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  they will grow and they will make an evolutionary leap within their
  consciousness that is astounding. Love is the key. Love is what
  makes up the universe. We have said to you that your technology will
  only develop to a certain extent because mankind, the scientists, do
  not understand that love is necessary. Energy can take all forms of
  creativity, but when one is dealing with greed or hatred, or any of
  the other multitudinous emotions that are not working towards light,
  then you only are allowed to go so far. There is only so much
  information that is available to that sort of vibration. Love is the
  basic building block. When one has love, all possibilities exist.

  QUESTION: Assuming we finish up our duty on Earth in this lifetime,
  where do we go?

  PLEIADIANS: There are many on the planet at this time who are here
  to complete within this activity of experience. They have sojourned
  here over and over again to learn, to plan, to educate themselves,
  to encode their beings in preparation for this time. When this new
  world is formed, your extension of lifetime will completely change,
  your perceptions of time will completely change, and it will be an
  altered state of being. You will be united with the star energies
  and extraterrestrials that have been assisting your planet and
  cultures for eons.

  [They] will come to offer all sorts of varieties of experience. Some
  will choose to work on other planets as conscious beings. Some will
  choose to stay here on Terra to rebuild and to structure a new
  society. Many will stay to work with the children and to have the
  children teach them.

  When you are translating from whatever experience you have, those
  who are here to complete [will understand] that the job is done. A
  new world is formed, and that those that wish to, will have a safe
  platform and a beautiful planet, a jewel of a planet, to move
  forward with. That planet will draw only certain energy to itself
  because the energy would have been purified and righted and brought
  into great alignment. Many of you have been here for so long, that
  you long for other experiences. It is not that you are stuck here.
  It is that to complete a portion of your journey, you stayed. And
  you all have come to be very fond of one another and so there will
  be greater discussions, and greater options of where you would be
  going. Some of you would not choose to come into third dimensional
  bodies for a long long time for there is much to be done without
  coming into bodily incarnations and being born. Within the spirit
  world, there is much traveling to do and many of you will take
  vacations as you would call them, and travel about to re-activate
  what you have forgotten. You will check out certain places of
  activity. You will go to different planets and see different forms
  of being. Time does not exist, so it would be possible, in your
  terms, to spend one million of

  Codings - 58 - Pleiadians

  your years searching to see where you wished to go next. And those
  one million years go by like a month's vacation. You may go
  somewhere and become involved in sound or light or manipulating
  matter into shapes. Or you may be content become part of crystalline
  forms that merely exist, that merely act as senders of information.
  You may become one with these crystalline structures that have
  become gigantic [and] make up entire planets on other dimensions.

  You would go there to ease your soul's journey and to become one
  with all the consciousness that would be, like the central computer
  in certain areas of existence. These crystalline structures would
  take in and pass out information. That would be quite satisfying
  because you would have perceived the experience without actually
  having to go through the bodily incarnation. Some of you, after your
  success, may be quite bold and daring and choose to assist another
  planet in its growth. [You would] come in and be born as them, or
  buz them within these starships and intrigue them. It is quite
  complicated. It is all fun. It is all loving. And it is a vast
  magnificent plan that changes all the time and is always available
  to you. You must understand that you, yourselves, are very important
  in all of this. You have wide vistas of experiences open to you.

  11. Immortality of Being and Contact

  The death experience as you know it, is something that you program
  yourselves for. Your aging process is something that is an
  expectation within your lifetimes. We would like to plant the seed
  for the idea that you will be around perhaps for at least a hundred
  more of your years, if you so choose. If you so choose. What you are
  going to be working on is an understanding and a releasing of ideas
  that have set about limitations for your experience and how to
  reprogram, so to speak, how to release trauma that has been built
  in, that is coded and written within the bones and the cells of your
  structure that anticipate a certain form of development.

  This is not a new idea, this idea of immortality. But it is an idea
  that is going to come alive. You are being prepared to teach the
  masses whether you realize it or not. Each of you will be working in
  a different fashion, manifesting your own unique sense of
  creativity. Yet, each one will be catching the core issues that are
  being stirred up in the masses at this time.

  It is imperative that many of you stay around to help formulate the
  new earth that is being birthed. You are not being trained to work
  for perhaps twenty or thirty more of your years and then to retire.

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 59 - Pleiadians

  is not what this is about. You are in the midst of a gigantic shift
  in consciousness covering the entire earth sphere, Terra. At this
  point in your time, you are only looking through one pinprick of a
  view of what this is going to involve. It is beyond your
  comprehension. Rest easy with this for it will open as you are in
  receptivity to understand what is needed to know.

  This idea of immortality, this longevity in the life experience,
  will have to do with your understanding of the importance of
  aligning the beliefs with the vehicle, of utilizing the great healer
  and regenerator called oxygen on your system, and how through
  breathing and the releasing of limiting ideas and limiting programs
  that have been placed on the vehicle, you will allow yourself to

  Some of you may feel despondent at this idea because your lives are
  not in harmony at this time and you may say, "I do not want to live
  100 more years." [This will change] as certain difficulties are
  brought to the surface and released and worked out. This will come
  about through your intentions. It will come about in a natural
  process. It will develop over time. We are giving you an avenue of
  exploration to show you what you are working towards. As you make
  your lives in order and as you are forming the new earth you will
  want to be here for the gratification and for the satisfaction and
  for the ability to have this great completion that will free you
  with flying colors from your tethers to your Mother Earth.

  You all expect to die.You celebrate your birthdays and you are most
  joyous about these birthdays to a certain age. Then you begin to
  dread them because you have a program set out for yourself that says
  that each birthday is bringing about the degeneration of the body,
  bringing about a decrepit state, a state of ill health, a state that
  promotes inactivity. Your cards in your stores that you buy promote
  this. You turn 29 years old and you say to yourself you are over the
  hill. We are bringing this up to you because we have been working
  with you and preparing you not for a few years of excitement but for
  many years if you choose. It is always up to you.

  There are probable lives that exist in front of you that are free of
  physical difficulty. If you wish to be free of physical difficulties
  it is you that needs to be in receptivity of healing. Healing is
  necessary when there is a discomfort within the body. A discomfort
  exists within the body when one refuses the growth that the soul
  needs to experience. It is a blockage of growth. It is a fear of

  You have heard us speak often enough how important it is to change
  and yet each and every one of you fear change and you wish to
  control down to the minutest detail every aspect of your lives. When
  you allow the vehicle to move forward without fear, then there is no
  need for discomfort or disease. When you learn to believe that you
  can maintain a consistency of body structure, a consistency of cell
  regeneration, then truly will you be able to demonstrate to others.

  Expand your ideas, particularly in the areas of aging and
  immortality, about who you can be. You can revitalize yourselves.
  There are

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 60 - Pleiadians

  ancient sciences, as we may call them, on your planet who have
  spoken of the importance of the breath over and over again. And yet
  to you it all seems like too much work. What do you all have in
  common with one another throughout the entire planet? You all need
  to breathe. Is that not so? And what is it this oxygen does to your
  system? It regenerates it. It activates what is going on inside.

  In this time of energy acceleration it would behoove each and every
  one of you to add more oxygen to your being. There are many ways to
  do this. The most simplistic is to become consciously aware of your
  breath. Through the breath you can do many things.  You can activate
  the crystalline structures or deactivate the crystalline structures.
  You can activate your own self. You can clear energy that is coming
  between two beings purely by inhaling and releasing. You can bring
  about a state of great calmness. You can bring about a state of
  altered consciousness. You can bring about a state of healing. You
  can bring about, eventually, a state of teleportation and bilocation
  and dematerialization. This is all something that you are working

  The second part of our discussion is about being in preparation and
  what it is to have contact. Contact has existed on your planet from
  the very beginning. There have been those that have come down and it
  has been their life journey to sojourn on your planet and to teach
  cultures. There are those who are even on this day sequestered away
  within the deep catacombs, as you would call them, the deep
  underground tunnels and monasteries of your ancient Tibetan area
  that house the bodies of those who are kept in what you would call
  perpetuity so that they can be reminded of the star teachers who
  have given so much to this planet.

  Whenever mankind has made a leap forward that leap has come because
  mankind has been guided and because mankind asked for assistance.
  Much information is transferred to your planet in a variety of ways.
  Each and every one of you is on the verge of having great volumes of
  information come through to you. It is up to you whether you are
  going to believe this. It is up to you whether you are going to call
  out and ask for a teacher and ask for the assistant that you are
  needing in this moment to bring about your life's work and
  fulfillment. You are all here for really important reasons.

  Eventually you each are going to be coming into contact. That may
  occur in a variety of ways. You have heard us say over and over
  again that there are many dimensions of experience. Each dimension
  of experience has its own validity. As third dimensional man who
  would call "real" only one portion of its existence, when everything
  you perceive and everything you feel is real.

  Prepare yourselves and wait in each and every moment for more
  information, for a gentle love to come through and relinquish your
  fear. You may think it is easy for us to say to relinquish your
  fears. It is easy to say. Your fears have to do with a multitudinous
  buildup that has come from your childhood. What your ideas of the
  unknown may be, what your ideas of safety may be and what is in
  store for you.

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 61 - Pleiadians

  At first, you may be startled when one comes into your presence and
  resonates four or five feet off the ground and gives you teachings
  for an hour or two. Yet, if that is your experience, you have called
  it to yourself.

  This year you would find that each month, each one of your moons,
  will multiply itself exponentially prior to the month that you have
  just experienced. So whatever it was that you have experienced in
  your month that has just passed, you will find that it will double
  itself in the next month. It will continue to build. You are
  creating for yourselves a massive acceleration because you are each
  calling it to yourself.

  You had best, if you wish to take our advice, keep yourself in
  balance and by all means, clearly call out through prayer or through
  intention, whichever feels more correct to you, call out to what you
  are desiring to manifest and utilize the great gifts that are coming
  your way. You each have selected yourselves and you each have placed
  yourself in an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams. We
  are here as always to assist. We encourage you and we say to you
  that there is a pathway of joy and glory that lies in front of you
  and it is all that you need to know. Move yourself towards this.

  QUESTION: Will we begin eating a lighter and lighter diet as we
  learn to rejuvenate ourselves and learn to take more energy out of
  the ethers and less out of our physical surroundings?

  PLEIADIANS: You've got it. For those of you who like food, it is not
  that you need to let it go. It is not that it is going to be a great
  sacrifice. It is that you will find that there are alternative ways
  of being and you will find that those habits that you had you are no
  longer in desire of participating within.

  You will find, many of you, that as you begin to oxygenate the
  system more, that you would bring about a greater state of energy
  and that as you begin to bring about this greater state of energy
  you will find that it is not necessarily coming from the food
  source, that it is coming from light, that it is coming from
  meditation, it is coming from being aligned with your thoughts and
  the changing of your beliefs and that the body does not have to be
  based on what your nutritionists say you need to have to keep alive.

  QUESTION: What would be the first step we should take in this
  rejuvenation process?

  PLEIADIANS: Oxygenation. Oxygenation flushes out what is unnecessary
  and keeps the body full of light. Breathing is the main thing. There
  are additives that are also oxygenators. There are many assistants
  to bring about oxygenation [that you can buy].

  The breath has not been focused on enough. All of these other things

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 62 - Pleiadians

  certainly assist you but breathing is your key. Whatever it is that
  you are going to add to your lives, utilize the great process of
  breathing. Each man on your planet has been given all that is needed
  to come to a completion. It is you, yourselves, who go about
  inventing things to assist this and there is nothing wrong with
  this. We applaud your creativity. But you, yourselves, each have the
  ability and your breathing is one of your greatest tools.

  There are many techniques. There are many journeys that can be taken
  by utilization of the breath alone. Utilizing the breath and the
  oxygenation process in conjunction with taking substances that have
  oxygen within them, particularly if you participate in foods that
  are rich in oxygen, you are enhancing a lightness of being. You are
  activating an energy form that brings about greater states of aware-

  QUESTION: You began the evening talking about contact. I feel that I
  have been contacted but I'm not sure whether it was real or not.

  PLEIADIANS: What do you think we're going to say that you were
  imagining it? What have we been speaking to you about imagination?
  What have we been speaking to you about the various realms of
  experience? They are legitimate. You had your wits about you and you
  were told at that moment to receive. Many of you are surrounded on a
  continual basis. It is up to you to have your wits to receive.

  Some of you will begin to feel pressure on your body, to feel
  pressure on your skin. There will be slight hintings. There will be
  feelings around you in the atmosphere that the air has changed.
  There will be a difference in the light molecular structure in front
  of you. This is all a portion of a variety of energies that are
  attempting to communicate with you. More than [the fact that] these
  entities are attempting to communicate with you is that you,
  yourself, have broken down your barriers as to your definitions of
  what you think is possible. You are moving more steadfastly into
  what you would call fourth dimensional experience which allows you
  to be feelers and not thinkers.

  QUESTIONS: What about our fears of contact?

  PLEIADIANS: There are very few existing on the planet at this time
  who are fearless. So, first of all, relinquish any judgment you may
  have of yourself or of others who are facing their fears. One of the
  best ways to overcome fear is to acknowledge it. Where you trick
  yourselves and you try to pretend that you are not afraid, you hold
  on and you hide deep inside of your being this intimate feeling that
  you will not admit because you think it is a weakness. When you lay
  it out in front of you and you say, "I am afraid," you are willing
  the issue to a head and you are asking that you understand this fear
  and you are asking for assistance in this area.

  When you have fear, particularly of contact, you are fearing that
  there is going to be the unknown, the "x" factor, that is going to

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 63 - Pleiadians

  come in and affect you in a way that you will feel out of control
  with. We have been saying that your world is a result of your
  thought manifestation. This idea works in all of the realms of

  Your intention about the kind of experience you wish to have can
  literally change in the moment. If ever you are finding, whether it
  be in third, fourth or fifth dimensional experience, that you are
  drawing to yourself something less than what you are choosing, then
  you must learn to believe that you can vanquish that in an instant
  whether it be a dream or one who would come to literally attack you.
  Your powers are such. Your thoughts will send out a wall of
  protection and you can use a thrust of energy that will stop
  whatever is coming your way.

  When you are feeling a fear and if you wish to stop the experience
  and you are not prepared for it, state this and put up around
  yourself a shield of light and know that that shield of light is as
  real as any wall that you would build with cinder blocks. This is
  what you are teaching yourselves, that your thoughts form your

  The large majority of you will not be in need of protection because
  you have the ability to understand that you would draw to yourself
  the highest of light energy. If you are desiring contact, ask that
  the contact come in a time when you are safe, when you are
  comfortable, that you not be startled.

  Define how you wish contact. If you are going about saying, "I want
  contact. I want contact," what are you going to get? If you want
  con-tact in a certain condition in certain parameters of experience,
  state this. "I would like to have..." and define in the affirmative
  how you would be designing your experience. "I would enjoy contact
  with one who would approach me with love and that I immediately
  sense this and that I immediately move into a state of receptivity.
  I [want to be] contacted by one whose physical visage and vibration
  is something that I am comfortable with." It is up to you to design
  how adventurous you wish your experiences. There will be a time when
  you will be gathering so many experiences that we will be pushed to
  the background waiting our turn to come in.

  There are many, many contacts going on on the planet at this time.
  Your universe is teeming with life. Just because one has certain
  abilities does not necessarily mean that they are of the highest
  intentions. When you are bringing an understanding of teaching into
  your life and energies from the outside, whether they be
  extraterrestrial or whatever fashion or form the higher energies
  come to you, discernment is most important.

  The way you discern is by the feeling in the center portion of your
  body. How is it that you feel? Are you feeling in comfort? Are you
  feeling uplifted? What is the message that is being given? Are you
  being pointed to your own abilities or are you being asked to do
  something that does not feel comfortable to you? All of these are

  Immortality of Being and Contact - 64 - Pleiadians

  Most definitely on your planet you are going to be experiencing
  great confusion because it is all going to break loose very shortly.
  All that has been covered up, all that has been kept from you is
  going to come out in this decade and you are all going to have the
  opportunity to fine tune discernment and to align yourself with
  energies human and otherwise that will afford opportunities for your
  growth. It is you that, through your intention, will decide how that
  growth will be.

  [Most of] the beings coming from the skies at this time are those to
  enhance the spiritual understanding of mankind. Mankind will learn
  to resonate with his own beauty and great desire to become one with
  the higher realms. Do not call those who come from the sky aliens.
  Realize that we are your ancient heritage and that many have come to
  assist you. Many have come to reawaken and allow you to move beyond
  this time that you have been greatly sequestered by your own
  energies. We congratulate you on your journeys into yourselves.

  12. The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days

  You are coming to maturity. You are coming to be full in your
  blossom, full in your vibrancy, full in your seed. The fullness and
  the ripeness, the sweetness of your own being the beings that you
  would be a bit nostalgic for, that would almost be something like an
  ache inside of your being when you look back at these times. Many of
  you have done very well and brought yourselves to a very firm stance
  within yourselves. You saw what needed to he changed and you rose to
  the occasion and alIowed yourself to just be nourished by the
  energies that would bring you to become ripe upon the vine. Some of
  you have heard us speak about the time that is coming, the new
  energy accelerations. For some of you it must seem as if you live
  from one energy acceleration to the next.

  Tremendous current.s of energy come with each new acceleration. Now
  you are ripe. Now you are ready. Now you have moved past that which
  has been difficult. Now you are ready like spiritual warriors to
  face what is coming, to go full on into what lies ahead in the
  light, the brilliancy. Your population is beginning to double at an
  accelerated [pace].

  You are moving into the electrifying leap of consciousness because
  there will be more and more and more people upon the planet. [In the
  '70's] there were approximately 2 billion humanities upon the
  planet. Now you have over 5 billion people, in less than fifteen of
  your years. What is going to happen in the next fifteen of your
  years? Why are so many humans coming upon the planet?

  You are at a very interesting point in your development. Many of you
  do not see so clearly where it is that you are. We would like to say
  that you are poised on the brink of the cliff. You have traveled

  The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days - 65 - Pleiadians

  very far and now the next step for you is the journey into the
  bound-less energy. Life is going to get much more thrilling,
  interesting and exciting.

  We would discuss with you the sweetness, the richness, the ripeness
  of life this evening of your days and how the point that you have
  reached will take you further into areas where you are all going to
  need to become experts [and] have tremendous confidence in your

  QUESTION: I want to ask about the population increase. When people
  incarnate onto the planet they know the changes that are going to
  happen, so why would they be incarnating?

  PLEIADIANS: You must understand how the earth has been for so long.
  It is the same place, the same cyclical type of situation where
  everyone comes onto the planet in order to work through what is
  needed always working, working, working. Think about 10,000 years
  ago. How many humanities were on the planet? Then think about 5,000
  years ago and see how the numbers have increased. When the numbers
  were smaller, of course, things would go much slower. Now that the
  numbers have accelerated so vastly, things are sped up.

  Now, this is where humanities get stuck. You all think it is bad to
  die. True? You want everyone to live happily ever after, forever.
  Immortality of being. So you all think it is not good if mass
  amounts of humanities are terminated. That is your premise, many of
  you, that starts off all this questioning. You must understand that
  before one comes into physical body one knows that one is not going
  to become annihilated. So one comes in with confidence that they are
  a continuous being. It is only when one is entrenched in the body,
  in the physical reality, that one is not so certain that one goes
  on. Many of the beings that are coming upon the planet at this time,
  that are helping to bring about this population explosion, are
  coming here knowing that they are not going to move into immortality
  within the physical body. That is going to be for a small grouping.
  It is going to be for a very dedicated grouping that will extend
  their physical lives. But those that come onto the planet knowing
  that they may be a part of the great earth changes, knowing that
  their lives may be a momentary light upon the surface of the earth,
  but they know the power that their transformation will have upon the
  consciousness of not only the earth, but all of the humanities that
  are involved. You see, as human beings you need to be shocked out of
  your complacency, out of your apathy. Sometimes it is the only way
  that you learn. So there are shocks coming to your systems that will
  literally jolt you into other realities of being. If you were to
  find out that 20 million people died in a matter of a moment, and if
  you were to look upon the wreckage of it, it might jolt you into
  another real-ity. So, the groupings are coming because they are
  knowing that through their intention the purpose of having this many
  humanities on the planet is going to bring about a planetary shift
  in consciousness because the activities of this many people cannot
  help but make a psychic impact upon the evolutionary process of Adam
  Cadmon man.

  QUESTION: If a volcano erupts and 2 million people are killed, do
  these 2 million people also benefit from having taken part in the

  The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days - 66 - Pleiadians

  experiment and having placed themselves in that position? Are they
  also involved in the growth process?

  PLEIADIANS: Absolutely. There are 5 billion people on your planet at
  this time. Shortly, within the next five years you are going to hear
  much discussion about controlling the population although there will
  be no controlling it because you are in the midst of discovering
  your freedoms. It is something that is out of control. We are seeing
  that in the 1990's at some point you are going to have a doubling
  and there are going to be 10 billion people upon your planet. 10
  billion beings fighting for consciousness, fighting for breath, for
  air, for a place to be. Have you taken a trip lately and looked at
  your highways and freeways and airports to see how many of you are
  out and about? Can you imagine that that will be doubled in a number
  of years?

  What will happen is that you will reach a point, and you are quite
  near this point, when you overload the circuitry of the planet.
  There will have to be a shift, a tilt to take it to a greater state
  of awareness. There will come a time, we guarantee it, where there
  will be mass group exiting off the planet. Mass death. These groups
  tend to bring about an alteration of consciousness. Those who remain
  upon the planet in physical reality are those who will alter the
  structure of the planet. We would like to incorporate with this what
  you would be doing as you begin your intensive study of working in
  the astral plane. This is going to be your project. Once you get
  yourself involved in this you will find that it will be a life's
  work. You are going to become pioneers in this area. You will come
  to work together for an amount of time. Many of you will eventually
  go off and lecture, perhaps write books from the experiences that
  you will have as you learn to become spiritual creators and
  travelers on the astral plane. You will be able, when you are
  capable, to get out to what is called the corridor of time. It is a
  place that at this time you would need to be guided to find this
  location. Once someone has shown you how to ride this corridor, you
  will go there astrally in groupings and you will project yourself
  into different time segments of your own future to see what
  probabilities are most prevalent and to see what preparation you
  will need to work with the changes that will come through the masses
  working together to alter the planet.

  It is very interesting what lies ahead for you. You will be quite
  occupied and quite rewarded for the work that you will do. When you
  master these skills and techniques many of the struggles that you
  presently have will no longer exist because you will be able to move
  in a realm that will enhance the picture that you presently have of
  reality. Your means and methodology for securing prosperity and
  securing monies and securing all kinds of desires, will be closer to
  hand and you will have a much clearer picture as to certain
  decisions that you would make.

  QUESTION: When I think of these earth changes, I don't see how I can
  really plan anything.

  PLEIADIANS: You cannot. What do you want to plan for'?

  QUESTION: If I want to go to film school, the only places to go are
  Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and I heard they're going to be
  wiped out.

  PLEIADIANS: When the time comes for you to make a decision to

  The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days - 67 - Pleiadians

  do something, knowing your intention, knowing your exposure to the
  expansion of yourself, if it is in your best interest to [do
  something] it will all work out for you as if someone had planned
  the entire episode. If it is not to work, if it is not the timing to
  get involved in [something] then doorways will be slammed in your
  face. You go about your life, all of you, with your intentions. You
  need to have great flexibility with how those intentions can be
  played out. It is a limitation for you to buy into the idea that
  film can only be studied in those three places. It seems that that
  would be the case. We are saying that if you had your heart bent on
  studying film you could create it anywhere that you are wanting it
  because someone that would be a great film director, or whatever,
  could be spending years in retirement and looking for someone to be
  a student.

  What we are saying is keep your dream. Don't give that dream up.
  Simply open the probabilities as to how you will learn about what
  you are wanting. You all get stuck in this. You think you have one
  or two choices as to how you can receive something or how something
  can be done for you. For all you know, you may go to the beach one
  weekend and be walking along the beach and find something upon the
  sand and pick it up and it belongs to someone. It is their wallet or
  something. So you return it to them and they thank you and invite
  you in for tea and it turns out that they were in the movies for
  fifty years and they are coming here three times a year for a month
  to do some work.

  You never know how spirit is going to set up a situation for you.
  Remember, you are at the point where you are to recognize, those of
  you who choose this, that you are employed by spirit. When you
  really wish to make the acceleration and to make the big leap in
  what you are, you are employed by spirit. Spirit has no limitations.
  Spirit does not require that you pass any tests to get into school.
  Spirit will give you lessons for free with no tuition. Let spirit
  arrange for you what you are wanting and trust yourself. Intend that
  when the earth changes and the shifts in consciousness come about
  upon the planet that you will be safe and provided for and you will
  be flexible with what your choices will be.

  QUESTION: Since we create our realities, with enough massive thought
  and loving light can we stop the earth changes from happening?

  PLEIADIANS: Many have asked this question. You are thinking again
  that the earth changes would be bad because life would be
  annihilated. Correct? Remember that life came here to help, to
  participate. So some lives make their translation knowing the effect
  on consciousness. You are forgetting everything is integrated.
  Everything is all one. You, yourselves, may be able to bond and
  secure lightwise an area that you may live within. And you,
  yourselves, may miss any kind of deep catastrophe. Yet, in general,
  you are not going to stop the changes that are necessary to bring
  about the shift in consciousness.

  You may alter the severity or you may alter one aspect of it. But,
  in general, the pulse of the world is moving towards something and
  all you need to do is look in your newspapers. Thirty or forty years
  ago, do you know how many earthquakes there were? In a year there
  were a handful that many years ago. Now there are thousands in one
  year. Each year they increase more and more and more. These are your
  earth changes.

  The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days - 68 - Pleiadians

  Sometimes we don't like the word "earth changes" because it gives
  all of you the idea that the earth is going to crack down the middle
  and that there is going to be horrible devastation. There are going
  to be changes, definitely. But, as we said, the earth changes have
  been building your weather patterns. All of these are about earth
  changes because they capture the attention of man and make them
  think. The purpose of all of this is to bring the species upon the
  planet to the brink of understanding that you are spiritual beings
  and not material beings. The bridging of spiritual self is the whole
  idea of this shift in consciousness. To take away the overemphasis
  of the material world, the struggle of man, the competition of man,
  the need to go outside of the home to work, to bring monies in, to
  live in the material world, this is what you are moving away from.

  It is a time when Mother Earth is cleansing herself, when she is
  shaking off the shivers of a fever. It is like she is birthing
  something. Each one of you has allowed yourself to search inside of
  your own [personal] earth and to shake it up and to recultivate it
  and to go through your emotional furrows and plant new ideas of
  being, new patterns of energy. In a sense, you have gone through it
  already and now you are going to project outward what you have done
  and let the earth demonstrate to the rest of humanity what to do.
  This will bring about a cleansing. It will bring about a
  restructuring and bring about the coming together of a brotherhood
  upon the planet.

  QUESTION: Can you talk a little bit about how we can juggle our
  schedules to fit in all of the things we want to be doing?

  PLEIADIANS: That, indeed, can be a challenge. As you reach this
  sweetness of days, this ripeness of your being, all of a sudden you
  will find that almost anything that you turn your hand to you will
  become quite proficient in. You will find that there will be a
  multitude of areas to learn about.

  Always do that for yourself which facilitates you feeling good
  first. It does not mean that it has to be first thing in the day. It
  means that it is your first priority at some point during the day.
  That during the day this must be done. That means breathing. That
  means eating properly. That means exercising and utilizing the
  physical vehicle in a proper way. Those things must come first. The
  breathing, the ingestion of good food and the proper expansion of
  energy, physical exchange of the body. And meditation. As you do
  these things on a regular basis you will find that you will have
  much more energy and you will have to prioritize what you are
  wanting. You will fit it in if you feel good physically. Often
  people get busy and they say, "I need to do this, this, this and
  this and I don't have time." After awhile, you cannot do all the
  things you wish to do because your body is not up to par. Always put
  your physical vehicle first.

  Let yourselves move with grace and dignity throughout your days.
  There are many adventures ahead and we are certain that you will all
  be upon them. We will do whatever we can to bring you the assistance
  and the energy needed to bring about the great transformation of

  Sage of Family of Light - 69 - Pleiadians

  13. Sage of Family of Light

  13.1. The Saga of the Family of Light [1]

  Over [the last couple of years] we have discussed many ideas with
  you concerning boundaries that you have set around your definition
  of reality. [There] is a need for each of you to examine the
  boundaries that you have set around yourselves. Each of you believes
  that you have evolved, that you have a large picture, that you see
  many things. Relative to where you have journeyed from, indeed, you
  have made progress. However, we guarantee you that you are not
  seeing the boundary that you presently set for yourself, the
  boundary that still defines what you believe you can and cannot do.
  This is what tethers you to this version, this frequency of reality.

  These boundaries that you set, that you advertise and announce about
  yourselves, keep you from moving with the information that is
  beginning to awaken inside of you. The information is part of the
  spiritual upliftment. Different layers of reality are removed so
  that you become more in tune with the realms that are called spirit.
  That is what spiritual advancement is.

  We want you to give up boundaries. We want you to stop defining and
  protecting every aspect of your lives.

  Light represents information. Darkness represents ignorance, not
  being informed. You have heard us speak many times of the Family of
  Light or the White T-Shirt and the Dark T-Shirt teams. You represent
  a return of the White T-Shirts. That's basically who you are. You
  are members of the Family of Light and we want you to contemplate
  who Light are. We want that to be a concept that filters through
  your consciousness.

  You all know that the body is changing. There is a rearranging and a
  rebundling of the light encoded filaments that have been scattered
  inside of your physical body. Your bodies are being retooled,
  redesigned. Light encoded filaments make up the strand which forms
  each helix [of the DNA]. As this energy [during the energy
  accelerations] moves into the body, it is like a gridwork of energy
  that is superimposed or aligned over the physical body. All of the
  bodies must be intact in order for the light encoded filament
  bundling to be affected. What does this mean?

  Remember there are millions of light encoded filaments. They have
  been purposely scattered in your DNA so that a long time ago when
  you were created, you could be controlled by some. There were those
  who were of Light who biogenetical created a great liberation within
  one species of the planet. Your reality, your world, at different
  times was raided. There were other forms of extraterrestrial
  stewardship or cosmic kings that came in and took over the project
  of your earth. This has been called "the fall" in religious terms. A

  Sage of Family of Light - 70 - Pleiadians

  change of administration took place.

  These new administrators on your planet called themselves God with a
  big "G" when they were really gods with a little "g." They did a
  biogenetic manipulation upon many members of the species. Your
  relatives that made up the organization of the DNA material were put
  asunder, or scattered within the body. That formed tiny fibers of
  data that were at random within the cells of the body. These are the
  light encoded filaments.

  The light encoded filaments are beginning to find their counterparts
  and data, information, history that is your right to know, is
  organizing itself inside of your bodies in conjunction with the rays
  and the gridworks that are being put over your physical bodies, you
  who are members of the Family of Light.

  It is an awesome task to carry light. Once you allow light to come
  into the body you begin the process of change. [It] is not always a
  joyous, uplifting, fun-filled time as some of you have discovered.
  In this process, when things are not so fun-filled, the first thing
  that you all do in order to keep yourself from evolving and from
  changing, you immediately begin to respond to all emotional events
  with fear. You blame someone else and you whine and you complain and
  you feel and believe that someone did something to you.

  The rest of the planet believes this. The rest of the planet are not
  members of the Family of Light. There are millions of you here, of
  course, and light is returning to this planet where the Dark T-
  shirts were in charge for a very, very long time, where the Dark T-
  shirts fed off of your emotions of fear and negativity and war and
  greed. Because this is a free will universe, all of this has been
  allowed. And, of course, Prime Creator, First Cause, is the Dark
  Team as well as the Family of Light. Prime Creator, First Cause is
  all things.

  We teach you in terms of stories. Some day perhaps you will see
  through some of the stories that we tell and you will not need these
  stories any longer. You will be able to smash paradigms and come
  into a knowing of larger realities. Until that day, we speak to you
  in stories so that we can hold your interest and entice you along to
  areas where you are petrified to go and yet in areas where you have
  committed to the deepest portion of your soul to journey

  You have agreed to carry light and to return light to this planet.
  So it is that as light begins to fill your bodies, your memories
  must be opened and you must evolve as the DNA evolves, into a multi-
  dimensional self, a multidimensional reality.

  EDITOR'S NOTE: In earlier tapes the Pleiadians explained that as we
  are evolving biogenetically our DNA, which was a double helix, has
  now become a triple helix. The triple will become six, six will
  become nine and nine will become twelve. Each new strand relates to
  a corresponding chakra in the twelve chakra system.

  When the triple helix was born, there was a rebundling of certain

  Sage of Family of Light - 71 - Pleiadians

  information which coincided with the double helix as your scientific
  community would describe it. There was stirring up and there were
  memories and there was energy that needed to be brought to the
  surface. The first two strands [the double helix] that are in each
  person relate to the first two chakras the base chakra and the
  chakra of sexuality.

  The triple helix relates to the third chakra, that of feeling. As
  the triple helix came into blossoming and as the triple helix began
  to release its data, as the nervous system continued to evolve, the
  brain began to move into a functional capacity - full function you
  are striving for today rather than a mere 5-8%. This mutation
  process is all of the data. The complete history of yourselves in
  the universe is in these light encoded filaments which have been
  scattered inside of the self by beings who did not want you to be
  that talented because they could not control you.

  You are now coming to the time where there are three more strands so
  there [will] be six strands. The six strands will work you through
  the heart center, the throat center and the third eye center.

  Anything that you have not let go of that has to do with identity,
  sexuality and feeling if you have not worked through these and
  simply used the material of your own history to create soap operas
  around your life that you want to run and have a nonending show, you
  will get stuck in these areas. As the other frequencies, as the
  other DNA's begin to form, if you do not clear this stuff,
  everything will go into chaos in your body.

  The self must explore all of the history of this body so that you
  can accept who and what this body is, and who and what this body has
  done and what has been done to it. If and when you can reach this
  place of understanding why you created others coming into your life
  to create great disturbances, then ideally you will put yourself in
  a position to sanely explore the channels of the multi-dimensional
  self where we guarantee you, you are not going to be pleased at what
  you have done.

  Many of you have been practicing the art of projection. That means
  that you blame someone else for what you have created. That is
  acting completely against all that we have taught you. No one else
  does anything to you ever. You create your reality. In order for you
  to get the body ready to move into the multi-dimensional version of
  self, you must stop judging it.

  The multi-dimensional self is where you literally begin to feel this
  data from the light-encoded filaments that is your history, that is
  your identity, that is the history of your world on this planet and
  of f of it. In order for you to have this history revealed to you as
  a fre-quency, you must move out of right and wrong and judgment. You
  must smash the paradigms.

  We have carried the idea of sexuality into many of these concepts. A
  long time ago we taught you that sexuality is a frequency of ecstasy

  Sage of Family of Light - 72 - Pleiadians

  that was not taken away from you like the data in the DNA. You were
  left with the frequency of orgasmic experience in sexuality so that
  you could remember your higher identity.

  When this energy, or this history of yourself begins to reveal
  itself and you begin to discover who you are, you have to unite many
  bodies in order to receive the full impact of the gridwork of your
  identity to let the 12 helixes fit in the body, to let the light
  encoded filaments rearrange themselves. It has to do with the mental
  body, which is of course connected to the physical body. Mentally
  you can send an image or you can stir up the physical body. Everyone
  gets stuck in the emotional body. The emotional body is connected to
  the spiritual body. The emotional body is the body that everybody
  wants to skip. "I want to evolve. I want a rapid acceleration and I
  do not want to go through the feeling center to do it."

  You are connected to your multidimensional selves through your
  feelings. So it is through your feelings where primarily humans get
  stuck. That is why men have given up feeling. In your society, men
  have simply bypassed or recircuited the energy from the first
  chakra, the second chakra and they move up into thinking. That is
  why the female vibration has been very frustrated with the male
  vibration because the male vibration does not feel.

  The male vibrations have lost their feeling into their second
  chakra. It has been very frustrating. If the male vibration felt,
  they could not go out and commit war. You cannot feel and take the
  life of another. In general, if your feeling center is open, you are
  connected to how someone else is. You would feel their pain and it
  would be a rare group of people who would get off on that kind of
  pain and killing. War occurs because feeling centers are shut down.
  So the male vibration has been in agony by having feelings locked
  into the penis for all these years.

  You may think it is a joke. It is not a joke. That is what allowed
  the patriarchal society to develop without feeling men. Your world
  has been organized by men for quite a number of thousands of years
  as the woman or the goddess energy has decided to be quiet for
  awhile. Now you are experiencing a reawakening of the goddess and
  the merging of the male and the female identity within each person
  which has been called on your planet the twin flame. The twin flame
  is the male and the female within each person.

  QUESTION: Sometimes the things you really want to experience or that
  you crave to express and you feel like are truly you, you're
  terrified of experiencing. Are the craving and the fear somehow
  connected to the fact that the DNA has been scattered and the light
  is in there but you can't seem to get to it?

  PLEIADIANS: Gold star for you. That is a very good stretch of
  understanding what you fight with to understand. The physical bodies
  of the creatures of earth were designed. You all represent the
  renegade group of Light. A renegade factor of Light shall we say.
  You have agreed to come back on the planet. You are on assignment.

  Sage of Family of Light - 73 - Pleiadians

  You come into these physical bodies and take them over. You intend
  through the power of your spiritual identity to change the physical
  body. You all selected with great care the genetic line that would
  best give you a head start with all of this. So each of you
  genetically chose your parentage or your genetic genealogical
  history somewhere where members of the Family of Light have threaded
  through your own genes.

  When you begin to awaken this identity, this reality, when the
  coding begins to be fired in you, you must follow. The logical mind
  wants to fight with the coding. It is the logical mind to some
  extent that has a memory of the pain that was suffered when the fall
  took place. When man existed in his right domain, man had the
  ability to understand many realities. Man had the ability to be
  multi-dimensional, to be one and equal with the gods. The gods
  raided this reality just like corporate raiders come in and take
  over a place because the pension funds are in great abundance the
  funds upon this planet were in great abundance. So long ago, in
  order to have these gods be believed as gods, they rearranged you

  The DNA was like a fantastic library [before it was scattered].
  Imagine going into a library and pulling all of the books off of the
  shelf and letting them all be heaped into the center of the room and
  then destroying the card catalog so there is no way to find
  information. That information exists, but if it is not stumbled upon
  it is lost. It is not cross-referenced.

  That is what happened with your genetic structure. That is when the
  Family of Light was scattered from the planet. The Dark Team, that
  which operated out of ignorance, came in. The body carries a fear
  and a memory of striving for knowledge that the gods represented,
  that they took away from you. The gods who did this are magnificent
  space creatures. They can do many kinds of manipulations and work
  with realities in many different ways. When this occurred, man began
  to be in ignorance and man began to call these space creatures God
  with a big "g."

  God with a big "g" has never visited this planet. God with a big "g"
  is in all things. You have only dealt with gods with a little "g"
  who have wanted to confuse you, who have thought of this as a place
  that they own out in the galactic fringes of this freewill universe.

  QUESTION: It seems such a paradox; that on one hand we create our
  reality and on the other hand we have been genetically altered into
  ignorant beings.

  PLEIADIANS: Yes. This is the paradox we want you to be confused with
  at this time.

  You see, both of those concepts are boundaries. They define your
  reality. There are enough of you awakened. You are not alone. The
  process is occurring so rapidly that you are ready to have a huge
  realization about your identity as members of the Family of Light.
  You must begin to integrate the concept that, yes, you are

  Sage of Family of Light - 74 - Pleiadians

  biogenetically manipulated and you create your own reality.

  In this freewill zone all is allowed. One of the primary lessons
  that has been going on on this planet is, in a freewill zone,
  authority, sovereignty, tends to be the major issue all over the
  universe. You have the freewill to give up your authority and you
  allow others to define your existence. Others created you just like
  you create many things. You bring light to things you do not
  understand. Ideally, the things that you bring light to and the
  things that you become steward over, you have a certain degree of
  responsibility to. You have a certain compassion of stewardship and
  you balance out your power over what you create. The beings who
  created you, [had] their creation raided. Others came in and took
  over in this freewill zone where all is allowed.

  You, as members of the Family of Light, have designed this time to
  alter the planet, to eventually alter the whole universe. The Family
  of Light is very vast. There are many more of many other kinds of
  families besides light. We are simply talking to you about light
  because that is your primary affiliation at this time. Perhaps
  [later] you will begin to realize what is beyond light, what else
  there is besides light.

  QUESTION: When the DNA was scattered, where did the information go?

  PLEIADIANS: It was all set asunder so that there was no way to make
  sense of the information. So, how do you find the information? The
  information is going to reveal itself to you. That is the process.
  You don't have to go looking for it. This is your heritage. This is
  who you are. It is the memories that are going to come flooding your
  consciousness. As the DNA begins to form these new strands, these
  new strands will travel along a nervous system in the body that is
  being developed at this time. Over this last year we worked with you
  to develop the nervous system, to pull light into the body, to
  oxygenate the system, to learn how to move through energy
  accelerations and call more ideas, more experiences into the body.
  As this process begins to grow itself and nurture itself in the
  body, you simply observe it.

  You want to know how to access it. When you get stuck in your
  dramas, that is when you keep reading one of the books and don't let
  all of the information of the other books come together. There is a
  whole story.

  The story has to do with your whole soul. The entire soul. You are,
  as members of the Family of Light, agreeing to hold in your physical
  body, conscious awareness of all of your existence and to accept
  what you have done, the parts you played in all these existences.
  And then, to raid different realities, to change them according to
  the dictates of your agreement as a representative of the Family of
  Light. You have free will within this, of course.

  The triple helix brings you into the feeling center. The feeling
  center is emotion. Emotion is linked, no doubt about it, and it is
  your road,

  Sage of Family of Light - 75 - Pleiadians

  it is your bridge, your ticket to the spiritual self.

  When people don't like or deny the emotional self, they can't get in
  to the spiritual realms. The Christed one said "Know thyself." That
  was given on the planet a long time ago and distorted so that people
  could not understand how grand indeed they were, that all they had
  to do was rearrange themselves.

  It is always internal. When people want to know how to go about
  bringing the change upon the planet, we've always said work with
  yourself. Develop yourself. Move beyond the boundaries of self.
  Learn to become multi-dimensional. Learn to exist in the astral
  world. Learn to travel beyond the physical body. Stop defining the
  body as ending "here" which is what society encourages you to do so
  that you can be controlled.

  In a free will zone control is part of the game because, in a free
  will zone someone is going to say, "I want to be in charge." You are
  members of the Family of Light. To what hierarchy and to what gods
  do you answer?

  13.2. The Saga of the Family of Light [2]

  It is time for all of you to redefine in a much greater sense your
  own identity. Events are transpiring in the cosmos that you and many
  of your political leaders have no idea of. You must stop this
  foolishness about your definitions of gods. You must stop this
  foolishness of thinking that there are beings who come from the
  skies to your planet with special talents and abilities and that
  they all are spiritually connected. You are going to discover as a
  species some very disturbing ideas over the next number of years;
  perhaps it will be not for fifteen or twenty years. Nonetheless, we
  are preparing you by decree of the Family of Light so that you can
  understand and be informed as to your own options.

  The Family of Light has been noted for its penchant, its
  predilection for creating societies where there is a tremendous
  movement in all directions along the light rays. What does this
  mean? Light is infor-mation. The Family of Light is the Family of
  Information. There are consciousnesses that are Families of War,
  that spend perhaps billions of years in your conception of time,
  studying, promoting, experiencing control over consciousness. In a
  universe that is existing out of a limitation of time, all scenarios
  within a free will zone get played out.

  This is a time for you to radically change your views about
  yourselves. It is time for you to bust down boundaries. It is time
  for you to rise [out of] the pettiness of day-to-day dramas and
  events, to begin to connect on a cosmic level the higher drama that
  is occurring so that you can be better informed for your own
  intentions, purposes and drama. You must be able to understand your
  identity and your ability to ride your identity into any world that
  you choose.

  Sage of Family of Light - 76 - Pleiadians

  You have had changes, many of you. Look back to see who you were one
  year ago and, ideally, each of you will feel much more empowered.
  Each of you will feel, ideally, that you do, in every instance,
  create your own reality. And, ideally, each of you would at this
  point accept that every situation that you experience, whether you
  are employed or unemployed, is by your own design. Ideally, at this
  time each and every one of you has the art of manifestation down,
  because it is now time for you to pull [in] the cosmic gridwork, a
  gridwork that is fired by light encoded filaments outside of your
  body and to plug this gridwork of information into your psyches so
  that you can become broadcasters of this data upon your planet.

  [It is time for you] to smash down the boundaries around you. Those
  boundaries came from beliefs that were given to you when you were
  within the system of the double helix. As the other helixes form in
  your body and begin to bundle information together, and the Family
  of Light begins to once again vibrate upon this planet and change
  the vibrational course of this planet. You will discover that you
  will need to know and believe that you are much more capable than
  you presently believe you are. You must be much more discerning
  about what and who is going to come from the skies because you are
  going to be duped and you are going to be tricked and you are not
  going to understand it.

  We see this because we know how easy it is to dupe you and to trick
  you. Sometimes we do it to you to move you along. We have said this
  to you. We have been very tricky with you. If we told you the whole
  story, many of you would have turned tail and run a long time ago.
  It is true. So, we have instilled in you confidence. We have
  instilled in you [new information] that you create yourselves, that
  you create your reality by your thoughts. [With that information]
  you could begin to formulate a world that has been designed by the
  Family of Light so that a plan and a new gridwork can overlay a
  portion of this earth and that a completely new probability can
  burst forward, because there is potential for a great cosmic war
  here upon your planet at some time.

  You have been given, in historical terms, names of beings and names
  and colors of rays and it has all been so much hocus-pocus that you
  do not even get a true picture of what is going on in the cosmos.
  You keep calling all of these beings gods, and you have a completely
  convoluted view.

  You, as members of the Family of Light, have a stance in another
  reality that is that identity that you read about or that others
  worship. It is not to be worshiped. It simply is. It is no different
  than the you that sits before us. It has its own drama that it is
  working out in the same way that you do. It simply is more informed
  because it operates on a different frequency than you do. You came
  here to bring that frequency and to let that frequency once again
  reign upon the planet. That frequency that is informed, that creates
  an equality.

  The Family of Light are renegades. They are definitely renegades.
  They bring something into reality that wreaks havoc of others'

  Sage of Family of Light - 77 - Pleiadians

  And many say, "Oh, no, here comes the Light." Their systems, or
  their plans are set asunder because Light comes in and Light wrecks

  Systems of information, systems of society, systems of worlds, are
  formed by information that someone gives you. But they are formed
  more by the lack of information that someone gives you. What you do
  not know, what others withhold from you, forms your beliefs. As in
  sexuality. As in no one giving you the idea from the time that you
  were born that your thoughts create your world, etc. So, light
  represents information of a sort that has so much movement that
  eventually all systems evolve. Light can be a systemless
  organization because it is constantly breaking down its boundaries.

  Within the Family of Light there are those who are conservative. Who
  want to hold on. Who want to hold systems and ideas. You are a part
  of the renegades. You are not going to kneel down and worship
  anyone. There is no master that is going to come before you that you
  are going to agree to follow. You may for a while because you will
  have forgotten. But you will know that you are from that portion of
  the Family of Light that continuously carries a banner of freedom,
  to follow no one but the inner guidance.

  There are those who do everything in their power to keep Light from
  coming into systems. There is a Divine Plan that is set about in
  many ways upon this planet. That Divine Plan has to do with a
  protection and a shielding of Light. Everything is done in its
  proper order. Light does not need front page advertisements or
  bulletin boards or newsletters. Light is a frequency and the
  frequency is what is spreading around the planet. As this frequency
  spreads, it spreads because members of the Family of Light allow
  information to be housed within their body and then let that
  information simply be dispersed by living, by being.

  Can you understand there will be those who will come from the stars
  to your planet who will have abilities that will be incredible to
  the mass consciousness of the people upon this planet? These beings
  do not feel. They are not connected to any spiritual seeking. The
  choice of the seeking, of the awakening of the spiritual self is, of
  course, free to each person upon this planet, each person in this
  universe. Not everyone is going to realize it.

  Just as you have cultivated very powerful individuals upon your
  planet who do not feel, who have no connection to their emotional
  and spiritual consciousness, there are those who exist in space who
  are extremely powerful space kings, space entities, who have nothing
  to do with spirituality. They will be powerful forces, forces that
  if you meet them you could feel like David meeting Goliath. That is
  why it is important for all of you to learn how to alter your
  reality, to learn how to dance between the vibrations of frequency,
  to be able to flip into the station of the world that you will be
  wanting to experience.

  QUESTION: So, these highly evolved, mental beings are

  Sage of Family of Light - 78 - Pleiadians

  disconnected from their spiritual center and are not members of

  PLEIADIANS: This is one of the great lessons for you as humans. The
  Family of Light portion of yourself knows this very well. But you
  are not awakened to that portion yet. You are still in the human
  portion. And the human portion has set boundaries about who is a
  good guy and who is a bad guy, and who is who in the space
  hierarchy. There have been tremendous amounts of literature on this
  and you have bought every one of them. We are telling you, smash all
  of those. Smash every one of them, including who you think we are.

  Over the next number of years those who come from the skies will not
  be members of the Family of Light. They will be the mirror of those
  upon the planet. We have said to you, your lesson is becoming your
  own authority and stopping always giving over the decision making
  process to governmental people or parents or teachers or what have
  you. It is time for the people of the earth to become sovereign.

  The people of the earth are going to need to be tricked first before
  they become aware. Many of you may find that you will be very
  frustrated. You will see things that others will not see. You will
  see a mass mania occurring upon this planet and you will not be able
  to live with it. You will see masses of people walk towards
  something, a false god that is foolishness. That will be the time,
  that will be the signal for you to go to your places of retreat.

  You are beginning to feel what may be coming. As we have said to you
  before, it is an awesome task to carry light. Once you put it in
  your body there is no stopping it. There is no saying, "I quit with
  the light team." Once light is there, that is it.

  We want you to realize that those beings who are space beings, who
  are on and around your planet at this time and who your governmental
  forces have made deals with, etc. they are dealing with the same
  issues that you are. There are those of the lower intelligence, the
  lower hierarchy, or whatever terms you wish to label them. They are
  beings who are reflecting your beliefs and your drama back at you.
  They have been accused of heinous behavior, doing mutations and
  abductions upon the human species that have sent an outcry among
  many of the organizational members of UFO study.

  Yet they act as a mirror to show you your world, what you acquiesce
  to and what you acquiesce to let your leaders do all over the world.
  These extraterrestrials who come here do nothing different than your
  own species does or that the masses allow the [leaders] to do in
  their name because they do not rise up and say, "Hey, I do not
  approve of this ! "

  There is a complacency upon this planet. "You do it for me. I don't
  want to be responsible. You become my governmental official. You
  become my teacher. You become my boss. Some one tell me what to do."

  Sage of Family of Light - 79 - Pleiadians

  These extraterrestrials mirror this to you. Remember the movie "V?"
  Many years ago, the movie "V" was shown upon your planet to give you
  some idea of the cunning and the conniving of certain entities who
  will come from space that some will indeed worship and think they
  are absolutely powerful masters. These scenarios are going to prove
  true. There is a pending merging of the human consciousness and the
  extraterrestrial alien presence upon this planet. It is being
  marketed to you at a rapid rate.

  What we are saying is that many of you who have studied and who used
  your own discernment will be shocked and appalled at the foolishness
  and at the worship that the rest of the race will have toward
  certain beings from space who will pass themselves off as your
  creators, even though they do not have bodies that look like yours.
  They will be able to do many things, share many technologies. They
  will perhaps cure certain diseasements that they helped create in
  the first place by teaching germ warfare to your planetary

  You will retreat because you will become disgusted with society
  because you will not fit with the new gods. Do you understand this?
  The new gods may be lizards? That's a little funny, you think? Hold
  on to your seats. You have no idea what is coming. That is why we
  said, "If we told you everything that was coming you would have
  scattered a long time ago."

  And, remember we said to you [before] that some play on both teams
  because they are double agents, etc. It is very complicated. It is
  so complicated and it is time for you to grow up and understand it.
  We have held your hands for quite a few moons and we are pushing
  your paradigms, stretching your identity because we are preparing
  you for something so that you will be able to stand firmly in an
  identity and not be crushed by what you thought was out there.

  Oh, dear humans, you are in for an adventure. And only you can carry
  this adventure out. The nonphysical realms continuously support you.
  The members of the Family of Light are around you and with you all
  of the time. Yet, it is up to you to master the laws that we have
  shared with you and to anchor them upon this planet.

  When you begin to live all that we have taught you with this divine
  nonchalance, this trust of identity, this trust of synchronicity,
  this trust of being a part of a plan, then you will find that even
  in the midst of great calamity, of incredible odds, will you be able
  to defy the laws of man.

  QUESTION: In a sense then, Light are the destroyers. We destroy the
  old in order to create this new world. So we can't really take a
  passive role.

  PLEIADIANS: Of course, you do not. You take an incredibly active
  role. As we said to you, there are many who say, "Oh, no, here come
  the Light!" Light is known to alter every vibrational frequency that
  it encounters. Light carries information. Information expands
  systems. And old systems can no longer exist. So, as light moves to
  destroy, it

  Sage of Family of Light - 80 - Pleiadians

  births new systems by what it leaves behind. A new order is formed.

  [Some of you find it difficult to think of yourselves as destroyers]
  because you have a belief system about it. It is a paradigm. Those
  who get stuck within that vibration, if you do not smash those
  ideas, you will become very confined and restricted in experiencing

  Yes, you are destroyers. You are definitely destroyers. You destroy
  systems where the Dark Team prevails, where ignorance prevails.
  Light goes in to destroy all systems.

  [When we talk about retreat.] we doubt you will want to stay. You
  will feel so isolated and so alone. You will feel the destruction of
  a belief system all around you and the formation of one that you
  have no relationship to, that of worship of perhaps lizard people,
  or some other kind of people. [The toys for children called Masters
  of the Universe] depict energies that are very nonspiritually
  connected and that are somewhat ferocious. They are legitimate
  depictions. Those humans or members of any consciousness that deal
  with struggle and that deal with fear of giving up or changing
  authority or the need for authority will have a tremendous combat
  with these creatures who are going to come from space.

  QUESTION: What is the most effective way that we can deal with these
  energies? If we engage them on their level then we are just going to
  their level.

  PLEIADIANS: This is what you are being trained for. This is where
  your cosmic diplomacy is going to come in very handy when those of
  you get your diplomas in that course.

  You use your feeling center. You feel these things out and you
  allow. You have your wits about you to not want to go out with
  sticks and stones and bows and arrows that you made from your
  backyard and attack Masters of the Universe. You allow each person
  to have their drama. You understand impeccably that you create your
  own experience. Even if it seems as if a two mile ship is going to
  land on top of your house.

  Being the destroyer on this basis means that by carrying light
  inside of your body, you bring that frequency onto the planet. And
  that frequency has information. The frequency of light is about the
  history of your identity. The history of your particular
  consciousness. As we have said, that consciousness was scattered
  from your data base or from your cellular structure because those
  who came in to be your gods could not control you if you had the
  same abilities that they did. So they came in and did the biogenetic
  experimentation and mutation that has been called "the fall." That
  was when the ignorance of man became more predominant. There were
  many different experimentations at that time. It went on for a very
  long period of time.

  Light represents the putting together of that which was asunder. All
  you have to do is be. As you simply be and as you evolve yourself

  Sage of Family of Light - 81 - Pleiadians

  and let your own personal life evolve, you are to take for granted,
  and this truly you are to take for granted, all the other members of
  Light are evolving as you are. You send your telepathic broadcast
  out that you are here, that your presence is here as we always say
  to you, "We are here." We are members also of the Family of Light
  and we bring information with us. That information is broadcast

  There will be those who will seemingly be in chaos to you. To them-
  selves they will feel as if they are in states of ecstasy for a
  while [when they find what they think is] new authority, a higher
  authority, a new paradigm, animal gods, or whatever.

  Back to this animal god thing. Now you know why the Egyptians have
  all of those statues. These beings can do miraculous things. They
  are the ones that your governments are going to be working with.
  Your government and the members of all of the commissions are going
  to promote and speak highly of these particular entities because
  these particular entities are going to assist these beings for a
  while to have more and more wealth.

  These beings who are not spiritually informed or leaning in
  spiritual ways, deny the existence of a force. They have developed
  scientific principalities and technologies that are scattering
  around the laws of spirituality.

  You all think that because you understand or you believe in the
  spiri-tual realms that each person as they evolve must naturally
  move into that information. It is not so. It is possible to become
  brilliant, a master of manipulating matter and reality without
  understanding spir-itual connections. Very important that you learn

  QUESTION: How can connecting with our multi-dimensional selves help

  PLEIADIANS: There are portions of yourself that know of you that you
  do not know of. It is that that you are needing to bridge and pull
  together. You are an operative in the field of a larger identity, an
  identity that is seeking to discover all of it's field forces, all
  of its correspondents. And you, of course, are prime correspondent.
  You are in the hottest territory at this time. You are in the
  pivotal spot. This is the hot spot now.

  Ideally, you will be able to become multi-dimensional travelers and
  you will be able to take the force from this body. Sometimes,
  perhaps, you will be working in the field, perhaps you will be
  gardening or chatting with someone or picking strawberries and
  something strikes you, a sound. And you go and sit and you allow
  [your current earth personality] to depart and with consciousness
  you take [that personality to where it] is needed to add to the
  Family of Light's capability in that reality. And you will know it.
  You will know it.

  You all will become multidimensional players. You will travel with

  Sage of Family of Light - 82 - Pleiadians

  consciousness. It will be then that entertainment will come from the
  self. You will not seek to read books and listen to tapes and go to
  movies. You will be living those things. As you bring the abilities
  of the Family of Light upon this planet, others are not going to
  want you to be here because you will not fit with their gods.

  Not everyone wants to be free. You, as members of the Family of
  Light, are going to create a new earth that is going to be free.
  Those who do not wish to be free will have their earth as well.
  There will be a splitting and a time of separation. Members of the
  Family of Light know that there is no need to force anything. They
  are simply to work together in harmony, to support one another, to
  seek one another out so that you feel comfort in what you are to do
  because some of the things that you are to do will be outrageous.
  Very outrageous.

  QUESTION: Will we know whether these beings are Light or not by
  listening to our own feeling centers and intuition?

  PLEIADIANS: Yes, that is how you will understand if you are able to
  develop the ability of listening. There will be many who will turn
  to these and say, "Yes, these are wonderful. I feel wonderful about
  them. They are so magnificent. Look what they can do." It will look
  as if they are coming to fix and to save your world. When in
  actuality, it is simply another form of authority and control.

  What we are saying is that people will put a belief system and a
  paradigm on these entities. There will be a large marketing program
  that is already going on to sell the presence of these entities to

  Many will turn to worshiping because it will seem as if miracles
  [are being performed]. It will seem [to be] the grandest event in
  the his-tory of the world. It will be marketed as such. It will not
  be marketed as "our space brothers return." It will be marketed as
  if this is the first time they have ever come, as the biggest event
  in the history of your world.

  There will be a very big surprise. At first it may seem that mankind
  is being given a whole new opportunity, a whole new golden era. Then
  [you] will find that the tyrannies will be larger than ever before.

  The purpose, of course, is for each one to become sovereign. And for
  the planet to unite. [A friend of ours] used to say he wanted each
  person on the planet to make it. Each one is not there. Each one is
  not in that vibration that they all want to work in harmony at this

  The Family of Light, as it has infiltrated and penetrated this
  planet, is going to create its own planetary sphere, its own earth.
  You will do this by building first your light communities. Then by
  working within the cosmic rays and within the time sectors. It will
  take a tremendous unity of strength and harmony.

  Sage of Family of Light - 83 - Pleiadians

  QUESTION: Everywhere I look in my life, I see boundaries that I put
  there. There are so many of them it seems that the easiest way would
  be to just intend that they go away because if I have to deal with
  each one of them it would take a long time.

  PLEIADIANS: You are going to deal with each one of them. You would
  love to say, "Golden stardust, eliminate all that has limited me.
  Boom! I am free!" That is a classic example of wanting to recircuit
  and bypass the feeling center. You have certain emotional beliefs or
  feelings that assist in making these boundaries outside of yourself.
  As you have to break the boundary you have to deal with the emotion
  that put the boundary there in the first place. Through the
  emotional body are you connected to the spiritual body. That is the
  problem to many people. They want to bypass that which is difficult
  because they are going to have to feel their way through it.

  That is the gift that you want to sweep under the rug and say, "I
  don't want to do this." When that is your gemstones. That is your
  key to breaking through each boundary, even if you discover you have
  101,000 of them. The thing to do is to not feel frustrated that you
  have two dozen boundaries. Simply say, "Isn't this interesting."
  Look at the boundaries that you have set up and instead of [swearing
  at them,] simply observe. "Isn't this interesting." See if you can
  discover how it came about. What purpose it served. What grocery
  store you shopped in when you bought that item.

  As soon as you acknowledge and recognize something and be willing to
  release it, it moves. When you cling or when you have fear or when
  you think, "I like that boundary. That serves me very well." Then
  you limit yourself.

  Feeling is what connects you to your humanity. Feeling is what
  connects you to your emotions. Emotions are connecting you in this
  realm of existence to your spiritual body. What we are saying is
  that emotions, feelings, are the key to being alive in this reality.
  Many realities exist without emotions. If you want to deny the
  emotional self in this lifetime then you had best just realize you
  have hung it up. Because if you are not going to be part of an
  emotional self then you are never going to make the game that we are
  talking about. You will simply be one of the masses who watches
  television and feels like she is a victim over and over and over

  If you are feeling pain within your emotional body, ask yourself why
  you believe this pain is there and what purpose the pain serves and
  why do you choose to create pain through emotions. Why is it not
  your choice to create joy? All is choice. We need to remind you of

  Most humans are afraid of the emotional center, the feeling center.
  They are afraid to feel. Trust your feelings no matter what they
  [are]. Trust that they lead you to something, the way that you feel
  brings you a realization.

  You all want to be in life and be removed from it at the same time.

  Sage of Family of Light - 84 - Pleiadians

  "Let me just be here and be a powerful person but I don't want to
  feel or participate too much in it because it hurts too much and
  then I will get sucked down."

  [When] you are not afraid of feeling and you are moving past
  judgment and you are allowing yourself to feel all the ways that you
  feel and you move through it, you will come to a tremendous
  breakthrough because you will be able to ride feeling into other
  realities. [Some of you] are afraid to feel in this reality so you
  will not even participate in this reality, let alone ride into other

  If you wish to have an acceleration, dive into something that brings
  up feeling. Stop skirting the issue so that you can think you are in
  control. Dive in the middle then see if you are in control.

  It's not that you don't know how to feel. You are afraid of your
  feel-ings. You don't know what to do with them when you have them.
  They bring up a sense of powerlessness within you. You associate
  feeling with, "Oh, no, I blew it." You have a boundary of belief
  system that when something comes up that is emotional, that brings
  pain or feeling or anger to you that that is not good. It is time to
  stop tip-toeing around things. Stop avoiding your emotions.

  QUESTION: I have a fear that when I get into my emotions and let
  them flow that I will become less centered.

  PLEIADIANS: Do you understand that because you have a fear of
  something it keeps you from experiencing it because you put up that
  wall that says, "If I go there it is bad." You put the brakes on so
  you don't go there. In actuality, sometimes the greatest thing is to
  simply say, "What the heck, I will go there." Then deal with being
  there while you are there and not worrying about being centered
  while you are in the feeling center.

  That is wanting to take control into that situation again. Of
  course, you will strive to be centered within the feeling center.
  But if you intend to go into the feeling center and always just be
  centered, you are not giving yourself the range of movement that is
  needed to ride the emotions that knock down boundaries and belief

  You can make an intention to go into the feeling center and that you
  learn how to be centered there while you explore all of the
  opportun-ities of the feeling center. Not to say, "And I am going to
  be centered there." Then it sounds as if you won't allow yourself
  any movement within it.

  Strive to have eventually a centeredness. A centeredness does not
  mean that things don't fluctuate. It means that you allow things to
  fluctuate. When the you allow things to fluctuate. When the boat is
  ready to tip over or when it is calm water, you allow it. You ride
  it. Then you get out of the event, whatever the ride was, a calm
  ride or a rough ride.

  Anger serves a purpose. All of you want to get finished with it. You

  Sage of Family of Light - 85 - Pleiadians

  want to sweep it under the rug. You want to act as if it is no good.
  You act as if it is rotten vegetables. Throw it out. Bury it back in
  the garden. There is no purpose to it.

  What we are intending to emphasize is that there is a purpose to
  fear and there is a purpose to anger. If people would allow
  themselves to express, to experience their fears, which may lead to
  the expression of anger, they would learn something. Those of you
  who want desperately to avoid fear and anger and make a huge issue
  not to confront it and who are really afraid of it, you have
  something great to learn through these techniques and you are simply
  afraid to experience it.

  Most of the time you are wanting to be accepted. You feel, "No one
  will like me if I do this or if I feel this way." And you don't give
  yourself permission to have certain feelings. That is where the
  anger comes from. You make the anger because you make the judgments
  about what you can and cannot do.

  If you do not give yourself permission to feel, you cannot learn.
  You cannot have good things in your life if you do not feel. It is
  not a very fulfilling existence.  Feeling connects you with life.

  We will say to you, enjoy yourselves during this time of transition.
  There are many wonderful discoveries to be had. We trust that you
  will gather all of them for yourself.

  14. In Search of the Exalted Self

  We want to encourage you to seek the exalted self. In search of the
  exalted self is a quest that is well worthwhile. It is quite a
  quest, indeed.

  You do not have to work with us continuously, or to work with anyone
  continuously to gather information.  The only continuity that is
  needed  is for you to continuously work with yourself and to seek
  the meaning of what we call the exalted self. Feel.  What does that
  mean the exalted self?  Triumphant.  Liberated.  Joyous in
  achievement.  The highest in attainment. Your planet is in desperate
  need of committed entities who are in search of the exalted self.
  The continuity that we have been speaking of that will behoove you
  to bring in to your lives, is that from moment to moment you know
  inside your being that you are committed to discover this
  exaltation. This exaltation can be translated in words as a
  frequency, as a wave of feeling, as a vibration. You all understand
  vibration in terms of Light and sound. Vibrations are ongoing. They
  carry forms of intelligence. They transmit forms of intelligence as
  well. When you look to yourself and do not forget

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 86 - Pleiadians

  that you are on this path and you continuously remind yourself that
  you are pulling Light into your body and that you are seeking to
  raise the frequency of your physical being, to defy the laws of man
  and to alter the frequency of the planet, this kind of continuity
  can do more than all of the books and the tapings in the world. Your
  commitment to that exalted self there is nothing stronger. Once you
  make that commitment and once you speak to the gods and the
  goddesses, you commit yourself to the energy of Light, to the energy
  of exaltation and uplifted frequency. Then you are marked. Then you
  must live according to what these energies put before you as you
  call for your task to be accelerated.

  Many humans are very concerned about what is going on on the global
  scene. First of all, understand that the global scene is never
  telling you the truth to start with so you must not be worried about
  what the global scene is doing. Always in those terms there is a
  divine blueprint, a higher plan that is operating. You must learn at
  this stage of your development to begin to have direct translation
  of the divine blueprint. In other words, absolute confidence,
  knowing what is going, on at all times. This is where we want your
  commitment to move in to. Our intention is to put a spark of life, a
  greater spark of life and Light inside each of you. We intend that
  the time that we have to speak to you is compounded upon itself so
  that information is transmitted on many, many levels and you can
  receive many moons' worth of instruction by simply being in
  receptivity .

  QUESTION: I have a question about being grounded. I think I know
  what it is to be grounded and sometimes I think I forget.

  PLEIADIANS: To be grounded is something that many do not comprehend
  the necessity of. You will all soon find out that when you move into
  greater and greater acceleration if you do not have a ground,
  something to connect you, to pull the worlds into one, you can have
  difficulty with the nervous system. The importance of being grounded
  as one alters one's frequency is this when frequency changes, when
  more Light comes into the body, the typical vehicle begins to
  receive much more data. Sometimes you get very bored living in your
  world and you just want to come into data receptivity. If you are
  not grounded you would not have a way of having that information
  enter your reality and putting it to use. It could simply overload
  your system or you would not be able to translate what you are
  getting and not be able to be calm. You need to balance many worlds
  at once. How do you do this? By intention. By practice. By decree.
  Grounding allows worlds to merge and it allows you to access many
  worlds. It allows you to feel surges of energy and then to direct
  those surges of energy where you need them, when you need them to
  become super-human. A good way to ground yourself is to go outside
  and sit on the ground. Go outside and be in nature. Stand next to a
  tree. Or sit next to a tree for awhile. Or put your chair in the sun
  and read a book with the sun shining on you. Or go swimming or put
  your feet in water. These are the elements. They make up the Earth
  so you can feel them. Your jobs as you evolve, as the entire species
  moves to merge dimensions, your nervous systems must be able to
  translate all of this information that will blow the socks off of
  how you define your world. Absolutely. It is coming. In the last
  year the information that

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 87 - Pleiadians

  you may have known for years is becoming much more public. Many more
  humans who are not interested in extraterrestrials are interested in
  personal development. They are aware that there is a growing
  movement. Something is changing. All over the world. It is not just
  in the United States. There is a conflict at this time of energies.
  You could call it a skirmish. You could call it a grand battle. The
  battle is going to become grander still. It is whose frequency is
  going to prevail on this planet and who is going to own and
  manipulate and train your frequency. And who are you as a frequency,
  in disguise as a human, and what specifically is your job in this
  time? It is essential to know who you are, to know what you are
  doing when you are doing it. As you become interdimensional and
  multi-dimensional and as the frequencies alter and the energies
  accelerate, what occurs is that your body goes through drastic rapid
  change. Change that the nervous system, the conveyer of information,
  must handle. Many of you know how to cook and use an oven. Some
  things you must bake at 350! for a certain amount of time and that
  is all there is to it. What is happening on your planet now is that
  many humans operate at 350! frequency when the frequency is up to
  450! and 500! now and they are going to get burned if they do not
  get taken out and find a way to ground themselves or integrate the
  experience. Let the buzzer go off to warn them that they are in many
  realities. You must learn to handle many realities at once to
  realize you are doing it and then to have a place, this your Earth,
  to translate the information into. You would not be here if it
  wasn't important for you to ground information and energy into the
  Earth. So, whenever you are finding yourself electrified or
  energized, you must realize when you are in an altered state. You
  must realize how many versions of altered states there are. Then you
  must instruct yourself to become a conduit, like a big pipeline.
  When you realize that you are in an altered state and you are being
  given information, healing energy, exaltation, upliftment, act as a
  pipeline. Funnel it through yourself. Acknowledge, recognize that
  you are in a multi-dimensional expression. Register it. Do not
  analyze it. Let it filter through and into the Earth. It will make
  more sense later on.

  QUESTION: I have been having some experiences that I would call
  being in an altered state. I like some aspects of it. What I don't
  like about it is not being used to it and not knowing how to
  function in a normal way.

  PLEIADIANS: People are getting on the band wagon. They are getting
  serious. They are getting committed. You must be committed all of
  the time. If these gifts, these abilities are becoming firsthand
  experience for any of you, you must learn to work with them. It is
  like someone is dumping barrels full of gold in your back yard and
  you are saying, "Gosh darn it, the gold is wrecking the grass." The
  lawn isn't as beautiful as it used to be because all of that gold is
  being dumped there. Whenever you get an experience, learn to
  participate within your experience. Be a full participant within
  your physical body. Enjoy it and have a good time with it and learn
  how to simultaneously observe your experience, the impact of your
  experience, the affect your experience has on other people, on
  yourself, the results you get from all of your experiences. That
  means that

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 88 - Pleiadians

  whenever something of an extraordinary nature comes into being you
  can say to yourself, "Oh, goody goody, here it is again. What can I
  learn from this?" You can begin, when you are not having these
  experiences, to fantasize, to take charge of your life and act as if
  you can command or move one of these experiences the next time one
  sneaks up on you. It is the same way that some of you have learned
  to come awake in a dream and command your dream and stop being
  chased by boogie men. Or to learn how to make the bell ring when you
  are just about to get an "F." Or learn how to wake up in a dream and
  say, "Hey, this is a dream. I am out of here." That kind of belief
  and that kind of intention that you can have over all experiences of
  life you must as individuals, you must as a species, cultivate. We
  guarantee you it is going to get tough. There is going to be such a
  vast acceleration within this decade that many will have no idea how
  to translate all of the experiences. Not only are the dimensions
  going to merge and you must be able to be this meeting place of
  spirit, you balance all of this. It is a tremendous task. Not only
  do you have all of these worlds to balance, at the same time the
  world that you call 3D is going to shatter itself as far as its
  historical per-spective goes. The Earth is going through an
  initiation at this time.

  You are going through an initiation because you are part of the
  Earth. You cannot separate yourself from this system. The Earth is
  transforming itself. It is intending to act as a domino for your
  solar system. It is intending to merge multiple worlds into one and
  to be grounded enough to allow all those worlds to exist and to be
  able to translate the experience. This is what your Earth is up to.
  So, of course, you all must be up to the same thing.

  QUESTION: I don't seem to have control of getting myself back to a
  normal state.

  PLEIADIANS: You must learn to cultivate it. You cultivate anything
  by your will, by intending that it is so. How does one learn to ride
  a bicycle? First of all, wanting to get a bike, wanting to ride it
  and then persistently sticking to it because one wants to do it and
  suddenly one is riding a bike. Imagine that you are in that state.
  Imagine that you have control over it. Imagine how you would act.
  Act as if and it is. Everything you want, humans, you must decree,
  determine and pull into reality by your will. Not someone else's
  will and not the laws that someone else says is possible or
  impossible. Yours. This is your exalted assignment. We would also
  suggest that as the energy accelerates and as you have more to
  balance inside of the body that you be much more kind to the body,
  that you drink plenty of water, that you practice oxygenation and
  breathing on a daily basis, that you stretch or move the body in
  some way, acknowledge energy moving through your body. We suggest
  you get some bodywork done.

  Many humans in the influence of our words have been having their
  bodies Rolfed. They have been having the skeletal system realigned.
  Many go to chiropractic. Many are working on the emotional aspects,
  networking chiropractic. All kinds of things to allow the body to
  integrate the energy. Another thing is that at this time you are
  working with a twelve chakra system, seven inside the body and five
  outside of the body. These are energy centers. These are information
  centers. They

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 89 - Pleiadians

  move you. They assist you. They entrap you. They block you. By
  visualizing your seven energy centers moving, by working with ack-
  nowledgement of the various centers and by asking the centers to be
  opened by having bodywork done to open them, you allow yourself to
  accept a greater belief in the concept that you can control energy.
  All we are here to do is to convince you that you can do it,
  whatever it is that you want.

  QUESTION: You have mentioned before about the DNA structure in the
  body changing and that extra strands of DNA are actually coming into
  the body. Can you speak about this?

  PLEIADIANS: The evolving helixes are filled with information. They
  make up your DNA. You have seen there are two strands of your DNA
  that look like a ladder that is spiraled around. This spiral of the
  DNA is made up, each strand, of millions of tiny infinitesimal
  light-encoded filaments just like fiber optics. These fiber optics
  come together and allow a tremendous amount of energy to be
  transmitted. If you take the idea of super-conductor coupled with
  fiber optics and bring the super-conductor to a frequency or a
  temperature where it can be accessible, you are on the verge of an
  information explosion in the physical world.

  The physical world is a clue to the spiritual world. The world of
  spirit, the world of self evolving is on the verge of a room tem-
  perature super-conductor coming together with fiber optics.
  Information explosion. Cheap energy. Free energy. Everything given
  to you. It all has to do with the evolving lightencoded filaments.
  At one time in your history certain creator gods who put themselves
  in charge of your planet needed to have you operate in a certain way
  in order to control you. They needed to unplug your intelligence and
  so they did. So the light-encoded filaments were scattered. They
  were not connected. They are beginning to connect now because of the
  mutation process that is timed because certain humans have agreed to
  evolve, to merge many worlds and to be able to attempt a noble
  effort to translate other worlds of reality onto this world. The
  quest to translate worlds and to make them merge and all make sense
  to free people, to free yourself.

  These helixes evolve in sets of three. First the one starts and it
  makes three. Then three more evolve. Then three more. Then finally
  you have twelve. Twelve strands of helixes bundled together
  individually, a multitude of light-encoded filaments. When these
  twelve helixes, twelve strands of many, many light-encoded filaments
  begin to vibrate within the body, each of those strands corresponds
  to a chakra center.

  The chakra centers are your energy centers. There are multitudes of
  chakra centers. There are multitudes of potential helixes that can
  form. Right now the most, the common denominator that the
  consciousness of man can handle without destroying himself is
  twelve. Many humans could handle multitudes more and activate many
  more chakra centers and many will. It is the status quo that is
  being raised now, that is being established, a new standard. So this
  evolutionary process will take place. For some it will take a while.
  All of this must travel through frequency of human encountering
  human around the planet because each human contact broadcasts it.
  So, of course, after a while the telepathic storehouse of it is so
  vast that it covers the planet and it becomes what man is.

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 90 - Pleiadians

  These twelve helixes plug into the twelve chakra systems seven in
  the body, five outside the body. The seven in the body are not too
  difficult to work with because if you allow yourself to feel, you
  can physically touch and locate all of these places. It is when you
  get to the five outside of the body that you must begin to find new
  ways to figure out what is going on with something that you don't
  even know for sure is real.

  The eighth chakra is in your realm of activity. It hovers anywhere
  between twelve inches and for some people further than that. Most
  keep the eighth chakra center close. The ninth will stay close as
  well, within a few feet, until the nine helixes are formed. Once the
  nine helixes are formed this chakra will move out into the
  atmosphere of the Earth so that it becomes more of an Earth chakra,
  connecting into the gridwork. It is a link. The tenth, eleventh and
  twelve move much further. The tenth chakra once it is in line and
  plugged in will be in your solar system. The eleventh will move out
  into your galactic system and the twelfth will be located and
  anchored someplace in this universe. You will receive and be
  affected by information from these personal centers. These personal
  centers are collective centers as well. Just as your other personal
  chakra centers are collective centers as well. You must learn to
  translate the experience. You can see life is not going to be too
  much the same anymore.

  Not all people on the planet are going through this right now
  because they are not all coded to respond at this particular time.
  Each person came in with a certain order, a map of when and where
  and how you can best operate. Many of you are learning how to follow
  that plan of the self that will lead you to discover the exalted
  self. Once you learn how to do it, life becomes effortless.
  Everything does become quite effortless because you become a vehicle
  for Light and you are moved by your intention to commit.

  Different humans will be hit with the changes at different times. It
  would not do to have it all at once. It would create chaos. There is
  a certain order that is needed. As each one is able to translate the
  experience, they can turn to someone to assist them. For the
  beginning people it can be very difficult. You are the way showers.
  Once you are able to do it you make the path and show the others.
  The more humans that can translate their experience, the more humans
  that can go and have experiences and not feel out of control with
  them but can cultivate them, go into them, gather information,
  change probabilities, move onto the corridor of time, alter their
  own lives and then come out with complete and total use of will as
  to how they use these altered states, the more that can do this,
  then the acceleration will be absolutely phenomenal. Then, when
  there are that many consciousnesses on the planet registering that
  kind of ability, then the whole network that organizes and monitors
  human consciousness alters itself and more energy is able to come
  onto the planet because there are those that can accommodate it.
  Everyone must learn to accommodate this energy. It must learn to be
  housed. It is like an oil well. What good do oil wells do you if
  they are untapped and shooting off here, there and everywhere? Very
  little. It is just a mucky mess. When, however, you take an oil
  well, natural gas or a waterfall and you insert your will for it and
  you put a purpose together or a way of directing the energy, then

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 91 - Pleiadians

  occurs for those who direct those natural resources. You are being
  given an incredible natural resource at this time and you must tap
  it and direct it and you will all become very wealthy individuals.
  If you want wealth in the material world then that may be what you
  draw for yourself. But you will become wealthy in the realms of
  accessibility, in the realms of mastery.

  QUESTION: I have a question about Light and Dark forces. The New Age
  movement talks about calling on the Light forces all of the time and
  never giving any energy to the Dark forces. I'm beginning to feel
  that the Dark forces are us, too, and we need to recognize that and
  heal it and integrate it.

  PLEIADIANS: Yes. 3D is headed for a collision of dimensions not a
  collision of worlds, a collision of dimensions. Many dimensions are
  going to come crashing into each other. Some of these dimensions may
  seem horrifying and very frightening. The test, the initiation and
  initiation is always meaning to move through another reality to
  conquer it, to transmute it the initiation is to be faced with these
  energies and entities that seemingly are of incredible darkness and
  to understand that they are coming to merge with you because they
  are you, they are part of your multi-dimensional self and you are
  the standard bearer and you are Light. Dark will come to Light.

  Be very clear when you deal with these things. If you are hesitating
  do not do it. Be clear. Many people will befriend or encounter
  something that perhaps would frighten them in order to bring about a
  transmutation, in order to bring about a bridging of consciousness.
  Some of these entities that have been talked about on your planet,
  beings from space that are coming, the reptilians, the Greys, etc.
  are all real. You will have a chance to meet them all eventually.

  When you think of your soul, you think of your soul as you have been
  taught, that human is exclusive. When you picture your soul you
  picture an evolution of human incarnations. What we want you to
  understand is that as you grow up in consciousness the story gets
  bigger. As you evolve in consciousness and you mature yourself to a
  certain frequency of life and you are able to grasp certain concepts
  and you are able to intend to implement them into your life the
  story gets bigger. You are convinced of the basics and so now the
  blanks can be filled in. You exist in multitudes of guises and
  forms. Things that you would think would be heinous, you must meet
  and integrate in order to evolve your soul. Knowing how clever Prime
  Creator is, would that not be a plan of Prime Creator to give all
  kinds of guises, all kinds of opportunities of expression and then
  to have them meet on different planets at different times and they
  would all be the self? The self must recognize and realize it and
  bring about a unification, a harmony where all species can offer
  each other what they want. When that point comes from self-
  realization, when you seek that exalted self and you understand who
  that exalted self is and when you meet the portions of yourself in
  physical reality, you will ask, "What can I do for you? I know what
  we have in common." Not, "Your skin is different from mine." Or,
  "You have scales and I have smooth skin."

  There is a meeting point of consciousness and Earth is the appointed
  place. That meeting is beginning to gather in many different ways.
  In order for the meeting to be a very successful meeting it must be
  very well orchestrated. Different consciousnesses must

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 92 - Pleiadians

  be introduced to one another so as not to upset or disturb or
  alienate any.

  Light forces as we define them Light means the promoting, the
  dispensing and the sharing of information. Dark means controlling
  and withholding information. Think about this and feel this. You
  have come onto this planet with a coded blueprint to carry Light and
  to bring about a huge planetary transformation. And you come to be
  the standard bearer of your soul, the portion of your soul that is
  going to lead, the portion of your soul that says, "I set the pace
  here and the pace is Light and information, no more being in the
  dark." Think you maybe that there are portions of yourself that are
  in the dark that don't know how to find the Light except through you
  and they want it as well?  They want solutions, answers. What you
  may be feeling is not necessarily the intent of the dark force but
  the emotional makeup of the dark force the fear of that which
  vibrates out of lack of information. You all know when you are
  informed you feel much better. If you are sitting in a room and it
  is dark and you are hearing noises and you are thinking something is
  in the corner you feel much better when you are informed, do you
  not? Portions of yourself that are uninformed are going to come to
  be informed. How do you do it? You shed Light, you share Light. Say,
  "I intend for all of my other selves to come along on this journey
  too and for them to get it as well." It is quite simple. We like to
  make it sound practical in your terms because if you can feel it is
  practical you will make it practical, and then it is yours.

  QUESTION: Can you speak about ways to strengthen ourselves?

  PLEIADIANS: What we suggest is not always how humans think they can
  strengthen themselves. It works very, very well. It is making an
  appointment with yourself and saying, "I love you, Self. You are a
  good Self. You are a wonderful Self. You are my Self. You are my own
  Self. You are my best Self. You are me here in this reality and I
  love you. You are magnificent. You are A-Number l. The best Self."
  When you give yourself the dignity of your own love as if you were
  royalty receiving the accolades of the people. when you do that for
  the self that you are, the physical vehicle that is yours to operate
  with, everything changes and strength becomes yours because you
  believe in and love who you are. When you believe and love the
  vehicle that you are everything starts to go your way. The big thing
  is making the commitment to believe it is possible that you deserve
  love. No one else has to love you. You are not here to go around
  gathering love from other people to convince yourself that you are
  worth it.

  You are here to master a very difficult task in a system that is
  dark that gives very little input, stimulation, information about
  the true story. You are here to do the impossible. By loving
  yourself and making that commitment the number one step from which
  you operate every day, it falls into place.

  QUESTION: I have noticed in my personal life that it seems that men
  and women think very differently. What can we learn about each other
  that would make it easier to understand each other?

  PLEIADIANS: You will see that for a while it will seem there is even
  greater separation between man and woman as more men

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 93 - Pleiadians

  come into crisis in order to feel. The difference is a cultural
  difference. It is a learned cultural difference. It is a cultural
  difference that has been purposely put to separate you. If you look
  at the myths that your Western religions are based upon, the whole
  role of the female is almost an embarrassment to the species. So in
  modern times it was purposely recorded in history by those who wish
  to uphold a patriarchal point of view that a woman was a trouble-
  maker, carried the curse and was inferior. Her worst factor was the
  curse, the menstruation because it made her erratic and she was
  moody and you could never trust her feelings. She was noted to feel,
  particularly around that thing which was called her curse.

  The old stories of the magic of the female, the creator, the one
  able to bring birth, the one who had the mystery of the blood, the
  life force, bleeding, able to put that life force back into the
  Earth, those stories have been buried and covered away. The goddess
  who loves and feels and nurtures. The man used to have the goddess
  energy inside and would feel the need for the goddess. In the last
  number of thousand years, in order to better control the planet, all
  of the myths have been given you by extraterrestrials. The
  extraterrestrials have seeded all of your religious institutions.
  You are an experiment. At times it has been an uplifting and loving
  experiment. In recent times it has moved into incredible decay. You,
  as members of the Family of Light, have come to raid this planet and
  to pull Light back on it so that that nonsense never ever need be
  believed again.

  Man and woman are meant to complement each other. At this time the
  best understanding that you can have is that in the male vibration,
  because of conditioning, because of genetics and because of a weak
  will within the male species, they believe that they cannot feel.
  Remember, feeling is emotion. How many times have we showed you
  where emotions can take you? Emotion is the key to getting off this
  planet. It is the key to figuring out the multi dimensional self and
  healing it and becoming one. By men being in charge of this planet
  for the last number of thousand years, the patriarchal society, the
  woman taking a position underground actually, not even a back seat,
  it has not even been in consideration. You have been automatons. You
  have been performing roles women to produce children, to produce
  more wealth.

  Remember emotion is consciousness for others to feed off of. When
  you truly wake up, when you really, really wake up, you will
  understand that every time a baby is born your wealth increases. One
  day there will be communities who will live honoring each
  individual's contribution because they occupy a physical body and
  they are in charge of a consciousness that can be cultivated to do

  The more consciousnesses that pitch in together, guess what they can
  do? This is what we are striving for. We wish to convince you of
  your power so that you as a human species can put it to work. So
  that you can feel that you have every tool that you need for the
  times that are coming. And you do. You have your will and you have
  your mind.

  The harmonics that the planet is looking for is a balance of self.
  Of course, the self is a composite of all things. You must balance
  all of your extraterrestrial selves, all of your multi-dimensional
  selves, your male and female.

  In Search of the Exalted Self - 94 - Pleiadians

  QUESTION: I have a question about fear. Sometimes I can't
  distinguish between being fearful and being practical. How do you
  know whether you're feeding the fear or are you allowing yourself to
  become a victim of fear?

  PLEIADIANS: Look at the energy packet that you are creating. Examine
  fear. It is useful. Do not be afraid of it. Do not say to yourself,
  "I have overcome all of my fears," because then there will be one
  right around the corner looking at you.

  Fears are useful. They help you self correct so that you do not lose
  your life. They also show you your destructive thought patterns.
  Whenever you get a big fear, you must examine to see, "Is my life in
  threat here or is this me creating a reality or am I picking up on
  the mass psyche?" All of this you must learn to discern. How do you
  learn to discern it? By looking back over yourself and asking
  yourself, "Where is this fear coming from? What is it about?"
  Examine. Look at yourself. Look at your dreams to see what fearful
  things are coming in the dreams. Sometimes when portions of yourself
  that have greater information than you do, when these portions want
  to assist you in something and you dismiss it, it will come to you
  in a dream so that you have some premonition in order to take action
  or not to take action. All events are designed to bring optimum
  growth. If you can remember that then it's a piece of cake.

  15. Gods Trapped in Illusion

  Welcome, indeed, to an opportunity to expand your consciousness, to
  an opportunity to demonstrate your cleverness, an opportunity to
  read energies. This evening's discussion is going to be a
  continuation of the chronicles of those on assignment out on the
  fringes of certain galactic systems. These chronicles concern the
  gods trapped in illusion. Not just the gods that operate your
  planet. You, yourselves, as evolving gods.

  We remind you that at this time there is incredible galactic
  identity wishing to emerge throughout the identities of yourselves.
  This galactic understanding of mankind is something that you are
  trained to take on. As members of the Family of Light you are more
  than human, you are part of an intergalactic species that resonates
  with a certain type of life fulfillment or employment. That
  employment is moving into systems of thought, systems of
  consciousness, established systems, and changing them. Wherever you
  go you bring change. You are members of the Family of Light and, as
  we have said to you often enough, light needs information. You are
  all fascinated with gathering data about unknown portions of your
  world and yourselves. You want to uncover those mysteries. It is
  part of your nature. As members of Family of Light you are for hire,
  you are available to travel, to go into different systems of
  existence and

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 95 - Pleiadians

  to take on the native disguise and to act as if you are a native
  born and bred, evolving through. Accept [that] you are in disguise,
  you are on assignment. You come not to just evolve through a system,
  to learn from it, you come to bust it open, to change it. A systems
  buster, that is what you are.

  QUESTION: You have repeatedly mentioned that earth is a place that
  beings come and train themselves to become a god. One of the
  realizations I've made recently is when you tie this into what the
  creator gods have done, now I understand that you come to earth to
  learn how to be a creator god, to work with creation and this is the
  place where we learn our integrity about when and how we create

  PLEIADIANS: Yes. That is very good. And the simplest part of that
  training is to begin to act as if you do. Do you understand that?
  Act as if you do create your own reality. Acting as if gives you a
  commitment of intention. You see, there are so many things we can
  say here, it is difficult. We could speak all evening long on just
  this one subject because there are those who learn from watching you
  learn. Then there are those who become so fascinated with certain
  human learning processes that the humans give over their power to
  certain energies and then there is learning on many, many levels. A
  long time ago we said to you that the humans in some situations are
  likened unto playthings of the gods. A long time ago we said this.
  We are choosing our words carefully here because we want you to
  really expand your picture. Also we want you all to know that you
  are in disguise as human. If you can study the earth knowing that
  you are in disguise as human it will give you a certain removal from
  the anguish or the emotional sucking that the planet is now going
  through, the emotional pain, the birthing process.

  QUESTION: Are we as members of the Family of Light on some level
  creator gods in disguise working within our own experiment?

  PLEIADIANS: This earth has been an experiment and it has been an
  experiment in biological creation, in genetics. A long time ago we
  said to you that the earth was designed to be an Intergalactic
  Exchange Center for information. It can sound like the whole world
  is made up of one file box after another. Can you picture a metallic
  world filled with file boxes and that is the earth as a center of
  information? Or can you picture an earth that is covered by
  computers as one comes and sits in a computer terminal and gets
  dataized by computer. That is another way of having an Intergalactic
  Exchange Center. However, those of you who have listened to what we
  have been sharing with you know that we have stated that when this
  project was put together for its own purposes that the call went out
  and many forms of sentient life donated their DNA. Does DNA make up
  file cabinets? Does DNA make up computers? Or does DNA make up
  humans and animals and plants?

  The Intergalactic Exchange Center for information was to be what was
  called the Living Library. One would come onto the earth and one
  could plunge into all of the experiences of those who

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 96 - Pleiadians

  participated by giving their life force to create a living life
  force here to be experienced. Knowledge would be stored genetically
  within all things. Remember we said that your creator gods were
  master geneti-cists? Remember when we spoke of the returning
  Reptilians and said that they are master geneticists as well? You
  have been led from the truth as to how information is truly

  Recently we talked about the Adam and Eve chronicles and how
  knowledge was given to them and how knowledge was stored alive.
  Alive in the fruit that they ingested and through eating a substance
  they attained knowledge. Does that give you some idea perhaps of
  what this place is?

  The original human was coded in a certain way to be a vehicle of
  experience, a vehicle that could be occupied. Throughout earth's
  his-tory there have been many battles among the creator gods for
  ownership of this place. As we have said to you, about 300,000 years
  ago one of the more recent battles took place and certain energies
  have claimed ownership of this territory since that time. Since that
  time these that are master geneticists have been able with their
  incredible knowledge of that particular science to control the
  frequency of evolution on this planet. You as members of the Family
  of Light are sent here to change the frequency of the planet. It is
  quite simple. That is what your purpose basically is. You come as
  humans, yet you are not just humans. You came from your future into
  earth's past. Feel that for a moment. You have heard us say often
  enough that we come into your present, which is from our point of
  view past, to make changes, to affect probable changes. You do the

  You all feel that you were born and that you have had many past
  lives. We want you to picture a scenario where there is a plague
  that overruns the humans in this freewill zone and there is
  tremendous tyranny and frequency control, where there is fear and
  chaos taking over this universe. Quite imaginable. We want you to
  understand that technology can become so far-fetched that those
  existing in a time period that are besieged, beleaguered with this
  kind of frequency, can go back hundreds of thousands of years to
  points in time in order to change an existing present. From those
  time periods certain energies can change the chronicles of their own

  You were sent from a point in the far distant future back through
  your past in order to prepare for a time when your talents could be
  utilized, when your abilities to sift through systems and change
  systems instantly could be manifest, could be put to work. This is
  some of what you are doing.

  QUESTION: I've been having dreams lately about shedding my skin. In
  the dream I'm not a reptile, I'm human. And when the skin is shed
  there is nothing there but light.

  PLEIADIANS: You are a systems buster. That is what your card says.
  "Systems Buster. Available for intergalactic systems altering.
  Travel with family and have many friends. Reliable, efficient and
  adventurous work only." So, you and your buddies were called to go

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 97 - Pleiadians

  and bust a system. What does that mean, bust a system? It means that
  electromagnetically if a system is operating with 100 volts and they
  want to change the system to a million volts you must learn to carry
  a million volts in a hundred volt body. That is what a systems
  buster is. As a systems buster you are capable of carrying any kind
  of energy because you are a certain species of creator.

  The Original Planners, those whose project this earth was
  originally, set out to change what was going on here and to bring
  the Original Plan back into action. As all systems evolve and all
  forms of consciousness evolve, change is best when it comes from the
  inside rather than the outside. As members of the Family of Light
  you specialize in infiltrating systems in disguise of the natives.
  You live lives just like the natives and then when the time is ripe
  you receive the voltage and you transform yourself, still looking
  just like a native. Then you broadcast a new frequency because there
  are multitudes of you there to catch the prevailing frequency and
  you keep a gridwork activated amongst yourselves as you occupy the
  system, of course, in disguise, and you begin to change the whole
  system by changing the frequency in yourselves.

  In order to understand the system you come from the future back into
  the past of the system evolving forward up until the time that you
  are ripe. What you are recalling are realities where you
  simultaneously exist, where you are simultaneously dealing with
  another version of the system. As systems busters and members of the
  Family of Light you incarnate not just into the human realm. As you
  are evolving here on this earth, striving to understand your
  identity and to incorporate this inner knowing with a life in
  disguise of a human there are portions of yourself working in many
  other realities doing the same thing and your world of dreams is the
  doorway through which you can very readily access this kind of

  Those of you who are courageous and those of you who are taking the
  sharp edges off of your reality, are beginning to have safe memory
  of other aspects of yourself. When you begin to realize how
  grandiose the plan is for the dimensional changes of this place you
  will realize that operating purely from the stance of a human would
  be ineffective. As a mere human there would not be enough
  comprehension, enough energy to pull off what is going to be pulled
  off on this planet. So you are infiltrating many different realities
  at this time with a very parallel consciousness. You are changing
  many realities and you are beginning to awaken into them.

  QUESTION: A lot of us are going through a lot of emotional upheaval
  at the moment. Can you speak to us about the value of emotions?

  PLEIADIANS: When you have emotion inside the physical body there are
  chemical reactions that take place. When you do not use the emotions
  there is a different route that one may access. The emotions release
  hormones, enzymes, many other things, and these begin to have a
  catalytic effect upon one another. When the light encoded filaments,
  those tiny gossamer threads that carry all the data of your

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 98 - Pleiadians

  history, begin to be lined up with the proper emotion, one can move
  through memories into other realities. Emotion is very, very
  necessary. Many of you have made the mistake of not wanting to deal
  with emotion. It is one of your biggest fears, getting steeped into
  something very emotional and then what control do you have? You are
  all going to have to learn that there is a lot that you can discover
  by giving up control. Feeling very deeply about someone or something
  can catapult you into a higher memory of your identity. Be aware of
  this please.

  QUESTION: You have recommended that a lot of us get in touch with
  these emotions and go through the emotional clearing, clearing the
  emotional body. If we can really get in touch with our early
  childhood emotions or those things that were traumatic, hard and
  painful, to me it is preparing for the meeting of the
  multidimensional selves which may have pain or trauma. Having the
  courage to feel everything prepares us for what is to come.

  PLEIADIANS: If there is anything that you all need at this time to
  cultivate for yourselves it is the courage to feel, the courage to
  step forward in emotional identity with other versions of yourselves
  that maybe you don't really understand. That is why those of you who
  have had bodywork this year have definitely felt the results of it.
  Those of you who are wondering what to do next for yourselves, go
  have your body adjusted, have it worked upon, have it aligned, have
  different work done. Open what you are holding so tightly inside so
  that you can feel a little more vulnerable. One of the things that
  will happen for all of you is that your physiology is literally
  going to change as you begin to let go of what you have held onto in
  order to protect yourself. That is a big one. Remember we said to
  you, as members of the Family of Light you come in disguise of
  humans and you disguise from yourselves that you are not human so
  that you can understand the human dilemma, so that you can
  understand the effects of frequency control.

  What does this mean, the effects of frequency control? We have said
  that 300,000 years ago when certain creator gods who are Reptilian
  by nature raided this reality and took it over, they changed the
  existing DNA of some of the humans that they gathered up for their
  experimentations. Of course, you must know that there are many
  civilizations that existed prior to this one. What occurred was that
  the human was rearranged and was left with what you know as the
  double helix. Then many instigative energies were put on this planet
  to make certain that with this double strand of information the
  humans would basically work through struggle and survival and that
  very little high achievement would come about and if it did it came
  about for a very short period of time. As members of the Family of
  Light, by changing the DNA you make it impossible for that scenario
  to continue to exist.

  QUESTION: When you said "gods trapped in illusion," who are the
  gods? Are they us?

  PLEIADIANS: To some extent they are you. Though we want you to

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 99 - Pleiadians

  understand that your Reptilian gods are trapped in illusion. Can you
  understand how vast everything is? Can you understand what a big
  ball game is going on? These creator gods that, yes, you have
  worshiped, and, yes, they are technologically far superior to
  anything you can conceive of, so what? They have forgotten who their
  gods are. They are gods lost or trapped in illusion. In the same way
  that they have controlled your frequency and made a controlled world
  for you and toyed and played with your world and set up one scenario
  after another and used frequency modulation to their own benefit to
  create certain broadcasts from the humans and direct these out of
  portals I into space for whatever nourishment or whatever use they
  have for this energy Remember consciousness is energy. Consciousness
  is in all things. Remember that your planet has been controlled by a
  society that has limited you and created chaos and fear and war and
  famine and man against man. That has been the history of the last
  300,000 years. It has been man against man and that creates a
  certain fear amongst the natives. They broadcast it out.
  Collectively the planet broadcasts energy that these creator gods
  use. As members of the Family of Light you have come in to change
  the predominant frequency that is broadcast by the natives. You have
  come to be a living inspiration to show them how to act contrary to
  what they have been taught.

  QUESTION: One of the things that I have come to realize is that we
  create our own reality, however, we also create our own illusions.
  Then, there is the controversy what is reality and what is illusion?
  I haven't tied it all together yet, but there is something that you
  said about being trapped in illusion .

  PLEIADIANS: Trapped in illusion. Yes, because if you can understand
  that just as those of you who are beginning to stretch your
  consciousness realize that the planet itself it trapped in false
  knowledge, is trapped in a false identity of what it is and you see
  how the humans are controlled by certain individuals, you must
  understand that the creator gods are trapped as well. They trapped
  themselves just as the humans trapped themselves. It looks as if the
  Lizzies trapped the humans, doesn't it? Remember, humans create
  their own reality. So, in actuality, the humans created being
  trapped and having genetic manipulation and DNA rearrangement by the
  Lizzies. Remember, everything that you create you experience. So
  they began their own version of it in their own lives and did not
  even know it. They are the gods trapped in illusion.

  QUESTION: You have talked about the importance of holding the
  frequency of light and I don't quite understand.

  PLEIADIANS: You have agreed to come in and to hold a certain amount
  of current, electromagnetic energy. When a human vehicle is souped-
  up with a certain amount of electromagnetic energy, of course, the
  whole vehicle operates very differently. As you have agreed to
  receive and to keep frequency by having a certain amount of
  electromagnetic energy continuously evolving within you, you change
  your own voltage, you change your own awareness in the process. By
  beginning to hold this frequency and keep it consistently,

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 100 - Pleiadians

  it means that eventually 100% of the time no matter what the
  situation is you will believe you create your own reality no matter
  what it looks like. That is a Keeper of Frequency. Frequency is
  consciousness. It is awareness. It is how you impact what is around

  We have suggested to you from the very beginning to live with and
  get used to the idea that you create your experience, that you
  design it, that you are in charge of it. It is part of what you are
  led to believe on this planet, that you have nothing to do with it.
  That is part of the robbing of your own energy. Someone teaches you
  that you are not in charge and you buy it and you operate with a
  sense of powerlessness. "I am not in charge of my life. I have
  nothing to do with what happens to me. It is all out of my hands."
  That is an incredible tyranny. It is exactly the opposite of how
  this planet operates.

  QUESTION: Do your emotions affect holding your frequency? For
  instance, if you're upset or angry can you still maintain your

  PLEIADIANS: It depends. When you become angry or upset, are you
  becoming angry and upset because you feel that someone did something
  to you or are you becoming angry and upset because once again you
  created a duplication of a situation to teach yourself because you
  have not gotten it?

  QUESTION: If you look at anger as simply another expression of
  emotion without judging it, does it affect holding the frequency?

  PLEIADIANS: Absolutely it affects holding the frequency. The
  frequency we are talking about that you are to bring to the planet
  is one of, I created it, I did it, I am in charge, I can undo it, I
  can heal, etc. Do you understand? You are bringing the frequency of
  potentiality. As Keepers of Frequency it is your assignment to
  consistently live like that, not to talk one way and to live
  another. That is when you are not a Keeper of Frequency. When you
  act angry and upset and when you are upset at yourself for acting
  angry and upset, you are acting victimized because you did something
  that you did not want to do and you are not being a Keeper of
  Frequency. Absolutely not. What are you showing everyone else? What
  liberation are you showing others? A Keeper of Frequency lives life
  in such a way that you begin to show others how you rise above every
  situation because you are able to keep what you know in the
  forefront of your mind that you create and no matter what things
  look like you are able to create with joy because you find, even in
  the anger, that what you create leads you somewhere.

  QUESTION: So within holding and keeping the frequency is feeling as
  well, emotions without judging them.

  PLEIADIANS: Without feeling disempowered or powerless. Usually when
  you are angry, you are angry because you feel that you had nothing
  to do with what occurred. Think back on this. There is no point in
  feeling angry with yourself. If you make the agreement with

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 101 - Pleiadians

  yourself that your self will always create one opportunity after
  another for a good adventure and a good time, if you live your life
  that way then you must trust that everything that you create is
  along that plan. It is being consistent with what you know.

  We will go a little bit futuristic for you. Every human emits a
  certain frequency. We like to call it your song. It is your tune. In
  this con-trolled world, the frequency control has been set and you
  have been reminded to be fearful over and over again. When you were
  growing up your mother would say, "Don't stay out late," or
  whatever. You would have something said to you to put you into a
  vibrational frequency that could teeter on worry, fear, confusion,
  etc. Think about it. "Buckle up your seat belt, you are going to get
  into an accident." "You must take your vitamins." "You must have flu
  shots." All of these things, everything has been based, your whole
  society, on an underlying current that is not comfort. Your
  underlying current on this planet is not, "Hey, everything is cool."
  That is not what you have been taught.

  When you learn to modulate and control the frequency that you
  broadcast and you begin to affect the whole planet with that, the
  planet begins to come into its own ownership. You are learning that
  there are patterns of behavior within individuals that are quite
  common. As you begin to recognize patterns and take them as global
  patterns rather than individual patterns, you will be able to do
  emotional healing for the planet while coming into a realization of
  the why of certain things from a higher order, from a higher tune
  and you will be able to transmute many things on the planet because
  you will recognize the need of the planet, not just the individual.
  If you take things personally then you have hurt feelings. And when
  you have hurt feelings you are not a Keeper of Frequency because
  then you act as if everything isn't fine. We want you to see the
  divine order, the divine nonchalance, the perfection within all
  things. So, you may notice how you feel and you may only feel it for
  a second or two and say, "That is interesting. I feel this way and
  yet my higher self knows what this is about," so that you are able
  to transmute. By feeling powerless you have an idea how most of the
  planet feels all of the time. Do you follow this? All of you are so
  ready to make pronouncements on what you experience. You are to look
  at events as events and to see what comes of them. Always look at
  every event as opportunity.

  It will become so essential at some point for you to know who is a
  Keeper of Frequency and who is not because there will come a time
  when you will be able to transmit knowledge quite easily. Some of
  you are already able to do this to a mild degree. When you can
  transmit knowledge you will want to know that the other person is
  consistent in their behavior and that their emotions do not run amok
  with them. Because if they are not consistent and if they are able
  to get lost in emotional dramas you will not be able to link with
  them. It will be like holding hands with a weak link. The times will
  come when you will want to count on who is a Keeper of Frequency and
  who is not because your life and the lives of many will depend upon
  the stability and the consistency of those that you can look to. It
  will make a big difference.

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 102 - Pleiadians

  QUESTION: We create our own reality and this planet is filled with
  information. If we think something, it is. Does this have something
  to do with how the Lizzies got enmeshed or trapped here?

  PLEIADIANS: They got trapped here, yes. They are trapped in
  illusion. They don't really know what they got stuck in. You are
  hitting on something here though you must go further with

  QUESTION: It makes me think that you have to be really responsible
  for everything you say and everything you think because they turn
  into the stone and bone of earth and affects everybody else.

  PLEIADIANS: The earth was formed for a certain purpose, an Inter-
  galactic Exchange Center for Information. This Exchange Center for
  Information is not the only one. There are a series of these
  Exchange Centers that make up a gridwork that unifies your

  local universe together. This gridwork creates a living link of the
  Living Libraries. As systems busters you are operating in the
  parallel worlds at this time that are part of this gridwork. What
  has occurred in one probable future is a tremendous tyranny that
  exists over this local universe and the information systems have
  been vastly shut down. There is a stalling of your universe. Your
  universe has become so choked that it is stalling itself on life.

  Through frequency modulation, the controlling of frequency, there
  has been an energy that has taken over many of these Information
  Centers and life information, everything as you know it, in your
  future is coming to a halt. In the future that we come from it is
  quite disturbing. We are members of the Family of Light in the same
  way that you are. We have been assigned to go to work with you in
  our past, in your present, to alter the far-reaching future by
  changing events where they first began and where they could be
  meaningfully changed in the past from our present. In your present.

  QUESTION: Will our present change our past?

  PLEIADIANS: Yes. Listen to these words very carefully. You will
  change the past by making a new past. Not necessarily by eradicating
  an old past. Do you understand? So that a new road, a new
  probability comes to be. Everything that exists exists. We want to
  create a new avenue of choice. Being that you are systems busters,
  you are experts on bringing choice into systems. You go into systems
  where the choice has been limited. You allow the choice of a
  different potential. You are here to bring a potential of
  cooperation and harmony. That in itself is in complete opposition to
  the future, the future that we are assigned to create an alternate
  probability around.

  Understand that where you are going to go is going to be most
  interesting. We have been very clever in the way that we have
  assisted your evolving consciousness. We have purposely set this up

  Gods Trapped in Illusion - 103 - Pleiadians

  so that you discover for yourselves your own truth so that you will
  have a myriad of experiences to rely on for yourselves, so that you
  can have a family to look around at and to realize none of you ever
  have to be alone. And we have created an arena where you have
  permission to live your light, to finally come out from the deepest
  portion of your being and shine with who you have always known that
  you are.

  The assignment continues, our task continues. Your task is vastly
  accelerated. Your work, all of yours, will go more inside of your-
  selves. The days of ongoing outside gatherings are at an end. The
  energy, everything that you seek, comes from spending time with
  yourselves. Those of you who are making the greatest leaps and the
  greatest accelerations are making the deepest commitment to have
  your bodies altered, to consciously change your speech patterns,
  your thinking patterns, and to begin to go within, into quiet time,
  and to begin to hear what is being broadcast to you. You are all
  receiving the data. The problem is that you will not consistently
  accredit yourself with what you know. It is this that we constantly
  push you towards.

  The benefits and the rewards that we have received from this are
  multitudinous. What you teach us is invaluable. You are showing us
  something, far more than you can ever realize. In your innocence and
  in your trust you emit a frequency that we utilize to beam into the
  future and we show something to those in our future that you in your
  now gift them without even realizing. You are quite noble. In many
  worlds you are quite famous. Some day you will know what that means.

  16. Whose Plan Is It Anyway?

  We are here. Many of you have heard us talk about your need to
  commit, to live to the highest attainment that you can achieve
  consistently, all of the time. You have heard us talk about the idea
  that you are involved in many dramas that are occurring in many
  places at one time. You have heard us say that your planet is in the
  midst of an incredible transformation. You have heard us talk about
  the Divine Plan. You have heard us talk about the Family of Light.
  You have heard us talk about the need for the Family of Light to
  begin to work together. Some of you have begun to question some of
  these things. Some of you have begun to say, "Well, whose plan is it
  anyway?" Whose plan do you operate under? Who are the overlords, the
  overseers, the owners of Earth? Someone does, indeed, own your
  Earth. Someone does, in deed, own every planetary combination of
  molecules that exist. Someone believes they do. You are isolated
  completely from the higher knowledge of existence. You are isolated

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 104 - Pleiadians

  and quarantined for a multitude of reasons according to certain
  plans. You are isolated by frequency control, electromagnetically.
  Sometimes it is even difficult to locate the Earth on maps that
  chart space. Some of the owners of your Earth have disguised the
  existence of Earth as you would know it and forgot it on the maps of
  existence for a long time. That is interesting, is it not? Why would
  they do that? Some of you have heard us speak that there are
  incredible treasures of consciousness locked here in the Earth.

  You have heard us speak about the original purpose of this planet,
  that it was to be a storehouse of information information that was
  gathered together and generously given by a huge collection of
  sentient consciousness. The experiment was to create a place, a
  storehouse of information where one could travel even from other
  universes into this universe and go into a Living Library and
  understand the purpose of the energy and the history of the
  universal structure. Feel out what we are talking about because what
  lies ahead in the next few years is that this concept of the Living
  Library is going to be plugged in to your body. [What will it be
  like] to experience these things? Once you begin to plug your body
  in to the pebbles outside your door, the pebbles begin to sing to
  you what is in their molecules. Or the salamander that walks across
  the fence. Or the bird that comes to sing by your window in the
  morning. The Living Library was formed with a grand purpose. It was
  an experiment where life could genetically be implemented and
  planted with knowledge. When one came into this Living Library, if
  one knew how to play the frequency codes and learned how to change
  their own electromagnetic spectrum through thought, they could
  receive the entire history of the universe as it existed the
  insects, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the trees. All things on
  this planet were purposely designed to hold knowledge.

  It is just like your Library of Congress holds knowledge on the
  printed page or on microfilm. The Original Planners designed Earth
  and the solar system for a very important reason and then eons later
  there were schisms, separations. In your most modern times you have
  been owned and controlled by a very renegade group. This group
  started off very small and very insignificant and somehow created a
  raid of the probabilities of time and were able to go into many
  different realities because they began to own different portals that
  existed in space. There was a tremendous revolution and a great
  upheaval that lasted for millions of years. Your Earth was not
  affected by this until 300,000 years ago. You must remember that
  time is very elastic and affects different realities not all
  simultaneously. As we remind you over and over again, you are part
  of the Family of Light, energies that carry an ability to transform
  energies. You, as members of the Family of Light, have something in
  common. The characteristic that you share is that you are able to be
  impeccable transducers. It is like you could be struck by lightning
  and keep going and it would just give you a high jolt and you would
  be on top of the world for the day. You can take energies that are
  sent from the cosmos and you can hold them in your body and change
  them and pass them out to the planet. Others cannot even perceive
  that this energy exists. The energy does not penetrate their
  physical body because there is nothing in the physical body to catch
  or to hold the energy because they have been rearranged as a
  species. A battle was fought amongst beings that you call gods whose
  sole job it was to oversee structures

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 105 - Pleiadians

  of consciousness that you call planets. When these tyrannical owners
  came and took over here 300,000 years ago, after tremendous des-
  tructions, they created an entirely different species and they
  geneti-cally rearranged and manipulated who was left upon the
  planet. There is a plan now that is in the works. The plan has to do
  with bringing the original owners back into alignment with your
  Earth, bringing the Original Plan back into its own purpose. Who are
  the original owners? Whose drama are you in? Who is making a movie
  of your life? On what screens in the cosmos are you famous? Begin to
  think in these terms. Begin to allow yourself to expand your
  identity about who you believe you are, about perhaps how anonymous
  you are not. As members of the Family of Light you are sent on
  assignment to go in to alter a system. You have been trained to
  handle incredible amounts of energy. In Hollywood you have stuntmen.
  They are able to perform tricks and to take blows. You are like the
  stuntmen of energy. You are the stuntmen of life. This is what the
  Family of Light is. You are specialists within the systems. There
  are many individuals on the planet at this time that are
  specialists. The Family of Light is here in the millions. There are
  other families of consciousness. When the time is right you will
  find that there will be many, many, many millions who will pool
  their energies together. The days of what you do not have in common
  will fall far to the past because events will unfold that will draw
  you all together and you will find that your life will never be
  sweeter. It is true. You will find that all of the emptiness and the
  loneliness and all of the things that have kept you separated from
  your higher identity will be gone.

  QUESTION: There is a lot of information coming to us now from off-
  planet beings yet, I understand they aren't allowed to alter free
  will. Is that right?

  Pleiadians: There are two sets of laws. The drama that the Earth is
  presently involved in is a multidimensional drama. You are pressured
  into your own integrity at this time. Any lack of integrity will
  catch you with your pants down. It is true. So you must come on
  alignment with a consistency. Your globe must come on alignment with
  it's consistency.

  In other words, you cannot have corporations pretending to be
  environmentalists and at the same time doing more dumping and
  starting more wars than anyone else. That would create a tremendous
  dichotomy within the energy. There are those that are doing
  something in the ownership of your planet in this way. There are
  those who are not following the laws that say that a world exists in
  its own integrity and it is not allowed to have a frequency control.
  The energies that want to bring these laws of freedom back into
  existence are bringing in their plan. It is only one of the plans
  that are presently clashing at this time on the planet. [There are
  those who] say, "Hey, you cannot involve yourself with this. Life
  must evolve." On the other hand, if you are left alone and never had
  any assistance in evolution, you would go nowhere because you are
  owned. You cannot exist without those whose playthings you are. You
  do not exist separately. You exist in a collective. It is just that
  right now the humans are at the very low end of the collective,
  locked in 3D and frequency control. They have no idea of the

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 106 - Pleiadians

  richness of potentiality that comes from the cooperativeness of
  existence when one form of existence knows that it influences
  another, that it adds to it. It is a symbiotic relationship. We are
  not certain we are explaining this as appropriately as is necessary.
  It is very large. Sometimes when we say you are the playthings of
  others, it pisses you off. You think, "Well, wait a minute. I have
  freewill. I do not have to be owned here. Who is going to tell me
  what to do?" At the same time, those who First Cause created to go
  out and create other worlds, could they exist without First Cause?
  You could not exist if someone didn't create you. You are the
  product of a plan. So you are the playthings of others. You have
  been the overlords when others have been your playthings. You get to
  act it all out in the multidimensional self, the self that knows
  that it has hundreds of thousands of simultaneous existences. It can
  be that vast. That much energy can collect and know itself, no big
  deal. There is a sense of reward. There is a sense of achievement
  because one knows how complex one is. One does not wonder if one is
  isolated all by themselves. One knows one is not. And information
  threads itself back and forth from one system of reality to another
  and one does not feel that one is owned and operated, one feels that
  one functions in a sense of harmony.

  Does your finger get mad when it has to go some place that it does
  not want to go and the rest of the body goes? You begin to
  understand that your hand can't say, "I'll stay home while you go
  here. I don't want to go with the rest of the body." It is part of a
  collective. As your body ideally works together and understands the
  cooperation of all parts, it is the same with all of your
  identities. This is what your creator gods did not want the humans
  to have access to any longer because then they could not control
  them. So they destroyed the place as best they could, took what was
  left, rearranged the genetic structure and created a species that
  was biogenetically locked in ignorance and could perform and would
  emit fear. That fear was utilized. It was cultivated. It was
  harvested. It was used to broadcast out to control other worlds in
  your universe. This is what is presently being done in the Middle
  East at this time.

  Question: It's almost like there is a culling of who is standing for
  the light now. People are being shaken and they are either paralyzed
  in fear or they're saying, "This is not right. I've had it. I'm not
  going to do this anymore." Now is the time and we cannot be lazy, we
  cannot sit on the fence. You are either going to be paralyzed or you
  will be moved into action.

  Pleiadians: Yes. And those who are not moved will be affected by
  events that are formulating themselves with even greater impact. It
  is going to come about shortly. There is a steady increase. Whose
  plan is it anyway? There are many plans in action. It is like a
  multi-dimensional holographic chess game where different pieces are
  being moved and different ones have different intentions and another
  plan comes in. This one wants to do this. This one takes the energy
  of that one and lays this on top. There is tremendous creativity
  outside of your planet that is orchestrating events. Powers you have
  no idea of that exist, move human consciousness like puppets. You,
  as members of the Family of Light, are coded and programmed. It all
  lies within you. You must come to the place where you trust that you

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 107 - Pleiadians

  have it. You must begin to listen to the message, to the energy that
  is programmed inside of you, coded inside of you, that will begin to
  reveal itself. There will be an ongoing communication to move you as
  those who oversee the planet use the plan of others to bring things
  about. Those who wish to control and up the frequency of fear do,
  indeed, do this. At the same time they count on their technological
  superiority to create frequency control and to have this fear
  frequency established upon the entire globe. They do not count on
  the members of the Family of Light having it together enough to
  telepathically link themselves and become an entity, a station of
  power on their own. There are those who are not informed enough of
  your abilities. Or, perhaps, they don't believe in them. We believe
  in you. We are counting on you. There are multitudes of energies,
  energies that have no number who are counting on you to be able to
  do this one simple thing to be able to transform your reality from
  the place of fear and chaos into a place of freedom simply because
  you intend it and you know that you can do it.

  QUESTION: I'm interested in knowing how to receive information or
  receive guidance.

  Pleiadians: First of all, for all of you, let us go over a few basic
  things here. Believe it or not, everywhere around the globe at this
  time, the energy that you are all feeling is a very common thing.
  Many are not alone any longer. They have discovered a small family
  or a growing family of consciousness. They are beginning to
  understand that there is a purpose that is much grander to their
  life than they ever realized. They are being unified through one
  source or another. We are only one source of information. We are on
  assignment just as you are on assignment.

  So, let us remind all of you all over the globe, wherever you are,
  those who are not here today in this time of February 19, those who
  are in the future, we speak to you as well. Begin to rely on
  yourself. Begin to know that how you think it is, is how it is.
  Begin to call and to commandeer to yourselves all of the assistance
  that you require for no matter what you require it. There is not
  energy available only for some events and not for others. When you
  begin to recognize yourself as a member of the Family of Light, you
  realize that there is a host of energy that has been quite aware of
  who you are for a long time. They have been waiting for you to know
  it. Once you are certain of it, you can begin to have all of the
  assistance that you ever dreamed of and you can begin to operate at
  optimum capacity simply because you believe it. Trust and love what
  you have and the vehicle that you occupy. Begin to feel the
  communication that is waiting for you to listen. Then, with great
  discernment and no foolishness and with all fear put aside, begin to
  allow yourself to feel loved. Not by a woman or a man or a parent or
  a family member. Begin to feel love of self to self. As you begin to
  commit, to agree to love what you have, then you will begin to feel
  the multidimensional self's existence that loves you where you are
  on assignment because you feed all of these other identities a
  potential to bring about an incredible universal change of

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 108 - Pleiadians

  Question: Fear, as I understand it, is used as a food source and
  beamed off planet. Also, on other tapings it's been stated that this
  fear is directed to other worlds to keep them in control.

  Pleiadians: It is like a radio station or a frequency that is sent
  to other worlds. This is what surrounds them. Like we said to you
  that there is something surrounding your planet that controls you.

  Question: My question is that if the emotion fear is the desired
  fre-quency what occurs at the other end when on this end we have the
  World Peace Meditation? Does that disturb those beings who are using
  the fear?

  Pleiadians: Of course it does. It is obvious that the signals that
  the planet was emitting at one time have changed. That is why you
  have the return of these beings, to deal with this.

  Question: This frequency of fear that's being transmitted off
  planet, say someone is utilizing it and all of a sudden mixed in the
  signal there's a great deal of love and happiness and joy does it do
  more than just give them indigestion?

  Pleiadians: It gives them great concern. Great concern, indeed. Yet,
  sometimes because of the energy, the frequency, the link that has
  been established, there is nothing that can be done about it. When
  you believe that you are in charge, you are in charge. The will that
  you begin to muster will be tested. Sometimes something will come to
  throw you off track. Yet, when you can pull yourself back through
  will then you cannot be tampered with because you begin to operate
  on your own strength and you begin to receive energies. The
  electrical fence, or the energy that was put around the planet,
  keeps certain energies out to some extent. Also, when other energies
  were able to be penetrated through the electrical fence, there was
  no one there to receive them for a long period of time.

  The energy can come through but what if no one takes it into their
  body and can transmute it. What good does it do? It is like pouring
  water. It is great but if you don't have a container to catch it, it
  simply goes into the ground. The bodies of the humans could not be
  penetrated even when the Earth was found, even as
  electromagnetically the pulse of the Earth was uncovered. There was
  nothing here for a long time to receive, to hold the energy that
  would allow the reorganization that would allow the putting of the
  pages back together of the big book. As some of you around the
  planet are able to alter your frequency it is absolutely, positively
  noticed. It is quite understood within all existence that Earth is
  undergoing a tremendous shift at this time. It is counted on. It is
  planned on. It is a gigantic game. It is a gigantic war, as it would
  be in some energies' eyes. Your Earth exists in so many real-ities.
  We are not talking about one Earth or one reality of Earth. There
  are many versions of your Earth and of your future and of your

  Question: Have those other aspects of ourselves figured out how to
  unlock the reality or come to an understanding of their multi-
  dimensional selves?

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 109 - Pleiadians

  Pleiadians: Some of them have come to that realization and they wait
  for you to come to it. Others are still oblivious, have no idea that
  they are connected. You intellectually are told that you are
  connected and that you exist in many places. Some of you
  experientially have tip-toed into this. Yet, because of the
  overeagerness of logical mind you have completely and totally
  discounted even the remembering of experiencing something of this
  nature. Sometimes it is difficult when you create the experience of
  it and then block the memory of its existence. You have no idea how
  intricate or how controlled the frequency of the body is and how
  many realities are always pushing at this reality and how many
  experiences you have that you blank out because you have no place to
  plug them in. You are continuously monitored as to the effect of the
  neurological changes that take place in your bodies. When you have
  this rewiring or this restructuring, we like to say you are going
  from a two-lane highway system to a twelve-lane highway system in
  your nervous system. When this takes place, you will have memory of
  events that run simultaneous to other events and at first you will
  maybe freak out a little bit because you will have no place to plug
  them in. In other words, say two years down the road you could be
  remembering a Thanksgiving dinner that you were having in 1989 or
  1990. Suddenly you would have memory of an event that you never
  before remembered and you would have it right next to and parallel
  to the Thanksgiving dinner that you did remember. And you would
  realize that you were at two Thanksgiv-ings. This is what will
  happen as the nervous system begins to come into a new pulsation, as
  the body is beginning to have the library put back together. As the
  lightencoded filaments reform themselves and begin to broadcast what
  they have available, the nervous system must be able to carry it and
  translate it. Why do you think the brain has been dormant all of
  this time? Why do you think you have been using such a small
  percentile? Because the DNA was unplugged. That is why. Obviously if
  you have a brain and you are only using 5-8% of it there is a reason
  for the rest of it. Something in the body is not hooked up to it.
  Doesn't that make sense to you? Now the body begins to be hooked up,
  because rays from space, electromagnetic cosmic rays, can pierce
  through the electrical fence and you are here to catch them. You are
  on assignment to do it. The process has to be slow at first,
  otherwise you would be fried. It would be too much. It would be way
  too much for all of it to happen overnight. There is an unfolding
  that will take place so that eventually you will begin to bring
  about the full use of the brain on the planet. Whether it is in your
  lifetime or not we are not, certain. For yourselves, yes. When we
  say we are not certain if it is in your lifetime or not, it means
  for the whole human race, those who decide to stay here. For
  yourselves, yes, more than likely, you will go, if you are not
  frightened and you do not hold yourself back, you can extend your
  life by hundreds of years, you can move the body into complete
  rejuvenation that is unheard of at this time and you can come into
  complete operative ability with the DNA in complete alignment of
  twelve strands operating with full brain capacity. Think about who
  you would be.

  Question: In your opening comments you were speaking about whose
  plan is it and maybe we could ask about how they affect our

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 110 - Pleiadians

  personal lives. Recently I had a feeling for myself that I would be
  doing certain sorts of things in the future and I'm beginning to see
  there are other sorts of things and I'm wondering now how many plans
  are going on and if the plan is switched.

  Pleiadians: The plans are always switching. There is always new
  juicy material to insert. New scripts to write. New ideas. Just as
  you get all excited and see new possibilities, those who utilize
  you, your puppeteers as it would be, get excited and see new
  possibilities as you become more available. As you become looser you
  make yourself available for wilder adventures.

  Question: Okay. So what I'm wondering, the idea that there are many
  plans that we work with and that they are changing and that that's
  part of our job to be aware of the changes and to go with the new...

  Pleiadians: Your job is to have a good time. To be clear about your
  availability and to be clear about the assignment that has been
  given to you, that you are a Keeper of Frequency and that you are
  here to defy the laws as they have presently been stated to man. In
  other words, everything that you have been taught about this place
  you are to defy. Every idea and every law that has been passed down
  to you through your educational system and all the degrees that you
  have tacked after your name. Any one that says "It stops here," you
  are to say "Watch me!" You are to defy everything, to change the
  paradigm that drastically so that everyone becomes confused and no
  one believes anything any longer. And you are to have a good time
  doing it. You are not to be overly concerned about the plans.
  Sometimes it is really none of your business. It is alright for you
  to speculate. Sometimes you get too into worry and think that you
  have to orchestrate and check things out and you don't. You be
  available to keep frequency and your condition we would imagine to
  be a Keeper of Frequency is that you want to have a good time. And
  you want to be well compensated and you want to learn. And you want
  to have joy, safety and harmony. A little sex now and again.

  Question: I'm getting that it's all connected. Light equals informa-
  tion. Love equals creation and DNA is creation. It's almost like in
  the universe and maybe the multiple universes this is a very
  important unique way of forming creation when love is involved and
  free will is involved. I'm stretching here to see that this is all
  connected. The free will and the light and the information and the
  DNA and how important the human being is. In fact, human being now
  becomes the hub instead of the rim.

  Pleiadians: As a matter of fact, that is dawning on a few throughout
  this universal structure that the human being does hold the key and
  is a hub and was tucked away by the Original Planners just in case a
  probable world, a probable universe cropped up where worlds began to
  die because the love frequency was not in existence. We come on
  assignment, on assignment, from that probable universe. It does not
  mean that we are from that probable universe. It means that it is
  our assignment to deal with that probable universe. Remember we have

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 111 - Pleiadians

  said to you that we are renegades and that there are those within
  the Pleiadian system who think we are crazy. Who wonder and question
  what we are after and if it can be achieved. We started with a few
  and we can say to you that our name is now known around your world
  and it is spreading. Our name is being remembered from the cells of
  many humans. Our name, "the Pleiadians," which is only one
  collection of consciousness that represents the Pleiadian system
  your humans are coded to respond to that. That, alone, we are
  banking on to bring an awareness of consciousness within humans.
  That coding. Simply that code of Pleiadian knowledge, the Pleiadian
  love for the humans be activated in the human memory and that
  through this can there be a shift. Without the insert of the Family
  of Light, your world is headed for destruction. First of all, it has
  been under control for all of this time. Without the insert from the
  future of the Family of Light, without the '60's to activate the
  codings of many members of the Family of Light, without this, there
  would be a takeover. There are probabilities where there has already
  been a takeover in your '50's and in your '70's and now in your
  '90's. You change the probabilities because you change the frequency
  here. You change everything by your presence. We are banking on the
  fact that as we change this kernel and that as the secret is
  unlocked in the humans, and as the humans are able to carry the
  frequency, that they will of their own knowledge and their own
  history [make a change]. You cannot force it on them. You can't
  force the humans to change. You can simply make the possibility

  As you make this frequency available and as the humans make this
  choice, they begin to insert something into a reality that is needed
  millions of years into the future. They begin to stand up to a
  tyranny that has taken over this universe far into the future where
  worlds are dying because there is no love. So, what occurs is that
  from this kernel, from this point in time are we and many others
  instigating the erasure of a probable universe where love and
  freedom are forgotten, where they have no context. That is part of
  the plan. These next twenty years are incredibly important. The
  events that are going on now are incredibly important. We want you
  to sharpen your wits. We want you to experience love and play in
  these multidimensional terms while enjoying life, while intending
  what you want, while going beyond limitations, while being a Keeper
  of Frequency and stating with clarity what you want as a Keeper of
  Frequency. As you become aware of your potentiality and as you
  become aware of your abilities, how would you like to be compensated
  for having developed these abilities? What do you want? Get clear on
  it and forget it and then just watch these things come into
  manifestation. The more you worry about whether you have these
  abilities and what you deserve, the more you get yourself all turned
  around and twisted and don't know what you are doing.

  Question: You said we have a lot of responsibility here. You talked
  about the future of the world and the universes coming from a point
  of no love. So we are to go on this path and have fun but we have a
  big purpose.

  Pleiadians: That is why we tell you to have fun, because if you
  don't have fun you might take yourself to seriously and it might

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 112 - Pleiadians

  too heavy of a burden and you all might check out and say, "We are
  not doing this." See, if we tell you to have fun and you create your
  own reality, we tell you to create this and you go and create it,
  then you will hang around a lot longer and we will get a lot more
  mileage out of you. If you are having fun you are more available. If
  you are having fun it is easier to utilize your energy than if you
  are not having fun. You are very resistant when you are not having
  fun. You are very mutable and available and flexible when you are
  having fun. You say, "More, Pleiadians! More! More!" Do you
  understand how we trick you in certain ways? If you are not having
  fun, stop it. We don't care what it is that you are involved in. If
  you are not having fun, don't do it because you are building up a
  resentment and you are building up a misuse of energy. If you don't
  like it, simply say, "I am not available. Sorry if I offend you. I'm
  not mad at you, I'm simply not available for something that is not
  fun." It might be your mother inviting you over to Sunday dinner.
  You might have been doing it for twenty years and now you say, "This
  is not fun anymore. I'm not available." You need to face these
  things and stop being victims in situations where you have refused
  to stand up and say, "I don't like this." Don't do any longer what
  you don't like. It doesn't mean that you have to be angry about it.
  You simply begin to stand up now for the integrity of your

  Question: What if it involves your job? Do I just stop my job and
  don't pay my bills?

  Pleiadians: You sound as if you have no choice. You sound as if the
  only choice that you believe that you have is that you have to stay
  in something that you don't have fun with because if you quit it
  there is no alternative. We are simply saying to you that when you
  begin to understand the idea that you have a right to have fun, that
  you can make much money and you can do many things to have fun. If
  you are stuck in a belief system that says, "I hate my job but I
  can't quit it because what am I going to do?" Hey, that is your
  reality that you have designed. We are saying to you that you can
  say, "You know what, I am not going to work any longer at things
  that aren't fun. I am going to stop all things that are not fun. I
  am only going to participate in things that are fun. I will be
  provided for and I will be safe." You have a tremendous fear about
  losing. This is how society controls you. The whole society is
  controlled by fear. How many of the millions in the United States do
  you think love their jobs? Very, very few. They go to their jobs
  because they believe that they have to in order to survive.

  There is a whole society that has been moved to keep their jobs
  based upon the whole idea of intimidation and that they need their
  jobs in order to survive. You have been fed an available material
  abundance and you feel that you cannot exist without it. Once you
  understand that that material world is only one weeny world and
  there is a spiritual world that is much more fun to start with and
  that you don't need jobs to keep yourselves going, that you can
  manifest what you want, simply because you are clever enough to
  believe what no one else believes, that you can get things for free
  and that you can simply bring things from other realities into this
  reality. When are you going to get this and start doing it? You all
  act as if it is completely difficult. It is if you argue for the

  Whose Plan Is It Anyway? - 113 - Pleiadians

  that your society has fed you with mind control. There is no arguing
  with us.

  Question: Do you mean bringing something from another reality? Is
  that how one could theoretically win the lottery?

  Pleiadians: To some extent. You act as if winning the lottery is an
  effort. What is the big deal? You don't have to rely upon the
  lottery. You can rely upon yourselves. You can rely upon your
  ability to commandeer reality to simply bring you what you want, to
  have money manifest for you. To have prosperity. To have nurturing
  and security simply be available for you. You completely erase the
  idea that you need to work hard for it or that someone would tell
  you that you don't deserve it for free. That is what stops you from
  getting it. You are afraid you don't deserve or you have been
  trained, you have been programmed with the idea that you must work
  in order to be compensated. That money doesn't grow on trees. No, it
  grows in the air. It doesn't grow on trees, it grows in the air and
  it can show up in your hand if you begin to believe it.

  It has a tendency to show up in drawers now and again. It is planted
  there by different energies. Things go from one reality to another.
  It is an open system. The more you get in tune with these
  nonphysical beings the more they will play with you with these kinds
  of energies. Your wrist watch is here one day, it is gone for two
  months and then it shows up again where you are certain you left it
  two months ago where you dusted and cleaned and looked high and low.
  Then all of a sudden it comes back. It happens to you all of the
  time. Get clear about what you want. Get playful with it. If you get
  clear about what you want and then worry about it, forget it. It is
  a waste of time. You are to get clear about what you want and then
  forget it and let it come to you and stop worrying and wondering
  about what your mother taught you, about what your sixth grade
  teacher taught you, about what your friends are going to say. That
  is what stops all these things from coming to you. Enough of a pep
  talk on creating your own reality. You are all well along the way
  and you are doing very well.

  The Pleiadians

  Barbara J. Marciniak

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