2009 New Year Letter


In time, 2008 will reveal itself to be ‘a pivotal point’ within our individual, and hence, collective human experience. Like a hinge that swung open a door of possibility – or a fork in the road that presented ‘an alternative’.

If we have not been in tune with our individual experience, and using what we receive from within it as our point of reference – it is likely our perception of the collective experience throughout 2008 has appeared chaotic, confusing, and filled with fearful possibility.

However, if we have trusted our personal experience to be our truth, that it is in all its unfolding exactly what is required, and used it as a compass to navigate by, then the collective happenings of 2008 would have embraced as expected, anticipated, and filled with murmurings of potential and possibility.

One way or another, 2008 has been a year of active-8-tion. If we courageously ‘made that move’ or ‘did that thing’ or ‘initiated that task’ or ‘left that group or person’ - as our intuition has been encouraging us to - it is likely we are now spared the feeling of ‘having missed the boat’. We may at times miss and long for what we left behind – for what we released or let go of - which is normal. It is however more important that we now really focus on grounding ourselves into where we are.

We are going to require ‘steadfastness’ in 2009 [steady-fastness].

2008 contained within it not only the potential and possibility for activation – but also all the required resources to support the intent. Everything required has been abundantly showered upon us in the last 12 months. And, as long as we were not still mindlessly hankering after ‘our wants’, we would have used the available momentum to reposition ourselves to meet and consciously contain what 2009 is already set to deliver.

As we enter 2009, we may still be operating from a point of view that thinks we can ‘one day change our course’ or ‘reposition ourselves at some later stage’ or ‘start doing things differently when it really counts’. If this is our current mentality – then it is also true that this is what we have been thinking or telling ourselves for years now. Be warned, procrastination is a mentality that in 2009 proves perilous. More than ever, 2009 operates within the frequency of, ‘now or never’.

The actuality is, if we have not spent this past year [and the ones immediately preceding it] activating those potentials and possibilities that our intuition has been consistently urging, they may now become the ‘what could have been’ scenarios we regretfully revisit in the quiet hours of late nights or early mornings.

The ship does not wait for the drunken sailor – there is too much at stake.

Some 2008-ish questions to reflect upon are:

Did we manage to walk away from that situation we knew was not healthy – despite its undeniable seduction?

Did we leave that job/position/relationship we knew was simply enabling us to tread water – despite fears of possible loss and insecurity?

Did we pack up and depart that location, which although appearing safe and secure now, is obviously fragile when push comes to shove?

Did we listen to that voice instructing us to ‘make that specific change NOW’?

If we did, well done! The momentum of 2008 was largely about repositioning of our experience against the supposedly better judgment of onlookers. Those operating around us in a fear frequency would have urged us to stay our course – mainly because they are afraid to shift theirs.

In recent times the Hopi Elders have asked us various pertinent questions. Undoubtedly, as we now depart 2008 and enter 2009, the three most significant are:

Where is your water?

Where is your garden?

Where is your community?

The relevance of these three simple questions may not yet completely make sense to many of us right now. Especially to those of us still stumbling around within a hypnotic trance focused on attempting to fulfill our wants [to the extent we completely overlook our requirements].

In 2009, a series of sudden shifts in planetary events – shifts that are clearly as yet unforeseen by the masses – shatters the illusion that ‘fulfilling our wants’ is the same as ‘filling our bellies’. These unexpectedly sudden shifts, coupled with an exponential escalation in circumstances already initiated in 2008, shall be perceived by many of us as ‘catastrophic’.

In 2009, in many locations upon our planet, it will become evident that the corner store is not the same as a garden, the tap in the bathroom is not the same as a spring, and what is shown to us on Reality TV is not the same as actuality. Through a kind of ‘shock experience’, the world’s collective delusionary state is to become suddenly and blatantly transparent! [Our collective trance becomes apparent.]

Many of the specific 2009 events facilitating this mass rude awakening to ‘the magnitude of our collective hallucination’ are already activated by 2008 events still unfolding. Unfortunately, we sleepy dreamers still stumble along a dim-lit corridor driven unconsciously by attempting to ‘subdue our inner emotional turmoil’, rather than ‘paying careful attention to the current cyclic shift unfolding within of our entire solar system’.

It is not that our Seers and Indigenous Elders have been quiet about this. It is just that the sacred hilltops and Mesas from which they have sang their warnings are now scattered with Cell Phone Towers whose signals ring in every ear to the point no authentic planetary voice is heard - inwardly or outwardly.

The murmurings of the events to unfold in 2009 have already been clearly activated in 2008 – naked upon the planet earth stage for all to see. So, it is not that what is coming is in any way ‘hidden from us’; this predicament rumbles into all our collective human experiences like a tidal wave of shrilling alarm clocks. However, our current disadvantage is that we really cannot see or hear what is happening to us. This is why we require a tidal wave of alarm clocks!

As a species, we are currently perceptually blinded and deafened to ‘what is actual’ - a perceptual blindness and deafness which contains three distinct levels of blind spot within it.

Manifesting the required scenarios serving to awaken us from our individual and collective hallucination is the very essence of the coming 2009 frequency.

Accordingly, within this letter, I now share a simple perceptual tool which assists me greatly whenever I remind myself of it. It is delivered by means of an illustration. I find it useful in reminding myself that ‘there are many other points of view’ to the one we are currently collectively feasting upon. If like me, you find this illustration useful to you – please share it with others when and if the moment calls.

This perceptual tool is initiated by simply recounting a theatrical demonstration by a hypnotist. Once you read it for yourself – and you ‘get it’ on whatever level it impacts you – it is then quite easy to share with anyone who mistakenly assumes ‘the world we currently see and hear is the only world there is’.

Unwrapping The Three Levels Of Perceptual Blindness And Deafness

[Or, awakening to our blind spots]:

Imagine yourself in a theatre in which a hypnotist is performing for an audience. The hypnotist asks for two volunteers from the audience – a woman and a man. Once upon the stage, the hypnotist asks their permission to hypnotize them for a harmless but entertaining demonstration of the powers of hypnosis. They agree.

The hypnotist then prepares the two volunteers by skillfully counting them down from 10 to 1 – at which point they enter a deeply relaxed trance-like state. He then carefully explains to the entranced man:

"When I click my fingers, you shall open your eyes and see this woman as a teapot. You dearly want a cup of tea. Drinking a cup of tea right now is the only thing on your mind. Nothing else matters. When I clap my hands, you shall awaken from this experience into your normal state of being, feeling happy and relaxed." The man agrees.

He then turns to the entranced woman and carefully explains to her: "When I click my fingers, you shall open your eyes and see this man as a jar of cookies. Eating a cookie right now is the only thing on your mind. Nothing else matters. When I clap my hands, you shall awaken from this experience into your normal state of being, feeling happy and relaxed." The woman agrees.

He then clicks his fingers and a very entertaining and amusing bought of activity unfolds: The man tries to use the woman to pour a cup of tea, and the woman simultaneously tries to open the man to get a cookie out of the jar. This amusing spectacle continues until the hypnotist claps his hands.

The interesting predicament about being in such a hypnotic trance-state is this:

No matter what anyone tells these two individuals while they are hypnotized, there is no convincing them – no mental ‘understanding’ or ‘explaining’ – that leads them to believe ‘the other’ is not a pot of tea or a jar of cookies.

When the hypnotist asks them what they are doing – they reply with conviction: "I am trying to pour a cup of tea from this pot" or "I am trying to get a cookie out of this jar". One may write books, give lectures, show demonstrations, and provide them with DVD’s and CD’s to watch, or do whatever one wants to try and explain or illustrate the situation to these two. However, while they remain within this hypnotic trance, all attempts to reveal ‘what is actual’ are futile. No matter what is said – the woman is a pot of tea to the man, and the man is a jar of cookies to the woman.

To a physically-transfixed individual, this predicament does not initially appear to be an issue of ‘blindness’ or ‘deafness’. These two individuals are clearly still able to see and hear well enough to interact with each other and the physical world around them. However, they are clearly perceptually blind and deaf, because no visual or audible attempts to show them ‘what is actual in that moment’ succeed. They can only see and hear what they have been programmed to see and hear – even though none of it is valid.

This condition represents The First Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness. As sighted and hearing people on earth, we can still see and hear well enough to function. However, unbeknownst to us, we remain blind and deaf to the actual identity of what we perceive and are only able to see and hear what we want to see and hear of others and of the world in which we live according to what is energetically programmed into us. For the most part, we can only perceive the world in terms of ‘the cookies and tea we are after’ – or, whatever else it is we assume we want.

This is why it is extremely perilous, and will become more so, upon this planet in 2009. When moving about amidst our populations, one cannot actually be ‘seen or heard’ by most people. This is because most of us see and hear only what we want to according to the drive of our programmed trance-state. Whenever we encounter others in this world, we therefore have to continually remain alert to the instinctive human propensity for ‘experience manipulation’ – to the current human condition of continually attempting to use each other as a means ‘to pour tea’ or ‘grab a cookie’.

We do not even real eyes we are behaving in this manner, and while we are entranced, no amount of ‘mental explanation’ assists in bringing this behavior to light for us. We perceive ‘the manipulation of others and our environment as a means to satisfy the drive of our metaphoric wanting for tea and cookies’ as being ‘normal and appropriate behavior’. We do not intentionally mean to be hurtful – yet, we are. And very soon, as a species, we shall become even more dangerous to be around.

This first level of perceptual blindness and deafness hides ‘the actuality of the moment’ from us and instead transforms ‘the actuality of the moment’ into something that appears either useful or useless in satisfying our pre-programmed wants. In this manner, it obscures the actual identity of others from us.

To start awakening to our First Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we simply ask ourselves this question:

"What is the difference between ‘a need’, ‘a want’, and ‘a requirement’?"

To communicate The Second Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we return to the hypnotist’s performance.

Not only do the two hypnotized individuals not see each other for who they actually are, and not only do they remain impervious to all attempts to demonstrate this actuality, but while hypnotized, they also remain completely unaware that just minutes prior to the debacle in which they now participate, they were sitting in the audience and had entire life histories!

While they attempt to get tea and cookies from each other, they are completely unaware of their vast and intricate identities – of the entirety of their life experience outside of the situation in which they are now in. While they remain hypnotized, they are oblivious that they have jobs, homes, children, birthdays, pets, allergies, and favorite foods, etc. While they operate within this trance-like hypnotic state, their ‘actual reality’ is completely invisible to them. It is as if it had never existed.

If the hypnotist asks them about their home life and their loved ones, they would for a moment look upon the hypnotist with a blank expression, then immediately continue their futile attempts and get cookies and tea from the mistakenly perceived teapot or jar of cookies. Nothing else matters.

Within this Second Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, no other reality exists outside the attempt to fulfill the programmed want. Nothing! If someone says to a perceptually blind and deaf individual: "You are an unlimited being - an immortal presence who is currently and simultaneously experiencing countless eternally ongoing life experiences, and who is established within uncountable intimate connections with millions of other presences throughout creation", they would simply respond with a blank expression. Such an assertion appears crazy to them. Such assertions have no point of reference for them within the perceptual incarceration of the hypnotic trance.

The Second Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness renders us inherently unaware of our own actual identity. Pointing out this identity to us is as futile as telling the hypnotized couple they have a family sitting in the audience and a whole life experience outside the theatre walls.

While we are entranced, we may sometimes willingly choose to ‘believe’ a claim that we are indeed ‘more than we real eyes we are right now’ – just like the religious choose to believe the priesthood’s claims, or voters choose to believe politician’s claims, or consumers choose to believe profiteer’s claims. However, while we are entranced, our acceptance of any ‘claimed actuality other than the one we are experiencing right now’ is an awareness based purely on belief [hear-say], not on any actual knowledge [experience].

All belief is a state of hypnosis.

The second level of perceptual blindness and deafness hides our own actual identity from our awareness. In place of this actual identity, our memory field is a blank, empty, and seemingly a vacant space. or, it is full of hallucinations governed by belief systems imposed from outer influences [as opposed to actual knowledge actualized from personal inner and outer experience].

To start awakening to our Second Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we simply ask ourselves the question:

"Can I remember not being alive?"

To illustrate The Third Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we again return to our theatrical hypnotic demonstration.

While these two hypnotized individuals dance through their trance, they are also completely unaware of the actuality of the greater environment in which they operate. If someone runs into the theatre and shouts, "Tornado coming directly this way, head for the shelter in the basement!" They would not respond. Regardless of very clear instructions being given about the seriousness of the approaching predicament, the hypnotized couple would continue attempting to get cookies and tea from each other.

Unless the hypnotist deliberately awakens them from their trance by use of the agreed hand-clap, they would still be trying to manipulate each other in an attempt to satisfy their programmed wants right up to the moment they are whipped into oblivion by the twister. They won’t hear it or see it, and no amount of trying to convince them of the imminent danger changes this. They are destroyed by it and do not even real eyes what hit them.

It is this Third Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness preventing us from realizing, and hence responding, to our current ‘event horizon’. Even though ‘the rumble of the tornado is already audible’, and even though ‘the twister’ is already clearly visible, we individually and collectively continue to dance in a hypnotic trance.

We remain completely unaware that what we are looking at and for is not actually valid. We remain completely unaware of our own actual identities. We remain completely unaware of the rapidly unfolding transitional juncture through which our entire solar system now cascades. We have absolutely no clue about what is actually happening to us – even though it is being broadcast clearly by the elements and the unfolding life experiences all around us.

The third level of perceptual blindness and deafness renders us disconnected to the actuality of the rhythms, tides, and cycles of our greater environment. We therefore operate as if disconnected from and invulnerable to the entire mechanism of creation.

To start awakening to our Third Level of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness, we simply ask ourselves this question:

"If we humans are responsible for the shifting environmental conditions upon our planet, then who is responsible for the actuality that every planet in our solar system is now simultaneously experiencing shifts in their environmental conditions?"

These Three Levels of Perceptual Blindness and Deafness are triggered and maintained by the trance-state in which generations of emotional imprinting perceptually incarcerate us.

While we continue to believe, and so behave, as if we are able to mentally and physically make adjustments within our current human experience to quiet and subdue our imprinted emotional condition – all our activity remains ineffectual – selfish – and self-destructive. Because such ineffectual behavior arises out of our imprinted fear, anger and grief, its consequences serve only to lead our unfolding experience directly back into fear, anger, and grief.

It is this circular hallucination of ongoing ineffectuality from which we are now asked to awaken.

It is because we are hallucinating that we are so naively willing to assume we can ‘fix the economy’ and ‘bail ourselves out’ of our current circumstances. Only when we real eyes we cannot eat or drink our money, nor can we trust anyone who has less food and water than us, are we going to real eyes that ‘fulfilling our wants’ does not necessarily guarantee ‘we develop the capacity to remain receptive to our requirements’.

After my extensive traveling and teaching experience of the past 13 years, I am in agreement with the conclusions of the Hopi, Aboriginal, and other Indigenous Elders:

It is unlikely that much of our planet has the capacity to now curtail the momentum which propels us toward an inevitable precipice. This precipice is required. This precipice may well destroy the physical vehicles of many, and in so doing, serve as the catalytic clapping of the hypnotist’s hands for the few.

Our New Age naivety and religious mania which espouses ‘we are going to be saved or rescued from the consequences of our actions if we just believe it’, is simply entranced lemming mentality. And, all of us who actually believe that impressive speeches delivered by seductive politicians will suddenly ‘make everything okay’ are just as naïve and foolish.

The universe doesn’t care about fancy linguistics or belief systems.

The actuality of our human condition is this: There is no way around emotional cleansing. There is no one that can save us from this required inner work. There is no fancy machine that can do it for us. There is no councilor or facilitator or healer that can do it for us. There are no changes in political policy or religious addresses or shifts in the interest rate that impact this predicament by even 0.0001%. Only inner work accomplishes emotional integration.

In 2009 – those who do not have the capacity – and who have not already been doing the work to develop the capacity - to contain the exponentially increasing waves of the vibrational – shall commence equal and opposite exponentially accelerated self-destruction. Those who have eyes to see already real eyes this. Many will also fervently partake in the collective destruction of others.

2009 also contains within its frequency the strong possibility that many may still awaken in time to tend to their emotional responsibilities. However, the window of opportunity for the required organic unfolding of emotional development is fast closing.

In 2009 it shall become disturbingly apparent that it is no longer possible for the masses to sedate and control the authentic state of their emotional bodies. The rising vibrational impulses shall be too powerful for those who have not consciously practiced containment. These impulses shall override the hold pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, and street drugs currently have as far as ‘masking the authenticity of our collective human emotional predicament’.

This sudden increase in random, outwardly-projected, destructive behavior of the masses is already increasingly obvious and has already been active-8-ed for all to witness in the most unexpected places. The wheels for this unfolding have already been ‘Greece-d’, one might say: One person is killed and millions riot in reaction – burning and destroying everything in their path.

In 2009 many will continue to face unemployment – but the riot police departments on planet earth will definitely not. On the contrary, they will offer great recruitment packages! Watch your local press for details and employment opportunities!

The only hope for humanity right now is that there are enough self-trained alchemists willing to open themselves up completely to feel and contain these escalating vibrational impulses. There are clearly no longer enough Indigenous Elders to accomplish this on our behalf.

2009 is time for us to ‘grow up’ and take our place at the table of planetary guardianship.

Many have been given all the necessary tools to approach the unfolding experiences upon our planet consciously. However, because of our trance state, many of us have foolishly viewed and used these tools in terms of ‘their efficiency in helping us to get what we want’ – as opposed to opening us up to develop the capacity ‘to receive what we require’.

‘What is actual’ is that most so-called ‘civilized humans’ no longer have the capacity to discern between a need, a want, or a requirement. Such capacity requires significant emotional development, and emotional development, like the growth of a flower, is an organic unfolding. It cannot be quickly organized by politicians, discounted on a summer sale by profiteers, or granted via absolution to congregations by priests. Those who are not already consciously developing themselves emotionally are unlikely to have the capacity to enter such inner workings.

Once the bulls are charging, the people in the street no longer have the luxury of deciding where in the crowd to position themselves.

The frequency of 2009 is akin to ‘the running of the bulls’. It is fun for those who consciously ‘show up’ and therefore ‘respond’ to the occasion – but horrific and devastating for those who suddenly awaken from their leisurely shopping spree in the midst of panicking masses.

So, let us get to the crux of the matter by taking a brief look at the frequency of 2009 as reflected by my personal numerological system:

2009 begins with 2 [activity] and ends with 9 [completion and transition], and in between these two numbers it has 00 [activity impulsed from within the void].

9 + 2 adds up to 11 [the possibility for Mastership through integration of opposites – otherwise – extreme active conflict of opposites].

11 = 1 + 1 which adds up to 2 [activity, again]. So, expect the entire year to be so full of activity – individually and collectively - that it becomes literally impossible to ‘think’ or ‘plan’ anything.

The frequency of 2009 may therefore be briefly summed up as follows:

This year is actively, through ongoing vibrational impulses, moving us toward required transformation. The key to this transformation is mastering the seeming conflict of opposites – or integration of opposing forces. Failure to integrate these seemingly opposing forces will for many not mean ‘transformation’ – but instead ‘transitioning’. As a ‘rapid’ makes or breaks a canoeist, this year makes or breaks us individually or collectively.

Some key words for 2009 are:

Activity / Busyness / Vibrational / Completion / Transition / Transformation / End / Relating / Relationships / Integration / Conflict / Peace / Intimacy / Mastering / Rapid

A key recommendation for successfully navigating 2009 is:

To deliberately and consistently install moments of quietness, stillness, and emptiness into our ‘daily now’.

in 2009 ‘Later’ is non-existent.

This applies to whether we live in a small little town – like I do – or in a metropolis. The sudden drastic increased intensity of activity that 2009 initiates shall feel like the last few hundred meters of a high stakes horse race. This ‘rapidness’ unfolds within everything. ‘Rapidness’ is the common experience for all throughout 2009.

In 2009 the undisciplined shall be caught up in the currents and swirled all over the place. Floating logs, whirlpools, and jutting rocks abound everywhere! The disciplined shall forsake a full night’s sleep, get up early everyday, before the day starts, and, while others stir restlessly in their dreams, consciously feed themselves the nourishment of stillness, silence, and emptiness.

This daily diet of stillness, silence, and emptiness – no matter how we incorporate it into our daily routine [route in] - provides the necessary nourishment for fueling our capacities to consciously engage with the vibrational. It also decreases reactivity. It alerts us to bobbling logs, whirlpools, and jutting rocks as the currents of 2009 pull us rapidly along. No other nutrition provides this capacity quite as efficiently. Without this nutrition, in 2009 we shall become completely, maniacally, and insanely busy.

To the emotionally unintegrated, 2009 shall appear to be ‘the end of my world’. On many levels it is ‘the end of the world as we know it’. A vast aspect of what we call ‘our world’ has already ended. Many of us are now simply clinging to an era that is already a carcass. This is why, for so many, ‘life stinks’.

Expect sudden and massive ‘endings’. What ends in 2009 are all the outer structures we have unconsciously manifest out of our unintegrated emotional states.

While we are still driven ‘to fulfill our wants in an attempt to feel better about ourselves’ – we cling tooth and nail to the outer structures we have manifest that we believe will give us these things. Maybe it is our job, our companion, or our vehicle. While we remain entranced by the impulses of unintegrated emotional signatures, we vehemently cling to our political ideologies, our religious belief systems, our economic objectives, our completely insane personal relationships, and all the stuff we have manifest to numb our inner discomfort. While operating within the perceptual hallucinations triggered by this state, it is catastrophic to us when these structures end. It really feels to us like ‘the end of the world’.

As the vibrational waves exponentially increase within our solar system and throughout our planet [also from within us!] throughout 2009, they impact these outer structures right within their causal point: Within their foundations in the emotional realm. If we do not remain alert, these impacted unintegrated emotional states reflexively manifest mentally as ‘stories we tell’ and physically as ‘reactive behavior’. In 2009, more than in any other period of our life experience, we are to be aware of ‘any story told in anger’. Any behavior emanating from it shall be regrettable.

It is really important for us to real eyes that these increasing vibrational impulses are not manifesting ‘to grant us what we want’. All our ‘wants’ stem from fear, anger, and grief – not from love. [In 2009 I offer my personal condolences to all The Secret people of planet earth.] This is why it is important to ask ourselves the question:

"What is the difference between a need, a want, and a requirement?"

Living in ‘an unlimited universe’ does not mean we can have whatever we want. It means in each moment we receive whatever we require to integrate the emotional condition currently obscuring the actuality of our vibrational identity from us.

These exponentially increasing vibrational impulses are not here to prop up false paradises built in a world whose gods have become anything or anyone that satisfies our unconscious want for ‘getting’. They are here to liberate us of this hallucination so we may once again feed upon the nutrition we require. In 2009 those of us infatuated and seduced by the nipple of the world and the structures built of our unintegrated emotional turmoil are going to suck in increasingly unpleasant gulps of putrid, sour milk.

2+0+0+9 = 11. What a powerful number! 11 is the first of ‘The Master Numbers’. 11 represents ‘mastership accomplished through integrating an apparent conflict of opposites’. 2009 is therefore the year of ‘relating to’: Of relating to oneself, relating to others, and relating to the universe, etc.

It is the year of intimacy [into me and see]. Whether we navigate our experience into ‘a conscious transition into completion’ – or into ‘an unconscious tripping into self-destruction’ – rests entirely upon whether our ‘relating to’ is responsive or reactive. Are we relating lovingly, or manipulatively?

Relevant 2009 questions are:

Do I attack ‘the other’, or do I masterfully integrate what ‘the other’ reveals to me about myself that I am currently too hypnotized to perceive?

Do I attack myself, or do I now masterfully integrate those aspects of myself still being perceived as discomfort, wrongness, and broken?

In 2009 our choice of ‘response or reaction’ with respect to the manner in which we ‘relate to all’ applies not only to us as individuals – but also to whole countries, religious systems, and political organizations. Accordingly, 2009 holds the greatest potential for massive planetary chaos or harmony we have yet witnessed in our lifetimes. Current activation points like the conflict in Georgia and the election of President Barrack Obama have already set the ball rolling.

Can Russia, America, China, and Iran see each other as each other’s shadows requiring compassionate integration?

Can Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Christians see each other as each other’s shadows requiring compassionate integration?

If not, then 2009 is going to be bloody messy. The sleeves are already rolled up on many fronts as one group projects their unintegrated emotional imprint upon another. Everyone is determined they will extract cookies or tea from the other.

Those left functioning in a state of physical, mental, emotional, and vibrational well-being after the next 12 months shall be those who are able to consciously contain the emotional impulses now being triggered by the exponentially increasing vibrational frequencies.

Those of us who are able to avoid ‘telling the stories’, or at least ‘not believe them’ when they are told by our mental body, have a chance. Because, when one is dealing with the frequency of 11 – with ‘integrating the conflict of opposites’ - the primal energy being ‘impulsed’ when manifesting in any outwardly projected, unintegrated form, is ‘anger and rage’. Anger and rage are extremely proficient storytellers. If we believe their stories for minute - to the point of physically acting upon them – we are doomed to immense discomfort and suffering.

2009 also asks the question: "Do we have the planetary leaders who can speak the right words to channel this emmerging energy inward toward individual and collective integration?"

Right now, in my life, I am attempting to be a realist. I am placing aside all the spiritual propaganda that denies taking responsibility for the quality of our personal experience. Alchemy – the conscious, compassionate containment of all our felt-experiences - is the only tool I personally know that works if consistently applied. Accordingly, I am staying as alert as possible so as to not suppress anything. I am letting it all in – letting it all be-here-now – letting it wrack my bones and twist my muscles if that is what is required. I am letting it break my heart over and over and over again, if that is what is required.

As I look out upon the theatre of the world, I see throngs of hypnotized human beings in an increasingly desperate dance for tea and cookies. This is ‘the actual scenario’ – not the one we may wish for – or hope for – or believe in. The real McCoy is that everywhere upon this planet of ours the masses are fearful and hurting – and those which are not, are sedating and controlling. This is ‘the actuality’ of our current human experience.

I know there are many who profess to looking out and seeing a world on the verge of some ‘New Age peace experience’. I think these people are drunk – or else trying to sell something – or simply hallucinating. I ignore the so-called ‘spiritual voices’ who speak of ‘oneness’, but yet obviously ignore the unintegrated condition of their own emotional imprinting – and so appear blind to the collective unintegrated emotional condition of humanity.

When I look at the number 11, I see a picture of the authentic being [1] standing beside their emotionally imprinted noise [1]. How many of us can hear our own emotionally imprinted noise above the increasing loudness of our cell phone and I-Pod society? Unless we are able to step within and perceive our own inner noise, and then take full responsibility for it by consciously containing and so integrating it, we are unconsciously driven by it into manifesting outer circumstances that become chaotic exaggerations of this inner noise.

Mastering the number 11 is a matter of consciously developing the capacity to ‘actively’ recognize, integrate, and so still our inner noise so we may hear the increasing communication being transmitted to us all from within the vibrational. This is exceedingly challenging as 1+1 = 2 [activity]. So, the primary force through 2009 is ‘2’ – which means activity, activity, and more activity! Non-stop activity.

As the Mayans and other Elders warn us, "In 2011/12/13 the sun shall speak, if we do not hear it, we shall perish from the surface of this planet." How many among us are ‘listening’ to the Sun? Most of us run from it, hide from it, and accuse it to be an attacker coming to ruin our world. But it is not – its increasing voice comes only to ‘end the world we built out of our inner noise’. If we insist on identifying only with our noise and with the world we have built of it – the landscapes of quietness, stillness, and emptiness beckoning us back into the resonance of ‘the actual moment’ appear terrifying to us.

I too, like the Elders to whom I have done my best to give my good ear and good eye, am choosing to enter the Kiva of my heart and ‘to get myself straight with God’ – whatever this means. Obviously, what this means for me is different to what it means for you or anyone else. Only the heart contains the truth of such a revelation.

In 2009 it becomes painfully obvious there are no ‘set rules for everyone’ – there is only the richness of the actual moment communicating exactly what is required for each of us within each unfolding moment.

In 2008 our intuition called us to activate the required steps to set the stage for this inner purpose: For getting straight with ourselves. Many of us have listened, I know this. Many of us, through the Grace of the universe, listened and responded without even knowing this is what we were ‘up to’. I have seen this too. The ‘common experience’ is extremely powerful.

Now, it is a matter of becoming as quite and as still as possible so we may individually and collectively hear the subtle intricacies of the communication of the vibrational. Its voice won’t necessarily make sense – it won’t deliver us unto the fulfilling of our wants – but it will assist us to continue developing the capacity to contain what we require. This voice is only heard ‘in the moment’ – it does not speak from or to our fear, anger, and grief. It has nothing to do with our plans. It speaks only to our conscious reentry into ‘what is actual’.

Though some of you may read this letter – and because of your as yet unintegrated fear, anger, and grief, perceive it as a disturbing and fearful communication – I must tell you that I am not at all disturbed or fearful as I write it. Not even slightly. I trust the seeming chaos within the flow of this great river of life.

I have too often entered the dark contortions of my own emotional imprinting, and so know through repeated personal experience that as one approaches the moment of ‘integration of seeming opposites’, all may appear hellish. On many an occasion I have contorted into a fetal position in the darkness of my room and exclaimed, "Hell’s teeth!" But, in every occasion, by responding consciously and unconditionally to what appears to be ‘the end of my world’, a doorway has opened into a newfound perceptual paradigm containing new horizons of possibilities and probabilities.

May this be the fate of us all? 2009 may well be ‘a massive contortion’ come to cleanse us collectively – or at least to give us the opportunity to deepen our current cleansing experience. Can we greet each new convulsion consciously and without condition? We are all going to find out.

I feel for those who still run urgently into the maddening crowd because they are propelled by their own unintegrated emotional condition to ‘save this world’. Accordingly, I deeply respect all who have not been mistakenly seduced into feather-dusting the holograph – but who have instead had the courage of their inner convictions to as best as possible attempt to awaken themselves within this hallucination.

This is my personal little recommendation for 2009: Get a hobby! If you do not have a hobby, start one. If you have one – cherish it. Because, in 2009, if we do not have the capacity to ‘potter about seemingly meaninglessly’ – we will definitely be drawn into the dramas of others – and into their vain and fruitless attempts to mend a broken, outdated machine [con-trap-shun] so many still believe necessary to fix.

A simple hobby gives one an outer point of focus while the inner quietly and consistently practices the art of ‘watching the story’ and ‘containing the felt-vibrations’. In 2009, a hobby that appears outwardly as ‘meaningless to others’ may well be the most profoundly efficient ‘spiritual practice’ available to us.

Personally, I am going to grow cactus, play my Native American flute in the bath, write an actuality fiction adventure, practice the art of ‘rain-making’, attempt consistent communication with Orbs, and other completely meaningless endeavors. And, every now and then I shall curiously switch on the TV and watch ‘the greatest show on earth’.

I am as ready as I can be for 2009. However, I have no illusions about any clean-sailing. These are ‘the rapids of our timeline’ in which a moment’s lapse in alertness may be devastating. [‘Rapid’ is a word which has an appropriate double-meaning.]

I depart 2008 and enter 2009 with awe and gratitude. I am glad I received a ticket for this one! The seating from my ‘point of view’ is not too shabby either. I am glad you are here with us all.

From the center of my heart to the center of yours – I send the deepest of love I am able to muster. Onward, inward, and upward then…or not…


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