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In This Special Issue

   *** You and Your Contract! - Andrew Lutts
   *** The Atlantean Temples of Rejuvenation - Kryon
   *** Dedicated To Unconditional Love  - Murat Oz
   *** Miracles - A Matter of Focus - Chief Joseph / John Cali
   *** The Lemurian Way - Lauren O. Thyme
   *** Bring Back the Merkabah - Vee Gray
   *** The Photon Belt - Coming Home - Peter O. Erbe
   *** New Age E-Mail Newsletters
   *** Angels Unaware


by Andrew Lutts

We are all here for a reason, at this time. Do you know what it is? We have
incarnated at this time so that we would all see, experience and live the
new millenia, the consciousness shift of humanity, and the dimensional time
shift in the year 2012.

Put simply, this is simply the dawn of a new age, and you and I are here
for it. There have been few times in history when so much has come
together, all at one time.

It is easy to forget our contracts, to get caught up in 3-D, and be drawn
into the density of physicality. After all, we are living in 3-D. But try
to remember your contract, and why you are here. If you do forget your
contract, you may receive little reminders now and then about it. It is up
to you to acknowledge these when they happen. 

Once you are able to remember and come to terms with your own personal
mission, you will be in alignment with your true self, in alignment with
Source, and working for your highest good.

For many, our contract includes bringing in and holding the frequencies of
the new millenia and helping the planet as it goes to light. These goals
can be achieved in any number of ways: as healers, facilitators,
lightworkers, emissaries, and much more.  It is up to you how you wish to
manifest the terms of your contract, at this time, if you choose to do so.
Don't feel like your contact has to involve a huge commitment on your part.
It may mean just being you, and positively affecting those around you. Yes,
it can be that simple.

Who did you make this contract with? Yourself ..... of course! There is no
judgement. You can choose to remember and acknowledge your contract, or
choose to do something else. But there is a reason you made this contract
at this time, and a reason you are here now. 

The new millenia will usher in an entirely new energy on this planet. And
the new millenium energy will be the first wave of the new consciousness
energy which will affect every living thing on the planet. Be prepared for
this first important event of a whole series of important events to follow.
You are needed at this time. 


Excerpts from the Kryon Book II, Don't Think Like A Human

Introduction: Just few years ago, Lee Carroll channeled a series of three
books (and more after that) from the energy known as Kryon, Master of
Magnetic Service. These books were very popular when published, and
continue to have lasting appeal. In book two, the Kryon introduced
information about the Atlantean Temples, and the magnetic polarity
technology Atlanteans used to extend and rejuvenate themselves in order
that they could live very long lifetimes. Here's more about it. - Andy

The Atlantean Temples of Rejuvenation is where humans were repolarized.
This allowed humans to experience lifetimes far longer than today, as they
were rebirthed and reenergized by the repolarization process. 

Physically, the temple is typically a great double-spired structure, but
one of the temples points earthward, and one points skyward, with the room
of action resting between the spires at the midpoint. 

It is here that humans of choosing undergo a three year cycle of
refreshening, the process which will keep them alive and balanced far
beyond the years of life that you currently experience in your culture.
This is a temple because it is recognized that the balance of a human is
one that involves reverence and respect, and honor for Spirit, mind and the

Inside the Temple, two tables rotate in perfect synchronization. The person
to be rebalanced lies upon one of the tables, with a facilitator nearby. At
the other table, a crowd of facilitators surrounds the table with their
hands on something. A priest, with hands on two globes, connects up with
machinery above and below the temple spires. The spires represent the
dipole, the positive and negative. The rebalancing correctly realigns the
human. A balanced human with correct polarity will not allow disease, and
will live for a very long time. This is why it is called rejuvenation.

After the rejuvenation, a celebration takes place. The human wears a
special robe, and descends down from the temple to the earth. The robe is
worn for three days to let all know and celebrate with the human. 

The Temple of Rejuvenation was a grand symbol of our victory over death,
and our wise understanding of how science, health and spirit are forever

To see a rendering of an Atlantean Temple of Rejuvenation, see:

Excerpts from Kryon: Don't Think Like A Human (Kryon Book II). For more
information on Kryon and these truly fascinating books, see:  If you are on AOL, check out the Kryon folder and
make some new friends.


A poem by Murat Oz 

Of all the beauty I've witnessed 
You are the one beyond imagination

Of all the loves I daresay to have 
You are the harbinger of purest love

Of all the masters I came to know 
In thee have I seen the Divine

Through all the losses I've lived 
Indeed you made me cry...

Though, never have I even held you 
Nor fathomed the depth of your eyes

Nay, have not tasted your flavored smell 
Nor enchanted by your vigor, like a spell

Nevertheless I miss... 
Like an eagle which lost winds

For forgotten is love to me 
Where it's fulfilled with thee

Yet I know how to call you, special... 
Because you are "The Unconditional"..........

Copyright March 1999.  Murat Oz is from Turkey. 
Send him e-mail at


Chief Joseph channeled through John Cali

How many times, my dear ones, have you wished for a miracle or two in your
lives? And just what is a miracle anyway? 

Let's start with the second question. A miracle, to most of you, is an
event beyond your understanding - "supernatural" is often the term you use
for what you don't understand. But there's nothing supernatural about any
of the so-called miracles you read about in anything ever recorded by
mankind. Miracles are the most ordinary and natural of happenings. 

Jesus did wondrous deeds - he walked on water - he healed the terminally
ill - he raised the dead. And he did the most ordinary deeds - he listened
to people - he soothed troubled hearts and minds - he walked among his
sisters and brothers with only love in his heart. How could he do these
"miracles" on the one hand - and, on the other, do the most ordinary human
deeds in the most extraordinary ways? Was he different from you? Are the
other masters who have walked through the pages of your history - and who
walk among you today - different from you? 

In most ways, no - they are exactly the same as you. Except in one way -
they are FULLY aware of who they are - Gods and Goddesses in human form. 

And it is this FULL awareness that allows them to do the deeds you call
miracles. Miracles are nothing extraordinary - they are, indeed, the MOST
ordinary events in the lives of you, Gods and Goddesses in human form. It's
just that you are not aware of most of these miracles. Many of you, for
example, contract what you call fatal illnesses, and without even being
consciously aware of it. And then - again without conscious awareness - you
are "miraculously" healed. These sorts of events happen so often in all
your lives, you would be shocked if I were to tell you all the details. 

The "trick" - if you will - is to become conscious creators of miracles.
And you can, my dear ones - you can! It would behoove you, especially in
these changing and challenging times you live in, to become fully conscious
miracle workers. 

Can you walk on water? Yes. Can you heal the sick, including yourselves?
Yes. Can you move mountains? Yes. Can you fly unaided in your physical
form? Yes. Yes - and yes, yes, yes to all the other questions like these! 

You can do all these things I do, as your Christ and other masters have
said - and even greater things. The greatest gift you can give yourselves
is the gift of remembering. Remembering the Goddesses and Gods you are. And
then, nurture this remembering in any and every way it feels right and good
for you to do. 

Daily meditation is one powerful way - in whatever form appeals to you.
Conscious breathing is another way. With each inhalation you are reborn as
the Gods and Goddesses you have always been. With each exhalation, all that
you have ever been dies - then you are in the perfect place to be reborn
anew, with your next inhalation. 

And, of course, there are other means of reconnecting and remembering - you
know what they are. Pick those that resonate with you. Then do them. Commit
to doing them - commit yourselves to grow beyond the limitations and fears
your human egos have imposed upon you. 

It's true your human forms must act and react within certain boundaries.
But those boundaries are far broader and grander than you have ever
imagined. Today make the commitment to yourselves to gain FULL and
CONSCIOUS awareness of your divinity - to be fully focused on your God
Selves - and to do it in THIS incarnation. DO IT NOW! 

You can do it, my dear ones - YOU CAN DO IT! And then miracles will become
the most ordinary of events in your daily lives. Miracles are merely a
matter of focus.

Copyright December 1998 Great Western Publishing


A book by Lauren O. Thyme

Have you ever wondered what life was like during the time of the ancient
civilization known as Lemuria? Are you drawn to the words Lemuria, or Mu?
Now you can learn all about it, online.

Lauren O. Thyme has uploaded her wonderful book, The Lemurian Way, free for
all to read on the web. This book is fascinating, especially for those who
are drawn to Lemuria, sometimes known as Mu, or the Motherland.

Lauren remembers clearly and records in her book, with help from channeled
information from the Lemurian elders. The book covers such fascinating
things as Lemurian wedding ceremonies, crystal ceremonies and healing,
bringing up children, light bodies, the role of the community, rites of
passage, universal wisdom, light temples, daily life, and much more. 

We first read this book a year ago and were stunned not only by the
detailed accounts of this way of life, but how much it matched our own
thoughts about Lemuria. 

Check out this book while you still can, for free, until some smart
publisher snaps it up. Or better yet, order it directly from Lauren and own
a pre-published copy. See it all at: 

Lauren ( ) is the owner/operator of Time Travel, a
free informational service on sacred sites and sacred site tours worldwide. 


by Vee Gray

A voice out in the middle of the room said, "Bring back the Merkabah" as I
was falling asleep. I had just asked God, "What am I supposed to do now?" I
was in a desperate situation. I had never heard of the Merkabah and at that
time in 1991 not many other people had heard of it either. It took almost
three years of searching, reading books and asking other people if they
knew what it was, before I finally found it in print.

It took another two years of research, channeling and contacting guides
through lifereadings before I came to a realization of what the Merkabah
is. As I began to share this astounding information with other people they
said "you need to put this in a book". I didn't think that was such a good
idea. During channeling I asked my highest guide about the book idea. He
said, "At some point you will need to make a decision on what is the best
way to share this information with others". As you know, guides do not tell
you directly what to do, but the seed was planted and has now produced the


Acceptance is the key to using the Merkabah. You tell yourself, while deep
in thought or during meditation, that you believe that you have unlimited
power within you to achieve whatever is your highest desire. Feel the power
go through your spiritual body and your human body. Accept the fact that
this feeling is the Merkabah. It is always there, ready to be used. It is
always grand, always available. It just is.

The power of the Merkabah is from a level that is beyond our five senses
but if you accept it you will also begin to sense it on that higher level.
On the spiritual level you can use the Merkabah to help you connect to your
Higher Self, communicate with beings on the other side of the veil of
consciousness, and much more. On the human level you can use the Merkabah
to expand ideas in your field of employment, enjoy work and play more,
overcome problems in communication with other humans, draw the influence of
the spiritual world into your human world, and much more.

To use your Merkabah is to feel the grandness that you are spiritually, to
accept new insights that come to you, for they are your highest reality.
The Merkabah has no definite shape, color or size, and you don't have to do
anything special to be able to use it. But if it pleases you to do so, you
may use your own reminders such as a geometric shape, or develop your own
ritual of connecting with this power within, to help you use it. (Or
explore how Drunvalo Malchizedek teaches it.)

I have come to think of the Merkabah as a very personal, a very gentle and
wonderful power, to be used only for myself (never as power over another)
and it doesn't have to be acquired, it just is, always.   Remember the

For more information visit:
or send


Summary from the book God I Am: From Tragic to Magic 
by Peter O. Erbe 

Every 25,000 years our Solar System completes one orbit around Alcione, the
central sun of the Pleiades, a constellation at a distance of approximately
400 light years from our Sun. In 1961 science discovered a photon belt
which encircles the Pleiades at a right angle to its orbital planes. Our
Sun, and Earth with it, is entering this Photon belt between now and the
year 2011.

The photon belt is the cosmic 'trigger force' to shift humanity from third
level into fourth level density, from separation into Oneness. Thus, the
magnitude and beauty of this event Earth is preparing for defies any
description. Earth and humanity are aligning for its birth into
Christ-consciousness - the union of Star Light with matter - the marriage
of Spirit with separated Selves.

As the night transforms into a new day, so is the Age of Darkness giving
way to the Age of Light. It is the greatest event ever to grace the Earth
and her children. Terms such as New Age, Super-consciousness, etc., are but
different labels for one and the same occurrence. It is the 'end-time' of
the prophecies, for time as such shall cease to be. Ageing, ailments and
sorrow shall be no more. To partake of this grandest of events, man must be
aligned with its energy.

Humanity, as such, is governed by false perception, the adherence to the
frequency of fear, the result of which is literally an upside down
perception of life. Only that which is aligned with Light can partake of
Light, thus those not aligned with the cosmic current of energy flow - the
Divine Intent - shall sleep the long sleep.

It is the purpose of this material to develop the magnificent tool of True
Perception with which we align for the birth into the dawn of a new day in
creation, the Age of Love. As the chrysalis is the bridge between
caterpillar and the butterfly, so is True Perception the bridge between
third level and fourth level density, between separation and Oneness.

The universe with all its beings, in seen and unseen dimensions, joins with
us in the grandest of all celebrations, the jubilance of rebirth into Light
- the dance of the Gods - for where Earth, and we as her children go, is
the fulfillment of the soul's ancient cry: We are coming home!

Special thanks to Spiritual Warrior Tony Reis for bringing this to us.



Astrology Reader by Carol Willis M.A. 
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It was a rainy night in New Orleans; 
At a bus station in the town, 
I watched a young girl weeping 
As her baggage was taken down. 
It seems she'd lost her ticket 
Changing buses in the night. 
She begged them not to leave her there 
With no sign of help in sight. 

The bus driver had a face of stone 
And his heart was surely the same. 
"Losing your ticket's like losing cash money," 
He said, and left her in the rain. 
Then an old Indian man stood up 
And blocked the driver's way 
And would not let him pass before 
He said what he had to say. 
"How can you leave that girl out there? 
Have you no God to fear? 
You know she had a ticket. 
You can't just leave her here. 
You can't put her out in a city 
Where she doesn't have a friend. 
You will meet your schedule, 
But she might meet her end." 
The driver showed no sign 
That he'd heard or even cared 
About the young girl's problem 
Or how her travels fared. 

So the old gentleman said, 
"For her fare I'll pay. 
I'll give her a little money 
To help her on her way." 
He went and bought the ticket 
And helped her to her place 
And helped her put her baggage 
In the overhead luggage space. 
"How can I repay," she said, 
"the kindness you've shown tonight? 
We're strangers who won't meet again 
A mere 'thank you' doesn't seem right." 

He said, "What goes around comes around. 
This I've learned with time - - 
What you give, you always get back; 
What you sow, you reap in kind. 
Always be helpful to others 
And give what you can spare; 
For by being kind to strangers, We help angels unaware." 

author unknown

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