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We as spiritual beings or souls come to earth in order to experience the human condition. This includes the good and the bad scenarios of this world. Our world is a duality planet and no amount of love or grace will eliminate evil or nastiness. We will return again and again until we have pierced the illusions of this density. The purpose of human life is to awaken to universal truth. This also means that we must awaken to the lies and deceit mankind is subjected to. To pierce the third density illusion is a must in order to remove ourselves from the wheel of human existences. Love is important but knowledge is the key!

From -- http://www.higherlight.net/FEI.htm Paper presented by Dalibor Zaviska in lecture at the Body-Mind-Spirit Expo in Portland, OR, in May 2003 (updated) Foreign Energy Interference / Spirit Attachments The Foreign Energy Interference (FEI) is a fascinating emerging field. It offers explanations to a phenomenon, which continues to puzzle the scientific and especially the medical establishment. Meanwhile, not only hypno-therapists, but also more and more psychiatrists and psychologists, familiar with techniques of hypnosis, are discovering attached entities in the subconscious realm of patients or clients. Spirit possession or entity attachment, the most known type of Foreign Energy Interference, is a full or partial takeover of a living human body by discarnate being. Although it is not well known in today's western contemporary society, the phenomenon is as old as humanity. In all cultures and in every era, there are references to spirit possession in 90% of societies there are records of it. Those of you who studied the bible might recall the countless occasions in which Jesus was healing people by casting out unclean spirits. Also, the Old Testament references interference by evil spirits. Today, extensive contemporary clinical evidence suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits (or more correctly, souls or soul fragments) of deceased humans can attach to living people on the level of the subtle energy bodies, imposing detrimental physical, emotional or mental conditions and symptoms. The spirit attachment is still widely denied by the drug oriented psychiatric establishment. Nevertheless, a reference can be found in the "DSM-IV-TR"," the official diagnostic criteria reference of the American Psychiatric Association. Under the code # 300.15 - Dissociative Disorders Not Other Specified, paragraph 4, it is stated: "4. Dissociative trance disorder: single or episodic disturbance in the state of consciousness, identity, or memory that are indigenous to particular location and cultures. Dissociative trance involves narrowing of awareness of immediate surroundings or stereotyped behaviors or movements that are experienced as being beyond one's control. Possession trance involves replacement of the customary sense of personal identity by a new identity, attributed to the influence of a spirit, power, deity, or another person, and associated with stereotyped "involuntary" movements or amnesia and is perhaps the most common Dissociative Disorder in Asia. Examples include amok (Indonesia), bebainan (Indonesia), latah (Malaysia), pibloktoq (Arctic), ataque de nervos (Latin America), and possession (India). The dissociative or trance disorder is not a normal part of a broadly accepted collective cultural or religious practice." The message appears to be: "it exists, but not here". Are we so different? The DSM-IV--TR" certainly understates the extent of the FEI in mental health. As an example, in a 389-page doctoral dissertation by Craig T. Isaacs (1985) states, in the then present DSM-III, that categories of psychopathology are inadequate to describe the cases of demonic possession that he studied and described. It is important to recognize that the DSM-IV-TR" refers to rather severe cases of FEI such as crimes committed under temporary insanity. Based on my research and experience, those cases involve always a severe, direct or indirect, demonic possession. The more typical attachments of deceased spirits and demonic influences are not causing such insanity. Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder (called now Dissociation Disorder) are another examples of severe demonic interference. In her book "Remarkable Healings," psychiatrist Dr. Modi presents statistics of her own clinical work with entity releasment. Her findings are: 92% patients had earthbound spirit attachment. 80% had more than one. 77% patients had demon entities. 71% had more than one. Considering that her patients were people with health issues, and therefore are not exactly representing the average person, it still shows clearly the prevalence of the phenomenon. In my clinical practice, I see that virtually 100% of clients who see me have some form of FEI. Dozens, even hundreds of multi-layered attachments are possible and not so seldom in severe mental health cases such as schizophrenia (one of my clients had more than 600 mostly demonic attachments). The types of Foreign Energy Interference (FEI) Cords energy bands extended from one being (living human, earthbound spirit of deceased human or higher-dimensional entity, such as astral entity, alien or dark force entity) to a live person. Cords between living people are very common. Typically, they are extended and anchored subconsciously as a result of attached love, jealousy, wanting revenge, control or power struggle. Virtually everyone who does not clear them has one or typically more of them. Spirit attachment - this condition of attached earthbound spirits has been called "possession state," "possession disorder," "spirit possession syndrome," "spirit obsession," "sprit attachment" or "entity attachment." It comes in different intensity of flavors attachment, obsession and possession. All are just different labels attempting to reflect various symptoms of the phenomenon. After physical death, the soul has an opportunity to go into the so called Tunnel of Light (the gate into the "spirit world" dimension), which is the natural way. If for some reason the soul is hindered to do so or chooses to stay in the astral layer closest to the physical plane, it becomes what is called earthbound spirit or ghost. Such souls can survive in the "world between worlds" for decades or centuries, depending on the strength of their etheric fields which supplies them the necessary life force energy. This kind of ghosts stay behind the "haunted house" phenomenon. Very often, the lost souls are only fragments of the original soul, consisting mainly of parts of the emotional and etheric body the main part of the soul goes into the Light. If the etheric body of the soul is weak, which is always the case for soul fragments, they have to attach to a living human to survive, and are living parasitically with the host. Often, they are just hiding and surviving, feeding on the life force, involuntarily imprinting their physical traumas and emotional turmoil from the time before and during the death onto the subtle bodies of the afflicted person, causing physical disorders or symptoms, often without a medical cause. Besides cords, spirit attachments appear to be the most common of FEI, partly because it is the most researched type of attachment. Astral entity attachment is similar to earthbound spirit attachment. The difference is that it is coming from the astral plane and has a different agenda, affecting people mostly on the emotional level. Attaching astral entities can be human alike or more like animals, bugs or so. FEI also includes astral parasites and thoughtforms. Alien attachment Though aliens (ET's) are sometimes attaching directly to the energy field of the human, mostly though they use cords, implants and devices to influence or control people, or just to observe their thoughts and actions, depending on their agenda. Note that these aliens are inhabiting higher-dimensional planes and are not perceivable without psychic vision, if they do not make an extra effort to show themselves. Many of so called alien abductions happen during the sleep and involve merely the non-physical astral body of the abductee. Curses, Spells are "intelligent" dark energy forms with an agenda, sent by humans but implanted and held in place by assistance of dark force entities. They can stay with the soul throughout incarnations until cleared. Also vows create this kind of energy forms though they are self-initiated. Dark Force Entities (also called dark angels or demons) are the result of an attempt to create a reality separate, or rather disconnected, from the Divine Source (or God). Through this separation, the original group of angelic beings became deluded and progressively darker. Other angels were seduced to join them. After they crossed the line, they had an amnesia, forgot who they are, and were transformed into dark forces. Their main agenda on this planet is to gain and keep control of people and hinder their soul from going into the Light after physical death. They are capable of causing virtually all diseases, from depression to cancer to severe mental disorders and insanity, in their attempt to keep the human being under control. The Universal Law does not allow them to attack people just as they chose. There must be, at least on some level, cooperation or permission on the side of the "victim." This can be from past (life) involvement with black magic, casting spells and curses, taking vows or asking for help in an inappropriate way. Dark forces can attach directly or influence remotely through possessed parts of the soul of the afflicted person. Implants and devices are also used, but for different purposes than those from aliens. When the entity attachments are so common, why is there so little known about them? The main reason is that the contemporary science sees the possession phenomenon as irrational and put that into the area of superstition. By tradition, it is in the domain of religion and spirituality rather than that of therapists. The attached energies are in higher dimensions and therefore not accessible to currently used laboratory equipment. It is obvious why scientists, operating solely in the physical dimension, dismiss any creditability of it. The look in the history of science shows it clearly - the accepted truths has changed many times in the last 300 years - and it still continues to change. Just recall the contradicting expert recommendations regarding nutrition over the last 30 years. For those who have doubts regarding the scientific relevance FEI, please consider that for example current psychology is not based on more significant scientific facts. There is no "big money" interested in research in this field - in contrary, ignoring the scientific prove serves the interests of the mighty pharmaceutical industry. Another reason is that dark forces spend a great effort to make sure that we do not believe that they exists at all! I see it often by clients with demonic possession that they are in strong denial about it. Also many of so called light workers are (made) naive about the potential of FEI or believe falsely in their immunity. The truth is that people dedicated to spirituality and religion are especially targeted by dark forces. This is especially valid for so called "indigo children." Politicians and people in power are rather of special interest to aliens with certain agendas. To make it clear: there are also benevolent aliens who honor our free will and do not interfere. How can an entity attach? Humans have natural protection, which is the auric shield. Physically, emotionally and mentally a fully healthy person (not only medically symptom free but truly healthy one), without karmic afflictions and a clear positive intent, has a total immunity against any attachment. You are guessing right, one like that is an enlightened being not so many around here. The real person might still have a well functioning auric shield. However, the denser vibrations in one's energy field, which are due to unresolved past issues, for example, are viable anchoring points for an entity who matches those vibrations. When the shield is then temporarily weakened, an opportunistic earthbound spirit can attach. Demonic entities are even more adept at attachment, especially when they posses parts of the person's soul they are trained "professionals." Some common situations creating susceptibility for attachment: * Traumatic accident * Surgery, especially with anesthesia * Substance abuse (Even a few beers are enough to open your shield) * Sickness, fever * Depression, anxiety, stress * Jealousy, attached love, wanting revenge, wanting to control * Addictions, Gambling * Violence, intimidation, fear * Incest, abusive sex * Death in the family, inappropriate attached "compassion" * Non-discerning channeling or naive use of pendulum and ouija board * Practicing magic (black or gray) * Out-of-Body Experience without appropriate precaution There is a correlation between the immune system and the auric shield. Whatever weakens the immune system, it weakens the protective energy shield as well. Effects of entity attachment Depending on the entity type and agenda, an attachment can cause or contribute to almost all known physical, emotional and mental disorders. Sudden onset of depression or change of personality, addictions, crime, sexual abuse (including rape and murder), schizophrenia, dissociation disorder (multiple personality disorder), or pain and conditions without medical reason, are some of the cases with high probability of entity attachment. Treatment Traditionally, entity attachment or spirit possession was in the realm of the churches known as exorcism. The method was ineffective and dangerous for the possessed person and the exorcist. There are shamanistic practices which can make the entity leave and also in Asia, many temples practice rituals to expel attached entities. Many of those methods are ecologically irresponsible, however. If the ritual works and the entity leaves, it often attaches back later or finds another host (sometimes one of the exorcists). The typical contemporary method of entity clearing uses tools of hypnotherapy to discover and release the entity into the Light, recognizing the responsibility to the entity as well as to the client. This method is safe and in most cases successful for the clearing of earthbound spirits. Demonic possession is much more difficult to treat this way and is performed only by few practitioners for obvious dangers. When performed correctly, the demon is transformed back to an angel of Light and released. The biggest challenge for the practitioner dealing with dark force attachments is to maintain safety for himself and for his surrounding. Prayer is another method often tried to deal with entities unfortunately, it is usually not very effective, because most people do not know how to use the prayer correctly in these situations. In reality, it works only for very few. One reason is the multi layered nature of entity attachments and the soul fragmentation of the host. In case of demonic attachment, clearing of the energetic residue and healing of the anchoring points is additionally necessary for successful clearing. Regularly, it takes a time and several sessions of specific energy work to get rid of all dark force interferences. How can I protect myself? The best protection is to become enlightened! In the meantime, maintaining healthy lifestyle, free of toxic substances, being emotionally balanced, avoiding stress and having good company increase your safety significantly. Meditation, regular aura cleansing like with violet light and surrounding yourself with white light helps to keep earthbound spirits away (but will not remove them). It gives limited protection against dark forces, however. Most people do not use this kind of technique with faith, diligently and focused enough for it to work against skilled demons. Also, you cannot shield yourself against your own soul energy, which demons can possess and use to access you remotely. A very powerful protection method, specifically designed for preventing FEI, is taught in the Soul Transformation and Soul Healing workshop. To be safe from demonic interference, you have to become free of all existing FEI's, clear all of the dark force past (life) connections, get all of your lost soul energy back and work on soul healing, integration and transformation. Remember: dark forces attach by intent. They are trained professionals. About my practice Clearing the FEI is an important part of my clinical practice and of the Soul Transformation and Soul Healing workshops. As a clearing method, I am using combination of hypnotherapy and energy work using certain Higher Light frequencies. This is possible due to my psychic abilities and special gifts. The FEI clearing during the workshops is typically successful to about 70%. The remaining 30% cannot be cleared in the group setting because of lack of permission of the client on some level, mostly due to unresolved karma or so called "lessons to be learned." As already mentioned, clearing of dark force attachments requires more time and additional energy work. In an individual approach in a private session, all FEI can be cleared after resolving of the hindering issues. It is to consider, however, that due to the multi layered nature of entity attachments, regularly more then one session is required to discover and clear all interferences. Also new attachments are possible - especially for people in the risk group. That are those who are more susceptible due to their lifestyle or because they are causing threat to dark forces as a result of their dedication to Light. Clearing of Foreign Energy Interferences is in alignment with my soul mission here. I benefit from an immunity from dark force interferences. As explained to me by my guides, it is based on a special energetic condition of my soul. I was taught a fast energetic method to remove dark force attachments, utilizing a special light frequency and how to give clients an additional energetic protection. I am able to clear all FEI's, including severe cases such as FEI based schizophrenia. My guides are encouraging me to use my special gifts and to continue this important work, especially to help light-workers, the so-called indigo children and those with metal health challenges caused by FEI (for example, 70% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia have it due to FEI - only 30 % are biologically caused). - End -