1. Introduction 


  The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star 
  system The Pleiades. The Pleiadian culture is ancient and was 
  "seeded" from another universe of love long before Earth was 
  created. They have formed a tremendous society which operates with 
  love, with ideas and ideals that we are yet unfamiliar with. The 
  Pleiadians call themselves our ancient family because many of us 
  came here from The Pleiades to participate in the new experiment of 
  Earth. The Pleiadians are now here as ambassadors from another 
  universe to help Earth through her difficult transition from the 
  third dimension to the fourth dimension and to assist each of us in 
  our personal endeavors of awakening, remembering and knowing. 


  Barbara J. Marciniak has been a student of Metaphysics for many 
  years. She gives credit to the Seth material channeled by Jane 
  Roberts for her insight into the necessity for conscious, 
  intentional creation of personal experience. Barbara travels 
  extensively. In Athens, Greece in May of 1988, she began channeling 
  The Pleiadians after she and a group of friends experienced a 
  spiritual awakening in the Great Pyramid at Giza. Barbara currently 
  lives in Raleigh, North Carolina where she gives class sessions and 
  workshops with The Pleiadians. 

  2. Awakening ____________________ 

  2.1. Awakening [1] Good evening. We are your ancient family. We come 
  from the star system The Pleiades. We know ourselves as The 
  Pleiadians and we, eons ago, millions of years ago, were your 
  relatives. When your Earth sphere, Terra, was being formed, there 
  were many who expressed an interest to be pioneers and to go to a 
  new area to learn to experience, to formulate, to create. That was 
  the opportunity and many of our dearly beloved Pleiadians signed on. 

  The Pleiadian culture is ancient. [It] was seeded from another 
  universe, a universe of love, a universe that moved back to All That 
  Is. The Pleiadians seeded the Pleiadian star system within this 
  universe before the Earth's sphere transfer became available. We 
  formed a tremendous society. We operate with love. We operate with 
  ideas and ideals that you are totally unfamiliar with. 

  Our technology in your terms would be somewhat similar. We are, in 
  your terms, computerized. We like that term because it represents an 
  overall picture of our abilities. The picture actually only 
  represents one per cent of what we are capable of doing. However, 
  from your point of view, think of us as a computerized society. We 
  are collective energy. We are not of your dimension. The star system 
  of the 

  Pleiades has seven stars, six of which we believe, you may see from 
  the naked eye. There are many planets and we are millions upon 
  millions of miles from your system though we have transportation 
  that can bring us here very quickly. We have many modes of 
  transportation. Mostly we come in starships. Often mother ships. The 
  mother ships are gigantic, one of your miles, housing thousands. 
  [They are] elongated, one of our fashions, [and] would take, in your 
  terms, days to transport itself here. We have disc ships which can 
  be here quickly, within portions of your day. 

  We have difficulty at times translating your time system, your 
  hours, your minutes, into what is relative to our system, perhaps 
  less than one quarter of your day. We are an advanced civilization. 
  Our technology is ancient because it is coming from another universe 
  that has evolved back to First Cause. We chose not to evolve back to 
  First Cause but to go on out of love, to assist the growth of this 
  universe. We were allowed to bring that knowing with us because our 
  technological development is totally in line with the First Cause 
  and we would never operate in any fashion that did not support the 
  love and development of humanity of all creatures in all of this 
  universe. So we were allowed to be here. We were welcomed. 

  We are the ambassadors, in this star area, this universe, from 
  another universe. We are working with many, not just with Terra, the 
  Earth. We are working in other solar systems, with other planetary 
  creatures, with other creations. 

  This universe is a vast and new experiment. Different options, we 
  like that word, are being attempted here. Free will reigns in this 
  universe. On Terra you think you have free will but you do not 
  really understand what free will is. Free will encompasses the 
  complete idea that whatever it is that you are wanting you may have. 
  And your sole point in choosing to partake in the planetary system 
  within this universe that has free will was so that you may do 
  whatever it is that you wish. 

  Terra was formed with specific intents in mind. It was formed to be 
  a center for this solar system, a trade center, a launching pad for 
  ideas. Much like, as different portions of your globe have 
  developed, and different port cities, or areas came into fashion and 
  represented trends, cultural advancements, exchanges of ideas at 
  different points in time, and then fell by the wayside. The ideal of 
  Terra's role would be the jewel within the universe for its beauty 
  physically to the eye, and this physical beauty would be beheld not 
  just in one dimension but in many dimensions. That it would be a 
  center of tremendous beauty, of tremendous exchange, of freedom, of 
  ideas and beauty and love and peoples, humanities, creatures from 
  all of this universe and star system ideally would have come here 
  and exchanged what it is they had, as goods would be exchanged in 
  the marketplace, with others. Now, as you know, that has not taken 
  place. Fortunately that is changing. Unfortunately, eons in your 
  past, events occurred that were not anticipated, for when one deals 
  with free will one never knows. There are no expectations with free 
  will, just intentions and hopes. And even intentions sometimes may 
  be transmuted. 

  Now, that was the original intention. Then eons ago, millions of 
  years ago, there was a disruptive force that became quite pronounced 
  in this area of creation, experimenting as it would be, with another 
  form of being. This experimenting was not evil, it was just another 
  point of view. We speak in very neutral terms so as not to lay blame 
  or prejudice on anyone. 

  This disruptive force effected Terra greatly. It threw the cosmic 
  forces, the hierarchies into vast confusion. And it has been all 
  these eons, these millions of years that this has been attempted to 
  be righted. 

  Now, through the last thousands of years we have been assisting the 
  higher spiritual forces, those from the First Cause. Our assistance 
  we freely gave because original family members came to this 
  experiment of Terra and then when those disruptive energies became 
  prevalent and changed the intent of what Terra would be we lost 
  contact with our family members. It was very sad for us, for we had 
  never anticipated this loss. 

  Being that we as Pleiadians are highly evolved and of great knowing 
  and great connectedness with the First Cause, we knew that this was 
  a temporary loss of family members, though temporary in our terms 
  was millions of years. And though the initial shock was felt 
  literally throughout the universe and universes, we formulated a 
  plan and knew that there would be a time when we would be reunited. 

  We are your family members who lost contact with you eons ago. We 
  have come to retrieve you. We have come to reestablish contact, to 
  assist you, so that you can now reunite with us, liberate yourselves 
  and choose to come back to the Pleiades or to stay here on Terra and 
  raise the vibration and allow Terra to become what it was originally 
  planned to become, the international exchange, intergalactic 
  international trade exchange center for the universe. 

  Now, as you may well know, that upon looking at your planet you can 
  shake your head and say, goodness, we have ventured far from our 
  original goal. And, indeed, that is true, you have. However, at this 
  time events are manifesting on your planet that are about to change 
  all of that. 

  It was known eons ago that there would be a point where the energies 
  would be ripe for contact, for adjustments, for receiving energy for 
  realignment. It was hoped that that juncture would be reached 
  through the opening of the free will bodies, by their own choice, 
  through love. 

  That is not the case. You have reached critical times. It began 
  peaking 30, 40 years ago, and the activities that have been 
  occurring on this sphere have been of grave concern to all within 
  your universe. The lack of love for humanity, for one another on 
  this planet. Separations of self from self. The missing of the 
  message that you are all one, that you are all connected, that what 
  one does affects the other. Know that there are many millions on the 
  planet out of the billions, who are awakened, who are moving toward 
  the enlightenment, moving towards the acknowledgement of the First 
  Creator, in whatever minuscule way they can conceive of this vast 
  entity. What is happening on your planet at this time is that the 
  energy of the First Creator, is being presented to the planet as a 
  whole. When we say "as a whole", there are no groupings that would 
  be select over others. The opportunities exist for everyone. It is 
  the individual humanity's choice to acknowledge the opportunity that 
  presents itself. 

  [The awakened ones will be] assigned, so to speak, to awaken 
  someone. First Creator energy is now being made available to the 
  planet, on a vast level, vast. It's encircling the sphere. Light 
  frequency is bombarding your planet, though only those who know how 
  to use this energy can feel it. It is as if an invisible force is in 
  your lives and if you are not aware of this invisible force, you 
  will not see it. 

  Now, if the awakeners approach the awakenees with love, with intent 
  of service, with intent of changing the planetary potential, the 
  planetary history, and also are willing to bond unconditionally with 
  the awakenee, it will be successful. In most cases, those that need 
  now to be awakened are working about this in their dream state and 
  they are in a state of confusion in their waking world and so they 
  are welcoming something that will give them greater power and 

  The awakenees will need guidance for a short amount of time because 
  of the energy that is available [but] the knowings will happen very 
  quickly, then they, too, [will awaken and empower others]. The more 
  members, the greater members of humanity that are in knowing, the 
  easier the times ahead will be. 
  We are working, sitting at the edges of our seats. When we say 
  "our", we mean our beings, the star individuals, the star families, 
  the spirit guides, the ascended masters, the callers from the great 
  cause, the First Cause. There are many here. The skies, the 
  atmospheres are full, so to speak, of who we are keeping Terra in 
  force, keeping it alive and vibrant, glowing, and also respecting 
  your free will at the same time. 
  That is why we say the awakenings are so important at this time. 
  They are of prime concern. Individual awakenings. Word of mouth. It 
  is the best way of accomplishing what it is that needs to be 
  accomplished. Word of mouth. Books are fine. Tapings are fine. But 
  one individual loving another individual liberates, frees. And that 
  individual goes off and creates and effects many others. That is how 
  the process will occur, as we see it. 
  We stated earlier that Terra is a free will district along with the 
  entire universe, however, there is a code of honor that exists along 
  with free will. And that code of honor represents the respect for 
  life. All of life. The respect, and the commitment to no violation 
  of life. The honoring of life is paramount, and allowing that life. 
  Now, millions upon millions of years ago when the disruptive forces 
  came in and changed all of that, free will was granted still and we 
  stepped back, and saw and watched, and knew that there would be a 
  time when all of this would come to an apex, as it would be said 
  when the changes could be made. 
  Disruptive forces have come again. This time they will not succeed. 
  However, the energy is of great influence on the planet at this time 
  because of the technological development and the extent of this 
  technological influence throughout the planet. 
  We ask that each person individually speak to another. At this point 
  very powerful individuals are being awakened. Those individuals who 
  effect other people, who influence other people are those that are 
  awakening at this time, and are being awakened by those who made 
  agreements, contracts eons ago to perform this service. We see that 
  there will be changes geographically, great changes. Because the 
  changes represent the most benevolent way of realignment. If there 
  were to be great destructions, and there will be some destructions 
  along the lines of warrings, if that were to be the prevalent case 
  upon the entire sphere, it would effect the cosmos so greatly, that 
  in this case it cannot be allowed. 
  The changes that will happen on the surface of Terra are not 
  definite. They will not be definite until they occur, until energy 
  peaks. The energy will be peaking partially through what's happening 
  on the globe, also through planetary and cosmic influences. The 
  closer you may move towards the misuse of the technology, then of 
  course, Mother Earth, a living, viable, breathing entity, would 
  shift itself rather than destroy itself. 
  [The] shifts will be of a healing nature, much as the ill person may 
  experience the tremendous fevers and burn and sweat and shake and 
  then heal themselves. If Mother Earth did not shift herself and the 
  misuse of technology would be [a] prevalent paradigm, do you know 
  what would occur? It would be the destruction of the universe. 
  We do not wish to be annihilated and misuse of your technology on 
  your planet could annihilate a universe. Contemplate on what we are 
  speaking for it is profound. 
  Many of you are looking for blacks and whites and the universe 
  exists in gray areas. It is not the way you think it is. There is 
  life teeming everywhere that you cannot see. There are many 
  dimensions, there are many forms of beings. What happens in your 
  dimension would effect us all because the building blocks of the 
  universe, of the cosmos are connected. The atoms, the elements are 
  all one. They are universal. Universal tools, so to speak. And 
  through the misuse of one, in one segmented area, it would effect 
  many others. So that is why we say, we are tuning Mother Earth to 
  this knowing. Mother Earth knows this potential happening and would 
  shift herself when the time and the danger becomes great. Understand 
  that all of these changes are contingent upon the awakenings. If the 
  awakenings happen very quickly and those within the governments, 
  within the arms industries, those within the publish ing, 
  communicative areas, television, newspaper, movies, [if] those 
  influential people on the planet are awakened quickly, all could 
  shift. Mother Earth will do whatever is necessary to realign for her 
  own survival. 

  We are saying that if your intention is to step into the times ahead 
  with joy, and experience, and be a partaker, a conscious partaker of 
  the movement that the planet is selecting, then clearly think of 
  what it is that you want, intend it, plan on it, and then trust that 
  the part of the body located in the solar plexus will guide you 
  along with the heart, to be where it is you need to be. If you are 
  clear in your plannings, if you count on it, if you state it matter 
  of factly, step into the knowing, not the thinking, but the knowing 
  beyond all shadow of a doubt that you will be here in joy, in 
  harmony, in happiness, in creativity, and in greater rejoicing of 
  building the world, the civilization that you all desire, then so 
  shall you be. 
  Now, think of that for a few moments and choose what it is you want. 
  Examine your hearts about what it is you are wanting. Throw by the 
  wayside those things that are not important to you and put your 
  energy, your thoughts, your hearts, into what it is that is most 
  important. And do not, under any circumstances, be afraid of making 
  a change, for change is going to occur whether you select it or not. 
  So, by consciously selecting a change, whether it be a move, or what 
  have you, [it] may be your method, your means, of moving into the 
  times ahead. Do not resist change. Flow. It may come in the area of 
  relationships, the breakings up or the coming togethers. It may come 
  in the area of employment or a lack of. It may come in the area of 
  sudden abundance presenting itself to you or lack of. All these 
  events will motivate you towards something. We ask that you go 
  inside, trust the feelings. Trust yourself. One of the most 
  beneficial endeavors that you will be involved with is forming the 
  extended families. With a networking of thirty to fifty people it 
  will be very powerful. We also wish to speak of the availability of 
  outside communication that is waiting to speak with many of you, 
  that is speaking with each and every one of you though you do not 
  acknowledge it. Vast numbers are willing to help. We ask you to 
  examine your hearts, relinquish your fears, move towards what it is 
  that will be most important. We suggest, and we will assist in these 
  endeavors, that through your dream states you dare to dream of 
  possibilities that seem outlandish. Awakened ones and those becoming 
  awakened are being fed information through the dream state from the 
  vast numbers and given so called ideas. Instigated information. 
  Potentialities of abilities that are far beyond what is available 
  now on the planet. And these will be fun things. These will be 
  joyful things. These will be loving things, healing things, 
  successful things. Play with your dream states and when one of these 
  crazy ideas comes to you, grasp onto it like a hot air balloon and 
  ride it for a while over the topography of yourself and see where it 
  will take you. We ask you to approach these times with an open mind, 
  a creative mind, a loving mind, to move into the self. To trust the 
  self. Open the heart. To connect with humanity, to awaken the 
  others. To be gentle with who you are. For your difficulties you 
  will lay down as they are old clothes that you will no longer fit 
  into or wear. Your aches, longings and difficulties can all be laid 
  to rest as you move into this great new garment of being. Many will 
  be petrified of moving into this time for much must be relinquished. 
  Much must be changed and given up. However, we are saying that if 
  the Earth itself did not change in its seasons, it would be pretty 
  dreary indeed. And so fall needs to come and the winter set to rest 
  so that in spring there may be regrowth, revitalization and 
  awakenings. This is what you'll be experiencing. We have committed 
  to guide you on this time. There are many who are here loving you, 
  assisting you, doing whatever is necessary. Open your hearts. Open 
  your eyes to what is coming. Do not be afraid. Know that you are 
  surrounded by love and energy greater than at this point you can 
  fathom. So great it is beyond your knowing, though a part of you 
  knows that greatness and brings it to yourself. We trust that what 
  we have said empowers you, enlightens you, guides you to who you 
  need to be. Move forward. 
  Move in love. Feel the connectedness of all that is. Look into the 
  eyes of fellow humanity and see yourselves for you are there. Bless 
  each one with the knowing that you have and your awakenings will be 
  greater than you ever imagined. Call on us for assistance and we 
  will come to you. We send you our blessings, our dearly beloved 

  2.2. Awakening [2] 

  Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from a class session. 

  Good evening. We are here to assist you. We are here to work with 
  the energies of those members of humanity who wish to move forward 
  with their lives, who wish to participate in the great upliftment of 
  spirit and physical reality that is now being experienced on your 
  earth plane, Terra. We have spoken before about the concept of the 
  shoebox. We would incorporate this material along with questions 
  that those here this evening may have to offer as learning. 
  Understand that a question that one asks is asked for all. So, 
  listen carefully and you all may make a leap [in] accepting who you 

  Let us speak for a few moments on the concept of the walls you build 
  around yourself in this shoebox idea. From our perspective, we see 
  the large portion of the energies [are] attempting to bring in 
  information that is revolutionary, that is expansive and that is 
  perhaps contradictory and controversial as well. The most necessary 
  element that you need to add to your life is something that would 
  act as a catalyst for you to assimilate the information and initiate 
  these ideas into the day-to-day living of your life. In other words, 
  bring them inside the shoebox of your existence. 

  We will be working with you to allow you to expand the territory of 
  the shoebox that you live in, for the shoebox defines the boundaries 
  of information that is legitimate. It defines your perceptions, your 
  experiences. It defines your world. Your world is as large and as 
  complex or simple as you would design it to be. 

  What we would ask each of you to do is to visualize the image of the 
  shoebox that you have. You may make it plain, you may make it 
  elaborate, any color that you wish. It can be small, it can be 
  large. Visualize the shoebox and place your physical being within 
  it. Next to the physical being place inside the shoebox, place your 
  globe. The images will come to life as we discuss with you the 
  questions that you will all be so gracious to teach yourselves with 
  this evening. 

  QUESTION: I've heard recently that as part of the change taking 
  place on the planet today the old idea of everything being a lesson 
  has become somewhat obsolete and that, in fact, there are no lessons 
  anymore. From my own personal perspective I believe that growth 
  comes through learning lessons and I don't understand how growth can 
  continue if there are no more lessons. 

  PLEIADIANS: Understand that all that you hear is one entity's 
  version. Whether they be a discarnate or incarnate entity, you are 
  always hearing someone's version of what they believe to be true. 
  And that holds true for we Pleiadians. You all are nearing a 
  juncture where you would be coming in to be tested over and over and 
  over again. The ride is going to get bumpier. 

  It's going to be fun because you will be like on a roller coaster. 
  You may be up one moment peeking over the top, rising to the stars 
  and then suddenly your stomach is way up in the air and you are on 
  the ground. This ride would involve many so called truths. Each 
  truth, each place you are on the roller coaster is quite real, is 
  quite legitimate, and the information or the ride of experience that 
  you are receiving is yours to interpret. 

  What you must realize is that you can get off of the roller coaster 
  any time you wish. But you will be choosing the ride because you 
  have something to learn. What you have to learn is that there is a 
  portion of truth that exists within each and every one of you. 
  Essentially, you do not need us to tell you what that truth is. We 
  merely mirror back to you who we are and we remind you what it is 
  that you know. 

  In direct answer to your question, from our perspective, all 
  existence involves knowing. There is consciousness within all things 
  and all consciousness is learning about its experience no matter how 
  that consciousness is manifested. From our perspective, we do not 
  perceive of a place of being where there [are] no lessons or or 
  learnings to be done. That is our opinion and our perspective of a 

  Now, understand that all things are true. You can bring whatever 
  information you wish inside of your shoebox. You can design your 
  experience. We are here to give you lessons in many ways of 
  perception so that you form your own truth and stimulate the 
  material and information that is stored within the cells of your 
  being. You all are a portion of First Cause [God]. First Cause 
  branches out and expresses itself so that it has more to bring back 
  to its own experience. And so, from our perspective, First Cause 
  learns much in each and every moment. 

  QUESTION: What is the correlation between relative truth and 
  absolute truth? 

  PLEIADIANS: The absolute truth, the essence of absolute truth is the 
  example that we have just shared with you. The greatest truth is 
  that First Cause is within all things and it is First Cause's 
  journey that you are all a part of and it is your challenge to 
  realize it. 

  QUESTION: In trying to follow a spiritual path I'm feeling great 
  confusion over traditional Christianity and the Bible and the truth 
  in that, or the lack of truth in that, versus the New Age philosophy 
  and, for example, A Course in Miracles. Which path is closer to the 
  correct truth? 

  PLEIADIANS: When we spoke and said that all is true, it is our 
  tricky way of making you think. And that is what you are learning 
  now. You are third dimensional beings. You are thinkers. You are, on 
  a planetary scale, learning and moving toward becoming fourth 
  dimensional beings which are, if we were to put it into words, 
  perceivers. You are employing the values of the third dimensional 
  world and you are beating up on yourselves, so to speak, and 
  chastising yourself because your life is not in one neat little 
  compartment. If you wish to bring new information into your lives, 
  there is a certain scrambling of data that must take place. This all 
  goes back to the shoebox and your great need to have everything in a 
  file compartment. The data of your existence, the outline and 
  boundaries of who you are, are quite orderly. 

  When you are attempting to become more and to become greater beings, 
  all of that data must be reshuffled, must be run and analyzed and 
  compared to a new program. When we say that all is true, that is in 
  essence saying to you whatever you choose to believe will indeed be 
  true. It will be the reality that you will live your life in and you 
  will manifest the symbolic representation of that reality within 
  your lives. Your neighbors and your friends and the social structure 
  that you surround yourself with will reflect that back to you. 

  Worlds are not solid places of being. Worlds are probable. Worlds 
  are as flimsy as paper. 

  Only you do not understand this. You think that your worlds are con-
  crete and you think that certain authoritative structures are 
  correct and you place authority outside of yourself. The Catholic 
  church is no more correct than any other church. 

  The truth that you are attempting to understand now is the absolute 
  truth for yourself. You wish, because of how you have led your life 
  up to now, to be told to follow a certain structure. The highest 
  teachings in our opinion, and this is merely our opinion, are the 
  teachings that point you to yourselves and say to you, "You are 
  First Cause. You are a portion of the great energy. And you, 
  yourselves are thought manifestations of what you think you are." 

  It is that truth, from our opinion, that we, the Pleiadian culture 
  and many, many, many cultures, use as a primary law of existence for 
  ourselves. What you are all learning to understand is what is true 
  for you and how to make your world work. We would start by saying 
  that you are the center of your world, you are the power in your 
  world. What is it that you want? You want happiness? Do you want 
  safety? Do you want joy? You want harmony? You want personal 
  development? You want peace? You want abundance? You are First 

  This power that you have is no new thing. There are those of you who 
  have laid in the gutter or who have been without food, been on the 
  verge of dying and have willed something and had it manifest and 
  thought that you were lucky. It was your desire, your calling of 
  your own power that manifested in front of you. This is a basic law 
  of experience. 

  QUESTION: You mentioned a couple of times that we choose to be here 
  to experience. Is it, is it as simple as that? When we're 
  disembodied we decide to come back to experience something? I just 
  can't imagine anybody choosing to come here unless they had to do 

  PLEIADIANS: It is much more complex than merely coming here for the 
  experience, although it is the experience that you are after. But it 
  is not as if you are a soul roaming through the ethers with nothing 
  to do and you decide, "Oh, I think it looks cozy down there. I think 
  I'll make a hit on that world." It is not quite that simple. 

  You are a portion of an energy of an oversoul. This great being 
  travels for its own growth through planets, through existences that 
  you do not even comprehend, through existences that in your terms 
  are not real because you cannot see a physical world that they could 
  exist on. But they exist. There are worlds that exist in empty 
  space, so to speak, that make up shapes and colors and sounds and 
  they are quite legitimate and you have experienced these worlds. 

  In your roamings of being, in your decisions about where you want to 
  go, it would be similar to getting in a car and having an unlimited 
  bank account. In other words, you do not have to worry about how 
  your travels would be financed. You could go wherever you chose. The 
  only restriction is that if you are to travel the United States, you 
  must complete the United States. You would have to go into each 
  State and, perhaps, spend at least one week in each. When you have 
  finished the journey you may reflect back and say, "There's further 
  growth that I could do in the State of Minnesota. Before I leave 
  this journey and go to Europe with my unlimited funds, it would 
  behoove me if I explore this area." 

  What is occurring on a planetary scale at this time is that all 
  humanities, and none are exempt from this, are attempting to bridge 
  the information that is available to them and bring it into their 
  physical reality. You are attempting to understand and to remember 
  and to perceive that you are a portion of a much larger entity and 
  personality than you have previously thought that you were. 

  When the Christed one said to you on your planet, "You are not 
  alone," that is what was being said to you. That is what was being 
  triggered to be remembered. You are not alone. Not only are there 
  those, as we represent, who come from the stars, there are those 
  from other dimensions. It is your challenge to wake up to this, and 
  to believe, if you so choose, in enhancing your lives with this 
  information. For these entities are there to bridge worlds and to 
  change the world. 

  QUESTION: Is there a sensation of heaven and happily ever after? 

  PLEIADIANS: If you so choose to believe there is, there will be. If 
  you believe in heaven and if you believe upon your translation that 
  you have been a most glorious being and that the pathway is at your 
  feet, then, indeed, that will be your experience. You would create 
  your version of heaven. You all, upon your translation, will create 
  your version of what you think exists on the other side. The myth of 
  heaven was to allow you to believe that something unknown could be a 
  pleasant experience. 

  Think on what we have been speaking of for you are attempting to 
  bring in much information and whenever one is attempting to bring in 
  new information there is a reshuffling, and a release of energy that 
  no longer fits. Trust yourself and allow yourself to live in a world 
  that is comfortable and safe and expansive and generous and loving 
  and would give the greatest benefit to all. Make that the boundaries 
  of your truth and your world and you would have an easier time 
  assimilating information. 

  QUESTION: Do you have some practical suggestions on a day to day 
  basis of how to maintain our centeredness? Apparently our objective 
  is to maintain awareness of who we are and in the chaos of goings 
  on, we seem to lose that little thread of remembering. 

  PLEIADIANS: It is a portion of your challenge at this time. You 
  forget who you are because it seems to you that it takes time to 
  remember who you are. And it seems that you do not have enough time 
  to bother with this all the time. And so you forget, you trick 
  yourselves into thinking that you are not who you would like to be. 
  It is a thought process. 

  If you wish to maintain greater continuity of the enlightened self, 
  the uplifted self - at different portions of your day inject your 
  thoughts with an empowering affirmation or statement about this 
  continuity. You are complicated beings. We will give an example. 

  You say, "Alright I'm on a new program now. Starting tomorrow 
  morning I'm going to wake up and I'm going to make a statement to 
  the world about who I would be and then I would make the statement 
  again at perhaps noon and then perhaps again around sunset and then 
  once again before I go to bed. Four times in one day." And you would 
  do very well with this for one week or ten days in your terms. 

  On the eleventh day, perhaps you would forget in the morning when 
  you woke up to say it. Then you would be getting ready for work and 
  you would say, "Oh, I didn't say this and I'll say it very quickly." 
  Then [at] noontime you say, "Oh, gosh, I'm so busy I don't have 
  time. Well, I'll say it later." Suppertime comes and is gone and you 
  haven't said it. Then you've gone to bed and you say, "Oh, well, I 
  said it this morning, I'll say it later." 

  It is so easy for you because of the distortion of the element that 
  you call time that you allow to run your lives that you miss the 
  essence of who you are. In the moment that you would take to say, 
  "Oh, I don't have time now" or, "I will say it later," you could 
  have said it. 

  It is that simplistic. It is not a paragraph that you must read 
  about yourselves. It is not a major commitment in the element of 
  what you call time. It is a feeling about who you are in the moment 
  of your awareness of that being. And it is not something that you 
  must continuously focus on but it is something that you would intend 
  to become a portion of your being. Just as sleeping and rising and 
  eating are a portion of your being. You merely need to become aware 
  and to nod your head in honor and saluting the self. The salutation 
  to the self to become a glorious being. It is that simple. 

  Done on a regular basis as a portion of yourself it does not mean 
  that your life indeed would be perfect. For, once again, we are 
  saying to you that you are, all of you, on a roller coaster. There 
  will be ups and downs. If you know that you are intending the honor 
  and great development of yourself when you are going on these ups 
  and downs you will realize that this is a portion of the growth that 
  you are asking for. It is your challenge to love yourself and not to 
  be critical of the self and to realize that you are designing 
  experiences for your greatest need and growth. 

  The world is a symbolic world and speaks to you. It is your 
  challenge to understand what it is that you are telling yourself. If 
  you have teddy bears dancing in front of you we would say you are a 
  most playful being. If you see boogie men and dragons and lizard 
  people, then we would say, goodness, what fear are you manifesting? 

  Now, we are being playful but we are giving you examples because as 
  humanities that is your way of learning. You like pictures and you 
  like examples. You like to be able to formulate ideas within your 
  mind and to compare. That is your way of learning. You do not at 
  this time function through osmosis of learning. If that were the 
  case we would not have to say a word. We would merely implant you 
  with energy or attempt to implant you with energy. 

  We have fed you much information and you have been absorbing it on 
  many levels of being. Congratulate yourselves on the great beings 
  that you are and that you are becoming. We would be speaking with 
  you again. We bid you good evening. 

  The earth sphere, Terra, is in a state of great change. 
  Historically, from a linear perspective, you have been told that you 
  have been on your planet for X number of years. Your scientists 
  think that you have been civilized for a short amount of time and 
  evolved from ape to man. 
  That is completely incorrect. Highly formed Adamic man has been on 
  your planet for eons. Your planet was seeded by extraterrestrials. 
  It was an experiment initiated by the one we call First Cause whom 
  you may refer to as God, Prime Creator, All That Is, whichever you 
  are comfortable with. First Cause is the energy essence of 
  creativity. First Cause is in all things. Consciousness is within 
  all things. 
  First Cause's primary journey now is to gather information and 
  increase the potential of being. On a global scale, humanities are 
  attempting to understand that your world is a direct result of your 
  thoughts. Your main challenge at this time [is] to learn how to 
  handle thought manifestation and the manipulation of matter and 
  existence. Once [it] is implanted within you that this is a core, 
  basic idea, a universal law of being, you will be liberating 
  yourselves from a restricted existence that has been boxing you in 
  all these millions of years. 
  There have been those on your planet who have individually, or 
  within small groupings, taken this information and utilized it and 
  freed themselves from the tethers of three dimensional experience. 
  But what is occurring on your planet and why all are restless is 
  that the movement now is towards a universal knowing and 
  understanding. As each of you learn to expand your own consciousness 
  and allow information and experiences to enter into your reality, as 
  you grow telepathically, you effect those around you, in your 
  family, in your school systems, in your neighborhoods and then, of 
  course, within your world. What will eventually happen is what you 
  call critical mass, when a certain number of individuals achieve a 
  certain state of knowing, others will instantly comprehend. 
  The times that lie ahead in the next ten to fifteen years are going 
  to be quite interesting. You are going to see your reality turn 
  upside down. You are going to see chaos, confusion. You are going to 
  see a crack in the cultural paradigm structure that has been the 
  reality of your world up until this time. 
  Historically speaking, your world has been defined most explicitly 
  in the last five hundred to six hundred of your years by scientists 
  and by learned intellectuals and you have not questioned this. The 
  world seems solid. You seem solid. You all seem to live in the same 
  world at the same time. Not so. It is not so at all. You are moving 
  into the fourth dimension of experience. The third dimensional 
  experience is composed of thinking. The fourth dimensional 
  experience is more involved with perceiving, utilizing the entire 
  You have been defined so precisely that you do not question who you 
  are. You have accepted a thousand years of definition from those you 
  consider authorities because they happen to speak louder or publish 
  books or gather degrees. That is nonsense. Always question what you 
  hear, including what we are telling you. Become your OWN authority. 
  This is what Terra is moving towards each one discovering their own 
  integrity, their own completeness of being, their own responsibility 
  to themselves and to the world that they participate in. 
  You will discover how to become this authority by trusting 
  yourselves and by questioning what you are told, particularly from 
  your governments, school systems, television and newspapers. Read 
  between the lines. It would do you a great amount of good. 
  QUESTION: Some of us are getting to the point where we are no longer 
  willing to listen to the government. We want to know how we can 
  bring about environmental changes. 
  PLEIADIANS: The changes that are most important for everyone to make 
  are the changes that are within yourselves. We speak over and over 
  again that you are your primary tool to be working with. If you are 
  concerned with the environment and what is occurring, take care of 
  whatever you have, your amount of land. Wherever you are involved, 
  use your thoughts to create a harmony with Mother Nature. 
  What you must understand is a certain amount of disruption is 
  necessary in order for this shift of consciousness to occur. It 
  seems as if your planet is falling apart environmentally. It is, 
  from our perspective, a necessary path in order to move humanities 
  through their growth. If all were perfect on your planet, in other 
  words, if the environment was in ideal condition, it would not be 
  ripe for the shift in consciousness that will occur. A certain 
  amount of disruption or chaos is necessary to create new order. 
  Your earth is a sentient being. It is alive. It is conscious. Your 
  greatest step is to align yourself in communication and ask Mother 
  Earth to give you what you need and commit yourself to giving Mother 
  Earth what she needs. If you feel the need to be involved with 
  others to clean a stream or a lake, that is fine. But it is not for 
  you to go out and wave flags at others. The work that you do is work 
  within your minds. 
  You are mental beings, far more than that, you are spiritual beings. 
  You are thought manifestors. You can do much more with your thoughts 
  than you can by racing around from one committee to another pounding 
  the hammers and the nails. When you use the mind in meditation to 
  bring light to Mother Earth, you act as a bridge from the cosmos and 
  First Cause to earth and light is carried in. We say this to allow 
  you to rest easier about your environment. There are 
  extraterrestrial energies that have technologies that could clean 
  your environment up very quickly, within a few days or weeks. If, 
  however, this was done, what do you think would occur? Those who 
  have been destroying the planet would say "No problem we can keep 
  doing what we are doing, the world is fine." Then you will be back 
  in the same boat. Terra is working towards becoming the jewel within 
  your sector of the universe that it was originally designed to be. 
  The darkness is being thrown off. Terra is indeed moving towards 
  great enlightenment. There is a state of consciousness that needs to 
  be understood. You are all connected. You are all one. You cannot be 
  here without your earth sphere. Can you understand that? Can you 
  understand that the others need to learn this lesson? It will be 
  learned. The earth will heal itself. There will be changes, earth 
  changes. You had an experience of an earth change in your past 
  summer when you had the big fires throughout your United States. 
  That is a form of earth change. Your recent experience with the 
  forces of winds, the tornadoes, are forms of changes. As you see 
  these things occurring, rejoice because lives and consciousness are 
  effected. Each time something like this occurs, a new person steps 
  into a state of realization. It is Mother Earth cleansing and 
  healing herself. Do not worry, your world is not being destroyed. 
  There is great assistance hovering around your planet. Within 
  physical realms and nonphysical realms there are multitudes of 
  extraterrestrial beings throughout the solar system here to assist 
  in whatever needs to be done. Because you are a freewill universe, 
  we cannot interfere. We can assist . As you call for assistance we 
  will be giving it for those who wish to consciously evolve 
  themselves into a more dynamic, fulfilling experience. Questions? 

  QUESTION: I have a question concerning the painful things like 
  alcoholism and abuse that effect many children and many lives and 
  carry over into adulthood and effect relationships. I come from an 
  alcoholic family and I realize that I've chosen that. But the pain 
  and torment from that has created some very confusing choices that 
  I've made that were detrimental to my life. I'm trying to rid myself 
  of that pain, but it's hard for me to put myself in situations that 
  are good for me instead of being attracted to something that is 
  PLEIADIANS: All can learn from this story that is being shared, the 
  story about pain and confusion and anger and powerlessness and 
  recognizing that it is a choice of sorts. First of all, understand 
  that when you are in a state of confusion and you recognize that you 
  are in that state, congratulate yourselves. You are scrambling up 
  old behavior patterns and beliefs and you are disturbing old orders 
  and ways of being so that you can realign them. Do not feel you are 
  going nowhere when you are in a state of chaos and confusion. It is 
  a high state of being as long as you do not perpetually stay there. 
  You prevent yourself from perpetually staying there by honoring, 
  surrendering and acknowledging that you are working on something. 
  Selflove and trust is essential for personal growth. When one 
  creates a situation that seems to be less than ideal, when one has 
  parents who are not "Father Knows Best" types, it seems as if one 
  perhaps was gypped. But then, if one believes one creates one's own 
  reality and they choose their parents then you can get into a bit of 
  a muddle [about] why you choose a situation that is less than ideal. 
  One must ask what is it serving for me? In what way am I creating an 
  opportunity for my own growth? What are the challenges of the 
  parents? What is in this for me? As you judge any situation you keep 
  yourself there. Relinquishing the judgment of right or wrong allows 
  one to move through the experience and have compassion for one's own 
  Often you place yourselves in situations of difficulty so that you 
  can help others that are in greater difficulty. If you have a silver 
  spoon life, often it is more difficult for you to relate to the 
  other members of humanity. When you have come from an area of great 
  challenge and less than ideal situations and you are able to see 
  that you are a result of thought manifestation, it is quite simple 
  through great intent and desire to change whatever has been 
  occurring around you. Because you have finished with the lesson, you 
  see now that you needed to experience those parents and that they 
  needed to learn about their addictive behavior that keeps them 
  sequestered from life. It is a lesson for you as well as for the 
  world. Your families are your mirrors. You are all mirrors for one 
  another. Learn to accept this and surrender to the idea that it is 
  your play you are in. You are the primary actor, the primary writer 
  and director.  
  Allow yourselves to step outside of the scenario that you are 
  enacting and observe it and see what it is doing for you and then 
  rewrite it. Allow yourself not to annihilate that experience but to 
  build on it, add on to it. You get yourselves in big trouble when 
  you try to erase chunks of your lives. Integrate who you are and 
  make yourselves whole by adding new information, experience and 
  trusting that you are moving towards great opportunities of love, 
  self-love and growth, and that ideally you are working towards 
  service. Service is the ultimate healing of the self. When one is 
  involved in service, it seems as if one is assisting others. 
  When one is involved in service, one is involved with the ultimate 
  healing of one's own soul. One is liberated, connected with the 
  oneness of being. In order to move into service, you need to have a 
  file full of experience so that you can relate and carry out what is 
  necessary for you to [serve]. Any of you that are finding yourselves 
  in situations of pain, ask yourselves do you believe life is 
  painful? How much pain is necessary? Is it possible to live a life 
  without pain? Remember that you selected your parents because it was 
  in that nest that you could do your greatest growing and learning. 
  You did not take last choice, for there are no last choices. You are 
  born in the most ideal situation that there is. Your parents are 
  your guardians in the physical world. They structure your belief 
  system and they structure your thoughts. Life does not have to be 
  painful. Examine your basic feelings and beliefs. If you are finding 
  some of them are less than ideal, lay them to rest, discard them as 
  you would go through your closet and pick out the clothes that no 
  longer fit. It is what you all could be doing now with your 
  Those that no longer fit and aren't productive or enhance the world 
  as you need to experience it, discard them. In your mind's eye 
  create a mental visualization in meditation where you have a big 
  box. Inside of this box you place all of the things that you do not 
  need any longer, all of the old behavior patterns and teachings. 
  Mentally forgive your parents for their own ignorance. Forgive them 
  for what they did not know to teach you. Forgive yourself for 
  judging them for what you think they did not do for you. 
  You will see that you will move forward and you will repattern and 
  effect many others for your own personal growth. Remember again, you 
  are your primary tool. You are the lump of clay that you are 
  designing and working with. Keep that in mind. You are working with 
  yourself and not others. Others are a byproduct. Work with the self 
  and you will change the world. Love yourself and you will change the 
  world. Ask that you be shown the way. Call for guidance. Call for 
  assistance. Allow yourself to surrender to the highest good that 
  your self can manifest. And then release and forgive. 

  QUESTION: I feel that my whole being is getting ready to change, and 
  there is a big fear there of not knowing. I want to know. I am 
  praying for guidance. And the answer that I get now is "wait," and 
  "it's not time" and "patience." Instead of the patience building, 
  I'm reaching a point of impatience. 

  PLEIADIANS: That is because you are not trusting yourself. You are 
  afraid of what is Iying ahead of you. First of all, understand that 
  each of you live in your own world. You agree on a mass level that 
  there is one world, but you each form your own world of experience. 
  If you choose that world to be safe, it will indeed be safe. Within 
  that safety, fearful elements may brush up against you. But, if you 
  believe, that you are guided and you are blessed, and you intend 
  beyond all others that you have a safe world that is joyful, then 
  indeed it shall be. We are not talking about the world that anyone 
  else lives in but you. 
  When you learn to trust and to commit yourself to a world of safety 
  and beauty, then there is a certain patience that comes as you allow 
  that world to unfold in front of you. It is up to you to be patient 
  and love who you are and trust that the dark journeys that your soul 
  has chosen to take were all a part of experience which was needed so 
  that you would have a greater understanding of where others choose 
  to go. 
  You, yourself, can carry a light now, and lead them out. But first 
  you must realize what it is that you are and why you have gone 
  there. You would not understand if you did not have first hand 
  experience. Do not judge what you do and where you have been. Accept 
  your power. Accept who you are. Accept that you carry light for 
  yourselves, and then surrender to your role and be patient and allow 
  it to unfold. Time will accelerate quickly enough for you. Do not 
  rush it ahead. You have many years of work and play ahead, all of 
  you. It is what you are about. You are gathering now. You are 
  gathering your knowledge, your commitment. You are forming your 
  roles of leadership. There will be many pillars that will be needed 
  in the new society. Many who will be needed to stand strong and to 
  believe in themselves. We ask that you accept this responsibility, 
  all of you. 

  QUESTION: I feel that when one is involved in a search for self that 
  one is quite vulnerable, especially in the sleep state. I've 
  experienced what I felt was a very negative intrusion during this 
  sleep state. Is that possible? 

  PLEIADIANS: Your opening statement to us was, "I believe" or "I feel 
  one is vulnerable." That is your essence. That is what you are 
  putting power behind. That is what you are calling to manifest. A 
  demonstration in your belief in vulnerability. So, of course, you 
  would experience anything that would demonstrate that you can indeed 
  be vulnerable to unexpected intrusions. To takeovers. To whatever 
  goes along with being vulnerable. It is not in your greatest 
  opportunity for growth to believe in your vulnerability or that you 
  can be victimized. You will create for yourself demonstrations. It 
  is more ideal to utilize the thought man-ifestation to form the 
  world that says "I believe I am safe. I believe I am guided. I 
  believe I am blessed. I believe that I am divinely taught and 
  instructed within my dream state." Can you see the difference? 

  QUESTION: In choice of words. 

  PLEIADIANS: In choice of belief. You can choose those words and 
  believe still that you are vulnerable and try to convince yourself 
  that you are not vulnerable. You must search into your life to see 
  why you select the idea that you are vulnerable. Whenever one thinks 
  one is vulnerable, one can say, "but this happened to me to 
  demonstrate that I am indeed vulnerable." We are saying thought 
  comes first and experience is always secondary. It is never the 
  other way around. It is never that you have the experience and then 
  you base the thought around it. Always your experience is a direct 
  reflection of what you are thinking. This is why we are saying 
  monitor the thoughts, get to know the self. 
  Speak with others in a loving way. Speak out. "I believe" and "I 
  feel." When you speak in this fashion, you are coming to the core of 
  who you are. And when you come to this area you can see how you form 
  your experience by what you feel and what you think. If you are 
  finding areas that seem less than ideal, then attempt to change. If 
  you cannot change immediately then, for a few minutes each day you 
  institute the new feeling by adapting the idea that for five minutes 
  you will feel safe and guided. Then go back to feeling vulnerable 
  the rest of the time. If you do this a few times every day, you will 
  see that your thoughts make you feel one way or another. 

  QUESTION: Everything that you have said tonight seems to me to be 
  the basis of metaphysical teaching, the way I understand it.  
  PLEIADIANS: It is so. What we are saying to you, to your planet, is 
  that the information has been here for eons. It has been covered up 
  and kept from you, but it is basic free information. We are merely 
  here to remind you, prod you forward and to give you a direct 
  experience through contact to smooth out any areas where you may 
  have questions and allow you to propel forward. And, for our part, 
  to encourage you, and to send you love, so that you can know that 
  you are love. You are greatly regarded, and your planet is a 
  beautiful place of being. Be proud of who you are. We are coming 
  here out of choice. We are coming here because we cherish you. You 
  are multi-dimensional beings and you peek into many realities, all 
  of which are valid, and all of which are real. Awaken yourselves. It 
  has been our pleasure to speak with you, we send you our blessings. 
  Call on us when you need assistance. Create your own avenues of 
  expression, for you truly are on the journey of greatness. 

  4. What is going on? 

  We are here. It has come to our attention most recently that there 
  are questions [about] this speaking of extraterrestrials and other 
  beings through human vehicles. Many are in great question about 
  this. Many desire this for themselves. Many doubt the validity of 
  the happening. We would like to discuss this because what you are 
  preparing yourselves for is your own experiences along these lines. 
  This process is available to many. The broadcastings that are going 
  out from the areas outside of your planet, that are circling your 
  planet, that are being sent from various extraterrestrial energies, 
  are in the air. You, or any, can pick this up if you learn how to 
  tune in to vibrations that are looking for the transmitter. As you 
  act as [a] receiver to receive this vibration, you transmit this 
  energy to others. 
  There may seem to be in this phenomenon called channeling, a variety 
  of information, personalities, characters. This is as it should be 
  because humanities are all unique. They each have their own stamp of 
  identity, the song that their soul sings that brings them into 
  being. And so, each one that will tune in to these electromagnetic 
  wave lengths can interpret what they are hearing according to who 
  they are. Some may feel that they need to study and work very hard 
  before they are ready or in preparation for this. But another, who 
  lives quite simply and is totally unaware of any sort of New Age 
  happening can one day, simply by being themselves, by trusting, 
  living in the moment, believing in a world that is safe and 
  uplifting, stretch their consciousness and quite naturally tune in 
  to ideas and information that they know is coming from other 
  portions outside of themselves. 
  The individual, of course, affects to a certain extent, the type of 
  information that is perceived. You, yourselves, know that humanities 
  speak out their beliefs about themselves. [Beliefs] somewhat affect 
  this sort of communication [channeling], so there will always be a 
  certain bit of distortion. If we were speaking for ten of your years 
  and the vehicle was aligned, there would still be a distortion of 
  information because there would still be territory and experience 
  that would be beyond the vehicle's comprehension. You are third 
  dimensional beings, quite rooted in your ideas and your beliefs 
  about yourselves. You are attempting to change this idea but society 
  as a whole is quite convinced that you are all solid beings and the 
  world is a solid place. And so, what is occurring is that as you 
  grow, as you alter your perceptions of who you think you are, 
  [there] is always an expansion that lies further. 
  At present, your experiences are limited as to what you think can 
  be. When you learn to tune in to your own channelings, when you 
  learn to, if you so desire, speak of the vibrations that are within 
  the air, or to allow and invite groups of entities or your Higher 
  Selves to speak through you, you will have a greater perception of 
  the dualities that exist within third dimensional experience. As you 
  learn to give legitimacy to something that does not, cannot be 
  colored in this way, new questions will arise within yourselves. It 
  takes a while to get used to new experiences, and then one 
  acclimates and adjusts. However, even if you were to do this 
  continually, there is always an adjustment. There is always some new 
  perception of being that you will be attempting to fit into where 
  you presently are. 
  We share this with you so that you do not allow yourself to move 
  into great frustration with your experiences. Many of you are 
  anxious, many of you are excited. Many of you are concerned about 
  changes that are occurring within yourselves and on the planet as 
  well. It is important to place these anxieties and concerns in the 
  proper perspective. Allow yourselves to be. Do not continually 
  project yourself in anticipation of what lies ahead. Be in your 
  present moment of experience. That moment will unfold continuously 
  into future moments which will perhaps hold answers to your 
  questions from the present. You have heard us speak that there is a 
  great polarization that is taking place on your planet. The call has 
  gone out, and within the physical vehicles of many on your planet 
  there is a resonating, a precoded chord that has been struck within 
  the souls of certain members of mankind, and they are arising 
  themselves, stretching their being, looking around and waking 
  themselves up in great numbers. 
  There are those who are here to teach, who are here to help others 
  remember, and there are those who refuse, and who will become 
  hardened, and who will become quite rigid in their beliefs, in their 
  understandings. It is this polarization that is occurring at this 
  time. The world is not solid as your scientists claim it to be. No 
  more than you are solid beings. You must understand this on some 
  level. Learn to feel what we are saying, for that is indeed what 
  this is about, for you to feel what we are telling you, not for you 
  to think it out and to rationalize it, but to feel which world that 
  you are in. Feel how you move through a world that you create and 
  that dances for you, dances to the tune of your thoughts, dances to 
  the song of your being. For you are, as we always gently remind you, 
  a result of your thought manifestations. 
  This understanding, this knowledge, is growing very deeply within 
  you. We are asking you now, you who we cherish very dearly, to carry 
  within you this understanding. You are creating in each and every 
  moment a new world, because you yourselves know that a new world is 
  forming, and that you are bringing more and more members of humanity 
  onto this world. 
  That is a portion of what is going on. You each are great 
  participants, you each are great designers in this experience. You 
  each are learning how to become your own speaker of information, 
  your own channel of energy, your own light manifestation of being. 

  QUESTION: How can we clear our channels and reduce blockages in 
  order to be more in tune with the energy and help it come?  
  PLEIADIANS: We have always stated to you, quite clearly, that you do 
  your greatest work with yourself. You are your primary tool, and 
  your work is through your thoughts and your understanding of these 
  thoughts. We understand that that is a difficult concept for many. 
  You wish alternative tools to show yourselves that you are really 
  doing something, because you have difficulty in realizing that if 
  you think it, it is occurring. 
  If you wish to align your body and make it in preparation for this 
  change that is coming, you must work within your idea about 
  yourselves. That is most important. If we tell you to align your 
  thoughts and you do not believe that your thoughts do anything, or 
  that they can be that powerful, then you are not aligning 
  yourselves. You must come to the core of what your own ideas are 
  about yourselves. If you believe that it is important for you to 
  align yourselves with the proper food, then we would say to you 
  indeed, align yourselves with what you feel com-fortable with. 
  We have spoken of the animal consciousness, and how the food chain 
  from our perspective, has become distorted. The consciousness in 
  animals is not aligned with giving up their lives at this time to 
  keep you alive because you are not in reciprocity with the animals. 
  You are like master and slave with them. That is not the ideal 
  situation to be in and to still be eating the animals. Your bodies 
  are magnificent transmuters of energy and, ideally, you can 
  transmute any energy if you so believe. In addition, if you have 
  beliefs about the use of the body through activities of exercise, 
  and that you are not living up to this, then align yourself with 
  what is necessary. If you have ideas about your sexuality and the 
  expression of who you are, and you are not living up to this, then 
  place yourselves in alignment with this. We cannot give you a list 
  of do's and don'ts because you need to look to yourselves to see how 
  you judge yourselves and what limitations you place on yourselves. 
  Understand that the shape of the body, the health of the body, is 
  not necessarily limiting the spiritual development. One could be 
  ridden with disease and on the death bed and have the most enlight-
  ening feeling of existence. You may utilize your body and your 
  energies in whichever way suits you. We would say to you always, to 
  place yourself first in comfort with what you are eating and that 
  what you place into your body you ask that vibrations become 
  harmonious with your own vibrations and assist you in your own 
  health and growth. That in itself will save you a lot of difficulty. 
  Practically speaking, whatever you are discovering your feelings are 
  about your own personal development, we would recommend that at 
  least once a day for five minutes or so to see yourself involved in 
  receiving light. 
  You may see an individual, or an entity, present you with light in 
  your hands through a star, through a ball, through a beam, through a 
  cluster. Use your own creative abilities. Believe in them. Call this 
  energy to yourself and become the designer and the authority of your 
  own experience. A good time to do this is when you are driving your 
  cars. Your eyes do not have to be closed for these situations. Say, 
  "I am light. I am light. I welcome light into my life. I am allowing 
  myself to develop into a light experience of being." Anything that 
  you focus on and anything that you feel moved to express along this 
  line is correct for you. 
  It is your intention of experience that will create the experience. 
  It is your centeredness within the present, the nowness of your 
  being, that will always keep you moving towards this great call. 
  What we are saying is that you are all quite capable. With a bit of 
  guidance and understanding about the limitations that you have so 
  innocently placed around yourselves, as you learn to strip these 
  down, you will find that you will be changing quite miraculously. 

  QUESTION: I have a problem with the idea that our feelings are true 
  and we shouldn't trust our rational thought. I believe your feelings 
  can deceive you just as much as your rational discourse.  
  PLEIADIANS: This individual has said that he believes that your 
  feelings can be misleading. That is his belief. That is the belief 
  that he will always have to work with until he changes to a belief 
  that says, "my feelings guide me to wherever I need to be." It is 
  your choice whether you will trust these feelings, whether you will 
  question or mistrust them. Feelings, impulses, the imagination, are 
  all gifts. They are all a part of the builtin guidance system that 
  is a part of humanities. When you learn to develop belief systems 
  that are in accordance with these innate abilities they can steer 
  you in the direction of your greatest growth. What we are saying is 
  to tap into areas that are there to guide you. Discover what beliefs 
  you have about those areas that may perhaps limit the extent of 
  their assistance within your lives or that may disallow what they 
  can do for you. 
  Whenever you are in a state where you are suspicious of yourself, 
  you are in an area that needs examination. You are glorious, joyful 
  beings. If you align yourselves with proper beliefs about 
  yourselves, [you] will spontaneously grow and blossom. Listen to 
  yourselves when you speak. Understand that you are speaking the 
  parameters of your experience. You are saying to the world, "this is 
  how I structure myself. This is how I structure my experience. I do 
  not always trust my feelings." Then you will have to learn how to 
  live within that parameter. You will have to set up a device to 
  understand when to trust and when not to trust. Learn that the body 
  speaks to you and that you can, if you choose, learn to trust your 
  They will not signal you to do something inappropriate. You learn to 
  recognize how the feelings can mask certain territory of experience 
  you do not wish to look into. When one is afraid, when that is the 
  basic belief, that one has to watch out, the body will signal fear 
  when it is unnecessary. The body is responding to the mind which 
  expects fearful situations around every comer. And so the body is 
  continuously afraid of where it could be going and it is shutting 
  down, and it is sending off fear. But the fear is programmed by the 
  mind itself. This is why we say be very aware of your thought 
  processes and belief systems. Whatever you are believing is what you 
  are working on. 
  Attempt to step outside of your belief system and relinquish certain 
  amounts of control. Allow yourselves to realize that what you think 
  is your world. Do yourself a favor to expedite your development. 
  Create belief systems that you can comfortably live within that 
  enhance your experience and not limit it. You may create and develop 
  whatever belief system you like. We are merely saying to utilize the 
  tools that are innately yours to flower and grow. 

  QUESTION: Could you talk more about the process of implanting 
  knowledge in our beings?  
  PLEIADIANS: The knowledge that is being fed to you is not just the 
  words we have been speaking. Information travels on thought beams, 
  it travels on light beams. Thought and light are greatly 
  intertwined. They are one. Thought to you is a more complete and 
  familiar energy than is light. Light is more intellectual for you. 
  But that will be changing. The society that you are moving toward is 
  one of learning and power through thought. You came [to this class] 
  to exchange and surrender a certain set of beliefs and to make room 
  for new information that you could consider and then to pick up your 
  other beliefs and incorporate if you so choose, what it is that you 
  have heard. That is occurring on one level. On other levels of 
  experience, there is energy in the room. And it moves out and 
  connects with each and every one of you. 
  The energy is partly garnished and brought here by we Pleiadians, 
  but each of you bring a covey of guides with you, Higher Selves, and 
  each of you are surrounded by those who would assist you, by those 
  who would bring you to your greatest development. As we speak, those 
  that are around you and working with you teach you as well. They 
  take information that is nonverbal and implant it. They call it to 
  you and put it into your etheric field, your aura, your Higher Self, 
  your Universal Mind. It's there for you to sort out and discover 
  later. When you may be driving by yourself, walking in the fields, 
  fishing at a stream. or flying in the air, you catch a thought that 
  comes to you out of nowhere. 
  You are selecting and bringing to yourself the information that is 
  carried to you by those who surround you and who find you ripe for 
  connecting. If you wish to be riper and to have more intuitive 
  knowings and understandings, then open yourself to this experience. 
  By opening yourself to this experience, you may quite consciously 
  state your beliefs and your intents that you are now prepared to 
  receive and understand material and information about yourself, 
  about your existence, about your earth plane that was out of reach 
  prior to this time. As you begin to say this, that you are now ready 
  to receive this information, be prepared, for you will receive it 
  from many directions. 
  Books will be shoved into your hands. Dreams will take you around 
  the universe. Many will be coming to invite you places or to share 
  with you what they have found. Remember, we share with you a picture 
  of your reality so you can facilitate your experience here, so that 
  you can enjoy yourselves within these times, because these times are 
  going to be full of change. The world will be turned upside down to 
  a certain extent. All activities are probable and contingent upon 
  humanity's development. As each learns more, the world can be a more 
  harmonious place. Still, there is going to be a need to complete the 
  change. It is probable that you will see much collapse within the 
  system as you know it, because the system is corrupted. Think about 
  structures that exist on your planet. 
  They no longer hold up to the new belief systems that are bringing 
  in new energies. Do not be afraid of change. We are here to guide, 
  as many are here to guide, to allow you to feel comfortable, so that 
  you can understand the world in its transition, so that you can know 
  that you have chosen a place of being. Through your thoughts you 
  will select the experience that you desire. If you see certain 
  structures falling apart around you, you decide how you are going to 
  be affected by this. Understand when there is great turmoil and 
  collapse, there is a great need for restructuring, rebuilding. 
  This is what you are being prepared for. To rebuild with new values, 
  with new basic laws. You all are potential givers of new principles 
  of existence. As you learn to open yourself to this information 
  through the universal energies that are everywhere, and through your 
  belief that you can speak these energies, and that you are indeed 
  coming into your own glory, you will do this. You have taken on much 
  light to carry you through times that will be of great challenge and 
  upliftment. We welcome you to the cosmos and to the intimacy of your 
  being. We send you our love and our great blessings and our 

  5. The Search for Yourselves ____________________ 

  We are here. This evening we would be speaking about the ability to 
  unite and become whole with oneself and one's ideals. Many of you 
  are coming to a point of recognizing that there are many facets of 
  who you are and many different approaches to the expression of who 
  you are. What it is essential for you to do is unite that ideal self 
  with the self that considers itself whole on one hand and distorted 
  and disjointed on another. What you are attempting to do in your 
  reality, is to see how many facets of the self there indeed are, how 
  to move your experience from one aspect of your being to another, to 
  feel that you are indeed growing and accumulating an understanding 
  of your reality that up until this point in time was not supported, 
  was not recognized and basically was denied its existence. 
  What we are speaking of is how to keep the central channel open and 
  clear and whole and united and still at your own whim and your own 
  adventure and your own joy and understanding, move that channel to 
  other portions of experience and other realities where you can 
  gather information whether it comes from your so called past lives, 
  or a past history of the planet or the universe, or a future time. 
  Bear in mind that you are at a wonderful portion of your mind 
  because you have gathered certain information and you are now able 
  to put it to use. Please feel free to ask whatever you wish and we 
  will attempt to enlarge the perspective that you presently have 
  about your reality. 

  QUESTION: How can we get people to focus on the same types of 

  PLEIADIANS: Your greatest homework is done with the self and you do 
  not need to go out and wave the flags to the world. As you learn to 
  feel light within yourselves and to effect through your thoughts, 
  and have the love channeled into Mother Earth, and as you learn to 
  bless where you live and take care of your portion of Terra, then 
  you will affect others, for your vibration goes out and like 
  attracts like. You will draw to yourself who you need to assist you. 
  There is a fine line between being responsible for yourself and 
  moving out in a step of social consciousness, called service, into 
  the world. As you learn to have your own life work, and to manifest 
  quite easily what you are wanting, a natural portion of your 
  evolution would move you to a place where you would desire greater 
  experience. A portion of that greater experience is learned from 
  others, and so you move into a role, not where you are saving 
  others, but where you are enhancing your own work. 
  None need to be saved by you or anyone. Your primary work is with 
  the self. The self is the portion of your experience that you are 
  attempting to master. As you master who you are, you have tremendous 
  abilities to draw to yourself others who are doing the same thing. 
  You will join, and you will form new areas to learn about, and you 
  will uncover new portions of your power and experience. In this way, 
  the world will not be destroyed. The world will not be covered over 
  and ruined through pollution. You all think that [your world] is a 
  solid ball that sits there in space. From one perspective, it is 
  indeed true. But it is not the only, so called fact, about your 
  world. Your world has gone through much turmoil, much change. The 
  condition in the world at this time is a direct reflection of the 
  condition of the experiential soul entity of many of [the] 
  humanities on the planet. So as you have your great pockets of 
  beauty, you also have your great areas scarred with ugliness and 
  great difficulty. 
  Understand that this is not bad, so to speak. It is a learning 
  process that you are all on, and it is a great process indeed. The 
  further you remove yourself from judgment and can accept the scarred 
  and marred portions of your world as portions of energy learning, 
  the greater you can heal that. The more you resist, the more you 
  wish to have control and change, the more you are living out your 
  own beliefs and the more you are limiting your own experience. 
  Experience is to allow, and to joyfully create and not condemn 
  another because they do not think or feel the way that you do. 

  QUESTION: What challenge might you give to trigger our unfolding? 

  PLEIADIANS: To keep this general and have all maintaining their own 
  interest, there are two things. The challenge is to maintain joy. 
  You all know that is a challenge indeed, for you all have your moods 
  and your fluctuations. The challenge is to maintain joy and to 
  vibrate and resonate completely in the time that you are finding 
  yourself, where your experience lies. The trick is to have that 
  knowing always in your moments, for who you are comes out of that 
  moment. We have a great empathy for you. We see where you, as 
  humanities, have come from. We see the challenges that face you, the 
  society that imprisons you, that would control and mold you to be 
  less than you are capable of being. 

  QUESTION: Supposedly we knew that it was going to be a challenge. 

  PLEIADIANS: Indeed, and you also asked for assistance. You also came 
  in vast numbers at this particular time [which was] designed by you 
  all so that you would take the ultimate challenge. You knew that 
  there would be great assistance. But you all had to rise to the 
  challenge of recognizing that assistance that will be coming to you 
  from all the teachings that are available now. And, not only to 
  recognize it, but to put it to use and not deny the great teaching 
  that you, yourselves, have set up for yourselves, so that you, 
  yourselves, can move beyond who you are. 

  It is complicated. It is quite simple. It is why we are saying to 
  maintain your joy. That is not, at your stage of development, an 
  easy thing to do. You all understand the power of the telepathic 
  thought. You all understand that telepathy is continuously going out 
  in your society and in your world. Have you noticed how more 
  uncomfortable it is for you in the last, perhaps six months to a 
  year, to be in large crowds of people unless it is a very selected, 
  controlled group of like mind? If you are going to hear a certain 
  someone speak and you all admire this person, you all have a certain 
  thread in common. If you go into large cities and walk down the 
  streets or go to football games or wherever mass humanities can be 
  sending out massive amounts of telepathic thought, and you do not 
  vibrate with this, it is very difficult for the receiving vehicle to 
  handle all this chatter that it does not agree with. 
  This is why we are saying, it is difficult for you. This is from our 
  point of view now, it is a concession that we are making so that you 
  see what you are working with. It is difficult for you to maintain 
  this joy in the moment. It is easier to maintain the focus in the 
  moment than it is the joy. At this time in your development, you 
  have not learned how to shield and rechannel all of this data that 
  floats around. To a large extent, you set yourselves up to be 
  affected by many around you. It would behoove you all to place 
  yourself in a shield so that you do not randomly pick up information 
  that you do not need. You all think that germs fly in the air and 
  that you could pick them up and catch sicknesses. 
  If you are going to worry about something, [it should be] the 
  thoughts that are flying through the air that you are calling to 
  yourselves, that you are supporting yourselves with and allowing 
  yourselves to be affected by. It would stand you all in good service 
  if you saw yourselves more as a solid flame of being and that the 
  thoughts that came to you that were of your same nature resonated 
  with the flame and those that were not, would dissolve. In that way 
  you can maintain an image of yourselves as being a carrier of light 
  into areas perhaps where light is not so common. 

  QUESTION: How can we shield ourselves from negativity?  
  PLEIADIANS: It is how you think of yourself. It is being in that 
  moment aware of what goes on around you, even if you are not aware 
  of it. Believe that those thoughts are there. Make it a portion of 
  your living experience that you understand thoughts are around you 
  everywhere and that you, yourself, are the center of your being. It 
  is remembering this, it is carrying your power, it is carrying your 
  light flame of being into all situations and not keeping it like a 
  flashlight and turning it on and off whenever you need it. 
  Some of you come to your gatherings or you set yourself up for 
  meditation and you turn your light on. You know that you are a light 
  being. Then you go off into the world and you shut it off. It does 
  not do you the best of service to yourself and your personal 
  development. Remember who you are. You are all portions of beings 
  who are striving in a most glorious way to become more. As you 
  remember that and as you remember that there are those who would 
  assist you as your guardian, guides, advisors, as you learn to 
  recognize who you are and what path you are headed on, you can carry 
  this out to the fullest expression of joy. You would be astounded at 
  what would start happening to you. 
  Remember that you are this light being, this light entity and you 
  will carry a steadfastness of power and beauty to wherever you are 
  going and you will not have to feel or be affected by the vibrations 
  of others. You will carry the vibration and you do not know what 
  energy you pass from you and affect others who perhaps are in great 
  need of love or recognition. There are numbers on your planet who 
  have been highly evolved beings and it was in a state of grace to be 
  in their presence. This is what you are learning. This is what you 
  need to recognize. [Do] not advertise by word of mouth. Live by aura 
  of being. It is a high state. 

  QUESTION: I deeply desire to know myself and I believe in joy. I ask 
  for your assistance. 

  PLEIADIANS: What is it that you think we can do? If you are in joy, 
  you are in power. Do not give your power away. As you learn to 
  resonate with greater joy, and as you learn to see that joy is 
  bursting forth everywhere within the world, your lives would change. 

  QUESTION: What about the fear of power and the fear of failure? 

  PLEIADIANS: There are a number of issues one deals with when one 
  deals with fear of power. If one fears power and is not ready for 
  it, perhaps one has misused power, or perhaps one has been told 
  tales of power and is afraid of one's own power. Or, perhaps you 
  have created situations where power does not seem like so much fun 
  because you have a distorted belief about power. When we speak of 
  power, we talk about no power that is over another. We talk about 
  awakening a power within each and every human being and that power 
  stays there inside the being and that power is a belief that one 
  has, a resource that is extremely valuable, that one values beyond 
  all else. 
  that power one taps into because that power keeps you alive. It 
  keeps your experience joyful, creative and of great variety. If you 
  are afraid of your own power, then essentially you are afraid of 
  your self. If you find that you are having confusing beliefs about 
  your power and your selves, it would behoove you all on a daily 
  basis, a few times a day to close your eyes and to say to yourself, 
  "I am who I am." Develop a love for yourself, and get in touch with 
  what and who this being is. As you learn to love the entity that you 
  are, you will develop a love for the power that you have. 
  That power will allow you to move through your life with happiness 
  and harmony. We are not speaking of a power over others at all for 
  each is in charge of yourselves. When you are fearing power, often 
  it is because of how you have used that power over others. The truly 
  powerful being is one who manifests in the highest form of joy and 
  experience, and maintains great harmony in their daily life. That is 

  QUESTION: How does one relinquish judgment? 

  PLEIADIANS: One looks at one's own life and becomes tired of being 
  judged. If you are judging others, you and your life are being 
  judged. If you are passing judgment on others, as far as what they 
  would be doing, whether it be right or wrong, others would do the 
  same to you in your own life. It would be your mirror experience. It 
  is easy not to judge. You simply stop it. You simply cut it off in 
  mid sentence and say,"what am I missing by judging?" When you judge, 
  you miss the larger story and you cut yourself off from information. 
  Being that you are information gathering entities you are doing 
  yourself a great disservice.  

  QUESTION: How can we get ourselves in closer contact and 
  communication with our dream state? 

  PLEIADIANS: Number one, you must desire it, and number two, you must 
  make a great effort on your part to actively participate within it. 
  Now when we say a great effort, this is not like you have to move 
  mountains of dirt with your hands or to carry great loads of 
  boulders. It is not that sort of work. It is a great commitment on 
  your part to acknowledge first of all that there is a viable 
  reality, one of many that transpires within your dream state. First 
  Cause, to a large extent, is an idea. First Cause dreamed creation 
  into being. It is a powerful portion of your source, this dreaming 
  state. It is a tool available for you. There is a wall between the 
  waking world experience and the dream world experience. 
  The greatest facilitator that you have for reaching that wall and 
  making a bridge over it or a hole through it, is to correspond quite 
  literally either by speaking of it or writing of it. You are 
  creating a validity to it and capturing a reality, pulling it from 
  one reality to another. As you learn to pull one reality to another, 
  you will create a merging of realities so that there will be a you 
  who will eventually wonder which world you are in. Some of you have 
  had this experience where you know that the dream world is quite 
  valid, and you are not sure if you are dreaming or if you are awake. 
  And some of you have carried this into the waking world. That is 
  power. It is not confusion. That is the understanding of the ability 
  to manipulate form through thought. You all know that in the dream 
  world, the basic law is instantaneous manipulation of matter through 
  thought. If you wish to explore that territory and become adept in 
  it, then we suggest you begin to change your dreams. Begin to change 
  the experience that you are having while you are having it. Bring a 
  manifestation in the middle of a dream. Manifest a ship and go for a 
  ride in your dreams. See where it is that you end up. 

  QUESTION: How can one tell the difference between when you are 
  creating your own problems versus a situation when something is 
  beyond our control of being able to change it? 
  PLEIADIANS: It is never beyond your control. If something seems like 
  it is beyond your control and that you are swept up in a whirlwind, 
  relax and flow with it and get out as soon as you can. Do not fight 
  what you do not want to be in. If you find that you are caught up in 
  this sort of energy that would carry you around, that would seem as 
  if you were helpless, relax and flow with it, and create within your 
  mind that this is not for me and I journey off this wagon as soon as 
  it slows down. You all forget that you can create whatever you want. 
  You can send out the message that you are ready for new experience. 
  You think you are alone. You all are surrounded by much energy. 
  There are many who would come to your assistance. If you are feeling 

  The Search for Yourselves  28 - Pleiadians 

  you are in lack of information, or lack of resources, or whatever, 
  set about a program to bring them to you. As you align yourself with 
  light and the greatest fulfillment of your being, you cannot help 
  but draw that to yourself. It is your own negative thought that 
  sabotages self, and keeps you away from the greatest experience. It 
  is your challenge to create a balance within your life. In order to 
  move into the area of personal development that lies ahead for you, 
  be very aware of your hopes. The joy that balance can bring will 
  open doorways where now you see a wall. There have been doorways 
  that have been opened for you in your most recent times that you did 
  not expect even to be there. You are making the foundations for 
  yourself. You are building new parameters. So when it seems as if 
  there are no doorways, no new expressions of being, no 
  opportunities, allow yourself to move in balance and to keep the 
  self very centered and to know that doorways [will open] through 
  your patience. Acknowledge that you are love, that you are light, 
  and that you are on a great journey even if sometimes you cannot 
  recognize [it]. You are indeed great travelers. We honor you and 
  give you our blessings. 

  6. Language of Light Geometry ____________________ 

  We are here. We would like to discuss with you the language of light 
  and the geometric form and how they dance around you continuously. 
  We would like also to tie this into your dream state. We would like 
  to also speak about the unseen energy that is around you, that makes 
  up a gridwork of your being. If you know a little bit more about it, 
  it [will] allow you to create and to bring into your sphere of 
  activity, that which you are wanting. Much is going on continuously 
  around you that you cannot see. There has been an acceleration of 
  what are called avatars-masters, energy beings that have infused 
  your system. They are permeating your world, assisting the raising 
  of consciousness. When we speak that the avatars and masters have 
  permeated the gridwork of the world, they bring with them their own 
  tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on your planet 
  are artifacts that are not of your dimension. They are symbolic 
  forms, but, literally, they have a life of their own and they make 
  up what is known as the language of light. You are implanted with a 
  structure, a geometric form, and that geometric form triggers 
  certain information within you. It is a way of receiving information 
  and energy that will facilitate your development. It is learning 
  without thinking that you have to do it all through books, or 
  thinking that you have to do it all through the intellect. It is 
  opening to the belief that there is indeed an immense 

  Language of Light Geometry - 29 - Pleiadians 

  hierarchy. Immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working 
  with the dear humanities since the very beginning. This hierarchy 
  works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see 
  through the time mechanisms that are keyed throughout your planet. 
  They have been able to read that the consciousness is ready for the 
  evolutionary leap. The next step in the evolutionary leap as you, 
  yourselves, are all mutating, is to literally implant you with a 
  geometric form. You are mutating to such an extent that literally it 
  is a process unfolding within you that will allow you to move into 
  another realm of experi-ence. Each humanity on the planet has the 
  potentiality to move through this mutation. Many will stop the 
  process because many do not have the desire to align themselves with 
  higher consciousness. When you are aware of a Divine Consciousness 
  that seeds your planet, an intellect that is so vast, that is 
  loving, that works with you, and when you call to be a portion of 
  [that consciousness], that is when you bring to yourself an 
  implanting of the geometric form. The forms that are implanted come 
  in a variety of shapes. 
  There is the use of the geometric form of pyramid structure. Why is 
  the pyramid so important? We will tell you that on your planet, and 
  throughout the cosmos, the pyramid structure is utilized to 
  represent a great unity of consciousness. It is the structure that 
  is most difficult to create in all of its many facets, and yet it is 
  a structure of perfection. It is a structure of using energy and 
  sending it outward. The structure of the sphere will also be used to 
  be implanted inside of you. The structure of the spiral. The spiral 
  is very dear to many of you. Many of you have sojourned within 
  cultures and societies where the spiral was utilized to communicate 
  many ideas. There will be the structure of the parallel lines. There 
  will be the structure of the cube. And, of course, the structure for 
  those who know of the merkabah vehicle. That is the five sided 

  QUESTION: Could you talk more about the five sided figure you just 
  PLEIADIANS: The five sided figure represents the figure of man. It 
  represents man in his most unlimited state. Man totally free. It is 
  man in his design without any limitations. It is man being able to 
  fly, which is something that a large majority of you do not think 
  you can do. Yet that is an implant that comes after a while when one 
  truly commits themselves to what was formerly possible. The implant, 
  the geometric form, that is going to be implanted inside of your 
  being is going to depend first of all on your request for alignment, 
  your request and your belief that these entities are working with 
  you and that they choose to be available to you if you choose to be 
  available for them to work with you. As you begin to unfold and to 
  allow what are called miracles, what are called magnificent events 
  to manifest in your life, they will begin. Many of you will start 
  with the implant of the circle because it represents the godform, 
  the unity, the completeness. Some of you will select to have the 
  pyramid structure implanted within you. That will be your greatest 
  energy because you have aligned yourself for that structure on your 
  planet. Some of you have had many many lifetimes with that pyramid. 
  Not particularly the pyramid at Giza, the pyramids all over the 
  planet, discovered and still undiscovered. 

  Language of Light Geometry - 30 - Pleiadians 

  You think in your world that your geography is known. It is not. 
  There are many things that are still undiscovered because they are 
  slipping from one reality to another. Deep within jungles there are 
  many pyramids that are Iying buried beneath mounds of earth. There 
  are still many wonders to uncover. Back to this five sided 
  structure. Those of you who are willing to take the physical body 
  and believe that there truly are no limitations, and to take this 
  body and move yourself off the planet with it while still living on 
  the planet, that is the kind of desire it will take to be implanted 
  with this merkabah. Some of you have attempted to travel with it. 
  Some of you know how it can be used in your being. But when you 
  truly call it to yourself and you are willing to get the feeling of 
  what that truly means, to be unlimited consciousness that will 
  travel with the body without body, that is when that implanting will 
  come. It is not the highest implanting. There are no highest or 
  lowest implantings. It is implanting that comes when it will best 
  suit your personal development at the time. Once you have become 
  implanted, there will be now, an unending process of new forms that 
  will come into your being. 

  QUESTION: Do we pick our own implant?  
  PLEIADIANS: No, you do not choose the form that will be implanted 
  for you. But you, yourself, choose the life that you have. You 
  choose what is important to you each day. What was important to you 
  two years ago is not what is important to you today. Two years ago, 
  the way you carried your life would determine what energy would be 
  best suited to facilitate your development at that time. It is a 
  marriage of energies. Once you have become implanted in the 
  beginning, once you align yourself with this highest creator, with 
  this consciousness, then a form is placed inside of you. It is a 
  geometric light form. That form resonates within you. When that form 
  has been placed inside of your being, it facilitates a coming of 
  knowledge to yourself. Once that energy from that form is 
  assimilated, then you move, because your beliefs will change, your 
  alignment will change, you will evolve in your thinking, in your 
  being, in your consciousness, and you will be ready to have another 
  light form placed inside of you. Eventually you will all hold the 
  alphabet of light inside of.your beings. This alphabet of light will 
  teach you. How many of you have dreamt of geometric forms? That is 
  an indication that the forms are working with you. 
  If you wish to know what you have been implanted with, begin to see 
  which forms continuously come first or that are larger than the 
  others. Some of you will have cylinder shapes, the parallel lines, 
  the spirals, the spheres, the cubes, the pyramids, the merkabah. 
  There are many that do not even have names. The shapes that you will 
  recognize will number a certain amount and then afterwards they will 
  take new forms and new shapes that your consciousness cannot 
  translate. Eventually, you have heard of what is called the one 
  hundred and forty-four? [They] represent those that are of the 
  spiritual hierarchy that are infused in the gridwork of your planet 
  at this time. There has been an entry point as if a great gathering 
  is taking 

  Language of Light Geometry - 31 - Pleiadians 

  place. You will notice as this year progresses, that there will be 
  very very large unfoldings of consciousness. What does this have to 
  do with the language of light? 

  QUESTION: Are the geometric forms sealed into the grid pattern? 
  PLEIADIANS: Yes, each one, each master, has its own seal, if you 
  wish to use that term, that would represent one portion of the 
  language of light. So you have one-hundred-and-forty-four thousand 
  seals of energy that will be infused within your being. You may 
  think how could we live that long to have all that occur? You will 
  start by working with twelve forms, because twelve forms are 
  basically the forms that the body will be able to hold. Much later, 
  once the transformation has occurred, there will be a movement and 
  there will be an infusion of the entire one-hundred-and-forty four-
  thousand symbolic language structures that will pass through your 
  being. That will be an unfoldment that cannot even be explained in 
  your lifetime because it is something that you cannot consciously 
  make room for.  

  QUESTION: How does this tie in with the gridwork that is also 
  expanding around the planet?  
  PLEIADIANS: Each sacred site on the planet holds a mechanism that 
  measures time, and it measures consciousness of those within 
  vicinity of this structure. They are there to monitor the 
  consciousness of mankind. When you go to one of these sacred sites, 
  knowing that you are aligning yourself with it, you trigger 
  something within yourself, and you trigger something within the 
  mechanism. Who planted these mechanisms? The great biogeneticists 
  that are in charge of this experiment on your earth sphere, Terra. 
  They have been nurturing you, allowing you to blossom, to grow to 
  your fullest potential before any changes are brought to being. You 
  must, as a species, be prepared [mentally and physically] to make 
  this great change. If those that watched you were not completely 
  careful, and if they were operating with anything less than love, 
  and if the dial was turned up too quickly, your complete structure 
  of body would not be able to handle the leap in dimensional 
  experience. You are not prepared to have things sped up so quickly 
  at this time. You are all feeling the acceleration of yourselves and 
  you are getting as much as you possibly can at this time. If you 
  wish to hold more within your being, then we will teach you with the 
  language of light how to do it, how to keep your gridwork expanded. 
  Your physical vehicles are not in preparation to have you be able to 
  realize how many channels you are tuned into simultaneously. That is 
  what the preparation is. That is why we play games with you. That is 
  why we have you on energy exercises. That is why we ask you to 
  become clear. The things we are teaching you are preparing you to 
  see how multi-dimensional you are in each moment so that when you 
  are able to tune in to the variety of stations that are your self, 
  the variety of experiences, you will do it with joy, safety and 
  sanity. This is serious business. That is why your planet must be 
  dealt with love. That is why the great lords of light, the 
  biogeneticists who have designed you and who are now planning your 
  next leap, are working with love, gently, slowly, in the dream 
  state, in a state such 

  Language of Light Geometry - 32 - Pleiadians 

  as this, so that you can unfold in an easy fashion without fear of 
  burning out who you are. Some of you have burned out in other 
  lifetimes. That burning out came from rushing too quickly, from not 
  having the consciousness expanded in such a fashion that would allow 
  the great energy to come in. Intentions must be of the most highest 
  form in the greatest upliftment. What that means is you allow love 
  to come into your being and all that you do is moved with love. 

  QUESTION: What place do the Native American teachings have?  
  PLEIADIANS: The Native Americans were seeded and taught by the star 
  entities. They were brought to earth by those from the stars. They 
  were seeded civilizations. They were taught how to live. They were 
  taught how to harmonize. The Native Americans represent a starseeded 
  civilization which loved the earth, that implanted the earth with 
  great energy. The earth is what makes your experience possible. You 
  could not be here if it were not for the earth. You do not yet love 
  the earth enough and acknowledge it enough. By awakening the Native 
  American teachings, you come to the realization that the earth is 
  not something simply that you build upon and walk upon and drive 
  upon and take for granted. It is a living entity. It has 
  consciousness. It is that you need to tap into the consciousness 
  communication of earth. The Native Americans will awaken all that 
  has been stored within you and has been taught over and over again, 
  because you all have sojourned within those cultures. You will come 
  to remember and come to cherish that which allows you to be here. 
  You will marry it with your ancient heritage from the stars and 
  unite the earth and the cosmos. You will unite it in your physical 
  being and you will carry the consciousness of God. Through that you 
  will birth a new sphere of being, new man and new earth. Native 
  Americans are very tuned in to the variety of species of 
  consciousness. The combination of types of man animal man, insect 
  man, bird man, all of these forms that have a reality. If you do not 
  see them walking down the street, you do not think they exist. They 
  exist in parallel realities and worlds all around you. This is what 
  you are going to find. This is why we said a long time ago, don't 
  think that you are losing your marbles some days. You will be 
  perceiving things. They are legitimate. They are real. It is what 
  the Native Americans will help you to understand. 

  QUESTION: Can I learn to fly?  
  PLEIADIANS: Your reality is determined by that which you have 
  subjected yourself to. Being that you have all grown up in a 
  basically unknown paradigm that does not support getting out of body 
  and does not support interdimensional travel, it is not the easiest 
  thing to begin it when you are getting the idea within your head. If 
  you are desiring to learn how to fly and how to change forms, then 
  you get it very clear inside of yourself that that is what you are 
  wanting. It is a phase of your development that you intend more than 
  any other to move into and you will draw to yourself a teacher. When 
  you think of what you want and intend that this is the next step of 
  your development, something will come in to teach you. 

  Language of Light Geometry - 33 - Pleiadians 

  You literally create it and bring it into your world. The teaching 
  of flying has to do with the alteration of consciousness and what 
  you think the physical body can do. When you fly, a portion of your 
  consciousness moves into another dimension of experience. You feel 
  yourself flying, you see yourself flying, you travel, and then you 
  land in a new place, and the body is dematerialized and brought 
  forward with you. You are going to find that some of the Native 
  American teachers that are going to surface on your planet are going 
  to teach you how to fly. It will be an added bonus to your talents 
  in the years ahead. This truly will be. 

  QUESTION: How can we expect to have relationships, either starting 
  or continuing, if they are changing on a day-to-day basis, or our 
  perceptions are changing, our needs, our wants are constantly 
  PLEIADIANS: You are going to have to look very closely inside of 
  yourself to see what kind of relationships whether they are intimate 
  relationships, or general relationships you are going to feel 
  comfortable adding to your life, knowing who you are becoming. How 
  important is it going to be for each and every one of you to have 
  your partners doing the same thing? How important is support? How 
  much support are you willing to give another? In what way will your 
  partners mirror who you are? You are also going to move into a new 
  aspect of what it is to be in relationship. You are going to see 
  that relationship [does not mean] ownership. It is allowing. It is 
  respecting. It is being there for another to facilitate their 
  journey. You will re-evaluate what relationships will be many times. 
  There will be very intensely bonded relationships in the unnamed 
  decade. Those couplings that come together in the time of great 
  expansion in this nineteen-nineties will be very joyous. There will 
  not be so many shiftings around of staying for short periods of time 
  and then going off to someone else. There will be a great revelation 
  and recognition of who another person is. You will come together in 
  that fashion. 
  You will find that many that you were attracted to years ago you 
  would never be attracted to now, because you can see. That seeing 
  will become more and more clear. You find that those experiments 
  that took away from your upliftment, that you were needing to 
  sojourn within, you do not need to sojourn within now. You will move 
  with life and love and joy, and you will not feel lonely that you 
  are not in a relationship because your life will be full. When the 
  proper relationship comes, you will recognize it. You will be able 
  to see who that person is. You do not have time now for nonsense. 
  You are finished with that. You are clear. You are clean, becoming 
  what is called a spiritual warrior. You are activating a very high 
  energy within yourself, an energy that will bring you more joy and 
  satisfaction than you have ever dreamt possible. You are aligning 
  yourself with a purpose and a great creative impetus that brings all 
  this to being. Each of you know deep inside of yourselves that you 
  are not going to miss out on that information for anything. So 
  relax. You will get it all and more. We will be speaking with you 
  again. Our advice, if you wish to take it, is to build the road that 
  is easy to walk upon and to have an intention of uplifting journeys. 

  Language of Light Geometry - 34 - Pleiadians 

  7. Breaking Patterns ____________________ 

  We would like to speak about freedom, and what you think the flight 
  to freedom involves. There is going to be a spiritual revolution. 
  The United States is going to show what freedom truly means. It 
  means to be a thought manifestor, one who understands how to make 
  reality move. That is what you are lining yourselves up for. Those 
  of you who think that you are free are stuck in limitations. You are 
  keeping the boundaries too close to your being. You are very far 
  from free. Freedom has no limitations. Freedom always has somewhere 
  else to go. When you argue for your freedom, and say you are free, 
  you are the farthest from it. Because freedom knows no bounds. There 
  is always more to go. That is the flight into freedom. 
  QUESTION: How do you relate surrendering your will to be one with 
  the creative life force and working that along with manifesting, or 
  PLEIADIANS: When you talk about surrendering your will, you must 
  remember, and we remind all of you of this, First Cause, Prime 
  Creator, God, is within all things. You are operating with the will 
  of First Cause. First Cause does not judge. First Cause allows the 
  journey to be explored. It is up to the individual consciousness to 
  move through experience in order to determine what would be the 
  greatest alignment of energy to facilitate growth. You are 
  insinuating that one could err. That one could be bad. That one 
  could go against the will of God. What we are saying is even those 
  that, according to your judgments, go against the will of God have 
  God within them. You all think if something is uplifting it must be 
  right and if it is not uplifting it must be wrong. Each of you has 
  sojourned into many experiences that have not been so cozy and 
  comfortable. Each of you in those situations learns something 
  fantastic, learns something that stays with you, that allows you to 
  build a whole new avenue of your consciousness upon it because you 
  did something that was not so good. Move out of judgment. Move into 
  the freedom of self in the moment. Do not define any limitations as 
  to what you think you can or cannot do. For your greatest growth, 
  work with the love of yourself in your heart, honoring yourself, 
  feeling this magnificent energy of self. 
  QUESTION: Is fear a boundary?  
  PLEIADIANS: Fear is a boundary yes. Fear is one of the oldest 
  companions that you will have to walk with, because fear is a 
  boundary that you rationalize. You have a good reason for it, so you 

  Breaking Patterns - 35 - Pleiadians 

  think. And so you create a solid brick wall with fear. Each one of 
  you, in the course of your journeys, will have to dissolve your 
  fears, whether they are fears of very known things or fears of 
  unknown things. We had someone come to us today, and she told us 
  about a dream that she had, and we explained to her what happened. 
  In her dream she became insistent upon going into an area where she 
  did not understand the rules of the game. She was not prepared to 
  conquer the darkness that she saw. Her fear served her well when it 
  came up because it pulled her astral body back out of the 
  environment. She was a bit too cocky because she was being trained 
  and thought that she could go all these places and be a thought 
  manifestor in every reality. She was shown the awesomeness of 
  realities. She is humbled a bit now because she realizes that even 
  though she is a magnificent thought manifestor, in her dream world 
  there are still areas of going that even put the fear inside of her. 
  She understood that she would have to face that fear, but it would 
  take strength for her to go into Lit] at sometime and dissolve it. 
  When she did not have that strength, that fear came at her and it 
  ruled her world. It ruled her world so much in the astral that her 
  physical body was effected. She could not align her astral with her 
  physical and she struggled to get back in. She was frightened, 
  shaken to the core of her being. 

  QUESTION: With this freedom, she found new limitations?  
  PLEIADIANS: For the moment. We said she went into this with a cocky 
  attitude, thinking that she understood everything. This is an 
  example of one who thinks they know all. The next time she goes into 
  that reality, we'll bet you that she will be able to move through it 
  and nothing will harm her. Fear, in that incident, served her very 
  well. It let her know her soul was in danger. That is what fear is 
  for. To let you know that your life is at stake. To pull back. That 
  is the purpose of having fear within your body. So that you know 
  that you must regroup and rearrange your movement forward. Fear is a 
  signal that says, "look out." But you all misuse fear. You all have 
  called things fearful simply because you are lazy. Simply because 
  you are lacking in courage. 

  QUESTION: Is freedom an awareness that we move into or is it just 
  realizing that we are always getting closer to new possibilities? 
  PLEIADIANS: On your planet, freedom will always be getting closer to 
  new possibilities. Your United States was formed with a spiritual 
  intention. It was formed by great masters who came into the body. It 
  was formed by those that were born in humble places and some that 
  were born in high places and incarnated in the form of man to carry 
  a certain vibration into a land that later on would be known to be 
  the leader of this movement. That time has returned. Many of your 
  spiritual leaders are once again incarnated in different forms. And 
  they are coming together. There is awakening, within your government 
  as well. Many wish to see this freedom brought closer now to the 
  hearts of man. And they will be rallying in this country about what 
  freedom is. There is truly no suppressing it. There is no way that 
  this is 

  Breaking Patterns - 36 - Pleiadians 

  going to be stopped. It is out of the hands of man. We have said to 
  you that you are beloved creatures upon your planet. Some of you 
  selected to sojourn in times of great difficulty and that is your 
  choice. So, if you selected to sojourn in times of joy, that we 
  applaud. But you all have incarnated many times in this plane. And 
  every time between your incarnations you have clamored and asked for 
  assistance over and over again. And you have insisted that your 
  consciousness is ready for the time. 
  QUESTION: We were stretching our boundaries a little.  
  PLEIADIANS: Yes you were. When you are not in body, you stretch 
  yourselves beautifully. Now that energy has been asked to come and 
  design the time, and this is the time. And so it is designed and 
  called for by you. Those creator gods work with you in symbiotic 
  relationships to alter, from the very depths of your being, that 
  which you are capable of. You think that it is going to be so much 
  work. It is not. You are being altered. All you need to do is to 
  respond in the very simple fashion that we speak of to the 
  alteration that is being transplanted inside of you. You merely need 
  to push the activation button. 
  QUESTION: We find it difficult to manifest because we'd like to 
  believe in something other than what we perceive as true right then 
  and there. Like the Chinese struggle to manifest freedom, because 
  they don't perceive in that moment that they have it. Is that the 
  reason that I find it difficult to believe that I could manifest 
  unlimited freedom to move in my consciousness, because I experience 
  it as being so locked down, so shut down, that it doesn't seem to 
  make sense? 
  PLEIADIANS: The possibilities of all that you are desiring are 
  inside of you. Until you convince yourselves of that and you let go 
  of the boundary of what is possible, you will keep yourself from 
  discovering that. Remember the Chinese. Remember what possibilities 
  they are after that some of them think are completely beyond their 
  grasp. And you take them for granted. Freedom to walk into a nice 
  place to live. The freedom to buy clothes. Freedom to buy something 
  to eat. Freedom to walk down the street unharmed. The freedom to be 
  recognized, to acknowledge what you think, and not have anyone lock 
  you up for it. These are old freedoms that you fought for that 
  others are awakening to now. You must get into the idea of how, at 
  one time, these things were impossible for some humanities. And are 
  still impossible for some humanities. You must take your perspective 
  and feel the compassion for them and send the idea that it is not 
  impossible. Look at what you think is impossible. Come into a moment 
  of recognition, a moment of knowing that is brilliant, a flash of 
  understanding, "Goodness, I am thinking that that is impossible. 
  That is not very wise of me is it? I am setting a boundary." It is 
  merely a pattern of thought that you argue for.  

  QUESTION: To break that pattern do we have to believe, first of all, 
  that we can break that and intend that to happen, and believe that 
  we deserve to have whatever we are reaching for?  
  PLEIADIANS: It is always deserving a possibility. Is it possible? 
  Yes it may be possible. Do I deserve it? Am I worthy of it? You move 
  back and forth with these things. It is the commitment. It 

  Breaking Patterns - 37 - Pleiadians 

  is that stubborn insistence directed to it's expanding boundaries. 
  It is looking at that that you formerly accepted as a definition and 
  saying, "To heck, I'll go for more." It is consciously moving it out 
  and not worrying about how or what is going to happen. Get out of 
  the logical mind. Move the boundary out, and then don't get into a 
  logical debate with yourself. Be in the creative mind. 
  QUESTION: I notice myself blocking things that happen to me using my 
  logical mind. Could you suggest ways to get beyond that?  
  PLEIADIANS: This is a good question. How does one stop dancing with 
  the logical mind? That is a vast challenge. But it is a belief 
  system as well. The logical mind is always wanting control. It is 
  always thinking that it is right. The creative mind, the child, is 
  not arguing to be right. It wants adventure, excitement, something 
  new. It is a matter of identification. A focus of conscious 
  awareness of how you wish to approach your life. The logical mind 
  will always hold you in limitation. It will give you a sense of 
  false security and false identity. The logical mind will normally 
  represent fears. It will keep you from doing that which you are 
  afraid of doing. The creative mind is the impulsive self. The self 
  that makes no logical sense. The self that is uninhi-bited. The self 
  that runs naked through your dreams. That self is the self that has 
  a direct pipeline to your guides, to the portion of your-selves that 
  would bring you with ease, all of the joy and harmony you could 
  possibly want. It is just that you are so aligned, and you have so 
  many contracts and treaties, that the logical mind, or the ego that 
  is attached to it, is afraid of being wrong. You are afraid of being 
  foolish. You are afraid of being ridiculed if you base your 
  decisions upon the creative self. 
  So, those of you that doubt will be afraid to move into creativity 
  and will find themselves fighting difficulties. Those that move into 
  creativity and trust will find that the world opens before them, and 
  there is no logical explanation for it. There are many people that 
  have played with these ideas and have had many successes. Much to 
  their own surprise. We would have many testimonials if we started to 
  ask. It is simply changing a pattern. Breaking a habit. When you 
  decide to quit smoking cigarettes, what do you do? [You stop.] When 
  you decide to lose weight, you start by following through on a 
  program that you are going to set out for yourself as to how you 
  will achieve it. When you want to do something, there is action that 
  is involved. So, when you want to move into the creative mind, you 
  take action into the creative mind which is stepping into the 
  impulsive, the uncontrolled, the uncontrollable, intuitive self. 
  QUESTION: How do you do that?  
  PLEIADIANS: How do you stop smoking cigarettes? We are not being 
  funny, we are being serious. How do you stop smoking cigarettes? You 
  don't pick another one up, do you? When you make the decision, that 
  you are ready to stop with the logical mind, there are many 
  techniques that will activate themselves for you. But, as we said 
  earlier, you have contracts and treaties with the logical mind that 
  you find very difficult to break. 

  Breaking Patterns - 38 - Pleiadians 

  Take your own power. Design yourselves. Design your world. Go about 
  it in any fashion that you choose. We are going to teach you 
  something new. It is not so new, but it has a new slant to it. When 
  we were in Washington DC, the vehicle [Barbara] and her friends were 
  meeting many humanities. The vehicle said to the others, "Let's not 
  make this hard work. Let's just intend what we want and sit back and 
  let it come to us." So they began to intend up a storm. Each one was 
  trying to out intend the other with outrageousness. They were 
  laughing and having a good time, and they were sending out wonderful 
  vibrations from their booth and the right people started flocking 
  over. So, they made up a name. "Let's play Intendo." Why not play a 
  bit of Intendo every day with yourselves or with your friends? It is 
  fun and we suggest you do it because it will allow you to break down 
  the barriers. 
  QUESTION: I have altered state experiences every so often. But, I 
  don't believe they are possible. I don't understand why I don't 
  believe in the possibility of experiences I've had.  
  PLEIADIANS: You are stuck in the logical mind here. That is what you 
  are arguing for, the logical mind. You are saying, "I don't believe 
  what I experience is possible." You need to take a trip with Dorothy 
  and Toto. It is the control of the logical mind. It will not 
  relinquish a breaking of the pattern. The logical mind insists that 
  a certain world vibrates within a certain pattern. And so you argue 
  for the logical mind. We must ask you again, to step out of logic. 
  Begin to believe that which is illogical and do not judge it.  
  QUESTION: You once told me that my consciousness would change when I 
  got beyond the limitation of thinking that I am so-and-so, I live in 
  this year, and I live in this body, I am this self. What do you mean 
  by that? 
  PLEIADIANS: When we spoke about the defining of yourself, we were 
  simply saying that when you make a statement in definition of who 
  you are, it is a boundary that goes up around you, very simply. The 
  more you define yourself, the more boundaries that you have, as far 
  as what you think you are capable of experiencing. Many of you 
  describe yourselves so well, you form other peoples boundaries 
  around yourselves. You say, "Hi, I am so-and-so. I have three 
  children, and I am a typist." What you are working towards, is 
  relinquishing control of your identity and allowing [it] to have a 
  new housing, a new definition. It is a very subtle energy, this 
  redefining who the self is. 
  You are understanding that as you redefine the identity, you will 
  not become less. You will not lose a thing. You will gain 
  perspective upon yourselves. That is what you have a hard time 
  convincing yourselves of. The logical mind has convinced you that 
  you could lose yourself. That goes back to the idea of death. You 
  associate giving up the logical portion of yourself, with the death 
  of your ego and the annihilation of your being. Most of you are 
  afraid of what lies beyond death. That is where your blocks come in. 
  It has not been made known as common basis upon your planet, that 
  there is no death.  
  QUESTION: If there is no death, there is no failure either, right? 

  Breaking Patterns - 39 - Pleiadians 

  PLEIADIANS: Failure is somewhat synonymous with death. Failure can 
  be taken further and further, because when one fails, one is afraid 
  that one will be annihilated. There is fear in failure because one 
  is in disturbance about the place that one may be going that one 
  associates with death, or blanking out, that nothing exists. When 
  one has failure, one usually feels close to death. One has given up. 
  Nothing is there. But you see, that belief is the same belief as 
  fear in death. 
  QUESTION: Isn't failure just a perception?  
  PLEIADIANS: Oh, yes, it is. Failure is the need to keep one in one 
  particular place, to show oneself one is afraid to move. There is no 
  failure. Failure is a label, just like death is a label. It has a 
  personal meaning for you.You take this belief, or this fear of 
  failure, and you bring it to yourself because you put power into it, 
  and because you label it a failure. If you could learn to trust that 
  there is no failure, it is only stepping stones leading to whatever 
  lessons you need to learn, you stop labeling things as failure. 
  There are a number of individuals who like to dwell upon failure. 
  They are asking for sympathy. They are asking for a handout when 
  they talk about failure. "Oh, I have failed. Someone come to love 
  me, someone come hug me, someone come help me, I have failed." 
  Simply say, "Someone come love me. I was successful today." Make 
  those things that seemed beyond your reach, within your reach. We 
  will always offer you a new horizon, a new experience. It will be up 
  to you to go for it. 

  8. The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself ____________________ 

  There's only one lesson to be learned. One lesson. To love yourself. 
  It is the only lesson that there is. And that is what you are all 
  going to be struggling with over and over again. You all have come 
  from great entities creator gods that were curious about your Earth 
  sphere, who came here to be a part of a vast experiment. Certainly 
  from their perspective, they were viewing themselves as entities who 
  were an extension of Prime Creator, who had vast abilities. They did 
  not look upon themselves as Gods. It was only those that were not so 
  evolved who looked upon them as Gods. You all have been in that 

  Why is it you have given up that position of godhood and broken 
  yourself off and separated? Because you are curious, you wanted to 
  know what it would be like to feel certain emotions, to have certain 
  perspectives about life. You agreed to separate yourselves, 
  willingly, anxiously, and to sojourn throughout many civilizations 
  and cultures. The time has come for you to make yourself whole once 
  again, for you to remember. That is what is going on. And how are 
  you going 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 40 - Pleiadians 

  to remember? You are going to tap into the alteration that is 
  occurring within your body. And you will facilitate all of this if 
  you could but love who you are. You all have a confusion about what 
  is called service. You think that you must take care of others to do 
  service. Service truly means when you take care of the vehicle that 
  you are, because that is your concern. When you take care of the 
  vehicle that you are, you send into the consciousness of the Mother 
  Earth a certain vibration. That vibration works with the 
  consciousness of Mother Earth and there is a uniting of spirit. 
  There is a resonation that comes to being. Loving yourself is 
  allowing yourself the greatest honor and dignity to be. It is 
  placing yourself first through value, not through selfishness. 
  Whenever you are putting in your life that which is less than 
  keeping you happy, it is because you do not value who you are. You 
  settle for less. You settle for less because you are afraid that if 
  you don't settle for less you will end up with nothing. That is a 
  belief. That is a fear. 

  That is a program you have accepted over and over again. It is part 
  of the cultural paradigm. The children of the new main stream of 
  ideas are not going to get involved in [that belief]. The new 
  children know they do not have to settle for less. They will teach 
  their parents. They will teach others that no one has to compromise. 
  No one has to take less than what they are wanting. 

  We would like each and every one of you in this moment to make a 
  commitment to yourself, to place yourself on your own throne. Honor 
  that vehicle that you are and intend that all that you bring to your 
  lives from this moment forward be gifts of great treasures for 
  yourselves. You will create it. Do not fear your power. That is 
  underlying all of this. You are to some extent afraid that if you 
  start creating what you are really wanting, you are afraid of where 
  you will go with this. And so you put it off. "I will be successful 
  in a couple years. I am not ready." 

  Love the vehicles that you are so that you can be a guiding light 
  for all of the others. It is your right. It is time for you to 
  remember. It is important for you to honor and cherish yourselves 
  and learn the only lesson that there is to learn. That of love 
  because love is the key that is going to open every technology. It 
  is going to open every doorway to extraterrestrial and 
  interdimensional communications, inner-earth communications, that 
  will allow you to truly live. 

  QUESTION: What time period are we looking at before we start seeing 
  technology that will save us being used and manifested in the world? 
  Are we looking at a few years or a century? 

  PLEIADIANS: What has occurred within this last year has been a good 
  twenty years worth of work. Within this year that you are going 
  through, each moon is like five years. And it will be sped up even 
  more so that it will be more like ten years. It has that much 
  energy, that much brilliancy. 

  Mankind is moving into a state of genius. Mankind is mutating. What 
  is going to occur in the next ten years is beyond your 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 41 - Pleiadians 

  comprehension at this time. The time is so accelerated, the energies 
  are so vast that are coming that is why so many of you are having 
  difficulties with certain things in your personal lives. Whatever it 
  is that you are utilizing to stop yourself from growth, is smacking 
  you in the face. 

  This is why some are moving into disease and discomfort, because 
  there are changes to be made and the bottom line of those changes is 
  that the love and acceptance of yourself about where you are and 
  what you have done and not judging yourselves is very important. 
  [You must have] the flexibility to change with the times, to give up 
  old behavior patterns, and to be able to move forward into the 

  It is sometimes difficult to move out of old places that you have 
  lived because it seems as if that is your identity. One of the best 
  things you can do is leave, close the door and go forward. Build new 
  houses and new structures of your identity. That is very important. 
  You are on the verge of a leap of consciousness, and you all would 
  not be sitting here if you were not very interested in it and if 
  there was not a portion of yourselves that was attempting to be very 
  courageous to go in this direction. 

  It is not a century. You have fifteen or twenty years ahead of you 
  that are going to be some of the most interesting times the planet 
  has ever experienced. There will be scientific inventions that will 
  begin to flourish in vast numbers. They will not be able to be held 
  from public domain any longer. They will not be able to be kept in 
  secret because there will be so many of them coming simultaneously. 

  The libraries of knowledge are infusing themselves with the 
  atmosphere of earth. At one time there may be two dozen individuals 
  inventing the same thing simultaneously on the planet. 

  Your teachers from the higher realms are seeking students. If you 
  are wishing to do something revolutionary, if you are wishing to 
  alter your life, simply invite a teacher in. You will be infused 
  with great inspiration. 

  QUESTION: I was wondering about a coding in our DNA system and how 
  it continues from embodiment to embodiment. 

  PLEIADIANS: From your perspective when you come into body, you very 
  very carefully select who would be the family that would allow you 
  to have the characteristics that would enable you to represent 
  yourself in the fashion that you are after. Many individuals have 
  stored within themselves what are called recessive characteristics. 
  In this time, many recessive characteristics are coming to the 

  Many recessives have been crossed together so that the dominates are 
  moving in the background. You select with care the lineage that 
  holds within its own storage of information that which you can 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 42 - Pleiadians 

  Your DNA is long strands of chromosomal matter stored inside the 
  cells. These very long, thin types of filament hold different 
  codings for how the body would be projected whether you would be 
  musicians, whether you would be female, whether you would be male, 
  whether you would have blond hair, the tendencies of expression of 
  health versus the manifestation of discomfort, or whatever. 

  What the scientists have uncoded is perhaps one-millionth of what is 
  there. They know that they have only scratched the surface of what 
  is there. But they are thinking that all of this entire filament is 
  filled with superfluous material. Junk as they would call it junk 
  DNA. That it has no purpose. That it is about nothing. This coding 
  is genetically stored and has been dormant, recessive within many 
  lines of families. 

  When you come into body you carefully select a family that has a 
  certain lineage so that in the times that are coming, you are 
  knowing that with your assignment to bring light to the planet you 
  will have the ability to fire that which has been termed the junk 
  DNA and to move into an awakening of new abilities within 
  yourselves. As you do this you will assist the rest of mankind to do 

  You are now not all that you can be. You are becoming more. In your 
  lifetimes you will birth new abilities within yourselves. You will 
  birth literally new beings by activating this DNA that has been 
  stored away. It is true. 

  You assist this activation when you get into what is called 
  oxygenation of the system. When you breathe. When you bring in 
  oxygen into the body, it fires the DNA coding and activates it. 

  Not only could this coding be fired by oxygenation, those that are 
  called creator gods look out over you and see how you do. They are 
  creating a method of altering who you are and that altering is 
  coming through the energy acceleration. All of these things work 
  upon the body and allow the body to change. That is why if you are 
  wanting something now and you think you are not capable of it, 
  relax. You will be capable of it. Trust your wantings. They are 
  about something. The capabilities will follow. 

  You are wanting to do something that seems "How could I do this?" 
  Or, "I could have done this when I was a child but now I am an adult 
  and I need all this training." That is nonsense. 

  If you are wanting something you are responding to the beginning of 
  the awakening of this portion of yourself, it can come very easily. 
  You are all assigned the task of carrying the light and lighting the 
  way for others. 

  There has been a darkness around this planet, a darkness as far as 
  mankind can see. And you are here to light the way. For some of you 
  it feels like it is a great struggle. "How can I light the way for 
  others when I can't even keep the light for myself going from one 
  day to the next." 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 43 - Pleiadians 

  Don't be so hard on yourself when you are not in love with who you 
  are. You create abilities to understand where the rest of mankind 
  is. You see, you are all accelerating so rapidly that you have 
  forgotten where the others are and where you have come from. And so, 
  in your own states of what is called anxiety you beat up on yourself 
  for not being perfect. 

  What is really occurring is that you are bridging realities. You are 
  there one moment and back the next. What you are doing is showing 
  yourself, quite literally, the difference between being there and 
  not being there. It is obvious that when you are there you are on 
  top of the world. When you are not there you feel like you have been 
  assigned to clearing out the sewers of the world. 

  That will show you the difference in consciousness and what that 
  consciousness can do. You will give up digging sewers. Believe us. 
  It is not going to be a lifetime occupation. 

  You are going to want to light the pathway and when you dig those 
  sewers or you clean out those sewers, you are doing a bit of self-
  examination. It is giving you an understanding of where other 
  humanities are and where they come from and how humanities hold 
  themselves in difficulty. These are all lessons that are involved in 
  loving yourself. 

  When you are finding yourselves in the sewers of yourself, say to 
  yourself, "Well, here I am again. Isn't it interesting how I find 
  that I am lighting the way one moment and I'm cleaning out the 
  garbage the next? If I am in the sewers, must be there's more 
  cleaning that needs to be done. Let me just light it up a bit." You 
  bring the illumination into that portion of yourself that you do not 
  want to look at, that represents the shadow of the dark portion of 

  Then look at what you see. What do you see that you are doing? What 
  do you see around you without judging but with feeling? We want you 
  all to be in feeling of yourselves. You are good feelers and you are 
  learning how to be better feelers. You will be now learning how to 
  balance that feeling 

  You have found techniques, you have found the ability to stop 
  judging when you are in feeling and to be there. When you are in 
  feeling there is valuable information that is on the threshold for 
  you. It is there in front of you. 

  You all judge your feelings and say, "Oh, here I am feeling this way 
  again. Darn it, I must be terrible to be feeling this way." You need 
  to say, "Being that I am after my greatest growth and I am feeling 
  this again, must be there's great growth in this feeling. What is it 
  that I need to know?" 

  Relax with where you are. Be easier on yourselves. You are 
  attempting to do great homework so that you can move out and affect 
  others in a balanced way so that you will have the compassion to 
  work with those who will be in the same boat that you have been in. 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 44 - Pleiadians 

  You can say, "I know, I have been there." The greatest teachers live 
  what they say, and they have done what you have done. And so they 
  know. So when you see one running around going through what is 
  called the crazies, you can honor them by saying they are going to 
  be [a] great teacher when they get it together. Because of the time 
  acceleration, these experiences are going to be jam packed into your 

  QUESTION: I seem to be reviewing in the last month, things in this 
  life time, I keep going back into situations I thought I'd forgotten 
  about, and I seem to come forward. 

  PLEIADIANS: Yes. It is because you are cleaning house.This is what 
  the process is about. All that you have locked away, all that you 
  have not dealt with, is going to come smacking up. You make layers 
  of yourselves and you cover it over, cover it over, cover it over. 
  You are coming to the time when you will need to examine not only 
  all that is in this life, but you will go into other lives and get 
  other visions. 

  This is the beginning of your viewing of yourself. Do not under any 
  circumstances judge what is coming up. 

  We want you to see it as if you are saying, "Goodness, I have this 
  huge gigantic mansion and I have inherited this. I am going to have 
  to remodel it and make it how I want it to be. I am going to go room 
  to room to clean out and see what is here and what I am wanting." 
  And when you see it you can say, "I remember this. This happened 
  then and this happened then." 

  Do not feel guilty. Do not worry about it. Allow yourself to observe 
  all that is coming up and to marvel at the dramas that you have put 
  into your life. They are there to teach you. 

  These teachings you have been involved with, that are your own 
  creation, are coming again to show you so that you can review all 
  that you are. 

  Doing this for this lifetime and loving yourself and saying, 
  "Goodness, there were times when I was a bit foolish here." Or, 
  "Goodness, there were times when I didn't know what I was thinking 
  of there. I guess I was really having my head turned on backwards 
  there." This is the most amount of judging we want you to do. Be 
  gentle. Love yourself. Don't feel guilty. 

  See who else was involved in your scenario. Look as if you are 
  sitting in the audience and do a big clapping for the part that you 
  played so beautifully. 

  Present yourself with an Academy Award here and there, for doing 
  such a good job of portraying a role. See what the story is about 
  and say, "I have got it. I see the purpose that I was working for." 

  This process is going to come furiously fast. Let it come. Allow it 

  The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself - 45 - Pleiadians 

  cleanse your body. In a few moons you will have an opportunity, or 
  already have taken a journey to a new portion of the world where you 
  will go and look into past activities of yourselves because you are 
  needing to heal the entire soul of your being and to accept with 
  completeness. Love who you are. 

  QUESTION: When you love yourself do you attract situations that will 
  show you? 

  PLEIADIANS: Because you are committed, and because you have decided 
  to carry light, and because you have decided in this lifetime to do 
  a journey that is not the easiest of journeys, but it certainly is 
  the journey that is the most rewarding, there will be certain 
  challenges that will test you, to test your worthiness of commitment 
  to be included in a certain echelon of leaders. 

  That is what you are doing. So be easy on yourself. When those 
  feelings get stirred up inside of you and it seems as if they want 
  to steam roller you, say to yourself, "These feelings are my 
  teachers. I will not be afraid of them. They have something to show 
  me. And I will learn. I will change. I am flexible. I am courageous. 
  And I am committed to myself." All of you, be easy on yourselves. 
  Love yourselves. 

  We Pleiadians came to be involved with this experiment so that we 
  could enhance our own service to ourselves. As you grow, you are our 
  family. You are us. And we have come to gather you together and to 
  teach you who you are, so that you can take your rightful place 
  within the family of those that your Prime Creator has formulated, 
  so that you can see the unlimited potentials that await you. 

  As we teach you, and as each one of you dares to try to do something 
  that you thought you could not do, and as each of you moves a bit 
  closer to honoring and loving yourselves, we grow. You add to what 
  we are. And so, your success makes our success. 

  Our journey is contingent upon your commitment to yourselves. So we 
  have a big stock in who it is that you are. And we do not want to 
  see any crashings. Do you understand? 

  The lesson that you are to learn, the only lesson that there is, is 
  the lesson of love. That love will give you the opportunity to go 

  Go about your days in joy, in safety, and in harmony and step into 
  that great unknown with love. 

  9. The Mind Game and Patterns ____________________ 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 46 - Pleiadians 

  You have heard us say that all is true according to the perception, 
  and [that] reality is far beyond what you can conceive of. There is 
  a vastness that is ever growing and expanding. There have been on 
  your planet quite a few humanities who have figured out the rules 
  and have learned a little bit better than other humanities how to 
  create, how to bring about what they are wanting and how to become 
  manipulators, rulers, and designers of the game themselves. Your 
  planet started off with a certain plan in mind. That plan was to 
  design a new world where there would be great exchanges of 
  information. The great computer-like mind connected a crystal 
  network of information that would beam out in this galaxy as a 
  storehouse perhaps. It was an exchange center. A world was designed 
  that was beautiful because this information was going to be held in 
  the cells of each and every creature and molecule of consciousness 
  that existed here. 
  Consciousness was going to be endowed within all things. In the vast 
  expansion of creation, many different forms of sentient beings 
  exist. They are all playing what you would call the mind game. The 
  Prime Creator, First Cause, was, or so it seems, the originator of 
  the mind game. The Prime Creator thought itself into a reflected 
  state and moved so that it could see itself so that it could prove 
  to itself it existed. It created outside of itself. And so the game 
  has gone. Even the Prime Creator continuously surprises itself with 
  the new rules and the new possibilities of this substance that has 
  been endowed with consciousness. The forms of this substance 
  continuously mutate and change and even the smallest portion of 
  being has new potentials. Within this mind game that all of 
  existence plays, the rules constantly change. That is part of the 
  game. What is occurring on the planet at this time is that you are 
  being instructed and given information because the rules have 
  It is time for large numbers of humanity to call on their own innate 
  knowing, to bring about their own beautification of development, to 
  step wisely and to learn to play with all of the abilities. You have 
  heard us [say] to become aware of what you present to yourselves. 
  Every portion of the material that is outside of you determines how 
  you are going to feel and how you are going to set the parameters of 
  your experience and what you are going to allow yourselves to put 
  within your lives. What you see is determined by what you believe is 
  possible. You are in a double bind so to speak, for you wish to 
  change what you believe to be possible about yourselves and yet you 
  do not quite know how to change what you are perceiving. Codings are 
  inside of each and every one of you. [They] are being reactivated by 
  some of those ancient creators who brought your planet into being 
  when they were playing with their own godhood. There have been many 
  struggles over the territory of this, your Earth Sphere, Terra. Many 
  have come here and reigned and have utilized the rules of the game 
  and developed societies according to how they wished humanities to 
  perceive. You have been very often the product of a few individuals 
  designing the mass humanity experience. Once again you are 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 47 - Pleiadians 

  involved in this. This time, you are being told that you can be 
  liberated through your own thinking and through your own perceptive 
  abilities. We wish to push you further into this so that you can 
  truly realize what your boundaries are and realize that every 
  portion is part of the game. 
  QUESTION: Do these creators compete against each other and have 
  their creations make war on each other?  
  PLEIADIANS: There have been competitions. There have been vast 
  amounts of information kept from the public for eons. There have 
  been humanities who have known the capabilities of mankind. You find 
  yourself attempting to expand your capabilities, yet you fight and 
  deny that you even have them. The time has come for you to tap into 
  this. Those greater humanities who you have called gods, those more 
  expanded beings, have indeed made their own rules for the mind game. 
  Within those rules they designed societies where mankind was not 
  encouraged to a state of independence. 
  Think about the history of your world for the last 2,000 of your 
  years and look at the different societies. What did these societies 
  do? How many encouraged freedom? How many encouraged independence? 
  How many societies work with the idea of suppression? You have heard 
  us say that you live in the United States, the land of the free, or 
  so you think. We are not here to start a revolution, we are here to 
  expand what you believe to be possible and to assist you in your own 
  growth and to turn you ultimately to yourselves and your own 
  answers. There is nothing more to believe in than yourself. When you 
  believe in a God that is so outside of yourself you are not 
  acknowledging the God that is within you, that has been your 
  birthright. This is a major state of awareness for each and every 
  one of you to move into the holiness of your own being. Each and 
  every one of you are all that you need to believe in. When you 
  believe in yourself, expand what you think you are, you begin to 
  learn the rules of the great mind game and then you are up there 
  with the big guys.  
  QUESTION: I have been in a massive state of confusion, going back 
  and forth from one belief system to another.  
  PLEIADIANS: When you are about to make a change, in general, you 
  will go through a bit of disorientation so that you can come to a 
  greater understanding of yourself. Also the disorientation has to do 
  with the releasing of old behavior, with the relinquishing of 
  control, because wherever you are, in whatever state of development, 
  there is a certain amount of control. The control forms the 
  boundaries of what you think is safe behavior, and safe avenues to 
  traverse. So when you are about to make a change you have to allow 
  that to come down and reevaluate what you think is okay for you as 
  humanities to do. And you become impatient and you cannot understand 
  why it has taken you a long period of time to move from one state to 
  another. It is quite simple. You are not making the decision. The 
  ideas that you are sending out to yourself are not clear. It may 
  seem to you that it is clear. You do not understand how intricate 
  your thoughts are and you think you make one statement and this is 
  going to create and you can forget about it and make all the 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 48 - Pleiadians 

  other statements that are going to uncreate it. Only you do not hear 
  those. Your thoughts are like fog and they seep out from you into 
  all forms. And they always seek to expand, to be out there in 
  territory. So, when you are not certain about what you are wanting, 
  you are not giving out a one-lined direction. The energies at this 
  time are becoming really very powerful, very highly charged. You are 
  learning that there is a certain intensity of commitment that is 
  going to be needed to lift yourself into higher states of 
  consciousness. All of your thoughts count. If all of your thoughts 
  are not lined up to your greatest intention, you are not going to 
  get there, not in completeness. You all need to learn how to trust 
  yourselves, how to have a greater love for yourselves and, of 
  course, much more joy. Learn to utilize the greater vehicles that 
  you have to keep you within a balance so that you can move at these 
  great speeds. 
  When you do not have balance you are not going to move forward with 
  acceleration. You will crash. Many of you have bumped the heads and 
  bumped the psyches because you have gone after something that you 
  thought that you wanted and have not understood the rules of the 
  game. Or you have sabotaged your own rule making by thinking that 
  you were not powerful enough, or looking to others as being such 
  great humanities, or thinking that you were not worthy of what you 
  were after.The kicks you get out of talking about it [are more 
  exciting] than it would be to manifest it. It is most interesting. 
  What is happening on your planet at this time really makes it an 
  "in" place to be. If there were a People magazine for the cosmos, 
  the Earth Sphere Terra would be on the cover. And you all are stars. 
  So, live it up. Be alive because that is what it is all about. 
  Wherever you go and whatever state of consciousness you are in, 
  there is going to be stuff to learn. As you learn how to utilize the 
  rules here, then you would be changing the game for all of the other 
  players. As you all become awake, you will be bucking the system. 
  And you will be showing that the rules indeed have changed and that 
  even the most minute forms of consciousness have figured out that 
  they are like the gods. 

  QUESTION: What kind of freedom do we need to seek?  
  PLEIADIANS: When you are seeking freedom it is a freedom from 
  expectations. Many humanities, just as you, have figured that out 
  because word has been passed down on your planet and secret 
  societies have known for eons many of the rules, so to speak. Many 
  who learned how to play the games kept freedom as a precious food 
  from reach of the majority of humanity. They called it by mysterious 
  names and they said that humanity would not know what to do with 
  this if they have this. And so they kept it for themselves. So, when 
  we say to you to seek freedom, it is freedom from anything that is 
  going to define and suppress any of your ability that would limit 
  you. Stay within that freedom, move outward in all that you would 
  affect within your life experience and your reality to extend that 
  freedom outward to others as well. There are no limitations. 
  QUESTION: How far is it possible to jump from the level we are now? 
  PLEIADIANS: A tremendous amount can be figured out from 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 49 - Pleiadians 

  here. In a very short period of time, the large majority of you will 
  have made a gigantic leap. Within one, perhaps two of your years, 
  there [are] going to be abilities to perceive in vastly different 
  fashions. Even now you are learning how to expand as you have seeded 
  yourself with light and as you begin to listen to the internal self. 
  Many of you are too intellectual with this. You are all "up here" 
  and you are all afraid to be "down here" because this is where you 
  are going to feel. You are going to connect your feeling and you are 
  going to develop a compassion. And then you would move into these 
  realms. They are not thinking realms. They are realms of the highest 
  connection of spirituality. And they would keep you tethered to 
  great beings of light who would communicate with you as they are 
  building light bridges to you at this time. You have no idea of what 
  is possible. 
  Your mind cannot conceive of what is possible for your lifetimes. We 
  have recently spoken that something that is going to be and is 
  available for all of you is what we call the immortality of your 
  being the ability to extend life and to stop your nonsense of 
  labeling a programmed degeneration of the body. That is part of the 
  game. That is a flexible rule. Why do you determine that you are 
  getting older? Why do you determine that the body loses with age? 
  Because a certain sector of society passed on a rule of the game. 
  Someone wanted to have power and make money and make up a portion of 
  the game that was called health. Everything is the game and you buy 
  into every portion of the game. We [get] you very stirred up so that 
  you won't be buying anyone's game but your own. You can learn to 
  work with one another for support to make up the rules of your own 
  game and then you will set things flying. You are unlimited beings. 
  That is the great joy that you are experiencing. This is why you 
  have all come here. To participate in that. To remember it. 
  Many humanities on your planet are going through times of great 
  difficulty right now because energies are changing and there are 
  certain beliefs that are smacking them in the face. You have heard 
  us say that electromagnetic energy has completely changed on your 
  planet and all has been sped up within the cosmos because of the 
  movement of your universe into the new area of space. You are being 
  charged by new particles of existence. This is bringing about the 
  shift in consciousness. It is this that makes all things different, 
  that makes all things possible now. This is what is ringing out 
  within your souls to satisfy and to describe and many who you study 
  and who you read about are all telling you the same thing. They may 
  use different words. All you need to do is have the lights begin to 
  go off in your head. It does not matter whose words say them to you 
  for you have all the information stored within you. What you are 
  merely doing is exposing yourself to certain triggers that you have 
  set up in the outside world to bring about the activation of certain 
  patterns within you. You do not have to get into a big sweat about 
  the whole thing, you know. You are working towards it. You are only 
  a few steps away from certain amounts of great changes. You will be 
  awed by 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 50 - Pleiadians 

  those and you will be excited and then you will move into boredom 
  once again and you will be wishing for new abilities. You are moving 
  quickly now. Think about what you have done in a few of your years. 
  Think about when you all were at the beginning of [the 1 980's] what 
  you knew, how you felt about yourselves, what was possible. And 
  think about where you were one year ago and what you know now. You 
  are definitely moving. 
  QUESTION: What's the difference between the old rules and new rules? 
  PLEIADIANS: There existed in what you would call biblical times, 
  certain entities that came to your planet that were playing. They 
  knew the rules were that if you created and if you sent out certain 
  ideas you could get masses of consciousness to follow this action. 
  So these entities came to your planet and they affected cultures. 
  They played with the alteration of your DNA and formed new men out 
  of the basic Earth stock that existed here at different times. These 
  entities sojourned and are written about in your Bible. They 
  affected mankind through the ways that you are presently feeling the 
  results of. The old rules were that this was a territory for what 
  you would call certain skylords. These skylords made the rules. The 
  rules were that humanities would worship those that were in the sky 
  and that they would develop all sorts of expression of this worship. 
  They would be given an endowment of themselves but they would not be 
  given the complete information because then, who would they play 
  There were other skylords who wanted these humanities to have a 
  decent game to be playing in. And so there has been a challenge on 
  your Earth Sphere Terra as to the type of information that has come 
  in to allow these humanities to perceive what they can be. The old 
  rules were that the large majority of humanities were not given the 
  understanding of who they were. They were kept in ignorance. They 
  were kept in darkness. They were kept in submission. You were kept 
  from ultimately understanding who you were. The new rules are that 
  all is allowed. You are being blown wide open so to speak. The gates 
  have been opened and it is fine for you to know your ultimate 
  experience with creation. Do you know who changed those rules? You 
  did. After sojourning here for thousands of times, you figured it 
  This time was designed for you so you could bring about what it is 
  that you have been after from the beginning. One of the main rules, 
  the one that you all are attempting to figure out and put into being 
  is the idea of thought manifestation that you are a result of your 
  thoughts. That is the one that is most important for you to learn at 
  this moment. Not to wait for great beings to come from the sky to 
  save you. You argue for your limitations. You hold onto them. You 
  clutch them dearly like little dollies that you played with when you 
  were young. 
  QUESTION: What about the dilemma of getting to know yourself and not 
  liking what you see?  
  PLEIADIANS: It is an excellent point the dilemma of getting to know 
  oneself, which comes with developing self-awareness and self-esteem, 
  and not liking what one sees. Change it. What you are seeing is only 
  your judgment anyway. You all love to call yourselves 

  The Mind Game and Patterns - 51 - Pleiadians 

  right or wrong. "I am beautiful today," and the next day, "I am what 
  the cat dragged in." You do this to yourselves back and for, all the 
  time. Why judge it? You are learning. You are on your journey and 
  you are feeling that certain expressions of behavior and experience 
  give you exhilarations and others make you want to turn your head. 
  When you are finding this within yourself you are allowing yourself 
  to develop along a pathway. If you are finding that there is a 
  portion of yourself that you do not like, allow yourself to love 
  that portion and to release it. If you don't like a part of yourself 
  then let it go. Utilize the rules and make a new you. Change your 
  behavior. Believe that you can change a portion of yourself. But 
  don't release it out of hatred or anger. Allow yourself to realize 
  that whatever it is that you are perceiving that you did not 
  particularly approve of, you birthed it into being. Let it go. 
  Do not tether it to yourself any longer. It is not that you are 
  going to always love every portion of yourself for you are teaching 
  yourselves and you are bound to run across something that is going 
  to get your attention. It is a message to gather more information 
  and ultimately give you more compassion for others. So, be more easy 
  on yourselves. Until you love yourself, you are not going to 
  experience love from anywhere else. This light energy that is being 
  sent to you and this light energy that permeates existence, is made 
  up of love. It is a substance of being that permeates all things. If 
  your scientists were to break down the particles of the most minute 
  aspect of existence to find out what makes everything go and 
  everything tick, it is love. It's what connects you. It is what 
  keeps you alive. Start with yourselves. Realize that in this game 
  you picked yourselves. You picked yourselves to be the player that 
  you would move around in this aspect of existence. 
  When you don't except responsibility for the player that you picked, 
  you deny your participation in the game. And so you are moved across 
  the board of life without any control, always looking to connect 
  with love and never realizing that in order to connect with love you 
  must turn on your own light, which is turned on with selflove. When 
  you turn on your own light by loving yourself because you have 
  selected yourselves, and by not judging yourself, then the game 
  completely changes. Then you don't go looking for love. You are it. 
  When you are love, and when you move with love, all you bring back 
  to yourself is love because you are like a beacon and you draw it 
  all to yourself. When you do not love yourself and you go out 
  looking for love, you cannot even see it because you do not have the 
  electromagnetic capacity to even recognize it, to even draw it to 
  yourself. Remember that you, yourselves, are your primary tools for 
  enjoyment and experience. It is you, yourselves, who are your 
  greatest teachers. So live, for you have it all within you. 
  Everything . else, when you discover this, will unfold before you in 
  the most glorious magic of being. 

  Codings - 52 - Pleiadians 

  10. Codings ____________________ 

  Buried deep inside of you are all of your answers. The questions 
  that come to the forefront of your minds are coming so that you can 
  start within your own beings and bring up your own answers. In order 
  to achieve this you must first believe that the information is 
  stored there. Humanity is learning a great lesson at this time. The 
  lesson, is of course, to realize your godhood; to realize your 
  connectedness with All That Is, with all that exists; to realize 
  that there are multitu-dinous cultures and societies that exist 
  throughout the vastness of what you call space, and that these 
  societies and these cultures have been on and off your planet from 
  the very beginning. It is not just that we, the Pleiadians, have 
  come to assist. We are one grouping from one star system. There are 
  many who have journeyed here for many reasons. Some have come for 
  resources, some for fuel. Some have come to teach. Some have come to 
  suppress. Some have come to enslave. Some have come to use the Earth 
  sphere, Terra, as a laboratory. What we are speaking of is no great 
  secret. But it is kept from your societies. It has served your world 
  well to a certain extent to forget that you have star and spatial 
  connections. As this information was passed down from one mouth to 
  another and the stories were altered here and there to suit the 
  teller and to suit the situation, certain aspects of the ancient 
  history of your planet turned into myth. 
  When you are children you learn about these myths and you call them 
  fairy tales, or legends. But, indeed, they are about something. They 
  are about your history, and they are at this time very distorted. 
  There was a purpose behind all of this. There are no accidents. All 
  is agreed upon and planned through the magnificent telepathic 
  connections that exist between all of mankind and all of the cosmos. 
  You moved into this state of unawareness, so that you could explore 
  new territories of being on your earth. Many of you who are familiar 
  with our words and the words of many wise ones that are assisting 
  you in your growth at this time, think badly of those who are on 
  your planet who are not in accord with this information. It is 
  completely unnecessary. 
  The development and the unfolding of humanities is proceeding quite 
  nicely. There are many, many groupings at this time who are 
  following the great pull of curiosity that moves them to their 
  beings. They are stepping forward and daring to be a bit different, 
  and daring to believe in new concepts and ideas. It is our role to 
  offer you a bit of confidence on your journey, to assist you to 
  align yourselves with your own memories so that you can truly 
  blossom forth and provide yourself with your own understanding. Your 
  bodies are completely coded with the information that is necessary. 
  It is not only that your bodies are coded and that you respond to 
  certain calls that go out. It is also that as you are being 
  awakened, opened, and as you consciously seek this, you send out a 

  Codings - 53 - Pleiadians 

  signal and you draw to yourselves a great host of beings. Your 
  histories move in and out of very special times. Many of you became 
  involved here eons ago through star energy, through Pleiadian 
  contact, through working with the higher realms. Many of you know 
  the difficulties quite completely that Terra has gone through how 
  many times the lands have shifted; how many times help came from the 
  skies. Information was distorted as those who came from the skies to 
  move you along in your development were turned into gods. Even 
  children now idolize those who can do what they cannot do. Your 
  society demonstrates to you, quite clearly, this concept of godhood. 
  We are here to remind you, it is unnecessary. Your third dimensional 
  world is one of great challenge. It is one that allows magnificent 
  limitations to set themselves up. Through these limitations, 
  structures are formed. And you learn. And you attempt to create. You 
  all are a great portion of the First Creator, First Cause, and First 
  Cause desires experience. So when you judge your fellow man for not 
  being what you think they should be or, worst of all, when you judge 
  yourself for not being what you think you should be, you place 
  barriers around your experience. 
  What we are telling you is that you are glorious beings. Not all on 
  the planet are ready for this shift. As we see it, there will be two 
  probable worlds that will split off those who cannot follow the 
  development into the fourth and fifth dimensional experience, and 
  that of uniting, comprehending all is energy. Those that cannot 
  follow this will form their own Earth sphere, Terra. What you 
  forget, and we continue to remind you of, is the third dimensional 
  experience is not one of solidity even though it seems to you that 
  your world is solid and that you are solid beings. You are energy 
  within space. This energy can be manipulated and changed around 
  through the process of thinking. Your experience in the world that 
  you will be forming is completely contingent on your thoughts. When 
  you learn to honor yourselves and to trust that your thoughts form 
  your experience and that they do indeed count, that each and every 
  one of you makes a difference when you begin to completely feel this 
  and live this, then you will be stepping forward into your work. You 
  will have great demonstrations of this, and you will begin to 
  create, to form, and to magnify your feelings into experience. 
  We started off by telling you that you are coded. All mankind is 
  coded deep within the essence of their being, deep within the cells 
  of their being. They are coded to certain responses and certain 
  behaviors, and these codes are implanted by you. None other comes 
  into your life and takes control over you. When you are out of body 
  in your times of overview and study, you plan the time that you 
  would sojourn within and the personality that you would occupy, and 
  the challenges that would rise forth before you. How else would you 
  know to respond? Think about it. Think about the intimacy of your 
  own being. And think about yourselves and who you are and how 
  glorious you are. You have placed within portions of your body, 
  certain bits of information, that would be activated at the 
  appropriate times, and you would meet the most necessary people, and 
  you would be in the proper places. This is so 

  Codings - 54 - Pleiadians 

  for all humanities. We are here to assist you to give you some basic 
  understanding of how you yourselves are going to transform your 
  experience on your planet. It is not that you are going to be saved 
  by those from the skies. You are being assisted, you are being 
  guided. You are asking for help, we are giving, as many others are. 
  But, as a mother would say to a child, if I do your homework for 
  you, you will never get to college. If you examine who you are and 
  what your desires in life are, you will find that you know deep 
  within you who you are. When you say that you do not, you are taking 
  a position of powerlessness. You are not acknowledging the glory of 
  your humanity. Allow yourself to perceive new dimensions of 
  experience and new realities, and to notice what you are doing for 
  yourselves. Your beliefs can stop you completely in your tracks from 
  moving forward. They are your greatest allies, your beliefs, for 
  they allow you to move through your day-to-day experience in what 
  ever way you choose. You are awakening yourselves. You are encoded. 
  Most importantly, you are a direct result of your thought 
  manifestations. Your experience is a direct result of your thought 
  QUESTION: In recent times it appears that things on the planet are 
  accelerating in a very fast way to it's own annihilation. Unless 
  there are changes, it won't last. So, should we be unattached to the 
  earth or should we try to change it? 
  PLEIADIANS: There is no trying to change. You cannot try to change 
  anything. When you try, you don't accomplish a thing. Trying is 
  inactivity. Doing is what will bring about change. It is very 
  important to care about your world. Indeed it does seem as if the 
  world is going down the tubes so to speak. But this has occurred in 
  other ways in other times in similar activities. What you do not 
  understand is that the world is not solid. All [humanities, out of 
  their love for Mother Earth, feel a need to change, to save the 
  Earth. When you understand that it is not a solid mass of being that 
  you are working with, you are already one step on the board of the 
  game. When you understand completely that thought manifestation is 
  what creates the world, then you understand how important your 
  thought manifestation is. 
  Your doing, your activity is secondary. You can do all you want, but 
  if you don't believe that your doing is any good, and that you are 
  one powerless individual, then you will not help the shift of the 
  world. As we see it, the duality and the polarity that is coming on 
  your planet will involve a breaking off of two completely different, 
  separate Terras. You think that there are going to be two Earths and 
  the astronomers from other places would have twin Earths. You must 
  understand that all is energy and that there are many probable 
  worlds, and that each of you move into a probable world of your 
  experience whenever you change your mind. That occurs continuously. 
  But, we are talking about a major event, a major splitting off now, 
  so that those on the planet, who wish to come full cycle to be 
  complete, will create now, a world that is healed, that is joyous 
  and that is full of beauty. 

  Codings - 55 - Pleiadians 

  Often, before one understands that one is on a path of destruction, 
  that one is not moving in the greatest direction of growth, one must 
  become ill in order to receive and to re-evaluate and to heal. The 
  Earth sphere, Terra, could be cleaned up quite quickly by entities 
  from the stars. [But,] the Earth sphere, Terra is your 
  responsibility. You can, and you will at some point, receive great 
  assistance. But your challenge is to understand that the work that 
  is to be done is not primarily done with hammers and nails. The work 
  would be primarily done with thought. And when you learn to come 
  together in groupings and to recognize one another, and to recognize 
  that indeed you achieve tremendous steps forward when you focus on 
  manipulating the energy to allow it to grow and manifest and bring 
  in great light, then indeed, you are creating this. 
  You are greatly assisted as far as keeping destructive mechanisms 
  from detonating. You have no idea. This universe has free will, and 
  so the challenges often times are much greater. We have codes of 
  honor that we ourselves must obey. There is only so much 
  interference that can come about, so much that can be transmuted. 
  But when it comes to the great destructive detonations, many have 
  been stopped so that energies can reassess what their intentions 
  are. Often it takes the desire of one mind calling for assistance. 
  One small child in the desert expecting to wake up tomorrow morning, 
  and calling to some unknown god in the sky as he lays down to sleep, 
  looking at the stars, knowing that he plans on waking up on the 
  morrow. And so often, one small cry like that changes the balance of 
  energy and great beings of light come and they assist because they 
  know that it can be staved off. Honor Mother Earth. Whatever portion 
  of Mother Earth that you occupy, that you own, that you walk over, 
  send loving thoughts. Align yourself with the Earth, and the Earth 
  energy and do what you feel is necessary for your own personal 
  growth. Again, the greatest work will be done with your thoughts. Do 
  not allow yourselves to buy into the idea that your Earth is doomed. 
  For we guarantee you that it is not. 
  QUESTION: Would you clarify the idea of two Terras? 
  PLEIADIANS: The concept of probability is that there is no one 
  reality and that you yourselves branch off continuously through your 
  thoughts. It is not that you ever change a world, you change which 
  world you occupy. Again this goes back to the idea that your world 
  is not solid. It is constructed of energy, and that energy takes 
  form through the thoughts of those that participate within that 
  world. There are, and there always have been, probable Earths and 
  probable experiences. There are probable yous who are leading quite 
  different lives than the yous sitting within this room. You are 
  frequency, energy. You are literally beating to a chord of energy 
  that sings you into existence. You are so familiar with it, that you 
  stay focused with it continuously on one aspect of your experience. 
  But, experience goes on from many perspectives. and what you are 
  learning is how to change the frequency and change the beat so that 
  you can notice what you usually do not notice. What is occurring is 
  this great polarization of energies, participants and observers. 
  Many who have come to observe have come to disrupt as well. They 
  have come to learn their stuff in this time so to 

  Codings - 56 - Pleiadians 

  speak. [There are also] the participants who are completely intent 
  on creating this world, which will be quite glorious. As we see it, 
  as the probable worlds begin to form, there will be great shiftings 
  of humanities on your planet. It will seem that great chaos and 
  turmoil are forming. It will seem that nations rise against each 
  other to war. It will seem that earthquakes are happening more 
  frequently. It will seem that the animals and the fish are 
  departing. What is occurring is that those animals are now moving 
  over to that world as it is being formed. They are not departing in 
  existence, they merely slip into the world to await your pleasure 
  and to await your joining them. It is difficult for us to explain 
  this to a certain extent because it is beyond the experience of the 
  third dimensional entity. 
  You are moving to the fourth dimension. When this move is made, 
  literally you will form a new Earth. And literally you will be there 
  and it will seem to you as if you have all awoken from a dream.You 
  will awake in a world that is pristine and beautiful. Your .skies 
  are full of observers watching and waiting to see how you will do 
  this and give you assistance in doing this, because it seems as if 
  it is completely beyond the possibility of your world for many. Not 
  for you who have studied this energy as alchemists, as ancient 
  Atlantians, in temple life. The training that you have had in other 
  times has all been the encoding that has been placed within your 
  being to prepare you for this juncture. 
  QUESTION: So, if this new world is in the fourth dimension, would 
  you clarify what the difference is between the dimensions? 
  PLEIADIANS: The newly formed world will have all dimensions in it. 
  Dimensions exist over each other, on top of each other, within each 
  other, around each other. Because of your training and because of 
  the way you have been set up to believe and think about yourselves, 
  it does not seem possible to accept these ideas. That is why we 
  scramble up your minds, so to speak, so that you can make room when 
  you are on your own, and have lights go off in your heads to 
  comprehend. It is not that we are explaining to you so much, it is 
  that we are jumbling you up. You, yourselves, will right your 
  Any of you that are feeling jumbled at certain times and confused 
  and frustrated, it is because you are doing great work, it is 
  because you are realigning the thought process and the understanding 
  process of who you are. The third dimensional experience is one that 
  seems to be solid. It seems to be in straight line, event following 
  after event, and it seems that the whole world is defined. It 
  [seems] solid. The fourth dimensional experience is one of 
  perception. It is one where you know certain things, where the body 
  is seemingly less solid. Where one can see light beings, where one 
  can hear sounds, where one uses other facilities to learn and to 
  gather information. The fifth dimensional experience allows one the 
  opportunity to become less solid completely. And it is that ability 
  that you are working towards. That is where humanities are 
  eventually moving to. Some will come on this new world because of 
  great love. They will come purely as third dimensional beings 
  because they are pure of heart, and pure of love. It is not that 
  they have studied in temples and schools of learning, it is because 
  they have learned to love. And they have learned to speak with the 
  Earth, and they desire peace and beauty. Many of that type of man 
  will come to this new Earth. Your roles will be to teach these men 
  and women how to move in the fourth dimension and fifth dimension. 
  Because they will not be blocked, they will be completely open 
  because of their love, 

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