... Important Factors to Spiritual Growth ...

A. Self responsibility, awareness, detachment and unconditional love, are in my opinion the four most important aspects to your spiritual growth. Let us examine them separately...

1. Self Responsibility. In other words, dear friends, it is up to you! No priest, minister, friend or lover can do the work for you. You have to decide to begin your spiritual journey. You have to take the responsibility for your own progress. You can decide to progress only a very little in this lifetime and come back one hundred times more, to learn a little more in each lifetime or you can try to learn it all in this lifetime. The choice is yours! You need to not only want to do it, but begin to do it. Read everything you can get your hands on, go to seminars, join meditation groups, talk with other New Age people, explore, explore, explore! Don't give up, when things become stagnant or difficult. Treat your journey as a special assignment with you the benefactor! And ask for spiritual help from your Guides and appropriate Masters.

2. Awareness. Your Guides are constantly trying to reach you and help you with your spiritual development. Look for coincidences (synchronicity) when they are trying to tell you something - seeing the same object or word over and over again. Don't dismiss things, as just chance! If you run into a friend three times in the one day, stop and sit and talk to him. There may be something important he has to tell you.

Look at patterns in your life. Change the negative ones that bring you pain. Look at your home, work, relationships, attitudes, with fresh, awareness. What can be changed for your spiritual highest and in the most loving method? Learn to contact your guides directly, so that you can benefit from actually conversing with them. Be adventurous, be alert and be aware!

3. Detachment. This does not mean coldness or aloofness. It means being able to see yourself and your actions and mental and emotional attitudes, in an objective way. Not giving in, to over emotionalism. Not hating, feeling jealous, envious, frightened, angry or alternatively, overly excited and irrational. Without some detachment, you are at the mercies of every emotional wind that blows your way!

Detachment is taking charge of your emotions, so that they work for you, not against you. If you can believe that you are a spiritual being, using your body and personality, to learn lessons. That you are not Jane or John Jones, but an angelic being, using Jane's life to appear human, than you can learn to push aside your ego, with the help of detachment, and see your behaviour objectively. You can then control your life and spiritual progress.

4. Unconditional Love. If everyone worked and lived unconditional love, you would have few problems on your Earth. There would be no famines, wars, abuse or illnesses, because all your loving efforts would be focused towards eliminating these terrible conditions. But, because most of society does not work with unconditional love, these problems are left to only a few, to tackle. Unconditional love is not just an abstract emotion, it is something that should be lived. You can't say you have unconditional love and then say that you hate Jews or Hindus or Asians or women.

There are no exceptions to unconditional love. You see all humans as angelic beings, striving to find spiritual enlightenment and growth, under very difficult conditions and you love all of them for trying! Not just some of them! You don't just love the Gandhis and Mother Theresas, you also love the Hitlers and mass murderers. Some have found unconditional love, others haven't. You may not like the deeds of a Hitler or mass murderer, but, you can forgiven the fallen angel who has committed them.

How do you know, that you haven't committed similar acts in a past life? Wouldn't you like forgiveness for your negative acts? Live unconditional love from the moment you wake up each morning, til the moment you place your head on your pillow at night. All are your brothers and sisters. All are worthy of your respect. All deserve your unconditional love.