The Purpose of Life

The Journey Home

... The meaning or purpose of physical existence ...

What is the purpose of your life experiences here? Why did you press yourself into a small human form, and separate yourself from the consciousness of self as an eternal being? Why have we painfully adjusted to an alien reality, to physical sensations, gravity, emotions, survival, life, death, instinct, and the genetics of the animal's body? Why have we learned to perceive, manipulate and work within this realm? The purpose, that hidden agenda is for you to have personal experiences which give you an individual sense of perception. You are on a temporal journey with eternal rewards. The journey through physical time and space marks you, makes you unique as you expand out from earth.

On the second level away from earth, you don't have physical pain or disease, unless you choose them, not a popular choice. The group consciousness no longer makes the solid rules of reality. Within this dimension, you can start the assimilation of all the lives you have lived, the lives you could have lived or would have lived, with what you are eternally. You become a unique, individual eternal being. Without this birthing process of the identity, all the children of God would have the same sense of perception. If all the same, "I love you," the tone, the sound, the vibration would be identical. To differentiate you from the others, you need experiences which give you an individual sense of perception. So you put on all these garments of beggar, thief, king, prince, murderer, lover, father, mother, and child. You are thrown into this life and go through your own personal, experiences to become unique. If you were to lose everything you experienced and learned here as you expand away from this consciousness back into your true identity, then life here would serve no purpose. The incarnation in life would serve no function at all if you can't retain it, assimilate it and let it define you as an eternal entity.

One school of thought says what you experienced in life will not matter. All the good and bad you did, all the heartaches and happiness will make no difference. It will just fade away, and you'll go back to being your higher self. But that isn't the purpose of life at all. The purpose is for you to assimilate the higher self into this new being, this unique and differentiated eternal being. What if you were a horrible, lousy person? It doesn't mean you want to assimilate an eternal, horrible person. What you would assimilate is a person who is much more courteous and considerate, with an understanding of the motivation of selfishness. A person who would have a conscious sense of understanding of justifications for and the conditions and situations that caused the selfishness, and maybe even a unique liking of it from time to time. All this would affect your eternal identity. In one sense, the more diverse experiences you have the better. They are your real reward for existence here.

At the second level, the conditions of existence are optimum. That being true, why do you come back into this physical reality? Because of its preciousness, because of its importance to you. It is important for you to be in the physical body to develop your own individual characteristics and personal sense of perception. These are the treasures you will take with you as you expand back outward.

~ The above is from the ebook Ascension ~

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