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What is Unconditional Love?

It is the holding within and the sending out of love, unchanged by what others do or do not do. It is respect for all others. It is understanding that choices and consequences of others peoples actions are their own and based on their own patterns, not yours. The love places no preconceptions no conditions -- unchanging.

It is the key that unlocks the doors to healing work and spiritual growth. It is about leaving the Ego, fears, judgments, wants and needs behind and allowing God to do the work unchanged by our own desires for the outcome. To understand it, lets start with what it is not.

Love starts out as unconditional, until we place conditions on love and narrow it down. Letting our Love flow only if...

"Tough" Love may not be love at all but an expression of the need for that person to control and to blame others for their own "fears."

"True" Love implies that a false love exists. Each is conditional and the conditions change based on who is interpreting them and other events.

"Eternal" Love. Love, without conditions, exists eternally. It is our ways of embracing it that changes.

"Unrequited" love. The Love you send out to someone and is not returned to you. What is the need to have their love in return?

"Puppy" or Young Love. A form of love that has not experienced life's heartaches and pains. Experiencing something new and wonderful.

Any adjective placed with Love limits Love to meeting that condition.

What does love mean to you? What conditions do you require to be met to be considered loving you or your loving someone else? If you do this and that, now this, then I will Love you?

Unconditional love is the Love our Guardian Angels and God has for us. They send their love without conditions. They know that everything we do is by our choice. They do not blame us for they know we are here to learn, and how does one learn if not by experiencing? Nothing that we do will adversely affect them. They see the greater reality. If we chose to relive things that do not help our growth that is our choice. A choice that does not affect the love they send us.

Unconditional Love has some wonderful and unique aspects. It cannot be possessed, trying to hold it removes it. You can send it freely anywhere at anytime. The more you send, the more your ability to send increases. It is there for the asking anytime you are fully willing to open your heart.

You may have received unconditional love when, as a baby, nothing was expected of you and Love was sent and received. Nothing you could do would change that at that time. As you grew the love changed as perceptions of the people around you changed. Does seeing a helpless infant bring a smile to your face and warmth in your heart?

This work is about re-experiencing Unconditional Love and connecting to God in that space from which everything is possible.

Calling in Unconditional Love is a crutch. A wonderful one to help us through change. Yet it does not last. Our boundaries, fears, judgments and punishments push it away. Until we can remove those boundaries, fears, judgments and punishments from us, Unconditional Love can never stay. It is a wonderful gift for the moment. Any moment we choose.

With Love - Richard Davis

Note by Gerardus...
If Richard and I would become any closer in our thinking - one of us might be redundant. Be careful there Richard! Meanwhile, there are Teachers who say that a certain interference might be involved when we send others energies they have not asked for. Each case is different naturally and some people think/feel that the energy we send others returns to us in the opposite polarity...

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