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Super Psychic Children...
The Super Psychic Children Update by Drunvalo, Oct. 1, 2000
This last update, the Super Psychic Children, is the most amazing of all. Some people believe that this group and the Indigo Children are the same. Even Jan Tober expressed this belief. But I am not convinced. In fact I see a tremendous difference between them. Only the Super Psychic Children can see with parts of their bodies other than their eyes. This seems to be their most consistent trait, and one which Indigo Children are not able to demonstrate.

On the other hand, many children are actually in training programs where they are successfully learning super-psychic abilities, even though they were not born with them. In this issue we will have an interview with 19-year-old Inge Bardor, a Super Psychic who, besides her total clairvoyance, can move objects through the air with her mind, see with her hands and feet, and know the future at will. She tells us what it is it like to be a Super Psychic Child growing up in an ordinary world -- and what her dreams are for the future use of her amazing abilities.

Also we present new information about the Super Psychics of China. In their recent book, China's Super Psychics, Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill, recorded the events as the Chinese government watched the unfoldment of these gifted children from 1974 until about 1990. The authors now share with our readers some of the new discoveries and research facts that have been documented during the last decade.

Finally, I will tell you something I've learned about an Inner TV Screen the psychic children have, and its relationship to clairvoyance and remote viewing. This information is my experience only, but perhaps others will choose to take up the challenge and perform research on this intriguing mental phenomenon. Arthur C. Clarke, in his book Childhood's End, foretold the birth of a new race of super-psychic children. Through a worldwide mindlink with each other, these children were able to make planetwide alterations in all physical systems. That book was the conceptual basis for the film 2001! Coincidence? Fiction? We'll let you decide.

From The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II, by Drunvalo Melchizedek...
The superpsychic children are perhaps the most unusual and charismatic race being born today. Their dramatic abilities distinguish them from the other two races with their sensational demonstrations. These children are able to do things that most people thought could be done only in movies with computer graphics. What is so amazing of all is that it is real. If these children don't change our world, nothing will. Notice how some of the abilities of these children resemble the manifestations of consciousness we talked about in chapter 18, during the dimensional shift. What you think is what you get! These children are able to demonstrate that whatever they think becomes reality.

Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill wrote China's Super Psychics. It reports what has been transpiring in China around these new psychic children who have begun to emerge since 1974 with the young boy who could see with his ears. Actually, the Chinese government claims that these children, when blindfolded, could see either with their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet. Each child was different and their vision from these unheard-of areas was perfect. These tests were not just a percentage right some of the time; they were flawless.

I first spoke about these children in 1985 when I mentioned the article about them in Omni magazine. Omni was invited to come to China to observe some of these children and write an article about them. Omni assumed that there might be cheating involved, so when they were given some of these children to test, they conducted their examinations in a way that ruled out any possible cheating. They left nothing to chance.

One of the tests began this way: With the children present, Omni took a stack of books and at random selected one of them, then opened the book at random and ripped out a page, crumpling it up into a small ball. Omni then placed it in the armpit of one of these children -- and this child could read every word on the page perfectly! After many varied test, Omni became convinced that the phenomenon was real, but they could not explain how these kids were doing it. Their report was released in their January 1985 issue.

But Omni was not the only one to send researchers to observe these children. Several other world magazines and also papers in respected journals such as Nature, a prestigious science magazine, have also agreed that this phenomenon is real. In Mexico City we found exactly the same new human traits emerging in the children there. There may be more, but we found over 1000 children able to see with various parts of their bodies. What is noticeable is that these Mexican children can see with the very same parts of the body as the Chinese children do. It sounds like this DNA mutation has jumped across the ocean just as in the hundredth-monkey phenomenon. Soon I will come back to one of these children, now nineteen, to give my direct experience of the abilities she demonstrated to us.

According to Paul Dong in China's Super Psychics, seeing with various parts of the body was the psychic ability that caught the attention of the Chinese government, but this ability was quickly understood to be only the tip of the iceberg. These children began to demonstrate other psychic abilities that are truly difficult to accept inside this ''normal'' reality.

Mr. Dong reports how several times a large audience of a thousand people or more would enter the auditorium and be handed a live rosebud. When everyone was seated and quiet, the demonstration would begin with a young Chinese girl, about six years old, who would come on stage all by herself and stand in the center facing the audience. Then with a silent wave of her hand, the thousand rosebuds would slowly open into full-blown, beautiful roses before the eyes of the astonished audience. Mr. Dong also speaks of how over 5000 young children have demonstrated in public another amazing feat.

Realize here that the Chinese government has carefully tested these children to see if what I am about to say is real or not. The government is convinced it is true. One child would take a sealed bottle of pills off a shelf at random, like vitamin pills, for example. The bottle would be sealed with the original plastic wrap and have a tightly screwed metal or plastic top. The bottle would then be placed in the center of a large bare table. Then a video camera would observe what happened next.

The child would say to the audience that he/she was beginning, but nothing was visible to the audience. Suddenly, the pills inside the sealed bottle would pass right through the glass and appear on the table. In many cases, the child would then take another object, such as a coin, set it on the table, and it would pass into the sealed bottle. This demonstration and others like it are definitely approaching what I would call fourth-dimensional consciousness. What you think and what happens are connected.

There are several other psychic abilities that have been demonstrated in China, according to this book. If you are interested, read what has been reported. You may think that this is just magic tricks, but when you see these things in person, it is very hard to explain. For the first ten years the Chinese government would not believe it either, until the number of these children who could do these things kept growing. By the time China's Super Psychics was released in 1997, the Chinese government had identified over 100,000 of these children. In fact, by about 1985, the government and the Chinese scientific community simply had to admit it was true.

Because they realized what this could mean, the government set up training schools to assist these children in their psychic abilities. Whenever a psychic child is found now, he or she is sent to one of these schools. Important is the fact that they have found that they can even take children who are not known to be psychics and in the presence of the naturally psychic kids, the trained children can perform the same wonderful feats.

This brings forth the memory of Uri Geller, the famous psychic from Israel who could bend metal objects just by looking at them. In his book, Uri Geller, My Story, he talks about when he demonstrated his psychic abilities on television throughout Europe. He went on TV and asked people to get knives, spoons and forks and place them in front of the television set. With millions of witnesses, he then bent tableware before their eyes and tableware in the homes in Europe who were watching the show. This single act had an interesting side effect. From the phone calls immediately after the show and the following days, it was discovered that over 1500 children were able to do the same thing just by seeing it happen one time. They could all bend the metal tableware with their minds.

People, especially scientists, were convinced that Mr. Geller was a magician and that everything he did was a trick of some kind. Stanford Research Institute asked if he would submit his magic to scientific scrutiny. Mr. Geller agreed. For a period of time Mr. Geller did whatever Stanford asked him to do to prove once and for all that his psychic ability was not a trick. Just to give you an idea of how tight the testing at Stanford was, one of the tests placed Mr. Geller in a sealed steel room, which was also a Faraday cage (a room where electromagnetic fields, such as radio waves and even brain waves or thoughts, could not pass through the walls). He was sealed in physically as well as energywise. The Stanford researchers placed outside the test chamber a sealed, hand-blown glass tube that was twisted on each end so that it could not be opened without breaking it. Inside it was a piece of the hardest metal known to man.

Then they told Mr. Geller to bend it. With all their scientific instruments recording the test, Stanford scientists watched in total amazement as the piece of superhard metal bent as if it were Jell-O. Mr. Geller could in no way have cheated. What is so impressive is that besides Mr. Geller, there were about 15 children from Europe who could also do these things, and they were tested along with him. Everything that Stanford did to test Mr. Geller they also did with the children, and these kids could do everything he could do. So if this was a trick, then 15 children were also ''advanced magicians,'' and Stanford Research Institute, with all their scientific magic, could not detect fraud.

This test and the rest of the research from Stanford was printed in Nature magazine in its October 1974 issue. The New York Times immediately came out with an editorial that said: ''The scientific community has been put on notice 'that there is something worthy of their attention and scrutiny' in the possibilities of extrasensory perception.'' Yet here we are in the next millennium, and science still will not seriously admit that the human potential for psychic abilities is real. I believe that these new children appearing around the world will soon force science into accepting what has always been true. The old pagadigm has nowhere to go and must dissolve.

In Denver, Colorado, in July 1999, I spoke about these new children to a large audience. I asked a young woman named Inge Bardor from Mexico to demonstrate directly to this audience her ability to see with her hands and feet. At that time she was eighteen years old. For about an hour, Inge placed a blindfold around her eyes and accepted photographs at random from the audience. She would hold the photograph and lightly touch it with the fingertips of her other hand. First she would describe the picture perfectly, as though she was looking at it, but then she would become more specific, giving information that would be impossible for her to know even from a photo. She could tell everything about the people or place in the photo. She could tell exactly where the photo was taken and what was around the area outside the view, such as a lake or buildings.

Inge could even describe the person who took the photograph and what he/she was wearing that day. She could tell you what everyone in the photo was thinking at the moment the picture was taken. In one photo of the inside of a house, Inge went into the house psychically and described exactly what was down the hallway. She even described what was on the bedside table.

Finally someone placed a newspaper under Inge's feet, and with her high-heeled shoes on, she was able to read the paper as if it was in her hands and she wasn't blindfolded. (If you are interested in this video, please call Lightworks Video at 1-800-795-TAPE and ask for Through the Eyes of a Child.)

Under the strict discipline of scientific research, the Chinese government has observed these children changing the human DNA molecule in a petri dish before cameras and scientific equipment necessary to record this supposedly impossible feat. If this is true, which the Chinese government claims, would we not be able to change our own DNA with just the right understanding? I think so. Just follow the children.

How is it possible that 60 million people in the world have already changed their DNA to drastically improve their immune systems against HIV infection through spontaneous genetic mutation, if not through a process similar to what our new children of China have demonstrated? This is a grand time in the history of the Earth - and you are alive to experience this extraordinary world change!