~ The Fifth Dimension ~ 

Subject:  Leaving the old dimension and moving into the light.

(This is a brief portion of a Message given at a class entitled:
CHANGING YOUR GARMENT at the World Mother Center in Virginia,
January 22, 1994)

The GodSelf is emerging more powerfully than ever before.  It is
the time of the Ascendence.  And all those who have chosen to
leave this planet: Go.  The force of illumination is transmuting
all the body cells, and you are being lifted into a new vibratory
experience of Light and Love.  There is everlasting life in this

I have programed you that you might readily accept the new
vibrations of Light and Love.  Every cell, every molecule, every
atom, every organ, every tissue, every bone and muscle that makes
up your body is now in agreement to register the I AM Presence in
every cell.  Every molecule accepts this.  Even the bloodstream
will carry the whole message of immortality (the life circuit I
AM).  It is a joy to the soul.

I AM lifting you now, O My Planet Earth, to the Solar Logos who
will say to you: "Come unto the Solar Fires of My own Being, the
Sun of Me.  And here you will be called LIGHT.  And you will be
known as the LIGHT HEADQUARTERS of the Heart Children."  Do you
hear Me now?  Have you heard Me?  Do you need more explanation
than this?  I fancy so.

Now let go. Detach, that you might be reclaimed in the glory of
God's creation.  There is a pasageway.  I say A PASSAGEWAY,  a
corridor, a duct, that you will be drawn through as you vibrate
the new activity of the Lord.  This passageway is but a corridor
that will assist you in the vibration of alignment into this new
dimension.  It is a Creative Word that has embodied to assist you.

You have been called to serve on this planet.  To leave the lower
dimensions entirely that you might bring light to this planet and
serve her well in this hour of her need and her light. If there is
a restlessness amongst you, a tiredness perhaps, a fatigue, it is
only to say to Me: My time has come.  That you are weary of the
old ways.  Be still and know that I AM God, A LIVING PART OF YOU
now to be recognized within the body frame, within the corpuscles
and the blood.

THE WHOLE BODY SHALL BECOME LIGHT.  (Intelligent on its own merit.
The body will be a mirror of the intelligence of its own Devic
Kingdom.  It will become a radiation of supreme love and

Wear the garment of light that you might do the work that you have
come to do.  For you cannot serve the Christ in the way that you
have chosen unless you wear this garment of light.  Please be
aware of this as you enter the new dimension and have access to
new information.

You have come a long way, My children, much has been done.  I
congratulate you all, workers on this planet.  Your salvation is
near as you return to Godhood from whence you came.


Now glory pour upon this Earth.  Rest her in My hand, My mighty
hand of salvation.  Let her be at peace: still, as all activity is
still, for a moment.  Even the rustle of leaves: be still that you
might all together self-realize that the light is with you.  And
you are one with the Presence that abides strongly now on this
Planet Earth.

My time has come.  I can wait no longer.  I AM the Supreme God of
creation, of all creation, and I receive you back unto Me that I
might be with you as a revelation of consciousness.

Moving now into the light, receive the light WITHIN YOURSELVES.
LET THE MORTAL SELF GO!  It is but a figment of your imagination.
And know that the light is with you, ever present as the new dawn.

Consciousness is the master.  Remember that.  It listens and it
knows.  Come to the light that all might be of light.

(Note:  There is a UNIVERSAL LAW OF ONENESS that says: When Truth
has personified by the one chosen in the time given, then all Man
-- or consciousness -- at-one, partakes of that revelation and
that personification.  Thus when Jesus overcame death by His
consciousness, you also have overcome it.  This is law: There is
no death.  He translated this into Law.  Now, in these days,
"Group Man" or Group Awareness will realize together at a
vibrational level:  that all "Man" or humankind has ascended,
wears the resurrected body of light and lives as immortal being.
This triggers a new world.  Once this Group consciousness
identifies itself in Universal Law as a body that is awakened, no
man or woman shall know death nor shall he or she be caught in
between two worlds.  When Jesus walked, He meant it for all.  He
was a universal being.  When the Group consciousness (those
members who are going to demonstrate this) connect AS ONE MIND,
then all men (humanity) are free.  THIS IS THE UNIVERSAL MIND
DESCENDING.  Creative Power then emerges as the light.)

Raise your thoughts to God Consciousness and voice your holy voice
in words that are given, dropped like light petals into your mind.
Remember that consciousness is master.  That you are the master of
all you survey, if you but stand with Me, the Lord Thy God, the
Creator of all things (the essence of who you are).

Let us meditate on the Light Body we are now.  And through this
meditation see the light, the living light,  within every cell and
molecule of your being.  And so it is written: I will come again
and restore these bodies to light, and save this Earth and give
her greater peace than that which she has ever known.

I bless you, children of the light.  I AM Sanat Kumara.  The
Keeper of The Days.  I have been with you for a very long time.
Indeed, a long, long time.  Chapter closed.  We have a new book
entirely.  Let us read it together.  It is of My hand.

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