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 The Sphinx part1/2

 ( Subject: Within The Heart of the Sphinx As I sit
 down to write this I am amazed at how one post can get people from all
 over the world to come alive. The opening of the Hall of Records at Giza
 has been prophesied for many years and we are indeed very close to
 making this event manifest. A truely glorious happening. But as of yet
 there is no empherical evidence of its opening that has come my way.
 Since I posted the original mail I have had confirmation of parts of it
 from two different channeled sources, mail perporting it to be a
 hoax...and then mail of the hoax being a hoax, reports of evidence of
 the findings of the Hall, but because of court/legal battles the
 information is being withheld, reports that it is to be opened in
 Feburary of this year, and an interesting astral journey to the Hall
 that I have been given permission from the author to share with you. The
 only fact that has been reported is that Drunvalo was not in Egypt when
 this was supposed to have occurred. Wish I had more. I think I'll go
 meditate. Perhaps the information is there.... Love, Mark

 Within The Heart of the Sphinx By: Elizabeth Joyce

 - - - - - - -

 The Heart of the Sphinx Vision Journey of Mark Tremblay and Elizabeth
 Joyce from their notes on their experiences in Egypt April 10 - 20,

 The person speaking is Elizabeth Joyce.

 The Great Sphinx is to the northeast of Chephren's Valley Temple. Where
 it sits was once a quarry. Chephren's workers shaped the stone into the
 lion and gave it their king's face over 4,500 years ago. The sphinx
 faces the rising sun with a temple to the front which resembles the sun
 temples which were built later by the kings of the 5th Dynasty. The
 figure was buried for most of its life in the sand. King Thutmose IV
 (1425 - 1417 BC) placed a stela between the front paws of the figure. It
 describes when Thutmose, while still a prince, had gone hunting and fell
 asleep in the shade of the sphinx. During a dream, the sphinx spoke to
 Thutmose and told him to clear away the sand because it was choking the
 sphinx. The sphinx told him that if he did this, he would be rewarded
 with a kingship. Thutmose carried out this request and the sphinx held
 up his end of the deal.

 The sphinx is built of soft sandstone and would have disappeared long
 ago had it not been buried for so long. The body is 200 feet (60m) in
 length and 65 feet (20m) tall. The face of the sphinx is 13 feet (4m)
 wide and its eyes are 6 feet (2m) high. Part of the uraeus (sacred
 cobra), the nose and the ritual beard are now missing. . The beard from
 the sphinx is displayed in the British Museum. The statue is crumbling
 today because of the wind, humidity and the smog from Cairo.

 Attempts to restore it have often caused more harm than good. No one can
 be certain who the figure is to personify. It is possible that it is
 Chephren. If that is so, it would then be the oldest known royal
 portrait in such large scale. Some say that it was built after the
 pyramid of Chephren was complete. It may have been set as a sort of
 scarecrow to guard his tomb. Still others say it is the face of his
 guardian deity, rather than Chephren himself. The image of the sphinx is
 a depiction of royal power. Only a pharaoh or an animal could be shown
 this way, with the animal representing a protective deity.

 In the 1980's, a carefully planned restoration of the Sphinx was in
 progress. Over 6 years, more than 2,000 limestone blocks were added to
 the body of the sphinx and chemicals were injected. This treatment did
 not work. It just flaked away along with parts of the original rock.
 Later, various mortars and many workers who were not trained in
 restoration worked for six months to repair it. In 1988 the left
 shoulder crumbled and blocks fell off.

 Present attempts at restoration are under the control of the Supreme
 Council of Antiquities' archaeologists. They are concentrating on
 draining away subsoil seepage which is damaging the rock. They are also
 repairing the damaged shoulder with smaller blocks and staying with the
 original size.

 Prophecy and predictions are a part of all our lives, our world and our
 universe. They represent phenomena that at the very least contain truths
 that cannot be denied. Prophecy has found a place in every nation, every
 language, every religion and in every age. Among the hieroglyphic
 writings in the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Egypt are to be found
 prophetic statements that corroborate the prophecies of both famous and
 unknown seers.

 Interpretation of prophecies and visions has to be done very carefully
 in order to distinguish what is yet to come from what has already
 happened, as all time is simultaneous, and intuitive perceptions can
 pick up many things. With this in mind, one must let intuition further
 guide the interpretation. The visions described below are to be looked
 at in this manner in order to get the most out of them. Even so, their
 import is fairly clear. Deeper and more personal meaning can be gleaned
 with care.

 Initiation means to begin; specifically, to become conscious on the next
 higher level, eventually on the Divine Plane encompassing all universal
 energies. To be able to do this requires proper physical training and
 spiritual preparation. The nerves and energy pathways of the body must
 be strengthened and conditioned to enable them to bear these high
 vibrations without harm. To become conscious on a higher plane involves
 conducting the vibrations characteristic of that plane through the
 spine, and from there through the nerves and into the body. At some
 point in one's spiritual unfoldment one gains a profound degree of
 alignment with the True Self, which some call Its "indwelling." The body
 proceeds to develop a power of endurance or resilience that enables it
 to ascend to yet higher levels, and will itself advance according to the
 progressive degree of consciousness of the spirit dwelling in it.

 As we have all seen, this degree of consciousness fluctuates depending
 on one's emotional condition and efforts at self discipline, within the
 limits of one's present octave of vibrations. These fluctuations must
 not exceed the limits of the developed resilience or endurance of the
 nerves. If they do, injuries and sickness of a possibly serious nature
 occur. The high vibration of the Creative Vital Energy of the True Self
 would be absolutely lethal for a physical body whose vibratory state had
 not yet reached that level, "burning out" the nerves and nerve centers.
 For this reason, the Creative Vital Energy, which is seated in the
 spinal column, is stepped down to a life energy vibration corresponding
 to the person's present consciousness. Only this transformed and
 moderated vital current is released into the nerves and body.

 The Great Initiation, or Self-Realization, means consciously
 experiencing this Creative Vital Energy and the creative vibrations of
 Eternal Being on every plane of development in their original frequency
 without transformation. This naturally requires a corresponding amount
 of nerve resilience. In preparation for this stage of growth one must
 slowly and carefully awaken and develop the appropriate nerve centers
 and learn to direct their energies. As you develop this resilience you
 are developing your capacity to concentrate, and through purposeful
 focusing to experience more fully. With practice one can develop the
 strength of his nerves to such a degree that he can maintain and
 remember conscious participation even at the highest levels. In the
 process of exploring at higher levels various tools can be employed with
 one's trained focus to enhance awareness and understanding. The
 experiences described below were greatly aided by a "talent" with which
 anyone with self-discipline can establish contact with another being, or
 the consciousness and energies of an object or place, up close or at a
 distance ...telepathy.

 Telepathic connection abilities begin with learning to fix and maintain
 your awareness on one single thought for however long you will.
 Concentration is very helpful for spiritual progress and essential for
 higher conscious awareness. It allows you to direct your awareness into
 any purpose or experience or action you are called upon to complete, and
 direct the power of your will to accomplish, or participate in, great

 Once you have developed the ability to concentrate, one focuses one's
 thoughts entirely on the being with whom you wish to establish contact.
 Allow your intuition to guide you. With your eyes closed imagine the
 person you want to reach, seeing him with your third eye. See his body,
 his face, his eyes. Then imagine you are he and he is you. It can be
 helpful to actually feel your hands and your body are his, until you
 achieve complete identity with the person you are trying to reach. When
 you reach this point, focus clearly on the thought you want to transmit.
 Think it with intense awareness that you are that person, and that
 person is thinking these thoughts.

 To summarize, this tool of awareness has three phases:

 First, both of you progress into a deep awareness of each other.

 Second, the two people, or object/place and person, become one.

 Third, as one being your thoughts are shared true communication.


 Mark and I, having long devoted ourselves to the training of our
 consciousness and the conditioning of our nerves, traveled to Egypt with
 the intention and expectation of some deep perceptions. Our devotion has
 paid off. Especially notable is when at one point during our journey to
 the Pyramid Plateau at Giza, Mark and I focused our awareness and begin
 to merge with, and "go within", the Sphinx. We became aware that Holy
 Mother Ammachi, a fully realized saint from India who visits the US
 every summer, and who's audiences we were able to attend, joined and
 prepared our energies for just this mission when she came to New York in
 July, 1995. What follows is a description of our experience.

 Going deep into meditative telepathy, we connect with the Sphinx. At the
 start we see a hidden underground chamber carved in bedrock. It has a
 fitted pyramidal stone lid or capstone, which is 30 to 40 feet below the
 surface of the sand. It measures 4 cubits on each side and is 2 cubits
 tall. The volume of this cover stone is 161.4 cubic feet. We are
 uncertain if it was made of limestone or granite, but sense the weight
 is 12 to 15 tons.

 The chamber it covers is 20 meters deep with a square base of 32 meters
 per side. Around the perimeter of the chamber are clay tablets - 28 in
 all. There is a small, man-made lake, although the water may have
 drained away over the centuries, and a green boat with a head painted in
 gold on the front. It is 7 cubits in length and made of papyrus. We see
 a pyramid 20 cubits tall in the center of a platform of solid crystal
 encrusted with gold ornamentation.

 We sense there are many of these rooms and that they may stretch as much
 as 400 feet behind the Sphinx. We get a strong intuitive hit that these
 constitute the legendary Hall of Records, containing teachings of Sacred
 Geometry and records of Earth's history extending back in time from the
 time of the 4th Dynasty of Egypt and including the history of Atlantis
 and Lemuria. It is part of the "House of Wisdom," an underground complex
 of chambers and corridors connecting the Pyramids, which has been hidden
 for ages.

 Next, we become inwardly aware of an as yet undiscovered stairway of 13
 steps leading from the surface down to the capstone of this first
 chamber. Each step has engravings that will provide very useful and
 important information to mankind. At the bottom of these steps is a
 large Stele, or proclamation stone, which has many encrypted equations
 of physics, including "integral and differential maximum equations," and
 something called the "Epsilon Equation" along with the method of
 computing the number of atomic elements. My sense is that they relate in
 some way to the work Albert Einstein was doing and addresses levitation
 or the manipulation of the forces of gravity. Part of the meaning of
 this will be found in the inscriptions on the thirteenth step.

 On the west side of the capstone we sensed a door leading into another
 inner chamber housing the rarest of objects: works of great artistry,
 gems, crystals and precious tablets. Along the back of the Sphinx is an
 indentation. We perceive there is a room here, and within it there are
 two cephers, or burial chambers: one 18 feet long and the other 12 feet.
 We sense that bodies of the 1st Dynasty were laid to rest there.

 Our vision deepens and the purpose of the experience becomes more clear
 as an Illuminated One appeared to me wearing gold and blue vestments. In
 his hand he held the Sevenfold Key to Eternity.

 He speaks: "The Mind is the capstone of man. The Spirit is the capstone
 of the mind. God is the completion, the capstone of Spirit."

 We are informed that the Temple, this Hall of Records, will be uncovered
 only when Man The Initiate becomes the living apex, or capstone, through
 which the Divine Power is focused into a structure one's body and life
 in this world. (Hence, the importance of strengthening the nerves). It
 is confirmed that the "Lion Faced Hierophant" contains the entrance to
 the House of Wisdom and that here are also chambers hidden externally.
 (The Sphinx is being referred to here, although it has the face of a
 human. This is not explained.)

 Rediscovery is close at hand. These structures in Egypt have existed for
 the purpose of inspiring mankind to search for the higher truths and to
 yearn to rise above materialistic ideals. Man will become more Spiritual
 and grow to understand the workings of life and God on the metaphysical
 levels. Once the above-mentioned capstone is unearthed and found, man
 will again meet the Masters who are silently waiting. Their teaching
 will remove all clouds of dogma and re-clothe him in the vestments of
 Truth and Life. Glorious chants of the Illuminated will again resound
 throughout the ancient passageways and chambers. Man will discover many
 secrets of the ancients, techniques and technologies that will advance
 our civilization beyond our wildest dreams. Only the "Final Secret"
 cannot be handed to us -Ascension must come from within our hearts. The
 way is shown, but we must travel it ourselves.

 Part Two: The secret of life and truth and all manifestation will become
 known to those who have prepared themselves for higher awareness. The
 Eternal Wisdom also relates to "travel" between worlds, of "being"
 someplace or some way else - teleportation and transformation. This
 Knowledge I will here call The Gateway. A hint of this was seeded into
 the minds of the writers of the movie Stargate, yet it is not literally
 what was shown there. It is not a device. It is a "talent" of higher
 consciousness. By attuning to a time or space through the will and
 vibration and concept, by "setting a condition" through the alignment of
 thought, in a process related to the telepathic connection described
 above, one "moves," one becomes "there."

 We are standing by the Stele Stone in front of the Sphinx. Mark is
 greeted by the Egyptian goddess Hathor and a being identified as Harrem
 Baaub. They welcome us  the first to be greeted here in over 4,000
 years."There will be many in this Sacred Society who will meet with you.
 We are an invisible civilization." Ptah says, "I am your Teacher. You
 have been here before. Be patient with your bodies as you absorb these
 new energies. Go slowly".

 Mark responds: "I surrender. I want nothing. I am a man of Love. I am
 here to serve my mission and to help Humanity. I am here to declare the
 Truth to all lands and nations."

 We become aware the Stele Stone is not a mere stone. It possess a
 consciousness and can reason. A chant comes to us spontaneously: "Whe He
 Chak E AdTe." We are learn that for five days the Stele will "speak" to
 us. Through it the Masters will give to us much information. In the
 meantime, we are instructed to wander and go where we feel is correct,
 where our inner knowing leads us, and that there will be another special
 message for us within the King's Chamber. We will be directed and we
 will be Illuminated. Again, the message, "Go slowly."

 There before us is Isis facing the Sphinx, throwing water and chanting
 incantations. We kneel and place our foreheads onto the ground, then
 chant: "Amen, Christ, Hil Ha Ha, Alla, Islam, Shalom, Shalom! We salute
 every religion on earth with one heart!"

 Needless to say, this is a point of intense initiation for us, one of
 many awesome experiences we were to participate in. We had to assimilate
 powerful energies from that experience for five days and the Master
 Guides helped us with this with further instructions during our visit.
 Even so, we both had to sleep for about twelve hours after this
 initiation. We were informed that the energies will be very powerful by
 the end of the week and that there will be automatic energy infusions
 available when we encounter such great inner Teachers. We accept this,
 however it comes.

 Our Vision returns to the great monument. The scent of White Lotus
 Blossom is emanating from within the Sphinx. We walk around the Sphinx
 three times in a spiral, in silence. We sense now that there are four
 rooms within the Sphinx itself. At different levels there are stairs, on
 the left paw and behind it, there is a stairway that goes down into the
 center of the Sphinx. It is revealed to us that there is a passageway
 within the right neck of the Sphinx. The room accessed from the shoulder
 of the Sphinx is very important.

 Ptah speaks: "In the back of the Sphinx is a powerful energy that is
 focused in the neck and shoulder area. The Sphinx is shaking and
 rotating like a spiral. It rotates and its vibrations seep into the
 center of the Earth, and they are spinning faster and faster."

 The Egypt God Occodon, operating on the inner planes, will supervise the
 great discoveries to come regarding these chambers in the Sphinx and the
 Pyramids. He will function as a telepathic "transceiver" in this 3rd
 dimension and will lead those who will eventually open the monument. The
 opening of the right paw is anticipated for this fall. There will be
 chanting and trumpet fanfares from three angels of Gabriel.

 The conservators of the Sphinx will not succeed with their repairs
 because when the Hall of Records, which is the famous, mysterious
 "Secret of the Sphinx"  is revealed the Sphinx will not be needed as a
 reminder on the planet anymore. It was the Guardian of the Old World's
 wisdom, a reminder that there is something more to know. Now, with the
 revelations, there will be a New World. Some intuitives have foreseen
 the Pyramids and Sphinx actually disappearing, perhaps during a sand
 storm, but that they will actually be "lifted off with lasers through
 the various air shafts." This may be quite a stretch for some, and
 perhaps there is another explanation.

 Mark receives the "Initiation of the Flame"

 In our vision, the heart within the Sphinx begins to pulsate again with
 white light energy. There is Illumination within the Sphinx from Solar
 Power, just begun today, April 12, 1996, after many centuries of quiet.
 This is an etheric flame, a torch of light for purification and
 wholeness, much as the Olympic Torch is a guiding symbol, but much, much
 more. Occodon bears the torch, the flame he has guarded so well, and
 states that it is time to pass it on to Mark! On left ...
 Blue/Silver/Violet... on right... Red/Orange/Gold.

 "This flame represents the balancing of the Yin and Yang. Do you accept?

 "You will be anointed this afternoon in the King's Chamber in the Great
 Pyramid. April 18th you will have full powers. You have received a
 command today to accept multitudes for healing, help and love. Begin
 your new work. Know that both of you have been chosen by the Hand of


 I want to give you a brief review of my experience within the Queen's
 Chamber on the afternoon of April 11th. When Mark and I arrived, the
 guards seemed to recognize us without words. We were allowed to begin in
 the Pit, where there is usually no admittance to purify and meditate. We
 stayed in there for about 2 hours, then crawled and climbed up to the
 Queen's Chamber. I knew before we arrived that it would be a very
 special day.

 The guards, again without words, emptied out the chamber and told us we
 could meditate for  hour. I asked them why they were doing this for us,
 as we had not tipped them, and they said they "felt" we were of holy
 energies. This surprised me to no end!

 I meditated for about ten minutes, then felt myself connect with the
 vortex energies Norma Milanovich has been working with. She is the
 author of We the Arcturians and channels Kuthumi. She has traveled
 around the world to place energy vortexes in eight locations. I was
 asked to place an Eight Pointed Star within the pyramid, and to connect
 it to all of the vortexes she had been to. Then AMAZEMENT occurred.

 Suddenly, there were hosts of Angels, led by Gabriel. This vision was
 clear to both Mark and myself. I "heard" Hosannas and songs of joy. We
 were both told that they had been waiting for over 200,000 years for
 this event. I "saw" graves open up and people ascend to heaven with
 great relief. They praised the act we were doing.

 I continued to meditate and asked to have the Star placed. Three small
 angels appeared holding a magnificent elliptic shaped object, like a
 wing, made of pure gold with a gemstone of Lapis Lazuli every six inches
 or so. The angels took this form up placing it against the ceiling of
 the Queen's Chamber.

 Immediately, a second piece appeared near the floor - brilliant gold
 with ruby stones - and the angels flew it up to the ceiling placing it
 over the first one. It began to look something like a ceiling fan! This
 was done a total of four times, there being four pieces. Each was of
 solid gold with gems. The first gems were Lapis, the second Ruby, the
 third Emeralds, and the last were Diamonds.

 When all four were in place they overlapped at their centers forming a
 brilliant eight pointed Star. It was truly amazing! We were given
 instructions to activate it at a later time from the area of the Sphinx.
 Which we did on the 14th. At that time there was a lot of turbulence and
 chaos within the ranks of our work. People from Egypt and England were
 trying to stop the expedition. There also was a mass murder of tourists
 one half of a mile from where we were staying! Mass-ego resistance can
 manifest in such ways when great changes are happening. Nonetheless, the
 Star was activated and the results were powerful and fulfilling. Each
 blade was connected to a vortex from Norma's work. I felt an
 overwhelming harmony, warm energy and received inner confirmation that
 the work was complete and timely. This had to be accomplished within the
 first half of 1996 because of the great changes to occur during late
 1996 and 1997.

 Upon my return to New York City, Mark and I went to a book store and
 picked up Barbara Hand Clow's new book The Pleiadian Agenda. There in
 the book was the eight pointed Star. I was floored! It had the same
 shape but without the gems. She states it is to be installed within a
 vortex soon to balance our gravitational force and connect with the
 Pleiadians and also to connect the Andes with Egypt. Nothing is mere
 coincidence, and the work is done!

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported
 the trip and prayed with us on April 14th, and the unseen Hierarchy, for
 giving me the honor to place the Star and for your great and
 overwhelming love. It means more to me than you know.

 ISIS states through Elizabeth Joyce: "With the Heart, the Head and the
 Hand we Salute all beings of the Planet Earth coming into the Vibrations
 of the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. The teachers have been ordained and
 the work begins."

 We All Are Within The Sphinx

 The intriguing Egyptian experiences described above naturally sent my
 mind digging for further meaning. I have a passion for making wisdom
 universally accessible. The following interpretation is made for that
 purpose, as best I can serve it. It is of course not the only way to see
 it, and there may be more to be found.

 I know that with regard to dreams, when a dream is shared with another
 it becomes their dream, too. Indeed it can yield valuable insights to
 all who hear it and desire to delve into its meaning for them. Here I
 offer what these notes and wonderful journey has given to me. See where
 it takes you.

 Treasures Within....

 Connecting telepathically with the Sphinx can represent a reconnecting
 with the inner guide and guardian of your own Wisdom, and to the
 magnificence of the you that has lain forgotten since ancient times.
 What you once were and what you are in Truth has been purposefully
 preserved, hidden safe and secure in the bedrock of your being, even
 though the shifting sands of time have buried it.

 The aliveness and emotional connection to this inner Spiritual Truth,
 symbolized by the lake in the first chamber, may have drained away over
 the centuries but the green boat of healing, composed of the natural
 material of your being, remains waiting for you to bring emotion back to
 your hidden spirituality, and to carry you across the waters of your
 soul. It bears the golden image of your true nature on its prow.

 Within you is the House of Wisdom and the records of all human
 existence. There is nothing outside of you, you lack nothing. The truth
 is within you - all of it.

 The Path in this world has been described in many ways, and in differing
 numbers of stages. I see the thirteen inscribed steps leading down to
 the capstone of the first chamber as symbolizing thirteen stages of
 learning or vital lessons that must be learned to reach the level of
 mastery represented by the capstone, which itself gives full access to
 your inner repository of Wisdom. Thirteen because the thirteenth is the
 beginning of the next level after the completion of the traditional
 twelve steps. It means continuing on. Levitation represents to me how
 with wisdom we overcome the heaviness, limitations, temptations or
 attachments of this material world.

 The "treasure chamber" west of the capstone represents an honoring of
 the accomplishments of this world, yet these treasures are left outside
 the Halls of Wisdom, which contains solely spiritual treasures.

 "The Mind is the capstone of man. The Spirit is the capstone of the
 mind. God is the completion, the capstone of Spirit." This is a crystal
 clear message I consider to be at the core of my interpretation. The
 ancients often built their monuments to be literal, physical
 representations of the wisdom of the ages. The capstone is a literal
 representation of the mastery of the human mind, which is the key or
 entry to our inner wisdom, and it will be mastered through our own
 efforts - the thirteen steps - to prepare for initiation, when one's
 purified mind "...becomes the living apex...through which the Divine
 Power is focused into a structure -- the body and life in this world."

 Our rediscovery of our truth, individually and as a race, is close at
 hand. When we "unearth," or liberate our capstone minds from the
 shifting-sand-thinking of the material world we "will again meet the
 Masters, who are silently waiting to instruct us further. The "ancient
 passageways and chambers" of our body and spirit and experience in this
 world will again be filled with the "glorious chants," the song of our
 own illumination.

 There are many Great Beings who will meet with us as we advance through
 the initiations. We will not be alone, and Ptah, the Divine Presence in
 your heart: "I AM your Teacher." This is not new to you, and you are not
 as unprepared as you may think. Be patient with yourself and gentle with
 your bodies as you learn to assimilate higher energies. Don't rush

 The sometimes seemingly lifeless "stele stone" of the teachings we
 encounter in books or classes is not mere words. There is indeed a
 living consciousness behind them prepared to help us understand and live
 them. Again, we are not alone.

 Again, the magnificent, yet worn and seemingly unpromising Sphinx of
 your outward self contains great offerings. The "four rooms within the
 Sphinx itself" could represent the four chambers of the heart. They are
 indeed "very important."

 "The conservators of the Sphinx will not succeed with their repairs"
 because you will not need the outer shell when you have attained the
 wisdom held within. You have been trying to preserve what will be
 dissolved when the reminder of Truth is no longer needed. These
 monuments to your Truth will be lifted off by the "lasers" - the
 coherent Light of your being via the "air shafts" - your openness to the
 Heavenly Powers.

 Restored to our awareness is the Light, the Etheric Torch that exists
 within the heart of the Sphinx of our being for our purification and
 wholeness. It is the Torch of Balance, balancing Yin and Yang, a light
 of endless energies, and our nature commands us to "accept multitudes
 for healing, help and love." We must begin our work and know that we
 have indeed been chosen by the Hand of God, and are not merely presuming
 a position on our own.

 The Holy Star, the Light we establish within the sacred structure of our
 own being, will prove connection with all beings, each of us being a
 vortex if the Spirit in this world.

 All Text Copyright 1997 by Elizabeth Joyce; Visions Of Reality

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