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     March 6, 1995
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                             ISSUE 6

     "The Bi-weekly News and Comment of the Ascension Movement"

   I'm posting this newsletter because I think that the information
   should be shared with as many people has possible so that we
   are prepared for the mass landing.  However, consider it to
   be like shareware and help the authors by sending a donation
   to the address above. A reasonable donation is 13 issues for
   $25 but what ever you can afford is fine.  Hopefully, in the
   near future we won't need money but for now in this dimension
   at this time we have to, "Render on to Caesar what is Ceasar's".

   Love and Light,
   Robert - Lightworker Scout]

  Mass Landing Update Affects World-Wide Consciousness
  Sheldon Nidle's Update and Commentary
  by Jason Dunlap

  Are you ready?  Those of you who have been
  wondering if the information revealed in "You are
  Becoming a Galactic Human" is true or valid and are
  waiting to see something happen before you commit
  yourself are soon to be involved in the most astounding
  event to ever happen.  In an Update Meeting, Feb.
  23rd, without actually saying so, gave the impression
  that Sirian, and other Alien spacecraft will be landing
  by the end of this Summer.  Why do I think so?

  "The Mass landing cannot occur before Aug. 5th.
  This is because......."  Could this mean that the
  landings are put off indefinitely?  No.

  It was clear in some of the personal exchanges
  between Sheldon and Peggy, that Peggy is not excited
  about the prospect of landings occurring as soon as
  Sheldon believes they will.  I asked about the time-
  table to see if it did conflicted with what I expected.
  Sheldon's answer, along with Peggy's rebuttal, showed
  that there is some disagreement with how things might
  turn out.  Peggy pointed out that Sheldon was in touch
  with the Sirians at the Command Level and she was
  not.  She feels that the "time window" is bigger than
  what Sheldon believes and said that she may be able
  to influence the outcome by petitioning the Command.

  For whatever reason, she apparently is not happy
  about the prospect of landings happening anytime
  soon, which leads me to believe Sheldon has given her
  the impression it would be much sooner than later.
  "[sic]  New counselors, after the mass landings, will
  bring enlightenment to the rest world"  Doesn't that
  mean some other counselors, prior to the landings
  brought enlightenment to a smaller portion of
  Humanity?  Sheldon made one thing clear.  We are
  going to enter the photon-belt no later than Dec. '96.
  Further, Sheldon made it clear that everyone on Earth
  had reached at least some new state of mind and body
  before that happened.  In his book, he said it was
  necessary for the mass landing to take place at least 6
  months prior to entering the photon-belt.  That puts
  the landing in the late Spring '96, at the latest.
  However, too many things have to happen for it all to
  be done in those six months.  He mentioned that the
  governments of the world will be out of business by the
  end of this Oct. '95.  He also implied that their failure
  and inability to function will be assured upon the arrival
  of E. T. counselors.  He also indicated that it won't be
  immediate but governments as we know them won't
  last long.  That means the mass landing must happen,
  "not long before...."  Oct.'95.  Would you believe Sept.
  '95?  What have I been telling you?......
  There was a huge amount of detailed data that
  Sheldon related in the process of answering questions
  and telling us the whys and wherefores of what is about
  to happen.  I will attempt to summerize it and relate it
  to what we should be doing.
  There has been a lot of talk about energy grids
  being put into place, portals being opened, etc, etc.
  According to Sheldon, inter-dimensional portals, star-
  gates, and such must be opened up around our planet
  in order to allow vast numbers of ships, cargo, 3D
  beings and inter-dimensional beings to arrive here and
  operate.  What is involved is astro-physics beyond our
  comprehension but there is technology involved that
  includes metaphysics as well as natural physics.
  Apparently there are all kinds of rays and beams, and
  such that must be aligned, tuned and who-knows-what,
  to make it work.  This activity, that has been going on
  for some time, is affecting our weather, and other Earth
  changes.  Because of this, some plans were changed
  to limit the impact.  They are going to open up the
  Northern Hemisphere first and then the Southern
  Hemisphere.  This means they are not going to allow
  major cataclysmic events to destroy things.  There will
  be earthquakes, floods, and destruction but not severe.
  Nevertheless, I advice everyone to stock up on survival
  supplies because some of these events may cause
  temporary hardships over the next 6 months.  Few,
  outside the newage readership will believe or take
  precautions and your supplies can put you in a position
  to help others, as well.  The following is shortened list
  of things to come.
  1.  In order stay on top of things and be blessed we
  all must practice putting out our best efforts, and
  practice being patient and loving to all.
  2.  An end to dark government conspiracies, and
  projects is imminent.
  3.  Legions of Angels have arrived and more are
  on the way.
  4.  The Angels want to help you and they are here
  to prepare you.  However, you must ask for their help.
  Continually let your desires and troubles be known and
  ask Angels for help.  Say it outloud.
  5.  Your personal Karma is also coming to an end
  and depending on where you are at, depends on the
  scope of change you must go through.  Past traumas,
  hate, fear, etc may start to surface in your conscious
  mind, and you may find yourself having to deal with a
  lot of upsets, even health related issues.  Allow
  yourself to look at and examine old wounds to be sure
  you can handle them now.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.
  Let go of your crap so you can get on with life.
  6.  June 5 is the beginning of some exceptional
  energies and events.  Some chaos may ensue as
  things are being transformed from the negative to the
  7.  Ringing in your ears, strange feelings in your
  head, and personal energy fluctuation may be noticed
  as the Angels begin to "dump" huge blocks of data into
  your mind that will begin to change your DNA, body
  chemistry, and awaken your lost memory.  We will be
  prepared to have full consciousness by the end of 96.
  8.  Entities of the Elohiem and Kumara are
  involved in changing our bodies.
  9.  3/4 of the Galaxy have moved to join the Fed-
  eration.  This is astounding progress.
  10.  Something is going on with the money.  It's
  about to be changed.  Also, the vast funds that will
  soon be available for lightworkers is in the last stages
  of getting released.  Sheldon thinks it will be soon, like
  March.  (I've heard that before.)  Our government is
  doing everything it can to prevent it.  The recent
  economic trouble in Mexico and the huge bank failure
  in Britain, lead me to believe that things are very
  unstable.  What amazes me is how people view the
  billions of dollars lost by that bank.  Where did those
  billions go?  Somebody must be thankful that billions of
  dollars were sent to them from England.  Don't you
  11.  The government has psychics working on
  influencing us.  They want us to disbelieve all of this,
  and to believe that the underground government is too
  strong and too sinister to resist.  They want us to
  believe that at best, there is to be an alien invasion
  designed to enslave us.  I suggest that we all protect
  ourselves by imagining protective white light around us
  as often as it comes to mind.  Begin making it a
  periodic habit, what the govern-ment implies to be our
  greatest threat is exactly what I believe all the
  governments of the world ultimately want to do to us.
  They just don't want anybody else in charge.  If that's
  the case, I really see little difference.  It might be more
  interesting to be the slaves of Sirians as opposed to
  our own backward, egotistical, power-mad politicians.
  12.  Most children born in the last year are
  starseeds and are destined to have an important
  impact on our reality in the coming years.  I suggest
  that you communicate with young children often, and
  don't be concerned about asking them pointed
  questions like, "have you had a conversation with God
  or Angels lately.  If you did, what do you suppose they
  would want me to know?"
  One thing Sheldon said confirmed my suspicions
  that Sept. 95 is a likely date.  When questioned
  regarding those that claim there is a two year delay, or
  that different time-lines are possible and other such
  information that basically says he could be wrong, he
  said, "Rumors of a two year delay are wrong, and the
  people who don't want to believe that this is really
  going to happen are in for a really big surprise."  Why
  do I get the impression that he is being pressured to
  avoid giving us an accurate time window?  Could it be
  that there are many out there that can see the
  enthusiasm this whole idea has created.  Some can
  see ways to make easy money, doing seminars, selling
  newage widgets, etc to a bunch of people they consider
  suckers and fools?  Those people don't want this all to
  evaporate at the end of Summer!  They want you to
  believe that it could go on indefinitely because they
  don't believe it will happen at all!  They just know that
  when Summer comes, they'll be out of business.  I got
  news for them.  They will be out of business all right.
  Their seminars will be stupid, their prod-ucts won't
  work, and their ventures will not be successful.  And,
  they will be struck with awe and be totally unprepared
  when it begins to occur.  The charlatans out there that
  are in it for the money and fun could become emotional
  cripples in one day.

  Follow-up With Sheldon

  After writing the above I began to feel confused.  I
  decided to ask Sheldon a few questions to determine
  how much I was reading in to what he said and how
  much guess work was really involved.  After I spoke
  with him I was even more bothered.  I asked him why
  he was so vague about the time window and why "they"
  think its a good idea for him to be so.  He informed me
  that "they" won't let him tell us.  His answer was
  something like this:
  What is happening all around this planet is at a
  critical stage and the E.T.s are setting into motion
  many energy patterns.  Having us know ahead of time
  will disturb and change those patterns.  The main
  reason, however, is their belief that if we knew an
  event was a year away, that we would become
  complacent and merely wait a year before doing
  If this is truly what those in command believe is
  true then I hope they read this newsletter because I
  think they are dead wrong!  That sounds just like
  something a parent would tell a child.  A parent will
  give an answer just to satisfy the child because "they"
  know best, and it's better we didn't ask questions.  It's
  nonsense.  If everyone reading this knew, beyond a
  doubt, that the landings will take place, Sept 19, 1995,
  they would be calling and writing me about the things
  you are doing.  Connecting up and commun-icating
  with other lightworkers would be the only thing on their
  mind.  Why?  Because we all see the need to inform,
  educate and enlightened as many people as possible
  be-fore it happens.  Would we interfere with the
  planet's karma?  You bet!  This planet's unconscious
  mind is us, and we will do what we can as fast as we
  can to prepare the World for the Coming.  Would we
  cooperate with "their" plans?  Probably, but that's up to
  us to decide isn't it?  Who are they to keep knowledge
  from us and plan things behind our backs?  Isn't that
  what is wrong with this society?  For eons our minds
  have been veiled as part of some grand experiment,
  and all of us hide knowledge and feelings from our
  children and each other, and governments hides know-
  ledge from the people, and God keeps quiet and the
  Angels stay invisible and there is so much we don't
  Do you believe we have the authority to ask and
  receive the answer to any question we desire?  Rather
  impudent, don't you think?  Can I say, "Guardian
  Angel, I want to know what the most up to date
  prediction is for the mass landings.  I don't want a
  bunch oracle psycho-babble, either.  I want you to tell
  me when the Sirians think they will landing. Yes I know,
  that no one knows the time or the day, but I think you
  can narrow it down, some."
  Usually it goes something like this, "Jason, no one
  knows when the future will fulfill itself, because
  everyone is constantly changing their thoughts and
  actions.  If I tell you they will land tomorrow, they will
  not, because knowing it will cause a chain-reaction of
  events that will change everything.  You have free-will
  and are therefore un-predictable.  Not knowing what
  you will do, makes it impossible for there to be an
  answer.  Instead, I suggest you do whatever you feel
  like doing and let providence take care of things."
  Yeah right.  I sure wouldn't want him as my stock
  broker.  However, assume I do have the authority to
  know. In that case I expect a straight answer.  The
  answer doesn't have to be couched in mystery.
  Something like, "Okay, sometime in Sept. '95."   Now,
  is that so hard?
  Yes, it probably is.  It's like dealing with Volcans.
  They can't lie, and they can't interfere with our free-will,
  and they don't want to cause a paradigm shift by
  anything they do.  It's worse than dealing with lawyers!
  So, I've had a talk with them and explained the
  situation.  I pointed out that it is not hard for us to
  understand that knowing what the future holds is bound
  to modify the future.  We are merely asking for an
  agenda so we can figure where we fit in.  We can
  accept that plans will change as events unfold but we
  don't have to be completely in the dark, anymore.
  Giving us a "ball-park" figure is fine, and they can also
  tell us what kind of things could happen that will
  change the situation.  That way, we can watch for signs
  that things are going right or wrong, and plan
  It has crossed my mind that they don't want us to
  be consciously involved.  If we are, we may do
  something to screw things up.  Too bad.  If that's the
  case, then they are really interfering with our free-will
  by default.  We have a right to know what they are
  doing.  And, we have a right to cooperate or not.  What
  do you think?  Are you willing to talk to your guides,
  Angels, etc and get a straight answer?  I don't know if it
  will do any good, but if they ever needed an excuse to
  wake us up, this could be it.

  Count-Down to Mass Landings

  I've been working on a plan of action for all of us.
  As I mentioned last newsletter, you are involved in
  something, now.  I made the assumption that the mass
  landing would be occurring about Oct.1, 1995, at the
  outside.  Working the scenario backwards to the
  present I envisioned the likely events that would lead
  up to the landings.  I ended up with 16 significant
  events.  If all 16 events are made to happen, I believe
  the mass landing will be an expected, glorious event
  that will bring us into the Newage without the
  Armageddon scenario.  The following are the 7 major
  mile-stones to success:

  Mar. 31
  Jason's consciousness is raised significantly

  Apr. 15
  Regional Headquarters set-up in foreign countries

  Apr. 31
  Center of Attention proves its ability to play a leadership role

  May  15
  Regional Headquarters have E.T. contact, know what to do, 
  and have training programs set-up

  Aug.  1
  A significant portion of the population has consciousness raised.

  Aug. 31
  Most are aware of the pending mass landings

  Sept. 31
  Mass landing expected at any moment

  Now it is time to look at the details.  Take the first
  four milestones. I am doing the best I can to raise my
  con-sciousness.  I can use your help.  All of you must
  want this to happen to me, as well.  What you can do is
  raise your own consciousness and ask your guides,
  etc. to raise mine, too.  I'm open to any other ideas.
  I'm doing the same thing.  Whoever gets there first, tell
  the rest of us.  Okay?  In order to accomplish all that I
  see must be done, I, and many of you, are going to
  have to understand things much better and have better
  communication with the other entities involved, than I
  do now.  The objective is to be in a much higher state
  by the end of March.
  I will be announcing our logistic plan for organizing
  and networking PAGs and Light Centers.  The plan is
  to have much in place by April 15th.  For economic, as
  well as, other reasons, our friends in foreign countries
  will be setting up Center of Attention Headquarters at
  various strategic locations, first.  These units will be
  supported and endorsed by Center of Attention and can
  coordinate their missions and activities with us, as is
  practical.  They will be independently operated for the
  most part.  Center of Attention, in Santa Clara, will be
  the Headquarters for the U.S.  One of the missions of
  the Headquarters is to create and support Center of
  Attention Branch offices that will report to their
  Regional Headquarters, (i.e. Germany, New Zealand or
  the U.S.).  As we expand, the way we interact will
  evolve using the principles of fluid management and an
  "inter-linked, web" network.  More on this later.
  The third milestone is of paramount importance.
  Center of Attention is sending Wayne to the Yucatan in
  order to glean, first-hand, the information being
  delivered.  He will be responsible for gathering the
  needed information to set the format and activities at
  the Mayan presentation that Center of Attention intends
  to sponsor, sometime around April 15th.  We expect to
  organize a spectacle that will inspire and enlighten
  thousands.  When this event proves to meet our
  expectations, as far as participation, financial need,
  and spiritual experience is concerned, Center of
  Attention will have proved it is capable of handling a
  significant leadership role in the world events that lead
  up to the mass landings and beyond.
  This is the most exciting thing humanity has ever
  done.  Are you ready for this?  Do you want to play?
  By the end May, I expect that many of us that are
  associated with Light Centers, PAGs, and our Regional
  Headquarters will have reliable communication with
  Masters and Teachers within the Federation and else-
  where.  I expect that these entities will have the
  mission of training many of us in "rapid-growth"
  techniques that will allow us to train other humans and
  go about helping and enlightening the rest of humanity.
  Until these teachers arrive, Center of Attention will be
  exploring all the latest techniques, technologies,
  seminars, etc. to find those that seem to be inspired
  and useful.  Until the other stuff hap-pens, that's about
  the most we can hope for.
  This is enough to concentrate for now.  Until we
  achieve some of these milestones, there isn't much
  point in worrying about the rest of it.  This process of
  looking backwards is a way to execute long range plans
  without getting lost in the details.  With these 4
  milestones in mind, we need only concentrate on the
  first item requiring action.  Since the rest of you can't
  help much with the first two, you can begin to help with
  the third, which is helping Center of Attention take a
  leadership role.  As mentioned before, we want to put
  on an outstanding presentation about the Mayan
  Conferences.  We need to connect with people who
  know about putting on gala events.  I intend to see
  what it will take to have Soultice, an outstanding band,
  be the music and light show.  We will need those that
  can handle making arrangements, creating a Mayan
  setting in a large hotel room, and publicizing the event.
  If you can help or know people we might contact, let us
  know.  These can be professionals or volunteers.  As
  we get organized, many of you can become involved
  with the logistics if you so desire.  This is just the
  beginning, more information will be forth-coming.

  Yucatan Man is on His Way

  I cannot stress the importance of sending Wayne
  to the Mayan Conferences.  Last newsletter I asked all
  of you to contribute $12, to see if we might get enough
  money to pull it off.  Understand that this is not
  something I want or for that matter Wayne, as much as
  it must involve all of you.  Center of Attention is no
  longer an idea I had, or newsletter I wanted to create in
  order to communicate my philosophy to you fine
  people.  Center of Attention is now a spiritually guided
  entity of which all of you have the opportunity to
  experience value, by playing a significant role in the
  future of Earth.  In order to reap the rewards, you must
  partici-pate, and I don't just mean with money.  When
  you read the books, do your spiritual practices, and
  learn enlight-ening things, you establish your future role
  in what is to come.  When you are connected to Center
  of Attention, or any organization, you honor all of us
  with your growth.  When you find yourself having
  trouble you can allow all of us to be a conduit of
  support and energy. When Wayne goes to these
  conferences we all go with him.  When he returns, we
  all are privy to his stories and experience.  As he
  becomes enlightened on this mission he bring the en-
  lightenment to all of us. Do you believe that?
  My expectations were very high and I was testing
  my powers of positive thinking.  I forgot this had
  nothing to do with me.  I give high praise to all those
  that took immediate action and sent in their donations.
  They rest of may have had to wait for payday.  It was
  pointed out that the first payday has just arrived.  Silly
  me.  Expecting unscheduled miracles.  However, we
  are doing very well and I am pleased.  Our planned
  budget for Wayne's trip is approximately $2500 to
  $3000.  The airfare, lodging and attendance at the
  conferences is not negotiable.  It costs $1948.  We
  have raised $1085, so far.  Thanks to a most generous
  and loving soul who gave $500!  This means so much
  to us all.  I've taken a big risk, (for me anyway), and
  borrowed money on my credit card to pay the $1948,
  already.  A small act of faith but a milestone for me.
  I don't want to sound like some TV preacher, but to
  those of you who plan to contribute, could you send in
  $12 or more right away?  Leave yourself a memory
  icon, like drawing a big $ sign on this newsletter, or a
  string around your finger.  I want to see how fast y'all
  can react.  For those of you who don't plan to
  contribute, could you send a dollar, anyway, so that I
  know you are out there and are still with us?
  This is not just a California thing, you know.  We
  plan to create a presentation that can be given by us or
  others in different locations around the world.  We also
  plan to have tapes and booklets available to those who
  aren't able to reach a planned location.  Everybody
  shall get to play.
  I must say I feel a little funny about asking for
  money.  I'm not one that finds it easy to ask for help
  and I'm not sure I know how to go about it.  I could use
  some instruc-tion on the best ways to go about it so
  that I don't insult anyone.  I'd appreciate your input.

  How Much is Enough?

  I have a problem.  I have received many inquiries
  regarding the purchase of our mailing list and those
  want-ing us to advertise products and services.  First,
  we have not decided exactly how we want to do this
  because Center of Attention has changed since its
  beginning into something that covers a much larger
  scope and responsibility.  It is our intention to make our
  list available at cost, but only to those that are
  lightworkers or Planetary Advocate Groups.
  Determining what a lightworker is puts us in the
  pos-ition of making judgments without much criterion.
  One of the things that bothers me most is the price that
  some of these people charge and I don’t know what to
  make of it.  Let me say this, before we will endorse
  something the product or service must work, (in our
  opinion) and carry a money back guarantee.  This
  eliminates some good and useful products because
  there is not a way to meet that standard.  “Working” to
  us means that there are measur-able results beyond a
  subjective feeling, although that plays an important
  part.  We don’t believe claims made by vitamin
  companies, etc, etc, because they are always ex-
  aggerated.  Testimonials by many users of services is
  not good either, because such testimonials are not first-
  hand and reliable.  How can we endorse a meditation
  class or a channel?  The only thing possible is to attend
  it and tell you what happened.  (i.e.  Merlin, issue 2).
  We can’t possibly attend everybody’s workshop.
  Eventually, we intend to have a list of reporters that will
  do such things so more things can be investigated.
  The next problem comes with pricing.  How much
  is too much?  I have a philosophy about that.  I believe
  it is okay to charge anything you want, but Center of
  Attention is not going to endorse something that is
  outrageously priced.  I have a lower middle-class life
  style, I can barely pay my bills, lose my job about every
  6 months, and have no valuable possessions  An
  average income in California of $50K to $60K is
  probably enough.  You should be able to live
  comfortably and still risk or give to lightwork, anything
  over that.  This is pretty arbitrary, though.  One might
  need $100K a year to pay the mortgage on a ranch or
  office or other things.  So, how can I judge?  I can’t, but
  I do.
   I’m going to assume that we won’t promote
  something that costs you  over $100/hr.  Few of us get
  paid that, in fact, I’m a little suspicious of anyone
  making over $60/hr.  They either need to lower their
  prices in order to get more volume, or they need to
  work more hours.  Doctors, law-yers, psychologist,
  many channelers, charge more than that.  What really
  gets me are those that do group trainings and still
  charge you over $100/hr.  One person called me and
  was just over flowing with excitement about their new
  training course and thought I should let all the
  lightworkers know about it.  They claimed it was an
  extensive training course that every lightworker should
  do, and it would change one’s life forever.  After
  reviewing the material I found that it was, indeed,
  covering important and appro-priate things.  However,
  they were limiting their classes to less than 30 people
  which met a couple days a week for several months.
  They wanted almost $1000 per person which would
  gross them close to $800/hr. for their trouble.  Some
  how I doubt this person is making tons of money that
  he spends on free sessions for those who can’t afford
  it, or purchasing low income housing for the homeless.
  Sorry seems like too much.
   A few other people have called and wanted me to
  help them publish some much needed material that
  they had accumulated over several years, that must
  get out to all lightworkers.  Such things usually involve
  special tech-niques of meditation and sacred geometry
  channeled from reliable sources.  I asked one person,
  “How much stuff are we talking about and if one got all
  this material, how long would it take for them to get up
  to speed?”  The answer was that the information was
  so vast and covered so many important subjects that it
  could take over 5 years.  (supposedly, that’s why it was
  such a bargain) This was because the author had been
  studying and doing the exercises for most of their life.
  I then asked what the value would be in getting
  material now, that would take 5 years to learn?  After
  all, we’re all outa here in 5 years!  Needless to say,
  there wasn’t a good answer to that.
  I respect all those that have contacted me, and
  don’t want anyone to be intimidated by my criticism.
  Sometimes we can work something out.  It never hurts
  to ask.  Here’s what Center of Attention is looking for.
  First it must work, it must work fast, it must have
  measurable results.  The other stuff can be advertised
  by someone else.  We are hardly the only source for
  lightworkers.  There is not much time.  Maybe there is,
  but I don’t want there to be, because I’m impatient, so
  that’s how I judge.  A ten year enlightenment program
  is useless to me.  You should have gone to India years
  ago!   As far as vitamins and food supplements go, I
  can judge on a statistical basis.  If lots of people tell me
  garlic works wonders, and they are from diverse
  places, I’ll mention it.  However, there must be a
  money back guar-antee whether they send the
  remaining portion back or not.  One should be able to
  contact the supplier and ask for their money back.  Am
  I way off base here?  Comment please.

  Barbara’s Attic
      By Barbara Bane


  WOW!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!! The
  response we have gotten for  “Yucatan Man” ( that’s
  our name for sending Wayne to Mexico) has been
  phenomenal. I had faith that the money would come
  and thanks to you it has. We are still short the total cost
  of the flight and conference ( we told Wayne that he
  doesn’t get to eat!!) but, the fact that we (Jason &
  myself) don’t have to finance the whole thing relieves
  some of the stress on our budget. “BLESSINGS ON
  as well as all of us at COA.
  At this time I would like to comment on those of
  you who have criticism of our publication. We
  appreciate your input ( it did get the NewsLetter in
  bigger type THANKS!), but please be reminded that we
  started out “With things found around the house” (due
  to my lack of faith I resisted going out and charging a
  new computer, printer, fax machine etc., at the time not
  knowing if I would have a job in my other reality much
  longer and all ready stressed at how we would pay for
  what we were about to do.  So if we seem to be
  unprofessional in our lack of equipment or how we go
  about doing things I will take that responsibility.  We
  did the first two mailings to 500 people, working 40
  hours a week in our other realties to support this effort
  (plus our survival and others!). Our mission is to get
  the information out as quickly as possible and not
  charge for it. Thanks to those of you who have
  donated we are able to keep this mission going and get
  the information out to those who can’t afford to donate
  at this time. The words of encouragement and love
  have strengthened my Faith in Humanity.  We can pull
  together for a common GOAL! I still fall into “Where’s
  the money going to come from?” from time to time, but
  then I read the mail and know that it will come!!!!!!
  Thank You !!!Thank You!!!


  And I am human!!  To those of you who responded to
  Newsletter 1,2 or 3 and did not receive #4, I apologize.
  Bear with me.  The mail list is growing everyday and I
  am bound to miss a few. (For some reason my mind
  starts to do weird things after being constantly  on-line
  for 12 to 15 hours or more per day.)  I have started
  training someone to help with the mail etc., so in the
  future we should have less, if any, mistakes.  If you
  have responded and not received the
  US KNOW....

  Below is a letter we received and I would like to share
  with you.

  Dear COA gang,
  Congrats on your phenomenal growth. Sorry I
  missed the San Jose Expo. Let’s do have a meeting. I
  finally got the ball rolling on starting a mini-light center,
  about 7-10 people are interested. Will probably have a
  1st meeting soon. VISION-Establish this light center-
  each member eventually splintering off to start his/her
  own neighborhood light center-we don’t have to be a
  big deal, well organized or know everything-just want to
  help-intent-ask for assistance-Groups- Small or Large
  all over the place is something I’m encouraging. You
  might mention this teeny VISION in your letter .....
  maybe others would be helpers who don’t think they
  can actually do anything, might open their home..... call
  a few friends and discuss regular meetings and support
  each other....share info....encourage each other etc. I
  plan to copy  various newsletters and info that I receive
  and distribute at our first meeting so we all have an
  update on the latest “stuff”. Enclosed is $25.00. Please
  use whatever part you wish for subscription, but put
  some of it in the trip to Mexico fund ..... God Speed
  ...... Have a good trip. Hazel Tice Morgan PO BOX
  1629, Monterey, CA 93942    P.S. Went to Europe for
  10 days in Jan. with a workshop on Drunvalo’s
  teachings (flower of Life) as an assistant... Want to go
  to New Zealand. Sent for info.. so guess I’m doing what
  USA is asked to do.


  A fax from England to one of our readers in response
  to the Newsletter.
  I guess this means that there is no point in finding a
  new job since we’re all going to become 5th dimension
  quanta of electromagnetic energy.  Where will this
  energy reside?  Can you imagine what it would be like
  if you evolved into a -5.o Volt supply on one of our
  testers?  Having to run around the pin cards at 3* 10^8
  meters per second all day with no coffee break on the
  Alternatively, you could evolve into some static
  electricity which sparks around whenever someone
  brushes their hair or removes their nylon underwear!
  Being electro-magnetic may have some advantages,
  although there is only a slim chance of getting a piece
  of the action in the visible light spectrum.
  The opportunities would be to evolve into:-
  1) A DC voltage of around 4.5 to 5.5 volts.  (Duracell
  2) An AC supply.  Americans can be 60Hz, the rest of
  the world will evolve to 50Hz. (240 volts in the UK, 110
  in Latin countries.)
  3) An audio signal.  Maybe “Stairway”  on one of Led
  Zep albums. (People with twin brothers or sisters will
  have the chance to become stereo audio signals.)
  4) An AM radio signal, much like the BBC World
  5) A TV program or soap opera.  Can you imagine
  mutating into a rerun of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?
  (Perhaps the Parrot Sketch...)
  6) A local FM radio signal.
  7) A satellite TV channel. (Maybe one of those Dutch
  porno channels or a video on MTV?) I’m not looking
  forward to ascending to become another re-run of Eric
  Clapton Un-plugged.
  8) Prince Charlie’s portable phone transmissions....
  9) A 750 Watt microwave oven.
  10) Infra Red. (Would they be commies?)
  11) A color  shade between red and purple.
  12) Ultra-Violet. Imagine ascending to become
  someone else’s suntan, insect-killer or bank - note
  13) A Pentium processor. (The chances of this
  happening are at least 9 out of 2.01112212121.)
  14) A small piece of gamma radiation which escaped
  from a Russian nuclear power station and now lives in
  a sheep’s liver in the north of Scotland.
  15) A high - tension spark - plug cable on a rental car. I
  would quite enjoy being the electromagnetic energy
  which makes the “bing-bong” sound when the seat-
  belts are not used in a Volvo.
  16) A talking Barbie doll.
  17) The smell of Danish Blue Cheese.
  If given the chance, I’ll probably become the bar-code
  on a can of beer or side one of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You
  Were Here.” I don’t want to become the
  electromagnetic energy in a transformer, electric
  motor, re-run of Star-Trek or strip on the back of
  someone’s credit card. I also don’t want to be a
  headlight beam on the freeway.
  Whenever you have decided the shape, amplitude
  and frequency or electromagnetic energy which you
  wish to adopt, please tell me and we can write some
  AC tests on the 2020 to check you out.  Best regards..

  The English do have a sense of humor!!!!!!


  I finally purchased the “Kryon” books and am
  almost finished with the first book. Although the time
  tables may have changed  ( depending on what and
  who you believe) the information is very useful.  I find
  the “Kryon” energy to be very uplifting.   We will be
  adding these books to our order form as soon as we
  get word back from the publisher.
  Last year I read “ASCENSION Beginner’s
  Manual”  by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody Jr..  I attribute
  my energy shift to this book.  For me this book
  changed my life and it hasn’t been the same since. If
  you’re ready to take responsibility for yourself and the
  Earth, read on... Good “STUFF”.

  Gotta go.. Space is limited ... Love & Light  to all,

  Wayne’s Worlds

  Divine Science Church - meditations, services, and
  facilities for meetings and other Lightworker activities.
  1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, CA.  contact Rev.
  Christine Emmerling 408-293-3838

  Classes on The UFO Phenomenon - at “The Willow
  Center”, 2175 Lincoln Ave, San Jose.  Friday evenings
  7 - 9:30 pm, beginning on 3/17/95 for 6-week series.
  408-723-6450 to register.  Another series begins
  4/28/95.  Taught by Tom Stanton a 5-year MUFON
  researcher who has also taught at the Academy for
  Future Science.  Tom  @ 408-353-4426.

  Acoustical Refrigeration
  According to physics professor Steven Garrett at
  Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, sound
  waves can be used for heating and cooling.  A
  prototype refrigerator has been built using 160 decibel
  sound waves to operate a double heat exchange
  system.  One heat exchanger, filled with alcohol, cools
  the interior of the refrigerator.  The other exchanger,
  filled with water, transfers the excess heat to an
  external radiator.  There are no cholorofluorocarbons to
  escape into the atmosphere to further damage the
  ozone layer.
  Generous insulation reduces the external sound
  levels to less than a standard refrigerator.  That is nice
  because 160 decibel sound levels will kill humans and
  most other organic creatures.  I wonder how
  PUNCTURE PROOF the “generous insulation” is?
  Thanks to Rev. Christine Emmerling of “Divine
  Science Church” in San Jose for the above
  information.  See “Bulletins” section for contact info.

  Maya Acoustic Genius
  I suspect that more research will show that such
  intense sound levels are not needed for refrigeration
  and many other things as well.  The acoustical genius
  of the Maya is only beginning to be acknowledged
  much less understood.
  Levitation, heating, cooling, frequency sensitive
  directional amplification and more were done by the
  ancient Maya using the subtleties of acoustics.   I say
  subtle because while I did see indications of many new
  (to modern science) acoustical applications in the
  Yucatan (my trip many years ago) I did NOT see
  indications of “ear protectors” or other sound insulation
  Several times over the years, I have proposed a
  research expedition to the Yucatan to study the
  acoustical applications of the pyramids and other
  structures there.  So far as I know, none has been done
  YET!  I will inquire about this (and many other things)
  while I am in the Yucatan this time.

  Yucatan, this Equinox, C.O.A., YES!

  The quick response of your generous donations
  have made it possible to obtain a space in a “bonified
  tour”, so C.O.A. will have access to the conferences
  via myself (Wayne).  Although at this time, we have
  not received enough for the trip, we know that more is
  on the way and more to come. Thank you for your
  donations of information, money, and specially for the
  Love and Light.
  We have already received several offers to loan
  the video and audio equipment needed.  Some has
  already arrived.  Again thanks!

  Yucatan Conferences Moved to Larger Facilities

  The newly completed Fiesta Americana Hotel in
  Meridia will host the conferences on 3/22 and 3/24
  instead of the Holiday Inn.  I will be staying at the new
  hotel and know that several of you are also going on
  the trip (some decided at the last minute).  Please
  includes your contact information.  Plan on a short
  meeting the evening of 3/19 and 3/21, we are going to
  have fun, but there is a lot of work to be done too.
  We probably have NOT heard from all C.O.A.
  readers that are going on the trip.  Please call C.O.A.
  right away, if you are going on the trip.  Just a quick
  message of “My name is ________ and YES, Wayne, I
  will see you in the Yucatan!,  My Mayan Tone is ____
  and Seal is _____ (or give your birth date and year if
  you do not know the Mayan)” . Then you may go back
  and finish reading this NewsLetter.  ...... If you ARE
  going and have NOT called yet, why are you still
  reading?  DO IT NOW! .... Thank you!  There are
  reasons for this request beyond the obvious reason of
  getting a more accurate count, which I will explain to
  you when we meet there.

  Yucatan Schedule of Events

  3/18 -- Wayne leaves San Jose air port 9:30 am for
  Houston, Texas.  Meet with Carol Parrish (one of the
  speakers at conference #2).
  3/19 -- Depart Houston and arrive Merida airport.
  3/20 -- Welcome briefing and Purification Ceremony at
  Dzibilchaltun.  (like a baptism)
  3/21 -- Solar Initiation Ceremony at Chichen Itza
  presided by Hunbatz Men and Lamas from Tibet.  On
  this day of the solar equinox, we will view the famous
  image of the serpent that appears on the flank of the
  Pyramid of Kukulcan. At the same moment that the
  serpent appears, we will concentrate our thoughts on
  Hunab Ku.
  3/22 -- 1st conference at Fiesta Americana Hotel.  The
  Lamas from Tibet will deliver the message of the New
  Age to mankind, explaining how it will affect the
  transformation of modern societies.  We have
  confirmation from 3 High Lamas from the Kalu
  Rimpoche lineage, from the Monastery of Taisitu
  Rimnpoche in Dharamsala.  There names are Lama
  Tsang Tsing, Lama Tsewong Jurmay Kekong, and
  Lama Gelong Tshering Wancdi.  Extensive work was
  required to obtain the final confirmation on the above
  listed Lamas.  Many thanks to Hunbatz Men, Dr. Rob
  Shweder, Mr. Barry Bryant, and Ms. Aluna Joy Yaxk’in.
  3/23 -- Ceremony at Uxmal (Pyramid of the Magician)
  to awaken the true powers of the Human Being.  This
  ceremony will be carried out by the Lamas from Tibet,
  all Masters (speakers for conference # 2) and all
  participants.  At this center of magnetic energy,
  priestesses conducted a solar rite of great importance
  for Maya society.  Through meditation, we will ask
  permission to reopen the Tantric School.
  3/24 -- #2 conference at Fiesta Americana Hotel where
  the following Masters will speak.  Domingo Dias Porta,
  Barbara Hand Clow, Antonio Velasco Pina, Steven
  McFadden, Carol E. Parrish, Jose Arguelles, Sheldon
  Nidle, and last but certainly not least The Supreme
  Maya Council (including Hunbatz Men) will deliver the
  message that was kept for over 500 years.
  3/25 -- Farewell dinner at Fiesta Americana Hotel to
  exchange experiences as Mayan Solar Initiates for the
  new Itza Age.
  3/26 -- Most will leave Merida to return home.  Some
  will continue on to Palenque for an extended tour there
  and at the Aqua Azul Falls and then return home on
  Although I (Wayne) do Not PLAN to go to
  Palenque (cost is high for the expected benefit), I do
  PLAN to extend my trip to Cancun for private (but NOT
  exclusive) ceremonies at Coba, Xel Ha, and Telum.
  All of which I have specific personal missions assigned
  for accomplishment. I have many friends in that region,
  therefore the costs will be minimum while the benefits
  will be maximum.  I have been asked to give a lecture
  and a workshop while there for the many Lightworkers
  in the region and set-up a regional center for C.O.A.
  there in Cancun.
  I stress the word PLAN above because, things will
  change during the equinox.  After the “bonafide tour” I
  am open to changing the PLAN.  I will do what is
  needful at the time.  I am asking my Guardian Angels
  to PLAN my itinerary and guide my path to the places
  where my abilities may be utilized the fullest.  AMEN!
  As PLAN stands now, I will depart the Yucatan on
  3/30 and arrive in San Jose at 8:30 pm.

  Those Who do NOT go on the Trip

  I am sure many of you will be planning to go to a
  sacred site near you for the equinox.  Be prepared for
  an upthrust of energy from the earth!  NO I do NOT
  mean an earthquake!  (although there may be some
  noticeable vibrations of the earth)
  Major amounts of Light energy will be grounded
  into the earth at Chichen Itza and other sites in the
  Yucatan as well.  This energy will channel thru the
  newly placed earth grid lines, activating the grid to a
  new higher resonance.  Those of you with operating
  clairvoyance will see fountains of Light spiraling out of
  the earth at sacred sites all along the grid lines all over
  the planet.  Take a joyful shower in the fountain of
  Living Light provided at that time.  Fill yourselves with
  the Liquid Light and ground it back into the Living Earth
  with Love and Adoration.

  Some of You can’t go to a Sacred Place?

  Make where you are a sacred place!  Step outside
  at sunrise.  Face the Sun and say the word K’in seven
  times. (pronounced “Kuh-een”).  It does not matter if it
  is cloudy and you can not see the Sun.  You know
  where it is.  Do it!  Remember if it is NOT cloudy, do
  NOT look DIRECTLY at the Sun with unshielded
  Some of you without previous experience of
  clairvoyance may be surprised to see Light Fountains
  even at places not previously known to be Sacred!
  This is a new Heaven and a new Earth which we (you, I
  and all) are co-creating.
  Expect the miraculous, with a heart filled with
  unconditional love, and you will NOT be disappointed!
  Remember this is a new beginning.  Be ready for

  What about Rumors of Subterfuge?

  Yes the Forces of Darkness will surly attempt to
  use this time to show False effects and possibly even
  counterfeit ET vehicles!  How will we know the
  difference?  We won’t initially, but that does NOT
  change what we must do.  Focus on unconditional
  Love!  Beam that Love unconditionally toward any and
  all effects you see, hear or feel.  If the effect is Loving
  Light, watch it expand. If the effect is NOT Loving
  Light, watch it TRANSMUTE into Loving Light!
  Have NO fear!  Call on your Guardian Angels and
  all forces of Loving Light.  There are legions of Angels
  here of help, waiting for YOUR call !!!!!!  So remember
  to call !!!!!

  Hawaii, The Americas, Tibet
  Info from Sheldon Nidle 3/4/95 workshop in Mt. View
  reported by .wayne.

  In 1992 Kahunas of Hawaii received a message to
  initiate a spiritual connection from Hawaii (a planetary
  spiritual outflow point) to the Americas for grounding.
  In Boats of Acient Polynesian traditional design many
  will gather in Tahati for a "Ceremony of Return" on
  Following the ceremony, begins a sea journey to
  Hawaii, leaving near the end of July for Alaska.
  Leaving Alaska near the end of Aug., passing down the
  coast of North & Centeral America, the arrival in Peru
  is expected by the end of Sep. 95.
  This spiritual energy from the west will join the
  energy from the east (Tibet) to be grounded in The
  Americas.  Several planetary energy points will have
  been connected, and prophesies fulfilled with these
  Items to notice:  3/17 and 3/21 are exactly One
  Harmonic apart (on the Galactic Calendar).  Maui and
  Chichen Itza are very near the same parallel (19.5
  north),  Tahiti and Northern Peru are also close to the
  same parallel (19.5 south).  Energy from the east
  (representing the spirit of mind and wisdom - yang -
  male) merging with the energy from the west
  (representing the spirit of will and feeling - yin - female)
  for grounding in the center (representing Balance of
  Spirit and Will into the Heart).
  Note: comments above, in italics, are that of the
  reporter.  Others more information on the "Polynesian
  Connection" are envited to contact C.O.A. by phone or
  mail.  C.O.A. would like contact from someone that will
  be at the "Ceremony of Return" and that will travel the
  journey outlined above!

  Celebration and Gathering Fri., Mar. 17th
  from Jason

  I can’t say for sure if we can afford a gathering
  before Wayne goes or not, but let’s assume it will
  happen, March 17th, 7:30pm @ The Divine Science
  Church, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, CA.(Willow Glen).
  You can meet Wayne, Jason, Barbara all your friends
  and we’ll figure out the rest later.  I will be sending out
  an EXTRA by next Monday to confirm, with direc-
  tions,etc., but perhaps you can keep it open. Center of
  Attention will be available for pointed questions,and we
  hope to introduce some of you and what you are about
  doing.  I have made no arrangements and haven’t the
  time to make plans yet, so I must get back to you.  If
  you don’t hear from me, assume it’s a no-go.
  I can’t think of any way to involve those of you that
  are out of the area,at this late date.  Maybe you can
  call us on the phone or something. I’ll see what I can
  come up with.

  If It Works, Don't Fix It (For the new guys)

  Some of you readers are not on our mailing list because you
  received this from a friend or other source.  This newsletter was
  created in order to inform, and to organize lightworkers into an
  effective resource for the coming new age.  If nothing else, to
  lighten  things up a bit.  As foolish as this may sound, we don't
  charge anything for it, we rely entirely on donations and the profits
  from a few books and stuff we offer.  We not only want to entertain
  and inform, we also want to cause you to think, and practice using
  your personal power. It's just a theory, but we believe that people
  are willing to offer what they can, when they get what they want.
  So, give what you can. A reasonable donation is 13 issues for $26.
  We hope you are enjoying this.
  You may not be aware of it, but this newsletter is offered to
  anyone who wants it, whether they donate anything or not.  If you
  can’t afford it, perhaps you’d be more comfortable copying this and
  giving it to 10 other people.  In this way, you help, and some of
  those people will afford it. However, we insist that if you want to
  continue to receive this newsletter, you must contact us and tell
  us to put you on our mailing list.  It's a matter of free-will, you
  see.  It should be up to you to decide you want this.
  In this regard, out of several hundred people that initially
  received Center of Attention, over 50% of that number have
  responded, and out of that, only 2 have asked to not  remain on our
  list.  How about you?  Are you interested in playing the most
  exciting, out-of-this-world, "I wonder what will happen next",
  game and become one of the many that are being initiated into the
  cosmic realms of Ascension?  Perhaps you had something more
  exciting in mind.  Call or write, but take action

  Queen of the Sun, by E. J. Michael
  Endorsed by Barbara Bane and Jason
  This is an exciting and fulfilling book. 
  It's as exciting as the Celestine  Prophesy, with all the insights, 
  and enlightening truths.  If you’ve ever wondered about the 
  Tri-lateral Commission and under ground government
  conspiracies, you find interest galore in this fast paced adventure with
  lot’s of unexpected twists and turns.  Highly recommended, destined 
  to be another best seller...


  Queen of the Sun, by E.J. Michael

  Earth, by Barbara Marciniak

  Nothing in this Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are,
  by Bob Frissell  12.95

  You are Becoming a Galactic Human, by Sheldon Nidle

  The Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, by Hunbatz Men

  The Mayan Factor, by Jose Arguelles

  Large Desk style Mayan Calendar, by John-Eric Omland

  Guide Booklet to Large Calendar, by John-Eric Omland

  CA. State Tax

  Shipping and Handling 1.50, 1st item, plus .50 each additional

  Copy and Distribute Freely
  March 6, 1995
  2221 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, Ca.  95051
  (408) 241-7981          ISSUE 6

  ISSUE #6

  Center of Attention
  2221 Bowers Avenue
  Santa Clara, Ca. 95051