Paula Peterson Interview with Dr. Richard Boylan (2003)

Star Kids: Our Future Hope

with Richard J Boylan, Ph.D.

By Paula Peterson


The offspring of "experiencers - those who have been taken or influenced in
some way by extraterrestrials - have a unique and crucial role to play in
our world.

As a researcher, behavioral scientist, anthropologist, author, and emeritus
university associate professor, Dr. Richard Boylan paves the way in
providing a nurturing and exceptional educational environment for these
extraordinarily gifted children.

Paula: How did you first begin to work with these special children?

Richard: In 1989, I began working with experiencers - people who have been
contacted - as part of my clinical practice. By 1992, quite a number had
crossed my door, many of whom were parents who talked about the unusualness
of their children. In some cases, the parents actually brought their
children with them. For the most part, they wanted to get some clarity about
what was going on.

Even though my clinical skills and anthropological studies were of use,
overall there were, and continue to be, no roadmaps for dealing with
experiencers. But over time, as I analytically and scientifically reflected
upon the commonalities among experiencers, I began to see important patterns
in the data.

I noticed that a number of changes were manifesting in these experiencers.
We had a group of them meeting monthly for years, and cross conversations
within these meetings further flushed out the data, as people reported what
was happening to them.

Paula: In all your studies and interactions with the experiencers, what were
the changes that most commonly manifested in their lives?

Richard: One of the dominant patterns that began to emerge was a strong
increase in ESP and the development of psychic gifts of various kinds. In
fact, I would say in general that experiencers are transformed by their
contacts - physically, psychologically, mentally, para-psychologcically, and

Paula: There is still much confusion, disbelief - even fear - among the
general public regarding contact with Star Visitors. Can you comment on this?

Richard: In that regard, I just came back from a trip to Rome, where I had a
very productive dialogue with Monsignor Balducci of the Vatican regarding
Star Visitors. It's interesting that we have this Italian monsignor in his
seventies - definitely old school in every other way - who is the most
progressive guy in the Vatican on the subject of visitors from other worlds.
He has given national television interviews and written articles, as well as
educating his fellow priests on the subject, using biblical references as
support for UFO and Star Visitor reality.

As Monsignor Balducci confirms, a careful and open-minded reading of Church
documents actually shows that the Ancients were well aware of these
visitors. And he clearly states that the Star Visitors are good guys and
nothing to be afraid of.

(See Ufology and Theological Clarifications, the entire text of a
groundbreaking document given to Dr. Boylan by Monsignor Balducci regarding
the church's position about the existence of the Star Visitors.)

Paula: Along those lines, there seems to be a huge amount of reference
material that indicates that humans have not only been contacted all along
but also genetically altered by Star Visitors.

Richard: I will put it into a brief historical summary.

Approximately 350,000 years ago, Star Visitors genetically engineered
primates in order to create homo sapiens, a species which is not related to
Neanderthal man or to any of the more primitive species that have been dug up.

So we are a hybrid race. And the large braincase and high intelligence is
due to cross-splicing of a higher order of extraterrestrial genetic material.

Paula: Does that have anything to do with the missing link? the leap from
Neanderthal to Cro Magnon?

Richard: Yes. There is a missing link because there is an absolute
discontinuity between primitive species and homo sapiens. Traditional
archeologists keep trying to find a fairly upright individual who is a
little more advanced than Neanderthal man but not quite as advanced as homo
sapiens, but they cannot find this missing link because there is none. There
was no evolutionary curve. Instead, around 350,000 years ago, there was a
sudden emergence in Africa of a whole race of homo sapiens. And that is
where the footprints stop. There is no preceding species to connect us.

But as we all know - and what has become all too obvious to the Star
Visitors - after more than three hundred millennia of having a go with these
brains, and even though we've done some impressive creations of
civilization, we still retain rather unfortunate tendencies toward jealousy,
competitiveness, and resolving matters by grabbing a club and beating the
other person over the head. In that way, we're not much better than our
primitive ancestors and other predators in the Serengeti. Paula: Are the
Star Kids different from the "experiencers"? Please tell us more about them.

Richard: The kids being born in the last eight to ten years are way ahead of
the average human, and even way ahead of the average experiencer. They have
striking abilities, and their average developmental curve in many cases is
rapid: they are lifting their heads up, talking, walking, reading, and
writing a year or two earlier, or more, than their age-mates.They
demonstrate telepathy at a very young age, and in some cases, they are
influencing theirenvironment mentally, along with showing other abilities
that normal humans don't have (for characteristics of Star Kids, see the
sidebar, Star Seeds and Star Kids).

Paula: How do they come to be born this way?

Richard: After compiling all the information from many experiencers, it
seems that reproductive material - sperm or ovum - is borrowed from humans,
altered by the Star Visitors, and then put back.

The inference is that they've done a further upgrade in human genetics so
that the kids born later to these parents are way advanced. Let's say
hypothetically that if the evolutionary scale of homo sapiens is rated at
1.0, these kids are at 7.0.

Upgrading the human condition in this manner appears to be one of the ways
in which Star Visitors are helping to create a more advanced version of
humanity that will have the virtues and strengths that tend to be absent in
the average human at this time.

As marriage, interbreeding - even blood donations - carry forth advanced DNA
and ripple out into the general human genome for the next few generations,
eventually all of humankind will be functioning at a more advanced level.

Paula: Do the parents typically remember the intervention of Star Visitors
prior to their children's being born?

Richard: In many cases, the parents remember these events clearly. In other
circumstances, they have only a hazy awareness of strange things going on in
the house, or a UFO flying over their car, followed by a loss of time.

If there is a missing chunk of time, then we can go back using hypnosis and
retrieve the missing parts. When pieces fall into place, people have a much
more comprehensive sense of what is going on.

Paula: Are some of these hybrid offspring being born off-planet because they
cannot live here on Earth?

Richard: Generally, there are two versions of genetic work being done. One
version involves upgrading humans to the hypothetical 7.0. In the other
version, human genes are spliced to a basically extraterrestrial genome that
is usually grown in vitro - in a test tube-like environment.

The test-tube children tend to look much more extraterrestrial than human.
They would never pass for human in the way Star Kids do. They have more of
the extraterrestrial attributes, but enough of the human qualities to
restore some of the emotional range and heart consciousness that some star
civilizations lost when they manipulated their own genetic evolution.In the
case of extraterrestrial children developed in vitro, those kids are often
raised off world or onboard the large ships that are semi-permanent homes
for various colonies. Many experiencers have been taken aboard such ships to
interact with one or more of these children, and in many cases they are
given the telepathic message that this is their own child. These
experiencers treasure the short time they have onboard to nurture and love

Paula: Do parents often have much greater challenges in raising Star Kids
than in raising other children? The Star Kids I've encountered are often
quite energetic and seem to be quite a handful in some cases.

Richard: My grandson is a case in point. He is going to a school in central
California that specializes only in gifted children. Even there, he is
bored. Star Kids - and this also holds true for highly intelligent humans in
general - are restless because they are processing information so fast that
the pace most humans plod along at is painfully slow for them. They just get
bored, restless, fidgety, agitated, and want to move on quickly to other

Unfortunately, they often get slapped with labels like Attention Deficit
Disorder and Hyperactivity. That really isn't fair, because they are not
loaded with neurological anomalies, as are true ADHD kids. In truth, they're
just a square peg in a round hole, and they often have a rough time of it.

Also, that sense of being different makes it tough. Kids always want to
blend in with other kids and be accepted. However, because of the way they
think and behave and the different way they see things, they get labeled by
the other kids, and this can make it harder for them to make friends.

You can imagine that when Star Kids reach puberty and adolescence, unless
they have help, it can be an extremely challenging time for them. Without
this help, they can become isolated and feel like misfits in society, even
though they are extraordinarily gifted.

Paula: Since these special kids are increasing in numbers, there must be
some kind of help that will be available for them - although I don't know
what to call it.

Richard: I'll tell you what to call it: It's called the Star Kids Project©.
It's quite ambitious, and I've developed a ten-year plan that includes
multiple Star Kids Workshops across the United States and in strategic
regions of Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Turkey. Workshops in the United
States are already underway. This plan also includes establishing a Star
Kids residential school, a mentor program, and a graduate curriculum, as
well as training for faculty.

Paula: Wow - it sounds wonderful! What will the Star Kids Project offer?

Richard: In the workshops, we create a special place for grade school kids,
adolescents, young adults, and those who are basically grown-up Star Kids.
Of course, parents and family are welcome, since it's important that family
members understand these special kids so that they can assist in their
development rather than be at loose ends. The curriculum will include
revisionist history - of which I gave you just a tiny slice a moment ago -
along with a different kind of physics - electro-gravitic,
magnetic-gravitic, antigravity, and so forth - that transcends the speed of
light. In nearly every one of the subjects that are traditionally taught to
young people, a revising, upgrading, and cosmic overlay will take place.
These kids need a foundation where they don't have to unlearn what they were
previously taught and then relearn it at a later time. If these kids can get
it right from the beginning and then build on that knowledge, with that kind
of foundation they are really going to soar as they mature.

Paula: What do the Star Kids learn in your workshop weekends?

Richard: We cover why they are the way they are, where they come from, who
the Star Visitors are, and so forth. We spend a lot of time on the various
abilities and differences of Star Kids and Star Seeds - like different body
temperatures, and what that means. Or why they have cross-species
communication, telepathy, other sensitivities, and so on.

We practice remote viewing and other skills that use the mind, using tools
like dowsing rods, pendulums, and a variety of other strategies to amplify
the power of the mind and practice with it. And we discuss using these
abilities for doing social good and not as a way to show off.

Paula: Do you find that these children are more sensitive?

Richard: Yes, they are very sensitive, and transparent - meaning that what
they are thinking and feeling on the inside shows on the outside. They do
not abide by social pretense. They "tell it like it is."

These attributes make sense in a mental-telepathic world, and are obviously
of cultural value among Star Visitors, since there is not much to hide in an
empathic, shared world. All of the ESP gifts, for example, represent either
sending out energy or receiving energy, and being highly attuned to that.

For a Star Kid or Star Seed, it's not easy to set up barriers to such
sensitivity or to tune it down. It's basically part of how they are made. As
a result, many of these kids are overwhelmed in noisy and violent
environments. They just run away and hide in a closet. Or if someone is
being petty or cruel in a social setting, these sensitive people just want
to melt away, because they can feel it on an energy level and it just grates
on them. They don't seem to have the thick skin that many 1.0 humans
cultivate and seem to take pride in. But neither do they seem particularly
interested in having it.

I am optimistic that things will get better on Earth so Star Kids don't have
to deal with such harsh vibes. Actually, many of them dedicate themselves to
careers that involve making the world a better place for all.

Paula: Would we notice anything different about being in the presence of a
Star Kid, even without knowing about these other abilities? 
Richard: Yes. I
like to say that I can spot a Star Kid or a Star Seed from across a crowded
room by the energy that emanates from them, the way their eyes look, the way
they talk, the way they carry themselves, and the way they relate. What's
fascinating is that the latest batch of Star Kids coming in now - the very
little kids still in baby strollers - are cranked up even higher than the
older ones. It will be amazing to see what they're going to be like when
they grow up, because they will blow the current Star Seeds right out of the

Star Kids are really remarkable young people. And as our society becomes
more and more populated with them, it's going to be a wonderful place to
live. Many of the problems that have plagued our societies in the past will
melt away as this new crop of children grows up to achieve positions of
influence and become the new leaders in our world.

Paula: Is that what inspires you the most about working with these kids,
that they represent a better future for all of us?

Boylan: Oh, yes. They are the future. If I can help as many as possible get
properly launched, it will greatly benefit the societies that they're going
to help shape as they come of age.

Many of these special kids are now only a couple of years away from adult
lives and careers that will include positions of great responsibility and
increasing influence. Even some of the adult Star Seeds that I have worked
with are moving into positions of leadership and initiative. The work that
I'm doing is about building a better future with the kind of people who are
going to be making a lot of that future come about.

Paula: In what ways can we be of help if we want to get involved?

Richard: Good wishes and enthusiasm are always appreciated. However, you
have to know what you're dealing with if you want to get involved. So most
importantly, the first step is for people to get educated about the topic.

Secondly, in my opinion, it really takes a Star Seed adult - with an insider
perspective, awareness, and experience - to help a Star Kid.

People can certainly help with contributions, too. And they can help to get
the word out so that more parents are aware and will start looking to see if
they happen to have a Star Kid. For parents who are struggling with clearly
extraordinary kids and don't have the faintest idea how they got to be that
way, the need for understanding is imperative.

I want to decode the puzzle, take away the mystery, and have them achieve
acceptance as well as an understanding of why their children are so
different. Once they realize that it's all okay, then they can become the
best possible parents they can be. Getting their kids connected with other
kids and adults who have the same background and who can help them find
their way is the goal of the Star Kid Project. It serves in creating an
environment that helps these kids move ahead fast instead of thrashing about
in trying to make sense of a world that isn't built for them. I wish your
readers could be at one of these weekend workshops. There is a loving, wise,
and aware energy that emanates from so many people in a room where people
are sharing in this way. It's a heart consciousness experience and a whole
new world.

Paula: What are you seeing for the near future?

Richard: Star Visitors have said that this evolutionary stage of humanity is
much like that of a gangly, awkward adolescent. We're leaving childhood
behind, but we haven't arrived at full adulthood yet. I'm convinced that
these Star Kids are here to help with this transformational process and move
us all forward faster.

So I operate from a sense of severe time urgency. And practically every Star
Kid and Star Seed I work with, to a greater or lesser degree, operates in
the same manner.

Personally, I am persuaded by the Native American and other indigenous
people's oral traditions which say that all their prophecies have come true
regarding the signs that have appeared right before there is a mass return
of the Star Nations.

The Mayan Calendar states that by the end of the year 2012, the old ways
will have ended and a whole new culture and society will have clearly emerged.

We are now peaking as a materialistic civilization and presently immersed in
what Native Americans call the Fourth World. By 2012, the Fifth World will
be coming in.

So we don't have that much more time before the Fourth World will be rapidly
fazing out and the Fifth World will be obviously manifesting. But there also
will be a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before that happens. Prophecy
states that there will likely be upheavals in the very near future,
beginning as early as May. It will be a time of great shaking up - literally
and figuratively - in and of society and our culture. It will be a time of
great testing - but also a time of great opportunity. 
Paula: How can people best face these coming times?

Richard: Those who can accept the Star Visitors and can attune to these
matters, as well as those who have some psychic gifts and are open minded,
will be in a much better place than those who think this is all a bunch of
hogwash and ignore the advice and the warnings.

It is also increasingly important for people to practice greater
discernment: to be able to separate the truth from the dis-information. As
people practice that kind of discernment, they will move more toward being
the kind of folks who are in tune with real reality that includes the Star
Visitors and Star Seeds that are among us.

You never know when you're going to stumble across a closet Star Kid or Star
Seed. There are a lot more out there than you think: an estimated
two-million in the United States, and proportionately as many in the rest of
the world. Even those who seem to be buried in some of the most hide-bound
traditional cultural settings are really quite "with it." So, I encourage
people to have an open mind. Once this thing stops being ridiculed and
denied by the government, and once people feel safe and more free to speak
openly about their truth, people everywhere are going to be astounded by the
number of folks who step forward and say, "I'm one of them." 
Paula: This has
been a wonderful and uplifting discussion. We're really grateful for the
pioneering work that you are doing with these kids and with the adults as well.

Richard: It's heart-centered work with a heart-centered community. So it's
work I'm glad to do. Working with these special people is like having a
family, so it's really like helping out a cousin. That's the beauty of this

In the same way, the Fifth World society that we're building will be much
like a large extended family. That's the feeling we get in the Star Kid
weekend workshops. Everyone feels like family at the end. And you can
imagine what a lovely society it's going to be when we all learn to live
this way with each other.

Star Seeds and Star Kids

According to Dr. Boylan, "A Star Seed is an adult; a Star Kid is a child. A
Star Seed/Star Kid may be defined as an adult/child with both human and
extraterrestrial origin. The extraterrestrial contribution may come from
reproductive material, from genetic engineering, from biomedical technology,
and from telepathic consciousness linking, as well as from directed
incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body."

Some of the signs of a Star Kid, as extrapolated from Dr. Boylan's website,
are as follows:

Paranormal abilities. This includes telekineses (ability to move objects
with the mind), teleportation (moving one's body in space), levitation,
precognition, telephathy, clairvoyance, invisibility, ability to expand or
dilate time, and so on. They also are able to influence and to heal others,
mentally or through the use of pranic energy.

Striking appearance. They tend to have an appealing, dynamic appearance, a
knowing gaze, and a mature look, and in adulthood may appear much younger
than their years.

Biophysical changes. These include increased cranial size, lower body
temperature, and immunity to common childhood diseases, including colds and

Shared consciousness. This includes spiritual insight, the ability to link
with other Star Kids and with Source Consciousness, and the ability to
download information from off-planet.

Also, Dr. Boylan says, "They most often are imbued with a missionary zeal to
make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids
also want to change the world for the better, be it by working for peace,
spreading compassion and kind deeds, working to heal the Earth's pollution
injuries, or telling people about a larger family we have out among the stars."

Richard Boylan, PhD, MSW, MSEd, is an author and a noted researcher of the
Star Visitor and Star Children phenomena, and is director of the Star Kids
Project ©. His biography was recently added to the twentieth edition of
Who's Who in the World, with mention of his pioneering work in the field of
UFOs and Star Visitors.

Dr. Boylan's books include Labored Journey To The Stars, an anthology on
human responses - governmental, civilian, and Native - to extraterrestrial
visitation; Project Epiphany, a true story fictionalized as a UFO/spy
mystery novel; and Close Extraterrestrial Encounters, about "positive
experiences with mysterious visitors."

To learn more about Dr. Boylan's work, please visit his website at

. If you scroll down on the home page, you will find several articles about
Star Kids and Star Seeds. Besides information on the Star Kids Project, the
site also presents factual research and information on UFOs and Star Visitor
contact, and about the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists
(ACCET). You can write to Dr. Boylan at P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento,
California 95822, phone or fax him (call first) at 916-422-7400, or contact
him by email at

Paula Peterson, the author of this article and a regular Spirit of Ma'at
writer, is an "experiencer" who participated in Dr. Boylan's workshops.

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