ever had a past lifetime because there has never been a you with your psychology, your emotions, your physical anatomy except now. So that five-year-old child that you have memories of, wasn't you. Your brain and mind story about that child is that it evolved into the current you now. But where is it now?

It is a memory implant. Memories are not time oriented. You have space, you have a form of time, and you have memories, and they are three different things. You are assuming that because you have memories, that is what creates time; or you think time exists as an independent phenomenon which you live through and that your memories are a result of the chronology.

You need to separate the two. See memories as memories and time as time. Your brain doesn't want to do that, but if you could make that shift, you can view everything in a totally different perspective and fashion than you now do. If I say to you, "Show me time." You can point to your watch or a clock. But where is time? You can pass your hand through the air and say that your hand was at point A and it moved to point B and the difference is an illustration of time, but that is not time. That is an organization of memory or movement, a rite of passage.

The sun rising and setting in your sky, a piece of toast put in a toaster and popping up, these things don't make time, they make illusions or movement. Universal time is a space - it is not minutes clicking on a clock. Without space you could not have what you term time.

Your sun, your car, your watch make movement. Movement is a mechanical object of whatever kind, mechanically changing one memory for the next and altering itself. This mechanical thing is what you all take for granted as time.

Most of your psychological orientation with time is rites of passage. Your ancient people understood this. The rising of the sun or the moon was a rite of passage of the planet. It was movement. All movement requires a rite of passage. When you stick a piece of toast in the toaster and it pops up, you have a rite of passage-movement. When the sun rises in the morning, it means that your planet has moved sufficiently to have a rising of the sun.

It is a mechanical thing. This mechanical thing is what you are calling time. Universally, time is a space. In order for anything to exist, you have to have a space for it in and thus time. Without time, you can't create anything. So when entities are talking about time, they are speaking about spaces for movement to occur in. This is why entities have trouble with your time orientation. From their perspective, they know when a space is being created for movement and what movement will occur in the space. But your clock is a mechanical thing that works differently than universal time does.

What you call time is a mechanical function, a created construct. From one perspective, every time your neurons fire, a rite of passage is created. If you've got movement - any movement whatsoever - you've got a rite of passage that says you have changed from one thing to the next.

Now if you're changing from one thing to the next, which one of them are you? Your odometer on your car works just like your wrist watch. It tells you that you've gone five, ten, fifteen miles. From that standpoint, it makes time too - it measures units.

Your perspective of time is mathematical. It takes such and such a time for the earth to make a revolution or a complete orbit around the sun. This will break down into mathematical calculations. These calculations or countings you call time. Time is mathematics. Time doesn't exist the way you all think it does. It is a metaphor you have used to explain something that occurs to you, for you, with you, a mechanical way of validating your existence through your moments - but it is not the thing itself.

In the universe, a space is all the time that is ever created. One space in your reckoning could be what you term billions upon billions of years. In the universe, those billions of years, as you would call them, are just one space called one moment in time. What you call time is mechanical moving. You've taken the neuron firing, the neuron rite of passage, and with each one you've said, "The old me died and the new me got born with the next firing." Every time your body strobes on or off, or fires in its neurons, your brain/mind/body systems psychologically say, "Rite of passage. I'm not me anymore - I am the new me."

Now you have to have a blue print to create that new you from, so the new you is created out of the old brain/mind structure. That is why the new you is going to be a whole lot like the old one unless something new falls into the cracks of that strobing to alter the blueprint. Time is basically a function of your neuron firing. Memories are memories - they don't require time to occur.

You can use your automobile ignition as a metaphor for your neuron firing system in your body. Most of you know that when your spark plugs fire, the combustion pushes the pistons in the cylinders, and then you get movement in your car. The engine timing corresponds to the rpm's of the engine. Your body/mind/brain system is set up to correspond to your own rpm's, so to speak.

Your body/mind/brain system is like a distributor for the firing in your body. Your spark plugs, your neurons, fire and their rate of firing determines the timing of the body. Time is going to be perceived differently by each of you because there are no two of you on the planet that have the same timing. If you could experience a five-minute time span through the perceptions of a hundred different people, it would be a different amount of time for each person.

Time is a biological function or movement, created after the neurons have fired. Part of your evolution is to learn to refine your ignition system to a point where you can use your own power just as you use the power of the car. But up to this point in time you have been letting this external time orientation control your accelerator. You are so used to letting your bodies run via a time orientation that they don't know how to run according to you. That's how your bodies have been taught.

Lately, you've been taking them off the time clock and putting them on the biological time clock. Because of this, when the biology of the body decides to put the vehicle in park, you're going to go into a relaxed mode whether you want to or not.

At these times your biological clock is just slowing down the firing of your neurons. It is slowed down in order to catch you. It is a natural gap or crack in the strobing where you can get in. It is just a biological thing. But this is also the point where most of you say, "I've got to be at the job. I've got to get my brain functioning." So you put in some caffeine or something else. It's like sitting at a stoplight and revving your engine with your foot on the brake; you're not going to go anywhere - but there is a certain thrill in doing it. It is the biological clock of the body that runs the neuron firing, not your thought process.

Now, to function in a time-oriented world, you've got to respect the body's biology. That biology is not going to match the watches and clocks on your planet - it never has and it never will. You've got to understand the biological clock and realize that it has patterns. If you understand these patterns you will know that for you, perhaps, between two and three o'clock, four days out of the week, you're going to be in a lull, because that is the particular way your biological clock functions. Then, for you, that would maybe be a good time not to plan meetings, a good time not to force anything extra on yourself, a good time just to let your brain relax because your neurons are at a lull.

When your neurons are at a lull and you're feeling the spaciness, that is when you connect with thought. From there, your neurons get turned back on at a higher rate. It is supposed to integrate that thought into your lives. But you are trying to force the neurons to stay at high speed all the time to a point that nothing new can come in. When you do that, you never slow down enough for the neurons ever to pick up the new thought so that you can pull it into the body and create your reality via your mind. You usually sit at the stoplight revving your engine and wasting your gas. When you recognize you are in the lull, it doesn't mean that you have to quit your job, go to sleep, or do anything radical. Instead, use those times to gently direct and guide your field and mind into what you want your reality to be.

When you're in these lull periods, stay out of the worry with them at least. You don't need or want to force thought. You don't have to say, "OK, I have to do this or that!" That wears out the body. Use it and realize, "I'm in a neuron recession now; while the firing is relaxed, here is what I'm going to pull into my field, so when I go back on line, I can have this." This is just filling up the gaps with what you want. If you can do this with the biology, in addition to your mind to force the creation, your lives will run smoother than they do now, with minimal problems. A lot of the problems you do have, like your fatigue and memory losses, occur because you don't respect the biology's time clock.

We use the term memory implant to describe what you call your memories because they are seedings for you to grow into your next present moment. After all, where are you going to get a present moment from? The very act of creating one takes you out of the moment and into the next. You see, originally, your memories were supposed to be seeding for the next present moment you. Right now as you read this, you are seeding for the next you. Tomorrow you will not be the same person. The cells in your body will not be the same cells. Even by your understanding, in a year from now most of your cells will be different cells - they will not be the ones I'm talking to now. So who are you? From one perspective you are a mass of cells dying, replacing, and changing. Are you that mass, or are you something that lives in the mass?

You are whatever your perceptions are right now - that is your present moment. There are no cells in your body whatsoever that were the same cells when you were five-years old - not a single one. There are no remnants in your body of the five-year-old child whatsoever, except in this thing called memory - not even in your DNA. The DNA from the five-year old appears the same as your present DNA, but the DNA replenishes itself just like the cells do.

Now, in order for the cells to reproduce, they have got to have an eruption of life to blossom, and that is where the present moment is. Without the eruption of life, the cells won't reproduce - they just die. It is the same with the DNA. It has to have a burst of life, a spark. If that spark comes from you, the DNA is going to change according to the spark given it. If you are not giving it a spark, it will spark itself from the genetic ancestry memory it holds, and it will reproduce itself according to your ancestors. Once you understand how DNA works, it is very easy to change it when you want it changed. You are what you are now because of the spark from which your cells reproduced.

Conscious thought does not have much to do with creating this spark. That's where you try to create the spark from, and that's why you usually don't get very far with changing anything. Your nucleuses make the electrical charge - that's what they do. Since you usually aren't making your spark up through the nucleuses, the body has a fail - safe mechanism that uses a chemical acid to trigger a false firing within the nucleus. The chemical reaction creates the eruption.

The way these cells and bodies were created originally, and the way they will go back to, the only time they would change or reproduce was when you put a charge in them, on a conscious level. That is why your bodies used to live so long. Your body would stay identical-the cells would not even reproduce. The cells would breathe and take in the nutrients, and they would exhale-but they would be alive exactly the way they were. They didn't die; they didn't have a reproductive system. Then, when you would put an electrical charge through your body, that blossomed the cells, and you erupted into a whole new body.

When you quit putting the excitement of life into these bodies, the body had to rely on the fail-safe mechanism that lies in the mitochondria that agitates and irritates the genes, forcing them open. When you are not putting life into it, your body secretes an acid. The acid creates a burning effect which causes the body to change at every level, your DNA, your RNA, all the cells, everything. Now what you want to do is get to a point of creating the sparking on your own. Once you get that sparking into the cellular structures, then that will pick up your mind structure, your spiritual genetics, and this is where the physical genetics and your spiritual genetics meet.

Your spiritual genetics can't merge with the body unless that electricity is coming from you, unless you can generate an excitement, joy, or passion for life. If you've got that, then your spiritual genetics are transforming the body into a body that your spiritual genetics can use and needs for this lifetime. If you don't generate that spark, then your body and your reality is created by default by the fail-safe mechanism out of your genetic structure, out of what you term your past, out of a time orientation - not from your moment.

Statues in Time: The Slices of Existence Time and your orientation to it is so different from the way things really work that it is going to require the biggest stretch of your imagination, the grandest mind warping you'll ever go through, in order to break your hold on it. Since there is no time like the present; indeed, no time but the present, let's do some warping now.

In your body, right now, you've got the solidified DNA residual from all your memories. Because you think memory is a function of time, those memories don't exist in the way you think they do. You look to your memories for what you are and what you were. You think that the five-year-old child became you, but the five-year-old never became you - that's not the way it works.

What you've got is a thread of existences that you call memory. You think your memory began when you were born and that it proceeds in chronological order. But your memory extends far beyond just what you remember from your own life. Every one of what you term your ancestors are alive and viable in you. This is not because you've got their genetics but because they are memory nodules, and they exist as much as you do.

Every single one of your ancestors, all the way back, are still alive, well, and with you, though in the unseen from your perspective. You could see it as a very long chain with you at one end of it dragging them all with you. So here you are pulling all your own time slices with you, then you have your parents and all their time slices, every age and phase of their lives, followed by your grandparents, and then their parents and so on. Every one of them is as current as you are now.

These individuals are not current just because your body is alive - that has nothing to do with it. They are alive because they are memories that got sliced together like an epic, universal movie. It is the biggest movie ever made, and absolutely nothing has ever been lost. Now if you look at this from a space perspective, imagine how many thousands of people are sharing the room you are in with you at this moment - each life has millions of slices, and each of you have thousands of ancestors. Every single person on the planet is pulling a chain as long as yours, and that is what is running life here.

From my perspective I could talk to your five-year-old, your five-year-old one month, five-year-old two month, and your five-year-old three month. They could all be standing in front of me and talking to me and I to them; they are discrete individuals. To create memory, however, you adopt these different slices, individuals, picking and choosing, putting them in a sequence, and calling it you - calling it your memory. It is your personal motion picture.

Your five-year-old one month is creating a different world than your five-year-old two month, a different world than your ten-year-old, your twenty-year-old, your thirty-year-old, a different world than you. Each of them is creating a different reality, a different world, a different universe, that all gets pulled in here because this is the magnetic core. It is gravity that pulls it all together, a different gravity than you are familiar with, but it is a force of magnetization that brings it all together where it merges. You take a whole slice of these individuals and say, "This is who I am."

Every year of your life you make a whole different you running around, free, separate, independent of you that has its own life, its own existence, its own field of probabilities and possibilities. The whole thing is more intricate than that because each of those new you's, at best, is just a generic type for the thousands and millions of slices that comprise that year.

This is a dimensional thing. Each of these you's is a different dimension of the whole picture of you. As you gravitate and pull all these together here at the magnetic core, you're going to solidify one picture called your present-moment you. Your five-year-old is alive and well; it has a body and is a beautiful individual living its own life. It doesn't even know that you exist, but it is part of what is creating you in the present moment.

That five-year-old will always be the five-year-old. That is what it is. It can't mature; none of you do. Technically, you can't. Maturity is a psychological framework your brain uses to explain the changes in you as you gravitate and magnetize more chunks of you into solidification out of these different dimensional realities.

To get another perspective on all this, let's say that your six-year-old got stuck out there somewhere - you never pulled it in. Physically, you lived right on past being six. You moved from five to seven without any problems at all. The six-year-old you, however, is in its reality and was never pulled in by you when it was its chronological turn. It was too busy in its own reality to bother with you. So here you are, perhaps, moving into your fifties and, all of a sudden, your six-year-old lets go of its reality because of the magnetization - you can become the six-year-old you now. That is how fluidly reality works. When you are biologically fifty, you can also biologically merge the six-year-old into your reality and out of its own.

Now it may seem like the six-year-old existed prior to you, but that is not necessarily so. You assume these younger slices do because you watch the biological body move through what you call time. But all that is irrelevant to the real you. That six-year-old is going to exist in its reality irrespective of whatever age you find yourself at or even whether or not you are in a body. The way it works, your five, six, seven-year-old is a complete creation in and of itself. Let's say that you are the entity sitting out in space somewhere, and you're going to create a story line for your existence and your life. You are not really sure what you want or how you want it, and you don't live in time. You live in a space where time doesn't matter.

At this point in your creation you don't have to organize anything. All of a sudden you get a brilliant idea and you make a you. By your reckoning this you is maybe thirty years old. It has certain attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. You, as the entity, say, "That was fun, but now I think I'll try one like this." And this new you is perhaps twelve years old with a different set of attitudes and feelings. Then you say, "This is grand fun and I love both of these, but let me make a totally different me." And this new you turns out to be a sixty-year-old.

The entities don't put ages on them, that's your doing. Entities put in emotional feeling, attitudes, and embracements. At one time or another you've all met sixty-year-olds that act like little kids. Entities don't create an age. You are not created as an age. You are created as different faces of you.

Let's say, as the entity, you decide to create a really curious you next. Then you created a really dumb you that didn't want to know anything. Next, you created a you that had lots of fun, and then a real serious you, and then a very emotional you. You created all these different views of yourself and you love them all, but now you want to live them all as well. In order to do that you find a line or a line of maturity that will allow you to think that you are maturing and thereby live them all in one space.

So you organize them all logically. the one that doesn't know anything and can't think will do better either at the beginning or the end because if you put the dumb you in the middle it might forget to be smart again. So you put it at the beginning or the end where smartness is not necessarily expected. One of these faces you created, let's say, has no ability for responsibility. It is going to make more sense to put it at the beginning or the end as well.

Now you have a whole lot of other you's at different levels of knowledge and responsibility, and so you can sort of grade them in where they fit logically. The entity also created a really wise you that it has to fit in somewhere. This you knows everything, is totally awake. Where is it going to put it? If it puts it where it is going to have to go dumb again it is going to hurt over that. So it spaces it where it comes after the dumb you's where it's like the ongoing pinnacle of your career.

Each one of these is not an age; the entity does not make a one-year-old, a two-year-old, or a forty-five-year-old. It rather chroniclizes all these faces of you. In the process of doing that it domes up with gaps between different faces. Perhaps there is too much of a gap between the stupid you and the smart you. And so it fills in those gaps with more you's that make up the difference.

The entity plays with this. It loves it so much that when it gets through with its game, it says, "Okay, this is all one puzzle. I'll shove it all together and call it a face of me." When you take that face of you, the entity, and put it in a body, it is going to unravel according to the orchestration and logic put into it. That's your spiritual genetics.

This is how your entity makes you. In the meantime, every single one of those faces is a totally independent life, as legitimate as you assume yourself to be in this moment. Everyone of these faces of you assumes that they are the only you. They see themselves as solid, manifested, alive, as real as you think you are now. They think, the same as you, that all these memories are what they are built on too. Let's say that we pull one of these "chess pieces" out of its game.

We'll take the totally wise you and place it in an isolated time-space orientation so that it can view itself. It is intelligent enough to want to know what it is and where it came from. As the entity, you cannot tell it, because it has no origins. It was born as what it now is. The five-year-old was born as the five-year-old. The ten-year-old was born as the ten-year-old. The thirty-year-old, as the thirty-year-old; they can't be any different. You, however, use these and organize them to give you a story about how you got to be thirty, forty, fifty, or whatever age because the truth of the matter is that you have no origins, no chronological evolution - but you do want a story.

You see, there are systems of reality where you come in at the "age" at which the entity created you. That would equate to coming out of the womb at age thirty or whatever age here in your reality. In those realities you would be born at that stage and would remain there your whole life. So if you were thirty, you would never be twenty nine, you would never be twenty one. You won't even have a path that says you ever were another age - you'll never become fifty.

In those realities you won't be birthed as a baby. Here, babies are a standardization that equalizes you all to an extent. It helps you get used to this individuation here by blanking your mind so you will be open to let all the different faces of you come here as they are falling in.

As I said, this planet is a nucleus or a core that magnetizes and gravitates to it everything in the universe. That is why it is an archive. Anything in the universe, the minute it gets through with whatever it's doing, wherever it is, will gravitate on in here. It will merge and become whatever the solid representation of it is.

Right now, you are so used to your time orientation that experiences outside of that are too absurd for your brain to allow. But as we start moving into these new frameworks, a lot of you will experience some of what we are talking about. Perhaps, one day your six-year-old will come up to you and tell you off. It will stand there and you will see it as a totally living, viable human being. If you never lived that six-year-old, you will also know that you never were it.

Your metaphors about going back and picking up your inner child are really just an emotional exercise - you really can't do it. If you didn't live it in the sequence, and it doesn't want to come in, then it individuated off. Both in body and mind structure that six-year-old will remain a six-year-old, galaxies without end. This is the way a lot of the universe works.

Here, you've got the fluidity to be all of the different you's or the different possibilities in one body. These bodies were created to allow that. In other realities, you can't do it. All these different faces, different slices, are really your field of possibilities and probabilities, so, in part, your individuation process is just coming to a point of being so content with you, that you cut off all these non-integrated you's and give them their freedom too.

Now your second brain knows where every single one of these faces are, right down to the five-year-old, one-day, and six-minute you. It can tap anyone of them anytime it wants. Let's say that you have a stubborn six-year-old that is going to individuate and forever be six-years old. Now, all of a sudden, here you are a fifty-year-old trying to pull in that six- year-old. What you are trying to do is turn that six-year-old into a fifty-year-old when that is not its intention at all.

This happens when you get on a path and start trying to pull yourself all in and together. This is grand and it's what you need to do, but the brain doesn't understand and goes out and grabs the six-year-old you and says, "Get in here. This is when you will start having those experiences where different faces may come to you and tell you off. Eventually, as you open up to it, you will have the ability to be transported to anyone of these other you's you want to view. You'll be able to see and talk to it, and it will be like talking to another person. It might be in a dream-type experience, but you will know what you just touched.

There is no such thing as growth. You can't grow into something you weren't born to be. When you say you are growing another year-older, a month, or a day, more accurately you could say, "I am in a solidified human form that was designed to become, in one body, every intricate face of me that I can become." In these other realities there is no such flexibility. The six-year-old, one month can't even become the six-year-old, two months. It is six-years, one month always.

That was the way it was born so it can't be anything different, but you were all designed so that you can. You were designed with a mechanism in your body that would allow you to integrate these faces, by viewing them, organizing them, and pretending to live them as one overall picture called your life.

Your body was designed to start at an embryo stage and to allow you as you keep bringing these faces through to grow, mature, and experience them all, or at least have the illusion of doing so. It's as if your entity had a fifty-pound block of clay and it sculpted fifty different you's from it. It gave each one of them a name and it loved and enjoyed them, but they were created as statues. It can be changed during the molding, but once they are baked, they are hard and fast. They are always going to be the statue.

When your entity made these statues, it was just playing. It played at being six-years old, it played at being eight, ten, thirty, and all of the others. That's what entities do; they have fun. It had so much fun in the project that it wanted to make a movie about making each one of these statues and pretending that it was each statue as well. Then it would always have a home video of the good-ol' days when it was in sculpting class.

When I say that you were created as the entity, that means you can't be anything else, just as the six-year-old will forever be the six-year-old. You were born as your entity. From your perspective, you are all becoming the whole entity, but you were born as the end product of your entity, and no matter what you want to do, you can't do anything different than what that entity would do. This is what these bodies are all about.

From one perspective this could all sound a little hopeless. I mean all these millions of statues forever frozen in their little space, especially if you are one of the statues. And you are and you are not. The illusion of non-creative thought is only a luxury enjoyed in this sphere by those statues. But thought creates, always. It creates finished, independent statues small or large. It's like when you go on vacation you take lots of pictures. Later when you look at the pictures, you may say, "Well, that's not my best angle," or you notice that it looks like a hurricane hit your hair. They are forever snapshots and you can't do anything about them. But then, you probably wouldn't want to anyway; they are priceless momentos of where you were. That's the way entities work too.

It takes millions of these statues or photographs to make your life; the same way it takes thousands of independent, still frames to make a motion picture. Your entity starts out with a few stronger sculptures, and when it tries to put these sculptures together for this lifetime. It has to fill in the pieces to get you smoothly from one major scene or sculpture to the next. If on one day you were forty, the next day you were five, the next day you were going through puberty, and the next you were sixty eight. That would be some very difficult and painful shifts for the body to make. So when your entity tried to organize all these and put them in this body, it had to fill in the gaps. Perhaps there were originally no sculptures between the age of six and thirty, so the entity fills in the gaps by making smaller sculptures.

The major sculptures are the major faces of the entity. They are the first ones created, and they are what you would call your future selves. Your entity had to get you mentally, psychologically, and emotionally between one and the next. If you were forty years old and went to bed one night, only to wake up the next morning and see a six-year-old in the mirror, you can imagine what that would do to your psyche.

Now, these different statues can share perspectives to an extent. That's how you get out of being static with it all. The individuated six-year-old will forever be six unless it chooses not to and merges back to you whether you are five or whether you're fifty five. It comes in and, all of a sudden, you are the six-year-old. You're body is not going to change a whole lot because it has been adapted not to. But you are going to be six all day long and for the next few weeks until it integrates. This is integrating pieces of yourself. It happens when these pieces loosen up and decide that they don't want to individuate; then they come back in and become part of the overall, master picture, the whole entity, no longer a piece of the entity.

The different age pieces can relate to other age pieces depending on the age difference - just like in your reality. They will have some sharing in this and that will alter to a small extent who they are, but they cannot change who they are. The five-year-old may be able to see itself through the eyes of the seven or three-year-old. But that is a function of personality. What you call personality is the way you adapt to the space in which you are playing.

Your present personality is fairly adaptable. If the six-year-old comes in tomorrow morning, your personality is going to shift to be able to communicate with it because you were created to become the whole entity.

We've been talking about the five-year-old, the seven-year-old, the thirty-year-old you, but this is an ongoing eternity thing. It didn't start with just this life. Your DNA is the organization of all these different pieces into one nice ribbon. You've not only got all your pieces on your thread but all those of your ancestors as well, in one long, never-ending story. The only thing entities can do to have fun is make more faces of themselves. You are one of the few instruments created that can actually view all the faces that your psyche will let you pull in.

Periods of rapid change in your life can be explained in terms of this. If you are thirty nine and your forty-year-old decides that it is not going to come in, you are going to have to turn forty one because the forty-year-old isn't there. Emotionally and psychologically this is going to be a jump. It will feel like you are learning and moving very fast. By the same token, if you are forty and, suddenly, a half a dozen of these pieces decide to come in, that is going to be a very concentrated year as well.

The energies that are coming into this plane are shaking up these different dimensional realities. Anything that doesn't want to hang on to where it is at is being set free. When these pieces are set free from their dimensional reality, this is where they are going to magnetize.

A lot of you when you were "growing up" in these bodies never had a childhood. Those pieces were having too much fun where they were. So now with these incoming waves, these dimensional realities are loosening up, and you're going to have your childhoods now as these pieces gravitate in and solidify as part of you. That is why your personality and moods can shift so rapidly.

Time and Being the Entity

As I said, this reality is the magnetic core. The way these bodies were created, you have the ability to pick up these pieces. Though they may perceive themselves as physical, the pieces don't have the same luxury. Your body is the magnet, the anchor, which means you have a stronger pull and force than any of the other faces do. Your birthright and heritage is the entity.

You don't have to worry about pieces coming in and taking over the body. The consciousness of these bodies is tied to the intelligence of the entity. The entity will override anything that tries to take you in a direction contrary to the way you were designed. If you were designed by your entity to be the vehicle for your entity, you are going to be the entity. It doesn't matter if it takes fifteen billion years or six weeks; you will be the entity because you were born to be it.

Now it's not like some external entity is forcing you in a certain direction regardless of what you want. It might look that way if you are disassociating yourself. Rather, put it into a place that you are the entity, so that anything coming out of the conscious mind is the entity speaking.

Perhaps some of that disassociation is unavoidable. For example, we make a distinction between you and the entity in order to explain what is going on in both places. You need to understand what the entity does and what you do and where the resistance lies between the two personalities. Everyone has those resistances. But ultimately it comes down to a point of being the entity and knowing that you are the controlling force.

It is more than just saying to yourself, "I am the entity." It is a shift that you will feel. It will be a major emphasis when it occurs that will take a few weeks to set in. At this point, however, your belief in time and memories are going to make even more problems for you in dealing with your entities.

The difficulty arises because you always reintegrate what you consider to be your past to replace your present moment. You'll get out of this only when you come to understand that time doesn't exist - it is totally a mechanical thing. When you know that time does not exist, you will also know that your memories are not you. You never were the five-year-old, you never were the seven-year-old-a different you was. Who you will be next year has never been you this year, ever. When you can understand this, you will teach the brain not to recompress the old data with the new data.

A lot of you will put out all this intensity and emphasis. You'll say, "I am the entity." You can actually feel yourself move into that knowingness and power. You'll know that what you verbally say gets set into law, and it even happens. But your brain hangs on to the memories. It sees you as this long biological progression. It knows what a five-year-old is, a forty-year-old, but what on earth is an entity? So entity gets filed in a box along with other toys, and you quit being the entity - because of your belief in time.

You see, the brain likes the story of time. Your belief in time gives the brain an explanation for the way the body works, the way the neurons fire. It gives it a story for your existence. Because time, right now, is an easier story for it to understand than this entity business, it puts everything you do in the present moment into the past. That keeps you from ever realizing or owning your experience. When you put in those intensities and become the entity in the present moment, because of your belief in time, you have to give that knowing away to the past. It is your belief in time that makes you forever give away your present moment to your past. Your belief in time is the passing of your existence, it is your aging process, it is, what you call your life.

You've spent, perhaps, fifty years saying you weren't the entity, and on this particular day you spent two minutes saying you were. As your brain shoves this into the past, it compresses that new input with the fifty-year constant, mixes them together, and your new knowing is lost in the weight of your past which is, "I am not the entity."

This is what your perpetual hanging on to time in this reality does for you. Anything you set in motion gets bogged down in your past. The belief in time is your worst enemy, not the separation between you and your entity. Your belief in time is the separation of you from your entity!

If you are looking at your life like you're here and your entity is out there somewhere running your life, manipulating and controlling you, that tells you that you are into a belief about time. The brain has separated you from the entity. It's a definitional thing not the reality. You can't separate yourself except through a belief in time. It takes a belief in time to psychologically separate yourself out. Each of you will have to find something to shake you loose from time a little.

You could see time as a superstition or just the firing of your neurons. It will have to be something that works for you, something more than an intellectual exercise. Then when you start to separate yourself out, you can cue in to whatever metaphor you choose, "I'm separating myself, I must be buying that superstition about time again." When you do this, you will find yourself shifting right back to feeling complete and totally in control.

Whenever you feel out of control, you can immediately assume that you have bought into the belief in time. You can't be out of control unless you're in time. If time does not exist in your reality, then only you do and so there can be no victimization, no one can do anything to you because that would require time. Whenever you feel out of control, it is a time issue.

Now time and the aging process got invented because you were pulling in so many of these different sculptures that you had to have a story to explain what was happening. You had to have a logical way of getting from the dumb you to the smart one.

ime is a fascinating concept. From an entity standpoint, it is totally absurd and foreign. The entity is intrigued with how you can all be brainwashed into believing in it. Since it is fascinated by time, it just sits here like a child and plays with the concept. When you can sort of slap it and say, "Get out of time," it will go back to being itself. It becomes so entranced into time because of its curiosity, that sometimes it can forget about the rest of your life and run off your default settings, the weight of your past input.

If you drop your time orientation, you will finally realize who and what you are. Not knowing who you are comes from hanging onto memories that do not really tell you who you are. If those memories of you were legitimate, you'd think that you would know who you are. If you were really that five-year-old, that twenty-year-old, and all the others, then you would know everything that went into making you and your personality right this moment. It might take you ten minutes to explain who you were, but you would know.

Because of your belief in time, you have to have something to push away from you - that is the only way you can maintain the illusion. That is separation. Since you push your moments away from you in order to have time and thereby a story and definition of yourself, ironically you cannot have what you separate yourself from. You can't own your moments when you push them away from you; you can't own you. There is no way you are going to know who and what you are when you do.

This is the Only Me There Has Ever Been.

The moment you drop time orientation and the belief that you and your life are the combination of all these memory implants, the moment you can drop that and say, "This me, here and now in this second, " you will feel a grand sense of freedom. I challenge you, right now, the moment you read this, to do this. Go inside and make the statement from a feeling level and feel the release it creates: This is the only me there has ever been.

A lot of your bondage is your belief in time. Go in as deep as you can for a minute. This is the only me there is. Feel the release that comes with that, the freedom, the lightness. As the brain plays with this idea, some joy comes up very fast also. While you are doing this, you know who you are. You may not be able to explain it, but you know who you are.

Now, do it again, This is the only me there is. You are not the one we talked to a minute ago; that one is gone. If you do this over a period of three or four hours, if you do it anytime you think of it, you'll feel new levels of life come into this body. There is no other me. This is the only me there has ever been. That erases your whole past, every piece of guilt, every embarrassment, every burden, you've ever had. You can't do anything wrong because it hasn't been here before to be judged as wrong. It releases everything.

You are no longer run by your memories because you don't have any. You never did anyway. You just borrowed those implants. It is just like going to a movie and picking up a story. It's not your story; it is one you borrow. It is not that you forget the stories either - they simply cease to run your life because you are not identifying with them in the same way.

Honestly, you can't remember your past anyway. If you were to write about the same event out of your life each day for a week, without looking at what you wrote the day before, at the end of the week when you compare them, it will be like seven different people lived the experience. There will be threads that are the same because of the event, but you will never react emotionally the same way to the event as you did when some other you went through it. You will never recount your own history the same way because it wasn't you that lived it -if it were, you could. This is the only me there has ever been. In fifteen minutes you can make that statement again and it is just as true for that moment because this moment is gone.

This is the only me there has ever been. You don't have a past, you don't have a future. You don't make plans. Making plans is a time orientation. You make fact. Instead of saying, "This me is going to do such and such next week or next year," don't give it a time orientation. This you isn't going to be around in another week, much less a year, to carry out the plans you make now.

None of you would like it if another person were to design and control every event and aspect of your life for the next year. Look at the issues you get into when you think your entity is controlling your life. It's not your entity doing it to you; it is your belief in time. You blame your entity, life, and others for controlling your life, but it is really this present you smearing itself into the future. What you don't like in your life now is your past trying to control and plan for a future that does not belong to it in any way.

As long as you stay with your time orientation, you're going to have conflict within your being. Those you's that you would now consider your future selves are going to be mad at you for designing for them lives that they don't want to live. When you plan your future, you create your reality by default.

You see, when you worry about your finances and money in the future, you create the future you to come in with money problems. You're giving that future you a legacy of lack. You're fixing its life so that it won't have any fun, so that it won't have any money, and so that it will have worry. When you are in a time orientation, whatever is in your actual moment is what gets smeared forward. The you that was here a year ago put you where you are at now - it doesn't even have to face the music! If you are still trying to create a "better" future for yourself, then know that this present now that you don't like and are trying to fix is the legacy left by a former you trying to do the exact same thing.

The way you break this spell is by not planning your future - you plan your now. If you think about it, you don't really want abundance in your future; you want it now. Feel it, and bring it into your now - not the future. Anything you put in as a future tense, you will never realize because you won't be around. You can never own, realize, or manifest anything you create for your future. So be abundant now! Maybe the symbols don't show it, but you are abundant and you can feel it. You don't have to go out and be extravagant. Abundance is a feeling tone long before it is any of your external symbols. If you are worried about those symbols, then invariably you are trying to control your future, and your "future" won't have those symbols either.

Anything that you are, you are now. You are not in the future; you're not going to become anything. You already are. You're not going to become your entity; you already are. You're not going to become abundant, you are. So start with the feeling tones.

This is the only me there has ever been. Right now, in this moment, who are you? If you could walk every moment of your life as, "This is who I am!" you would walk with a pride that most of you have never touched in your lives. "This is who I am! I don't have a future because I am living it." "Future" implies that you're not going to live life. A belief in the future and a belief in the past means you are time oriented and that you have never lived.

This is why you continue to live your images. If you look at them, all your images are time oriented. Images are external symbols of the way you think things are supposed to be, things that you think need to be fixed or maintained into a future reality. They get compressed and dragged into your future and you continue to live them. When you are living in the moment you are alive, you are happy, you are abundant. The only legacy left to the next slice is that it is too.

This is how entities live. This is how I know myself. In this moment, this is who I am. In the next moment I will be something different. If you don't have that freedom, you can't become anything but the limited image of yourself. If you want to go beyond the limited image of yourself, you have to be able to be different every single moment of your existence, thus a different you.

Let me warp your mind a little more. You can bless your images. You wouldn't be so dead set on them if there weren't a real knowing behind them. Back of every image there is a feeling tone - you couldn't have one if their weren't. The image is the distorted face put on the ideal which is the feeling tone. Feeling tones are real because they are the real you, and however distorted the images may be, you do know the real you. Your images are the faces and symbols you put on the real you.

The image lives in time, the real you, in the moment. If you drop your images, you drop your belief in time, for they are the feeling tones smeared through time. If you drop your belief in time, you drop your images, for in the moment there is only feeling tone. Either way you end up with the real thing: you, and the feeling tones you are and the knowing behind it all - you end up with what you have all been asking for all along.

Now there is very little difference between an image and a memory except images are maybe compressed data from your memories that you try to project on your future. Both are baggage that you are trying to drag with you creating smears all the way. This is how dead zones were created. Because you believe in the past and in the future, you had to have someplace to let your past hang out.

In the normal scheme of things each of your faces is alive and living in its own reality or dimension. Each of you could go and view everyone of them in their environment and settings; it is what you actually are doing. But because of your belief in time, you believe your memory has to go with you, so you are trying to take the video recording of what you have been viewing with you. You are trying to keep it alive somewhere rather than keeping the real thing alive.

In doing this you have created a space to keep these videos in called the dead zone. The dead zone was created for you to stuff your memories so you could continue being what you call yourselves.

If you are present and you are you, there is no such thing as a dead zone in your reality. You can't have one because there is not a past to put anyplace and no future that has to be created. You are not functioning by time but by life. If you are living you now, you are alive. If you are not, then you are in time orientation which is a product of physicality and the brain.

Part of being physical is that your body is going to cycle. Your body is created out of your past, so until it catches up to you, it is still going to have all the cycles you created in it. In the beginning with it, you're going to move into the present moment and then five minutes later your brain will have compressed that as your past because it has an overriding belief in the past - the present moment ceases to exist. When it ceases to exist, you are back into a body that is biologically run.

As soon as you get to a point of breaking the cycle of falling back into the past, your psyche will be pushed because it will find it threatening, but it will thrill at the freedom of the experience. When you can get to the point of this is the only me there has ever been and hold that perspective, you will be training the brain to get back into the present moment, no time orientation, no past, no future, just now. Then you can teach the brain to do everything you want, now.

On one hand you can say this is the only me there has ever been. You will feel a release in just making the statement, but the brain still tends to hold onto the past. But if you could get to a point where it realized the statement emotionally and embraced it totally, your reality would change immediately; the brain would catch up in a moment. For those of you who want, on your own time, let yourself go into a depth and feel it, This is the only me there has ever been; let the brain sever its connection on time. Totally feel it, so strongly that you can put yourself in the present moment. Time ceases to exist for that moment, and you will make a transition within your being that surpasses any you have done before.

This will be a fast transition, but you've got to put the intellectual and the emotional together to where you know this is the only you there has ever been. Then the brain will release its belief in the past and its need to create a future. It is probably going to take a few tries. When you finally emotionally embrace that statement, your reality can never be the same again.

You are living in a continuity; that's what time is. Breaking the continuity and pulling you out of the time orientation, even for a few seconds, breaks that continuity enough that a gap is created where a new mindset can be created quite fast.

Your emotions, too, are a product of your past and your future. When you make that statement with enough feeling that this is indeed the only me, that changes your emotions immediately. It creates a grand and immediate strength, and that is you. That is your entity or whatever term you want to put on it. That is what you've been trying to get to. Everything else, all your standard emotional responses, were created as your past and out of your future and the biology trying to make some sense of it all.

Anytime you want to get out of your emotional disturbances, even if you just want a temporary breather, just take a few moments and, This is the only me there has ever been. That effectively separates you from whatever it is you're going through and gets you back to yourself where your mind will have the clarity to deal with the issue.

Moving into the Moment.

Time doesn't exist and if you think about it, it is almost self evident. You can't produce yesterday or tomorrow - they never exist. You can talk about them as if they are real, you may show me evidence that you say comes from the past, but you will be talking to me in the present moment about something that you are holding in your hand in the present moment. You can't even retrieve two seconds ago nor project as far into the future. If we were to travel, as you would say, back in time, and view some event, we would be viewing that event in our present moment. Technically, there is no way out of the present moment, and your own experience tells you this.

Time can't exist; it is a logical absurdity in your reality or in any other. You have no personal experience to prove its existence because you can't produce one second either side of where you are at. Time is a story you use to explain the slices of your life; it is how you are viewing this momentary living.

It is much as if you had decided to cease the planet, but your friends decided that they didn't want you to die, so they dragged your body around with them everywhere they went even though you weren't in it. That is what time is all about. That is what you do with your past. It is not yours, you are not in it. It is a corpse and as soon as it stinks bad enough, some of you get them embalmed so they are good and rigid. Then you can point to them and say, "This is who I am, here is my corpse. I can prove that I was alive because I've got a corpse to show it."

That is what your past is, a corpse. Let it rest in peace! You all chop it up, piece it out, change it, try to use it as your identity, and you wonder why you don't know who you are. It is like trying to come back into a real corpse six months after having left it. You wouldn't recognize it as you. That is what your past is to your entity; it can't recognize your past as you. Most of you don't either. You just like some good story and a good drama. The past makes good drama. It is the best and the only one you've got, and that makes your future a good drama too.

From our standpoint we can sort of keep track of where you are at by seeing how fresh the corpse is that you are packing with you. From our perspective the corpses are as viable as you are, and some of them are pretty smelly. I didn't say you were, your corpses are, your past.

But you do pack them around; they are part of your field. Every time you try to create your present now, you have to create it with the corpse and for the corpse. So when we come in, we look to see how fresh the corpses are. Now, this is just a metaphor, but it is an accurate one. They are empty corpses, and everyone packs them. Packing them around is what creates the larger dead zone and your personal one as well. Why do you think we call it a dead zone?

Getting out of time is your ticket to freedom and to everything you have been saying that you want. It is the freedom to be whatever you want in any moment. All of you have changed from one life or belief system to another. If during that journey, however long or difficult it may have been, you had put yourself back into the place of this is the only me there has ever been, your transition would not have been a transition or a journey. It would have been, "Here is who I was; here is who I am today."

Getting out of time creates a simplicity. You are left with only what is real, you and your present moment. You don't have to deal with all the other confusing input. You spend your lives trying to prove that you exist, that you are okay because you have never let yourselves live and just be you. As soon as you do that, you don't have to prove anything and that is when the gentleness comes, the defensiveness drops. Your defensiveness, your fear, your vulnerability, is time oriented. You're defending yourself against your past and your future and you are not living.

Let yourself feel vulnerable for a moment - it won't hurt too bad. Let yourself feel it. Vulnerability comes from not knowing who you are. Now, while you are feeling your vulnerability, This is the only me there has ever been!

The vulnerability goes away. Vulnerability requires time. See, vulnerability is the space between your defensiveness and the real you. Vulnerability is defensiveness. When you are vulnerable, you're trying to avoid a close encounter with the real you. You are trying to make a gap between the two of you. That gap is what you call time. The gap hurts, and the pain, you call vulnerability. When you cease to make the gap by moving into the present, you can't have vulnerability because you've dropped the defensiveness and immediately moved into yourself. Vulnerability is being smeared between yourself and something else.

Pain, too, is a product of time. You can't hurt in the moment, but because of your belief in time you carry your pain forward with you. Pain is compressed data that you force into a continuity. You can't just hurt in the moment because you know you have a past and a future, so you carry the memory of the hurt into your future - you create many slices of you all feeling the same sensation contrary to your preference. In the present moment you are living in a body created for that moment. Generally, there is going to be no pain and so there would be nothing to carry forward even if their were time.

Likewise, if you are out of time, there is nothing to heal. Healing is a time-oriented process. The body cannot be created for an old you which is what healing is all about. Healing is a process of helping the new you get into a body you created a year ago that the new you doesn't want into because it doesn't like what you created for it. Healing is getting the new you oriented to time/space and the laws of time orientation. When you really take This is the only me there has ever been home, when you feel the strength with it, the body automatically heals. Anything "wrong" with the body is something you created in thought when you were trying to create a future body for something that is not living in it.

Be patient with yourselves in this. You are doing grandly. You and your bodies are probably not going to catch up to the present moment overnight. It can be done; the body can do it immediately, especially if you can go into it with some intensities. But you have spent most of your life believing in the past and in the future - never living in the present. Five minutes worth of intensities and statements that this is the only you are only going to last a few hours. Then the brain will compress that as the old you and give you back a new you that you created a year ago, one that doesn't know that this is the only you.

The you that you are living now, you created a year ago - or more. Maybe in the moment you will go and say, "No, this is the only me that has ever existed!" But in two or three days from now you are going to be living the you that you created a year ago. That you doesn't know that it is the only one existing even if you just read it. So that you, because of the compressed data that the brain does because of your belief in time, will just smudge it all together and say, "I guess we're back into a problem again."

If you could make a nice big sign and put it everywhere you are going to look, on your fridge, on your dash, This is the only me there has ever been! Put a note to yourself anywhere you are going to catch it to remind you that you have never been anything else but you in this present moment. If you can do this, you can get that brain to trigger back in and get rid of that time orientation. You'll start picking up a new attitude and a new feeling, a strength. You'll become addicted to that strength real fast. In the beginning you're going to have to teach the brain to remember your new orientation, but after that you won't forget. Remember it takes the brain twenty-eight days to catch on to anything new.

As always, relax with this. You've embraced a grand new tool to aid you in becoming what you already are. This is going to stimulate lots of questions, and there is a whole lot more information yet to come on time, memory, and the present moment. A lot of that may be technical. Here you have the working end of it. It's not that time is a "bad" thing; it isn't - it is a fascinating phenomenon that you've all gone a little overboard on. You may be starting to figure out that even your body is a product of time.

You can call your body a gap, a smear, compressed data, an image or whatever you will, but without your belief in time you wouldn't have one. But you don't have to live so far behind the present moment. The majority of the planet smudges years and even centuries; a few seconds are all that are necessary to maintain a body, and that is plenty close to have everything you want from both the physical and non-physical realms.

I love you. Be at peace. Be present. Live life for a change. You can't live unless you are present... corpses don't do so well at living!

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