William Humphrey's Quantum Philosophy All answers will ultimately end with God but God created us to be rational. God created dynamics inside of what we call design. Design allows rational beings to predict and interpret. How many particulars can we identify, rationalize and wield before forfeiting the quest and just saying its God. Even though scientists can now pinpoint the genes that are responsible for transforming an arm into a wing or fin it is still God that puts the gene in motion. You can replace each word in this book with the title God and it will still hold the same truths. Expand your mind Meanings Answers Promises a spiritual outlet Dedication I have always felt that I am not meant for this world. The world around me is cruel yet I feel as if I have been nurtured. I accredit my good fortune not to my unfortunate upbringing but to an event that happened when I was about eleven years old, the day I was reborn. It was seemingly an ordinary day but when I awoke from a midday nap I was rendered in a state of extreme meditation. I was in the realm of Truth. It is nothing that can be described but it is everlasting. I remember trying to convince myself to absorb the experience so I would remember it when I returned to the natural. I was afraid but I mustard the courage to use my new sense to survey this realm through brief peeks. I realized that The Divine encompasses everything. This made me uncomfortable. I have always been good natured and a good Christian but I was taught that God is a harsh judge. I then opened my consciousness to interpret the communication that was trying to be received. I was told "do not fear. This is familiar to you." I responded fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. Then I understood, what I was taught was inaccurate. After this I allowed myself to experience what it is to be. This forever altered me. I became more aware and intuitive. I was created from nothing, into something, and then multiplied by divine will. Do to my rebirth nothing was able to deter me in the natural. Society was trying to teach me to believe the essence of man is a product of his environment. What I knew mostly was being poor yet I excelled. I purchased a car when I was seventeen. Prior to this most of my life we didn't have a car. At the age twenty one I purchased a house and had a son. Before this no one I knew owned a house. When I turned twenty six my sister Victoria Humphrey was killed. She had been shot in the heart out of jealousy. My sister was fifteen months older than me and the closest thing in the universe I could compare myself to. What made us dissimilar died when she passed but what remained was unanimity. Still a part of me felt like I was split from my limbs, yet I live. It seemed as if good things came to her more easily. Where I failed my way to success she excelled. In grade school she was a straight-A-student and I passed by the skin of my teeth. She left behind my niece and nephew Taylor and Takari. As I mourned I began to question the dynamics of existence. The most frequent question I asked was "how could my sister's spirit that I know so well to be true, not be? If what once was true can now be not, how does truth relate to reality?" After my rebirth I never depended on anything in the natural again. I have always felt that the natural was inadequate to handle my spirit so when my sister past I endeavored to enlighten all people in my situation. As I typed my beliefs I was not just coping with my sister passing but also creating adequacy for myself and others. I didn't start to type until after my supervisor at work, Kami Rangeloff exposed me to a DVD called "What the Bleep Do We Know" and then asked me what the difference is between the DVD and my own beliefs. I couldn't properly express myself verbally so I created this communication. This DVD was the only Metaphysics I knew of until after this book was fully formed. I believe reasoning and faith is basically the same. The biggest difference is with faith the outcome is certain and with reason you have to reserve the right to be wrong, uncertainty is necessary. One thing I know for certain and that is that nothing is for sure, nothing is for certain, and nothing but God lasts forever. This book is in dedication to my sister, Kami was the catalyst and now I am a flame lit. Introduction Mom use to say "To keep a secret from a fool just write it down." You have been chosen by God to be a witness to the era of Truth. This book empowers its readers to further themselves in ways that will advance mankind. This book not only gives you the mental tools necessary to be further successful it also inspires its readers to use them. It marks the beginning of the end of famine, hate, disease… This is a brilliant thought provoking metanarrative that unifies all theories under one concept. You may contemplate its passages then revisit them with more enthusiasm. The nostalgic intricacies of metaphysics create euphoria, "ambrosia." It demands an emotional response. This book promotes free thinking and provides answers for life's greatest conundrums such as what is the meaning of life. Its truth bridges the barriers between all fields of knowledge transcending faith, science and politics. Each chapter is a progression that illuminates Truth in ways that is easy to absorb. These progressions are tiers called Depth Communication. Its simplicity surrenders understanding to you because its theme is the origin of understanding. This is a set of brief statements that a simple mind can appreciate yet a more complex mind can expand upon. Acquiring minds have now found what they have been looking for. The intensity never falters. It has been scrutinized in order to omit unnecessary statements. The topics raised are major and relevant to the modern day. A revelation is divine illumination that is inevitably misinterpreted in any attempt of recreation but this book is in the neighborhood. All signs pointing toward 2012 were in preparation for this potential evolutionary shift in humanity. This book reveals one of the greatest revolutions for mankind since the creation of man. What could you accomplish by knowing the ways in which God works? This book makes bold claims then delivers. Read this book in entirety and I promise you will be forever improved. God wants you to understand, this is the reason you were created to be rational. Some people may have a negative outlook on things this book exposes because they are ill prepared. This is a powerful book so you may need to clear your schedule before engaging it. Truth does not need me for it to be true. I welcome the chance to rationalize life through reasoning and faith. I want to be perfect but will settle for being right more often then not. This book is not to be "believed" it is to be understood. This book is fun yet in time this book will be studied and referenced around the world for a multitude of reasons, it is timeless. Prior to reading this book make a list of all questions that has found no answer in your life then check them off as you read. No one who truly looks will find an inadequate answer. This book will interact with you and your thoughts. This is why I added space for you to write on. By writing in this book you carry out the second half of its purpose. If this book stays in mint condition with no added thoughts it remains incomplete. If you are moved to invest in this please visit my site at HYPERLINK "http://www.thatsdebatableonline.com" www.thatsdebatableonline.com. If you are not in a position to assist please forward a copy to those who are. William Anthony Humphrey TABLE OF CONTENT 1. THE NUTTSHELL GOD THE SOUL GOD'S LAWS REALITY 2. THE OVERFLOW THE FOUNDATION ENLIGHTENMENT THE UNIVERSE KARMA 3. THE EUPHONY MIRACLES EVOLUTION JUDGEMENT THE NATURAL 4. SATORI THE BRAIN THE HIERARCHY VESTED FATE VIBRATIONS 5. THE PRELUDE CO-CREATORS CAUSALITY PIETY CHARACTER 6. THE CORE DNA THE VECTOR RECOLLECTION PERCEPTION 7. THE RAPTURE CONFIRMATION APTITUDE INDIFFERENCE ETHICS 8. THE PINNACLE ILLUMINATION PROVIDENCE CONSTITUTION HUMAN BEHAVIOR 9. MELEE PERCEPTIBLE CONSCIOUSNESS EARTH DIVINE DESIGN MEDITATION 10. THE FAUNALLY ASCESION COMPOSER RECAP PARADOX 11. THE RESOLUTION REFINEMENT ACOLYTES UNFAMILIAR RESERVATIONS TIME MOMS COOKIE THEORY AN ANALYTICAL DREAM NAPKINS THE INTERVIEW William Humphrey's Depth Communication One The Nut Shell GOD The world is a stage in a game called life. All people are characters of God. When a man plays a video game like, Mortal Kombat, he brings his characters to life. He animates his characters with a controller. When he focuses on his characters he loses part of his own awareness. He becomes less conscious of his environment because he channels his consciousness into the game characters. When he turns off the game he regains his consciousness. We are not Gods. All human beings are embodiments of the only true God. Characters in a game can not affect a higher reality. The door doesn't swing both ways but the day that we ascend we gain full awareness. When we realize that we are just playing a game, we become fully conscious. This feels like an everlasting revelation amplified by an eternity of knowledge and understanding which surrenders infinite power. Take a moment to reflect on this but I intend to rationalize this concept. God is the ultimate paradox. Before the beginning of existence there was God. God has always been and will always be. God has no center or focal point. God is everything everywhere at all times. God has no gender. A gender implies that God has a better half. Genders allow men and women to fit together to make whole. God is complete and eternal. God has motives and desires. God has wishes for your life. The first law is God loves. If God didn't care man would not be. God is the consciousness of power itself. All things are made from the same manifestation of God. This manifestation is what we call energy. All things are pure energy. The state of matter called solid, liquid or gas is energy making itself tangible. God left clues depicting Truth, things like déjà vu and dreams have been given to all individuals but the biggest clue constitutes matter itself, energy. If you looked at everything through a microscope regardless of what you're looking at deep down you will find the same thing. That's because all objects are made from atoms. Atoms are microscopic bits of energy. An atom consists of multiple protons, electrons and neutrons. The protons and neutrons attach to each other at the center of the atom forming a nucleus. The electrons rotate around the nucleus like a solar system. The electrons generate an electro magnetic energy field allowing matter to be tangible. This force covers the atom like a shield. Basically this is energy surrounded by more energy. When objects come close their shields repels the other object, just like magnets. No two objects ever touch because of the electro magnetic shield. If you were to remove the electro magnetic shield, matter would loose its tangibility. For example, if you were to attempt to pick up a cup without the shield, your hand would go through the cup. Without the shield all objects would get compressed down to the center of the Earth due to gravity. Coincidentally the actions at the center of the Earth create the magnetic shield that protects the Earth. Atoms are so infinitesimal that men fail to acknowledge the fact that objects are nothing more then energy. To us it feels as if we are in contact with a freestanding unit filled with substance. Our senses declare Objects to be solid but in reality it is God manifesting into tangible energy and all energy is unified. The essence that constitutes objects is the same essence that makes up thought. There is no contrast between the building blocks of thought and the building blocks of objects. By understanding this fact you can conceive objects as thought. THE SOUL Consider this, when the man pause the Mortal Kombat game he notices that the characters are moving on their own. The man starts to wonder if the characters have awakened to consciousness. If so, do the characters believe that their weapons are real? Would they be able to still touch their weapons? Would they believe that they could still kill each other? More essentially, would the characters believe that their world is real? I believe the answer is yes. Eventually they may start to wonder where they came from and about the meaning of life. Over time their society may advance to realize that their whole universe is made from pure energy and nothing ever touches. Even if they could conceive objects as being thought would they persist in their faith, believing they are real? Perhaps they would make a bomb when there science finds a way to harness their new found energy. God does not have a remote control. God's remote is an animator. This animator is your conscience. Your conscience is the voice of consciousness. All objects have a level of consciousness. The power that causes existence to manifest is the omniscient part of your soul. This is why sometimes you feel as if you will exist forever. God gives life an ego and the ability to choose. Your body has an opinion the voice of that opinion is the ego. Your ego makes the distinction between your conscience and God's consciousness. The ego and body are one. There is a third aspect of your psyche called the spirit. Your spirit is the mediator. The spirit exists because the conscience does not directly communicate with the ego. The day you become conscious of your spirit, you will receive a revelation and become reborn. You become more aware and intuitive, in alignment with the universe. You become more receptive to Truth. All three of these entities are parts of your soul. You hear their voices constantly. You may believe that they are one but they are separate. They are in a constant power struggle. Unfortunately it's hard to tell their voices apart because all three voices are the same voice you hear when you speak. There is no thought that does not originate from one of these three entities. It's exceedingly important to be skilled at distinguishing all aspects of your psyche because all three have different motives. If you concentrate you will discover their tendencies. We have all had that conversation after the alarm clock wakes us. It sounds something like "This bed feels really good. Why don't I call in sick," Then your spirit rebuttals. After seven million years, man evolved to become capable of creating art, music, communities, governments, religions, and Gods. The most popular God is the God man made in their own image. In reality God is everywhere. God doesn't need us for worship. God didn't create us for amusement. We are created by the grace of God. God is loving and generous. Men are not worthy to praise or honor God, God is too superior. This is why man decided to create a lesser God, to fill a void or an innate need. Some say God is a spiritual being with no focal point to make God easier to idolize but the fullness of God is not a "being." In a nonexistence where there is no "beingness" God is still unchanged. Using a placement in order to try to conceive God is as inaccurate as to believe that God doesn't exist. God is God. GOD'S LAWS When God created existence God made laws to govern it. God's Laws are the actual methods God used to create existence. God's Laws are impervious. The only things that exist not bound by all of God's Laws are the laws themselves and God. If they are altered existence as we know it would not have happened. What qualifies to be God's law? There are only two qualifiers. To qualify a rule either has to be continuously applicable every physical place or deify a rule that is. This rule would have to apply in the deepest regions of the earth, sea and also in the vast nothingness of deep space. God's Laws are constant, they never change. God's Laws can't truly be rationalized or understood. Men study God's Laws and are able to utilize the known laws as they were intended. God's Laws can not be manipulated because they are God's will. They are because God says they are. There are no answers to the "but why" question after logic reaches one of God's Laws. They are the closes we can get to truth by any rational means. It takes almost no effort to prove God's Laws exist because there are an infinite amount of them. How can one of God's Laws be found? God's Laws have dynamics that can be measured and observed. If you were to simplify anything, all that would be left is God's Laws. God's Laws are rudimentary like the law of color, the law of temperature, the law of space, the law of energy, the law of vibrations, the endless laws of mathematics, the laws of contrast, the spectrum of brightness law, the law of change, every characteristic of God is a law, the law that everything has a beginning, the law that matter exist. These are only a few laws but there is a countless amount of God's Laws waiting to be discovered and utilized. Time is not one of God's Laws. Time is a very powerful concept but in any case time is a concept. The law that best represent time is the law that concepts or thoughts exist. Time exists only as a concept. The concept of time is linear but life is a paradox. Though we can account for it, in truth there is no moment separating now and billions of years ago. Time was created by man to calculate the effects of God's Laws. Man found a need to forecast the seasons so they created the concept of time based on the Earth's orientation. When man realized that the Earth revolved around the sun on an axis, they were able to fine tune the calendar. The start of this concept took place approximately a thousand years prior to the date that Jesus was born. The calendar was altered several times just like The Bible to conform to man's languages and religions. All cultures modify their concepts of reality as they struggle to rationalize what is known. Truth has no requisites, motives, or ego and doesn't need man. Truth is God's Laws. Life is a paradox involving matter, energy, time, space and consciousness as well as how they correlate with God's Laws. The dilemma is that, matter is energy, time is just a concept and our concept of space is flawed but they each represent a vital piece of this equation. There truly only exist consciousness and power. The equation is flawed but it is a starting point that has potential. Einstein's E=mc2 proves that actions are relevant to energy. If you were to appreciate what life is, there would be no subject in the natural that you couldn't rationalize. Truth leaves no opportunity for faith. Faith is for the blind. There is a power in knowing. Grasp reality and use it to your advantage. We are like atoms; if you unlock your potential something extraordinary will happen. I would like to witness everyone bursting with their God given power in the name of love and righteousness. REALITY Truth will always validate reality, the same way that mathematic equations correlate backward forwards, added/subtracted, multiplied/divided. Reality is designed to be a continuous metamorphosis. Reality may be impossible to understand in today's cultures. The leading obstacle to overcome is point of view. Life is experienced in contrary to each other because of our egos. All knowledge comes from external influences. Your conscience understands all but men still need to strengthen their spirit then gain the knowledge of each topic that the understanding pertains to in order to harvest the revelation. This is the physical segment of understanding. You have to search and find. The law that best represents this is the law that everything in the natural derives from and correlates to the realm beyond the natural. The brain processes four hundred billion bits of information per second but it's only alert to two hundred thousand. Why is the brain alert to such a small percentage? Your brain processes memory in the same fashion it processes events in reality. When you remember something you are recreating events in time and in space inside of your mind. This is a clue to truth. God is familiarizing you with how memories work. How good do you think God's memories are? God's memories are so much more amplified and more vivid than ours that God remembers all moments at once and they become manifested. Every time your mind processes a bit of information represents a separate moment existing simultaneously in God's memory. Unlike us God does not have a brain to harbor thoughts. Where do God's memories appear? Matter has the same essence as thought because God's memories make up the universe. All God's memories simultaneously appear as man's reality. This reaffirms that time as a constant is man's concept. Life is a paradox existing inside of God's memory. What is the paradox? Have you ever experienced déjà vu, the feeling that you have been through certain events before? That is because you have. God never forgets so your cycle of events will occur "for the first time" as long as God exists. Again God is familiarizing you with truth. The day after you pass away is today. This is a glorious day because you've gained full consciousness and realized that you are God. Tomorrow someone else ascends and realize that they are you and they are as we are today God in flesh. As you look back on our lives, all of our memories are manifested into existence simultaneously. There is only now. At this moment God exist as us. What about the moments in my life that I don't like? One of God's Laws is the law of karma. Karma is a self generated retro correcting action. Karma implies that you will correct all your mistakes. You will look over our lives and be satisfied. As God when you make a correction in your incarnation, that version of you will change forever. Every time you make a correction a new reality stream is created. God remembers all streams simultaneously. The main stream is never altered. The main stream is actually the final stream. These streams represent parallel universes and alternate realities. For each reality stream you are only partially conscious. Your consciousness is divided across all your realities. That is why the brain is conscious of only a small part of what it is receiving. We are unaware of almost everything that our brains pick up so as for at this moment we are oblivious to reality. Y IS A DISTINCTION PUT BETWEEN OUR LIVES AND YOUR LIVES After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#2) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. I EMPLOY YOU TO ADD YOUR VIEWS ON THIS CHAPTER William Humphrey's Depth Communication Two The Overflow THE FOUNDATION The Nut Shell is a basic representation of my personal relationship with God. The Overflow is a more in depth disclosure. Before I could have a genuine relationship with God, I had to release myself of my obligations to faith. I put God under evaluation. I was able to reason God out of existence. I came to the understanding that it is possible every time I believed that I had received divine intervention was actually a natural phenomenon. I then realized that life could be because life just is. I became terrified, thinking to myself "now look what have I done searching for the truth. I have reasoned away God." I eventually realized that I should not be afraid of losing God to the truth because truth is true if I believe it or not. Understanding can't create or destroy God. I then continued with my method being only devoted to the truth. My goal was to simplify everything in order to reach a universal truth. The first question is relevant to the paradox; what came first the chicken or the egg? While pondering this paradox I realized whatever created existence had to have been around forever. The catalyst had to have functioned prior to existence or it would have come from something else which would mean it could not have created everything. From this point the answer to the paradox could be one of two things either existence has been around forever or God created it. The answer to this question is irrelevant because God is existence. What gives us hope is the idea that existence has consciousness. What begins with a paradox ends with a paradox. My evaluation on creation always has the same conclusion. I struggled with the unfortunate fact that this method continued suggests that it isn't possible for God to exist, if God is everywhere at all times. With no boundaries there can be no definition. No definition means you are nothing. At this point I received a revelation. I was taking the question itself for granted. The question was formed in the mind of man. This revelation gave a new direction. A new question formed which was, who said everything had to come from something? Who said the chicken had to come from the egg? Who is making up these rules? The rules themselves became my focus because they were governing my reasoning. Once I realized that whoever created the rules must exist outside of them, everything fell into place. I found rule after rule, starting with the rule that everything has a beginning and contrast. I realized the influence of these rules is immeasurable. I then understood that they are God's Laws and there is an infinite amount of them. I came to appreciate the functionality of God's Laws and made the assumption that God's system would be a solid foundation. I focused on God's Laws and realized all aspects of reality fits perfectly inside of them, not by chance but as a design. The design itself proves that existence has consciousness. God's Laws are the key to understanding. Truth is one of God's Laws, unfortunately change is also. Fundamentally this means man may never fully achieve truth until man's understanding exists not bound by God's Laws. Truth will never change but man's understanding is governed by the laws of change. Truth is a paradox with no fear of contradiction because nevertheless it is exact. ENLIGHTENMENT God's Laws are tasks that God has committed to do. Consider God's Law that the natural derives from and correlates to the realm beyond the natural. For example the brain is a special part of the body made up of a hundred billion charged neurons. Power itself pulses inside of it. These pulses seem electrical but do not act electrical. What causes the pulse? The pulses react to stimuli but that which activates the pulse can not be measured. What is the will? The will or "the why" are the directives given to the spirit from consciousness. These measurable pulses (sparks) determine a physical outcome. The supernatural operates the body. The byproduct of a spark can be an emotion, action, or concept. Each spark has an outcome that will summon another spark. We experience life through a cycle of sparks. The brain exists to transmit these sparks. The brain plays a part similar to the spirit. That's because the brain is the manifestation of the spirit bonding with the ego. Being aware of your spirit not bound by the brain beckons is the first stage of enlightenment. The rebirth and the first stage of enlightenment occur almost simultaneously. To be enlightened means to allow your ego and spirit to submit to your conscience's will. All stages of enlightenment are a result of self-control. An enlightened man may say "you must search for Truth if you want to become enlightened. Fortunately enlightenment is much easier to obtain than Truth." When you are living in enlightenment you can be fed a steady stream of revelations. There is a difference between the brain and the mind. The brain is a physical manifestation of the spirit made of many nerve cells. The brain can be measured. The mind is a little more complicated. The mind is the spirit. It has no measurable features. Think of a large hole that goes through the center of the earth. Put yourself at the edge of it and look down. Now make that hole bigger and bigger until from space the earth looks like a huge doughnut. You can see it with your eyes closed. How big is this thought? In your mind it's enormous but in your brain its small sparks. The sparks didn't get any bigger as you enlarged the hole. Your brain does not do your spirit justice. Your brain and eyes is not what see thoughts so what does? This is a good way to identify your spirit. Everything that exists has a level of consciousness and power since everything in existence is God and God is the consciousness of power. Everything with a living body has an ego since the ego is the voice of the living body. Everything that has a brain has a spirit since the brain is the manifestation of the spirit. What determines the level of awareness is their relationship. All three entities are parts of the soul. Your conscience is the voice of consciousness. The conscience does not communicate directly with the ego. Brain sparks are the evidence of the communication between the conscience and the spirit. The results of the sparks are the evidence of the communication between the spirit and the ego. When you learn to lose less in translation you've reached the next stage of enlightenment. Men of this stature can no longer hold others to their own standards. Knowledge is as vast as God. Where God is, there is also information. No man can ever acquire all knowledge but with ultimate maturity man can acquire all understanding. This is the final stage of enlightenment. THE UNIVERSE We should all have the same primary objective in life which is maturity of the soul. How do we achieve this? You must understand the motives of the entities of your soul in order to understand them. Next you must concentrate on their communication. Focus on loosing less in translation. To help you focus you can utilize meditation. When your environment is tranquil it is easier to develop the soul. You should reflect on your unresolved questions during that time. It is important to truly understand the questions. Even though your question may seem simple enough, you must understand the definition of each word in the question. You mush understand the components to further understand the whole. Sometimes it's necessary to rephrase the question. This step takes the most diligence. Your consciousness understands all so as your soul matures you will be able to grasp more understanding with less knowledge required. It is impossible to conceive the limitless paramount that is God. God is the ultimate consciousness and has boundless energy more vast then all the cosmos. Our brains only create sparks. When a man tries to grasp the power that is God what he is truly doing is attempting to contain God, giving God limits and boundaries, trying to fit infinity inside of his brain. Attempting to conceive God is a self-defeating aspiration but it does lead to enlightenment. It is impossible to understand God but the attempt yields its on rewards. I have received revelations pertaining to the awesomeness of God. With each revelation comes a glimpse of an even more inconceivable intensity of God. If God is everything everywhere then God has no way to be distinguished. The law of contrast states everything has limits. If there are no characteristics that can depict or define you, you don't exist. God exists outside of all laws even the law of contrast. The law of contrast can be understood by this next scenario. God has just made the decision to create existence. The only thing existence could be made of is God. In this scenario God is represented by a liquid paper ocean. First God creates the laws. The laws will be represented by an empty marker. God fills the marker with liquid paper. Now it's time to create. On the liquid paper ocean God draws all aspects of the universe using this marker. Your reasoning is right. The marker wouldn't create anything the creation would mix back into the liquid paper ocean because there is no contrast between the markings and the liquid paper ocean. It's all the same energy, separated then brought back together. What did God actually do? When creating the universe God put distinctions between God's energies by the use of certain laws. God created the law of color, the law of space, the law of temperature and so on. All that resulted from consciousness was caused to be. As God created the laws our universe formed. Reality is not one of God's Laws. Reality derives from God's Law of Truth. Man's concept of reality helps determine what is and what is insane. Reality can't be a law because it continues to change. When you die, what is your reality? Are you dead or do you exist forever in various manners? Death is the end of life in the natural but what about reality? When a man dies, the universe is still here yet his reality has changed. The brain operates the body, stores and recalls data, also calculates and reasons. Reasoning is what makes us unique. Our interpretations manifest our realities. KARMA Obviously dreams can't be real because they do not have a lasting effect on reality. This is not true. When you go to work each day is just the thought of you going to work in the memory of you as God. You can create reality as an incarnation. It just doesn't exist in a permanent form as does God's thoughts. When your ego is sleep but your spirit is not you can experience waking dreams. During some waking dream you are aware of your surroundings but your body is temporally paralyzed. As your ego dream the ego can project aspect of the dream into your surroundings. Do to the current nature of man the projection is prone to be negative. You can prevent this disuniting by meditating and purging your body of disruptive influences like excess energy, drugs, unhealthy diets, negative energy and stress. Over time your psyche will rebalance itself. We are no more real to God than our dreams are to us. You may ask if my thoughts are manifested by God, when I think of a horrible place shouldn't it appear somewhere in reality? God does not have a brain to harbor thoughts but you do. Any thoughts small enough to be conjured by man will manifest back inside man's mind therefore thoughts and dreams are real. They are enabled by the same catalyst and consist of the same energy of our universe. God dealt your hand with the cards face up. It's not possible to have the knowledge of God and exist as a separate unit. Men should focus on their choices for this is our domain. Most people play by the rules that they are familiar with, sticking to their teachings. The hand itself deals you into the game but we determine the rules that we play by. We are normally taught to play by the rules of Concentration. Where we are forbidden to look at the cards and try to guess for a fitted pair. By these rules only through the experience of trial and error can we have an advantage. Why hinder yourself? Life is what you make it put the rules in your favor according to the cards shown to you. You have a royal flush. Man can't change his birth parents or his history but through his choices he can change himself. As you change your tendencies reality tends to change accordingly. You better yourself the moment you decide you will strive to be better, commitment is the catalyst. This is due to karma. The natural realm is governed by seemingly random sequence of karmatic events. Everybody has a field surrounding them called aura that attracts or repels others. Your conscience is the judge, jury, and prosecutor when it comes to these matters, based solely on your true intentions. The results of your actions are circumstantial, subject to participating influences. You are obligated to improve your life. Living neutral is not enough but self improvement does improve the life of those around you. The seemingly random sequence of karmatic events is what I call Vested Fate. Vested Fate is what your environment has given consent to. It is the pressure caused by the aura in close proximity. This is the probability factor that will ultimately determine the events in the day. The condition of your aura determines your contribution towards Vested Fate. Be honest with yourself. The ego is the master of the way things appears. Denial is not conveying the truth to other aspects of your psyche. The deception restricts the positive flow of karma. You become venerable because your aura weakens and you are still subject to Vested Fate, which wields negative energy. Energy is never lost only transformed. It's our duty to absorb the circulating negative energy and transform it into positive energy until we have converted all negativity. Your actions determine the nature of the karma that you discharge and the strength of your aura. E=MC2 Einstein just scratched the surface. After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#3) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's Depth Communication Three The Euphony MIRACLES God's Laws are the blueprints of life so how do miracles fit in to the picture? Is a miracle God acting inconsistent with God's Laws or is it possible that a miracle is something that man has the capacity to control? Can we put miracles in a mathematical equation like Quantum Physics? Generally people believe miracles are the hand of God moving. Though this phrase is a figure of speech, it reinforces a faith based line of thinking such as God being in heaven creating miracles. God is all but there are some who believe that God is limited to the great unknown. We can now explain things that we once believed belonged to God. Some say the more we expand our understanding the less we can accredit as being in God's domain. This is way religion and science is thought to oppose each other. Is science violating God? The truth is there are laws that govern miracles. Miracles are events that occur that society has not yet come to understand. We classify the unknown as miracles but once we learn to harness the miracle it becomes less miraculous. The idea of miracles coincides with the needs of man. We need to identify the law that the miracle responds to. God's Law may say that miracles happen through man's personal relationship with God or enlightenment. God's greatest miracles are taken for granted. The Earth is made of mostly water that is harmful to drink, yet the process of it approaching us filters it. Freshwater rivers endlessly flow through the land creating sustenance for man to eat and drink. Even remote places receive freshwater through precipitation. This miracle continues to mold our evolutionary path still this statement of God's design is ignored or hardly mentioned. Freshwater is holy. Let's entertain the thought of a miracle being the result of God intervening do to an encroachment by powers such as angels and demons at war. To explain this it's necessary to reference the Hebrew Bible. It states that angels were created to govern heaven and serve man. Some angels became resentful and man became corrupt as a result of a disobedient angel. Sin was past from Heaven to Adam. Instead of intervening God allowed what was created to serve us to destroy us. The Bible goes on to say that God then directly started to destroy us. To cover this blunder like a bandage some faith based religions comfort themselves believing that God works in mysterious ways. You wouldn't expect such a flaw to be in something an omniscient being would create. Either God knowingly created this issue or doesn't know all. If God intended this outcome that would mean we are exactly who God wants us to be, we have no choices in our lives only fate. Equate the odds of a naïve Adam never stumbling across any sins over a period of eternity. Now add in the fact that God allows a team of angles to plot against him. The odds are not in Adam's favor. God then sends the messiah to correct the situation and gives him the ability to create miracles at will. Man crucifies the messiah in the manner of their worst criminals. What would make them believe Jesus was a fraud? Understand that there were multiple opposing groups trying to fulfill John the Baptist's and other's prophecies of the messiah. Many groups faked resurrections, giving sight to the blind and other miracles during this period. There are no morals or evidence to these stories yet some choose to believe in them. EVOLUTION There is a debate on rather creation began about four thousand years ago as declared in The Bible or over billions of years as in The Big Bang Theory. These two ideas are separated by a disgusting amount of time. This disgusting discrepancy is an indication of the inability to grow found in faith based religions. Time does not exist in a linear fashion but to understand the guided tour of existence is to appreciate that it would be in character for a clue to be imbedded as a design inside all singularities, carbon dating. Carbon dating has had its inconsistencies during early development but it is in alignment with God's Laws. Extrapolate from the fact that you can estimate the age of a tree by the patterns found in its trunk? These are two separate signs designed by the same catalyst. The current theory of evolution is debatable but allows me to believe there is no limit for man's development. Evolution is species changing over time caused by environmental influences. Man has divided into multiple ethnic groups for this same reason. These distinct physical and cultural differences have been multiplying over a disgusting amount of time. Keep this in mind then jump backward a billion years and forward a billion years. This is the essence of evolution. We have eternity to change as a species. One day we will look back and not see a single physical or cultural similarity. Truth is not bias but our sources are. When you pursue truth, find multiple sources and extrapolate from their similarities. Consider life forming from the day of its conception until it matures. First the egg gets fertilized, then the cells begin to split and then it evolves in to an embryo. After birth, the infant's characteristics change dramatically physically and mentally before becoming a toddler, child, and then adult. Sperm cell and egg have no similarities to an adult. This design is an accelerated form of evolution. You personally were once a cell yet some can't believe Homo sapiens were once primates. The two controversial ideas have more in common then not. A big commonality involves the fact that The Big Bang needs a catalyst. Where did material come from in the first place? Did God say "LET THERE BE MATTER" then an explosion took place? Other then the disgusting time variable the first six days in The Bible occurs almost in the same sequence as The Big Bang. With the big bang the explosion comes first which would light up the universe eventually creating the sun and stars. On the first day God said "let there be light." Next the Earth would start to cool, take form and create an atmosphere. The second day God created the heavens. Then the Earth would further cool, form solid land and eventually grow plants. On the third day God created land, seas, and plants. The fourth day there is an inconsistency because The Bible states on this day God created the sun, moon and stars. After the earth cooled enough the next evolutionary stage would be life emerging from the sea evolving from single cell organisms. On the fifth day God created all the animals. Evolution states that the life forms would become more complex and eventually a single species would dominate the earth. On the sixth day God created man and gave man dominion over the Earth. These two concepts of origin were created thousands of years apart. Why is their sequence of events so similar? The greatest thinkers are said to have been Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The era of thinkers coincides with the time of The Bible. Being the hero in the story, Moses probably did write the first book of The Bible but the greatest thinkers would write the greatest books. An important day in The Bible's history took place over three hundred years after Jesus. Celestine held a conference at the Synagogue because the known world, followers of Moses were in a constant religious war. The legislative bodies of their time gathered and agreed to define Jesus as being God, the son of God and the Holy Ghost. To make a distinction from Paganism they stated all three entities were not to be confused as three separate Gods. They amended the teachings of The Bible to reflect this decision. Naming Jesus as God was a positive act because it unified a nation and helped to end war. How many people have died in the name of God? The legislative bodies that disagreed with the altered teachings relocated the citizens that were non Christian. This includes people who were Islamic or practiced Judaism. For centuries we've based God on the question, who do you believe Jesus was. This alteration radically changed our evolutionary path. Study The Council Of Nicaea through unbiased eyes. JUDGMENT Partially do to the world's governments and politics as a whole we believe that the world will one day be annihilated. Our innate intent is to make the world a utopia. We join together in struggle to make things positive. Some become terrorists because of this. There will continue to be attacks on society even if it is counterproductive. Soon groups will find worst ways to contaminate major bodies of water which could shut down whole cities. The oil spills are just the beginning. What do terrorist want? They are attempting to expedite the world's designed equilibrium. The world equilibrium is innately known to be a design so terrorist can do horrific things and still claim it is God's will. Negative things happen when you go against God's design. It takes drastic measures for a small amount of people to make an impact on a world scale. To prevent this we can shorten the term of the world's elected officials. Society will advance quicker due to more fresh ideas. More citizens will support their government and take an interest in politics. It would help to level the playing field and bring about mankind's natural equilibrium. Larger bodies of movement require less drastic measures. Our world is not doomed we are just undeveloped this is why laws are currently being implemented or changed. Judgment is not something that comes at the end of life rather something that we experience each day through karma. There is no biblical Heaven or Hell. Hell is when you find that you leverage your power to choose and harvest no gain. You labor but receive no answers. Time works against you, it flies when you're having fun and comes to a stop if you're not. Things that once brought pleaser no longer have the same effect. Denial is self-torment. It is a level of Hell. How do I get out of Hell? At this point you owe in to the system. Over time you can pay your debt by continuously making better choices. Over time your positive actions create a progression. Then you can start to make your way in to Heaven. You are in Heaven when you have a symbiotic relationship with Vested Fate. The results of your choices are favorable. Your quality of life continues to improve. You give to the world and continue to gain. When someone wrongs you, you convert the negative energy and release positive energy. You have co-created a purpose and found fulfillment in it. You feel God is partial to you and shows you favoritism. You have self control, control of your karma and you receive revelations because you're enlightened. There are infinite levels for Heaven and Hell and they are both places you have to deserve in order to stay in. Man has an infinite amount of potential and the capacity to change. As incarnations we are not created equal. Simply put, some people are better then others. A key factor in our design is to judge each other but be prepared to also be judged. All judgments should be temporary. There is a saying that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. This is not true but good intentions don't excuse bad deeds. If your intent was "good" but your deed was "bad" you may be in denial. The road to Hell is paved with denials. We have a right to prosecute for losses in property and damages but the power to "get even" with someone because their actions were deliberate and their intent was negative is not in man's dominion. There are no universal formulas to live life by. What works for you may not for me. Your life is your paradigm. With strong aura thing in life may be attracted to you that I have to work harder for. Your fate is provisional. Do to your aura your life is the exception to the concept of a captive destiny. My advice would be for you to stay open to guidance. Scrutinize the effects of your actions. Establish your own version of set principals. Write them down to make them physical. Use God's Laws as a guide. Change is a law so you should always look to improve. Through experience you will judge people who are superior but there is only one you. You are a perfect singularity as God intended. THE NATURAL God gives each incarnation an ego, spirit, and conscience. Their common goal is to take lead of your choices. Reasoning and the power to choose are true innate assets. At times reasoning is equal to a debate in your psyche that will determine which aspect of you takes lead for a certain moment. The victor will leverage your power to choose in order to gain. The choice itself is not as valuable as having the ability to make the choice. As a baby your choices are limited so they don't have much value. As a child we leverage our power to choose to learn so we can make better decisions. We will listen to what teacher wants for now so that we can gain knowledge and a skill set that would make our power to choose easier to leverage. We also use this ability to fit in. As adults we leverage our power to choose for an hourly wage as in I will choose to follow your company's policies at the rate of a certain dollar amount per hour. The ultimate achievement is when your choices works for you as in you can do what you desire and still gain. If we lose all our possessions we would still have reasoning and the power to choose. The world is superficial because it was created to accommodate the ego. Everything that you are is for the sole purpose of being a singularity. Man is not God and man is not just a spirit. Man is also flesh and bone. Do not deny yourself as a physical being. Be good to your ego. God wants you to have pleasure and be happy during your life but any time your pleasure impairs your power to choose it is not virtuous. Do not corrupt your body for pleasure. This is the reason for the great struggle. Due to the physical your spirit is at a disadvantage. The only way your spirit can influence your ego is through communication. The will of your spirit may desire things that you aren't able perform physically but your choices can operate on a spiritual level. Through communication your spirit can physically compel the ego's motor skills. Stress is the result of opposition on a physical and spiritual level. All influences in the natural create stress, actions and words. Just blinking your eyes creates stress. This is why your eyelids have muscles. Stress is necessary. It helps to shape and develop your body and spirit. Stress can make it easier to hinder your karma. Stressing because you're stressed has no purpose. Perpetual stress can be avoided. It can cause you to get sick, headaches, strokes, heart attacks and or depression. Depression is a feeling of failing your spiritual directives. When the ego seizes control you may feel out of control. This is a psychological crisis. Your body fills with adrenaline and your actions go on autopilot. You may cross a line but continue out of spite. Some may go as far as to argue, break things, steal, or even kill. In this situation it is imperative that you take deep breaths and immediately amerce yourself in cool freshwater to calm your ego. When things seem to be moving fast, this is the best time to take in meditation. Do not alter your principles at this time. Take responsibility understand that no matter who is at fault your choices led you to this event. Take this opportunity to strengthen your soul's communication. Stress can help you to mature. Be aware of your emotions and intentions. Ask for help then leverage your power to choose to make things less stressful. Do what you can, then improve After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#4) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's Depth Communication Four Satori THE BRAIN What is intuition or extra sensory perception? Can we consciously acknowledge the aura of others? Yes, intuition is a combination of a spiritual and physical awareness. The spiritual portion is based on the communication of the soul. Strengthen your soul to become aware. You wield supernatural powers when your ego obtains relatively undistorted knowledge from your conscience. Man can't fully detach from the lenses that has been imposed on them through their acknowledgments of falsehoods. The physical portion is based on your brain being a complex computer. It analyses data faster than you realize you've received new information. Everything that you see stores in your brain but your ego doesn't consciously retain it. This means that you notice more then you realize. Part of intuition is the brain picking up on a person's or event's physical tells. Intuition is similar to inductive reasoning, the power of experience involving similar situations. Your brain recalls stored data and analyzes it to create the most probable scenarios for your current situation. This process integrates your past experiences with your current reality. A large amount of communication between people is conveyed nonverbally. Motion is a semi-divine language. Sometime we create preconceptions about a person based on intuition. It is natural to judge one another but judgments are meant to be temporary. You can associate a negative emotion or fall in love at first sight before someone gives you their first impression. Your brain links together a matrix of emotions to a web of data. This is called a neural net. The brain makes connections linking neurons housing emotions to neurons housing its stimulus. These connections are called subroutines. Fueled by experience subroutines create our orientations making it hard to change. They are the reason people can feel things against their nature like being homosexual. You can experience events never appreciating its present day aura. You can be present but disengaged in the now due to subroutines. This is the opposite of enlightenment. If you are quick to anger or despair it's time to change your subroutines. When emotions are due to a chemical imbalance they can be mentally and spiritually harmful. Emotions are cause by peptides in a chemical release that your brain orchestrates. Your ego can become addicted and your spirit can become misled by these peptides. An excess of any chemical can cause the blood receptors to be dependent on it. An oversaturated receptor can lose its sensitivity to other types of peptide. This means peptides creating other emotions have limited access to this receptor. It becomes exceedingly harder to feel other ways. You have to constantly fight for your mind. Learning from past experiences is one objectives of the brain. It can be trained but not fully controlled. The brain is a manifestation of the spirit yet a physical part of the ego so nether has full dominion. The left brain is predominantly controlled by the spirit. Its functionality is mainly rational. The right brain is predominantly controlled by the ego. It has more physical applications. The brain is where the physical and spiritual merges on one erratic playing field. The biochemistry of food and drug's bypasses upper command because it enters through the ego (body). Self-control is a relationship between the ego and spirit so your spirit should have a say in what you consume. By consuming negative energy you can compromise your spirit. If the spirit is compromised the directives from your conscience is also compromised. THE HIERARCHY The soul's hierarchy was a step taken to create our individuality in the midst of divine consciousness. Incarnations have to co-create to coexist with the one that is all things. Divine will created Incumbent Units which are contradictory phenomenon by isolating knowledge. This isolation is the descent that compelled the quest for enlightenment. These Incumbent Units are the consciousness of power yet they are distinguishable. The descent caused these units to adhere to God's Laws. Incumbent Unites are the building blocks of all subatomic particle but they consist of pure power and consciousness. An atom is a matrix of Incumbent Units. Atoms form together to create matter. Matter is the substance of the natural. Do to the fact that the nature of Incumbent Units is to fuse together. The catalyst chose to forced matter apart with a huge explosion. The hierarchy keeps us from combining. The first level of our soul's hierarchy is divine consciousness. On this level nothing is new or old it is unyielding perfection. Beneath this level are God's Laws. God's Laws are the tasks that God has committed to do but they set apart from The Divine. Beneath this level is our collective consciousness. Our soul stretches throughout the universe in the form of matter. Your essence extends beyond your body into the elements. You have to penetrate the universe and God's Laws for your conscience to receive the directives of our divine consciousness. Beneath this level is the combined consciousness of all life. This is the level of karma. On this level we discipline and reward ourselves as incarnations. Beneath this level is the consciousness of us as a species. As mankind we have a unified voice. This is the level of intuition. The connection you have with your loved ones applies to all man. Beneath this level begins the levels of the psyche. Your psyche is the part of your soul incased in your mind and body. In the moment it takes brain to process "the now" the psyche is responsible for translating Truth into perception. Do to this delay in continuity man is always a moment behind "the now." Beneath this level resides our conscience. The conscience asks divine will for the gift of animation. Beneath this level is the spirit. The spirit is the mind. It co-manifests the brain. Its job is to relay messages from the conscience to the ego. Beneath this level is the ego. On this level we wield the power to choose. The sole purpose of the universe is to facilitate the ego. The ego is the ultimate purpose for the hierarchy. What happens to the hierarchy when we die? Your ego decomposes. He or she breaks back down in to smaller units of consciousness, from dust to dust. The ego anchors the spirit to the physical arena. When the ego is no longer there is no need for the spirit. The spirit's essence assimilates back in to our divine consciousness uniting our experiences. This is an awakening. The higher levels of consciousness remain unchanged. Everything that has happened or will ever happen is an action not separated by time. We are The Divine, the enforcer of God's Laws, collective consciousness, the cons ciousness of our species, and our psyche all at the same time. We have died, we have improved and we will continue to throughout eternity. This is Gods promise to all singularities. We own the now form now on. Time is on my side. The present is a gift covering the future into the past. The past is the realities we can currently acknowledge. The future is clandestine. It has been concealed from man's memory because experiencing eternity has an adverse effect on mortals. God intended to bring into being singularities separate from The Divine. As incarnations we are those singularities. VESTED FATE Vested Fate reflects to our contributions. It is not inevitable like the concept of fate. It's the spirit of the moment, the atmosphere. Man struggle to control their participation and life experiences. Due to the fact that it is designed for man to participate prayer is not sufficient. I meditate and co-create. God gives life but man procreates. Reason is my prophet and God's Law is my messiah. Mass moving at light speed squared is equal to energy. This is Einstein's E=MC2. This equation links an amount of action (motion) to an amount of energy. Einstein was referring to objects moving at light speed but this law is relevant and deserves extrapolation. The nature of your actions is equal to the polarity of your aura. Basically your conduct manifests as your energy signature. If your actions are positive you will have positive aura. Your aura is only the shield it doesn't have full control over the results of your action. Vested Fate is much more powerful then your aura so your aura will always submit. Vested Fate will engage your aura. This engagement is what will determine the outcome of your choices. Basically if you are in a burning house you may smell the smoke. If you hang out with people that smoke you may catch cancer. If you are driving through a bad neighborhood you may get shot or robbed. This is why sometimes bad things happen to good people. Your environment is part of you spiritually. My motto is, "do what you can then improve." People hardly obtain there personal starting points. We hinder our potential by waiting for a catalyst to mark our time to strive. We only have the present so the things you do now counts toward our efforts. Our obligation is to improve as a species. People say everything happens for a reason and they are right. Vested Fate controls the physical. It is the chaos in Chaos Theory. It controls the effect in cause and effect. It is the consciousness that determents the outcome of super positioning. It takes in to account all possible placements of matter and manifests only one scenario. It has no compassion. When people say that life is cold they are referring to the negativity currently found in Vested Fate. Temperature and vibrations are tools of Vested Fate. Heat and cold are two separate laws on deferent spectrums therefore both heat and cold are in all objects at all times. Temperature and motion are relevant. Heat is the law that moves and cold is the law that settles. On a certain level all objects are both moving yet in a state of rest. When you heat molecules they move faster. Without cold to control the molecules they would be in every position at once. When a molecule consist of almost heat and not enough cold to slow it down it creates a flame. Fire is close to defying the law of cold. Fire is holy. VIBRATIONS Vibrations convert energy into a universal fuel for all that exist. They change the effects of consciousness. It is the common denominator between substance and none substance. What would a scale read if two hundred pound dropped on it from above? Anything that can be measured is power and consciousness. Vibrations transfer a value from one plane to another. Momentum is on of the many ways to gage this transfer. God's Law of vibration uses waves that can be manipulated. This is where the power of vibrations falls under man's dominion. We are able to adjust wave frequencies. This alters our perception of how things sound but what about how things look, feels, smell, or tastes? Burning forests allows us to mold landscapes but ashes don't have a lot of value. Microwaves use the same concept of burning but its added wave functionalities alters the way food look, feels, smells and tastes. Through vibrations we can modify all aspects of reality just by modifying controllable factors. The language of vibrations has no natural limitations. It will allow us to demand water from rock. We can convert what we have in abundance into what we lack curing hunger and disease. If you can conceive it you can achieve it through vibrations. Keep in mind that thoughts are a product of vibrations. Thoughts are on a spiritual level but speaking is something physical. When you speak, thoughts create vibrations in your vocal cords that displace molecules in the space around you creating sound. To hear these sounds vibrations enter your eardrum. Your voice never leaves your soul. What it does is reveal more of your soul to you. This helps us to conceive space as being a part of the soul. Space is the consciousness of power yet the absence of matter. Space is a feature of vibrations just like water is a feature of the ocean. Waves travel though space like a current in the ocean. If your thoughts are not an improvement on the silence you shouldn't speak because it disrupts the soul. Words are power. Speaking your mind is a way to assess the health of your psyche. If you were in a loud room then it becomes quiet you may realize that your sense of hearing has been temporarily enhanced. You would think that bombarding your ears with sound would have a desensitizing effect but sound is a consciousness that can be heard. Absorbing consciousness can make you more aware. By hearing sound you are absorbing Perceptible Consciousness. This is why sound can wake you from sleep. Too much Perceptible Consciousness can overwhelm individuals causing disorientation and death. You will one day remember what you are in entirety. You are not only this fragile mortal that you imagine to be. The essence of you has created co-creators by obscuring consciousness and power. People you encounter want you to remember them so that they may live on in your memories. In life you are an incarnation of The Divine, a singularity, and a Co-Creator. What if you could gain "knowledge" from God? Where there is a Will there is a way. My name is William I don't believe I was given this name by fate or coincidence. The name means "Protector." If you separate the name you get Will I am. I believe The Divine and the will of The Divine is all including me. I am that I am. This phrase means what makes me who I am is the essence that makes up what I am. I am not God but I am that I am God. There is a quality that you have to be familiar with in order to fully appreciate its meaning. My middle name Anthony means "Worthy of Praise" and my last name means "Peaceful Worrier. "This is a sign from the beyond saying I will realize I have found access to knowledge that yields a power over the natural. The ability to receive this message from myself is proof in its self, meaning if I sent knowledge to myself once I can send knowledge again. Truth Will, set you free. I will be liberated After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#5) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. I EMPLOY YOU TO ADD YOUR VIEWS ON THIS CHAPTER William Humphrey's Depth Communication Five The Prelude CO-CREATORS We amend facts to reflect the pragmatic truth but truth is just what is, it doesn't change anything. We search for truth to gain a tactical advantage. We co-create by the power of God's Laws but we don't yet understand harmony. This makes the world difficult so at time we hope and pray for liberation. Sometimes we wish we could pass tribulations to a more capable being. We pray to God but God's will is God's Laws. God gives us power to change our realities. If you don't like where you live you can endeavor to change it or move. Things that we can't change don't derive from the natural. You can't change death. Incarnations have strong connections with each other but we are designed egotistical. Ego means I standing for myself as an individual being, being referring to my body. When a person who routinely impacts our co-creations ascends we remain in the natural with a cavity in our reality. Reality seems to collapse onto itself. The collapse is equivalent to how much the ascended person influenced your reality. Most sorrow revolves around the idea that we can no longer indulge in forecasted experiences with the ascended person. The act of recognizing reaffirms your reality. Your reality is simply your perception verses others. Due to the fact that our co-creations elapse onto others, the individuals that have a larger influence over us co-define who we are. This may be hard to believe because your ego is a proud being and sometimes he or she tries to hide the fact that he or she is so easily manipulated. This power of co-defining others is called a relationship. Due to relationships you become defined as your mother's son or daughter yet simultaneously you are your co-worker's best friend. You don't treat them as equals because they don't equally contribute to your reality. If you have a negative relationship you may do negative things. If you don't like who you are when you're near someone it's time to change that relationship. We can gain the qualities that we desire to possess by instilling them in each of our relationships. The influence of co-creators doesn't just co-define you but also your reality. If a person whom you recognize does something out of character it impacts your perception of them as well as the event. When you relate you co-create. The essence of linear time is at most a concept but unfortunately you may wake up to find that you are late for work. The movement of a clock's is governed by God's Laws. Time is a concept but aging is more. We falsely acknowledge the aging process as being an effect of time. Though "time" synchronizes it is not fixed. That's why it seems to move at deferent paces. The pace of time is directly influenced by the amount of Perceptible Consciousness you consume. Why does the act of concentrating slow down time? We've established time as a beacon, a standard merger of realities. Animals are supposes to be inferior yet they spend more time in joy. They co-exist without the concept of time. Ignorance is not bliss but we use our logic to try to dominate the system. We are born with the understanding of God's Laws. Our understanding changes when we try to grow and expand. We want to know how things work. The "how" directly effect the usage and we are the users. Modern cultures teach that the "why" is less relevant. God is the ultimate why. God's Laws eventually become misrepresented only to resurface when our desire for the truth outweighs the attractiveness of the natural. We then revert back to a more primary reasoning. CAUSALITY If time was a linear process it would conflict with truth because life is a paradox. By contemplating time you can gain understanding of how God's Laws operate. By contemplating the concept of space you can be more rational about The Divine. By contemplating the law of contrast you can get closer to understanding reality. Think and grow, you will be able to receive less obtainable epiphanies. If you think before you speak people would believe you are more intelligent but your ego may believe you are being insincere. Your ego feels betrayed because you consulted upper management on something your ego believed was his or her call. Your brain is a computer, the more it reasons the more its programming advances. The only way to change reality is to change yourself. There are no random acts only Vested Fate. All actions can be accounted for by equitable factors, even a coin toss. Your actions directly influence the cause but indirectly influence the effect. Like the song goes, you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you may find you get what you need. There is a debate rather reality is set in stone or if your point of view brings matter into existence. The answer to this debate makes no difference because nothing truly exists but The Divine. If The Divine is truly everything then logic would dictate that we can't truly be individuals. If we were to truly understand this fact we would cease to exist as individuals. The perplexity of the Incumbent Units is equal to matter. The Divine is truly the only thing that is, not your body or the surface that your body is resting on. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound? This question can't truly be answered by a simple yes or no. What it is actually asking is if the Mortal Kombat character walked into a room does the reality outside of this room (that you as the observer can't see on the monitor) still exist? If your monitor is not showing the exterior images how can the images still exist? What is outside of the characters sight disappears but the game is designed to store the images as memory. The parable is based on the perception of Coherent Consciousness. You are the tree that falls just as you are a character in a game. You fell because God's Laws allows trees to fall. God's Laws also say you will co-create vibrations on impact. Vibrations constitute sound that can be heard. Vibrations communicate with nature the same way they communicate with man. Your essence controls God's Laws so what ever you're not aware of doesn't exist. This means if something is out of reach of your sight it doesn't appear but your essence is everything. Individuals have a limited range for their reality that laps on to others but as the multiplayer you create continuity. Perceptible Consciousness is what declares objects to be solid. This is why partials are affected by observation. A stone is intangible energy incased in more intangible energy. To know this yet believe in a fixed reality is irrational. How can we touch the immaterial non-substances that constitute reality? We can't, we can only feel it in the natural due to Perceptible Consciousness. All actions are the result of what God remembers. What God remembers actualizes by the power of The Divine. As a memory inside God's mind, you pick up the stone and your ego senses it in the natural. The power of God's memories maneuvers matter for your consciousness. God wields the controller. We are sitting on Dad's lap believing we are driving the car. Time doesn't separate actions that you have ever done or ever will do. There is no contact involved. Your actions are an actualization of God's recollections. PIETY It is hard for society to negate the concept of being equal but this concept is the median for unhappiness. Pursuing equality multiplies anxiety. Comparing and judging can be a perverse process if you lack guidance. We try to compensate people in order to put them on an even knell but that is impossible. The best that we can do is to endeavor to keep the peace and make society as comfortable as possible. Have respect for life. Respect is an action not an emotion. It is the submission of the ego. Even in a utopia there would be no equality. This would defy the law of contrast. Individuals have the option to choose happiness or not. Happiness is just a state of being glad, having a positive outlook on one's situation. The best way to achieve happiness is to meditate on the positive. Focusing on the positive energy feels good. Always give your all and when you fail understand that you tried your best so there was no way for you to have further improved the outcome. Sometimes unhappiness is atonement for your ego letting your spirit down. We take live for granted at times but it is important to appreciate its gifts. Happiness is a product of appreciation. Being unhappy is not appreciating the present. There are affirmations of happiness, one you take responsibility. You don't only take credit for thing that went according to plan but also things that did not turn out well. Another affirmation is you endeavor to improve. Change is inevitable so endeavor to change for the better. People who are not happy may have become this way because they've stopped trying. Another affirmation is proper self-judgment. Due to our current stage of development our ego is indisputably biased. Man is an eccentric judge of self-character. Another affirmation of happiness is you learn and understand that you are an imperfect being with more potential then skill. You have an endless amount of potential but only the capacity to focus on limited endeavors so choose wisely. The final affirmation of happiness is acceptance. Man can not change what has already happened. Realize life will continue to change. The mentality that welcomes new opportunities surrenders joy. Nether success or blamelessness is a requisite for happiness but they do make happiness readily obtainable. One must question everything in order to weigh the validity of what is. It is true that you can literally get off on the wrong side of the bed. Waking shifts in your point of view and the powers in the psyche. Your spirit co-creates reality but now that your ego has awakened, he or she gains the power to amendment it. Reality is principally the ego's domain. When you first wake up you decide if you will have a good day or not. To qualify to be good the day has to be superior to the average. What is consists of what is thought to be. Keep in mind the reality you conjure is subject to Vested Fate, this make reality fluid like a lightning bolt streaking across the sky. Reality and lightning are very similar. They can both be seen and felt but not truly touched. No moments are alike. It is dramatic and when it is fully mature you can recall each moment simultaneously. Life is an unstoppable force. To be productive you should focus your life force around your goals so as life happens your goals are accomplished. Put your goals in the driver's seat otherwise your goals are at a disadvantage. Luck favors the prepared but initiative constitutes progress. Growth happens when you proceed in spite of the obstacles. CHARACTER The process of contemplating God's Laws leads to enlightenment. The law of space has interesting elements. My body takes up space and so does a rock. There is also an amount of space separating us both. The Divine is everything but the only point of view that I have is my existence as a man. I would like to see my disposition as the rock, the empty space between us and ultimately understand what it is to be one. If I don't want to lose my individuality then that subsequently means I don't actually want to perceive existence beyond my ego. Could it be that the power of truly desiring truth is what brings ascension without the experience of dyeing. Your ego and spirit both have separate personalities but are their characters a replication of what is instilled in all singularities? The ego and spirit's personality are typical but the answer is no. The Divine indented to create individuals. Even the Incumbent Unit that makes up your reality are each unique and self sustained. After these units of consciousness combine to make atoms inside the ego the atoms form together to ultimately make macromolecules. There are plenty of different types of macromolecules and each have a specific function making the process of protein synthesis extremely complex. This process can only occur through intelligent design. Though there are countless macromolecule in the universe and each is there own being executing a tour of reality. Your ego and your spirit are both Coherent Consciousness. They interact as counterparts. The emotions of the spirit are mainly tentative, moral feelings like love and happiness. The ego has similar emotions with added vain emotions and sensations like pleaser and pain. Their ability to create certain emotions explains their expertise not there character. Your conscience is impartial to all. Its emotions are not based on what you as an individual experience. Your actions are how you can convey emotions but your emotions themselves are for self growth. You can express them but they are yours and yours alone. Everything is consciousness and power. The differences between things that exist are determined by what form of power it is. Power can be divided in to three basic categories. Manifesting Consciousness is power that materializes such as atoms. It may be controversial but in truth objects are a thing in itself. Manifesting consciousness is what focuses Perceptible Consciousness. This means we need objects in order to observe distance. Perceptible Consciousness is the power that triggers our senses. To be able to conceive a sound, taste food, have sight is to witness the evidence of Perceptible Consciousness. It creates things that exist without atoms such as temperature, space, and motion. It is the smoke and mirrors that give reality its continuity. You can perceive Manifesting Consciousness but the act of seeing is actually interoperating space and light. The ability to interpret objects comes from Perceptible Consciousness. Both of the first two type of power can be measured and observed because they are in preparation for Coherent Consciousness. Coherent Consciousness is power that experiences and observes such as the ego and the spirit. In summary there exist objects, there exist the means of experiencing objects, and finally there exist awareness cognitively observing objects. The corroboration of these variations of power constitutes existence. William Humphrey Depth Communication Six The Core DNA It has been documented that at the precise moment of death twenty one grams of the deceased's weight becomes unaccounted for. Some scientists hypothesize while others dispute the idea as a myth. Could these twenty one grams be Coherent Consciousness? There are a lot of attributes that describes who you are. I would like to answer the question what you are. You are not your body because every aspect of your body changes. You are not your thoughts because they are subject to change also. You do have subroutines imbedded in your brain but you were you prior and if they were to change you would still be you. Your rebirth needs to be addressed but that is not who you are because you were you before you were enhanced by your revelation. What is the process of creating life? We can genetically engineer forms of life but this process depends on another that is unattainable by man. Doctors can try to resuscitate a person with technology but when this life is gone it is spent. Relating to this original process man can create things like a ball. The material the ball is made of may have been engineered by man but man is not capable of making its mass appearing into existence. This original process is what we try to avoid destroying when considering abortion. Trying to pinpoint a moment when the unborn receives Coherent Consciousness is a serious issue. Morally we should error on the side of caution making it impossible to murder innocent babies out of ignorance. What constitutes a person? Anything that is subject to change about a person is an attribute of that person therefore it could not constitute that person. A person is more than the sum of his or her attributes. Every cell in your body will be replaced several times in a lifetime. Compare a twenty year old man to himself at the age of fifty. Not a singe body cell is the same yet he is the same person. Almost everything in his life has changed. His ethics, character, habits, actions, even his thought process has been altered. If nothing remains the same then how can he be the same person? Not a single attribute can be mentioned as a certainty about any person other then their genetic signature. This genetic signature is the address for your Coherent Consciousness. This means the point of view (p.o.v.) of an individual never changes as the individual. As a species man has similar DNA and similar Coherent Consciousness. Some go as far as to believe that they are a vestal for God or God is a part of them. Their logic is close but flawed. The vestal is a product of your imagination. The vestal is a vector incasing Coherent Consciousness in order to observe and experience existence also as a singularity. Perceptible Consciousness and Coherent Consciousness are tightly net because your perception is only acknowledged through your vector. If your ideals changes the awareness of self changes accordingly. You as an entity have changed because you once perceived as a child. In this context you are not the same person. How could God know all without experiencing all? How could God be everywhere at all times without being everything? Would there be a God if the subject didn't possess these all encompassing attributes? THE VECTOR You may notice that some people resemble close family members. What can we learn from resemblance? Do to the fact that some resemble each other they will have some similar events in your lives. These similar events will mold their psyche in relative ways. There are certain qualities that are dominant in some families. A lot of these qualities are learned behaviors but there are also qualities that are gained through genes. Attributes like being outspoken or quiet are innate in some families. As generations pass you as a family evolves. Potent qualities outlast others while new qualities are incorporated. Aspects of Coherent Consciousness carry through generations just like DNA. Evolution occurs on a physical and spiritual level. You are more then an individual or the sum of your experiences. This can help to reveal more understanding about what you are? The body is the vector, the point of view of the observer. If your body was reborn the opposite sex that it is without your memories your instincts and impulses would be different. Your voice would change because your vocal cords have changed. Your desires would change because your ego is now the opposite sex. Your psyche would change because its components have changed. This is what it is to be the multiplayer. This is how God is everyone and everything simultaneously yet you only experience your point of view. Identifying your essence is a self defeating aspiration just like the attempt to identify The Devine. You can't identify your essence independent of The Divine because they are one and the same. The Devin is the only thing that exists. You can't say you are the combination of your experiences or your body. There is not an I in you as an individual. You are nothing more then your perspective. Through reasoning we can deduce that individuals exist only through a perspective of fluctuating attributes. Your attributes is what makes you a singularity but those attributes are not what makes you. Without your fluctuating traits you still exist just not as an individual. By understanding what you are you will uncover who you are but don't just say God. If you were to assuming the awesomeness of God after God has applied infinite provisions to distinguish you as a sentient being that would defeat the purpose of existence and this book. Why does God allow negative aspects of life? Some believes that the quality of life depends on adding pleasures and omitting pain. Concepts like ethics, time, and sin have been created by man. God mad it necessary for us to co-create in order to exist in the midst of The Divine. If God put us through negatives so that we could acknowledge truth why didn't God originally design us knowing truth? It would not be logical for an architect to be motivated to create a reflection that has no motives. If reality was perfect by man's standards there would be no motive. Co-creating would lose its appeal. Wanting something is what makes a prize worth pursuing. God has designed a perfect all positive equilibrium for the world which we can still achieve but the ego of man is selfish. This is why fear has a quality that brings people to God. The world is the ego's domain. God would know all if God created all. Logic dictates that the condition of the world is determined by man's free will not God's omniscient will. Man chose to be mortal so that singularities would desire to be in existence. Man continually look for new ways to appreciate existence. For the enlightened the search brings pleasure. Mortality makes life precious and the search for Truth yields extraordinary rewards. RECOLLECTION Things familiar to us catch the eye. When you buy a car you may notice similar ones on the road. Topics we are interested in float to the top of conversations throughout our lives. Our passions become our purpose. We identify its relevance in scenarios where others don't. Though our passions become a part of us they can never define us. We customize our skill of co-creating by the influence of our interests. This phenomenon molds our perspective giving individuals a unique opportunity to contribute to existence. Being very spiritual you may occasionally forget how to act in different environments on a social level. At times you may forget that people can see and hear you due to your ego. This is not a healthy psyche. The purpose of reality is to experience life through your ego. Don't become disengaged as you focus on your inner self. If all of eternity was represented by a foot in length where would you put yourself on this timeline? Your life would take up such an infinitesimal amount of this foot that it wouldn't be noticeable. Your life as a singularity has limitations but linear time does not. We could stretch the time line as far as we wish without adjusting the space on the line that your life consumes and it would still be accurate. When the brief time you are alive is compared with a linear eternity there is no contrast. No contrast means one of the compared does not exist. Let's skip to the end and stretch out the foot to a distance of infinite light-years. What are the odds that out of all eternity you would be alive and able to read this sentence right now? The odds of that happening are infinitely more improvable then winning the lottery. You exist now because life is not linear but a never-ending paradox. You will always exist so you will always take up the full amount of this timeline regardless of how far it stretches. As incarnations we forget more then we remember. What does it mean to forget? We have all committed something to memory only to recall it after the moment for it has passed? What is the power of recollection and how does it relate to reality? When we focus we increase the likelihood of recalling information. Focusing in this way is a communication between the aspects of your psyche. This raises the question where are memories stored and whose memories are they? Why do certain sensations summon memories? What about remembering something falsely? What is the mind asleep? It is normal for a dream to make you feel as if you are tagging along for a ride yet you are also the main focus. Who is the guide? What is dreamless sleep closing your eyes then opening them the next moment that you recall to find the night has passed? These questions are designed to stimulate the analytical mind. All answers can be reveled through self reflection. Scientist believes that the brain stores memories inside brain cells that use pulses as an activating mechanism. This is partially true. The cells are storage units but the essence of the data it holds is filled and emptied by God. This is what you are witnessing when the cell lights up with energy and then the energy disperses. Where did the outburst of energy come from? The body is composed of charged energies. When you remember something you are summoning the recollection from God to your brain. God activates the charges in the brain. Your reality is in the mind of God. All memories belong to The Divine. An unhealthy psyche can not interpret information from God efficiently and can become delusional. While dreaming your ego and spirit battle for control, when there is harmony you are cognitive of your choices while you dream. PERCEPTION Sensory perception is equal to the interpreted Perceivable Consciousness you have consumed. If everything has a level of consciousness would that mean that inanimate objects can perceive? Does Perceptible Consciousness exist without Coherent Consciousness? Yes, Manifesting Consciousness is alert to Perceptible Consciousness through vibrations. Vibrations are the communiqué of Perceptible Consciousness. Vibrations communicate with every form of consciousness by the use of Adaptable Expression. Coherent Consciousness is always embodied in a vessel that has sense organs. Man's major sense organs are the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin. Each of these organs has mechanics that vibrate prior to you receiving a sensation. They receive the same vibrations but each organ's interpretation of it is consistent with its own functionality. Adaptable Expression is why one sense organ can orientate another. The body has more then just the five sense organs. You can feel when your body is hungry, sick, tired and emotions such as love. Though inanimate objects have no sense organs they have the ability to interpret vibrations. Keep in mind that God also has no sense organs yet God is aware. Reality is not something that can be understood it is something that can be perceived. Everything experiences life through the same source. This is why ideas are shared between singularities. Good ideas are shared just like the sun during the day. Great minds think alike. It is in the communication of the psyche that has the ability to acknowledge information from the source as it pertains to an interest. I am an average man with multiple flaws but I have learned to hone my ability to summon understanding and lessen distortion. The brain has a limited capacity. This is one for the reasons knowledge is stored with God. We are designed to remember most things on a need to know bases. Our psyche and brain prioritizes a limitless flow of knowledge. Information is the building blocks for your reality. Though understanding can be used lightly understanding can only be accomplished when all known parts of a system makes sense. If we are aware of something but one of its components is illogical understanding collapses. The system may still be rational and rationality has its own applications but at this point the system can not be understood. The applications of understanding exceed the applications of reason and logic. It wields the power to control. You gain more understanding by increasing more logical knowledge in a system. Reality is logical to a point but it is not understood. Anything you can understand you have the capacity to design because understanding only comes after you've obtained the ability to wield building blocks. The complex circuitry of the brain and the many algorithms and nuances needed in the process of understanding is a feat only God can achieve. Only through God's will do we receive understanding. Understanding is always a revelation. A revelation converts gaps in comprehension by interpreting knowledge through logic. The intensity of the revelation is greater when you have the ability to reach understanding without acquiring as much knowledge. Your consciousness understands all but does your brain house the amount of knowledge necessary to experience the revelation? The brain impacts your perception of reality. It screens and prioritizes knowledge to optimize its capacity. This is why it is important to strengthen the processes of the brain as well as the communication in the psyche. Each process has the potential to distort or enhance your experiences. Your ego is not cognitive to pure Perceptible Consciousness. Your ego only discerns Perceptible Consciousness after it has been filtered and translated through your spirit, brain, and sense organs. This process creates an orientation called space and motion. Your experiences constitute your reality. When you combine overlapping realities, the result is a community where majority rules. He who can persuade others gains their support. We have the ability to alter the way we perceive and co-create our reality. We need to understand the rules that we are playing by. God's Laws are the keys to understanding After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#7) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's Depth Communication Seven The Rapture CONFIRMATION Creation was a conscious effort not just a random act. There are billions of macromolecules that make up my body. They interact in ways that can only be explained as having a consciousness as a guide. We look for answers by investigating the brain's framework and through subjective reasoning like philosophy. We have faith but religions offer bias answers. Death provides a unique perspective. By finding your core you will be certain of truth but being certain of anything other than the existence of God is evidence of a closed mind. There in lays a perplexity God is all things including truth. The characteristics of God that can be understood by man are a relegation of man's awareness. Based on the premise that God's will is a relegation people innately look to confirm how this concept pertains to God's Laws. This method of confirmation is what man defines and will except as proof of God. Basically some will only accept ball of magic as proof. The essence of proof is by no account a certain item. Proof is a logic that validates a perception. Evidence is the substance of proof. The answer to the meaning of life and the proof of God is indicated by the same testimony. Most people cant except life as irrefutable evidence because they are unfamiliar with perfection. Perfect proof means there is no contrast between the subject being proven and the evidence. I am perfect proof that I exist. How can there be an all powerful God that is everything if God is not me. What is God if not everything? What is God if not everlasting? What is God if not omniscient? Without these attributes the subject matter would not be God but another singularity. The fact that I exist is proof that God is me, unless there is no God. Man has advances enough to understand that the universe has not been around forever. How do you explain an eternity of nonexistence and then existence made from consciousness if not an act of God? Though existence is seemingly contrary to the premises of God they are both exact. A capable consciousness that has been around forever is the only possible catalyst for creation. If the creation was created from its own elements then the genesis of its elements date back forever. This premise is a replica of the concept of God. I am perfect proof of creation. Perceiving existence is observing the existence of God. Nothing validates the questioning of God's existence save enlightenment. Is it a possibility that existence happened by accident? No, but that raises the question of how matter develop. One rudimentary fact is that energy can only be altered in state not created or destroyed, even fusion only taps in to the potential energy that is already found inside matter. Contemplating the fact that energy can not spontaneously manifest provides an insight because all things are a state of energy. Mass can be assimilated but it multiplying is not found naturally therefore it could not have occurred randomly. It could only have been brought about by a being that had the power and will to do so. The will to do so constitutes consciousness. What is "natural" if not the normal occurrences of a will? All roads lead to the same answer. If understanding that God is all that exist then you can understand that God is consciousness because consciousness exists. When God speaks the Earth quakes. God's Laws are the tools God uses to communicate with man. They allow the symbolic statements in design to be uncovered through logic. Logic is familiarities that bring to light relationships when applied to stimuli. If you are familiar with my definition of logic you should understand why emotions can replace logic. The ego has a tendency to create emotions that falsify God's message. One of man's tools that have linguistic applications is called physics. Nature is a manuscript that all life heeds. The composition of certain algorithms found in nature has holy complex harmonies. Design is God's testimony stating "I want you to know." The subject, if correctly logically deduced is what God wants you to know about. Design is God's language. Man verbally asks God why many people died during a hurricane but God created us to predict and control nature. Man chooses to build cities where anticipated natural catastrophes are eminent. God's language is universal. Everything listens to it even birds and the weather yet man claim to be illiterate. Take notice of God's language and any thirst for proof would be quenched. APTITUDE Einstein proved multiple theories inspired by clocks. A clock in itself wouldn't seem to uncover any profound secrets about the universe. The knowledge that Einstein possessed allowed him to associate richer values. For thousands of years man has gazed at celestial bodies to explain what the Earth looks like, to predict seasons, were we are in the universe or just to find their way home. The Earth is mostly saltwater but streams of drinking water flow on land. What does wind or precipitation tell you about reality? Ignorant means lack of knowledge. Ignorance and intelligence are relative. The more you know the more susceptible you are to revelations. Revelations will always outpace your knowledge. You may know more today then ever yet have more intense revelations. Revelations are somatic but they only surrender understanding of knowledge you already poses. Knowledge provides a means to relate. You can't pass a test unless you know the language it is written in. The act of receiving influences how information is forged. In an instant your brain formulates a perception but in that instant the psyche transforms the now. Man is not aware of the now until after this transformation. The essence of information is God. It manifests after it is distorted. Information exists as a happening. Information is the foundation for judgment. Its presentation links the essence of knowledge and understanding to a sensation. The sensation of knowledge is felt through sense organs and the sensation of understanding is felt through emotions. For example you can feel that you understand how to read. By further confusing our logic these sensations create more continuity reaffirming reality. This process enables perception. To receive then perceive is the perplexity of the brain. One of the best tools in the natural is the skill to train the brain. Your brain has programming. Your brain is indirectly connection to your mind. It should be nurtured, cultivated, safeguarded, and highly valued. Intuition is a tool used to bridge the gap between what you know and what you believe. You may find families that are least educated have developed a dependency on intuition or faith. Attempting to feel the world with your spiritual senses is problematic. If what you know is little you have a higher probability of misinterpreting truth. You become a prime candidate to be told what you should believe like in street gangs or faith based religions. There are some exceptions but generally people with a higher sense of intuition are fighting an uphill battle with there ego. They may spend most of their life in denial and unfortunately their life normally has less true quality then most. The power to tap into the all knowing does exist but be careful of falling into denial. You can tell by their fruits if a person is intelligent enough to gain from or be hindered by their intuition. INDIFFERENCE There is logical anger but anger and sensibility is always a trade off. Your emotions are not meant for the world they are intended for self maturity. You should use your emotions to fuel your actions in order to fulfill your intentions. Emotions are biochemical. If your body is unhealthy your ego is unhealthy. If your ego is unhealthy your psyche is unhealthy. Bodily imperfections add strain to your psyche. You must make a conscious effort to compensate for these imperfections. You must fight for your mind on a physical battlefront. Nothing can occur against God's will but all things are not favorable to man. Our concept of sin is flawed. Bad is a way of saying something is unfavorable or counterproductive to man. These words are ways of depicting impulses. The emotions themselves are felt but how do you justify an emotion? If anything could be thought to not be God's will it would be the feeling of wrong in itself. Over time man co-created the feeling of wrong and bad by altering the associations of emotions like sympathy and loss. It is our right to co-create but our creations don't have any relevance to truth. It is understandable why we use words like good, bad, right, wrong or sin. These words have familiar relationships. Due to the fact that we are undeveloped we constantly amend and add laws. Mankind is new and these amendments document our growing concepts of justice. Man's Laws is an attempt to cultivate harmony for co-creators. Through positive ethics we will be rewarded by karma but the fate of your eternal soul is not based on righteousness or any judgment. Your eternal soul currently exists on all levels of existence regardless of the events in this one life. Good and evil are man made concepts. They derive from right and wrong which are again perverted concepts. Right and wrong derives from God's Law correct or incorrect. The mutated forms of this law were co-created by man in a futile attempt to deem what is in God's will. Definitive answers are produced by questions that can be answered correct, incorrect, true, false and yes or no. Some social concepts made by man are difficult for individuals to overcome because they are created on the social level of the soul's hierarchy. These concepts are combined efforts such as time and ethics. Ethic is not a law made by God. We were able to create ethics when we became familiar with the structure of design. Situations in life can be positive or negative. Through Vested Fate these types of energies govern all that occur. Adversity creates strength and character. Being an optimist or a pessimist is not defined by the situations but by the way you view the situation. Enlightened people understand the effects of your perspective. With understanding you learn to look at negative situations positively and positive situations as a blessing. Respect is an action that puts the ego under submission. Not everyone that gets respect deserves honor. Not because of their quality or character but because they refuse to embrace change. Becoming responsive of your short comings is the first step for development. Change is necessary for growth. If you are always the most successful or the smartest in a group then you are in the wrong group. ETHICS For some if their idea of God were to change it would make unethical actions enjoyable but for others the opposite is true. The idea of God has been manipulated sense the realization of God because of its ethical influents. Your code of ethics is an agreement which is directly influenced by culture. It is similar to a contract that is entered into by the spirit and ego. The contract promotes actions that will convert negative energies into positive. The ego pledges obedience to the contract. Your spirit agrees to keep your ego on the assumed righteous path. Your ego wants to do right but at times the right thing is too costly. The conscience prosecutes any breach of contract through karma. The conscience regulates the energies of your aura, changing its composition and polarity. Ultimately the engagement between your aura and Vested Fate determines the outcome of events. Ethics is the way that individuals prioritize the things that motivate and the things that does not. It is a list of values. When you speak about or write down your ethics they become more tangible. The matters that are being prioritized on your list of ethics influence your choices. If being considerate is not a top priority you may have a tendency to make choices that will result in ways that will create a need to depend on others, this is counterproductive. The design of the universe benefits the honorable, hard work pays off. If you want a better quality of life don't look to external problem, change yourself. The external problem is the situation imposed on you due to Vested Fate. If you control your aura it will be reflected in your karma. You gain more control over the physical through reflective struggles, emotions. You reap what you sow. An effective way to positively impact your karma is by being considerate and blameless. We should weigh all options to prevent faults. To be considerate you first have to recognize other's principles and wishes. In ignorance people have taught that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated. This karmatic expression is inspired by truth. Individuals impose their reality on to others. Some aspects have a tendency to transfer such as behaviors. No one is perfect so it makes sense that we fall short due to our own best reasoning. Our success is at the mercy of the adequacy of our best judgment. We don't generally choose to act in ways that we know to be counterproductive but because we don't know all we benefit from combining our logic with others. It's hard to distinguish the truth and sometimes the truth is harder to tell. It is easier for an honest person to tell the truth because the truth rarely negatively implicates honest people. Telling the truth endorses good intentions. You maintain a lifestyle where your actions are less negative. Ask yourself what would people change about you if they were given the opportunity. Becoming aware of your short comings is the first step for development. Some of us hoard negative emotions. To forgive others is not going to affect the other person as much as it releases you to allow in prosperity. Good ethics spawn prosperity. If you live life like you're trying to impress God you will be more prosperous. Epiphany is the road that I drive so my destination is full consciousness. After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#8) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey Depth Communication Eight The Pinnacle ILLUMINATION Revelations pertain to understanding not to truth itself. All known truth is distorted, this is why you can understand something that later turns out to be false. Truth can not truly be understood. Understanding wields the power to control and Truth was not designed to be control. If someone gives you an answer you still need a revelation to relate to its truths. Your mind can't interpret a revelation without first having conceived its fundamental components. With understanding a gust of wind is no longer just a breeze. Its composition tells us if there will be rain or sunshine. Life was designed to be logical and reality was designed to be controlled. Reality does not resemble truth in any way. We should no longer leave the outcome of our choices blowing in the wind. With understanding we control the aura of reality. Your ability to recall data is an indirect indicator of your intellect. You can't grow wise if you can't harness the power of your experiences. Initially we had to receive an epiphany before we first understood why one plus one equals two. Epiphanies have a latter effect. The more you understand the more you are able to understand. When the epiphany fades we start to rely on the way we applied it in the past. Our memories sustain skills even after the trauma of the revelation dissipates. Each time we use the skills provided by a revelation it creates a new memory making it easier to work independent from the original revelation. There are things commonly known to our associates. Find a way to know what they don't. There have been studies that suggest that environments have the ability to trigger switches in genes. Similar studies suggest that genes effect your emotions. Don't settle for being a product of your environment. Exposure forms new ambitions. Associate with intelligent people. If you are the most intelligent in your group you may be hindering your spirit while indulging your ego. Some people may seem to be more in natural favor. This is because through DNA some people have a natural intelligence. We can overcome the inadequacies of the body by acknowledging the ego. Your body should have a natural chemical balance which affects the way the brain functions. Things that impact this balance are drugs, emotions and diet. Chemicals in the body are designed by the spirit then created by the ego which is released into the bloodstream. In return they affect the way the spirit and ego operate. With diligence you can become as intelligent as those who seemingly are naturally adapt. It is beneficial to include brain stimulating foods in your diet and apply study techniques while learning. Take advantage of all opportunities to overcome obstacles because accomplishments promote growth. Logic is a requisite for enlightenment but grace is the only way to find the path of Truth. The ego creates the wondering mind that hinders focus. The ego will communicate with you during inappropriate times to press non-urgent matters. If your ego is passively interrupting your focus it may be the result of an imbalance caused by something as simple as a bad diet. There is nothing wrong with combating your ego on the physical battlefront. Consult a doctor and or a nutritionist and make sure you get enough rest. PROVIDENCE In the game of chess the more potential moves you able to evaluate the better chess player you can become. What determines insight? This moment of clarity is not always determined by intellect nor is it sustained from moment to moment. There is no guarantee that the moment of clarity will even occur and it doesn't truly reflect the quality of the players reasoning. It is simply a window which uses karmatic currency (KC). Though it is hard to distinguish it is not to be confused with true intelligence which is based on the communication between the aspects of the psyche. The more you apply KC to a field the easier it is to access for that particular field. KC is why a skilled people can still outdo themselves. It can be used in any aspect of life even if the aspect itself is not positive. KC is simply the positive or negative energy that is entitled to you. Currently we all have both a positive and negative karmatic value in our aura. Explaining Truth is how I have chosen to spend my positive karmatic allowance. Sense I no longer use part of my positive allowance to soften the blow of my negative allowance there has been more manifestations of negative occurrences in my life. The sacrifices I have made is for the betterment of mankind through understanding. Time plays no part in karma. There is no way to determine if you have already been hindered or rewarded for something that you are about to do. The question that will really bake your noodle later is, if you believe that karma has already punished you for something that you have not yet done would you still perform the negative deed? As a young person you may see someone who does negative things but is seemingly rewarded for it. Don't allow this observation to persuade your ethics. Ask an experienced person about there encounters with similar people. I trust you will find that those people have been penalized. In this situation the person who was penalized can still progress by doing more positive then negative deeds. My suggestion is what ever you do, do it with good intentions and live your life as a person who expects to one day be great. Once you become great your followers will want to know your history. In some measure your history may determine the devotion of some of your followers. Bad things happen to good people because we are all obligated to rid the universe of negative energy. Events may happen to a person with good karma that was, is and will never be warranted because Vested Fate always wins over individual aura. It is our responsibility to keep the polarity of Vested Fate positive. If your aura is a shield then converting negative energy is a sword and Vested Fate is an epic battle that has casualties. The battle is not won until the negative energy within Vested Fate is not powerful enough to overcome the aura of individuals. If Vested Fate is mostly positive there will be a mostly positive outcome. How important is the ability to choose? It is what makes a sentient being dominant. If existence has not been around forever that would mean that the catalyst always had the ability to choose but had not previously exercised it. The moment the catalyst chose to create was the birth of God's will. In this manner choice is the father of will. Karma is based on intentions which are an indicator of sentient will. One day my body will be gone and the sun will no longer produce heat but my will is eternal. Coincidence is an operation of karma which is based on energy not prayer. Sometimes we notice when we are attracting patterns. As a co-creator you have the power to adjust the course of every life you come in contact with. This is why the universe is designed to compensate for all intentions. Chaos Theory is a way of explaining the compensation of Vested Fate. We are held accountable for our actions because we implicate others through our choices. CONSTITUTION Most religions believe that they are fundamental like a computer's processing system but in truth they are just the word program. People pull from a shallow pool of religions, mostly through the process of elimination. Religious doctrines implement specifics for what you can believe as an affiliate. Most people don't know what the belief is until after they have chosen it. When someone is presenting you filtered prospects they have preordained your preference. What is familiar to you should have more influence then majority vote. You can't competently choose what you believe until your power to choose is strengthened by freedom. The power to choose defines freedom, the right to self-rule. Reasoning and the power to choose are our divine assets. Logically the fabric of existence has to consist of the catalyst's essence. Why is this logic true? In our existence the catalyst decided not to create a law that supersedes the monolithic theme of oneness. The catalyst created sentient beings, logical wills. Since we exist in the state that we do we instinctively search for truth. The fact that God gave man the ability to realize that all things are created from the same non-substance suggests that the catalyst has designed a tour. Being familiar with this tour is what defines us as being sentient. We realize that all aspects of creation are pathological or at least path-illogical. The idea that we are being lead by this catalyst offers me hope. I believe my departed sister is still a facet of this tour and can still say "I think therefore I am." If God intended us to be oblivious like Adam we wouldn't be sentient. Enlightenment is perception beyond the lens of reality. Color makes no more sense then gravity or birth but we believe in them. If throughout history the miracle of birth was a stork delivering babies we would accept it and explain the miracle away. We can understand the applications of the laws but not the laws themselves. To recognize and define laws is fascinating but to define them and then ask "but why" is futile. When we realize God's Laws is God's will we have reached the ultimate answer. The path starts not by trying to understand the laws themselves but by asking why it is impossible to understand them. This helps to realize that reality is built upon ones acceptance of falsehoods. Interconnected with this understanding is self-awareness. You realize all "stuff" is consciousness and you don't exist apart from God. This epiphany births the law of contrast. Like this quote from The Matrix "there is no spoon." Being conscious fundamentally means coming to terms with judgments not truth. The act of recognizing is confirmation of false judgments. Some philosophers say there is no knowledge. Though as man we may never know if your perception of red is identical to mine knowing something is red is knowledge. Knowledge has a compensative design that works with the matrix of reality. When what you understand to be true is truth it is cloaked in falsehoods. When what you understand to be true is found to be false your consciousness creates a more advanced false reality. You must realize that Reality is false. Truly there is only God therefore falsehoods constitutes reality. How can God be all things but all things not be God? God is infinite. No matter how many times you divide infinity you will always get the same answer. Consider this you are your body but your body is not you. You refer to your body with ownership like your arms or your head. This indicates that there is an aspect of the soul's hierarchy that is unidirectional. The door of ownership does not swing both ways. The higher levels are responsible for the lower levels. You have infinite potential and all matter is potential energy. A step toward development actualizes your potential but your essence stays the same. When you actualize all potential consciousness you are still the same in essence but enhanced. God is actual divinity. HUMAN BEHAVIOR What is the meaning of life? This parable can be understood by first realizing there is only one genuine motive. Anything that has ever been done by anyone was for the same purpose. Why work if you are just going to spend or save your money? Why does the addict use drugs or the pastor pray? This crucial "why" give birth to the parable's answer which is to have life therefore "to live." You haven't lived until you have… All sentient creatures instinctively preserve life. Raising this parable in itself is a way of call forth understanding in order to accomplish our ultimate goal of obtaining more life. It doesn't matter if you consume food, fame, or try to achieve life after death the technique is irrelevant. Even the suicide just wanted more out of life. Being alive is all right but we were designed to want more. Man's innate belief is what comes natural to an individual is divine. This is because God shows us that design is divine. Everyone has a price, an idea of self-worth. Some individuals act in ways so that they will appear to place a high value toward their ethics. Some say appearances are superficial. I ask why is there is no substance to substance? We are designed to appreciate appearances. We like to be perceived by others as honorable so we weigh the value of our desires against the value of our ethics. Co-creators are designed to be judgmental. The more steadfast you are toward your principals the more honorable you are. This is because there is a cost associated with minding your ethics. One cost that we all share is putting the ego under submission. The ego is majestic. Putting the physical self under submission is to deny the beloved certain pleasers. We train ourselves in the ways in which we indulge natural phenomenon. The Bible teaches that Jesus paid the ultimate price for his ethics. No one is willing to pay more then what they believe they are worth thus all man fall short of perfection. Know that you are as valuable as The Divine for if it were possible for you to parish all of existence would parish with you. We bend and break our ethics pursuing love more then on any other grounds. If someone capable made you believe that they would make you wealthy if you would breakup with your new friend the price may be relatively inexpensive. In comparison what if a man offered a women money in order to sleep with her. Society teaches us that this second scenario has higher concerns dealing with morals. For some woman it would depend on how much money is involved. For others even if the offering was for enough money to live out the rest of their natural lives in luxury, they will be unwavering to their ethics. Nevertheless no one is exempt from agreeing to the proposal when the offering is love. If it were possible to guaranty love it would be a certainty that the proposal would be accepted and it wouldn't cost the man a thing. What is love? Love is the energy that binds individuals to the path of truth. This is why a lie or disloyalty can defuse love. The energy of love is eternal but the participants can cease their consumption of it. Love will last as long as the partakers walk the path of righteousness. This path is not based on being sinless or good versus evil. It's based on positive intentions. Your hopes are what make your intent positive or negative. A thief may be on a path where a crook can not be yet they are both criminals. The path causes you to want what is best for your loved ones. We feel love because of a biochemical release. This is why love is often associated with sex. Sex is a way to biochemically communicate your emotions. The reward for love is pleaser that both the spirit and ego can appreciate. Truth is in the I of the beholder After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#9) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's Dept Communication Nine Melee PERCEPTIBLE CONSCIOUSNESS Focusing magnifies a thought making it more vivid. Though other thoughts fade into the background some stay readily assessable. Irrelevant thoughts stay with God until you summon them again. If you attempt to summon separate thoughts you will have that inner conversation between the parts of your psyche. Your ego will attempt to hold one idea as your spirit attempts to focus on another. Common thoughts like your name, gender, and commonly viewed objects like your bed takes less effort to recall. The more you channel a memory the easier it becomes. The easier it becomes the less aware you become of the process. The brain processes four hundred billion bits of information per second but man can only picture a few separate thoughts at a time. To further understand this concept, focus on something that you haven't seen in a while. This thought has to be less recent to contain less Perceptible Consciousness. Let's picture the capital letter "A" with red color and bold font. Then add two deferent alphabets to the arena with the same characteristics. Now add all the other letters of the alphabet. The more you add to this arena the more difficult it is to picture the total thought. You find yourself scanning through the letters focusing on a small group of letters at a time. As you look at the alphabets on this page you may be able to see its entirety but even then you focus on the letters directly in your line of sight. Though you can see the fullness of the paragraph that you are currently reading you have to focus on small sections to comprehend it. If you were to look away you could recall this paragraph easier then if you were to attempt to recall it without having just seen it. The act of seeing is an enhanced thought produced by Perceptible Consciousness. Everything seen in reality is a perception. The act of seeing is formed in the mind just like a thought because they are one and the same. Sight is a vivid though. Anything that can be seen is an aspect of God's recollection. Thoughts have less Perceptible Consciousness then sight which make thoughts less vivid. Light is a product of Perceptible Consciousness. This is why being blinded by light can reaffirm reality to the point that the last thing seen superimposes itself in to your current reality. The imprinted reality will fade after enough Perceptible Consciousness dissipates transforming sight into memory. Loss of Perceptible Consciousness creates memories not the passage of time. Time does not exist however memories do. The concept of time hinders our understanding of Truth. In the theory of time travel, you couldn't alter the past without changing the present. Time traveling doesn't allow you to change anything. It is nothing more then the act of remembering. Perceptible Consciousness can be received by one sense organ then interoperated by another. This is explains the dynamics of their support system. There is a visual arena which includes sight, dreams, and memories. There is also an arena of imageless thought which constitutes the spiritual realm. Then there is the arena that we are most familiar with. Reality is the combination of the other two arenas. What make up "the now" are the thoughts in reality that are vivid and have continuity. If the thoughts are not vivid it is no longer the now because it becomes a memory. If the thoughts don't have continuity it is no longer reality because it becomes a dream or vision. Perceptible Consciousness is what controls the vividness and the continuity of this arena. This is why certain smells can triggers vivid memories. Smells add Perceptible Consciousness to a thought bringing it closer to "the now." Earth The Earth was born as gathering mists of super hot gasses began to cool. This created idyllic parameters to support life. These parameters are governed by God's Laws. Life will only last as long as it can conform to these evolving parameters. Mars has passed through that window and Venus has not yet entered into it. You can gage the window for life by understanding how fast a planet should cool. The size of the planet and its distance from the sun play a major part in the time it takes to cool. First the planet will cool and harden on the surface creating a crust. Then it will continue to cool beneath the crust. The core of a planet is last to cool. It is composed of metallic material. This spinning material creates a magnetic shield around the planet. This magnetic shield protects the planet from dangers in space like space debris. As Earth continues to cool its core will slow and one day the magnetic shield will vanish. The conditions during the window for life depend on a multitude of variables. Earth is one of the fortunate planets that had the proper conditions during a suitable phase. One large variable for Earth was that it has an abundance of carbon. God's Laws permitted Coherent Consciousness to thrive as an extension of the elements. Life on Earth evolved as carbon based. The elements continued to transform Earth and life. Coherent Consciousness evolved becoming more complex and can now utilize carbon to date the genesis. The Earthling stands apart from the Earth. In order to survive we consume air, water, life that sprout from the earth and other living creatures. What is consumed is assimilated becoming the ego. What is discharge is altered in state then recycled back into the Earth. The Earth is mostly water just like our bodies. As individuals we believe that we have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth but we actually are a part of the Earth. A slight change in degree can cause an extinction level event, Global warming. Over time the distance from the Earth's equator determines our pigmentation and how course our hair will be. The Earth untimely determines man's height and the dynamics of the brain, evolution. The Earth induces our bodies toward a state of slumber daily and when you die your body turns back into the Earth. To defeat death you have to control the Earth. Life is currently bound by nature and nature is governed by God's Laws. As Coherent Consciousness continues to become more complex we will one day stimulate God's Laws and at that point the grand premise of this course of life will be fulfilled. Without full understanding singularities will still exist but with full clarity singularities will realize that we don't truly exist apart consequently we will cease to exist. Here in lays a dilemma, understanding yields the power to control. We currently have a sensitive balance of control and awareness. The closer we are to full awareness the more we will desire ascension. We will one day have the power to ascend and the will not to use it. Currently we are at the stage were we are strengthening our self control. To be able to destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons is just a prelude to the power we will have after gaining the power to influence God's will. DIVINE DESIGN Knowledge is Manifesting Consciousness, falsehoods that we except as truth. In reality fundamentally knowledge is based on what you believe. Knowledge is a convergence of ideas that are already believed to be true. Once you have enough hypothetical notions pointing to the same end their combined strength becomes knowledge. As a child you are familiar with the dynamics of your imagination. You come to realize if you don't imagine the monster it won't exist. Creations that incarnations super impose on reality can not have a lasting effect. We can grasp knowledge but we can't distinguish it from false knowledge prior to the falseness being exposed. This intricacy is what allows knowledge to manifest. Truth is cloaked in falsehoods. Falsehoods are created by the same essence as truth. The difference between the two is that falsehoods are a relegation of understanding. God makes it clear that we should enjoy the physical in the present while understanding love beyond the physical. Enjoy your present. I make three pledges which are renew self-honesty, search for knowledge and understanding and most importantly being loyal to the truth exclusively. These three vows are things that should be done consistently. All three are things that we can only do for ourselves in order to benefit ourselves but with the assistance of fellowship. Renew self-honesty is first because if this step has not been done you may fall victim to denial. While in denial you can't truly search for understanding or be loyal to the truth. When your ego realizes that he or she was wrong he or she will always on some level, attempt to protect his or her honor. The ego may refuse to accept truth causing miscommunication. Miscommunication distorts the communiqué from your omniscient conscience. In order to renew self-honesty you have to continuously endeavor to strengthen the relationships in your psyche. The battle is in the soul. Remember truth doesn't need you for it to be true. It is true if you believe it or not. It is good to be skilled at discerning practical knowledge in order to maximize the capacity of the brain. You must understand that knowledge itself is only a belief system which is inevitably false. It is man's obligation to extract understanding from the signs designed in reality. The most important pledge is the final pledge which is being loyal to the truth exclusively. Christens show a good model for tethering ethics to a fixed subject. They will follow Jesus to the ends of the world. If he says go left they go left. When their rational mind disagrees with their guide they say "the lord works in mysterious ways" but they do not waver. This spirited loyalty should be only given to a matter that deserves it. The difference between my vows and Christianity is when the lord works in mysterious ways I follow the truth above all. It is impossible to know the truth without understanding and when what is understood is revealed as false it creates a new false reality. This is where I must begin again by renewing self-honesty. This process is based on the truth. Its foundation is divine communication. Being tethered to the truth promotes prosperity. If I can't get any closer to The Divine why make these vows? These vows are selfish. They are for self-fulfillment. Its rewards manifests into reality for enjoyment. You don't have to wait for death before enjoying existence. These vows ultimately promote peace, love, and all other positive pursuits. These pursuits by default bring forth unity in a diverse reality. It is Divine design. It is by nature that the Incumbent Units of consciousness are attracted to each other but their nature is also God's will. It is the will of God that forces us apart in order for use to pull together. I know this because I accept what is shown to me along the path of truth. An irrational mind is a lie in itself. MEDITATION To meditation is to intentionally slowing down the law of change. This time can not be bout by a salary. When a person meditates there are measurable biological changes. Your body develops a natural balance. Your ego becomes more tranquil. Speaking and thinking positively has healing effects. It is medicinal purposes are at times underappreciated. Laughter releases biological chemicals that produce joy even if you are laughing without cause. Co-creating is stressful and laughter is your personal stress release valve. Through enlightenment you realize how to deliberately change the dynamics of your reality. Enlightenment is a gift that all people can receive just by simply choosing to pursue it. The willingness to contemplate reflective questions encourages enlightenment. A large portion of enlightenment is being aware of your thoughts, listening to your thoughts, understanding which aspect of your psyche is communicating. A facet of all thoughts manifest in reality. Meditation gives you the ability to control your thoughts in order to controls your reality. The spiritual realm is not a place that you can point toward also it is not made of a deferent substance then reality. Both reality and the spiritual realm are made of the same essence and they exist simultaneously in space. Ultimately the reason why the spiritual realm correlates to the natural realm is because they are the same. The only distinction between the two is your level of awareness. Truth is not just a quality of data. It is a realm of existence and an idiom. Truth is a place with one dimension. Anything with more then one dimension is a relegation of perception. The revelations in this book are the sounds of the language of truth. When I reflect on my departed sister comprehension of truth is close, it's on the tip of my tongue. This book does not do justice to truth. In Zen Buddhism this realm is called Satori, a realm of intense revelation and enlightenment. Its closes comparison is Heaven. Science and philosophy both address particulars and asks for specific answers while the self-righteous spend energy criticizing secular efforts. If you were to ask a man of faith about a particular the answer would likely be God with no further elaboration. This book is a God philosophy with a scientific approach explaining how and why God does. The ultimate answer is always God but through what route? Enlightenment is a tour through oblivion. How close to the source can you comprehend before contesting oblivion? With every revelation you become remade. As I wrote this book I continually conversed with the aspects of my psyche, self-reflection. A large portion of this book was created as I documented my inner conversations. Do to the fact that I frequently identify the aspects of my psyche I noticed that when the pronoun "we" was used in this book normally my spirit was addressing my conscience and when the pronoun "you" was used my conscience was addressing my spirit. When the pronoun "I" was used my ego was addressing my spirit. If you revisit this book mentally replace the word "power" or "energy" with the title "God" because they are one and the same. Also replace the word "ego" with the word "body." By exchanging these words I am certain that new truths will be revealed to you. Truth Will, set you free After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#10) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's Depth Communication Ten The Finale ASCENSION In this chapter you will get familiar with The Divine. Faith is for those who do not know God. When you actualize your consciousness of God you replace your faith with familiarity. Belief is something that you consider true without efficient proof. Proof of The Divine comes by seeing for your self. God is not clandestine. Don't believe, know. For some this is pre-ascension, enlightenment. For others this is a rebirth. You will make the gurney into Truth itself. Through a particular meditation men can be a witness to God. This mediation beckons Truth to be revealed. It even works for the skeptical. You don't have to believe in the possibility of taking a spiritual gurney to travel on one because Truth is true if you believe it or not. All you have to do is truly cooperate. The cooperation with this meditation is an open doorway. All of creation has limitless access to God. I will teach you how to knock. The first step to this mediation is to visualize a tree that stands alone in the real world where birds fly. Forget about the tree being made of pure energy, forget about anything supernatural. This tree symbolizes the natural so it's very important to visualize the naturalness of this tree. The tree may have a trail of ants and bird in it on a sunny day. This book's concept came immediately after I considered that the world could just be, regardless of divine intelligence. To conceive the possibility that there could be no God is the hardest and most crucial step, a tree is just a tree. It requires you to contest everything you hold most sacred. You must argue against your closes friend and comforter's existence. Understanding step one gives you a cold and isolated view of the world. It is the view of the ego minus the guidance of the spirit. If after you have finished meditating and you don't find yourself transposed, this is the step that was probable incorrectly executed due to fear or being impatient. Let go of your sense of security. This tree is simply real because it is. There is no deepness to life and the proof of God you've experience, one day it will be explained. The final step is to logically deduce where the tree originated. Keep the origins of this tree separate from God. Clearly this tree was once a seed. So where did that seed come from? Obviously the seed came from another tree. So where did the first tree that seeded the first seed come from? That was before man existed but let's assume it came from space. So where did space come from? Of course there are theories of an explosion. So where did the explosion come from? Where did this tree that I know to be real ultimately originate from? This step combines logic with reality. Being rational about our irrational state of existence will lead you to God. You must validate every tier of your deduction as unequivocal truth before proceeding to the next tier. As you rationalize the original catalyst you should examine many plausible scenarios. With each scenario you deduce to its end you become closer to pre-ascension. This takes time, patients and understanding. Simultaneously you must focus on your psyche. You will notice a loud voice that thinks and a secondary voice that narrates. When you have both voices on one accord you will be able to speak to God. COMPOSER According to the Zodiac each sign represents a period of time spanning for a few thousand years. Currently we are on the cusp moving from the Piscean age (the age of Pisces) into the age of Aquarius. The galactic alignment occurring in twenty-twelve happens once every twenty-six-thousand years. This super eclipse will align with Ophiuchus, the missing zodiac sign. It is said that Ophiuchus has a strong connection with Pisces. Some believe twenty twelve marks the end of the world. I believe it is the birth of a dramatic shift towards enlightenment. This book is one of the tools that will usher in the evolutionary phase for those who accept it. I can appreciate a slow growth because I couldn't have developed my distinct thoughts if I had been influenced by other people who where surpass my understanding. I didn't know that there was a field called Metaphysic until after this book had fully formed. Though this book is metaphysical I can honestly say that these thoughts belong to me with no fear of them being created through direct means other then self reflection as a prelude to the new era. I was born February nineteenth which is the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius. This cusp represents the same age currently in transition. With all the signs leading to this book be yourself one of the forerunners in the new era. Quantum Philosophy will change not just the world but reality as we know it. Being born on the cusp, I take on both symbols of the fish and also the water bearer. Some say the Mayans and Nostradamus believed there would be a significant change of the utmost importance in twenty twelve. This next passage was word for word created by Nostradamus. "When the fish that is both terrestrial and aquatic will be put upon the beach by a strong wave shaped strange, smooth, and horrifying. They instantly reach the enemy from the sea to the walls." In translation I am the fish and Quantum Philosophy is the wave that is strange, smooth, and horrifying to the modern-day man. The enemy is man's current mindset towards reality. Nostradamus also depicted time without hands positioned over a person holding a book with blank pages. This book is timeless. There is a choice that each man will make that may result in an evolutionary change for mankind. You can't except truth and simultaneously rely on the filters of faith. If recognition wins over faith there will be nothing left but harmonious nativity. If acceptance of Truth doesn't win over the natural we will fail to perceive this evolutionary juncture. This juncture will last for hundreds of years. In the natural birds fly, truth will set you free and there is a balance between turn the other cheek and by any means necessary. This is Quantum Philosophy the study of Truth, understanding the world as a virtual reality. The true way to define existence is through the only thing that truly exist, the consciousness of power which is revealed by and through God's Laws. I have accepted a calling to establish a nation of men that will one day find a way to wield the power to influence all of God's Laws. Meditation is the novice level influencing God's Law of change. Physics is a way of working with God's Laws not influencing them. Controlling God's Laws is to create biblical miracles. The signs tailored to my life are clues saying somehow I composed my own tour trough life. One of my objectives was to influence myself to write this book. Trivial information has rarely concerned me. My mind is almost a blank slate save Truth. What part will you co-create in this movement? RECAP There exists only the consciousness of power (COP). Everything else is a falsehood constructed from this same source. The physical is a relegation of understanding. Existents is a manifestation of COP comprised of a hierarchy. The Divine is the beginning of this hierarchy. God's will is next on the hierarchy. God's will is God's Law. God is not existence. God is that which make up the universe and more. There are no differences between the building blocks of the universe and the building blocks of thought because all of creation is inside of God's memories. Consciousness creates three prime realms the visual, the realm of imageless thought and their combination. The spiritual realm is a place in the here and now and Truth is a realm with one dimension in the here and now. Under God's Laws COP creates three types of consciousness the consciousness that make up the fabrics of our universe, the consciousness that give us the ability to experience the fabric of our universe and the consciousness that observes the fabric of our universe. COP steers for you according to your will. COP allows you to interact, feel and move on impulse. COP uses both Perceptible Consciousness and a matrix of nerve cells that stimulates sensations to keep you from realizing that you don't operate your own body. This is why nothing can occur against God's will and why the power to choose is a great resource. The intent of your choices reflects in your karma. God created logical will to interact with design as a form of a universal language. Self awareness and inner communication is vital. It is mandatory to co-create to co-exist with God. Though ethics is a man made concept it is positive. There is a difference in the applications of relationships, recognizing and being familiar. We all share the same soul and it is eternal. All things that we consider unjust are only relevant to reality. Things like ethics and evil are man's concepts. They don't pertain to the realm beyond life. There is no biblical Heaven or Hell. Man kind has evolved gaining the power to choose in our initial stages but we are guided by karma. The power to choose was the last evolutionary advancement in mankind's narration. It's the largest variable that separates man from monkey. We are currently in preparation for the next evolutionary triumph which will surrender unimaginable power from our current viewpoint. The pursuit of Truth will unify all men bringing peace and happiness. We have to choose to better ourselves in order to gain the rights to the next evolutionary phase. The next stage is the stage of liberation. We will shed our bindings like a snake sheds his skin. Evolution unfolds over millions of years but I predict that this occurrence will manifest over a relatively short period. We are currently at the brink of a celestial window. The eclipse in twenty-twelve is a celestial sign pointing toward an evolutionary opening. I fear that this message may not be given in time so we may not be prepared. In that case some may have to prepare for the next window. This book is an attempt to preserve my mind and mortality. My essence has molded this life from the knowledge of historical figures. I am leaving this book as a legacy to myself as I continue to breathe new life. As a child a few years after my rebirth I wrote a testimony depicting Truth but as I wrote I battled with my psyche and my ego won out. The testimony was my greatest triumph so I placed it in a sacred place to keep it safe. Never the less when I went back to check on it, it had vanished. I knew it was God's will for my first attempt to vanish. My first attempt was practice preparing me for this book. This book is flawed because I am flawed. PARADOX All physical phenomenons can be boiled down to its bare energy which components interacts in ways that can only be explained as being aware. This consciousness of energy is everywhere at all times. Who are individuals in relation to the Divine? The Pagans believed in many gods, the Christians believe in a trilogy, the theory of the multiplayer is a hierarchy of many amplitudes of God. Why can't there be one God and no strings attached? There has to be an explanation of why we exist as individuals. How do we explain why God does or does not? To help rationalize life we find a need to associate a lesser creator as the catalyst for God's will, one who can be defined but still all-powerful. In addition to this most find an urge to define a God that is someplace as in not everyplace, an entity that we can identify and focus our attention. We are designed to assimilate the air and life in order to survive. Any excess is reintegrated into the source. Anything your body approve of turns into your body. Which came first the body or consumption of the universe? Some stop at saying this paradox is design and don't ask why design reiterates a devoted theme. I say design is a precise statement. If the premise of God literally being everything is correct then irrefutably this means there is no true isolation between things. It's all the same energy. Anything is everything. In other words, man's perception of space and motion is deceptive. Out of the tree types of consciousness found in the universe which category does space and motion fall under? It does take an effort to get from one place to another but what is that expenditure? The answer is Perceptible Consciousness. If all of existence is a single entity there can be no motion or space. Keep in mind the physical is really glorified energy. As you move across the room it is actually the idea of you moving across the room that is being perceived. How difficult would it be to prove to the Mortal Kombat character that the same substance he uses to move across the screen is the same that makes up his gun? God uses every particle in our existence to explain exactly that. Your words are an indication of what is expected of you. No language is sophisticated enough to convey a true representation of what a person thinks or feels. I am inspired by Truth. During my day Truth demands my attention. Prior to writing I listen to my thoughts and as I focus they become clear. My words are never precise do to the limitations of my vocabulary but there is a compensating phenomenon that sometimes occurs in consciousness of the reader. Through Truth you can regain lost anomalies which reveal deeper meaning in my words. By understanding the word play you further understand the author and by being familiar with the author, the author's limitations no longer hinders your understanding of the message. Words are power that can strategically solicit a response. The questions in this book were not posed toward you the reader but toward my own conscience. I had minimal preexisting comprehension of what I was writing about during its composition. I found understanding as I edited my words. In essence this book is a diary. It represents a record of the conversation within my psyche depicting my revelations. The beginning of this book contemplates the question which came first the chicken or the egg. After rationally relating this question to matters of existence, being alive and cognitive, death and the life after one may ultimately realize that the answer to this question is another paradox. What begins with a paradox ends with a paradox. The ultimate literal answer is… I am the chicken and God is egg After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#11) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. William Humphrey's depth communication eleven The Resolution REFINEMENT I was raised in poverty. I did not engage life as a small child. I only existed as a spectator observing life. I figured one day a family member would explain to me why my spirit was trapped in this body and how to control it so I wasn't imprisoned. I was exceptionally sensitive to negative energy. I spent hours daily crying out to God, testifying why reality is wrong. I was trying to explain what pain is and explain to God that if God knew what pain was it would not be wished me, God's son and beloved. I wanted God to respond by changing the fabric of reality using biblical miracles. I didn't want to die but I wanted existence not to be. I wanted to join back with God. I felt like telling the world when the lord my father comes, you will be sorry. God responded to me as saying you set in motion the stages of reality. You are the creator of all things. Though you have the unlimited power to do and undue you also have the power to restrict yourself, putting yourself in a state of Can Not. Reality is my state of God's Can Not. God's response was distorted as I interpreted through the lens of Christianity. As a Christian I prayed in Jesus name, I read The Bible and went to church but over time my concept of Jesus evolved. I reached a stage of comprehension which suggested Jesus was my spiritual brother and God the creator was our father. Though I have a personal relationship with God, Jesus played a crucial part being a senior member of the family. One day I realized I spent too much time in sorrow. I didn't like sorrow and at times I felt worse because I was always sad while others were having fun. Sorrow became perpetual. One day I realized feeling negative emotions only hurts me. Others are not affected by what I feel. My emotional state is irrelevant in their reality. I chose to no longer subject myself to negative emotions. I owned my emotions. I went as far as to say to people, "no matter what you do you can no longer anger me. My anger is my choice." I started to believe that outside influences can not affect me without my approval and stress was a result of ignorance. I vowed to never hurt myself by being angry or sad ever again. Anytime I would see an injustice I would address it appropriately and give the anger to God. Finally the day came when I was reborn. I understood why the physical is existence and that the magnitude of truth is unconceivable. The purpose of my rebirth was not to know Truth intimately. It was to attach an anchor and get familiar with Truth. Truth hones my spiritual senses. At times these spiritual senses communicate trough emotions. They give me the ability to attack the physical on a spiritual battlefront. I found a new respect and loyalty for my emotions. I realized I am an emotional being and I am entitled and obligated to keep my emotions appeased. I can now skillfully navigate between emotions that are created for a purpose and emotions that create its own purposes. My uncle the atheist tells me that my rebirth was simply the day I became conscious of my existence. Though this is true, it was also the day I began the path of Truth. My personal relationship with God had not changed but my understanding of that relationship had. ACOLYTES There are plenty natural tells designed to explain the truth behind existence. Why do we get disorientated if we move fast through space? It is declared by our eyes that reality is centered on consciousness. If you were to spin around with your eyes open reality would seem to blur together. Without focus reality looses continuity which makes you disoriented. If you spin fast and long enough you will still be disoriented even after you've stopped spinning. Your perception is altered because you have become drunk on Perceptible Consciousness. When enough Perceptible Consciousness has departed from your body you will regain sobriety. Though we understand that the eyes track objects by design we shouldn't overlook the testimony of the design. Time, space, matter and thought are one. Change exists but time is man's concept. Let's say that your weekend last two day and so does mine. During your weekend on each occasion you acknowledge the moment time seems to jump ahead. You can't find time. Then a few moments later you are waking up to get to work at eight am. Me any you have aged exactly the same when we both arrive at eight but during my weekend change moved slower. My weekend was ten times longer then your. There is no consistency in the concept of linear time but we are synchronized in time through change and aging among other laws. This means that my whole life can go by in one instant and yours can take an eternity yet there can be moments when we were in the same place at the same moment. Though we know the dynamic of a clock we shouldn't overlook the testimony of the concept of time. As the now continues to convert the future into the past we evolve, becoming more mature and wise. Truth is as vast as God. Man will never fully comprehend truth but as we persist we can justify more truth claims through wisdom. Wisdom is the difference between knowledge and experience. Each claim found to be false is a triumph because it allows us to distinguish falsehoods. The moment that you become curtain of anything other than the fact that God exists you loose wisdom. All reality is subject to change. I call on successors to reveal Truth to humanity. These successors I call Acolytes should be exalted and devoted only to the truth. Acolytes are people who remove themselves and their lenses of reality to reveal Truth. Remember Truth does not need me for it to be true. Acolytes are those who don't use hypothetical scenarios when debating the God who truly is. Words like "if" can distort what actually is which can perpetuate a descending path from truth back to faith. The book must continue to expand in time because truth is infinite. Any text that is later found to be false can be marked as false but never deleted. This helps us mark our progress and prevents individuals from altering text for selfish purposes. I question anything against God's natural design. I am not Christian because God did not design man to spring from dust but I have observed man born through woman. God's design supports evolution and like evolution this book must take up new forms. We must acknowledge Truth by observing current particulars. We must be precise with our assertions. We must acknowledge our imperfections and make aments for our mistakes without the ego hindering our decisions. Truth is "the greater good." We can not serve that which is positive if we don't expose Truth. We must observe understand then testify. UNFAMILIAR Faith is for the blind. I am not familiar with paranormal activities as having a place in Truth yet I have witness it. I need faith to compensate for my blindness. I am skeptical of this matter because the nature of faith is to be regarded with suspicion. Many people close to me endure frequent events pertaining to this matter. I too have shared paranormal events but I simply label things I don't understand as unknown. The unknown can be scary and miraculous. There is a part of the unknown that seems to communicate directly with individuals on the spiritual realm such as an emotional awareness and transfer of thought. Occasionally the communication is in the visual realm such as ghost, angles and demands. Less often is it noted that the unknown communicates in the realm of reality such as UFOs and monsters. At times I have defined them as being figments of the observer's imagination, projected anxieties or phenomenon induced by endorphins. This would mean that the unknown could have no permanent implications on a physical level which in the cases that I am familiar with rings true. Until it is revealed to me in Truth I refuse to define the unknown based on my observations. The only adequate merit is becoming aware of the unknowns placement in Truth through enlightenment. A friend of mine died in a tragic car accident. The connection that I felt with her lived on despite her death. I had decided to end an unbeneficial relationship with her sister just prior to her death. One night I awoke from sleep in my living room. In this apartment I had never gone to sleep in the living room before. I was extremely sleepy and was uncertain what was capable of waking me from such a peaceful slumber. Though I was extremely comfortable and was prepared to resume my night of peaceful sleeping, I felt an impulse to watch a seemingly slow movie that was playing on the television. I overlooked the fact that normally the television is off while I sleep and watched the last fifteen minutes of a movie called City Of Angels. I found it interesting but it was unlike me to choose to watch the end of a move over a good night sleep. I remember my inner psyche conversation where I asked "why am I choosing to watch this movie?" To this day I have never watched all the credits roll at the close of any movie except for this night. The final words were "for Dawn." Dawn was the name of my friend who had just past. There were enough unlikely circumstances in this scenario in which I unknowingly played a part for me to consider this event to be a sign. It is more likely that this scenario came about though intelligent design and less likely that it was a random act of coincidence. Being the rational person that I am, I lean in favor of the odds so I accepted this happening as a communication. In the time it took me to except the words that appeared to be on my television screen I understood a detailed message. The message stated that it was in my best interest not to breakup with her sister. It was detailed about what would be in store for me if I didn't listen but the message indicated nothing about the future if I did heed the massage. I was told that if I broke up with her sister there would be no turning back. I would build a broken home with her and we would both have a lot of sorrow. I responded to Dawn by saying you have no dominion here and my relationship with God may be greater than yours. The next day I told Dawn's sister what I believed had happened and that my decision stands. Now, ten years later all events have played out in perfect harmony of what Dawn stated would happen and I am still in the mist of a few more predictions. RESERVATIONS While I was watching Dawn's truth unfold I asked myself why I continue to let this happen. It is clear to me now that it was in my nature. The man that I was didn't know the man that he would become. If I knew then what I know now, I would still brake up with her sister but the outcome would be different. I have learned that our design is to control natural design. The question is not where is natural selection guiding us but where do we channel evolution. We didn't stumble across the ability to reason by chance. We are meant to design our own path. It is hard to be mindful of emotions because emotions have a tendency to make you focus on the feeling itself. God communicates though design. I have reservations in believing that this event was between me and Dawn. I believe that Dawn did ascend and become God but that is not of primary relevance. This situation is more likely to be explained as being a way for me to communicate with my self from the beyond. My knowledge of Dawn could have been the means for me to convince my rational mind that what was being communicated was omniscient. At that time I was incapable of conceiving that the communication could be from myself. There are not many who are certain enough in their relationship with God to conceive that it is God's design for man to have more control. The designer of my life is detectable. A few years after Dawn passed I took her brothers on a trip. On our way home my brother was driving my car ahead of my cousin and Dawn's brothers in my SUV. I began struggling with some seemingly irrational emotions. Intense sensations of anxiety and worry burned in the pit of my stomach. There were no signs of danger. I stomached the emotion but it continued to fight back continually increasing in intensity. The sensation made its way into my chest. I was fighting to stay in touch with reality. It concurred its way into my throat. I uncontrollable murmured something that sounded unintelligible. The driver looked at me and asked why. This confirmed the sounds that I murmured were coherent dialog. Exhausted I responded to the driver I believe the truck was trying to signal us we need to pull over. We both looked at the Forerunner and saw no issues. I felt relieved after I spoke those words. We decided to not pull over. The next moment the Forerunner was rolling out of control. A helicopter came to evacuate Dawn's brother. Everyone in the wreck has recovered with no serious damage. In this situation was Dawn contacting me from beyond or God delegating authority so that my spirit could override my ego? Is there any deference? Would the event have transpired differently if Dawn had not past away? These questions will be answered by an impartial Acolyte. Emotions are tentative and situations are circumstantial but God is conclusive. Enlightenment is viewing reality beyond the lens of circumstances. God provides man with ways of being familiar to the clues that indicate Truth. Everything that God creates is real because God created it but it is also memorex (the manifestation of memory). Reality is open to interpretation. In man's current evolutionary stage we are able to channel consciousness. I look forward to what's next. Progress is a process After each chapter there is a page full of lines. I would like that page to always fall on the right side of the book. I would like this Picture (#12) to be as large as possible which can fall on either side of the lined page. TIME The concepts of time have very practical applications. Though the word time is normally used lightly it doesn't exist as more than a concept. Einstein believed that time is based on the observer. Now physicist state that you can use the law of change as a bearing to prove that time exists. It is believed that the faster an object moves towards the speed of light time moves slower. By measuring the difference in change it is believed that we can see how much slower time moves. If you synchronized two clocks then moved one at the speed of light for an hour there would be a measurable difference. Physicist concludes that change is constant but time is not because of this measurable difference. This is a false conclusion. Speed has no applicable means to measuring a constant other then speed itself. The only constant is The Divine. God's Laws are not constant, they are simultaneous. Speed simply references motion trough space. It is agreed that objects at a distance seem to move slower. The word "distance" references space. The word "seem" references observation. The experiment with the clock only proves change is not constant. It doesn't prove that time exists. We already know change is not constant because we can witness change moving at deferent passes in a distance. Adding time to fix equations is not necessary. Physicists don't understand why observation has an effect on wave particles. The answer to the Measurement Problem and the reason why outer space continues to expand faster is the same key element that is missing in the clock experiment. We have to revamp our laws of physics to adjust for God's Laws. By adopting time physicist has left out one major piece to their equations. This missing key element is Perceptible Consciousness (P.C.). P.C. is the exact thing that they are measuring but this fact escapes them. They are not accounting for the fact that they are consuming P.C. while they are measuring P.C. This consumption of P.C. is what causes the discrepancy not time. Distance and motion are both ways of consuming P.C. It is impossible to measure change from one moment to the next because change is simultaneous. There is only one moment throughout existence. This moment is now. The past is to the present as the present is to the past. It's a paradox. The effect can be the cause. You can observe objects moving slower at a distance because you are perceiving the P.C. of the distance at a higher rate than you are perceiving the P.C. of the object. This is also why objects seem to be smaller at a distance. The object has its on reality so from the object's point of view you seem to be moving at a slower pace. Though realities influence each other one does not depend on another. What the experiment has proven is my theory that all things have there own reality. Some theorists maintain that we are innately aware of time. This is a false precept. We are aware of change. We just don't perceive change as being simultaneous due to P.C. It is easy to define change as a self contained happening but to define time you have to involve a clearly separate happening. Physicists accredit change with producing time so some believe that if you reverse all change in the same manner that it originally unfolded you would be traveling backwards in time. By identifying P.C. it is easy to see that time has no place in logic. MOM'S COOKIE THEORY As I debated who God is with my Christian friend Robert he defined God as being everything that is and isn't possible. I asked him, "if God was to cancel existence who would God be then?" Robert responded, "God would still be everything." I asked Robert to explain how can there be an everything in nothingness. He responded, "The word everything encompasses all things even nothingness. God gave us the word everything as a placement to represent a value that is too vast for man's comprehension." My response was "What if our current understanding is wrong in believing that there has to be an everything? If the idea of everything in itself is a lens then what is God." Robert acknowledged that man can not define God then said "In order for man to have a relationship with God it is necessary to use a placement and because this fact is necessarily true Christians call that placement Jesus." I was satisfied with his acknowledgement that God can not be defined and he was complacent with using Jesus as a placement. A Christian lens will always have a Christian answer even if the answer is God works in mysterious ways. It is easy to define Jesus but impossible to define God. When I was young my Christian mother felt inspired. She planted a seed that resulted in my current mindset. Repetition conditions the mind. Some people call it brain washing or being a product of the environment. I call it lenses that distort truth. When man receives new information we screen it through a vast assortment of these lenses. Do to these lenses most true Christians have had multiple revelations that affirmed Jesus Christ as being the ultimate truth. These revelations are inspired by God but misrepresented by man reasoning. It is not possible to remove all lenses to see unadulterated truth because in truth a man is not a man. If it wasn't for my mom's Cookie Theory I may have accepted a few more lenses being thought by the church. My beliefs are customized through my personal relationship with God. God is everything everywhere that is and isn't at all times and much more. God is not limited to everythingness. Though mom's theory is not this complicated it was understood by a simple mind at a young age. Her theory goes if prior to existence there was nothing but God then existence would have to be made from the substance of God. If God was a cookie then Jesus has to be a fragment, the universe would be flour and man would be salt. This theory does not address God's infiniteness therefore Jesus would brake off as a separate piece of the whole. Years after I cross the point of no return I began wondering about when I started to move away from Christianity. I recalled a day when my kid's mother was consoling her friend over the phone. I over heard her say, "When God died on the cross…" Until this point every time I heard about the crucifixion, God was referred to by the name Jesus. It was normal for me to hear Jesus died on the cross but by saying God died on the cross struck a nerve. As I walked toward her thinking about a way of correcting her I realized there was no way to reconcile that statement. I always knew my concept of Jesus was a little different but I didn't realize its significance. I learned about but never confronted the Trinity until this defining moment. All things are the same energy AN ANALYTICAL DREAM When I was younger I had a very powerful dream that I still vividly remember. It was concerning the end of the world. There was panic and chaos. The city streets were being ripped apart by earthquakes and lava was everywhere. All structures were crumbling. People were getting chased and devoured by demons and monsters. I ran for survival with no hope in sight. As I ran I would watch my closes family member run but they were not as fortunate as me. When I gained my composer I felt that God would guide me to a safe location until it was all over. As I ran through the rubble I started seeing less people. There were abundantly more people vanishing than what I could rationally account for. Then there were no people left and there were no signs of demonic beings, earth quakes or lava. It became still. In the silence even the wind stopped blowing. All the dust settled and the sun came out. I was alone. As I walked on to a desert road I saw no signs of destruction. Then I saw satin. To my surprise satin was a woman who wanted nothing more then to destroy me. She quickly overpowered me. I fought back but I was grossly outmatched. I called out to God for strength. The next moment I felt a divine energy enter into my body. Though I am still fighting just as hard I notice I start to win. I had the devil right where I wanted her and she became no match for me. Then all of a sudden the devil became stronger then ever. I new the devil had just received energy similar to the way I received my energy. It was an epic battle. The devil became more agile, faster and stronger then me. I called out to God for strength again and shortly received it. I dominated the devil. I was given the knowledge that the devil was spent and we both knew she would soon be defeated. I knocked the devil to her knees and started to strike the final blow. Before the final contact was made I looked at the devil and she became glorious to my eyes. She reached out to me in affection and I felt she could give me all that I would every want. She asked me to join her and in return she would give me pleasure throughout eternity. Rationally I could not believe my emotions. Deep down I desired to accept her offer. I was in a trance looking deeply into her eyes with her arms stretched out welcoming me. It took all of my will power to say no and run away. Finally I saw the entry way to my salvation. As I ran toward it I looked back. To my bewilderment what I saw was the devil caressing my sorry body with my head in her lap. I stopped running toward the light and my body spoke to me in the same fashion it always had apologetically saying, "I had no choice my desire for her is too great." He also told me he felt empty and I was his best friend. My soul loved my body and felt sorrow. I was torn between strong conflicting emotions. I felt angry toward my body for being so ignorant and weak willed. I considered going back for my body so I could take him to salvation but the part of my soul that wanted to join back with my body also wanted my body to have the devils pleasure. I knew if I made the attempt I would not be saved. Then I realized God's design didn't have my body entering into salvation. My soul and my body fully understood each other and they said their goodbyes. When I woke up I was confused about how I could be observing my body from the outside. The trauma of my dream stuck with me for a few days before I realized my spirit separated from my body. Only then did I understand the emotions, the conversation and the depth of what the dream signified. NAPKINS I am sitting at a table in a restaurant. I have been here for a while sharing a meal with my family. I am just enjoying my time until I decide to order again. Every now and then someone comes over to my table that needs a napkin. I notice my napkins dwindling but I didn't allow that fact to ruin my enjoyment. Most tables have napkins, some more then others and some more then I. I notice that other tables react differently to people who ask them for napkins. Some refuse to give more than one napkin, some refuse to give any and others give until they have none left. Though on occasions I have been in need of napkins I have never used another table's napkin. When I found myself in that unfortunate situation I leave my table and before I go through the kitchen door the waiter hands me more napkins. I feel as if it was no inconvenience to get my own napkins and I only value the napkins as a means to an end. As we are sitting content at the table I keep in mind the moments that I ran out of napkins and I also remember how fortunate I was not to be inconvenienced to get more. I realize that I have given out more napkins then I have gotten for myself. I appreciate the fact that the only way I could have given out so many napkins is if somehow they were being replenished. Now that I am aware of the napkins being replenished I evaluate the napkins and sure enough they are being replenished in a special way. Others notice that my napkins arrive special but they are mostly concerned with there own napkins. Some people take napkins from other table in a negative way and others treat their waiter badly. Others finish eating and leave there napkins on the table for the waiter to pick up. I know that when its time for me to leave I can't take my napkins but the reason "why" I kept a flow of napkins leaves with me. The restaurant represents reality. The core of any means to an end is choice and intentions. The napkins represent the ability to choose. Me leaving the table represent my efforts (works). The waiter represents God's Laws. The special way the napkins are replenished represents favorable karma. Me understanding how the napkins are being replenished represent enlightenment. Favor without enlightenment is not as rewarding. If I had gone through the kitchen door, that would have represented ascension. Always treat your waiter nicely and use your napkins in the time that you have. THE INTERVIEW Do you believe in a God? No, I believe in God. Do you believe that you're God? No, I am a man of flesh, blood, bone and spirit. I am a manifestation of God that composes choices without fate or destiny. Do you believe that your soul is God? If you define my soul as the nature or spirit of me as an individual then the answer is no. What is your definition of soul? The soul is the consciousness of power that is all things. By your definition do you believe that your soul is God? No, my soul is not God. By saying my soul you are giving me ownership of God. I believe there is only one soul and that soul is God. When I die my essence will join with The Divine with my memories and consciousness intact. Do you believe that God impacts your Life? I believe that God's will has brilliant implications. Do you believe you are the messiah? No, I am like many. God's Laws is the messiah. What do you believe about Jesus? I believe someone in power broadcasted elaborate demonstrations in front of a multitude of desperate witnesses during a time of need. This time of need instigated many false messiahs. Jesus is one of many during this era. Not God just well funded. What will you say to Jesus when he does judge you? Truth is familiar to me. Do you believe in The Bible? Defining "believe in" as in the words in the book having power then the answer is yes but that is because I believe words are power and all things are made of consciousness and power. What do you believe about The Bible? I believe The Bible is a history book that was written and amended for the purpose of teaching the privileged how to control massive amounts of people. As you read it you define yourself as the privileged when you're actually one of the many. What do you believe about life? Life is make-believe. What is meant by make-believe? Life is literally what you make of it. Do you believe in right and wrong? No but I agree with the concept of morals. What do you believe morals are based on? Turning negative energy into positive. Everything I believe is based on consciousness and power. Do you believe this power that encompasses everything is God? No, it is a manifestation of God's will. What do you believe about God? God is and God's will does. How do you feel about religion? Religion tells its followers how to live but as individuals we are the exception to a set standard. It is also the cause of most pointless deaths considering war and equality. How do you believe your concepts affect life? With more understanding of what is, your choices become more effective therefore easier to leverage. What is the meaning of life in your opinion? Life is the gift. We exist to experience but if the gift must have a meaning I would say it is harmony. Please send constructive feedback to HYPERLINK "mailto:williamahumphrey@yahoo.com" williamahumphrey@yahoo.com Due to the fact that this book defines a paradox you have to understand the dynamics of the final theory in order to fully appreciate the first. What begins with a paradox ends with a paradox. This is only the beginning.