Archangel Raphael's Overview

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Archangel Raphael's Overview on Ascension Channeled by Jeannie Weyrick

Author of Ascension: The Doorway Home World Light Publishing

The information about the ascension was channeled from Archangel Raphael.

J.W. As with all material, please only take from it what rings true to you.

J.W. What I'm most curious about, though, is what you perceive 
ascension to be...not just the process of achieving ascension, but the 
experience of ascension.

Archangel Raphael: While ascending is individual for the Light workers 
before the final ascension it will be a mass event in the future for 
everyone on Earth who wishes to take part in it and move on to their 
next level of spiritual development. Ascending is optional and a 
choice to be made by each person.

The Ascension has been predicted by many civilizations throughout 
history and is known by other names, it has also been called the 
Second Coming and the Golden Age.

What is happening at this time is that the people on Earth are getting 
ready for a graduation of sorts. Everyone who wishes to go beyond the 
3rd dimension and their current spiritual level has the opportunity to 
advance beyond them with a lot of help now and in the years to come.

Right now the Light workers; many of whom have incarnated from the 
higher dimensions specifically to help with the ascension in this 
lifetime, are preparing themselves to consciously ascend. When they do 
they will be consciously connected to that part of their vast higher 
dimensional self that is helping the people on Earth with their 
ascensions. They will be able to use their higher dimensional 
connection to help the people on Earth. They will be able to teach 
greater spiritual concepts and truths and show the way for others to ascend.

The 5th dimensional Earth is where some people will be ascending to in 
the final mass ascension. The Earth is multidimensional and like all 
entities it already exists in several dimensions.

The 5D Earth is the next step in spiritual advancement for some people 
on the Earth. Others will choose to ascend to a non-physical 
dimension. There are choices to be made by people when they ascend.

There are millions of Light workers on Earth right now and most of 
them have not awakened yet, meaning they have little or no idea of who 
they are and why they are here right now.

When the first of the Light workers ascend they will be writing books 
and eventually using every form of media to get out information to 
help awaken these Light workers and teach people in general about the 

All people on the Earth today knew about the opportunity of the 
ascension in this lifetime and it is the main reason they chose to be 
born during this time period.

Each person here wished to experience the ascension in some way, even 
if it were not to ascend themselves yet.

A tremendous effort will be made to make it very clear that this time 
is not to be feared. It is a time of great joy and spiritual 
advancement and not a time of destruction and judgement as some believe.

Some of the information about this time on Earth that has been 
received over the last several thousand years was interpreted through 
fear and very limited beliefs and this has greatly distorted the 
messages in many cases.

Also some of the information received by people about the Ascension 
was given in code and in metaphors, as in "Revelations".

Much of what is in Revelations is a metaphor for what the body and 
consciousness will experience as it is opening to greater energies and 
awareness and releasing the densities. It is not that these openings 
and new awareness are violent in any way, but some people will have a 
very hard time going beyond what and who they are now and seeing 
themselves in a greater Light; in a more expanded way.

J.W. What happens? Where do you go? What do you do? Can it be 
communicated in a way that a lay-person could understand?

A.R. The Light workers are from a variety of dimensions which are well 
above the 5D.

They are also from a variety of places. Some are from planets that 
have already evolved into the higher dimensions and some are from 
non-physical dimensions. But all of the Light workers who choose to 
have a planetary existence from the higher dimension that they are 
here from are teachers and messengers of "All That Is" (God) and are 
here to help implement the Divine Plan.

As such they would be considered more like angelic beings than as 
"ETs" in the way that many people understand the term "ET".  The ETs 
that most people think of as "aliens" are from the 3rd/4th dimensions 
and not necessarily any more spiritually advanced than the people on Earth.

"ETs" from the lower dimensions are NOT "Beings of Light".

A "Being of Light" is a person who has developed beyond the 
limitations of the 3rd/4th dimensions and is operating with conscious 
connection to their Higher Self. They also have God Consciousness, 
meaning they have an understanding of "Oneness with All That Is" and 
all of creation on an intimate level. So what each Light worker 
experiences in their own personal ascension will be unique and 
individual depending on the dimension they are from and the place that 
they are ascending "home" to.

The dimensions are not really numbered one through whatever. Any 
numbers given are just used as a reference to what people think of as 
the 3rd dimension.

The dimensions exist as different levels of consciousness.

As you advance in dimensions you expand your understanding and 
capacity for love and your ability to help and serve others.

There are an unlimited number of dimensions.

There can also be many different places within each dimensions, just 
like there are many, many planets within the 3rd dimension.

The number of dimensions are not limited because beings are ever 
advancing, growing and creating more dimensions and places within each 
dimension to experience.

When a Light worker ascends they consciously connect and start to 
merge back with the portion of their higher dimensional self from 
which they incarnated here from.

In some cases their higher dimensional self may be very vast and have 
many different aspects of itself. During the ascension process this 
merging back with your higher dimensional self starts to take place 
right from the beginning.

The ascension process is accomplished in part by doing energy and 
consciousness expansion work with your higher dimensional self. This 
work is usually done with the help of your personal guides, who are 
many times a part of your extended spiritual family in the higher dimensions.

"Energy is Divine Light".

It is what everyone and every thing is made of in all dimensions.

It carries with it God Consciousness and it is how All That Is 
experiences all creation; all portions of itself. The Divine energy 
can carry within it great love and information.

The energy used to help you can also be the personal energy of your 
higher self, one of your guides, Sananda or any Ascended Master or 
Angelic Being or group of beings.

What makes it their personal energy is that they channel the Divine 
energy through themselves adding their love and wisdom first before 
channeling it through you for your ascension work or for channeled 
information or just to share their love with you.

The more that you expand your consciousness and raise your ability to 
work with the Divine energy the greater your capacity to merge back 
with your higher dimensional self and be in conscious communications 
with them and other beings in the higher dimensions.

After ascending and merging back with their higher dimensional self 
the Light workers will live and work in the higher dimensions and on 
the Earth, moving back and forth between the dimensions.

The people who are ascending for the first time into the 5D in the 
final ascension will be very consciously connected with their higher 
self and have the opportunity to choose where in the 5D they wish to 
go for their next step in learning and growing. They will stay in the 
5D afterwards and not come back to the 3rd/4th dimensional Earth.

The 5D is a dimension that offers both physical planetary experiences 
and non-physical experiences to choose from.

So there is a difference in what will be experienced by the Light 
workers, who will ascend "back home" but stay on the 3D Earth 
physically too to help with the ascension and the people who will 
ascend into the 5D for the first time in the final mass ascension and 
remain there.

There is an acclimation process after the initial ascension experience 
in all cases.

The Light workers will experience themselves going back home to the 
dimension and place they come from, but it will be done in a step by 
step process over a period of time. This process is very individual 
and the steps taken and the length of time needed to complete the 
process will depend on the individual person. They have to expand 
their consciousness slowly to go from being a 3D person, which they 
became by incarnating here, to merging back with the higher 
dimensional being that they incarnated here from.

In the higher dimensions when you reach a certain point of advancement 
the "TWIN FLAMES", THE "MALE/FEMALE HALVES" unite to form a single being.


+++ UNSNIP +++

In those dimensions a lot of time is spent being non-physical, but you 
can manifest a body and a physical environment if and when that is desired.

The body that is manifested can either be male, female or a single 
androgynous body. While "twin flames are united beings" they can still 
manifest as either their male or female portions even as their 
consciousness is totally joined as one.

Most of the "Ascended Masters", from the dimensions that they are 
channeled from are united beings in this way, even though they are 
channeled as either their male or female self.

All of the Archangels and other very spiritually advanced beings are 
also united beings in this way. Some of the Light workers will be 
ascending back to a dimension that is non-physical and where their 
higher dimensional self is a united male/female being.

After Light workers ascend and are acclimated they will be able to use 
their higher dimensional knowledge and abilities to help people. Tens 
of thousands of Light workers world wide will be able to help people 
and the Earth by bringing about greater spiritual and cosmic understanding.

The Light workers will ascend as they are personally ready, but most 
will ascend before the final ascension of the Earth.

The people of the Earth have a choice as to whether they ascend or 
not, as does every Light worker.

The 3D Earth will continue to exist after the ascension.

The ascension is a spiritual awakening and for those who choose it, a 
step to their next level of spiritual advancement. There is no need 
for it to be accompanied by years of strife and destruction to be accomplished.

Everyone on Earth will know that preparation for the ascension is 
taking place and will have an opportunity to participate if they wish to.

There is also the possibility of a "golden age" starting on the 3D 
Earth for the people who choose not to ascend.

If people learn from the spiritual teachings and higher dimensional 
wisdom being offered during the years of preparation for the ascension 
then they can use that knowledge to make the Earth a much better place to live.

Choosing not to ascend is a perfectly valid choice and will be made on 
both a higher self and a conscious mind level.

For all of the people on Earth this can be a wondrous time of awaking 
to the spiritual being that they are and an opportunity to move on to 
a much more complex and rewarding life at the next level of their 
spiritual development.