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Sam's sayings are so superb that I have put some of them on my Pages.
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! ... God is a Computer and we are its Display ... !

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I am no super genius (stupor genius more likely), but I have a way of separating thought from feeling: Thoughts are a form of energy that we exchange which are expressed as words and/or pictures and/or numbers.

Feelings are a form of energy, perhaps more powerful, which are expressed nonverbally, nonvisually, non-mathematically, which is why they are so difficult to communicate via thoughts.

Each one can and does generate the other, and when our thoughts and feelings are in sync we create action, either within ourselves or elsewhere (same thing).

Intuition is that sudden knowing, as when we ask ourselves a question and instantly know the answer, or when we struggle with a problem and then, once we relax and release our attachment to the answer, there it is!

My theory is that thoughts are the verbal/visual/mathematical constructs of our rational minds; feelings are the non-verbal/visual/mathematical emanations of our emotional, or subconscious, mind, and intuition is the knowing of our higher mind...

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It occurs to me now that God is simply the Master Mathematician, an observation I am sure has been made before, probably by a mathematician, which I am not, nor am I all that well educated or well read - just enough of each to get me in trouble, I suspect. That aside, the little reading and study I have done leads me inescapably to a seemingly clear concept of the universe and therefore of what we call God, Infinite Intelligence, The Infinite Light (TIL), the Universal Mind, or whatever you call it. While it is clear to me, I am not convinced I can make it clear to others, but I'll do my best.

I have learned from physicists that there are really only two basic forces in the universe, which combine to create all matter and all activity. Those two forces are energy and information. The smallest subatomic particles, they say, are not material things at all but merely "impulses of energy and information," to quote Dr. Deepak Choprah, who is not a physicist but has studied the field. What the physicists say is that these so-called particles cannot be detected as matter but can only be observed in the past tense, by the trails they leave behind.

They are, essentially, little complexes of interlocking electrical charges which appear to flick in and out of existence based on whether the observer is focusing attention on them or not. Their speed can be known, but not at the same time their position is known, and vice versa. The only difference between any two elements of matter is not what they are made of but how their common components are arranged. This remains true at the atomic level and at the molecular level, and my experience tells me it continues at every level you can imagine: Genetic, emotional, mental, social, political, astronomical, spiritual, and so on.

So what is the information that binds these bits of energy together and allows them to take on the aspect of any form of matter or any form of energy? It has to be mathematical. Each bit of energy must have a position, a value, a speed perhaps, and other qualities - all of which can be expressed mathematically, and which in fact were discovered and measured mathematically. The verbal descriptions of these mathematical values are bizarre, confusing and mysterious to us non-mathematicians, but the math would be more so.

Now, I have also learned and have come to accept that there are two fundamental states of being in the universe: Absolute and relative. That which we call God, or whatever, is the absolute, the eternal, unchanging, omnipresent. That which we experience as material reality is the relative, where everything has an opposite, everything is what it is only in relation to something else, and in relation to a second "something else" the original thing is again different. Polarity is the hallmark of the relative universe. Of course, it is born of the singular polarity of the Absolute and the Relative, between which the difference is that within the absolute universe there is no polarity, therefore no change, no activity, only completeness; while within the relative universe there is all this activity resulting from the infinite interaction of opposites.

Ernest Holmes, in "The Science of Mind," refers to this absolute universe as "law," and this word has special significance to me, because it suggests to me that the universal, infinite and absolute intelligence that organizes all that exists is simply mathematical law. To view it more metaphysically, God's mind is infinite and complete, therefore God does not engage in thinking activity. The thinking is already done, has always been already done, and its result, instantly and eternally, is mathematical law in all of its infinite variations, implications and potentialities.

Here, in the relative universe - which is merely all the energy that has always existed and always will exist being constantly combined and recombined into all of its possibilities by means of mathematical law - time is merely our mind's way of counting, or listing, all of the manifested possibilities we are able to observe or experience within the particular framework of this human life.

Now I want to take this concept of absolute versus relative back down below the subatomic level, down to ground zero, as it were. If the macro view of the universe can be described as an absolute component and a relative component, then the sub-micro view should be the same, and that would be binary mathematics: one or zero, on or off. This is the mind of God, an infinite array of every possible binary number.

So the universe in actuality is a computer, an infinite computer with every possible calculation already done and eternally locked in place in Read Only Memory, or ROM, as today's computer techs call it. Add energy to that and you create a relative universe where each and every calculation that exists in ROM can be re-played in Random Access Memory, or RAM. And because this infinite, virtual computer is capable of absolutely anything, we can point to things like our own individual minds as data storage. We live inside a three-dimensional monitor, or it exists within us, so we experience all of these replayed binary calculations as reality.

When we pray, when we work, when we create new forms of matter and new forms of energy, we are simply applying energy to a particular location in universal ROM and replaying a formula that has always existed in order to manifest a particular version of reality at this moment, which we then duly record in our memories and go on to the next manifestation in this moment. And it is always this moment; there is no other.

And it occurs to me at this moment that perhaps our concept of life and death is just like backing up all the data on your hard drive to the network hub and reformatting the hard drive. Bang. Blank slate. Meanwhile, your identity, which is merely a construct of all your memories, is safely stored on another medium, and will be called up and replayed in all of its infinite variations an infinite number of times, all in this moment. A highly spiritual book, "A Course in Miracles", calls it The Holy Instant.

Obviously, it is difficult, even for me as I put these ideas into words, to take our limited concept of our limited computers and stretch it far enough to envelope the notion of an unlimited computer. That's where the human mind fails, as it must. We cannot truly grasp the entirety of the concept of infinity with a finite mind, any more than a virus can form a concept of the human body when its universe is limited to things the size of cells and molecules.

You don't have to look far to see the math in life. Look at DNA. It is nothing more than an enormously complex mathematical equation, an equation in which the alteration of the tiniest component creates profound changes in the result. The same is true in organic chemistry, whose practitioners play with things called polymers. Polymers are substances that can be concocted by simply recombining the basic elements of organic matter, chiefly oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, into new patterns.

It was polymers, in fact, that sparked my mind into writing this thought out. My 6-year-old son, Andy, and I were playing with a thing called "Goo," which he had bought at a toy store. Goo's claim to fame is that it can turn water into a solid in a few seconds. Reading the instructions, I discovered that what we were playing with was a polymer called sodium polyacrylate. It is used in disposable diapers to grab the moisture and keep it from leaking out all over Dad's lap, and to keep it away from the baby's skin.

This stuff absorbs up to 600 times its weight in water and becomes a gel, its relative solidity depending on how much water is added. Fascinating stuff. Then I read in the instructions that another highly common substance is also a polymer: Protein. That's us. We're polymer creatures. Put the right polymers together in the right combination (the instructions are in the DNA), and you have a human being, or a tree, or a plastic ashtray, or a surfboard. Energy and information.

This is why, by the way, we are able to - in fact we have no choice but to - create our reality in every moment, and this law of existence can be used by those who put enough energy into it to change their reality. The reason this seems so easy to say and so difficult to accomplish is because the information that actually goes into our moment-to-moment creation of reality is found in our deepest, most fundamental memories - our core beliefs.

So long as we believe, at our core level (which is in permanent storage and is therefore subconscious until we order it retrieved into consciousness - ROM into RAM), that the world will be today as it was yesterday, it is. Given absolute belief (sorry for the redundancy), or faith in other words, the material world actually does become precisely the way we believe it to be.

And I guess the point to all this, or at least one possible point, is that the scientific mind and the spiritual mind are really studying the same thing, and that there is no real disagreement between science and religion, providing that both the scientist and the theologian are focusing purely on the nature of the universe and not on moral, political and economic game plans.

So nobody's wrong, everybody's right, the universe is in perfect tune, and you can have anything you want. Just be sure to order from the right menu, and be prepared to eat whatever you order. Oh, and speak very clearly. The waiter reads your mind and takes you absolutely literally, asking no questions and offering no advice, whether you order the Strawberry Surprise, or the Flaming Death.

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I have an enduring vision of the universe I'd like to share with you. It has been evolving in my mind for 5 decades and has recently become coherent enough to verbalize, or I have become cogent enough to verbalize it... whatever.

First, the premises:
When I use the word *universe,* it means all that is and ever will be and ever was, including all dimensions. In other words, the field of all possibilities.

When the universe is taken as a whole, there is no time as we know it, no linear measurement. It has been said that time is God's way of keeping everything from happening all at once. Actually, I believe it is simply Man's way of keeping events sorted out, so that our limited minds can get a grip.

I assume that the universe is infinite, both in time and space.

So, infinite time, infinite space, infinite possibilities all rolled together leads me to the inescapable conclusion that everything that is possible already is; and absolutely everything is possible!

So we, as human beings on Earth, are an infinitesimal speck of God-consciousness taking a detailed, linear tour of the possibilities of this type of existence. And there are an infinite number of *me* exploring in infinite variety of alternate possibilities, while the same is occurring for each of *you* and so on, ad infinitum, throughout the galaxy and the universe.

When you roll all this up in your mind, you may begin to sense that what it all adds up to - all this infinite variety of relativity, this endless soup of contrasts and opposites - is something, well, Absolute! And that is God, the Supreme Being.

The Supreme *Being* doesn't DO anything.
It just IS everything. *I AM THAT I AM*

The other component in the universe is Action, which requires energy, which originates with Light, generated by the Word of God (the root of *word* and *light* in ancient languages is the same, by the way).

And how do I know that God is Being and not Action, you ask? Because there can be Being without Action, but there can be no Action without Being.

So there, an answer to the unanswerable.
Get out the slingshots and let's see how many holes we can make in this hay bale.

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Mr. G:
Could not agree with you more. I'll take it a step further: The whole scandal-of-the-hour, sensational drama game is specifically designed to keep our eyes off the magician's hands, to keep us from seeing what gov't is doing with our money, our freedom and our resources.

The US media is a knowing accomplice in this, at the highest levels, and the lower levels follow like pups. sports, tv, political scandal, all cover a very sinister game.

My goal is to find a way to wake up the people of the world, so that when they see what is going on they will decide en masse to ignore gov't. Then it will disappear. The internet is key to this. It is the embryo of the neural net that will ultimately become organic and universal, and will enable us to govern ourselves collectively as we do individually, with equality, fairness and responsibility.

In the eyes of the power mongers, those milions spent on lawyers, news, etc. are not wasted, but a minimal investment to shroud the billions being stolen in the name of defense, welfare, security. The cold war was a hoax all the way. Nuclear war was and is impossible, by the laws of physics. Indeed, the huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons probably don't exist because the money was actually spent on other things.

Nothing is as it appears. The fact that we are light, that all is thought, is a scientific as well as a spiritual fact, and is part and parcel of the proof of the above.

The system based on traditional values is run by people who do not share those values but in fact know what we know, yet use it for the accumulation of power and wealth in secret. They are awake; the rest of us are sleeping, and they want it so.

When the sleeper wakes, the dream is over, and we are One...

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My mind is infinite but my thinking is not.
This falls into line with the recent discussion about thought creating reality...

It is not my personal brain-based 3D thought that creates my reality, but the aggregate thoughts of my infinite mind that does it. That Mind is All Mind (all mine?) and due to my extremely limited 3D body here, I cannot access it but a particle at a time.

Yet there are times when each of us has a startling effect on the physical world around us. We call it miracles, superhuman feats, spontaneous healing and such. It occurs when our core belief intersects with our current thought.

"It is done unto you as you believe." - JC

I went for a walk one muggy summer day, determined to stretch my legs despite the ominous threat of thunderstorms. Having walked the better part of a mile from my home, I realized the storms were coming with certainty and decided to turn back. As I turned around, the rain began to splat here and there on the ground near me. Not wanting to get wet, given the pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket and the wallet in my pants pocket, I briefly but clearly focused on the thought, "I stay dry." Oddly, I was certain this would work, even t/hough I had never done such a thing nor seen it done. As I walked, the rain began to fall more rapidly, wetting the asphalt walkway on which I was striding. The wind increased, and soon the rain was coming from my left at nearly a 45 degree angle. Yet not a drop had touched me. My shoes were wet from splashing in the standing water created on the walkway by the pelting raindrops. My clothing, my glasses, my hair were perfectly dry.

At one point, out of curiosity, I looked up to my left directly into the wind and rain. What I saw there astonishes me to this day. Some 20 feet away from me, and 10 to 15 feet in the air, the rain was simply parting as if an invisible deflector was floating there. This deflection followed me as I walked, leaving me in a wedge of dry space despite the downpour around me.

Finally, after more than half a mile of this, I began to approach the place where I would have to turn left 90 degrees in order to complete my journey home. The thought occurred to me: "I don't think I can make this turn and stay dry." As you might guess, the instant I turned I was blasted by a wall of cold rain. It was like getting hit by the spray from a firehose. I was shocked and drenched in a heartbeat, and had to slog and slosh the rest of the way home with no tangible evidence of what had just happened. Perhaps it's best that way...

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There are no individuals, but one consciousness dreaming one dream, the dream of differences, the dream of contrast, the dream of polarity, the Field of All Possibilities in visual form. Anthing that manifests in this dream simultaneously creates its opposite. Neither can manifest without the other.

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~ End for Now ~